Cherry on Top Ch. 04

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All characters are at least 18 years old.



I rapped my knuckles on the top of the divider to Colette’s cubicle. She turned to look up at me, probably seeing the state I was in.

“Colette, could you see me in my office?” I murmured, almost in a rasp. She must have seen the distress on my face and nodded wordlessly. I walked back to my office while she said something to her cubicle neighbor Jasmine. When she entered she closed the door behind her.

“I should start charging by the hour,” she joked, and I chuckled once before my smile slowly faded. “So… You look miserable today. How is it that we talk about finding happiness, and two days later you look like this?” She regarded me with sympathy and worry, and I sighed.

“It’s not really related,” I explained, rubbing my brow. “Cherry broke down yesterday, wanting to know more about her mom.”

Colette stared at me, then blinked in incomprehension. “I’m sorry for being blunt, but what’s wrong with telling her? I mean, what was she asking to know about?”

I gulped. “Her name. How I met her. How she died.”

Her eyes widened. Mine were downcast in shame, but I already saw how she was looking at me. It was expected, and deserved.




“I know.”

“You never told her?” she asked, incredulous.

“How could I tell her?” I grumbled. “I mean, yes, I should’ve told her about all the other stuff. But how she died? What if she feels like she’s responsible for her mother’s death?”

“She wouldn’t think that.” Colette paused, seeming to study me for a moment. “…Unless you do.”

“What? No. Never!” Part of me was almost offended that she suggested that, but I could follow her logic. “No, I blame the doctors for that.” I clenched my fist and took a deep breath.

“It happens sometimes. As unfortunate as it is, it’s not out of the ordinary–“

“Of course it is! It’s the twenty-first century!” I snapped. “All this technology — that kind of stuff doesn’t happen anymore!” She thankfully didn’t flinch, and I took a moment to get my temper back under control. “I’m sorry. That wasn’t directed at you. It’s just… My Rose. How could that happen to her…?” I muttered angrily, eyes wet. Colette took my hand in hers, and I chuckled bitterly. “Y’know, I almost sued the hospital for malpractice?”

“Frivolous lawsuit,” she said sadly, and I nodded.

“Not being able to protect the woman I love. My worst nightmare.” I looked down at Colette’s hand holding mine, glad that she was here to listen. “I lost everything. My wife. Our future. All the memories that would never be. Everything… except Cherish.” I squeezed her hand. “And now it turns out I was the one who hurt her the most. Have you… ever had one distinct event that made you feel you failed your child?”

She nodded. “Quite recently, in fact. But don’t underestimate them, Leon. I think they’ll surprise you.”

“I suppose,” I sighed. “Well, I told her to let me know when she’s ready for me to tell her about Rose. Can’t rush these things, you understand. Ball’s in her court now.”

“And what will you do in the meantime?” she asked.

You’re still with mom eighteen years ago.

“I’m going to take your advice.”

“Alright, I’m ready,” I announced as I sat down.

Bill stared at me, then looked around the bar as if waiting for something to happen before turning back to me. “Uh, ready for what?”

“To do what you said. Get something casual.”

Bill rubbed his eyes, then comically blinked at me a few times. “You are Leon Valentine, right?”

“Knock it off, prick.” I shoved him by the shoulder and ordered my drink.

“What happened?”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t bullshit bursa escort me, Lee.” Bill turned to me on his stool. “Why the sudden change of heart?”

Taking a sip, I said, “My daughter made me realize I’m trapped in the past. Gonna bite the bullet and move forward.”

“Just like that, huh?”

“Just like that.”

He gave me a look of surprised acceptance. “Hm. Alright. So what’s the plan?”

“You’re the one who suggested I find somebody younger.” I tilted my chin up at him. “How’d you meet Taylor?”

He deliberated for a moment before he leaned in close. “Alright, I’ll tell you. But any of this gets out, I’ll kick your ass, got it?” I nodded. “I used a dating site.”

“ComeDaddy?” I sputtered. “What kinda name is that?”

“The kind for a dating site for girls looking to hook up with older guys,” Bill growled, probably still sore at having to admit using it. “If you’re serious about this, gimme your phone.”

I obliged and he downloaded the app for me. Before I knew it, he was setting up my dating profile, snapping a picture of me when I wasn’t looking. With my tie loosened around my neck, sat at a dimly-lit bar with a finger of whiskey, I suppose it was actually a good photo. Better than if Bill had let me prepare and awkwardly smile at the camera, so I suppose I should give him credit.

“What about legality issues?” I raised. “If these girls are on the… young side–“

“You worried about underage shit?” Bill replied, still focused on the app. “Just don’t be a dumbass. Ask to see her ID, and take a photo of it for if you ever get taken to court. At least you’ll have proof that you had no idea if it turns out it’s fake and she wasn’t legal after all.”

“Sounds flimsy,” I said hesitantly.

“What are you gonna do, carbon date her? Jesus Christ, just go for college girls or something. Should be safe enough then. ‘Less you get one of those prodigies that are like twelve years old or whatever,” he added with a guffaw.

“Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…” I muttered, when he leaned over and showed me my phone’s screen.

“See? What ya think o’ this chick?”

I glanced at the girl shown and had to do a double take. It was the girl from the other day. Lexi something.

“Holy shit,” I breathed.

“Pretty good, right?” Bill prompted with a grin. “Says she’s nineteen. That’s a good number. Girls who say they’re eighteen might be seventeen and eleven months, y’know? But nineteen’s firmly legal.” He handed my phone back. “Redhead. Just how you like ’em.”

“Is this thing based on proximity?”

“And preferences. I filled some stuff out for you based on what you told me about Rose. Put in the age we’re — well, you’re — looking for, and boom.” He tilted his head. “What are you waiting for? Getting cold feet?”

“Just gimme a second,” I muttered.

Bill chuckled and slapped me on the back. “Knock ’em dead, bud.”

I took a deep breath and opened a direct message to Lexi. Was I really gonna do this? She was Cherish’s schoolmate. But short of sleeping with my own daughter–

My member throbbed, and I grit my teeth. I couldn’t do such a thing. The amount of damage it would inflict on our relationship was unthinkable.

Me: Hey Lexi, I don’t know if you remember me from the other day. We had dinner together and you walked me home

“Ah, you’re actually messaging her?” Bill said excitedly. “Whatcha say?”

I clicked my phone off and set it down. “Something lame, probably.”

“Agh, I knew it. You’ve been out of the game too long, you got no moves left.”

“Shut it, Bill. I’ll figure it out.”

My phone pinged with a notification, and both of us looked at it in surprise, wondering if it was from the ComeDaddy bursa escort bayan app. He gave me a look that said “not bad” before turning back to watch the game. I checked my phone, heart pounding.

Lexi: ofc i remember! felt like we had a ton of chemistry

Lexi: kinda surprised to see you on here

Lexi: so was i right? are you open to… younger girls? 😉

Me: I suppose I am

Lexi: heh well nobody heres gonna judge you. youve come to the right place

Me: But please. None of this can get back to my daughter, alright?

Lexi: ofc 😉

Her shorthand really made me feel my age. I almost laughed. To think I’d find myself in such a situation boggled the mind.

Lexi: so… you matched with me. that wasnt by accident, was it?

Lexi: im not exactly here to make penpals

Me: I understand. Though I’m just not sure if I can jump straight into things, so to speak

Lexi: we dont have to go all the way right off the bat, yknow?

Lexi: we can do… other things ;3

Me: Such as?

She didn’t respond for a long time, and after ten minutes I wondered if I’d lost her interest. I sighed. That was that. It was a stupid idea anyway. Suddenly Lexi sent me a photo and I dropped my phone. Bill looked over with mild interest, and I quickly snatched it back up and held it close, looking down at it nervously.

It was a selfie that showed her from her neck down to her hips. She was topless, the only thing preserving her modesty being the arm across her chest. A nude photo. I gulped, feeling myself stiffen in my pants.

Lexi: did you like that? 😉

Me: Very much. I’d just like to clarify one thing though

Me: You are of age, right?

She sent another photo, this time of her driver’s license. It indicated she had turned nineteen back in January. Good, saved me the trouble of taking a picture of it myself.

Lexi: now that we know the fbi wont be on your back, its your turn

Me: I’m sorry?

Lexi: let me see what you got 😉

Lexi: at least gimme one of you in your underwear~

Me: Now’s really not a good time. Maybe later

Lexi: ill hold you to that ;D

“Everything good?” Bill asked with a clap on my back. I quickly put my phone away.

“Yeah,” I gasped. “Peachy.”

“You hooking up with that hot redhead?” he continued with a sly grin.

“We’re… talking things out.”

“Talking things– Lee, don’t bore the poor girl to death, alright? Otherwise some other dude’s gonna be bangin’ her by tonight. There’s a shitload of guys just waiting for their chance to fuck a hot coed.” He rubbed his head and turned back to the TV, muttering, “‘Talking things out.’ Jesus Christ.”

I passed Colette’s house as I drove home, and spotted a white Mercedes-Benz in her driveway. It looked kind of sporty, I noted. Perhaps her boyfriend, like Lexi had mentioned. I parked and walked into my house, finding dinner in the oven. Then I went to Cherry’s room and knocked on the door. The light was on inside, but there was no answer. I sighed and went to eat dinner alone. She hadn’t spoken a word to me in the morning, though it didn’t seem like she was angry at me. No, it was more like she looked ashamed. She probably felt guilty for saying the things she said last night, and I didn’t know how to tell her it wasn’t her fault.

I went back to my home office and locked the door, sitting at my desk with my phone out. My gaze flicked over to the fountain pen still sitting on the desk planner, and I swallowed. I opened the ComeDaddy app, rereading my conversation with Lexi. What the hell was I doing? I was lusting after my daughter. What would Rose think? Would she understand how alone I felt? And using Cherish as her substitute escort bursa would only be giving her a false kind of love, never mind that she was my child. She deserved somebody who thought of her, not another woman.

Which brought me to this situation. Instead, I was deflecting my desires to her schoolmate. At the very least, they didn’t seem to be close friends. That would lessen the shock should Cherish ever find out. And it looked like Lexi herself was just out for some fun, so I needn’t worry about hurting her feelings down the line.

It was just a bit of fun, I decided. Looking at the nude she sent, I felt myself getting aroused again.

Me: I must say, you look wonderful in this photo

Lexi: you think so? i hope youre not disappointed im not as busty as on tuesday

Lexi: i was wearing a push up 😛

Me: Not at all. Smaller is actually my preference

Lexi: are you alone rn? at home?

I glanced up at the door. I didn’t expect Cherish to interrupt tonight.

Me: Yes

Lexi: excellent. then i believe you owe me a pic 😉

I gulped, then rolled down my sweatpants and stood, holding my phone camera away from me for a better view. I felt so silly, standing there with my pants around my ankles and taking a picture of myself. My erection was visible through my boxer briefs, and Lexi seemed to appreciate it.

Lexi: mm~

Lexi: still have that pic i sent?

Me: Of course

Lexi: i want you to touch yourself while looking at my nude

Lexi: ill do the same with yours

I took a deep breath and slipped my sex out of my underwear. It was rigid and pulsing, and I clasped my hand around it and began stroking. It had only been a few days since I’d last pleasured myself, that time to a picture of Rose. Now I stared at Lexi’s modest breasts, imagining my mouth on them. She looked so petite in this picture, and before I knew it I was oozing precum out of my tip.

I closed my eyes, picturing Lexi squeezing what she could of her small tits to rub them along my length, looking up at me with those naughty eyes and a bratty expression. Running my fingers through her long auburn hair and gripping it at the base, roughly forcing her mouth onto my cock. She was just a cheeky brat looking for a lay, so I didn’t need to be gentle with her. Her throat opened up for me, and she left trails of thick saliva on me as she fought to pull herself off my manhood.

Her eyes started to glaze over, rolling up in her head as she choked a bit. She gave up on trying to give me a boob job, pinching her nipples instead. I had no idea what she looked like below the waist, and my lecherous mind filled in the blanks. Down below was a small opening dripping with need, a spitting image of Cherish’s little flower when she was sitting in this very chair, using my pen to pleasure herself.

I picked it up and debated whether I should do what I was thinking or not. To hell with it, nobody was watching. I sniffed it, breathing in the nubile musk of my daughter. I hadn’t thought to wash it ever since she used it, and now I was glad for it. My senses were being overwhelmed, and I felt myself getting close. I looked back at my phone as a message came in over the picture of Lexi’s body.

Lexi: do you like being called daddy?

I grunted and released, spraying the edge of my desk and splattering the floor with my seed. I gasped, inhaling more of Cherish’s scent, and another wave spurted onto the ground. Panting hard, I tossed the pen back onto the desk and wiped the sweat off my forehead.

Me: Based on the mess I just made, I guess I do

Lexi: hehe then think of me in your dreams tonight, daddy~

Lexi: we’ll talk more tmr 😉

I set my phone down and propped my head up on my seat arm. A few moments passed, and I heard the start of a powerful engine next door. Most likely Colette’s boyfriend driving home for the night. Guess I had a girlfriend now myself. Of course, nobody could know exactly who she was. Otherwise there’d be hell to pay.

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