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Here I am at a local dinner not too far from my apartment right down the corner. I am in a black tight top and black tight jeans. Vee, is my name and I have long hair on top shaved off on the sides, I am about 5’3 and I stand at 160 but a solid cut 160 the type of job I do keeps me fit. I just recently signed up for one of those online dating or in my case ‘fuck’ sites. It’s a little embarrassing to say. I just had a bad break up a few months back with my ex and well for some odd reason or another I am going thru some type of dry spell that I can’t seem to break out of. This was my solution to that, a friend of mines, used it a few weeks back, he said it worked out for him, to the point now he uses it up almost every weekend. I went ahead and decided to go for it see how far it leads me. I read up on one lady Angelic her name is shes a tall blonde green eyes snow white skin (mental model Brigette B, kind of stuck on her at the moment I love when shes dominants). I read over her profile and not much to read but her picture WOW” like damn!!. I can’t believe someone this hot and gorgeous looking, would have any issues dating or finding anyone. I skipped over it thinking it may be a catfish scam. I didn’t pay much mind to it. Suddenly, a days later she inboxes me and left me a direct message asking if we could meet. Caught my attention, a catfish wouldn’t want to meet up just like that. I went ahead and took a risk and well tonight is the night is here. I am at the dinner drinking my 1st cup of coffee with milk looking over the menu seeing if there’s anything I like to order, in the meantime, I wait on my date. I really do hope she looks as good as she is on her pictures. As I look over the menu I hear a southern type of voice speak from behind me.

“Vee, wow its really you?” Angelic speaks

I turn up and glance back and right behind me next to me is Angelic just how she looks on her pictures. Shes tall a lot taller than it appears on the picture she’s at least 5’7 and petite for her height but a nice thick healthy weight and a nice pair of melon size tits’. Shes dressed in a tight corset red top with tight skinny jeans lowering down to some simple black low quarter heels, not that she needs any heels.

I stood up and reach out to her, she immediately comes in and gives me a hug. Her smell is like a jasmine violet really nice scent, like violet water infused with jasmine or something of that nature. Her hair linger over my shoulders as she pulls back slightly. Her lipstick is dark purple-red lipsticks with smokey black shadow eyeliner enhancing her green eyes.

“Angelic, hello, well this is a welcome surprise,” I say taken back by the fact that it really is the chick on the pictures. Please have a seat,’ I say while standing over and reaching the chair to pull it out and guide her to the seat. (me being a gentleman lol).

She takes a sit and “thank you’ she said smiling slowly flipping her hair like she’s teasing (love when they do that).

I return to my seat and sip some coffee looking at her and her top her tits are ready to pop out. Her nipples perfectly hard and teasing out of her top.

Shes reaches over just as I am about to put the coffee cup down, she takes it from me, takes a few sips from it and said,

“so you ready for this, I have the hotel ready across the street and everything is like we agreed it be’ she bluntly said.

“Oh my, wow you really wanna get to it, I say leaning back on the chair a little surprise to her boldness and how blunt she is “ must admit that turned me on more than what I already was.

“Yes I really do, I had my eye on you for a few weeks since you uploaded your profile, the moment I saw you activate it I wanted to connect with you” so let’s go shall we,” she said slowly start to take a stand and reaching over my hand.

Oh’ really, oh my may I ask what was it about me that has captured your attention in such a way ?’ I haven’t been online that long to spark such interest so quickly. She smiles is something you said on your profile, that when you fuck is as if you’re sucking the breath of your lover like their whole life hangs on a single moment to hold release at any moment. It was a very deep quote. I long to wish my breath to be taken away is been a long time I felt in such way. I stand up to reach for hers, as I put a few dollars down the table

“let’s not wait anymore,” I say responding to her. In less than 5mins we are at the hotel and just like she said everything is as we talked about and rearranged to have everything. A nice big round bed in the center of a black and white room. Off on the left restrooms with a walk in shower. Off to the opposite side, a big tv table mounted over a dresser.

She walks in first as I lock the door behind us and take off my top. Now I am in a white ten top and following her over to the restrooms as she strips off her clothing one at a time seductively teasing me and reaching over to me kissing me her lips meeting mines as we both walk into the shower just after stripping completely naked. She rubbed her hands down my body as I feel her touch and I am rubbing my hands down her’s as we rinse and soap one another wild passionately and deeply kissing one another. After a good soapy wash and more kissing and nipple sucking from each other, we find ourselves making our way to the bed and leaning up on the bed as we were kissing more and more our hands discovering one another. Soon we find each other on the bed her on top of me her pussy riding my face while her face is deep bury inside my pre-wet pussy as she’s rolling her tongue inside me flickering my most inner being. I am using the tip of my tongue to flicker her clit. while the tip of my fingers starts to stroke her in and out. I slide my tongue inside her teasing her with the tip of it making her want it more and more. As she slowly sways her hips on top of my face and rides me. Her wetness dripping all over inside my mouth. Her mouth is sealed tight around me her tongue deep inside me rolling in all kinds of ways is like a tornado inside me that’s blowing my every emotion. She has me in total control by her tongue. We roll over to the point where I am on top of her and she is under me. I soon begin to ride her face rolling up and down her face as her tongue rolls inside me in and out in perfect harmony. Meanwhile, my left 2 fingers are stroking in and out of her pussy together with my tongue rolling inside her as she wetness drips down little by little her pussy opens up, wide letting my whole mouth inside her as I suck her taking all of it inside of me. We roll over shes going on top of me as we are beginning to grind one another. Soon we find ourselves flipped over and kissing passionately our lips meeting each other while our hands are free to do and go where ever they like. Shes finger me and I am playing with her nipple teasing them and pinching them as I squeezed her tits taking it whole in my hands n holding it tight. As her hands come up to mines I pass my hands down to her pussy and stroke her gently caressing her, spreading her lips. She leans up slightly putting some space between us as she gently caresses my body.

“oh Vee, here’s what I want, I want you to fuck me, I want you to take my breath away” show me what you got?” she inserts, while pulling out a 9inch perfectly curved dl from under the pillow. It had a small head up on the top of it that she used to place in between me and rolling it inside me slightly inserted it inside me stroking me little by little by little with it as she puts it in and out and in and out of me. Into she finally sticks it inside me and locks it in place .

Once she places it inside me and locks it inside me while kissing me and sucking on my nipples while tastefully and playfully jerking off my strapon, she leans over me slowly tipping off to my left as I quickly follow her over and pop right up in between her legs. Her nice rose white pussy is spread like a flower open and blooming right in front of me. I take the head of the strap-on and roll it nice and slowly over her clit teasing it with the head as I lean forward using my bodyweight and push right into her. I thrust the 9inch strapon deep inside her pussy she suddenly slams up against the wooden bedstand off the bed screaming. Her pale white body turning a slight red as I start to pull out slowly and push back in fast. I keep this up for as long as I could. Pulling out slowly, and suddenly violently in a forceful pushing it back in deep inside. She is screaming louder and louder each time, shes reaching over to the top of the bedstand with her left hand, while with her right shes pressing her dark purple nails deep on my side of my neck just inches above my shoulders. Each time I push in I feel her nail tearing up on my skin and she presses harder and harder. I push in deep holding it leaning down kissing her and dragging my tongue up and down her neck while kissing her and rolling my tongue on over her tits as I play and squeeze on them. I pinch her nipples while sucking on them. The whole time I have her locked inside with my strap on bury deep inside her. I can feel her pussy revolting with an explosion of wetness dripping and shooting back at me. Just as she starts to ease off a little and I feel her losing tension just a little. I start my whole cycle of thrusting, stroking and deep penetration all over this time at a faster pace. Making her whole body tremble and shaking her melon size tits are jumping and bouncing freely and wild with each of my thrusting.

As I am fucking her, in one of my moment of enjoying the view I noticed over to the left off the side of the bed her outfit was on the side and her small black leather purse with a long black leather sling type over on the side. I keep fucking her slowly reaching over to her purse I take it pulling it to me. I soon reach over the sling like that looks like a nice long leather cord like attach over to the small purse. Suddenly, I reach over and wrap the leather cord like over on her and lash it tight around her neck. I snap off the purse letting it fall down to the floor off the side of the bed. I pull back on the cord tightening it deep around her neck, while still fucking her my strap-on going in and out of her pussy. At times I pull out all the way to where the head is totally exposed only to push it all the way back. She is taking all full 9inches deeply and straight up, her pussy just eating the dick of the strap on like she hasn’t been feed in ages. I start thrusting her deeper and deeper and deeper while pulling back on the cord like holding it tight with my left hand.
She suddenly reaches over moaning and barely screaming wanting to scream but unable. She puts her left hand up on my tit squeezing my nipple holding it tight while with her right hand she was reaching for her neck. She was looking straight up at me with a total look of surprise and shock not sure what was going on but not wanting to stop me. I was filled with excitement, I thought she would fight me or try to stop me but from how wet her pussy got in a second it exploded with like 3 massive orgasm from the second I wrap the cord around her neck. Her whole body is now a deep shade of red and turning. I am holding the cord tighter as I am fucking her wild like a madman escaping from an asylum and tasting freedom for the first time. I am tearing up her pussy with the dick like a strap on that is violating her in the deepest inches of her. I hear her moaning and gagging, but I am so caught up on how to open her pussy and how wet it is that it has soaked up the whole bed with a possed like an explosion of cum. I go rave on her fucking her to suddenly I feel her squeeze on my nipple fade, and in a matter of a few seconds as I look up I feel her body goes limp. I look up only to see her totally passed out her eyes rolled back only seeing white as she is blacking out.

OH!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!! I totally forgot I had a hard grip on the cord.
ANGELIC!! ANGELIC!!! I call out to her, releasing the cord and slapping her face a few times not too hard but hard enough to smack her back to consciousness. It took a few seconds but she finally came around her eyes slowly blinking and looking at me, as her body soon starting turning back to its natural color. I look at her a little over thrill but feeling guilty, fuck think I went too hard on her. Fuck I hope she’s ok, I should call for EMS just to have her check out. I am thinking a million thoughts.

She finally regains fully as I lean over to the side of the bed off by a distant nightstand and pour her some water, helping her take a few sips, finally when she is fully in a sound state and coherent. She said


she was ok, for those of you that may be worried. We are very careful with everything we do. SAFETY IS PRIPORITY.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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