Chris , Denise

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Self Shot

The following is a true story that happened to me during the summer of 1998. (And I am dead serious) I would like any and all feedback on this story after you read it. What parts did you like, what got you hot, even parts you hated. I also have many more stories like the one below and to get them all you have to do is ask. Enjoy ladies this one is for you and I am sure you will all get a kick out of it in one form or another.

I had just finished my workout at the local gym and when I was walking out to my car I looked up and on the hood of my car was my old girlfriend Denise and she was sitting on her stomach with her feet in the air. As I got closer she told me “I was just in the area and I was walking around with no shoes on cause my feet hurt and I needed a massage.” As she did that she took her red nails and moved them up and down the length of her foot. “I wanted to see if that wonderful tongue of yours still had the power it had when we went out. Look how dirty my feet got. My feet hurt so bad I had to slip off my heels and walk around barefoot. Everyone was staring at me. Look at all the grime that is on the bottom. Look closer.”

As she extended a foot toward my face I could smell the dirty foot aroma and I started to get a hard on. Denise noticed this and said, “I see you still have a foot fetish. Still jerk off to my pictures?” she asked.

I nodded yes.

“Oh really, well let’s go back to your house I wanna watch what you do to my pictures,” she said as we got into my car.

Denise then propped her feet on my dash board as I attempted to drive. “My feet really miss that tongue of yours. My pretty unpainted toes miss you swirling your tongue around them trying to suck off all the dirt that got on there from walking around the grocery store. Remember those times, Chris? Every time I go by there or walk barefoot I think about you and your tongue on my feet and on my pussy. Slurping all my pussy juice and then licking my ass. Oh god what a marvelous thought huh? Your tongue driving in my ass like a cock.”

We got to my house and my cock was throbbing as we went up to my room and I pulled out Denise’s foot pics. “Get out my letters I wrote to you and I want to watch what you do,” Denise purred as she took a seat in the corner.

“Pretend I’m not here,” Denise said as she put her heels on the ground. “I was wearing these heels for the last two days thinking of you, know that?” Denise said as she picked up a heel.

“Look at my picture and jerk that cock of yours,” Denise yelled.

She handed me a heel and told me to jerk off in it. I began to read one of the nastiest letters she ever wrote me while I jerked my cock hard and it wasn’t long before I unloaded a pretty big load of my protein drink inside the heel. I squeezed out the last drops and put the heel down. Denise bent over and looked in the heel.

“My my, you came a lot and I am damn thirsty,” she lifted the heel and began to tilt it toward her mouth and then she suddenly stopped. She had me come over and put her picture on the floor.

“How bad do you want Nevşehir Escort to lick my feet again?” she asked. “How bad do you want to stick all 5 of my toes in your mouth? How would you like to have the real thing for a change instead of the picture?”

All I could do was nod my head yes. “Well we are going to see how bad you want to lick my feet. How bad you want to get the grime off.” Denise then told me to not take my eyes off her picture no matter what.

She went over and grabbed the heel with the cum in it and began to pour the cum from the heel all over the picture covering her face and feet with my cum!!! She swirled the white high heel, getting all the cum she could out of the shoe. When she was done my cum covered all her feet and her face.

“Let’s see if your cum still tastes as good as it did when we went out.” Denise tilted the heel and sucked down a few drops of my cum in her mouth.


I hesitated for a moment, not sure what to do. She then grabbed my hair and pushed it in the cum. “STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT SLAVE BOY (she called me that when we went out). I finally did as I was told and began to suck up my cum. It was a bit salty, but not bad.

Denise then spoke to me, “All those years I sucked and swallowed your cum. Looks like you got a lot of catching up to do, huh. Slurp down your cum. I bet it tastes great. Just think of the reward.”

Those words got to me as I began to go faster. She then scooped up some cum on her red finger and moved it toward my mouth. I opened my mouth and she inserted the finger in my mouth and I sucked the cum off of it. “Swirl it around and taste the taste that I tasted for years. This is great. I have my own personal slave. I hope you get used to tasting your cum cause you have a lot of catching up to do, don’t ya. And as long as you’re with me you will swallow your cum for Denise won’t ya?”

I nodded my head yes as I finished.

“Now come over here and smell my dirty feet. Don’t you dare stick them in your mouth, not yet. Stare at my feet and just smell them. Think of all the years you haven’t had them. God it has been what three years since you last had them. I bet your mouth is watering for them, being so close to them. Ok now stick out your tongue and suck only the big toe,” Denise said as I put her big toe in my mouth. God it tasted so good in my mouth like I never stopped sucking her feet. I was in heaven. God I wanted to clean her feet so bad now.

“Now stick in another toe. Lick off the grime and dirt. Get all the dirt off slave boy” Denise told me. “NOW DO ALL THE TOES YOU BASTARD. STICK ALL OF THEM IN YOUR MOUTH. OPEN YOUR MOUTH WIDER SLAVE BOY,” Denise told me.

And open my mouth I did. Nevşehir Escort Bayan Her foot was ready to gag me at this point. I was licking and slurping on her feet for all I was worth. “God how I missed this, feels so good. You licking my feet again and to think I had you lick off your cum off my pic. I’m gonna cum a river in your mouth. Now work your way to my middle, don’t miss a damn spot slave boy,” Denise demanded. And I knew she meant it.

I was like a madman on her feet. They were pretty filthy too.

“Do between the toes. Get the grass stains and oil from my driveway.” God was my cock throbbing now. I was fully hard again. “Don’t stop licking my feet till I tell you to stop.”

I looked up and Denise was undoing her jeans. I watched as she stuck a few fingers in her pussy. “Some cleanser to help get off the dirt.” and she offered her wet fingers to me which I quickly licked clean. “Open wide I want to bury my whole foot in your mouth,” and bury it she did.

She laughed as she watched me almost choke on her feet. “Look how wet your making my pussy” she told me as she pointed at her pussy. She removed her jeans and she spread her legs for me. “LICK MY PUSSY NOW!!! I WANT TO COME A RIVER IN YOUR MOUTH! I hope you are thirsty cause I got plenty of fluids for you to swallow,” she laughed at me.

I began to work my way up her legs at this point. I started to kiss around the base of her pussy lips and began to tongue the juice that was right on the outside of the lips. I slurped some on my tongue and it tasted like honey as I sucked it down. I opened up her pussy lips and dove in. I began to start slow and increased the tempo of my licking. “Faster…faster tongue me faster,” she screamed as she wrapped her legs around me. I found her clit and began to circle it with my tongue.

“I’m gonna cum soon..oh don’t stop…open your mouth wide…here comes my love juice,” and with that her whole body shook as she let loose with a pretty damn big orgasm. Juice filled my mouth and spilled and dripped down my cheeks as I continued to lick as her body went from total convulsions to relaxation within 60 seconds. She also unwrapped her legs from around me. I licked the last few drops from her pussy as she asked me how did she taste.

“Fantastic” I told her. She took her red fingernail and twirled it around my lips and wiped the juice off my cheeks and put it in my mouth. “You ate my pussy so good. I bet you’re still thirsty. I didn’t say a word. “Well I have something to quench your thirst.

“I got a surprise that we always talked about, but never got around to doing,” she said as she had me lay down and she squatted above me. “We talked about it and now for once we are going to do it. Close your eyes and prepare for your yellow lemonade. I’m gonna piss a river down your throat.”

“OHHHHH..I CAN FEEL IT..IT’S ON ITS WAY…HERE IT COMES,” and as she said that a yellow stream of pleasure came out and I greedily drank down wave after wave of the precious juice. Some of the juice mixed in with her pussy juice and it made Escort Nevşehir for quite a combo. I drank down the yellow hot piss like it was my last meal.

Denise got up and forced out one last spurt into a cup. She then walked over and we began to kiss, as soon as I got into it she removed her mouth and slid the cup into my mouth and poured the piss into my mouth, which of course I drank.

“My my, you love your queen’s piss huh? Well one of your fantasies finally came true didn’t it? Never thought we would do it, but we did. Hope it was as hot for you as it was for me. Now it is my turn to fulfill my fantasy. I am going to fuck you Chris and you know I’m gonna enjoy every minute of it. Kiss my ass as I find my dildo in my purse.”

I did kiss her ass. I was excited and kinda scared at the same time. Sure we had talked about her doing my ass, but it was just talk, now it was for real. “Give my ass a rim job,” Denise told me as lick her ass I did. I stuck my tongue out and began to lightly lick her hole and then I made my tongue stiff and jammed it in her hole. “Yes, that’s it, ram it in there before I fuck you.” Those words kinda made me shiver for a bit. She then turned and had the dildo in her hand and moved it toward my mouth. “Suck it slave boy,” and suck it I did as I wanted it wet. I was worried it was gonna hurt as I deep throated the plastic toy.

“Suck it like I sucked your cock all those years,” Denise told me. I could tell she was really getting into this. She then went around behind me and oiled my ass up. I could feel the tip rubbing my ass and my hole. At least she was being gentle.

“Ready for me?” and then she slid it in. I could feel my ass open as I heard Denise moan in pleasure. It didn’t hurt at all. It felt good. I could feel her increase the tempo and I was getting hot as I remembered that this was one of her fantasies and I was making it come true. I felt the dildo pop out and then she inserted it all the way back in. God it felt great. It was a neat feeling. In and out she fucked me with her toy. I also felt her grab my cock and begin to stroke it. To my amazement she went down and while the dildo was still in me, began to suck me off!!! I was in heaven. I began to feel another load getting ready to come out, but I didn’t know if I should come in her mouth. As I was ready to cum she stopped!!!! She also pulled the dildo out of my ass.

She got on her stomach and put her feet up and began to suck my off again. “Cum in my mouth” she told me.

Well it didn’t take long for me to uncork a load right in her mouth as she played with my balls. I thought she had swallowed my cum when I looked down and there was a rubber on my cock!! “Shame this is the closest your going to get me of swallowing your cum,” as she sucked on the rubber!!! She peeled off the rubber and we began to French kiss again. When I was relaxed she slid the rubber up and took two fingers and opened my mouth and poured the cum from the rubber in my mouth!!!

“Swallow your cum and gulp it down, while I watch” Denise said and as she smiled as I did just that. She then took the rest of the cum and poured it over her foot and made me lick it off her dirty feet. Took me over an hour to finish cleaning off her feet. She never called me or came over again, but left me her white high heel pumps as a present.

send any and all opinions.

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