Chrissy Was a Good Tease

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I guess I’m a cum slut. I didn’t know it until later on. I wish I had known it sooner, I would have had many more experiences and memories to look back on.

Let’s start with my first marriage. We were both too young and impulsive to know it was not a good idea to get married at such a young age. I was 22 and she was 19. Her name was Chrissy. Looking back now I should have known she was a slut, but maybe that’s what attracted me to her. She was petite, small breasts and a nice heart shaped ass to crave for by anyone.

Despite being a blonde (I usually prefer brunettes), she hooked me on our first one night stand by riding me reverse cowboy. In my young experiences I’d never had that before (and haven’t since, FYI). Her perfect ass riding my cock was amazing. I was able to watch it and also manhandle her ass cheeks while she bounced up and down on my cock. Though we had already gone through the usual positions (missionary, doggy style and forward cowboy), and this got me off like never before.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and she rode me with a vengeance. I didn’t last long to say the least, I came in buckets. I asked her afterwards why she took that position and she simply replied “I don’t know it just popped in my head”. That should have been a red flag, but I ignored it. We got married within a couple of months.

She was a stunner to say the least (she looked like a combination of Pia Zadora and Kacey Jordan – before her boob job). I worshipped her body and fucked her whenever I could (which was often). She was amazing and loved all of the fucking she was getting from me.

We were cash strapped with me working a menial manufacturing job, so she picked up a job as a cocktail waitress in one of the more popular bars in town. We only had one car so when I got home from work she would often leave shortly after to go to her job not leaving much time for us together.

To keep me satisfied she would offer me a blowjob before leaving for work. Well, it was a sweet thought on her part but the problem was the size of my cock. I’m blessed to be endowed with 8 1/2 inches in length (maybe more, I don’t know how to measure) and a significant 5 1/2″girth. Later in our short marriage (and even afterwards) she would proudly brag to her friends that I was her ‘pop can man’. I still to this day never understood why she came up with that nickname for me and my cock. She definitely had a unique mind.

Getting back to the point, she always wanted to leave me satisfied for the night because she would be working late in the night until bar close. Her frustration was that she couldn’t give me a proper blowjob because I was too big for her petite mouth. So we came up with a compromise.

She would begin a blowjob by slobbering all over the top of my dick. And because she knew I was ostim escort incredibly turned on by her young, petite body she would dance for me in just her thong.

She quickly learned of my fascination with her firm perfect ass. I longed for her to tease me with it – just so I could stare at it and watch it move. So the compromise was that she would start a sloppy blowjob then dance for me like a stripper would except always being within my reach so I could fondle her delicious ass. All the while I would be stroking my cock getting ever more turned on by her teasing. She would give a few sucks on my cock head to keep me turned on (though I really didn’t need it since I was so turned on just by the sight of her petite sexy body) and then continue to dance for me.

She would tease me with dirty talk as well.

“You like this?”

“Do I turn you on?”

“Do you like my ass? Of course you do.”

“Do you want to see my pussy?” This was another favorite of mine, she was a dyed blonde, but her well trimmed pussy hair defied her secret, she was truly a brunette.

It drove me crazy listening to her dirty mouth and wanting to plug my hard cock into her pussy.

But she wouldn’t let me because ‘she had to go to work and didn’t want cum leaking out of her pussy all night’. She claimed she wouldn’t make as much in tips if she looked as if she was already ‘used’.

But every night she had me hooked. She danced and I stroked myself harder while continuing to fondle her exquisite ass.

When my orgasm approached I’d announce it to her. She would then drop to her knees and take the head of my cock into her mouth as I began to erupt. I would cum what seemed to be gallons (I’m sure it probably wasn’t) but she kept my cock head in her mouth and swallowed every last drop.

She would sometimes keep on saying dirty things to me.

“Hmmm, that was good.”

“Yeah, you must be really horny today.”

“Hmm, baby, I love your cum.”

She was like a cum goddess. Looking back now I wish I would have know about snowballing, it would have elevated the whole experience. But I was young and dumb. I still look back on it and it gets me off. I love to be teased. And she really knew how to tease me.

Many nights she would get home from her ‘cocktail’ waitressing job very drunk, strip down to just her lacy thong underwear and come to bed with me. I could smell the alcohol as she snuggled up and spooned her backside against me. Of course, her movements awakened me and being a young man it gave me a huge raging hard on.

After I foolishly thought she was asleep I would begin to work up the courage to start rubbing her ass. With no resistance I would begin to meander with my hands and explore the outside of her thong. It was warm, it was nice and I ankara otele gelen escort sensed it was wet. So I pushed on further.

My fingers worked their way past her thong to her pussy. It was wet, so wet it seemed an invitation. I would pull out my raging hard on from my underwear and pull her thong to one side and ever so slowly push my cock into her moist, wet pussy.

Very slowly I would begin to fuck her wet pussy from behind while she spooned me. The first few times I maybe lasted only a few seconds before cumming with only the tip of my cock inside her. But after many of her ‘drunken’ arrivals home I was able to impale her with my full length.

Each time I would explode with a force I’ve never felt before. Then tucking myself back in and covering her pussy back up with her thong I would fall asleep spooning her as a good husband should.

At first, I would ask her if she remembered anything from the night before after coming home from work. She would always tell me “No, I was too wasted and just went to sleep next to you.”

These amazing events went on for a few weeks and I curiously asked her the same question. She finally admitted that she remembered all of it and loved being my passive partner.

My mind exploded! She knew?!! She even admitted that she had orgasms during my secret ‘sleep’ encounters with her.

Our sex life changed to say the least after that. We got into some kinky stuff, not wildly kinky, but definitely not the norm.

Some examples would be her sunbathing in the backyard topless in just a thong (with condo windows all around us that left her completely exposed). And I would masturbate inside our apartment watching her lay there for the entire world to see and then cum on my jerking fist. Though it turned her on that I was secretly watching her from inside our apartment she didn’t like that I hadn’t called out to her so she could rush inside and swallow my load.

We often took showers together and I eventually convinced her to piss all over my face and body (she didn’t understand it, but I loved it).

One particular kink we shared was her being a dom and teasing me. We would watch porn videos and get each other turned on then she would tease me with her pussy.

I should add at this point that I loved eating out her pussy. It was the best, sweetest pussy I had ever tasted. She loved my skill at cunt lapping and she also knew how much I loved using my tongue on her and licking her clit. I was obsessed with her cunt lips.

They were large, pink in the center and brown on the outer edges. They seemed to almost always be enlarged. We would get into a 69 and she would hold her pussy hovering over my mouth and then breathe down onto my cock.

She would torture me over and over ankara rus escort again by asking me her dirty questions.

“Don’t you love my pussy?”

“Don’t you want to lick my pussy?”

“Don’t you want me to push my pussy into your mouth?”

“Don’t you want me to ride your face with my pussy?”

Eventually after what seemed like forever she would relent and shove her pussy hard down onto my face and take the head of my cock into her mouth and jack me off until we both orgasmed.

Or she would turn around and sink her wet pussy all the way to the base of my cock taking all of my length and girth and riding me until both of us were exploding.

Well, all good things had to come to an end. We divorced unfortunately (but probably for the best in retrospect). She soon became a stripper at one of the hot spots in town.

She visited me a couple of times after she got off her late shift. We fooled around some and she would always perform the blowjob/stripper dance for me before taking my load down her throat.

It was then that she when confessed to me about why her pussy was wet after coming home from work from her cocktail waitressing job while we were married. She wasn’t just wet from her horniness to get home to me, she was wet from the loads of cum she had received while working.

Apparently, she was a favorite – not only with the customers but also with her boss. Here I was thinking I was her object of desire, but she was also the object of desire to everyone else as well.

For many years I cursed myself for being such a fool for being so naive, but now I realize I could have really had the time of my life with her back then.

Every night I could have had her come home with a load (or loads) of cum that I could’ve eaten out of her pussy while she straddled my face and pushed all of the remaining cum into my mouth. Or she could’ve rode my face rubbing all of the cum she had stored up in her pussy onto my face. Then she could’ve used her fingers and pushed what fell off my face into my mouth. And still repeat the same dirty phrases she used before.

“Don’t you love my pussy?”

“Don’t you want to lick my pussy?”

“Don’t you want me to push my pussy into your mouth?”

“Don’t you want me to ride your face with my pussy?”

I missed out. I could’ve even watched her with any guy she wanted while I they pounded her. And after they finished filling her with their cum I could’ve cleaned the cum from her pussy. I might’ve even been able to live out one of my now favorite pleasures, watching her get fucked doggy style while was underneath her in a 69. I would’ve used my tongue on her pussy and the cock plunging into her. Then she could’ve easily planted her cum filled pussy onto my mouth while her pussy juices mixed with cum filled my mouth and slid down my throat.

Now I miss those sloppy seconds that I didn’t realize I got from her. But the past is the past and I have no idea where she is now. But I still think of her when I watch Kacey Jordan videos and think of eating out her messy cum filled pussy in my fantasies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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