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A few years ago my wife Julie and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary with a romantic weekend break in Paris. It was a scorching, dry summer and the entire city felt as hot as a blast furnace. Both being fair-skinned Brits we found this quite tiring, and returned each day to our small private hotel to rest before heading out again to enjoy the nightlife.

On our second day we got back to the hotel in the early afternoon, and walked into our room to find that the chambermaid hadn’t quite finished her duties. She was African, probably in her early 30s, with very dark skin, hair cropped close to her skull and a not particularly attractive round face with a large flat nose and pock-marked cheeks, caused by acne or some other ailment in her youth. (Not that I’m any oil painting, with a broken nose and weighing thirty pounds more than I’d like to.) However, when I first walked into that room I must admit I barely noticed the woman’s face.

As she leaned over the bed to make it up I got a glimpse down her cotton overall, and realised that she was stark naked beneath it, her small breasts clearly visible and a hint of something darker between her legs! Clearly flustered by our arrival she said something apologetic in French (I barely speak a word of the language) and scurried out of the room. As she passed close by me in the tiny room I caught a whiff of her scent – a mixture of cheap perfume and sweat, which I found surprisingly arousing – and noticed she wore a badge on her lapel bearing her name, Christiane. I also noticed that, despite being basically quite thin, she had a very large arse, something I’ve always found attractive.

Two days later, our last day in Paris, Julie decided that instead of returning to the room she wanted to spend izmir escort bayan the afternoon shopping. After three days of rushing around the hot, dusty streets of the city seeing the sights I didn’t find the prospect of traipsing round expensive, snooty department stores an attractive one. I therefore feigned a bad headache and made my way alone back to our hotel, with Julie saying she would be back at about six o’clock to get ready for dinner.

When I walked into the room a wall of heat hit me, like entering a sauna. I flung open the windows, tore off my sweaty clothes and lay on my back on top of the bedclothes, hoping for a few hours sleep. I didn’t notice at the time, but the bed hadn’t been made up for the day. As I drifted off I recalled our encounter with the chambermaid, and visualised her naked body underneath her overall…

I was awoken as short time later by a gentle tapping on the door of our room. Before I could react I heard the door open, followed by a sharp intake of breath – the chambermaid had walked in to see a buff naked man lying on the bed! I pretended to still be asleep, assuming she would leave, but I heard the door close, then a floorboard creak as she moved across the room. To my alarm, despite my embarrassment at the situation, my body clearly found it arousing, as I could feel my cock rapidly becoming erect!

Not sure what to do, I risked a peep trough a half-closed eye, and saw Christiane squatting by the bed, staring straight at my circumcised cock in what looked like horrified fascination. As I watched she reached out hesitatingly and touched the tip with her finger. It twitched at this, and she snatched her hand back with a nervous giggle. She didn’t move away though, just kept gazing at it. God knows escort izmir why I took such a chance, but without even thinking about it, still not fully opening my eyes, I reached out and put my hand around her slim wrist. Christiane gasped again, but did not resist as I gently pulled her hand towards my dick and wrapped her fingers around it. She hesitated for a moment, then sat on the bed and slowly began to wank me, with another nervous giggle.

I decided to take another chance and reached into her overall. The breast my hand settled on was very small, but the nipple, which was erect, was enormous, like a large acorn. As I gently kneaded her boob and tweaked the nipple her breathing deepened; but she never took her eyes off my prick, and her hand began to increase its speed of movement. I think she must have realised I was close to coming, because she suddenly dipped her head forward and took me into her mouth, her tongue swirling round my cock and her teeth gently grazing it. A few seconds of this was too much for me, and I shot my load deep into he throat. She continued to suck me for a little while, then straightened up and licked her lips.

There were still stars exploding in my head, but I realised Christiane was asking me something in French. I heard the words “votre femme”, and understood she was asking about Julie. I said she wouldn’t be back for another three hours, but Christiane clearly spoke no English, so I indicated it on the clock. With that she stood up and walked purposely towards the door. I felt a pang of disappointment that such an erotic encounter was about to end so quickly. Christiane had other ideas, however: She just put the latch on the door, then made her way back to the bed, unbuttoning her overall and with a wickedly izmir escort sexy grin on her face.

Now naked, she lay on the bed beside me and we kissed for a minute or so, tongues wrestling amiably. Then, she started massaging my cock, making some comment about the Eiffel Tower which I took as a compliment. I sucked on her tits, and my hand drifted across her ribcage, traced the stretch marks which showed she had given birth at some point, stroked her wide hips, and finally kneaded that glorious huge bum. I knew there was a slight risk that my sweet Julie might return early, but at that moment I couldn’t have stopped even if I’d wanted to.

Still caressing her arse with one hand, I slipped my other between Christiane’s thighs. Her pussy was on fire, and sopping wet. I held the hand to my nose and smelt the wonderful, musky aroma of sexual arousal. I couldn’t wait any longer, I rolled on top of her thrust my prick into her cunt with all my strength. As I pounded away at her the warm, soft soles of her feet stroked up and down the backs of my legs, and she murmured encouragement in some language I didn’t recognise. As she reached her climax she grabbed the iron bedstead in both hands and yelped like a small dog.

Still not quite believing what had happened I lay back gasping for breath. I thought it would probably be wise for Christiane to slip away now, but we kissed some more, and we cuddled, and one thing led to another…the second time I screwed her from behind, with that wonderful bottom pressed hard into my stomach. Christiane came again, like the Victoria Falls in spate, with a series of deep guttural screams. Totally exhausted and wreatehd in sweat, I collapsed onto the bed. I drifted off to sleep, with Christiana’s bristly head resting on my chest and her fingers cupping my balls.

When I awoke shehad gone, and as I stumbled into the bathroom to clean myself up Julie strolled in! I didn’t see Christiane again, but you can be sure I left her a very generous tip!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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