Church of Swallowing: Cadence Ch. 1

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“Fine! Fine!” I shouted into my cell phone before flipping it closed. What a way to start my lunch break, I thought sitting in the break room at my place of employment. My friend Cadence just gave me a look of pity.

“Tina again?” she asked.

“Yes, she has stuff of mine that she found and wants me to come pick it up tonight or she’ll burn it.” I said, “I’m suppose to go there tonight at 9 after she gets off work to pick it up.”

“How do you know she actually has your stuff this time?” Cadence queried.

“It was mostly a box of papers and memorabilia I’ve been looking for that I thought might have been at my parents house. A good portion of it can be used for research for the rest of my time in school,” I replied.

“So do you think it will be the whole “take me back I’m sorry” deal again?”

Tina and I had broken up 9 months earlier. We had been seeing each other since my freshman year of college. Tina was already a junior, but we shared a Italian III course due to my CLEPing into it. It wasn’t as if she had a freshman groupie, no, actually she chased after me. I was in love and I thought so was she. I had moved into the house she rented after she graduated while I continued to work on my Masters degree. We were in love, but being in love with her made me compromise some things that I enjoyed. When the two of us had sex, we made love, and it was wonderful. The two of us never just went balls to the wall fucking. It was only times when she was ready, cause if I initiated she gave me the shoulder, claiming that she had work in the morning or something similar.

I understood, and she treated me great other then the lack of sex. She wasn’t clingy but always seemed to think about me for little things or bigger things, and thus I did the same for her. She had perfect imperfections as I called it at times. Yes, she was overweight, but in the right places. If you put her in a dress men would drool. She knew how to keep her body in a way to be tempting to everyone even if she was totally hands off and didn’t flirt…or so I thought.

I caught her cheating on me after I started grad school. It would have been a rough nine months if I weren’t a Templar of the Church of Swallowing.

I can almost see that look in your eye. It is a look of confusion. See I’m a nice guy. A type of guy that treats people with respect yet be firm when I have to be. I work at an office surrounded by beautiful women that had taken me out after the breakup to get my mind of things. They joked around a lot about the Church of Swallowing enough that people had been waiting for a sexual harassment suit to crop up. Yet being how I am I was lucky enough to take part in the activities. I don’t know if I was the only guy in the office, or the fact that there might be another guy that doesn’t kiss istanbul escort and tell, but damn, when the four women get at you, they get at you.

Cadence was one of the four, yet she wasn’t the leader. Cadence was married to a husband that did provide well, and treated her well, except that he was lacking in certain areas that sometimes husbands lack at. The two of us would get together on mutual days off to catch a movie, or just get coffee and chat. She said I was a special project because if I was left to my own devices, I would not leave my house except for work and school She was right but I wouldn’t admit that. One day she just came to my house in frustration, and blew me, and from that point on, while I did occasionally date, I’d sometimes find a beautiful woman in my bed when I least expected it. It could be Hanna, who everyone considered the leader of the four, Sarah, or Tracy. There would be no warning about it.

Maybe I should feel bad about being used only for the occasional booty call, but I’m male. I knew my place and had a feeling that if I started expecting it to happen or asked for it to happen, it wouldn’t happen anymore. It’s not like they tried to get anything from me or held it over my head. It was just a gut instinct.

“More then likely,” I responded, “She’ll probably try to put the moves on me or whatnot and…”

“Hey, can you walk me to my car,” Cadence interrupted, “I’d like to get a cigarette before I go back on.”

I had no problem with this and motioned Cadence to lead the way. She walked ahead of me and I took in the sight of her as she walked. She was a workout mongrel, she was thin and lithe and moved with a knowing grace. Her black hair was loose and swayed back and forth along with her firm ass. While she was just dressed in tight jeans and a blouse, you could tell she knew what she had to offer. She had a waist that you just wanted to wrap your hands around, and an exquisitely tanned neck from all the time she took tanning after working out. She opened the back seat of her car and got in and I followed her.

“I think you should go in and take the rest of the day as a sick day,” she said when I got in, “I think you’re going to need to rest and get prepared for anything she slings at you.”

“How do you suppose I do that?” I responded.

“Oh, if everything works out well, you’ll have some help,” she smiled a predatorial smile. Holy shit, I thought, at work? Normally things happen away from work, but her hand crept up my thigh and squeezed my crotch.

“Umm…I don’t think that…”

“Are you going to be a little bitch and complain that you’re about to get a blowjob?” she asked.

“Well if you put it that way…”

She just smirked and undid my belt and pants. “Just think of it as your offering to the Church escort bayan of Swallowing.”

I had to wonder what I did in my life to have God bless me like this..

She pulled out my cock that was quickly rising to the occasion and cooed. “Just like I remembered,” she began to stroke it up and down, and I could feel it get larger and larger in her hand as she leaned down and circled the head of my cock with her tongue. All I could do was move the hair out of her face so I had a good view of what was going on. I watched and felt as her tongue and lips started to massage the head of my cock. She would go down a little further on my cock, and massage it back up to the tip.

Cadence was good at this. She knew the right amount of suction, the right amount of wetness, and the right amount of teeth grazing when necessary to set me off. She kept her tongue. If prostitution was legal she could make a successful career out of blowjobs alone. I slid my hand down her back and started to squeeze her ass through her jeans, starting her to lightly moan on my cock as she slowly sucked it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I reached between her legs, wishing she had a skirt on, but I could only go off and enjoy the heat that was escaping from her thighs.

I felt her tongue flatten on the underside of my cock as she went fully down on it. I felt the head of my cock hit the back of her throat, and on the next push she swallowed it down with ease, and it was my turn to moan as I felt her throat clinch on the head of my cock while she slathered her tongue on the underside of my cock. I took her head in my hands and slowly started to fuck up at her face, causing delightful moans and mews from her full mouth. She slurped her way back up and had my cock out of her mouth.

“You like fucking my face huh?”

I simply nodded. I couldn’t say anything as she just stroked my cock.

“You’d like to fuck other things wouldn’t you wouldn’t you?”

“Oh God, I’d be stupid not to want too.”

“One day you might get lucky,” she said flicking her tongue at the tip of my cock, “Or at least be able to properly feel me up when I go down on you.”

I never got to see Cadence naked, but I never complained as she used her beautiful mouth on me, “I’m lucky I can cum just by sucking your cock.”

She slurped at the head once again before working her way back down on my cock. I fucked my hips up at her face, my hand gently on the back of her head as our combined efforts worked our way to frenzy. My other hand rubbed up her clothed back and ass as her moans and gurgles got louder and louder.

I felt my mind starting to go numb as started to reach the point of no return as I watched her start to rub her thighs together. She pulled my cock out of her throat and let off a small cry as her body shook escort istanbul in orgasm. This was too much for me

“I’m going to cum Cadence,” I responded. She took my cock out of her mouth, and repositioned me. My back was against the door and she kneeled on the back seat causing her ass to wave in the air. God I wish one day I could fuck that ass.

“You know what I like,” she said, “You know what you have to offer, especially to me,” she said pinching the head of my cock but massaging my balls,” I stared into those brown eyes as she started to bob and suck at my cock. She never broke eye contact with me. It was a thrill for her to be looking into the eyes of whoever she sucked off when they were about to blow. She knew that now that she made herself cum while sucking my cock, she would return the favor.

“I’m gonna shoot!” I shouted. My hips attempted to jerk up into her mouth deeper but she kept me in place so she didn’t gag. I felt my balls clinch and my cock fired multiple shots into her mouth as she released everything but the head. All she did was give sharp little moans when each shot plastered parts of her mouth. It was hard to keep eye contact with her as I felt her tongue slither around my now sensitive head with a mixture of spit and sperm. The look of lust that I was given caused my body to quake as I was just sitting there gasping and moaning. I felt a suction on the head of my cock as she swallowed my cum and coaxed out more.

Yet she was giggling with my cock in her mouth as the treatment put my body in a bit of a spasm. “Sometimes I just need to cum with a cock in my mouth, it brings me back to a time before I was married. I’m glad I have you around for this.”

“Too bad you just killed me,” I joked even though I was well spent, but I couldn’t keep my eyes off her as she sat there licking and sucking at my cock with just her tongue and lips, as if cleaning it off anything that remained. She gave the head a quick suck to make sure everything was gone, and I felt the tremors in my cock wanting to come alive again.

“Down boy… I only have time for one,” she said noticing the same thing I was feeling. She laughed and put my cock back in my pants before it wouldn’t be able to fit in them anymore, “You know, it’s cold outside, yet here you are doing nothing but sitting and having a sweat. You might want to take the rest of the day as sick time and go home to treat that possible fever,” she said winking, and exiting her car. I stumbled out of it a moment later. Maybe she was right, I thought. I went to the office and put out some sick time. It’s not like I had the hours. Maybe I’ll get some rest before I had to put up with Tina.


Cadence took out her phone and made a quick email, “I think Bob will need all the help he can get… he has to face the Megaho tonight.” The joys of mobile technology, it made the ease of setting up worship for the Church of Swallowing a lot more discrete. She clicked send. If they didn’t kill Bob tonight, it would only make him stronger.

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