Cindy Found All She Wanted

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Hello everyone, this is a funny old story even for me. The theme is mainly incest, but I shoot off in different directions, unfaithful wife, a she male, bondage, dominance. Ass, I hope you enjoy it, if you don’t, then tough!


“Right you bad lazy man, I’ll show you,” she fumed, “if you won’t, I know someone who darn well will!” Cindy told herself. The button nosed cutie was in her kitchen, and watching her husband of only two months driving off in their car. She had asked him for the umpteenth time this week to get the Christmas tree and decorations down from the loft. Cindy had been to the shops and bought live sprigs of holly, live sprigs of mistletoe, and other hanging items.

The normally happy little girly woman was not given to being refused, she had always had her little girl lost look and pout to rely on, and until now, she had never had a problem with it. All the boys from her past had been at her beck and call. Though Cindy had never had to use her guile that often, boys fell over themselves to please her, to curry favour.

The stunning girl, who was now a wife, was planning revenge. Carl her husband had gone off to the bar, and then to football, with hardly a backward glance. He had suddenly got cock sure of himself about his status with his new bride. “And that,” Cindy told him in her gorgeous little head, “is a dangerous thing for any man to do with me!”

It was the week before Christmas, it was Saturday morning, and Carl would not be back for several hours, maybe late at night even. Cindy was not a happy woman at all. And Cindy, who hadn’t noticed in her young married life yet, that she always got randy when she was worked up about something. It was something yet to be cottoned on to, when she got angry, she got horny, really horny.

At twenty years old, her father had been against her getting married. “You are too young Cindy,” he had told his beautiful little girl, “plenty of fish in the sea,” he had told her. Cindy was beginning to think he was right. But she had insisted. “He is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with Daddy.” Her father had given way, just like he always did when Cindy fixed him with her angelic cherubic stare.

If she never got the tree down today, it wouldn’t happen, not until next week. Sunday was their ‘day’ off, her husband would not do anything at all. And next week he was at work, the following weekend he would find another excuse. So Cindy made the call. “Hi how are you, are you busy at all,” Cindy breathed into the phone. She listened, and laughed here and there. He loved the lilt in her voice, it carried more weight than she could ever hope she would know. “Carl never got the tree down from the loft, I can’t get it down, I can’t reach, have you got the time, can you pop round and sort it for me.”

His reply was of the very affirmative, he would be around fifteen minutes, he told her. Cindy gushed her thanks and told him, she would make it worth his while. His reply made her laugh. “You had better Cindy, I don’t come free you know.” “See you in fifteen then,” she told him.

Cindy brought the steps, took them up and left them under the loft hatch door. She checked herself in the mirror, “You’ll do,” she told her reflection. Sometimes Cindy had no idea of how good she could look, even if she was dressed in hessian sack with arm holes, she would look good.

At only five feet if she cheated, Cindy was heaven made, childish angelic face, a sultry look that could stop an army. A girly poise and pose, a little girl lost persona, that that she had perfected all her life. A persona that had boys, and now men, drooling over. Everything about Cindy was perfection, elfin in size, but made up for by being a lot more than all woman.

Her auburn long hair was glossy and thick, it hung without being trained down between her shoulder blades, parted in the centre, she could half cover her eyes, and kill a man at twenty paces with one heart breaking look. Her body was magnet, attracting from all corners, and all sides. When Cindy wore a miniskirt, which more often than not she did. Her legs seemed to disappear and go on forever.

Cindy was enticing, cute, alluring, sexy, beautiful, and smouldering, all in one tiny package. She knew what she had, she had known for more years than she cared to remember. When at school some girls would be nasty to her, because of who she was, and what she was, the school cutie. But she got all the protection she ever needed. Any distracters were soon dispatched, and then they became her friend, why, because everyone wanted to be just that, her friend.

The door opened and in he walked, she greeted him happily, she went to him, and gave him a bear hug, that was all she could do, he was a good foot taller than she was. They had a coffee, then Cindy took him up to the top landing to where she had left the steps. He had it all down in five minutes, all piled up ready to be hung and placed wherever she wanted it all.

“Right Cindy,” he said, holding the Bycasino clear tape, the blue tack, and stick pins all in one big hand. “Tell me where you want it all, and let’s get on with it shall we?” She happily showed him where to hang this, where to hang that, move this to there, move that to here, nothing was too much trouble for him. The kitchen was first, followed by the dining room, then the hallway, and finally the lounge. There he erected the tree, she decorated it, while pointing here and there as he did her bidding.

Finally she stood back, it looked fantastic, she closed the drapes, and turned on the fairy lights on the tree. Cindy squealed, giggled and danced with joy and happiness, it was all so exciting. She went to him for a hug. “Oh I’m so pleased,” she told him. “You are my guiding light, my knight in shining armour.” And Cindy was not only exuberantly joyful, she was turned on. She knew her body, she knew it when her nipples crackled like logs burning hot on an open fire. Her pussy was slipping she could feel it.

Cindy turned to him, “Time for your reward,” she said so breathlessly, he hardly heard what she was saying. Somewhere along the way she had donned a pair of high heels to decorate the tree. This raised her up to a massive height of about five foot three or four, to his over six feet. And his excess in weight of about 100lbs. She put her palm on his chest, and slid her arm up, so her hand was at the back of his neck, she couldn’t reach any further.

“Come here,” she murmured, “·let’s have a Christmas kiss.” He looked over the top of her dainty head and told her. “The mistletoe is on the light there Cindy,” and he pointed. She pulled him with her so they were under it. She raised her face, he not only had to dip his head, he had to drop his knees a bit to get down to the wonder that she was.

Their lips met, at first it was just a nice loving lip peck, her eyes popped wide open, then she reached back up to kiss him once more. “Mmmm, that’s nice, come here,” she told him, “give me another one.” Cindy was heading for the rocks of marital infidelity, with someone who would not be able to say no to her. And someone whom she definitely should not be, and she never saw the warning signs.

Cindy was unknowingly, and unbearably sexually aroused, her body had been set alight by the kindle that were her nipples, which were now burning fiercely, and merrily away in the grate of lust that was her pussy. She had never thought of being unfaithful, and she wasn’t thinking of it now, but her body was. And what her body wanted, her body got, her husband could testify to that.

He wrapped her in his big arms, he held her to him and kissed her the way she seemed to want to be. Cindy did want to be kissed and with every passing nana second she fell further and further into her irretrievable lust. What sealed it for them both, and it killed him, she never knew she was, or did do it. Her hand and arm, which was now around his waist, made its way to between them. It secretly trailed a nail down the length of his burgeoning cock.

It made him groan, which was lost apart from the vibrations of it in her mouth. Cindy turned her hand, now it was palm up, and she cupped him, before it made its way to grip him. Her hand squeezed, it jumped and grew immediately, it shot him dead, blasted him out of the water, sunk him without trace. Gripping him also sank Cindy, she now knew what she had done, she now knew what she was doing. There would be no going back, not unless he said stop, no.

There was more chance of getting a jack job from the pope than him saying stop, no! He held her tighter, he kissed her harder, she gripped him tighter, she kissed back harder. Her hand worked the magic only Cindy’s hand could. He knew, even if Cindy didn’t that this should not be happening, he had had this lustful need for her since the day he first laid eyes on her. But he would never in a million years even contemplated this.

Cindy slowly dropped down a little, it broke the kiss gently. “Well,” she said, “now what?” His face reddened, and he stammered. “I,um, that was not what I ad in mind Cindy, I’m sorry.” Her next words would have felled a tree. “I’m not Matt, you want to try again, properly this time?” she told him, and the wicked lustful look she gave him dropped him, metaphorically to his knees. He just stood there in a daze, he was a man of the world, he knew women. He realised that he didn’t know Cindy, he thought he did, now she was a beautiful gorgeous sexy elfin, beckoning him to her. With danger written in her eyes, the devil called and her father in law came running.

He took her in his arms again, and her husband’s dad went over the edge of the precipice that Cindy had taken him to, he jumped willingly. The tumbled onto the sofa, they raided each other immediately. Cindy was at his full blown cock, which was her target. He attacked her nipples, ripping at her blouse. Their lips met, parted, met again, and so it went on until they were Bycasino giriş both ready for the illicit union neither of them had thought about.

Her husband’s father practically threw her over on to her back, and mounted her. Cindy looked up into his handsome face, fear, and unbridled lust on her face. Cindy had to tip her head backwards to see him, the top of her head was only level with his chin, he looked down, smiled, and kissed her. She lifted and separated her legs for him and Matt, her father in law struck. He got on with the job in hand, and the task she had set him. He fucked her ferociously, he completely boned his sexy gorgeous daughter in law like a butcher with a newly sharpened blade.

The forty seven year old father of her husband held everything in, he was making the very most of this utterly surprising fuck with his enthralling daughter in law. He didn’t know if this would be the first and the last time it happened. He would savour this moment for the rest of his days. He battered at her, but was gentle in doing so. Long impulsive strokes, he held her, he loved her, he made love to her, he fucked her. Cindy below him was in the throes of his magnificent efforts. “This,” she thought, “is what it’s like to be screwed by an older man.”

Cindy was being given the best ride of her short and young life. She bit his chest, his shoulder, she got her hands under his shirt and raked her nails all over his back. She dug in, ripped at his skin making him moan in pure animalistic arousal, arousal she knew was for her and her alone. This, she also knew, would urge him on to greater and greater things, and she would be the sole beneficiary.

Matt charged after his daughter in law, his cock followed her every movement under him, he hadn’t given himself over like this for so many years. He couldn’t remember the last time, certainly not with his wife, his son’s mother. Cindy got him, she got everything he had, and she drained him. He grunted, stiffened, held her tighter, he was coming and Cindy knew it. He didn’t know if she was on the pill or what, so he tried to pull out but she held him easily. “Stay right where you are tiger,” she told him. “I want all you’ve got, give it to me!” she demanded. Matt blasted everything he ever had into the gorgeous tiny woman below him, he couldn’t stop, and he could not refuse.

He collapsed over her, Cindy, for the first time, and she never had known it, felt like she knew a woman should feel. Her and her husband fucked like rabbits, but this was proper loving, proper screwing, proper fucking, and Cindy knew she had been properly screwed by a man for the first time, and she liked it. She managed to twist sideways under her father in law, then she sidled up to him, his cock automatically slipping out as she did.

“Well now Daddy, did you enjoy that,” she asked him, then devilishly, she said. “You are a naughty daddy, you have wanted that and me for a long time haven’t you?” Her hand was already at work inside his shirt, her fingers and nails drawing trails through his hairy chest. “Cindy,” he told her, “that was the most unexpected, and greatest fuck I have ever had in my life baby. You are just too good honey, for someone so small, dynamite isn’t the word for you, I can tell you,” and he grinned happily.

“I’m glad you enjoyed me Daddy,” she told him, she kissed him. “But I’m afraid you are going to have to go.” She knew her mother in law would be wanting to know where he was. “Yes I suppose I am,” he answered, “but, um, er, again, maybe sometime?” he was asking her if he could see her again.

Cindy knew men if she knew nothing, she knew men. They all wanted her, and this was what gave her the power. “I’ll call you Matt, okay?” “Yes Cindy, please do,” he said as she was pushing him up to get dressed and go. He left with lots of loving kisses for his daughter in law.

Cindy was thinking now, this fabulous frolic with her handsome father in law, illicit though it was had opened her eyes to just what she really had. It was power over men, she knew about it, but never realised she had this. She locked Matt away in her head, if she called him again, he would come running, she knew that already. But who else out there would do the same thing, she was already and partly planning her next tryst, who.

That night her husband was in his usual state on a football day, no good to man nor beast. This is what tipped Cindy towards next week’s trap. Sunday was their ‘day off,’ from every thing, a lazy day. Cindy spent lots of time deep in thought. Carl was all lovey dovey. Cindy played along quite happily. She also spoke to him in her head. “If you only knew the predicament you are in Carl, you would take a real sharp look at yourself, and look at me a lot more.”

Tuesday morning saw her on her steps taking down all the Christmas trimmings except for the tree, which would stay. Twenty minutes before she finished, she made a call. “Hi, I’m in terrible trouble.” She breathed, “I’m so small I can’t Bycasino güncel giriş put my Christmas decorations up by myself. You know what Carl is like at this, absolutely hopeless. Any chance you can pop over and help me. I’ll make it worth your while, I promise,” her voice husky, seductive, trembling, little girl lost.

He arrived right on time, she met him at the door with the steps in one hand. She jumped a little to kiss his cheek, gave him one of her best cute looks. Then she showed him what she wanted, and told him to hold the steps, and her if he needed to, she smiled at him, face full on to his, so he could see she couldn’t reach. She climbed up unsteadily, her short skirt offering him a delicious view. Arms aloft her skirt rode even higher up her bare legs. His hands went from the steps to her knees, and then slid up her firm toned thighs. “Gotcha,” Cindy didn’t shout.

Cindy made her way down carefully, hands on his shoulders, telling him to keep her safe, he did so very happily. She stumbled, on purpose, and fell into his strong arms. “Oh Tom, thank goodness you were here to save me,” she told him as her arms wrapped around his neck. “I’ll always be here for you Cindy, you know that,” he told her as he went for her neck. Cindy mewled as he connected. “OhTom, Mmmm, thats…. Ooooh, Tom….what….” Cindy didn’t have to go any further, she locked herself to him. “Tom, you, you are, are you, do you, Tom.” She brought her her face to his and they shared their first ever kiss.

She had often wondered what his kiss would be like, he liked the ladies and always had one somewhere. Carl called him a rogue, she was about to find out first hand, how much of a rogue he was going to be with her. Words were no longer need, both knew what the outcome was going to be here. He was going to fuck his older brother’s young beautiful wife at last.

It was something he been wanting for a long time, but because of whom she was, he had left it alone. And he would have continued leaving it alone, if this unsought opportunity had not presented itself to him. Tom carried his terrific desirable sexy sister in law out of the room and straight upstairs. If he was to make love with her, make love to her, and for her. Then it had to be where it was supposed to be done with a beauty such as Cindy, in her bed.

Cindy squealed with trepidation, this hadn’t been in her thoughts when she set off on this path, down this road. She had imagined him bludgeoning her right there on the sofa where his dad had done two long days ago. “Tom, please, no, not in here, this is my bedroom,” she pleaded, but it was too late. She was thrown, or put down quickly and he was on her. In moments she was lost in his arms, his kisses, and his Oh so naughty touches, feels, jabs probes, and finger tip squeezes.

She didn’t remember her clothes coming off, neither did she see his disappearing, but then they were naked. Then she was looking up at him in slow motion. Her and was around his rock hard cock, and he brother in law was pressing down. Cindy watched as her feet appeared above his shoulders, her toes pointing at the ceiling. She guided him in, and her eyes closed in sheer contentment as she felt him slide home.

Cindy came but she kept that to herself, she felt it arrive and she gripped herself. Tom was banging away, but Cindy put her hand under his armpit and forced him over, then she was on top looking down at the very happy boy. She readied herself and started banging him, she dared him to even think of resisting with her eyes. He had no intention of refusing anything, not while little Miss Dynamite had him cock deep in her exquisite pussy.

He thought he was the focus of her attention, he could not have been more wrong. She was the focus of her attention. Tom, her brother in law, was a bit part player here. She made him cum and she kept riding him. Her own orgasms were coming thick and fast, and that was what Cindy wanted, relentless climaxes. She got all she needed, and when she had near killed him, Cindy slid away giving him all the attention he thought he deserved.

Tom’s cock was a cracker, there was no doubt about that, she told him so too. “Tom you have the best cock ever, believe me, I mean it.” He glowed with pride, following that up with. “Then I guess a nice blow job to show your thanks won’t be out of the question then?” He grinned broadly. Cindy said he sure did, and gobbled up his cum wet cock. She had him erect in no time.

If there was one thing Cindy had learned about cock sucking was, to do it properly. A lot of women she knew just paid lip service. Cindy damn near sucked his cock right off, his balls were testament to her cradling knowing fingers, and she kept doing it until she made him cum again. Tom lay back in total admiration, and was already planning his next visit to his brother’s sexy beautiful wife.

He was to be a little disappointed, as was his father, her father in law, and Tom’s own dad at the moment, because he had thought Cindy would be calling him by now. She hadn’t, and it was not on her list of things to do yet. “Keep them keen, treat them mean,” her own mother had always told her. Cindy was in the act of realising that she had the world at her feet, regarding the men in her life anyway.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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