City of Brotherly Love

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Double Penetration

James never had been to Philadelphia before but being stationed in D.C. with the Navy he was already accustomed to the city life. The circumstances he was there for were not the best but he looked at it like it could always be worse. James was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma nine months prior and was sent to Philly to receive a new treatment going through trials.

Being only twenty years old it came as quite a shock to his family who missed him dearly ever since he left the Midwest to serve his country. He was the middle child and only male of a divorced couple. He was raised extremely well though growing up in a small hard working blue collar town. He was always helping others and a gentleman.

James didn’t have a girlfriend since he left his high school sweetheart two years ago. He didn’t want to hold her back from experiencing college and James also couldn’t stand the thought of a long distance relationship. He only had eyes for her though so he remained single and stuck to sexual abstinence despite having movie star good looks.

Standing just over six foot James had an athletic build weighing 180 lbs. with short dirty blonde hair. He always had girls swooning over him but was very modest and never took any action over their efforts. One of those girls was Paige, a co-worker friend of his older sister Rose.

They worked in a salon but it being the weekend they decided to take a flight to visit James. Paige was a petite eighteen year old blonde that any guy would kill to take on a date. She grew up with a step brother Mark who joined the Marines earlier in the year. She had a rebellious personality always doing what she shouldn’t.

Rose on the other hand was an angel. Being twenty-two she had remained in a monogamous relationship since graduating high school. She was five foot seven inches with long brown hair and a body of a model. If a guy had to choose between her or Paige they wouldn’t hesitate choosing Rose.

It was mid flight and all Paige was talking about was James. She had a major crush on him since they met a year ago. Rose didn’t help the cause teasing Paige at work saying, “James asked about you the other day.”

Her eyes were set on sleeping with him this weekend one way or another. She couldn’t help but ask Rose,”have you ever seen his penis?”

Rose couldn’t believe what her friend was asking her, “God no!!” She whispered.

“Oh come on Rose, your telling me you’ve never caught a glimpse of him coming out of the shower in high school?”

“Do I look like a pervert Paige?” The truth was she did try when her and James were in their early teens. In fact she asked him to take her virginity. That was long ago though.

“Come on Rose give me some food for thought. How have you never thought about what he has going on down there?” This made Rose stir in her seat and get defensive.

“That’s like you thinking about Mark! Would you do that?”

Paige smirked,”I have…and more.”

Rose couldn’t believe what she was hearing “What?”

“You heard me Rose. You don’t know what you’ve been missing.” For the next hour and a half Paige quietly told Rose every intimate detail of her and her step brother Mark’s sexual Rendezvous’ throughout high school. The desire for Rose to sleep with her brother was resurrected.

James was at the airport to pick the girls up. It was both their first time leaving izmir escort the Midwest and were amazed at the city skyline. Rose couldn’t shake the thought of her brother though. James welcomed them in open arms.

“Long time no see.” He lifted his older sister off the ground in a giant bear hug.

“You always give the best hugs,” she gasped with the remaining air in her lungs. Paige threw her arms around him as his stayed at his side.

“Are you ready for the time of your life?” Paige yelped. James wide eyed and raised eyebrows looked at his sister.

“I’m always ready for some fun.” They spent the day as tourist visiting the sites from Independence Hall and the liberty Bell to the Eastern State Penitentiary. They wrapped everything up with a late evening dinner eating Philly cheesesteaks at Gino’s. Paige leaned on James shoulder saying,”Rose take a picture.” She pulled out her phone and aimed a shot.

It was the first time she really looked at James since he became sick. You wouldn’t believe him even if he told you he was sick. He still had all his hair even after six months of chemotherapy and radiation. The doctors said it was from him being young and full of testosterone. James made a funny smirk as Rose snapped the picture. “You make a cute couple.”

They headed back to the hotel room the military provided. “They really hooked you up,” Paige exclaimed.

“I know, I feel like Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone,” James replied. They were on the top floor with a skyline view of the city. There was a kitchen, living room and master bedroom with a bathroom. Everything was king size especially the bed.

“What are the sleeping arrangements?” said Paige.

James couldn’t help himself but joke,”You and I get the bed and Rose gets the couch.” Paige applauded.

“Hey!” Rose replied.

“I’m kidding,the bed will suit you both and the couch folds out into a bed for me,” said James.

“Or we can all sleep together,” stated Rose. Paige’s eyes lit up as she looked at Rose.

James walking into the bathroom pretended he didn’t hear her.”You brought your bathing suits right?” He walked out in just shorts. “It’s Jacuzzi time.” They changed and headed down to the pool.

Rose noticed how much more defined James muscles became since joining the Navy. Especially his abs, he could be an underwear model she thought.

“The navy’s been really good to you, huh James?” said Paige. The girls followed him out of the elevator admiring his body.

“I guess so, besides getting me sick.”The pool had a few family’s in it, crowded for being past 11 PM. The Jacuzzi was empty though and they hopped right in. They made small talk for a while. James kept on replaying what he heard Rose say earlier in his head. “We can all sleep together.” He didn’t know what to make of it. It brought up the memory of Rose asking him to take her virginity all those years ago.

He wanted her but he knew it would be wrong. He always thought Rose was a dime, a ten out of ten. He studied her figure as the girls continued to talk. Her breasts floated on the water. They were at least a C cup size. Paige on the other hand had maybe a B size.

Rose cleared her throat to get James attention. “Take a picture it’ll last longer.” James blushed as the girls giggled.

“You know you can do more than look James,” Paige whispered. alsancak escort Rose nodded as James looked at her. He was in disbelief, he knew how to perceive Rose’s remark on sleeping together now. He glanced at the family’s in the pool seeing if they were paying attention before reaching out under the water to get a handful of breast.

He felt Rose’s before feeling Paige’s. It caused him to go to full attention. Paige noticed and moved to his side.

She slouched down to where only her head was above the water “I hope you don’t mind.” Placing her hand on his rod she began working it up and down. James didn’t interrupt her but began groping Rose’s breast again. Rose moved to his side also to not make it obvious. She slouched back with her eyes closed as he explored her chest then nipples.

She reached out for his girth and took a hold. This was too much for James to bear and it sent him over the edge. He clamped his hands on both girls thigh as his knees jerked up with each explosion of cum. Paige loved the feeling of his throbbing cock in her hand as she kept jerking.

Rose pulled hers back in surprise to how quick her touch drove him over. She apologized grabbed a towel and headed up stairs.

Paige kissed him on the cheek, “We’ve only just begun.” She climbed out and raced to catch up to Rose. James sat there for a while catching his breath and composure.

James opened the hotel room door to find a pitch black room. He reached for a light switch only to hear Paige’s voice in the bedroom, “leave the light’s off.”

He obeyed and started his venture through the living room and kitchen to the bedroom. His mind ran wild on what awaited and his pulse began racing. He reached the bedroom the girls giggling. He flicked the light’s on only to see their heads peeking out from the covers. Leaving to the imagination of what they did or didn’t have on. “I like seeing what I’m getting my hands into.” His erection made his shorts taught around his thighs.

“I like the way you salute sailor,” Paige replied.

Rose eyes were fixed on his crotch. He had at least eight inches and from what she could remember from the Jacuzzi he was very thick too.

James ripped the covers off the top off them. “Hey!” they exclaimed “It’s cold.”They were both completely naked. James loved the site, both girls had slight tan lines on them. Paige’s breast were extremely perky with small puffy nipples that fit them perfectly.

As his eyes worked down her tone body he noticed her abs and bare pussy glistening from being wet. It was extremely pink and tight looking. Her labia was hidden but she had a huge clitoris ready to be played with and Paige did.

She rubbed her clit as James studied their bodies. He looked at Rose smiling and biting her lip. Her boobs were absolutely perfect with her hair flowing next to them. Her areolas and nipples the perfect proportion to them.

Her body was also very tone but she had a landing strip of hair leading to the pinkest labia lips spread inviting him. Her clit was also proportionate not small but not big. She was perfect head to toe. “Well what are you waiting for?” James dove in-between them and immediately they were all making out and touching each other.

Paige stripped off his shorts and began swallowing his length as James made out with Rose. He groped her breast buca escort and pinched her nipples with one hand as he toyed her clit with the other. Rose was engulfed in the most pleasure she’s had.

The thought of how forbidden what they were doing was with someone she’s known longer than most anyone. Rose grabbed the back of his head crying “Fuck me!” Paige released his cock and he moved in-between Rose’s legs. Rose stared deep into his baby blue eyes her arms on his shoulders, “Your heart is pounding.”

“I’m really nervous,” James replied.

“Don’t be,” she said and with one motion his tip found her hole and half of his length. Rose gasped and dug her nails into his back “Fuck!!!” It sent her into a toe curling orgasm.

James continued to pump. Her pussy was in a vice grip around his girth as he plunged deeper. He didn’t know how long he could last not having sex in two years. She was so wet their pelvises colliding. “Faster, faster!!!” Rose moaned.

“I can’t!!!” James lifted to pull out. Rose denied him and grabbed his ass pulling him all the way in.

They both orgasmed together Rose screaming,”I’m cumming!!”. Spurt after spurt of cum burst into Rose for a full minute as they clenched each other tightly. Rose moaning with each twitch of his cock.

They kissed each other passionately until Paige interjected, “She’s overflowing down there pull out before she drowns.” James eased out after one last kiss.

With cum dripping from Rose’s pussy she sat up exhausted and flushed. “I can’t feel my legs,” she said.

“I bet that was way more intense than Mark and my first time,” Paige replied. Rose was slightly shaking and breathing rapidly.

“Now it’s my turn!” Paige bent over on the bed in front of James. He was still hard, “Give it to me good. I’ve waited long enough,” Said Paige.

James rubbed his massive head on her slit and clit driving Paige nuts. “Fuck me damn it!!!” Before she could finish her sentence James plunged his nine thick inches balls deep into her.

He darted in and out of her making his balls bounce into her clit with each thrust. Paige was slowly building up to an orgasm when James pulled back too much slipping out and ramming right across her clit “I’m cumming!!!” she squirted all over the bed. Her legs buckled, “Put it back in!”

James continued where he left off. Pulling her pony tail she was flat on her stomach now. James thrusting as fast and deep as he can was amazed he lasted this long with how tight she was. Paige squeezed her kegel muscles tight around him.

“Don’t squeeze! I’m not ready to cum yet.” James pulled out and Paige went back to her knees. By this time Rose was recovered from her orgasms and crawled under Paige to where they were sixty-nining.

Paige buried her face in Rose’s sweet lips nibbling, sucking and licking in a pattern of various tempo’s. All the while Rose’s face was right in the action of her brother piercing her friend’s pussy. She lapped at his shaft while rubbing her clit. His balls drew close and Rose knew he wouldn’t last much longer.

She cupped his balls and he buried himself in Paige “Fuck!!” James let out as a stream of cum burst into Paige. He pulled out blasting stream after stream against her clit and Rose’s face.

The sensation sent Paige into an orgasm. Paige moaned still eating Rose out “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Rose reached yet another orgasm this time from her friend.

They climbed off of each other. Both their pussies covered in cum like Rose’s face. They all collapsed next to each other covered in sweat.

“Its going to be a long weekend,” said James.

Paige and Rose looked at each other smiling and panting,”Yeah it is.”

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