CJ and Sherri Ch. 03

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Adriana Chechik

C & S Part 3

So what to do. They were the best of friends, totally in love, but unable to be together the way they wanted. She was married, and he couldn’t get past the guilt. It didn’t matter that she was married “on paper”. Married was married due to their strict religious upbringing.

They had attended the same school, and both of them knew they were in the wrong, but they also knew they had too much together to walk away. Besides, they had tried, and couldn’t do it.

CJ felt he had hurt not only her, but her family, no matter how much Sherri told him otherwise.

He also felt he was to blame since her couldn’t control himself when he knew full well she was married and vulnerable. She felt frustrated that neither her husband or CJ, her best friend, gave much credence to her insistence that she made her decision to pursue divorce based on her own inability to trust her husband LONG before her feelings for CJ were validated.

She constantly argued that she was being nothing but honest and open with her husband about everything so there wouldn’t be an issue. They were married on paper and nothing more. He knew she wanted a divorce, and was in love with her best friend.

Alas, there was an issue; CJ felt so much guilt.

It had been over eight months since they crossed the line into a physical relationship and had sex, but CJ still struggled with any kind of physical contact with her.

Oh and there was plenty of contact between them, no matter how they tried, but he always suffered for it afterward. Sherri felt guilty, yes, but it was different. Her guilt came from being unable to honor his request and respect his wishes not to have a physical relationship until after she was divorced. It was her fault that they’d broken the friendship boundary after all.

It was she who seduced him, made him so hot for her that he gave in and had sex, but it had clearly been a mistake. It changed everything.

Everything that is except the passion…….

Her dreams were often very vivid, but this one was so intense she awoke soaking wet. Dam shame she couldn’t finish that dream before the alarm went off! Ahhh well, it would have to wait until later, and hopefully she would experience some real life sexy encounter verses just dreaming about it.

CJ wanted to see her. She could hardly wait, but she’d do just that since she first had to run errands. They had a plan to meet around noon so if she could finish up quickly she may even get there early enough to play before he arrived. She couldn’t help but relive the dream over and over while she did her shopping, donated blood and worked on her laptop.

The way he had kissed her so hungrily, felt so hot to the touch….”Get hold of yourself.” she said out loud. It was a dream after all. It wouldn’t ever happen anywhere else except in her imagination. Well, she decided, Kıbrıs Escort it would be nice to relive it through her writing.

She resolved to do just that, but in the meantime she’d need to hurry if she wanted to play before CJ arrived. She knew she’d be playing with fire, so to speak, because when she played it was like a double edged sword. It was both satisfying and tortuous.

Playing made her hungry for more. It was solo foreplay, which was dangerous if she wanted to avoid sex with him, especially when they couldn’t seem to keep their hands off one another. And today they were meeting in a public hot spot. It was public yet pretty secluded, and THEY were what made it a hot spot to meet. It was where their chemistry began.

CJ arrived after Sherri most times, but today was different; he had a last minute cancelation so he thought it’d be a nice surprise for her to discover him waiting on the bench. He hoped she’d be early, he wanted to see her, but he also wanted to miss traffic since he was going out of town as usual. He felt unusually restless today and couldn’t seem to settle so he decided to be one with nature.

As he sat there looking out over the water he began to fantasize about all the times he had sexted with her, the time he saw her wearing sexy lingerie through her patio door, how she looked wearing his favorite blue dress, and better yet, how she looked lifting it up, over and off her body revealing nothing underneath.

Sherri was beyond sexy. She was everything he wanted in not just a woman, but a partner, and he’d told so whenever she felt down due to her current situation and all the frustration that came with it. She had a good personality, was confident and strong willed, smart, and secure in her own self-identity. He told her she was the first woman he’d met that could give him a run for his money.

Sherri recognized it for the high compliment it was.

CJ’s dick was rock hard, and he had not even unzipped his pants. When he did he discovered he was actually hot to the touch and he smiled knowing she’d like finding him that way when she stroked him, or if he was lucky, sucked on him good and proper!

He felt himself tighten his grip and move faster, then slow, then faster, then loosen his hold to only a few fingers sliding the skin up and down. He could cum anytime, his mind was very aroused, therefore, so was his body, but he wanted to enjoy it.

He dragged his palm over the head of his penis and around in a few circles allowing himself to close his eyes, lean back and relax; thinking of her naked. He saw her breasts as if his eyes were open, the large nipples, hard and protruding, the firm, round shape of them, and he watched them bounce as she moved on top of him.

That did it. He came with a loud exhale that resembled a grunt, and felt the white hot cum flow over his fingers.

Then Kıbrıs Escort Bayan he opened his eyes and saw her.

She stood riveted to the spot, not two feet away with the most ravenous look in her eyes, and a sexy smile. She was wearing his favorite dress which they had come to call “blue”, of course, and at a glance he could tell that when she removed her sandals blue would be the only clothing she wore.

He was surprised but not wholly. He knew she liked to watch just as much as he did. He stood to pull up his pants, but with a swift yet gentle movement she stepped forward, and stopped him.

She said “No, let him breathe, and we’ll see if he wants to play some more in a few minutes.” She maneuvered him onto the bench again and crawled on top of his lap, hiking up her dress as she did, and he knew that it wouldn’t be long before he was fully engorged again.

She straddled him, and kissed him and he wrapped his arms around her, smoothing them up the inside of her dress, feeling her react to his touch inch by inch. When he curved his hands inward so they cupped her breasts she let out a small pleasurable whimper. Suddenly he realized how awake he was when he felt her warm, wet bottom on top of his growing cock.

They ended the long kiss, and looked at one another, smiling.

“Hi.” she said. He said hi back.

She confessed she knew she wasn’t supposed to be doing this, but had been so pleasantly surprised to see him there and, well, playing and obviously fantasizing, she just couldn’t stop herself.

“That’s ok.” CJ said, “I wanted you to see me.”

Sherri took that for a green light, and kissed him again before whispering in his ear, “Start your engines.” and she adjusted her hips to rub his penis with her moist, waiting pussy.

Ok so they didn’t have sex.

Their earlier encounter today was by no means unpleasant. He made her cum very hard, and more than once so she hardly felt like she had anything to complain about. She had certainly enjoyed watching him play as he sat on the bench at the park, first from afar, and then right up close.

But although she sat directly on his hard cock, without actually putting him inside of her, she did cover him with her cum. Rubbing, talking, playing and thinking along with his various means of stimulation had sent her to the moon! She should stop thinking about it and go to sleep. Maybe if she was lucky she could finish the dream.

She chuckled to herself, rolled over, and fell fast asleep. She got lucky. She dreamt it again…..but this time it was the whole dream.

A rainstorm develops, it’s pouring, and lightning and thunder are constant. I’m soaked and scared so I have to sleep in your tent. I’m so frightened of storms, and this is a doosie so I jump out of my skin every time a big clap of thunder hits or lightening illuminates Escort Kıbrıs the tent.

Since everything in my tent was soaked I have nothing…….when I arrive inside your tent you are a complete gentleman. We came on this trip to decide the fate of our future once and for all, but now it’s just about survival. All the talk of how to be just friends, whether or not it was possible, what exactly it would mean, could we actually do it, and what would be the point all things considered…..it was the last thing on our minds.

You turn around while I strip off my wet clothes, and you insist I crawl in your sleeping bag. But then “Where are you going to sleep?” I ask. You are cold, obviously struggling to keep yourself in check, and have no answer. Seeing this I ask “Do you have an extra blanket?”

You do! So you turn around again while I put on one of your button up shirts, and we agree to lie on top of the sleeping bag, and then cover up with the blanket.

It doesn’t take long before you are telling me “Sherri, I can’t behave anymore……” and trail off as you reach for me then continue saying, “I don’t want to behave.”

I say “So don’t”…..and I give you that kiss I’ve been longing to give you for sooooo long. Before I know it your shirt, that I’m wearing so very well, is open and your fingers are sliding up my inner thigh while my hands are busy removing your belt……sliding my hand inside your pants, holding you in my hand……stroking you while your mouth has wandered down to my breasts.

You’re nibbling at my nipples and I arch my back and moan from the pleasure of anticipation, all you’ll do to me, and what you are doing now. Soon I’m rolling you onto your back so I can lay on top of you….tease you with my wetness on top of your hardness.

I move over you, kissing you whispering and groaning in your ear…..I’m just about to move down on you but you can’t take it anymore…..you roll me over and plunge yourself deep inside me…..I inhale sharply and start panting as you move……

You start to move fast and furious…..I start to gasp and breathe faster…..I’m clenching my hands on your ass so tight and rising my hips to meet your every thrust….I’m saying your name and you are saying mine…..but suddenly you stop moving and get off.

I protest with a loud “NO!” but you tell me to roll over….realizing your intention, I follow orders and once again feel you plunge deep…..it doesn’t take long before you’re giving it hard and fast doggie style.

We cum within seconds of each other.

We collapse together and snuggle, breathing deep and contentedly; talking softly before falling asleep. The last thing I remember hearing you say is “We waited too long after all……and now that I have you I’ll never let go.”

Sherri awoke with a start, and it took a moment to realize it was her phone, but she answered it all the same. Smiling, but clearly shaken she said hello, and heard him on the other end. “Hey. I love you. We need to talk. Let’s go camping this weekend.” Although she was totally riveted by his every word she managed to agree knowing what was about to come true.

Or was it?

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