Claire the Stuffed

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Claire was confused as she sat at the breakfast bar in her townhouse kitchen, staring at Smiley as he stood on the countertop. Smiley was her (assumed) demonically possessed garden gnome. His sinister little smile always mocked her for the fool that she was. She had an intensely erotic experience at work a few hours earlier. Her body reacted with arousal every time she thought about it. Her pussy would tighten at the memory of Jason’s cock inside it. Jason’s, Cory’s, and Mark’s cum were still inside her in various places.

“Jason said he was Smiley,” she whispered as she watched the garden statue carefully. She was tapping her finger on his little black boot, half expecting him to shudder or send her a text message.

She knew she was acting crazy, and she didn’t care. In her opinion, she hadn’t been in her right mind since the wild Halloween incident. She enjoyed what her handsome coworkers did to her, and now she knew they were willing to do it again, but she was angry at them for blaming the incident on a garden statue. Why did they have to add an element of insanity to their fun? She couldn’t entirely dismiss the idea of Smiley’s power being real. She had seen too many crazy things to completely deny it.

“This is stupid. Jason said Cory put a camera behind your eye. I would have to smash you to find it,” she grumbled as she picked Smiley up and looked him over. “He also said to smash you if I wanted the fun to end. I don’t want the fun to end,” she groaned as she set him back on the countertop.

Suddenly, Claire’s phone chimed with a new text, sending her heart into her throat. A shudder ran through her body as she glanced at her phone on the charger next to the refrigerator. It was deja vu all over again. She gulped, stepped over to her phone, and looked at the message.

“Hello, Claire… would you like some company? Love, Smiley.”

Her heart was pounding in terror and exhilaration as she read the strange message.

“Wait a minute… it’s probably just Cory and Jason being dicks again,” she sighed as she looked at Smiley. “I’m sorry, Smiley, I’m looking for the camera,” she declared as she lifted him high over her head and threw him down onto the tile floor as hard as she could, shattering the little statue into a thousand pieces.

She searched through the scattered bits of broken plaster, looking for any sign of a camera and wireless transmitter, but there was nothing.

“Fuck… it doesn’t make any sense, and now Smiley’s dead,” she said with her throat tight.

She wasn’t surprised that she had an emotional connection to the little garden gnome. He had been the first thing to make her laugh after a messy divorce at the young age of twenty-four. She found him at a yard sale, and his little evil smile had cracked her up at first sight. She had also done what Jason said would end the fun orgies. She was suddenly very disappointed with herself.

“Fuck it. I’ll glue him back together tomorrow,” she grumbled and stomped off to take a shower.

Claire stood in the shower for many minutes. She was gently fingering herself as the hot water poured down her back. She would have to have a proper masturbation session with many toys before she fell asleep. Being stuffed with three cocks earlier in the day had left her overly aroused. She sighed and quickly finished her shower so she could get down to some serious toy penetration. She hoped the batteries were still good in her favorite clit vibrator. She had forgotten to buy more that month. She was preoccupied with thoughts about sex toys as she stepped out of the shower and threw a towel over her long blond hair. As she twisted it into a turban on her head, she thought she heard a thump in her bedroom. She froze and looked at the bathroom door. She had left it slightly ajar like she always did. She gasped when she saw a shadow pass by it. She cursed herself for leaving her phone in the kitchen again.

“Fuck!” she whimpered and grabbed a fat vase off her bathroom vanity and dumped the flowers out of it. It weighed at least ten pounds. “Who’s out there? You better leave before I fuck you up!” she yelled.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and Jason stuck his handsome head in. He gave Claire a wicked smile as the vase slipped out of her trembling hands. It bounced off the toilet seat and shattered inside the toilet bowl.

“Um, that’s how you fuck up your toilet,” he noted.

“How the fuck did you get in the house?” she yelled.

“Smiley called me over and let me in. He said you needed attention. Come on out when you’re ready. Don’t bother getting dressed,” he said with a grin before he closed the bathroom door, leaving Claire alone and stunned.

“Shit!” she grumbled as she finished drying off and tossed her damp towels on the floor.

She stepped over to the door with her heart in her throat again. She had no idea what was waiting for her in the bedroom. She was excited and trembling as her mind raced through the possibilities. Were Cory and Mark there kaçak iddaa too? Would Amelia be joining the fun?

She gulped and slowly pulled the door open, and stepped out. Jason was standing by the window, gazing at the cul-de-sac below. He had on the same khaki slacks and button-down white shirt he wore to work that day. Her queen-size bed stood between them, and she gasped at what was sitting on it. Smiley was back in one piece, smiling at her from the edge of the bed. A row of all her favorite sex toys had been lined up behind the little ceramic gnome along with a familiar tube of flavored lube. There was one average-sized flesh-colored dildo, two extra-thick seven-inch silicone dildos (one bright pink and one purple), and next to them, her favorite hard-plastic dildo and vibrator. The vibrator was shiny chrome and used two C batteries. She could get herself off with its wonderful vibrations alone, but it felt better to be stuffed with something while she squirmed with orgasm.

“What the hell? I smashed Smiley!” she stammered as she looked at Jason for answers.

“And you instantly regretted it,” he said as he turned to look at her.

Claire gulped to have Jason’s big hazel eyes admiring her nakedness again. He was annoyingly handsome with his sandy brown hair and tanned skin. She couldn’t look at him at work without thinking inappropriate thoughts about him, especially after he, Cory, and Mark fucked her on Halloween and in the storage closet at the office.

“You doubt Smiley’s power, Claire?” Jason asked with a wicked smile as he stepped away from the window.

Claire shuddered with goose flesh as he approached her. He stood right in front of her and looked down into her eyes for a moment. He was close enough for her to feel the fabric of his shirt brushing her nipples.

“Our foursome gave Smiley the strength to obey your will, Claire. He put himself back together for you. Your slutty desires are giving him ridiculous power. He feeds off your enjoyment. That’s why he called me over to play with you,” he whispered as he reached up and ran his fingertips over the perfect round flesh of her breasts, provoking a pleasant tingle between her legs.

“Why did he call you, exactly? Why not Cory or Mark?” she asked with a gulp.

“Because Smiley likes how I make you feel,” he whispered close to her lips as he reached between her legs and slid a fingertip through her abundance of arousal.

Claire shuddered as he gently fingered her and slid his tongue into her mouth. She had been imagining Jason doing that to her in the shower a few minutes earlier. She was reeling and extremely aroused at that moment. Demonically possessed gnome or not, she was enjoying all the attention from Jason. She groaned as he pushed his finger deep inside her, rubbing against her tight inner muscles as he played his tongue against hers. Her cunt was already twitching from the stimulation, grabbing at his finger like a needy lover.

“Mmm, eager, are we?” Jason chuckled as he drew away and admired her half-lidded eyes. “You could easily cum on my finger, couldn’t you, Claire?”

She gulped and nodded. Her skin felt overly hot already.

“That’s my predictable little slut. I love your eagerness. Allow me to get more comfortable,” he whispered as he withdrew his finger and stepped back.

Claire was aching with need as she watched Jason unbutton his shirt and pants and toss them to the floor. She felt her own moisture increase at the sight of his toned body and handsome erection. Jason watched her eyes as he stroked himself a few times. Her gaze was glued to what she wanted.

“So predictable, Claire. You make my job too easy,” he chuckled as he retrieved the little statue off the bed and placed him safely in front of the mirror on the dresser.

Claire gulped as she glanced at Smiley. He would be watching the show again. His little sinister smile and pointy red hat looked even sharper than usual.

“The old rules apply, Claire. Smiley wants verbal silence. A simple nod or a head shake will suffice for questions. Feel free to whimper, groan, and moan all you want. Now, lie on your back and spread your legs for me,” Jason ordered.

Claire nodded and quickly climbed onto the bed, being careful not to disturb the pile of sex toys. She lay in the center and butterflied her legs for Jason. He smiled in approval as he crawled onto the bed and climbed over her beautiful body. Claire’s heart rate ebbed upward as he leaned down and kissed her. He drew away a moment later and stood on his knees between her legs, allowing the tip of his cock to rest against her swollen red cunt. His warm, aroused flesh against hers made her inner muscles twitch with anticipation. He smiled at her blushing body and gently rocked his hips. Claire shuddered as his hard shaft glided against her clit and tugged at her swollen lips.

“Mmm, I’m not even inside you yet, and I can feel your pulse throbbing against my cock. Do you want me that badly, Claire?” he whispered kaçak bahis with a wicked smile.

She gulped and nodded. There was no way to hide how horny she was. Her cunt was soaked for him. His cock was spreading her slippery arousal all over her mound as he playfully rocked it against her.

“It’s exciting having you all to myself,” he purred before he readjusted his cock and pushed inside her, opening her swollen lips.

She groaned and smiled to feel his hard shaft inside her again. She didn’t need to be triple stuffed to enjoy Jason. He smiled at her pleasure as he fucked her slow and deep a few times. The blush on her chest and face deepened as her tits rose and fell in her growing excitement. Her wet hair was scattered over her pillow as her blue eyes gazed at him. The alluring sight of her added to the pleasure inside him as her body hugged his cock in its slippery heat.

“You’re more than ready for rougher play,” he said with a smirk as he drew out of her cunt and pressed his wet tip against her anus.

She gasped and tensed as he pushed hard against her tight hole. His tip slipped inside her, opening her up with pain and pleasure. Her body relaxed and opened much faster than it did earlier in the day.

“Getting better with practice, I see,” he chuckled as he rocked his tip inside her while watching her face.

He would back off when she would cringe. He pulled his tip out of her and dipped into her slippery cunt again before returning to her tighter hole. He played with her that way until she seemed to be enjoying his cock stroking in and out of her ass. Claire melted against her pillows as Jason stimulated her. She enjoyed his exploration. His thick cock was always a treat inside her.

“You are definitely ready, but I know my Claire. She enjoys being played with. Smiley says you enjoy toys up your ass. Have you ever had a man help you stuff yourself with toys?” he asked as he pulled out of her and picked up the flesh-colored dildo.

Claire shook her head as she watched Jason apply a glob of cherry-flavored lube to the silicone phallus. Once he had it thoroughly lubricated, he pressed it against her ass. She took a deep breath as he began to work the toy inside her. The silicone dick wasn’t as soft as a real cock, so it was more painful when it opened her up. She shuddered and squirmed as he slid it deep inside her. It felt massive compared to Cory since the silicone didn’t give under pressure.

“I love watching your cunt flex when I shove things inside you. Let’s see how tight your pussy is now that I have your ass stuffed,” he said as he quickly shoved his cock into her cunt again.

She gasped and squirmed from the hot pressure inside her body. It felt exquisite. It wasn’t as good as having Cory’s hot meat shoved inside her ass, but it felt good in a different way.

“That is really fucking tight,” Jason chuckled as he fucked her a few times. “The dildo is pushing hard against the bottom of my cock. It’s insane,” he groaned as he thrust faster inside her, massaging himself against the incredible pressure. “Fuck, that’s too tempting,” he groaned as he quickly pulled out of her.

Claire had been in ecstasy until he suddenly pulled out. She looked at him in confusion for a moment. He was panting with his eyes closed as his angry erection hovered over her twitching cunt. She wanted to beg him to fuck her more, but she had learned the hard way not to speak when under no talking orders.

“That was close. I almost disappointed Smiley. That could have been dire,” he said with a smirk as he opened his eyes and gazed at Claire. “Smiley and I want to see you pleasure yourself. Allow me to stuff you a little more,” he said as he picked up the seven-inch pink dildo and pressed it against her pussy.

Claire shuddered and groaned as he penetrated her with the hard silicone toy. It didn’t feel as good as his cock, but it was still intense to be stuffed with two dildos by the man she constantly lusted after. Jason smiled as he pressed the smaller dildo harder into her ass while he fucked her pussy with the larger dildo. He could tell by her squirming that she was really enjoying it. Claire could easily cum if he kept up the mind-numbing massage for a few more seconds. She was trying to hide how hot she was so he would keep doing it, but he sensed how close she was and stopped.

“Naughty naughty, Claire. Smiley insists my cock should be cumming inside you while you cum, so don’t get any ideas. How do you usually ride these dildos?” he asked.

Claire groaned in disappointment as she reached up and searched for her dense neck pillow. She pulled it out from under the blanket and handed it to Jason.

“Ah, clever. I can smell your sweet pussy all over it. I bet you ride it often,” he said as he inhaled her familiar scent from the cylinder-shaped pillow.

It was constructed with dense foam and perfect for shoving between her knees to hold dildos in her cunt so she could bounce and grind on them. Jason illegal bahis placed the pillow against the dildos and helped her sit up so she could straddle it. He smiled as he watched the pleasure on her face as she sank down onto the pillow, letting it press the dildos deep inside her. She gazed at him as she rocked her hips, riding the thick dongs with style.

“Show me how you usually do it,” Jason ordered as he picked up her chrome vibrator and handed it to her.

She turned it on, and it sang with a pleasant hum. She guided it between her legs and pressed the vibrating tip against her clit. The toy was trapped between the pillow and her body, allowing her hands the freedom to squeeze her tits. She shuddered with pleasure as the vibrator pushed her dangerously close to orgasm. She was overly aroused, thanks to Jason. She wouldn’t last much longer. She held herself still, hoping the intense tickle in her groin would ease off. She didn’t want to upset Smiley by cumming too soon. She relaxed as her body drifted away from the edge. She breathed out as she leaned on her hands and smiled at Jason. His eyes were half-lidded with arousal as he watched her struggle not to cum. His cock was aching for release after the tempting display.

“I have never been more jealous of silicone. I hope those fake dicks know how lucky they are,” he whispered as he stood on his knees in front of Claire.

He ran his fingers into her damp hair and guided her head down to his cock. She eagerly took it into her mouth and gave him a loving suck, savoring her own taste mingled with the precum on his tip. Her pussy twitched from the foretaste of his pleasure, building on her already strained anticipation. She held herself still as she worked Jason’s shaft with her tongue and lips. Every little movement was pushing her closer to orgasm. Jason groaned as she hungrily sucked his cock. The heat of her mouth and the excited stroking of her lips and tongue were pushing him close to the edge.

“Ride the dildos, Claire,” he ordered.

He watched her beautiful body as she began to grind her cunt against the pillow, forcing the dildos to push deeper inside her as the vibrator tickled her clit. She moaned and sucked his cock harder as her body began to tense. Her excitement was pushing him out of control. He gasped as pleasure suddenly rocked through his groin and cock, forcing his cum into Claire’s expectant mouth.

He pulled her hair and shuddered again and again as sharp pleasure worked through his body. Claire groaned as his cum burst onto her tongue and spilled down her throat. She could feel his cock spasm between her lips. His taste pushed her to climax an instant later. She sucked him hard as hot waves worked through her pussy and into her groin. She whimpered as she rode the dildos and vibrator through her ecstasy. Having her mouth full of Jason’s cock and cum added to the intensity of it. He chuckled at her as he watched her struggle. She eventually released his cock and finished swallowing his cum before she took a deep breath. Then she reached down and turned off her vibrator. It was unpleasant against her clit after a powerful orgasm made her extra tender.

“That made Smiley very happy, Claire. He likes how obedient you are. Now, get on your hands and knees facing away from me,” Jason ordered.

Claire nodded and carefully turned around, being careful not to lose the silicone toys as she moved. Jason chuckled as she struggled to keep the dildos inside her.

“Let’s move things around a bit,” he said as he gently pulled the larger dildo from her pussy before removing the smaller one from her ass.

She moaned in relief to have them out of her, but she tensed when she felt something even bigger pressing against her anus. Jason was pushing the thicker dildo into her ass. She gasped and groaned as he worked it into her tight hole. It felt monstrous inside her. She was panting when it was in as far as it would go. Jason chuckled as he picked up the second seven-inch dildo, the pink one’s purple twin, and pressed it against her dripping pussy. Claire whimpered and groaned as he began to work the second monster into her cunt. She couldn’t help being intensely aroused by the massive intrusion. Knowing Jason was doing it turned her on even more. She had never worked the bigger dildo into her ass before. It hurt too much to try, but Jason had skillfully worked her towards it. She wondered how many massive dongs he had practiced shoving into Amelia.

“I can tell by your reaction you’re enjoying this,” he whispered as he began to pull the purple dildo in and out of her cunt, massaging it through her swollen lips.

Claire shuddered and clutched at the comforter. The pressure and stimulation inside her were maddening, but it didn’t feel as good as being fucked by a real cock. She could easily hit orgasm again, but she was holding off, hoping Jason would grant her wish.

“You are naughty and greedy, Claire,” he chuckled a second later. “Do you want my cum in your pussy too?”

She nodded and moaned at his suggestion.

“Very well. I enjoy soaking all your slutty holes,” he whispered as he pulled the dildo from her cunt and dropped it on the bed.

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