Claire’s No Nut November Ch. 01

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Authors Notes

This is my first chapter of my erotic story. I know I’m late (or early) for making a NNN story, but I had this idea in my mind for a long time. As you will probably notice, I’m not fluent in writing in English. I’m still learning from reading books, but it will take some time to get better. I will accept any constructive criticism in the comments. If you have any tips or vocabulary that I need to learn, please let me know.

The world I created is a work a of fiction, so it doesn’t follow any real life rules. Take everything as it comes, as it doesn’t want to be accurate, but to focus on the sauce. Have a nice read 🙂


As the sun started rising in the morning sky, it was finally time for the challenge.

On the 31st of October, Claire and her girlfriend Jill had a sex marathon. It started in the morning and ended before dinner. Claire was a tall (close to 7 feet) and strong lady, with a medium sized cleavage and round ass. She was the type of girl who was confident all the time. For example, she always wears tight clothes at the gym, to show her perfect body. However, what she liked the most was that her cock was always visible. Her monster was 10 inches, which was nearly double the average of a male dick. Her girth was around the size of a can of Redbull (6 inches). Her feature attracted the eyes of every girl and boy. Usually they would kick someone for exhibitionism, but her body attracted more clients than the gym itself. Her long shaft was accompanied by a pair of balls big as tennis balls. Meanwhile Jill had every feminine feature maxed. A pair of J-cup tits that were proven to have a gravity field of their own. An ass so huge and firm that if someone started admiring it, they would take hours taking their eyes off. She wasn’t as tall as Claire, but she wasn’t out of her league. Standing at 6 feet tall, she was probably one of the most beautiful models on the planet.

The day before the challenge, Claire came around 20 times, an a time record for a futa, who has a semen output far larger than males. The intention was to impregnate her girlfriend, but without success. Everytime she tried to reach her womb, she was stopped by the cervix. Jill was extremely unfertile, so to increase the chance by little she had go cum in her womb directly. After all the attempts made, Claire started crying “I’m sorry Jill, but I’m unable to make us have a baby”. Jill tried to comfort her “Babe it’s not your fault. It’s anybody fault. I was born like this and we can’t nothing about it, except live with.” “You are not helping me you know?” Claire sobbed as she tried to clean her face from the tears. “You know what Claire? I didn’t want to resort to this solution, but I think I know how we can have a baby” Jill exclaimed “However, you will have make a great sacrifice Claire”.

Claire was all ears “I’m ready no matter what sweety, I will do it because I love you no matter what!” She exclaimed.

“So this method consists in resisting any carnal desires and not nut for a whole month”. Claire laughed hearing this “It sounds much easier than I expected”.

“We’ll see on the first of december” Jill challenged Claire and went to bed after dinner.

-Day 1: an humble beginning

Claire woke up better than ever, knowing that if she succeded in the challenge she would finally have a kid with her love of her life. During the day she didn’t feel the urge to jerk off, as she was more focused on her dream coming true. However everything changed as she went the gym. The place was much more crowded than other days, something that Claire liked because she loved being watched by everyone. So she put her incredible tight clothes and started working out. While training, she noticed something strange. Her pants felt more tight than usual around her cock. The veins were now slightly visible, but the first thought that came to mind was that she made a mistake with the washing machine’ settings. Everyone’s gaze locked on the veins that were pulsating with each heartbeat. Claire was on the verge of going to the toilet and jerk off. She did manage to cool off and leave the gym as a winner. At home no one was expecting her, as Jill was at her parents home for the rest of the week. Claire fell asleep thinking the next day was going to be easier.

Day 2: the realization day

Claire woke up early in the morning with her dick acting as a flag pole. She was used to this sight, however, as she scratched her tired eyes, she noticed something strange: her cock seemed bigger. Precum leaked the entire night while she was sleeping, but it wasn’t that much. The bed sheets could have been cleaned by hand. Needless to say, her first thought wasn’t about cleaning, but checking if her fuck rod grew in size. She grabbed a measuring tape and gasped when she read the number out loud “11 inches”. Fortunately she was 7 feet tall, so a growth spurt of one inch wasn’t going to be noticed by others. The first question that came to mind was why it happened. The leaking pre was expect Bayan Eskort as her balls would have filled with cum by the end of the first day, but her cock growing was unexpected. She thought that maybe it was unrelated and she was going to ask Jill when she would be back. Other than a jog during the afternoon, Claire relaxed at home watching her favourite show ‘fixing good’ which talked about a chemistry teacher and his student searching for a cure to cancer.

Day 3: the stick won’t relax

Today was a gym day, but a little problem came up: Claire cock was hard as a rock. First of all she made a mess while sleeping. She had a wet dream and she spewed out as much pre as the average man would cum. Her meat rod grew in size again: now it was 12 inches. Her girth was close to the one of a can of coke, which made her penis uncomfortable to have between her legs. She noticed something new: her balls were bigger. They got slightly bigger, but it was noticable. First thing she did was calling a doctor for an appointment. Then she went to the gym with her dick still hard.

Her shorts started to not fit anymore. If the python became one inch bigger, then the head would be seen coming out of the pants. Anyway, the rumor spread quickly. As soon as Claire arrived to the gym, nearly a hundred of girls and boys came to watch the show. Everyone was left aghast when they saw that a dick that once was big got even bigger.

Claire loved the feeling of when strangers talked dirty about her, so as soon as she started daydreaming about fucking every girl in the gym, pre started flowing out. She was making a mess for sure, although what attracted the most people was her moaning through every repetition. Some girls got closer to Claire and started tasting her pre, making them instantly wet. She didn’t notice anything as she was trying to get a personal record on squats, which she easily did. Everyone gave a round of applause when she managed to squat 200 kilos.

Claire felt stronger than ever before, sk she wanted to try for something higher, until she realized that there were girls consuming her pre while masturbating. This never happened in her life, so she blushed and ran to get a cold shower tl relax her cock. At home she went to sleep after dinner, but the thought of the sluts in the gym made her mind go numb.

Day 4: a strangely relaxing day

Nothing special happened on the fourth day. She obviously got bigger again, with a dick length of 13 inches and a girth of 8.5 inches. Her balls seemed normal, as she managed to not have any wet dream. The next day Claire had an appointment with the doctor, so she spent the entire day relaxing.

Day 5: the beast growls

The fifth day was the hardest to of first five. Her cock had massive growth spurt of 2 inches and it was do large that a hand wasn’t enough to grab her whole dick. The biggest problems were her balls. They grew massive as grapefruits and they weighted a lot. The bed was a mess and the precum that came out was enough to fill a glass of water. Before the challenge started, she came that amount. Now she wonders if a toilet would be enough to withstand her cumshot. Something she did notice is that she always wake up thirsty. So obviously she started drinking more water. However she already drank 4 liters of water before the start of November, now she drink double the amount. She needed to go to the toilet. When she started pissing, she felt a pressure far more powerful than ever before. Her urethra gap expanded to let a flow of piss go into the toilet, however it was so strong it splashed everywhere. This was a reaction of all the fluids she was drinking during the day. She started cleaning, but halfway through she realized she was going to be late to the appointment.

She entered the futanari specialized building in a rush: she was very late. Claire asked the receptionist if they were going to visit her. The answer was positive, although she would need to wait more as another patient was moved to fill her missed appointment. While in the waiting room, she noticed some infos about futa. As the third sex that appeared on the globe, they were an enhanced version of the humans species. They had both sexes at once which made the other sex redundant. Their sex organs were bigger than the regular ones. For example a dick of a futa averaged 8.5 inches, while the penis of a man averaged at best 5.5 inches. Futanari produced 20 times the semen of a male man, as their testicles have the ability to compress semen beyond imagination. Sometimes a futa’s testicle could weight around 500 grams. At the start of the challenge, Claire was already beyond these parameters. Now she destroyed them.

While immersed in the reading, the nurse called her name. She stood up immediately and was accompanied in the visiting room. The nurse looked nothing like you would expect from a nurse. She was short, but built like tank. I would never wish for anyone to have her as a nurse.

The first she does is introducing me to the doctor: “Dr. Van Honn, Claire Anadolu Yakası Escort has finally arrived.” She yelled. ” Yes Claudia, you can go out now” the doctor ordered.

“Hello miss Claire, how are you doing?” The doctor asked “I could be better” I answered. She asked why so I showed my “little” problem.

Dr: “Holy cow Claire, that’s surely a problem”

Claire: “It was smaller before, but it’s now growing faster and faster each day”

Dr: “When did the growth started”

Claire: “On the first of november, when I started that stupid challenge”

Dr: “Oh, I see now. You started the famous challenge about not ejaculating for a whole month. Why did you do so?

Claire: “My girlfriend suggested it. We had and hard time trying to have a kid, so she heard that his was going to be the only way”

Dr: ” I see. What’s your girlfriend is talking about is true, however it can cause some problems”

Claire: “I can see that”

Dr: “It seems that you are different from other cases though. Can you lend me your original measurements”

Claire: “Okay…”

Dr: “I need to measure you now”

The doctor started measuring the dickgirl with her instruments. After only 5 days, my dick was 15 inches long and the girth was 10 inches. My urethra diameter was half an inch. The weight of my balls were 2 kilos each, for a total of 4. When she asked Claire to take pee sample and gave her a cup, she told it wasn’t enough.

Dr: “What do you mean a cup isn’t enough”

Claire: “You need to trust me. I made a mess today in my bathroom. That’s I was late”

Dr: “So what do you need?”

Claire: “Possibly a big bucket”

The doctor brought patient a 10 liter bucket. As soon as Claire started pissing, the doc felt the pressure on her skin. That monster was no joke. She filled a quarter of the bucket in one minute, which left Van Honn Astonished.

Claire: “Dr Van Honn I think I’m finished”

Dr: “First of all, call me Ester. Second of all what the fuck was that? How much water do you drink daily?”

Claire: “About 10 liters”

Dr: “Holy shit. I think I will need to keep you under control. The rating of growth might become uncontrollable”

Claire: “what do you mean?”

Dr: “I mean that by the end of this you will have an elephant dick. A 4 feet long dick”

Claire: “Holy shit. Can I stop”

Dr: “I don’t think so Claire. There are recent cases of death induced by abstinence. If you were to stop halfway through the challenge, you will likely suffer an hearth failure”

Claire: “What would change if I do it now or next month?”

Dr: “Strangely a futanari follow has a normal period for her female organs and an extra one for her male organs. The first one happens every 28 days, while the other every 30. During november there are certain unknown requirements that are met, so a futanari can start growing. However, the amount of hormones released makes that canceling this “period” will cause a cardiac arrest. It seems that you have something more than the other futas, that’s why we need to take a closer look every 5 days. You need to know ther your current length is what others reach in a month, so be careful.”

Claire: “I think I want to cry Ester”

Dr: “Don’t worry girl, I will help you on your journey. You have a girlfriend who will surely support you. If you need any help, remember to call”

Claire: “Thank you Ester, I appreciate”

So a long day ended. Claire went to bed to sleep and think about everything that’s happening.

Day 6: work call

Waking up early in the morning has always been easy fof Claire. She had a busy training routine, as she was working as model for a company specialized in futanari lingerie. She didn’t have to work everyday, as she was called from time to time to try new stuff. Her mind never came across the thought of giving her new sizes to the stylist. As he received a call from Caitlyn, she realized her mistake.

Cait: “How are you doing Claire?”

Claire: “I’m doing fine”

Cait: “I have prepared something new for you to wear, mind if you get here tomorrow morning?”

Claire: “I’m free, so count me in. Anyway, I need to tell you something I forgot to tell you. I have grown in size”

Cait: “Well, you know I can make adjustments in less than a hour. How much did you get bigger? Half an inch?”

Claire: “I’m 17 inches long now…”

Cait: “…”

Claire: “Are you there Caitlyn?”

Cait: “Nice joke Claire”

Claire: “I’m not lying!”

Cait: “Then send me a photo”

Claire opened her phone camera app and took a picture of her massive shaft. It was so long she had to use the wide angle camera. Caitlyn couldn’t phantom what she saw when she opened the photo.

Cait: “When did you want to tell me?? Do you know how long it takes to design something?”

Claire: “I’m sor-“

Cait: “You better be. I trust you as you are my best model, but you need to tell me things in advance. Anyway, why the fuck did you have the need Pendik Escort to have a surgery to nearly double you cock size?”

Claire: “well, I didn’t have a surgery”

Cait: “Fuck off, I don’t believe you”

Claire: “I started doing a challenge, but my dick keeps getting bigger each day”

Cait: “Well, when did it begin?”

Claire: “Six days ago…”

Cait: “Holy shit, when does it end?”

Claire: “At the end of the month. The doctor said that it will grow beyond 4 feet”

Cait: “Oh my god, that’s so hot. I’m already figuring out a new type of underwear for hung futas like you!”

Claire: “Your mind so dirty Cait!”

Cait: “Weren’t you the one to go to the gym with your dick nearly exposed?

Claire: “You got me…”

Cait: “Well I need to start working. It will take a long time to sew a 4 feet long cock sock, see you in december!”

Claire: “See ya”

During the rest of the day, she worked out as hard as she could. She ran 15 miles in less than 2 hours. It was her record, as she was able to run 14 miles before. The hung futa was getting stronger by the day, even if her body didn’t get more fit. The next day she promised herself to try for another record.

Day 7: The gym ban

As usual, she woke at 7 a.m. to have breakfast. She was still managing to resist the urge of jerking off. Everytime she checked under the bed sheets, she found stains of pre, which became annoying to clean as more and more came out of her urethra every night. She thought of buying a plug to stop the overflow.

After a cold shower, she measured herself. She was now close to 20 inches, 19.5 inches to be precise. Her girth was 11 inches. She could now fit her middle finger in her urethra. She didn’t even bother trying her shorts to see if they fit. She rushed to the gym and changed her top and pants. Only now she realized that a third of her cock was coming out. As always, she didn’t care. The more it was visible, there more she focused on training.

She started with the usual squats. This time she tried to squat 230 kg. And she managed to easily. The pressure of the weight, however, made her cock leak pre like a leaky faucet. Her pre cum resembled white sticky semen, which was very thick. Every person in the gym was watching and taking photos. Everyone was cheering her for her new record, even though no one asked why she got this strong in few days. Now she was trying for a 250 kg squat. Which was nearly the half of the world record for a man. While she was trying, her cock got more stiff and more pre flowed out. She was satisfied with her results, so she went to doing other excersises. Everyone followed her and tried to copy her workout routine, as she was breaking personal records after records. Until the owner of the gym came to talk to Claire.

Owner: “Excuse me madam, are you Claire?”

Claire: “Yeah, what do you need?”

Owner: “You know, since you came go my gym, my profits quadrupled. I have fo thank you for that”

Claire: “No problems sir”

Owner: “However, there’s a little problem. Your penis is exposed, so this goes against the rules. I’ll have to kick you if you don’y change yourself with longer pants.”

Claire: “Sorry, but I don’t have anything else right now. Would you mind if you close a eye for today?”

Owner: “Sorry madam, but that’s a no. I already closed an eye with a rule, but this is too much. I don’t want to kick you as I’m grateful for what you did, but we might get closed if this keeps happening.”

Claire: “I don’t think I’m asking you much sir.”

As she stopped her workout, Claire came closer to the owner and put an hand on his shoulder. She was double his size. The futa was a giant compared to him, so obviously he got scared.

Owner: “Get your hands off me!”

Claire: “Or what?”

Owner: “Or I’ll have you banned!”

Claire: “And have half of your members move out?”

Owner: “I’d rather have less profits than have a monster like you roaming in her in my property”

Everyone watched in disbelief as the owner insulted their idol. Claire started crying and the members started booing.

Owner: “I didn’t mean to be this ha-“

Claire pushed him with her newfound strength. She didn’t realize how strong she was until she saw the owner knocked out 10 meters from her. She took her things and rushed home.

She felt horrible for what she did, even though the owner insulted her. An email was sent by the gym stating she was banned for life. She thought she deserved it. No one will ever accept her as a member anymore. In her eyes she was the monster. She went asleep hoping her girlfriend would come back soon from her holiday. She couldn’t fall asleep as she was sobbing. A strong woman, yet so fragile. She needed help. She needed the love of her life to be back.

Day 8: an unexpected turn of events.

For the first time in years, Claire woke up late in the morning. She was still trying to get over yesterday. Whenever she felt sad, jerking off would have brighten her mood. Needless to say that masturbating would have killed her, which wasn’t her objective. She took her phone and noticed many calls from her lover Jill. It was the first time she was able to call, as she went camping with her family for 10 days, without internet. Claire called her back.

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