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Kylie had been cleaning my house for two hours each week for something like two years. She was short with long, brown hair and filled tight jeans to perfection. She had high cheekbones had a smile that oozed sex appeal.

Kylie had a key to my house and most weeks she came and went without my being around. Early in the piece we occasionally bumped into each other and had a few chats. I sometimes offered her tea or coffee but she usually declined. I gave her my e-mail address and she sent some material that was funny, and some that was hardcore. It seemed she was quite liberated in sharing this sexual material and yet, I relented, showed no interest in me.

More recently I took a few sick-days to recover from a strained back and only realised she was coming by when I heard her key in the door.

“Hi Kylie,” I called out from the bedroom.

“Have I caught you in bed?” her head appeared in the doorway.

“Not sleeping, just resting,” I replied.

“Of course you were,” Kylie said with a distinct smile. The smile she gave me had the same effect as teasing the head of my cock.

I followed her into the lounge room and explained I had hurt myself while moving moss-rocks at a job. She listened and then told me she should have been earlier but she’d had to get her neighbour over with his air compressor to pump up her flat tyre.

I asked if she was going to get the puncture fixed. Apparently the tyre people had told her the tyres were so old they would break if taken from their rims. I asked if she was going to get new tyres and she said she would but the front wheels would need aligning or else the new tyres would scrub out.

“So get a wheel alignment,” I told her, “it’s under forty bucks.”

“I would,” she pressed, “but the whole front end needs fixing…ball joints, tie rod end…all that stuff.”

She was beginning to frustrate me. “Then maybe you should increase your range of services.”

“Maybe I should,” she agreed, and that smile was back.

She then busied herself while I sipped a cold drink and watched TV. I stole occasional glances when I felt sure she wasn’t looking, and gazed longingly at the little cleft at the top of her thighs.


Our next meeting was when I took time off during the week to supervise the work of an electrician and his laborer. Kylie turned up when the work was well underway. For once her near-permanent smile was gone and she was angry to see people messing up the house when she was due to be cleaning.

I reasoned with her, “Please, don’t get upset they won’t be long now. Why don’t you have a coffee and I’m sure they’ll be out of your way by then.”

“Yeah, but look at the place,” she replied. “I’ll be an extra hour here thanks to them.”

“Okay, okay,” I tried to sooth her and placed an additional twenty on the kitchen counter for her.

Kylie was still solemn so I gently probed.

“Is there something else you’re upset about?”

She sighed and propped her head with her arm. “Those twenties would have to be hundreds,” she motioned to the counter, “and you’d have to keep them coming.” Her beautiful dark eyes drifted out the window. “My car is near dead. I can’t afford to keep it and I definitely can’t afford a new one. I don’t even know if I’ll make it home this afternoon.”

Nasty thoughts were knocking around in my head. The things she did for me in an hour for a mere twenty dollars – she cleaned my toilet for god’s sake! Yet with that little treasure between her legs she could probably make two hundred dollars an hour. However I bit my tongue.

The way the electrician was looking at her right at that moment, I knew I wasn’t the only one thinking about her body.

We talked for a while and I told her I had a wagon like hers before I bought my work ute, and güvenilir bahis used to service and repair it myself. So odds were I could get hers running smoothly again.

At one point she looked directly at me and said, “You’d do that?” and with her eyes she concluded “And I bet I know what you’d want in return.”


The following weekend I fronted up at her place with my landscaping tools out of the ute and the mechanical ones in. She made me a coffee then promptly excused herself. She was wearing tight track-suit pants and as she walked away I saw no panty lines. I imagined she was wearing a G-string and savoured the thought.

I first took the car for a test drive. It smelled like her – which was exciting – but was rough in all other respects. If Kylie were to pay the going rate for a mechanic to work on it, the car would be worth far less than the repairs – not an option. But if I were to do the work and pick things up cheap, then…

Looking back I realise I was just desperate for her approval.

I went to a tyre yard to price mid-range tyres but there was a sale and discounts I couldn’t ignore, so I went ahead with four tyres.

At a wrecking yard I found a car with the same model engine. It had rear-end damage and the car had done just over two thousand kilometres on a reconditioned engine. They even had the receipts to prove it.

I arranged to pick the motor up the following weekend and returned to Kylie’s house happy with myself.

She brought me a late lunch and, as I sat up on the carport floor to take the plate, was greeted by her material clad pussy at eye-level.

I spent the rest of my time tuning the carbie, doing the timing and putting a heavier grade oil in the motor.

I took the time to run through what I had done and what I planned to do. Kylie thanked me then pointed out an oil spill on her concrete, no more than a few drops, but instructed that I should clean it because her landlord had high standards. She sat on the porch step and watched me apply degreaser and scrub, while I thought about the irony of me cleaning for my cleaner.

Her legs were slightly apart and I looked up several times taking in her sexy shapes.

“I suppose you’re hoping for something to happen now, but you need to know I’m not that sort of girl.”

I nodded and hosed off the degreaser.

“You keep looking between my legs,” she continued, “and you can forget that, but you can feel my breasts…just briefly.”

She walked over to me, took my hands and held them to her chest. Her tits were firmly strapped in but through her T-shirt and bra I could determine they were a good handful each. Then my hands were whisked away.


The replacement motor was out of the wrecked car when I called in the following Saturday. It was loaded on my trailer and, once at Kylie’s, the swap took place. By early evening the car was running again.

Kylie brought me a modest meal and, when I announced the job was done, she instructed me to wait. She returned with boxes containing a CD player and speakers.

“A gifted man like you shouldn’t take long to fit this…would you mind?”

I realised I must be crazy as I grappled with wires under the dash. Then she brought out coffee wearing only a long T-shirt and panties.

My body aching and my watch on the wrong side of midnight, I finally finished. I knocked gingerly on the door and Kylie soon answered in the same attire.

“All done,” I told her.

“Okay, just keep your voice down.”

I apologised and looked repentantly at my shoes.

She disappeared into the house and returned slipping on a track suit jacket. “Come on I want to test it out.” I noticed she had a CD in her left hand.

The car ignited immediately and purred steadily. I watched Kylie in the türkçe bahis glow of the dash lights. She smelled divine and I imagined her nipples might be erect as the car was a little cold inside.

The music played – it was a Cure album – mid and high range sound was crisp and clear and the bass was full. Kylie firmly planted her foot and the car rocketed up her street. “So much power…I like it!” she stated with a glow in her eyes.

I wanted to tell her not to rev the car so hard on a cold motor, but didn’t like the idea of sullying the moment. I kept quiet.

We darted around the local streets and it was as we were passing a park that she pulled over to the curb, put the car out of gear and looked my way.

“I want you to know that I’m grateful, and I think I know how best to thank you.”

She pulled up her oversized T-shirt revealing her panties and watched me as she slid a finger under the leg band and pulled the material to one side.

I was struck with the beauty of what I was looking at in the light of the dashboard. It was dim inside the car but she appeared to be shaven but for a triangular patch above her sex organs. Her pussy was neat and compact with her outer lips sitting snugly together and no sign of the inner lips or a clitoral hood. She basically had the snatch of a teenager.

“Go on,” she said, “don’t miss out just because you’re shy.”

I looked at Kylie, my face without any particular expression.

“Aww come on, don’t try to tell me you’re not interested. It’s no secret you know. I can tell when you’re looking at me, even when I’m not looking at you. Now, you can touch me briefly and you can smell me…go on.”

I leaned down and gingerly snaked my hand over her belly and down below. She spread her legs as far as her door and the console would allow, and I could now make out the fleshy cover over her clitoris. I brought my nose within an inch and relished the combination of Kylie’s perfume and her pussy’s natural perfume.

My hand explored her cleft and man did it redefine the word softness for me. My index finger sunk a little between her outer lips and when I pulled back a little it lifted the hood and for a split second there was direct contact between my finger and her clit. She jerked her hips forward a bit and then it was over.

“Okay that’s enough,” she declared. She removed my hand and fixed up her clothing.

We didn’t talk as we returned to her place and it was only when I was on my way home in the ute that I wondered – if she’s so hard up financially, where did she get the money for a car CD player?


I’d had an apprentice for the last three years and that day was the last before he went onto a full wage. I had a pay bonus for him of two hundred and fifty dollars as a small reward for all his hard work and he was around picking it up. We had finished early and were having a beer, then I imagined he would want to head off.

I knew little of Jeff’s private life. He was the quite type and rarely talked about himself at work. He was wiry and strong – an advantage with our line of work – but also quite self conscious.

We were sitting quietly – a little uncomfortably so – when two knocks sounded on the door and a key was immediately inserted into the lock.

“I thought you were home,” Kylie came into the lounge room carrying a shiny new backpack-type vacuum cleaner.

“Kylie this is my worker Jeff, and Jeff this is Kylie,” I filled in.

Jeff nodded and muttered a greeting that was hard to make out. He was painfully shy.

Kylie looked at the young lad for a moment then said “Hi.” Turning to me she continued, “I meant to be here earlier but I’ve picked up a couple of new clients.”

I asked after her car and she replied that it was fine thanks, while walking back out to get güvenilir bahis siteleri more equipment. Jeff’s eyes followed her intently.

I offered her a drink and she accepted saying that anything cold would do.

We sat and made shallow conversation for a while. Both us males were quite uncomfortable.

Kylie then seized Jeff with her eyes and asked him if he were a bachelor like his boss – which he was – and if he even had a girlfriend. He replied that he didn’t and confessed that he still lived with his parents, which made it hard to spend much time with girls.

“But you’ve got a car haven’t you? And it’s got a back seat hasn’t it?” she toyed with him.

Jeff lowered his gaze and blushed intensely.

“Jeff, I don’t think you’ve been with a girl, or even touched a girl, have you.”

He looked at me as if to say “what is this man?” then shook his head in answer to Kylie.

She placed her glass on the table and surprised us both by walking over to Jeff.

“Have you ever had a girl sit on your lap? Like this…” and she promptly turned and placed her delicious behind on his lap. “How does that feel?”

Jeff looked stunned, like he had been kicked in the balls.

We sat in a strange silence for a moment when Kylie continued to speak.

“Hang on, this isn’t as comfortable as when I first sat down. Seems to be some sort of lump.”

She squirmed and wriggled trying to get rid of the lump but only made it bigger. I had the beginnings of an erection myself.

She stood up pretending to be exasperated, turned, then unbuckled his work trousers and ripped them down over his narrow hips. His underwear came partly down too, revealing the base of his rigid penis. The remainder of his cock was painfully tenting the material and she grabbed the shaft, underwear and all.

“This is our problem,” she declared, “but getting rid of it will cost you. Do you have money?”

Jeff nodded mutely.

“Okay then…”

But as she spoke his cock erupted, pulsing through his underwear.

“Oh dear, we’ve jumped the gun. Nevermind.”

She pulled him out and pointed his deflating and cum-soaked cock at me. “How about you bring him back for me…”

I was horrified.

“If you want anymore little favours from me you will do it, and you will do it now.”

There was a no-shit tone to her voice so I didn’t argue. I sat next to Jeff on the two-seater reached my hand over and peeled back his underwear. I began to stroke his resurging dick. Kylie, meanwhile, had removed her jumper, shirt and bra and joined us.

She tugged several tissues from the box on the coffee table and, after pushing away my hand, cleaned up most of the cum from his cock and balls.

As she began licking his penis I rested back and watched with awe. My sticky hand felt disgusting but I didn’t want to leave this incredible show.

She took his cock into her mouth and her breasts began to rock back and forward as she bobbed up and down on the shaft. Her tits were not huge but by the firm way they moved, they appeared to have considerable weight in them.

Kylie built in speed and when she sensed Jeff was close she locked eyes with him, pulled his cock from her mouth and tongued the eye. It had not been a long episode as I imagine he was both young and new to experiences like this. His hips jerked forward and he unloaded into her mouth. She grabbed several more tissues and spat the cum into them – I hadn’t imagined she was a swallower to start with.

Jeff sat back with glazed eyes and Kylie replaced her bra, shirt and jumper. She picked up a wallet from the coffee table and asked if it was Jeff’s. I confirmed it was and she opened it up and plucked a fifty dollar note from it, paused to think and took another twenty.

“I have some money too Kylie,” I offered by way of a proposition.

She had that same sexy smile. She looked at my hand smeared with drying cum, met my eyes and said, “I’m sorry, I just don’t feel that way about you,” and went about cleaning my house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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