Cleaning the Boss Ch. 02

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In chapter one I ate two delicious Creampies from the pussy of my slutty boss. This picks up from that point.

When I got home from work that night I quickly stripped down to my cum stained panties. They were stiff from having so much cum dry in them. But I left them on and just popped my pink silky nightie on over the top of them.

I spent most of the night hard, just thinking about those lovely Creampies I had eaten from my boss. I also read my favourite sex slave story – which of course involved plenty of pie eating. The slave was also limited to one orgasm a week. That is a bit too much for me; my fantasy Mistress (who suddenly had a name!) allowed me one every three days. That has been my own self-imposed limitation for the last two years – touching myself lots every day, but only spurting every third day – with the exception I was allowed to wank off once every weekend regardless. It had a couple of advantages, firstly, if I ever did find a Mistress I would be able to adapt more quickly; and secondly, I came so hard when I finally let myself that I usually got at least a couple of spurts down my throat!

So tonight I just went to bed with my rock hard cock in my stained panties.

In the morning I showered and then it was time to dress. But what panties to wear for Karen? I had half a dozen sexy pairs out on my bed trying to decide, when my phone beeped for an incoming message. I immediately saw it was the Boss.

For a second I was worried that she had changed her mind about what had occurred yesterday. Then I imagined instead that the message was along the lines ‘Pie has just been delivered, get to work early if you want it fresh!’

I opened the message. It simple read ‘Panty inspection at 8:30 do NOT be late’.

I grinned and immediately knew what to wear. The message referred back to a conversation that we had just after I started. She had realised that my sister, myself and Karen had all been to the same Catholic School group, even though different actual schools. She has asked if our school also had daily Panty Inspections for the girls to make sure they were wearing plain white full briefs. I told her they had.

I quickly dressed then and headed for work – which was now just a 20 minute walk away. By going over one street I walked straight past the school Karen went to and by dropping the magazine I was carrying at just the right time managed a quick peek. It looked to me like the rules were still enforced!

I was in Karen’s office before anyone else had arrived – and 10 minutes before the deadline for the inspection.

I was a little disappointed that she was wearing a much longer skirt, and a short sleaved blouse that was buttoned to the neck.

“Shut and lock the door and show me!” she ordered. “I’ve told Jodi (her PA) that we need to go through the new database you’ve built so we’re not to be disturbed before at least 10:00”.

I did as I was told and locked the door. Then I turned away from her and began to undress.

“Turn this way please!” she exclaimed.

“But Karen,” I said, Panty Inspection, at least at our school, was always just your arse wasn’t it?”

She giggled, “True Neil. Show me your arse then!”

I removed my shoes, socks and shirt first. Then I quickly dropped and stepped out of my pants, exposing the soft cotton white material covering my arse. “Nice arse! And nice virginal panties – just like I wore when I used to be a virgin at school! Come on – please let me see the front and see if you did what we did!”

I turned. The front of the panties – which was never inspected – wasn’t plain white. It was white with a pretty floral arrangement. In this case a lovely rose bush with two pink roses. One either side of where my erection was straining the material.

“A prick between two roses!” Karen laughed. “Have you got more like those at home … because I want you in that style until you lose your cherry! I wore them the day I had mine popped which I’ll tell you about one day, and I bet your sister did too! Now, come and sit beside me and tell me all about your sister teaching you to eat Creampies.”

“Are you going to get more comfortable Boss?” I asked, “You must be hot in that outfit.”

Karen smiled, “Not yet. Not until you finish telling me how you started wearing panties and eating pies. I don’t want you losing concentration staring at my tits or pussy. But if it’s a good story and get me nice and wet, I’m sure you’ll get a reward!”

“OK. I need to go back a bit further then. You’ll see why, and hopefully won’t mind. Now, Amy is my twin sister and we were both 18. She is nearly six foot and never had trouble getting a boyfriend. She is smart as well. However, at 5′ 7″ and a nerd, I still hadn’t had a girlfriend.”

Then I continued my story.

Our parents were very broad minded and had told us that although they would prefer us to wait a bit longer before having sex, if we decided to they would prefer we did it in our own bedrooms rather ankara escort than the back seat of a car or anything like that.

That meant that on a number of occasions I had heard the quick fucks that Amy’s jock boyfriend gave her. And then once he left I heard her moans as she masturbated herself to the orgasms he had failed to deliver as he looked after only himself.

My parents also gave us free access to their X rated DVD collection, and I frequently used these as part of my nightly wanking sessions. I loved the thought of doing these things with a girl one day. At this point I never had a specific person in mind, so I imagined I was the guy on the screen with those girls.

Then I saw a 10 minute scene at the start of one where I imagined myself in one specific role, and someone I knew well in the other role. But I had no idea if it could happen. However, there was a way to get a hint!

My best friend was David, a fellow nerd. His parents were very strict, so I often let him watch these DVD’s at my place. We both had 8″ cocks when hard, so somehow it wasn’t embarrassing to masturbate together. Both of us stripped naked so we wouldn’t spurt on our clothes.

So I started the DVD and we began to undress. At this point, David was soft but I was already semi-erect as I knew what was coming (so to speak!). I had told him it was a new one and I had no idea what it was about. On the screen two men just like us were watching TV – a dirty movie, but not very explicit. Nothing that would get David excited.

But the two men were both hard. Then one dropped to his knees and started to lick the others cock. Then he took the tip in his mouth. I glanced over. David has getting hard! Then the man on his knees slowly started taking the whole cock in his mouth. He was rising up and down, taking most of the cock, then sliding it out of his mouth. David was rock hard!

He saw me looking at him, and his hard-on. “Sorry.” He said.

“What for?” I asked?

“Getting hard and something gay like this.”

I smiled and told him, “But they’re not gay … it’s just that being a boys school they don’t have girls around. So unless you’re telling me you would prefer to do that than fuck a girl, you’re not gay. And it wouldn’t matter anyway.” I added.

David looked relieved, “No. I would definitely prefer to do a girl.”

Then I said. “Yes, me too. But which man were you imagining you were? The one on the bed, or on his knees?” I asked.

David didn’t hesitate. “The bed.” He told me.

I smiled. On the screen the blow job was just about to reach a climax. “‘Watch” I told him. We did. Suddenly the man on his knees pulled his mouth off of the cock in time for it to explode all over his face, like they always do in those movies. Just as the door opened for the headmistress to enter I paused the DVD. We didn’t need that bit for now!

I looked him in the eyes and told David, “When I watched this last night I imagined I was on my knees and you were on the bed.”

I slid off the bed, “And being nerds is about the same as being in a boys school isn’t it?” David nodded. He was very nervous, but he clearly wanted it too. “The only difference is I want to swallow your cum!” I added.

At this point Karen made her first sound. A moan. Then told me, “I’m already soaking, and you’ve hardly started! Hurry up and blow him so you can claim your first reward!”

I grinned and continued the story of my first sexual experience.

He was already leaking pre-cum, so I lapped that off of the tip of his cock. Then I slowly licked along the length of his shaft. More pre-cum oozed out, so I cleaned that up too. I loved the taste, and couldn’t wait for the real thing. Slowly I took the tip into my mouth. David was already throbbing. I took it easy. Slowly taking more cock into my mouth. No way was David going to last ten minutes like the man in the movie.

Karen now had her hand under her skirt, I could see her arm moving and knew what she was doing but couldn’t see. “I’m getting close,” she told me. “Make him come with me!”

Now I sped up. I wanted his cum in my mouth NOW! Then I felt the shaft swell and I knew he was about to explode! Then he yelled, “That’s it Neil. Suck my cock! Eat my cum,” and he blew his delicious load deep into my throat. I quickly pulled out so the rest went in my mouth where I could savour his taste as I swallowed the lot.

David I think suddenly felt self-conscious about what had happened. I needed to put him back at ease. “Next time I bet you’ll last longer” I told him. “That is unless either of us get girlfriends” I added. That did it.

David smiled, “Yes I guess so. Thank you Neil. That was amazing.” He told me.

I stood then to reveal my cum splattered all over my belly. “As you can see, I enjoyed it to!” I told him.

Karen stood and removed the long skirt, revealing the shortest mini skirt I’d ever seen her in. “Now as a reward lick me to three orgasms before you tell ankara genç escort me how that has anything to do with you wearing panties or eating creampies!”

I dove straight in. This was the first time I’d ever licked a clean pussy. It was fantastic although I preferred starting with the twin tastes before getting it back to just the female cum taste. As I flicked her clit the first orgasm flooded out of her pussy, soaking my face. Unfortunately for me the next two came all too quickly as I drove my tongue into that delicious pussy. As the third one subsided she pushed me away.

“That’s all for now.” She told me, also checking to make sure I hadn’t had an accident. I had some nice pre-cum stains but that was all. “The blouse comes off if you get me going again,” she told me.

I told the next part of my story.

I found myself wondering what girls smelt and tasted like. Now, in our house each of us has been responsible for our own washing since we were 12, so we had hampers in our closets. Amy was always going out with her friends. So I went into her room and pinched a pair of her panties just after she had left. They were damp and I guessed she had just changed. I took them back to my room and sniffed and licked the crotch as I masturbated. It didn’t take long for me to come. I came twice more while still sniffing those panties before I put them back.

Then I tried it again. This time she had told me she was going out with her boyfriend and wouldn’t be home until 5:30, so I expected to have a couple of hours. Even if they would be day old panties I was really looking forwards to it.

I was in her room, and had three pairs of panties in my hand. Then I heard the front door open and her boyfriend announcing, “Come on. We only need a few minutes. But I need to fuck you!” he told her.

I panicked. I should have just put the panties down and grabbed one of the text books off of her desk since we always share them. That would have explained me being in her room. Instead I slipped into the wardrobe and slid the door nearly shut. Still holding her dirty knickers!

They walked in and he immediately dropped his pants and told her to get her panties off. Through the narrow slit in the door I saw her do just that. I prayed she wouldn’t come and put them in the hamper! Luckily she just tossed them on the floor near the wardrobe door. I could also see her jock boyfriends hard cock – all 5″ (if he was lucky!) of it.

He pushed her down on the bed and jumped on top, ramming his cock home. I was so angry! How dare he treat my wonderful sister like that! Where was the tenderness and foreplay? He just rammed in and out for about a minute then I knew he was coming. “My God that was fantastic,” he announced as he pulled out and got up. “Come on” he told her,”They’ll be waiting for us.”

Right then I moved just a fraction. Something toppled over!

Immediately he came over and pulled the door back. They had caught me panties in hand watching! Amy yelled, “What the hell are you doing, Neil?”

To which the jock told her “Your pansy brother was obviously getting some panties to wear when he decided to watch what a real man does”. With that he pulled me out of the closet and yanked my pants down. I had been rock hard a minute ago, but now I was soft. He picked up the schoolgirl panties that Amy had just removed, “Go on. Put them on like you wanted to.” He ordered.

I was scared. I didn’t think I Had a choice. I slid them on. I felt Amy’s wetness against my balls. I felt the lovely soft material against my shaft. I started to harden. “Looks like he enjoys them” he laughed.

It was then that I knew how mad Amy was at me because we are so understanding and love each other so much, but she told her boyfriend, “I bet next time he sucks a cock, which he loves doing because I hear him at it all the time, he’ll be wearing my panties!”.

“Well, if he wants to eat cum, my balls are drained. But your pussy is a mess. Why not make him clean it?” he suggested.

I knew she hadn’t cum. I was hoping she was so mad at me and randy that she would go along with it! And she was!

Karen moaned as another orgasm rocked her body as her fingers busily worked into her wet naked pussy.

He pushed me down between my sister’s legs. Since his cock was so small his cum was already oozing out so I dove straight in! I couldn’t believe it – I was licking Amy’s pussy while wearing her panties! My cock was now rock hard. I lapped away at her, getting his juices out of her along with her delicious juices. Now I knew what a girl tasted like! And I also knew how wonderful it was to taste a man’s cum combined with a girl’s. I loved each on their own, but together they were heavenly. I knew right then I was hooked on Creampies. He was watching me, and staring at my cock. I don’t think he could believe a nerd like me had a cock that was longer and thicker than his.

Amy was already clean, but I didn’t stop. Nor antalya escort did she try to stop me. She had her hand in her mouth; biting down so that she didn’t yell out when she came … which she did two or three times! Finally he pulled me back saying, “She’s clean now and we’ve got to go.” He grabbed my clothes and me and shoved us both out the door and into my room – still with her panties on. They now had pre-cum stains on them.

They left the house then, and I lay on my bend thinking about what happened and touching my engorged cock. A few minutes later I heard the front door open and shut again, then Amy run to her room and shut her own door. I could hear her crying. I wanted to go to her, but was too embarrassed about being caught.

Karen looked at me and told me, “You were a very naughty boy! So here is you reward!” With that she removed her blouse. Under it she was wearing just a white lace camisole. I could clearly see her erect nipples! “So is that the end of your story?” she asked.

“Not quite.” I told her.

Twenty minutes later there was a knock on my door. Amy entered and told me she wanted to apologise! I told her don’t be silly. It was my fault. She leant over me (I was under the covers in bed) and kissed me on the cheek. Then said, “I promise never to make you wear my panties again. Or to make you lick my pussy. And I’m really sorry about telling on you about sucking cock!”

I smiled. Then I pulled back the sheets to show my hard cock encased in her panties. “But will you let me wear your panties?” I asked her.

She gasped. “You’re huge compared to him! And don’t worry. He’ll never tell anybody about what I said. Not if he doesn’t want me telling everyone how tiny his cock is! And yes … you can wear my panties – you look really cute in them!”

Now my cock started throbbing, and I knew I was going to cum. I spurted in her panties as she watched amazed. “Lucky we do our own washing!” she exclaimed, “Mum would wonder why my panties were in that condition! How about you agree to do my lingerie wash in exchange to free access to my panties?”

I agreed instantly. Then I added, “I know you’ll never make me lick your pussy again, but will you let me lick it? I know you enjoyed it, and you taste fantastic. So I’d love to eat you again, either just for fun or to clean your pussy if it’s nice and messy!”

Amy smiled. “I shouldn’t … not my own brother. But that was the first, second and third time I’ve had an orgasm with a man! So yes you can!”

I asked, “Now?”

Amy slid up on the bed and spread her legs. “Go for it!” I slid between her legs and slid my tongue along the crotch of her panties. They were soaking wet. This time they were a tiny pair of black lace panties. Maybe I’d borrow them to sniff later, but not to wear! I slid the crotch aside and my tongue probed into her. She came immediately! I swirled my tongue around, then pushed it as deep as I could, and then licked gently including her clit. I felt her wetness flood my face. This time she didn’t hold back and her moans and gasps as she came again and again got me hard again. Finally she pushed me away, “That will have to do for now – Mum will be home soon and as broad minded as they are I think they would draw a line at this!”

She kissed me then, “My God you smell good covered in me! But you better go and wash your face.”

I smiled and headed for the bathroom. When I returned she was back in my room with a dry, but not clean, pair of panties. She handed them to me and I quickly changed while she watched. She gasped when she saw all 8″ standing up for her and naked. I quickly covered it with the panties and then my jeans just as we heard mum’s car pulling into the drive.

From that day I’ve worn panties every day. At the start just when I got home from school, but then when we came down here together for Uni, all the time … The End!

Karen smiled, “Very nice. But now I need a nice hard cock inside of me!” Then she laughed at my expression. “No silly.” She slid off of the couch and reached down and fiddled. Then a draw opened.

I gasped. It was full of sex toys! Vibrators, paddles, handcuffs and all sorts of other things. She pulled out a 10″ black vibrator that looked like a cock. “Go on Neil. Watch my boyfriend fuck me!”

I took it from her and she sat back on the couch, legs wide spread. I slid the cock up to her pussy. She was so wet that it slid straight in! I slid ii in nice and slow. But Karen shook her head. “No. Hard and Fast!”

I did as I was told. I started sliding that cock in as hard and fast as I could. A few seconds later she let out a scream as the first orgasm hit her. The cock was coated in a beautiful white cream as she kept coming all over it! A few minutes later the second orgasm rocked her body. As the third built up she told me. “When I say, pull it out and lick my pussy!”

A few seconds later she yelled “NOW!”

I pulled the cock out and plunged my tongue in. She came all over my face. I kept licking her pussy until she came one more time, and then finally came up for air. My face was coated with her juices.

My cock had leaked copious amounts of pre-cum into my panties, but I still hadn’t cum.

Then Karen told me “Clean my boyfriend’s cock for me!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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