Closet Submission

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(All participants are above that age of 18 and are consenting adults!!!!)

Normally I wouldn’t even bother with dressing up for school, but Koda said that this year I should try for school pictures. She even came over and picked out an outfit for me. My mother was thrilled. 

I am standing in line for pictures wearing a black skater skirt, and a dark green long sleeve with knee high dark brown boots. I feel like a fucking idiot. I never wear a skirt to school! I much prefer leggings and my baggy sweatshirts. When I walked in to school I felt all of the football players eyes land on me and stare at me fucking ass! 

“You look totally drop dead hot right now.” Koda beams. “I think this might be my best work yet.” She smiles.

I have my arms crossed as I look up at her, “Koda, I feel like an idiot. I keep thinking my ass is hanging out!” I whisper to her.

Koda nods slightly, “Theodora, breath. You are cute, hot, adorable, however you want to say it. If anything I think you made a few of the cheerleaders a little jealous.” She smiles softly, “You don’t need to feel bad about your body.” 

I shake my head slightly, “I know, just…This is not something I would wear. Like ever.” 

She smirks, “I know! That is why I picked it, you just need to have your picture taken and then you can go to your car and go home for the day.” She says calmly. 

I nod slightly, I look around and I look at the head cheerleader. Alisa Montgomary, the hot blonde bombshell of every guys wet dream. Her blue eyes feel like they want me to burst in to flames. She looks at my entire body, head to toe and then back up. We lock eyes and she smirks before turning to her friend. 

Alisa and I are not friends in any sense of the word. She is popular, goes to football games, hangs out at the mall. I would rather be at home reading my fantasy novels and watching fucking baby yoda. We have nothing connecting us. But I feel like she is about to ruin something for me. 

“Come on, Jake didn’t compliment you today?” Koda asks me. 

I shake my head, “He has a lot on his mind, that’s all. Plus he had an essay due and test today.” I say softly. My boyfriend always meant well, but he just never got the part when he needed to focus on me. It is always either I am nonexistent or I am his whole world. He plays on the football team which people find surprising. He is good at it, but no one ever thinks he would date me.

She scoffs, “No, not acceptable! You are dressed like this and he just doesn’t say anything?!” She snaps. 

I look at the floor, “He just has a lot going on today.” 


I look up and see I am next, I go over to the little stool and sit down, I smile softly and the lights blind me. I do not even look at the photo, I just walk back towards Koda, “There, see you tomorrow?” 

She sighs and nods, “Yeah.” 

I watch her go get her photo taken and I walk towards the back door of the school where the students park. Just as I am about thirty feet away, someone grabs me and yanks me in to a janitor closet. I yelp as I slam in to a shelf and turn. The door shuts and the dim light flicks on. 

“Alisa!” I snap as I glare at her, “What the fuck!?” 

She sighs, “You really turned heads with that little outfit.” She states as she walks towards me. “You trying to be the football teams slut?” She says through her teeth. 

I groan, “Holy fucking Christ! No!” I snap at her. “That title can be all yours! Koda picked this outfit.” 

“Awe, your friend thinks your too idiotic to dress yourself?” She chuckles. 

I glare at her as I feel anger bubbling up, “No! She just wanted to see me in something else for pictures than a plain shirt!” 

She nods, I notice her taking small steps towards me. “So, you didn’t wear that for anyone? What about Jake?”

I shake my head, “I don’t see how my relationship concerns you in the slightest.” I growl. 

She sighs softly, “It doesn’t really. Only I have a feeling he isn’t treating you how you should be treated.” She smirks. 

All of my anger turns to confusion, “What?” I scoff as I take a step back from her. 

She looks at my eyes and nods slightly, “He doesn’t Afyon Escort fuck you like you should be.” She says softly. 

“He does! Holy fuck! Let me out of here!” I say through my teeth. 

She chuckles as she takes a few steps towards me, “Just a moment hon, just a few questions.” She smirks. 

I am now backed up against a shelving unit and Alisa, I have to look almost straight up to look at her. I feel so small compared to her, the only thing I can think of is that this bitch is going to drag me. 

She flashes her perfect smile at me, “Has he ever complimented you regularly?” She asks. I shrug slightly, too nervous to speak. She sighs, “He ever just kisses you for the sake of it?” She asks next as I feel her place a hand on my hip gently. 

“I don’t….sometimes like a peak here and there.” I say softly. 

I feel her fingers moving up and down my sides as she moves her hand, I feel something stirring inside me but I hope it is just because of the close proximity. “Has he ever giving this little ass a spanking?” 

I nod slightly. 

She leans closer to me, “One that makes you moan with pleasure and pain?” She asks softly as she tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. 

I shake my head slightly. 

She smirks down at me as she places her hand on my ass and without warning, spanks it so hard it sounds like a loud clap. I gasp as I jolt forward slightly, “Tell me Theodora, how did that fell?” Alisa whispers next to my ear. 

I whimper softly, I don’t answer from embarrassment. 

She spanks me once more, only harder. I whimper as I shake my head, “I expect an answer when I ask you a question.” She says softly as she massages where her hand hit my ass. “How did it feel?”

“It felt good.” I say softly. What the fuck is going on right now?!

She nods, her other hand pulls my shirt out from under my skirt and touches my bare sides. “I know it does hon. I know how to make you feel good, how to make you feel so satisfied.” She smiles as she spanks me again.

A moan slips out this time. “Alisa, what is happening right now?” I ask in a pant since I am trying to make my body stop feeling all tingly. 

She chuckles, “I think you are turned on. Has Jake never made you feel hot and bothered?” She taunts with a pout. 

Jake did, sort of. He never did any of this! He spanked me when he was fucking me, he used blowjobs and shoving his tongue down my throat as foreplay. It felt like I had to just push through the beginning. Also in the middle.

Alisa nods slightly, “You fake it for him?” She asks softly. 

I feel myself starting to tense up, in a bad way. 

Alisa shakes her head slightly, “No, don’t worry darling. We all have done it.” She hushes softly. “No need to feel anxious.” 

“What is happening?” I ask softly. 

She hushes, “Don’t think, just feel.” She says softly as she leans down and bites my bottom lip. I moan instantly as feel my knees threaten to buckle. She giggles as the bite turns in to a kiss. Her arm wraps around me as the other entangles itself in my hair. “Good girl.” She says softly as she starts kissing along my jaw. 

I gasp softly as I arch my back slightly, “Is this seriously happening?” I pant softly. 

Alisa smirks, “Yep, it is.” She says as she spanks me again.

I force myself not to moan, I look up at her, “But you are….. you’re fucking hot!” 

She giggles softly, “So are you, oh those legs, this ass.” She sighs softly as she massages my ass. “I knew you’d be a wonderful submissive.” 

I shake my head in confusion as I look at her. 

She nods, “You are always stressed about something, I overheard that when you and Jake get in a fight you do everything to make it right, even if he was being a total dick.” She says softly. “Jake never pays attention to you, yet you stay with him. You are loyal.”

“But why would you want me?” I ask softly. 

She smirks, “Look at you. Who wouldn’t want to put this little ball of anxiety at ease? I heard the best way for this, is to have someone fuck your brains out.” She says before kissing my neck. “You make me dripping from the thought of you kneeling in front Afyon Escort Bayan of me and devouring my cunt.” She says softly. I didn’t even notice her shoving her fingers up her own skirt. She brings them to my mouth and smirks, “Open up love.” She hushes softly. 

I blink at her fingers and then my eyes flick up to her. “If I do this…what happens when we leave?” I squeak softly. 

She shrugs, “We can discuss that after. But do know, if you don’t want to continue at any point, you can leave. No questions asked.” She says calmly.

I look back at her fingers and I think I do the single thing that has gotten me dripping. I open my mouth and suck on her fingers gently. 

She smirks, “Awe, such a good girl. You like how I taste?” She asks as I feel her hand going up my thigh. I nod as I savor the taste of her. She moans softly, “You want more?” She asks. 

I nod quickly, “Please.” I say just above a whisper. 

She smiles softly as she kisses me with so much passion that I almost cum right there. She smirk as she pulls away and puts her foot on one of the lower shelves, “Come and get it.” She says softly. 

I slowly get on my knees and look up her short skirt. I reach up and slowly pull her panties down. I look and see they are glistening with her wetness. I look back up to see she is cleanly shaven, I slowly lean forward and inhale her scent. I feel her hand on my head guiding me. 

I nervously put my tongue on her outer lips and lip softly. I hear her moan softly so I continue to explore. I wiggle between her lips and I graze her opening, “Don’t worry hon, I will tell you if I don’t like something. Just please stop with the teasing.” Alisa whimpers softly. 

I nod slightly as I slowly push in to her, my nose is now against her clit and I move my head in a nodding motion, she grips my hair as I feel her tense. After a few moments I find her clit and gently suck on it and roll it in between my lips. 

“Oh shit.” Alisa moans as she arches her back, “Good girl you look so perfect.” For some reason I feel almost a zap against my clit, I flinch slightly and she giggles. “Did I just make your clit throb without even touching it?”

“I think so.” I say before I plunge in to her again. The taste is better than I thought it would be, sweet and tangy. I moan softly as I pick up speed, I never thought I would enjoy this so much. 

“Right there baby girl, right there.” Alisa says as she pulls me against her tighter. 

I smirk as I have seen this in porn so many time. I latch on to her clit and flick it as fast as I can. 

She instantly tenses up and I feel a gush of fluid, “Good girl!” She moans, she is trying not to be too loud. I can tell. “Such a good fucking girl.” I giggle as I keep going, wanting to see just how long she can last. I feel her gently tug on my hair but I think it is nothing more than her body twitching.

Soon she pulls me away by my hair with more force, I look up at her expecting for her to blow up at me like I have seen her do to her friends. She looks down at me and looks exhausted, she kneels in front of me and kisses me. She pulls me against her and she sighs softly. “I have something for you.” She smirks. She reaches over to her bag and pulls out a strap on. 

I freeze for a moment, that is bigger than Jake by far. But getting fucked by the head cheerleader seems to short cerkit my brain.

She smiles softly as she leans towards me and kisses me, “Relax, just feel. How do you like it best?” 

I pull away from her slightly, “What do you mean? It is up to you.” 

Alisa chuckles softly, “No, it is technically up to both of us. I want you to choose because it is your first time.” She says softly, “Nothing will ever only be up to me.” 

I nod slightly, “Uh, I really like doggy style.” I say softly. “And-” I start but freeze from embarrassment. 

She hushes me softly, “Tell me what you like, it isn’t something to worry about.” 

I nod, “Scratch down my back, like hard. Maybe, if you want, you can be a little more rough.” I say softly. 

She looks at me with a wicked look in her eyes, “Oh, I will gladly do that for you.” She says. Escort Afyon She instantly turns me around and yanks my ass in the air. I almost don’t have time to get my arms in place. “I have been thinking of this ass all day, time I get to see it.” She smirks as she flips up my skirt and giggles. 

I stay in position as I hear her moving around behind me, suddenly I feel something against my core. Alisa drags it up and down, “Awe, look how wet you are. Is this all for me?” She says as she suddenly spanks me harder than she has before. 

“Yes.” I answer in a moan. “All for you.” I whimper.

“You have been a good girl. I think you deserve a reward.” She says softly. She reaches around and instantly finds my clit. She massages it and I almost cum, “Do not cum until I tell you to.” She says firmly. “Good girls cum when they are told.”

“Yes Mistress.” I moan softly as I arch my back. 

She pauses, and then I realize what came out of my mouth. I shake my head slightly as I lean away from her. “I am so sorry! I should’ve asked! I didn’t mean -” I start but she cuts me of by grabbing my hips and pushing herself completely in me. 

It takes everything in me not to scream, I feel like I am on fire. Both in good and bad ways. “Oh fuck.” I whimper as I arch my back which makes the pleasure increase. 

Alisa sighs, “You really are the perfect submissive.” She says softly as she grabs a fist full of my hair. She moves her hips slightly giving me time to adjust. She slowly pulls out before gently pushing back in. “Oh such a pretty pussy.” She groans with lust. 

I whimper as I am too overwhelmed to speak, the pleasure is more than I have ever experienced. I never knew I could feel this full. I suddenly feel Alisa’s nails scratch down my back slowly, I physically shake from the pleasure that type of pain brings. I moan as I feel like this is heaven. I feel myself building as she keeps gently fucking me, but after I am taking her more easily she picks up the pace. 

The only sound is our moans and the clapping of our bodies. The pleasure inside me is building in record time, “Oh fuck, Alisa. I think I am going to cum.” I whimper.

I hear her chuckle with mischief, “Oh, I know you are going to, just a matter if I allow you to.” She says as she gently wraps her hand around my throat and gives it a firm squeeze. 

“Fuck, can I please cum?” I whimper as I try to hold off on letting my body release. 

“Ask properly.” Alisa states firmly.

“I fucking just did!” I whimper. 

“No, ask again.” She says as I feel her other hand scratch down my back once more. 

I hold back a moan the best I can but I whimper at the end, “May I please cum Alisa?” I ask softly as I feel myself about to burst.

“No. Try again.” Alisa chuckles as she fucks me harder as she tightens her grip on my throat slightly. 

I think for a moment and whimper, “May I please cum Mistress?” 

“Yes, you may. Be my good girl and cum all over my cock.” She states, I can hear the satisfaction in her voice. 

I let my body go and I cum. My entire body is on fire, the only thing that matters is my cunt. I clench my fists as my back arches and I let Alisa continue to fuck my brains out. I am shaking and panting as she lets my throat go, I hang my head and look under me to see a small puddle of my juice’s. 

Alisa slowly down and sighs, “You free later to talk?” She asks softly as she gently moves her nails around my back, in more of a calming manner. 

I try speaking but my head is still buzzing that I can’t remember words. 

Alisa giggles softly, “I will take that as a yes. Where is your phone?” I weakly point to my backpack. Alisa reaches over and pulls my phone out, she hands me my phone and I push my thumb to the screen. She nods as it unlocks and she taps a few times before suddenly pulling out of me. I yelp softly as I am not empty. I am panting as I look up at her, she kneels in front of me and sighs, “Text me your address before you exit this closet, that is an order. I know my good girl would never disobey an order.” She says with a soft smile. She reaches in to my bag again and pulls something out. 

I look in front of me and see my water bottle, the type that keeps water cold for hours. I look up at her and she hushes me as she places a kiss on my forehead, “Take a moment before standing up.” She says with a wink before stuffing her panties in her bag and slipping out. 

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