Closing Time Ch. 02

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This is the second part of the story. In the first chapter, Rebecca, Maggie’s daughter finally fulfilled her dream of sex, by getting her friend to drug 3 blokes. In this chapter, we find out what happened to the other blokes.

Maggie finished cleaning the main bar area. Her mind had been wandering. She had been thinking again of how much she missed Harry. How she missed his caresses, his cuddles, his body, Big H! Big H was what he called his penis. Ooh, how she missed it. She missed him dearly. It had been 2 years now & she was ready to move on. (Her fanny had been ready to move on a long time ago.)

She seemed to get horny all the time, these days. Her fingers weren’t an adequate substitute. She wanted to meet someone new. They’d never replace him, but she needed a companion, & also a lover.

Maggie always cleaned the room which led to her house, (which was adjoined to the bar). She trusted her daughter, Rebecca & also Vicky, to clean the other couple of rooms at the other side of the building.

As she walked in, she could see Dave, one of her attractive regulars, slumped in his chair & someone else lying on the floor. It appeared to be a man, but as she could only see his legs behind one of the tables, she couldn’t be certain. First of all, she thought there’d been an accident. She thought that was unlikely though. More likely, another one of her regulars had gotten so drunk he’d passed out. In fact, she’d served 3 regulars, Phil, Dave & Gary earlier. She just assumed they’d all left earlier. It was a Friday night, though, so not entirely surprising.

She went round the table, to help him up. There were no other chairs than Dave’s near their table, which was slightly unusual. Before she saw his face, though, she saw a large, very hard willy pointing upwards, sticking through the flies.

Absent-mindedly, she licked her lips. A quick glance told her that it did indeed belong to the twenty something, Gary. He wasn’t the most attractive of the 3, but he more than made up for that in the genital department. The familiar wet, squishiness between her thighs, was rapidly taking control. She rubbed her thighs together, in an almost childish way. There was no nothing childish in her urges, though.

It had been 2 years since she’d seen a good hard cock. It was almost too good to be true. She looked at Dave slumped backwards in his chair snoring. He wasn’t istanbul escort going to wake up til the morning. That was for sure. She looked around the room again. Empty. She checked back in the bar. Empty, too.

Would she have enough time to have her wicked way with this cock? No-one would be the wiser. The stirring in her loins was getting greater, now. If only they hadn’t decided to take this door down. Oh, well, it was a risk worth taking, in her opinion. Her lust-filled mind reassured her that since she would be hidden behind the table, she would have time to cover herself up if anyone, (like one of the girls), came in.

She decided that a shag would’ve been fantastic, but she wasn’t sure if she could risk it. She decided a nice blowjob would be at least a start & then depending on how she felt, she might treat her pussy to this wonderful cock. Her subconscious realised that it was almost inevitable that she’d end up stuffing herself with it before the night was over. The question was, could she manage both without being discovered? This sent a thrill through her.

She used to love sex. She’d only slept with a couple of blokes before she met Harry, but when she finally consented with each, she’d been unstoppable. She soon learned that she loved fucking. When she met Harry, it was even better. They’d experimented a couple of times swapping with other partners & she’d loved every second of it. Unfortunately, Harry didn’t like it as much, so they’d agreed to stop. That didn’t stop Maggie fantasising about it. She never got an opportunity to try being with another woman, either. But they were so happy together, that it didn’t bother her. Now he was gone, though, she occasionally wondered. Then she reminded herself, ‘before you start swinging, you need to have a regular partner, first’. One step at a time.

Settling back into her old routine, she got between Gary’s splayed legs. She knew from experience that her knees would probably chaff on the cheap carpet, but that was ok. She used to like it in a kinky sort of way. It reminded her how much of a slut she was, when she was doing her everyday normal things. Still, she tucked her skirt under her knees. No need to make it any worse than necassary.

She tucked one side of her shoulder length hair behind her ear, as she moved in closer for a look. Before she got started, she decided she wanted escort bayan to see more. The top button was still done up on his jeans above his cock. So she undid this, trying to avoid his cock, despite her urge. She was trying to save it for herself, as a reward.

She managed to pull his jeans down below his crotch area. His dick was sticking out of the top of Y-fronts. She thought back to how she preferred men in boxers. Still, she did like the way Y-fronts outline the shape of a nice-sized dick when it encased it. Hmmm, tasty. She caught herself licking her lips again.

She could smell him now. She closed her eyes briefly, while she inhaled his aroma. Nothing like the smell of a man. She quickly pulled his underwear down. Lots of pubic hair, surrounding two large hairy balls greeted her. She cupped them gently with her left hand, then put her other hand around his phallus. Her fingers couldn’t reach round. She was tingling at the thought of it entering her. Maybe later, but right now, she wanted to taste him.

She leaned in & sucked one of his large testicles into her mouth. Mmm. A familiar, yet, slightly different taste. Luckily he’d washed recently, but she could still smell his pungent aroma with her nose embedded in his pubes. She pulled her mouth away, pursing her lips & lightly scraping her teeth, like Harry had taught her to do, trying to keep his loose skin in her mouth for as long as possible. Gary groaned. Maggie started. Her eyes looked intently up his body for some sort of reaction, but none was forthcoming. Must’ve been dreaming. If only he could have woken up, then Maggie thought she could help him live a few of his fantasies out!

With her right hand, (at least partially), encircling the erection, she slowly moved up, studying the veins. He was a lot bigger than Big H, in both length & girth! Whereas ‘H’ was 7″ long, about 1 ½” in diameter, this monster must have been at least 9″ long & 2 ½” wide. Her mouth, as well as her pussy, watered, wondering what damage it could do. Part of her was slightly scared at the prospect, but then she reminded herself, that she was the one in control for once. So if it didn’t fit, so what?

This penis was uncircumsized, which made an interesting change for Maggie. All of the men she’d been with had had their foreskins chopped off at an early age. As she approached her summit, she slowly pulled the escort istanbul foreskin back. There was plenty enough moisture, to make it slide down easily.

She stopped when she reached the large mushroom head, & pulled the foreskin back several times, slowly increasing in speed. She couldn’t hold back any longer. She had to have a taste. She leaned in with her tongue stuck out, on one of the down strokes. She closed her eyes, as she hungrily lapped up the pre-cum.

Her left hand left his balls & snaked down to her own crotch. She struggled to undo her skirt one handed, & had to break from her cock worshipping briefly. Once undone, though, she let her skirt pool around her knees. She then put her hand inside her panties, to allow her to rub her clit. She was beginning to lose her concentration. She got back to the cock.

She decided she wanted to see how much cock she could fit inside her mouth. With practise, she had learned to deep throat Harry, but this was a totally different prospect. Still, it was an exciting challenge & she wouldn’t give up easily. She took the head into her mouth. So many memories came flooding back to her. She was determined to not let them interfere, though. She started to bob her head, up & down, slowly managing to take more into her mouth. She felt exhilerated. She was giving this wonderful cock a fantastic blowjob. The only downside, was that she couldn’t look up, to see the pleasure on it’s owner’s face. Oh well.

She was really starting to get into this. Her fingers were moving faster over her clit & she could feel a big orgasm coming. She was managing to engulf about a third of the cock, but try as she might it wouldn’t enter her throat. She was totally oblivious to her surroundings, now. She could feel the cock was beginning to tense up.

She had never liked it when Harry came in her mouth, despite his enthusiasm for it. So she began to lift her head up one last time, to avoid taking his load, when she felt two hands forcing her head down. Oh my God! She was panicking now. What the hell’s going on? She muffled a scream out, but it was no use.

The cock was now being pressed against her throat, & after a sharp push from her attacker it finally entered her throat. She was then forced down further & further until her nose was touching his pubes. She thought she would black out, but she managed to breathe through her nose. Then the cock unleashed it’s torrent down her throat. She had no choice but to swallow it all.

To be continued…

What do you think should happen next, then? I’ve got a very god idea where I want it to go, but I’d appreciate any other ideas, too.

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