Clover’s Cocksucking Lessons

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So my name is Lizzie and I was asked to write a guest page on Clover’s blog, telling you all what my first cock-sucking lesson with Clover was like.

I signed up with some girls from College. They were all quite experienced and I’m guessing they knew I wasn’t, and wanted to help me along. I was raised by religious people and I’d never had a boyfriend. They took me to the lingerie shop to buy me a set of white lace underwear and then, when I nearly lost my nerve, they persuaded me along.

When we got to Clover’s we all went in – there were eight girls – and there were all these college boys sitting around, and this older man. Then Clover came in, and she was wearing this all-red suspender set, and she had these amazing big round breasts. I think she saw me looking at them. She smiled at me.

She asked for a volunteer for the first demonstration. She wanted the girls to show her what they could do. So we all had to undress down to our undies and then a couple went forwards….. and then these eight boys all stood up and dropped their trousers, and out popped these enormous penises. They were horrible. I gasped. I would have left right then but Melanie my flatmate kept a hold of me. “You don’t have to do anything yet,” she said.

The two girls picked two of the biggest cocks and knelt in front of them with their mouths open, then they started sucking on these enormous dicks. They were doing it quite fast, sucking on the end and rubbing in the middle, and I saw the faces of the boys change. I had a little stir of excitement. I could see the girls were making stuff happen. This was power.

Clover got everyone to do it in turn… and then it was my turn.

I could feel all the boys looking at me. I was the one girl in college who had never fucked and they all knew it. They were going to hate this….

And then Clover said “Fred, give Lizzie your cock…” and I knelt in front of this guy. His cock loomed up above me, pink and straight. He had shaved balls and he didn’t seem to have the foreskin thing I had read about. His cock was twitching slightly. It was pretty, I suppose, and not too huge. I put my hand on him and he made a little moaning sound,

“Put your mouth on, honey,” said Clover, and I closed my eyes and opened my mouth… and the head of his cock slid in between my lips like a velvet present.

I kind of felt Fred sigh. I was concentrating hard on keeping my teeth out of the way, but I noticed this lovely scent – this male, musky smell. And I noticed the texture of the head of his cock. It was soft , yet hard underneath. I took my mouth off and opened my eyes. And I looked at it. And something turned on in my pussy. ‘Oh…’ I said, “that’s lovely.”

Some of the girls started to giggle but Clover didn’t. ‘Go on honey,” she said, “girls, so far this is the star. She’s the first of you to compliment the cock. You worship the cock. You appreciate the cock. You adore the cock…”

Then I put my mouth back on Fred and started to suckle on the end of his cock.

Clover said “stay on there honey, don’t take your mouth off…. suction on the end, lovely, now stroke him as you do it…”

I put my hands uncertainly onto his thighs. “That’s right, Clover said, “all of him that you can reach. Skin is a hugely sensitive organ. Stroke his thighs, his stomach, his buttocks, his balls. fell them, touch them enjoy them…”

I kept suckling on the cockhead and stroked him. Oh he was beautiful. It was lovely. I could do this all night, I thought.

“Now the shaft, honey,” Clover said, “but you need to wet it…”

I knelt up, aware that the whole room was watching me. I had read about deep throating and I thought I’d try… so I pushed my head down on him and took his cock deep into the back of my throat. I nearly choked….

Coughing and spasming I held onto his thighs to steady myself, and I could feel him pulling away but I wasn’t going to look Aksu Escort a fool. I could hear Clover, “take it slowly, honey” and I wasn’t coming off that cock. I somehow kept him in there and then pushed again. And this time I had control of my gag reflex.

Fred said, ‘oh my God,” and Clover said, ‘Fred, hold back. Honey, stroke that shaft slowly for him…”

And I used my head to thrust him in and out, and as I came up I used my hands to encircle his wet shaft and stroke him in a circular motion. And I was just getting into it when I felt this violent jerking starting in his balls, and his cock jerked in my mouth, and he thrust and he moaned again and I felt…. he was ejaculating in my throat. I could feel it. I could taste a warm salty taste. he was groaning in release and my pussy felt hot and wet.

Keeping him down as far as I could go I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed, and suckled and rubbed as he came. I was so enthusiastic now, going faster and faster that I didn’t hear Clover saying, “honey, you need to check if he needs to rest….” and the whole room applauding.

Fred took hold of my head. “Gorgeous,” he whispered, slowing me, and I felt triumphant. I had done it. And it was lovely. I smiled up at him. ‘Thanks,” I said, then remembered Clover said we should compliment them afterwards, “that was yummy,” I said, and everyone erupted into giggles.

‘Don’t use yummy, Honey,” says Clover, “Fred taste’s great but you need a word that can be horny. try fabulous, gorgeous, amazing. He wants to feel like Superman, not like apple pie…”

I wasn’t embarrassed. “It was yummy,” I said, ‘super fantasmo…” and I gave Fred’s cock a goodbye kiss.

I got chance to watch the others then, whilst each of the others sucked off a cock till they came. Some of the girls didn’t want to swallow it, but Clover persuaded them to suck and lick it off afterwards. She said learning to like it was a great joy. One guy spurted out so much she had three of them feeding on him.

After that we moved to hand jobs, where the important thing was the rhythm and the speed and keeping lubricated. I had to wank off this enormous cock of a guy called Sam, with a cheerful freckled face. He was in my maths class so it was rather weird to be wanking him… but Clover said we all had to drink the cum, so when he said, ‘Christ quick, get on there, Lizzie,” I put my mouth over his cockhead and kept my rhythm perfectly till he shot his load into me.

I should have mentioned that for all this time the older man had been standing by. His cock wasn’t out and he seemed to kind of own Clover. The other girls said he was Jed, her old Headmaster.

Clover said we were all doing very well She got a girl called Julie to demonstrate deep throating on a guy with a huge cock, whilst Melanie did a guy with a small cock. The men lay on their backs as the girls sucked and thrust with their heads, and then they had to swap cocks. Then we all had to do the same. The idea was to see how a huge cock and a smaller cock went into your throat. I liked the smaller cock best. Clover said it was a sort of face fucking, with the girl in control. Whilst I was doing the smaller cock the guy – it was Pete the janitor – grabbed my head and pulled me hard onto his prick saying “oh yeahh, honey, you suck that cock…”, but Clover told him off. ‘Not yet Pete, we’ll come to that…”

Then we had a lesson on foreskins. rolling them back. I liked the circumcised ones best, but I obediently went along the line of guys, drawing back the foreskins of those that had them, and then I had to do them all again without looking, looking them in the eye instead. It was odd, I felt quite shy to be making eye contact, even when I had their erect penises in my hand.

After that there was a competition. Clover had eight other guys in another room. they were on trial to see if they could be part of the cock-sucking team, Aksu Escort Bayan and their first trial was to be brought in during a proper session. She told us these guys had not been here before, and they had all just cum with their hands. We would be given one each and we had to give them head, and the idea was to be the fastest to bring them to cum.

The guys were nervous, standing there with their cocks out. Mine was called Taylor and he was circumcised, which I liked, and his cock was nearly down. We weren’t allowed to speak but I heard his mate say to him, ‘your lucky fucker, she’s the virgin…” and then I was on.

He had a nice fat black cock, I liked it a lot. It wasn’t too long and I could deep throat it and wank it at the same time beautifully. The shaft was hard within seconds and his cockhead was really sensitive.

I experimented with him and found that he didn’t really go for ball handling but he really liked fast half sucking with a regular matching hand action with one hand, and he lovely having the front of his cock teased with my tongue. And so I got a real rhythm going.

I could hear the others sucking and wanking away, and men grunting and saying “oh yeahhhh suck that baby,” and then I realised he was ready. As he started to jerk off in my mouth Clover leaned over me, “I think Lizzie’s first – massage his balls honey, that’s right, take him real deep…’ and then Taylor shot his load into my mouth, spurting and spurting and moaning like he was in pain.

I swallowed it. It was very bitter, much more than Fred, whose cum I had really liked, but I looked up at him and said, “honey your cum tastes great,” and Clover smiled at me and said well done. Then I watched whilst the other girls finished their guys off – Melanie was going at her guy so fast I’m surprised the friction didn’t make her catch fire. One or two of the girls missed the cum, and Clover had us all go along and suckle some off so we could see what the different guys tasted like.

The trial guys went after that, and we were back to the first guys again and a cock-sucking circuit. This was where we went from cock to cock with different times on each. Every time Clover rang the bell you had to move to the next cock. We were told this way we’d all have a share in the result. The guys would last longer now, she said. Viagra was keeping them up but some of them might be dry cums…

So round and round we went, moving on every 40-50 seconds, suckling and gnoshing on those cocks. Occasionally Clover would say “all lick” or “all stroke” or ‘all gobble.” I liked the gobbling best. It’s when you suck them into your mouth and keep swallowing on them. It makes kind of gobbling noises.

The boys started to cum at more or less the same time. I ended up drinking it down on Harris, this beautiful English major with a really huge cock. I couldn’t deep throat him all the way at first, but he adjusted me a bit without Clover seeing and I could feel his cock going right down my throat after that. When he came he tasted of lemons, which I thought was really lovely so I let Melanie share it. Whilst we were sucking on his cock together she kissed, me, which was surprisingly gorgeous and got my pussy very hot and tingly. I also manage to get Fred’s second load – he came slightly after the others and I think he was holding it back for me. Certainly whenI got to him he moaned and grabbed my head and thrust into my throat with this gorgeous sobbing wailing, and I could tell I was drinking the last of his cum cos it was thicker and he strained and jerked and thrust for almost a minute with his ejaculation.

The last bit of the lesson was optional. It was to be face-fucked. Clover said, “Jed and I will now demonstrate the face-fucking. I had heard rumours that she always did this for him, whenever he asked, that she was somehow in his power despite her huge success. Then she lay back on the couch, her Escort Aksu beautiful tits poking up, and he got his cock out.

We all gasped. It was so huge and fat and purple it looked as if it might explode. And then he pushed it into Clover’s face.

I was fascinated. As he started to face-fuck her she started moaning. i could see she was so hot she was going to cum, just from the face-fucking. I could see his cock moving her throat as he thrust and thrust and thrust. And he was saying, “you need to keep relaxed for the face fuck girls, as the guy has total control… but it does allow him to do this…” and he leaned over and pulled on Clover’s pretty tits. I saw she moaned and shuddered.She was cumming as she took him in her pretty throat, writhing and moaning.

And then he stopped. Clover sat up. he hadn’t cum, and she was looking flushed and horny. “A volunteer,’ he said, “to finish this off.”

About four of the hands went up. I wondered who he would choose. And then I realised he was looking at me. My hand was up too.

Clover laid me back on her couch. “Go for it honey…” and I watched in fascination as the huge purple cock stood over me. They got me to tip my head back over the edge of the couch and then he put it in me, all the way, right into my throat. I stifled the gag.

“Nice baby,” said Jed, “oh that’s good, you take Daddy’s giant cock all the way…”

Thumbs up if you need to stop, honey,’ said Clover, and he started slowly, slow even thrusts into my throat.

I concentrated hard. he was vast, this was surely the fattest cock in the world. And he was old, of course. Which was weird. I could hear some of the other boys groaning, and I wasn’t sure if they were being sucked by the girls or it it was watching me that was making them horny….

Jed went faster and faster and I reached up and held tight to his balls. I could see he liked that. And after about thirty seconds of real fast stuff he slowed, and there were about ten slow thrusts and I heard him say ‘Christ!” And he came. I had not realised there could be that much. I guess he hadn’t cum before, unlike the other boys. But he kept thrusting and I kept swallowing and I could hear them all applauding.

After that they all did face-fucking. Everyone thought that if I, the virgin, could do it, they had to do it. It was quite a sight, eight other girls face-fucking eight boys. Clover was kneeling in front of Jed, sucking his hard fat penis, and I joined her to share in him, sucking on his balls whilst she took the cockhead. i was fascinated by his cock. It was so enormous and veiny it was ugly – and so ugly it was beautiful. After a while I was so enthusiastic that Clover backed away and I took him for myself, kneeling in worshipof this amazing purple member and sucking and gobbling on him till he came again. And as he did I felt hands on my tits – I don’t know whose they were – squeezing my nipples, and i realise I was going to cum too.

Around us some of the girls were letting the boys suckle on their pussies. It was hot and horny, but I fought my cum. I didn’t want to do it in front of everyone.

I could see Clover looking at me. Something was bothering her. Eventually she said, “Lizzie, would you stay back at the end…”

Melanie said, ‘I’ll wait for you downstairs, hon…” and they all filed out, leaving me and Clover and the older man, Jed. Clover said, “honey, did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes,” I said. “very much.”

“You didn’t cum.”

“I’m a virgin,’ I said. “I don’t want to cum with a man like that yet,” and I looked her in the eye. “not a man…”

“Oh honey,’ Clover said. “You are so luscious,’ and she laid me down on her couch again, and her wet mouth was on my pussy, suckling and coaxing my innocent clit into action, tonguing me and slurping me and gobbling me and chewing on me. the feeling built up in my pussy like a growing bonfire. And eventually, with her mouth on me suckling and circling and stroking and licking, I came with a roar, and as I opened my mouth again there was Jed’s lovely purple cock, thrusting into my throat and quenching my thirst.

I had learned to suck cock.

I can’t tell you how good it was.

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