Co-worker into shoe (english version)

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For some time, a guy at work has been upsetting me, he insulted and annoyed me from time to time.
Once I was very angry and I thought I wanted to punish him somehow !
I went to a sorcerer asking if it would be able to destroy someone or turn someone into an object.
For the right amount she gave me some powder which I had to add to him to drink.
The next day, I did it and I thought, that I would like him to be one of my favorite shoes, which are black heels.
After drinking the tea with the powder, the guy turned into a shoe.
I was shocked that it really happened.
And now I can do with him what I want and he is only a thing.
I put the shoe in my purse and took care of my work.
People at work asked if I saw Mark at work today and I pretended, that he was in the morning but he left somewhere.
Over the following days, people also asked about him, but I still said that I do not know where it can be, what is happening to him …

At home on the day when Marek changed into a shoe when I returned home, I immediately went to see the shoe cabinet and just missed one shoe, the one I was thinking about. I checked if the size is correct and I decided to try it on.
Mark as a shoe was ok, I knew that he felt everything, he saw and heard, but he can not say anything.
When I put him on the foot, he had to feel all my weight, but he could not do anything.
After checking, I hid shoes for my shoe cabinet, where I keep other shoes.
Soon there was going to be a small party, I also thought that they would be perfect shoes for dancing.

The day of the event was hot, I put on a dress and these heels.
At the beginning, greeting the guests with a conversation, a little sitting and every now and then … dancing.
I thought it must hurt Mark as a shoe when I jump from foot to foot.
In the meantime, several girls and my sister praised me that I have very nice shoes.
After the event, I had to walk through the stones, because at some point the road was bumpy and the shoes were slightly scratched.
After returning home, I put my shoes in the shoe cabinet. From this event, many times I put on these shoes for shopping.

I thought I might have enough punishment for him and that I should disenchant him.
The heels lay for a few days in a cabinet with other shoes.
I was about to go to the witch for something to disenchant him, but unexpectedly my sister visited me, she sat for some time.
We talk and she asks if I have these heels what I had at the party because she wanted to borrow because she has some party there and she really liked these shoes.
I wondered for a moment and thought that maybe it would be the last party, and after my sister gave me my shoes, I would change him and Mark would be a human again.
I told my sister that yes, no problem, just let her check it out and I brought shoes from the shoe cabinet.
They fit perfectly, we usually had the same size with my sister.
The sister was very pleased and took the shoes with her …

After a few days my sister came, I asked how after the party and what about her ?
She said the party was great, that she danced almost all night in my high heels.
I’m asking why almost ? Your legs hurt ?
And she said that they were very comfortable only that at some point the heel broke. And she had to change her heels to ballerinas.
I asked her if she has these shoes, I’ll fix it and they will still be good.
And she said she took her shoes home after the party, but she was afraid to say that she destroyed the high heels and left her shoes in the hall with a broken heel.
When she slept after a party, the shoes were gone.
As it turned out, our mother, when she saw the damaged heels , threw them in a garbage bag and went to take out the trash.
My sister was upset on our mother, she did not know what to say to me.
I thought it was a massacre, because I will never find my co-worker again,
because my sister told me after a few days, and the rubbish bin was emptied by that time.

After some time there was a meeting with my mother, so I asked about this situation, and my mother said that it was worn shoes and they were not good for anything, why repair them, better to buy new ones.
That she always throws away old or damaged shoes.

I went to ask the witch if something could be done, but if there is no shoe, then nothing can be done.
Mark is probably lying somewhere right now in a rubbish dump … forever, or he has been burnt in a garbage incinerator … Farewell.

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