Coffee Shop Encounter

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This chance meeting story was written by April and Alex together, then April re-worked it to make it from her point of view, and Alex edited. Please enjoy!


There I was sitting in my chair enjoying a cup of my favorite coffee when someone caught my eye. Over my mug I looked wide-eyed across to the counter, surveying the handsome man who just walked in. He was placing his order of a cappuccino when he turned and met my eyes briefly. I looked back at my book as a slight smile moved across my lips.

Sitting there feeling content and confident in a white sundress sprinkled with teal and navy flowers sprinkled and perfectly matching teal sandals, I felt him glance again in my direction, and a sense of self-consciousness swept over me. I stole a peek at him out of the corner of my eye. I instantly crossed my legs at the knee and slid my hand over my thigh to smooth my skirt. I stole another brief sideways glance while he talked on the phone.

I noticed he seemed distracted by the phone while he was paying the barista. He picked up his coffee and moved over to the cream and sugar station where he added a little sugar and stirred it in slowly. I saw him glancing around the room, where there were plenty of unoccupied tables, and my heart started pounding when I realized he was approaching my table.

His voice broke the silence as he asked, “Mind if I join you?”

I glanced up into the most clear blue eyes, perfectly set on one of the most handsome faces I had ever seen. I raised a brow over my glasses, sighed to appear aloof, and looked around. “Suit yourself,” I replied and quickly looked down before I started to blush.

He placed his coffee cup and phone on the table before he sat down across from me. Suddenly, he picked up his phone, turned it off, and put it in the pocket of his sports jacket. I saw him shift in his seat slightly and felt a tap on my foot as he crossed his legs. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he calmly responded.

I felt a jolt of exhilaration when he came in contact with me. I began feeling around on the floor with my foot searching for my sandal that he accidentally knocked off. My toes nudged his shin slightly. I glanced up as my cheeks flushed momentarily, “Sorry.”

He sipped his coffee while surreptitiously stealing glances at me. “Oh no, I’m sorry. I was so clumsy to hit your foot and knock your sandal off,” he responded. He quickly reached under the table, grabbed my shoe, and offered to put it back on for me. Without waiting for my reply, he quickly and deftly slipped it back on. Only briefly did his fingers touch my foot but a little spark of desire hit me and I wondered if it hit him too.

Meanwhile, I sat there with my chin propped up on my hand and began paying careful attention to my book. I nibbled on my lip as I read about the male in the story starting to sensually seduce the female. My cheeks turned pink as I shifted in my seat. I was trying hard to focus on my book but I could feel his eyes on me as he straightened back up. I took a sip from my mug using it as an excuse to look up at him.

He cleared his throat, “That’s a pretty dress and contrasts nicely with your dark hair.” He waited for a response but I kept my face down feigning interest in my book. He added, “What’s your name?”

I could feel my cheeks reddening again as I was debating whether to tell him my name. I didn’t know this man but part of me wanted to get to know him better. “April, my name is April.” I paused before continuing, “And thank you… ummm… and what should I call you?”

He smiled a dazzling smile and I couldn’t help but notice how warm his eyes were. “Well hello, April, you can call me Alex.” His smile widened into a grin as he glanced at the cover of my book. “What are you reading today? Is that one of those… oh, what do the call them? Bodice-ripper romances?”

He had to know the effect he was having on me but I was doing my best to appear collected. “Well, nice to meet you Alex…and,” my voice trailed off as I quirked an eyebrow. I lowered my voice as I leaned slightly across the table, “It happens to be a super romantic novelette where the man pursues the woman without trying to make small talk. Instead, he dazzles her with his magnetism and… his body.” A slow smirk spread across my lips as I was pleased with myself for staying calm and, perhaps, a little suggestive.

He cleared his throat, “Oh, really? That’s a new take on things.” He sat up a little straighter and puffed out his chest a bit. “And does the woman respond well to that direct overture?”

I bit back a smile, “At first she’s aloof but then she sees him without a shirt on and just…” I stopped momentarily to run my fingers up to slip a tendril of hair behind my ear and lowered my voice, slowly pronouncing, “Craves him.”

“Oh really, April? I didn’t know that kind of thing would have such an effect on a lady.” He met my eyes while he reached up with one hand and ataköy escort unfastened a few buttons on his shirt letting it fall open. “What happens when those cravings hit her?” He pressed his leg against mine under the table.

I could feel my pulse starting to race wildly. This man was entirely too sexy for his own, and maybe my own, good. I let my eyes travel from his throat down to where the first button was fastened. My fingers slid up my neck before resting on my lower lip tapping it softly. He was the hunter and I was slowly becoming his prey; however, this time maybe the prey wanted to be caught.

“Oh, I don’t know…,” I let my leg press against his firmly, “I’ve not gotten that far… yet.” I let my shoe drop to the floor and slid my toes along the side of his calf. “I’m thinking maybe she might not be a lady anymore,” I added carefully.

He looked me directly in the eye. “Well April, since the plotline is that small talk doesn’t work, but direct action does, my place is right around the corner from here.” He lowered his voice, while reaching under the table to slide his hand up my leg. “I want you to come home with me. I’ll take off my shirt and we can see if you are like the lady in the story with all those cravings that need to be satisfied.”

My throat went dry as I listened to his proposition. I was contemplating how to respond and swiped my tongue across my top teeth, “A lady would be able to hold out that long.” I spoke slowly slipping my toes up his inner thigh, “I don’t think I can.” I slide them over the front of his pants teasing his cock, “I don’t think you can either.”

His eyes widened slightly but he spoke in a hushed tone, “Well, ladies have desires too and, sometimes, that makes them want to do things that might be considered unladylike.” He grabbed my foot, pressed it to his groin, and rubbed it up and down a few times. I could feel him becoming aroused slightly and bit my lip as he added, “Let’s go before I’ll be too embarrassed to stand up.”

I stood quickly and leaned down to whisper in his ear. His eyes darted to the opening of my neckline and I could see him peering in to notice the white bra barely covering my breasts. I kept myself from smiling and could feel my courage rising, “I have a better idea… I used to work here. Go back by the bathroom and enter the “Employees Only” door. Down the hall on the right you’ll notice a door that says “Office.” Go in there but make sure no one sees you. See you there in 2 minutes.” I flicked my tongue out to tickle his lobe before whispering, “We’ll see how much magnetism you possess.”

I watched his eyebrows rise as he smiled at my devious plan. He caught one more glimpse down the front of my dress before standing, “Well, aren’t you full of good ideas, April.” He took my hand, kissed it, and looked around before coolly walking away and slipping through the “Employees Only” door.

I waited a few agonizingly long seconds before following him.

I opened the door without looking around. I slipped inside and shut the door quietly before turning around. I glanced at him leaning against the desk with his sports jacket slung over the chair and his shirt unbuttoned and hanging open. I stole another glance at him as my lashes lowered to shield my eyes before walking over to him. My fingers ran down his chest slowly before commending him, “You follow directions well.”

His lips curved into a smile as I felt his eyes travel from my toes up my slowly to meet my eyes, “Well April, when such a wonderful opportunity was presented, I thought it best to make sure I made it here directly. Like the man in the story, who knows what the lady wants… I aim to please”.

The desire and confidence inside of me suddenly multiplied. “What the lady wants is to cut the small talk.” I flashed a wicked smile as my fingers grasped the sides of his shirt pulling him up from the edge of the desk as I backed up a foot into a wall with thud. I spoke emphatically with pauses to reinforce what I was saying, “What I want is for you to take me right here… right now…” I pulled at his shirt until his lips were so close to mine and whispered, “Hard… rough.” I seized his lips without hesitation.

He responded in the same manner, “It seems the lady knows exactly what she wants… maybe she craves it… needs it.” He kissed me back quite hard and strong. His lips were on mine; his tongue explored my mouth. His hands moved to my back to find the zipper of my dress and pulled it down. He then created a brief separation between us to pull it off. He suddenly slipped his hand into the front of my panties as he pushed me up against the wall and pressed his lips to mine again. I could feel him breathing deeply and his heart pounding.

I pushed his shirt off of his shoulders, down his biceps, and slipped my fingers under his armpits to dig them into his shoulder blades. I pulled his body down to mine with my tits bakırköy escort pressing hard against his chest. My tongue tangled with his and I felt myself grow wet instantly with anticipation.

I murmured against his lips, “Oh, a lady always knows what she wants.” Moving one hand to the front of his pants, I added, “Seems you know what you want too.”

He placed two fingers, one on each side of my opening, and started to massage my pussy roughly. He just grabbed and squeezed me before spreading his fingers apart, causing my pussy lips to open. He then jammed his fingers into my cunt and started to finger fuck me mercilessly.

“Yes,” he responded with raspy voice from excitement. “I do know. I want to fulfill your story plotline by filling you with my cock.” I could feel how his penis responded to my hand there…hard, erect, and ready.

I gasped wildly as he prodded my needy, ready cunt. I rose up on my toes as my stomach tightened. I groaned as my tits pushed against his chest and pushed the fabric of my bra down to feel my nipples moving against his skin. My fingers immediately fiddled clumsily with the front of his pants; I fumbled with his buttons and zipper before moving my fingers inside to wrap around his shaft. My pussy pushed down relentlessly on his fingers as my hips moved rhythmically.

“April, I cannot wait anymore. I want you, want to have you, take you, fuck you right here and now,” he spoke breaking the silence.

He removed his hand from my needy pussy to pull my panties to the side. I could hear the sound of the fabric ripping in the process and couldn’t care less. He lifted me and I instinctively wrapped my legs around him. He pressed me into the wall while simultaneously impaling me with his hard cock and smothering my mouth with lewd, wet kisses.

I wrapped my arms around his shoulders to hold my body against his. My lips moved sloppily over his. My eager tongue warred fiercely with his. My back arched to feel his cock push into me as deeply as it could go. I groaned and gasped before finally responding, “Fuck! Yes, Alex! Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

“Don’t worry April. I won’t stop fucking you until you cum on my cock and I flood you with my cum.”

With my back firmly planted against the wall, he held me and started to bang me as he positioned his cock into my wet cunt over and over. The pictures on the wall were shaking as he drilled me over and over. His hardness and my wetness increased with each thrust so deep and hard. It felt so fucking good.

Breaking our kiss long enough to tune in to the loud telltale thuds of our fucking, I seized his lips and muttered, “The desk, Alex. Put me on the desk.”

He turned, keeping me in his arms as my left arm reached out to swipe everything off the desk as I lay back. He watched the items fly off the top of the desk and chuckled at the mess as my ass hit the hard surface. I pulled him with me as my legs spread wide open while his hard cock gloriously stabbed me repeatedly, deeply, roughly and made my need grow.

Nothing was gentle or tender between us as each thrust was filled with lust and desire. My ass moved to the edge of the desk as he fucked me over and over. He then put his hand between my legs. Pressing into my mound until his fingers found my clit, he touched me intensely while fucking me, until I growled against his lips, “Fuck! You’re entirely too damn hot.”

I tossed my head back to angle myself more sharply and could feel the friction building as he rubbed against my front wall. My nails dug into his back as my ass lifted off the desk slightly from my legs being wrapped around his waist. My lips moved to his collarbone and I sucked hard, marking his flesh with a light bruise.

We could only hear our moans and groans until I uttered, “Resa will be pissed when she sees the mess but she won’t know what caused it as long as the scent of sex isn’t in the air.” I inhaled deeply as the lusty scents of our lovemaking hung in the air, amplifying the intensity of the act.

He gasped and stifled back a scream as I scratched and bit him. Those little painful flicks just made him fuck me harder. Each scratch was met with a hard thrust and each bite was met with a deep push that forced his cock way up inside me.

He whispered, “I’m sure your book couldn’t contain a scene as lascivious as this.” His lips curled into a smile against my lips as he asked, “Are ready for the climax of the story?”

I buried my nose in the crook of his neck to stifle my cries. My wet pussy felt him hit the right spot causing me to gush around him as he pushed my body over the edge. My heart started to pound and my stomach tightening as my thoughts began swirling and my body tingled.

“More than ready,” were the only words that could leave my mouth.

Feeling me climax around him made his head explode with desire. Surrounded by all the passion, his orgasm built to the point of explosion too. I felt him cumming and it hit me so hard that I threw my head back. He grunted while his cock continued to fly in and out of my cunt which was now so wet with my juices and his semen.

He himself buried deep inside of me as the last spurt jetted out. I could feel my pussy and his cock pulsing together. He whispered with his hot breath against my ear, “April, that was a good ending to our novel. I hope the book you’re reading ends up like this too.”

I grinned in response, “Oh I doubt it could be as good or as arousing.”

I tossed my head back as I let out a breath out and felt my pulse slowing down. My head stopped spinning and I could feel a thin layer of sweat between my body and his.

I nuzzled closely to whisper, “When you slide out, go slow.”

I reached behind me to grab a few tissues and held them around the base of his penis to clean him off as he pulled out.

He muttered, “Maybe we’ll have to write our own stories then, with better endings.”

I savored the slow pleasure of him withdrawing from me while savoring his kisses too.

I wiped the tissue over his cock before sliding it over my cunt to clean up our juices and whispered, “Resa will be back soon.” I tossed the tissue into the trash can.

I tugged my bra over my breasts but felt the fabric too damp to wear comfortably; so, I unclasped it and pulled it off before tucking it into my purse. Then I tugged my panties into place. I paused as I noticed the rip in them. I smirked up at him and removed them to tuck them into my purse as well. I finally picked up my dress from the floor, pulled it back on, and turned slowly my back to him. “Zip me up and I’ll zip you up,” I uttered with a teasing grin.

He zipped up my dress and I could feel him bending to peek down the neckline before he bent forward to plant a few kisses and a bite on the curve of my neck. Quickly, he pulled up his pants but left them undone for me to take care of.

I smoothed my hair down and tucked a strand behind my ear. Turning around slowly, I began tucking his shirt into his pants carefully. I ran my knuckles over the front of his boxers before I fastened his pants; looking up to meet his eyes, I pulled his zipper up.

I rose up on my toes to kiss his lips and whispered, “Go out and wait at our table. I’ll be there soon.”

He grabbed his sports coat and headed back out to the coffee shop.

I waited a few moments before leaving the office. I glanced around to survey the damage and chuckled as my mind reminisced. I adjusted my glasses as I emerged from the office with my purse in hand; however, I turned right instead of left as I exited the room. I came out of the kitchen door into the work area, smiling as all of the employees bustled around. I smiled and said “hi” as a few of them greeted me and asked why I was there.

I noticed him sitting at our table watching and waiting for me to emerge from the “Employees Only” door. He looked so handsome and dapper and an idea suddenly came to mind. I dipped behind the counter for a second then popped up.

I beckoned as I leaned over the counter, “Psst… Sir. Can you come here?”

He turned his head quickly with a slightly confused look on his face before a grin spread across his lips. He stood and approached the counter, “Why certainly. What can I do for you?”

I could feel the workers glance at me suspiciously as I grinned back at him, “Well I just wanted to inquire about the service you received today. Was everything to your liking? Here at Resa’s Coffee House, we do aim to please.”

His eyes danced teasingly as he responded, “Well, yes, it was quite a stimulating experience today. Was there extra caffeine in the coffee today or something?”

I smiled a dazzling smile as I produced a cup of coffee and a small pastry bag and slid them across the counter. I murmured, “Well if it’s extra you want, here’s a cappuccino with a little sugar, that’s how you like it, yes?”

He responded, “Well, that’s very kind of you. Yes, that’s just how I like my coffee too. Thank you, beautiful.”

My eyes warmed instantly as I crooked a finger beckoning him closer.

His eyes never left mine as he moved closer and I leaned across slowly allowing him to peek into the neckline of my dress. I spoke softly, “By the way, my name’s really Theresa but everyone calls me Resa.” I winked slowly as my eyes met his. I laughed slightly as I added, “Open the bag carefully. There’s a surprise in there for you. Make it a wonderful day, Sir.”

Suddenly I straightened up as I said in a formal voice, “May I help the next customer?”

I saw his look of confusion change to enlightenment as the new knowledge hit him. He smiled and nodded as he turned. He paused long enough at the door to peek into the bag. He then looked back to meet my eyes and mouthed, “Thank you.”

I nodded in acknowledgement as I smiled a genuine smile.

He paused and grinned a wonderfully wicked grin and declared, “I’ll be back soon.”

I blushed a brilliant shade of red as I bit my lip and hoped secretly that he spoke the truth.

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