Cold Beer

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Author’s preamble:

Tags: Mother/son incest, rough sex, spanking, anal

This is a fictional stand-alone story containing graphic descriptions of an incestuous relationship between mother and son. Sexually active characters are at least eighteen years of age. People and places are all from my imagination and any similarities are entirely coincidental.

If material of this nature is illegal where you are viewing it, please surf away now.

If this kind of story is in any way offensive to you, may I respectfully suggest you hit the back button on your browser and select a different category. I have no wish to offend my readers.

To those who have chosen to stay and read this story, I hope you enjoy it …

Cold beer.

Penny and Pete were as close as a mother and her son could get. She was only just turned 15 when she fell pregnant. In those days, she had led a wild life: parties and social life all the time. She and her friends never seemed to have any problems getting liquor and marijuana and it was under the influence of those drugs that she lost her virginity to five boys for a dare. That was the one and only time she had sex.

Penny changed. From the day she discovered she was pregnant, she gave up the parties and even gave up her circle of friends. She instinctively knew that such a lifestyle was inherently bad for the babe in her womb. She gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she called Peter and devoted every waking moment to caring for her child. She found work as soon as she left school and her parents looked after their grandson until she came home each evening. They were a close and loving family: Penny’s parents had almost despaired as their only daughter went through her wild phase. They had mixed feelings when they learned of her pregnancy at such a young age but were grateful that the new circumstances changed her lifestyle. They had their daughter back and their first grandchild was on the way.

Penny became a model mother: her precious child was breast fed for more than two years before he was weaned onto a healthy diet. Even after Pete was weaned, she would sometimes offer her nipple to comfort her child in the minor crises and hurts to which the young are prone. He had all his injections on time and she followed the advice of the health and social workers. Pete grew into a happy and healthy child. He was popular in school, excelling in both academic work and sport. He did not have a large circle of friends, just two lads from his class but he tended to stay at home rather than running wild, as the other boys did.

When Pete was seven years old, Penny got a small flat from the council. Her employers agreed to adjust her work hours to suit the young mother so she was able to lavish upon him all her time and affection. Even when he went through a slightly rebellious period at puberty, Pete and his mother remained good friends and he eventually settled down, concentrated on his studies, played football every week and developed into a well-balanced young man. He was eventually taken on by the local office of an insurance company. Pete and his mother were happy that he still lived at home.

Physically, they were like chalk and cheese. Penny had to watch her weight; she could put on two pounds at the mere sight of a chocolate cake, but she was careful: she walked everywhere and that was enough to keep those extra pounds from piling on. She could best be described as fairly short and cuddly with lots of soft curves and padding. Her hair was shoulder length dark chestnut waves framing the chubby face with a small slightly upturned nose and generous lips. Peter was tall with a lithe body kept in trim by his sports and, after he had left school, he used various parts of the house and furniture to exercise. His hair was a short cut of carroty curls. He had a high forehead and a thin, almost beaky, nose. His mouth seemed just a little wide for the face and the lips were just a thin line.

One of the wonderful things about the two of them, they thought, was that they were both fun loving people together: lots of physical contact, lots of play fights and lots of pranks and practical jokes played upon each other. They often ended up almost collapsing with laughter and giggles and this behaviour carried long past childhood. Was he a ‘Mummy’s Boy’? Yes, he loved his mother as the focus of his life; but he wasn’t a dim-witted wimp, nor a spoiled brat under her spell. Penny doted on her son and would do anything for him.

One Friday evening they were cuddled up on the sofa, watching a rom/com movie on TV. In the adverts, Penny held up her empty glass for a refill so Peter went to the fridge for more wine and grabbed another can of beer for himself. When he returned, he couldn’t resist it: he dribbled some of his cold beer down the back of her neck. She screeched before jumping up to chase him. Peter had to take a second to put her glass and his can down safely and was legging it away from her towards his bedroom. She chased after him, beating her fists against his back as they laughed. He Gaziantep Grup Escort reached his room, with Penny in close pursuit, and he was clambering over the bed when she gave him two real slaps on his backside.

He turned round and caught hold of her arms to prevent further assault but she struggled as he called laughingly, “Slap me again and I’ll you’ll be sorry.” She giggled as she got one hand free and slapped his chest so he turned her over his knee and slapped her bottom several times. Now why did she like that, she wondered. Then he started tickling his Mum. He was merciless as she wriggled, twisted and turned. With all the struggling, her housecoat opened up: she wore only a pair of panties underneath so her bosom was fully displayed. The sight of her breasts was not new to Pete; they were both a little carefree about dressing around the house. Peter just saw his opportunity to tickle her bare flesh all the way up and down her abdomen and upper body.

Then, and even Peter did not know why he did it, his hands were on her breasts, those large round globes wobbling with his Mum’s shaking body. The laughing and giggling stopped and Pete’s touches became more tentative, unsure. Penny’s thoughts were also uncertain; this was out of their very wide comfort zone but her son’s hands felt nice and she wasn’t sure if she was happy or unhappy as Pete slid his hands away, realising he had somehow gone beyond an unspoken limit.

Penny had only ever had sex that one time and she barely remembered it through the fog of dope and drink. It certainly hadn’t been good for her. Not unpleasant but not the fireworks she read about in her magazines. Many times since, she had lain in the privacy of her bed with incoherent erotic thoughts wandering through her mind but never more than that. Now similar ideas were spinning in her head, evoked by her son. Pete meant the whole world to her and, even though she knew society and the law forbad it, if she did ‘it’ with anybody, she couldn’t think beyond her precious son.

Peter had never had many girlfriends, preferring to be at home with the woman who was his whole life. Now, as she laid half on, half off, his bed, her voluptuous body quiescent and displayed, he felt urges that, up to now had been alien to him. His mother had not pushed him away or tried to move from him. Did he dare to touch her again? Her breasts had felt so soft, so pliable, so yielding in his hands he was sorely tempted but made no move, just stared at her face.

She looked at him, seeing the indecision in his face, in his body. His touches had awoken feelings in her, feelings that needed fulfilling. “Do you want to touch me again, Baby? Touch Mummy’s breasts and play with them if you want.” She smiled her encouragement so, slowly, Pete’s hands reached out to touch his Mummy’s breasts, cupping one in each hand and gently squeezing.

Penny was not comfortable only half on the bed. “Let me get more comfy Baby, and then you can play with me as much as you want.” She sat up, removed her housecoat and told him to take off his jeans and shirt. As he was undressing, she spread herself out in the middle of his bed and pulled his body next to hers. She couldn’t help herself: she looked down at the bulge in his briefs, the rod of flesh perfectly contoured by the tight material. She had no real memory of the penises that had penetrated her all those years ago but Pete’s looked so BIG.

As he continued to acquaint himself with the delightful mounds in his hands, he bent down so his face was hovering above her breasts. He had vague memories of suckling on these very same breasts when he was younger. He moved in first to kiss the nipple then gently suck it into his mouth. His mother’s hand pressed his head further into the flesh. “Yes Baby, suck Mummy’s breast.” With this encouragement, her son suckled more powerfully and he felt the nipple grow bigger and harder on his tongue as he explored it. She too felt him more strongly, especially as he instinctively used his teeth to nibble the hard button. She moved a hand to the vacant breast and rubbed over the hard nub, wanting to replicate the thrilling sensations in her other breast.

To all intents and purposes, they were both virgins: neither had made love to anybody so this was a steep learning curve for them both. Each new sensation was a joy to explore and it was not too long before she touched her first erect penis. Peter found the confinement of his erection uncomfortable so he reached down to ease it into a better position and Penny’s hand followed his. “Let me help, Baby.” She slipped his briefs down and rolled them to his knees. He reached down and pulled them right off his feet, giving her full access to the rod of hard flesh. As he bent, he became aware of a strange, exciting smell. The pheromones his mother’s vagina was issuing were intoxicating him, drawing his nose closer to the source. He left off her breasts and started to pull her panties down. She helped as best she could so soon they were both naked, she fondling his hardness while he explored the sight, the feel and oh, that heavenly smell.

This was the first pussy Peter had ever seen. He was captivated by the way her labia swelled and opened like the petals of a flower to reveal the thin inner lips. He was fascinated by the glistening fluids making her shiny and wet down there. His face went closer, drawn by the thrilling scent filling his nostrils. Not really knowing why he did it, he stretched forward and kissed the place giving off that incredible perfume. He licked his lips after that first kiss and discovered the wonderful taste of her. He kissed some more then extended his tongue to lap at the juices flowing.

Penny was in a world of her own, feeling that same sexual longing that had invaded her dreams so many times. She definitely wanted more of the same so she cradled her son’s head in her hands and slowly drew him into even closer contact with her sex, her hips bucking and flexing as she squirmed in sheer pleasure. But Pete’s cock was now almost painfully erect and he felt an uncontrollable yearning for something to do with it. His mother realised her son’s need and now they were both aroused, she pulled his face from between her legs and reached down to hold his prick in her hand and encouraged him to settle between her legs. She had vague memories of those five boys lining up in turn, occupying just the same position but her feelings now were so vastly different yet she knew what to do. She guided him to her pussy and encouraged him to push his penis inside her.

When he pushed all the way in, he was overtaken by the most amazing feeling of that soft, warm tunnel surrounding and gripping his prick. He shot his first load after just five full strokes. Over the years he had experienced many wet dreams, waking up to feel the sticky mess on his sheets, but none of those could compare with the exquisite sensation he had just experienced and he wanted more. He was still hard so he began thrusting again, his mother’s pussy made even slicker by his ejaculate.

Penny too was caught up in this sexual heat; she raised her feet round his buttocks to pull him in even more. She wanted as much of this as her son could give her and even enjoyed the pain of that first full plunge. He had already come once so there was less urgency in his thrusting but he was enjoying it so much he kept ramming into her. Suddenly her whole body went rigid and was overtaken by the most exquisite pleasure she had ever experienced. Pete felt his mother’s pussy clenching spasmodically around his tool, gripping him harder but he kept thrusting until he felt that surge up his prick as he came inside her once again before collapsing on top of her, momentarily spent. Eventually he rolled off her and the two lovers were laying side by side, each reliving the most electrifying event of their lives.

“Baby, would you kiss me down there again please. That felt so nice when you first did it.”

He didn’t answer; he loved the taste of her and just automatically moved down the bed until his tongue lapped at her pussy. The taste was different now and he wondered why until he realised that he could taste his own deposit mixed with his mother’s own delicious juices. Because of his sheltered life, he did not know about the taboo subject of a man eating his own cream pie. Pete just knew that he liked the combined secretions oozing out of his mother’s pussy: he felt like he could stay there licking and kissing her all day.

Penny didn’t know how many orgasms she experienced in the next hour, especially when he discovered her clitoris gave her much more pleasure. But as many climaxes as she had just made her want more and more of the same. Eventually she realised that her son’s hard prick was humping at her leg so she told him to stick it in her again. Her Baby’s tongue had felt so good in her pussy but she thrilled anew as his lovely hard prick penetrated her repeatedly. Now he was more confident, he thrust harder: she was writhing under him, raising her hips to meet each thrust and encouraging him to do it harder, faster. They were each in their private shared heaven as her body was once more overcome with another massive orgasm and her clenching pussy squeezed his prick and milked it of the sperm in his testicles. After lying on the soft cusion of his Mum for several minutes, he eventually rolled off; he was exhausted, as was she and together they drifted off to sleep.

Pete woke the next morning, wondering what was different until he remembered the previous night and the new and exciting game with Mum. He looked at her lying there still asleep; the bedding had slipped off, leaving one of her breasts exposed to his gaze. He reached for it and started moulding it in his hands. Penny came out of her sleep as her son suckled on the nipple, stirring as her body remembered the thrills of their passions.

Now they were both awake and aroused, she gently pushed his head down her body. Pete realised what his Mum wanted so he wriggled down until his face was between her legs again. After last night’s passion, Penny had slept with her son’s sperm inside her; her pussy smelled and tasted stale. Pete did not mind; he dutifully licked her clean and was rewarded by a flow of fresh juices as his mother’s excitement grew. He did not stop even when his Mum squealed and jerked her body uncontrollably; he gripped her thighs and kept his mouth hard on her pussy, keeping her in perfect thrall to his mouth.

“Oh Pete Baby,” she finally managed gasp, “bite me down there like you bit my nipple. Hard, make me feel it.”

Pete Baby was pleased to comply, as he loved driving her wild and could happily stay where he was, doing just that, all day. He kept servicing her pussy for more than half an hour, giving her several minor and major orgasms, her ultimate ecstasy came when he bit her clitoris hard and just kept his teeth clamped on it. She collapsed and pushed her sons face away.

“No more Baby. Let Mummy rest for a while, and then we can have some breakfast.” Then Penny noticed her son’s prick standing hard, throbbing and needy. She didn’t know if her pussy was ready for him yet but if he could pleasure her with his mouth, maybe she could do the same for him. “Let me do something for you first Baby.”

She had him stand next to the bed, opened her legs and told him to stand between them; she was staring at his prick. Had she really taken something that big in her poor little pussy? She was fascinated by the head of his prick only half-covered by his foreskin, a bulging purple mushroom. It was glistening with his secretions, with more dribbling out of that little hole at the top. Tentatively, her mouth closed in and she kissed the top, where he was leaking. The texture was slippery but did not have much taste; it was quite pleasant, so she moved her lips further onto the hard rod until the whole of that bulge was in her mouth. She paused there, her tongue lapping around the head; her hand instinctively gripped the bottom of his prick and pulled the skin down until the foreskin was drawn all the way back, giving her tongue more contours to explore.

Peter loved what his mother was doing to him. It felt almost as good as her pussy except that she was only sucking the top it so he put his hands on her head and pushed it down further. That was better although he did not realise his mother was struggling to get more in her mouth. He pushed some more and found he was up against a barrier of some sort but he pushed even harder and felt a new constriction around his prick as he forced it into her throat. That made Penny gag and her stomach heaved, forcing her to pull back, gasping for breath, spluttering. When Pete looked down, he saw tears in his mother’s eyes and a great gob of mucus and saliva, a thick glistening thread from her mouth to his prick.

As soon as she felt capable, she took the prick back into her mouth, determined to give her Baby the satisfaction he wanted. Once again, her head was pressed past her comfortable limit and the prick opened her throat again. She held it there as long as she could until she had to back off to breathe, waited just a few seconds then went back to her task, this time making herself take it deeper until her lips were touching his hairs. There was a huge feeling of satisfaction for her to have accomplished that and Pete took it as a signal that he could fuck her mouth just as he had fucked her pussy. Apart from when she forced back to breathe, he held her head and stroked in and out of the tightness of his mother’s throat, gradually increasing speed and roughness with his mother gasping air whenever possible. While he was climaxing, he slowed right down and gently stroked in and out, pumping his semen into her mouth and throat. Penny was frantically trying to swallow everything and only partially succeeding.

When Pete finally pulled out, he saw his mother looked a mess. Tears were flooding down her cheeks; around her mouth was a mess of semen and drool, some of which had fallen onto her breasts. But she had a happy smile on her face as if she had enjoyed her son brutalising her mouth and throat. “Thank you my Baby,” she croaked, “that was just so exciting; like you took control. You can you know, if you want to; take control and use me how you want. Just look at the state of me.” She indicated her face and her goo-splattered breasts. “And I love it.”

Pete stared at his mother and saw no shame in her and no condemnation of what they had just done. He bent down and kissed her full on, not caring about the mess now coating his face as the kiss became passionate. When they drew back from the kiss, Penny said she would have a quick shower then make their breakfast. She did her normal morning toilet then stepped under the shower, enjoying the hot streams washing the mess off her face and breasts. She wet and soaped up the big sponge and started cleaning herself all over. She loved the rough texture of the sponge on her breasts and particularly as it scraped across her nipples. Her breasts were very clean when the sponge passed further down her body, circling over the soft cushion of her abdomen and on to her groin. She opened her legs and squatted a little as she rubbed the sponge over her pussy and right under to her anus then back again continuously.

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