College Hockey Puck Fuck

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This story is a fantasy, nothing more. It’s not real, please don’t leave feedback saying that you can’t believe that this really happened. If you don’t like gay sex or like reading about one man’s dirty sexual fantasies, please don’t leave negative feedback because you were “surprised”. It is the furthest thing from being a great work of art, it’s just a crazy fantasy.


Being in the construction industry for a few years, I’ve finally learned enough about it that my company has started sending me out to remote job sites for often a couple of months at a time as big projects are finishing up. If they aren’t done right and especially aren’t finished right it reflects poorly on the design and construction team. Yes, I’m that guy…

Being in my late-20s and in great shape, I love being on the road and especially love staying in a hotel room for a month or two at a time. I’ve had some pretty fun and sometimes very naughty times on the road in my hotel rooms with both men and women, sometimes at the same time.

This trip brings me to a suburb of Denver, Colorado, a city known for its hockey. A college here has paid a lot of money, or their donors have, for a new state of the art hockey complex and I’m here to make sure that it goes perfectly during the last few months of construction. I have had some naughty and sometimes pretty dirty hook-ups with a few of the construction workers who are also living on the road for a few months at a time. Who knew that so many construction workers had a thing for a fellow horny guy who’s also in great shape?

Most of them want to take charge, probably because they’re in an industry of tough guys and manly-men, so they’re living our some sort of role-playing exercise or something. But more likely it’s because I’m the one who has to tell them when something isn’t right, so I’m the bad guy. They want to take charge of me and teach me a lesson. I’ve been spanked by so many construction guys that my butt cheeks automatically quiver when I even see one. Sometimes they’ll just slap my ass as I’m walking by a group of them. Sometimes they surround me and pull down my shorts and grope me and stick their fingers into my ass and jerk my cock and force me to cum as they’re jamming their dirty, rough fingers into my tender little pink puckered asshole. I never know when a group of them will abuse me or use me as their dirty sex toy.

Usually, how it goes is that we go out for a few beers and then one of them ends up groping me in a bar booth, pulling out my cock and stroking it and sliding their dirty, rough fingers in my asshole and forcing me to cum into a glass and then forcing me to drink it. As I get up to go to the bathroom, I end up getting raped as I’m pissing in the urinal by a couple of rough, sweaty, abusive, drunken construction workers. I’ve learned to always be prepared by wearing stretchy shorts and no underwear, and by squirting a big dollop of Vaseline in my ass so it’s always ready to be abused and is always lubricated so if someone just forces their cock up my ass it’ll slide right in.

As I’m standing there at the urinal, a couple of them will usually come out of the stalls where they have been jerking off and have rock hard cocks, and they’ll pull my shorts down a bit in back and just start sliding their hard cocks up and down in-between my figure-skater-like butt cheeks and then they cram it into my pink puckered little hole and fuck poker oyna it, taking turns ramming their dirty, hard, hot cocks in and out of my asshole until they fill it with their load of hot cum. Sometimes they fill my ass with their dirty hot piss as I’m pissing into the urinal. I love being taken against my will and deserve to be abused and raped so I always look forward to that.

This project, the new hockey complex, is a new addition to the existing hockey arena. It’s at a junior college with a big group of freshmen guys so I’m always fantasizing about being taken against my will by them, too. It hasn’t happened yet, until this afternoon in one of the old locker rooms and shower rooms.

One of my jobs is to take construction photos to send back so the team could see how things looked. I was in the old section of the building and having had too much coffee and water from it being so hot, I was looking for one of the old, deserted bathrooms. I was already hot and was dripping with sweat from being inside the building all morning with no AC or ice yet.

I passed through sort of a tunnel between the new section and the old complex and it was almost pitch black in there other than some emergency lights on at the exits. It took me a minute for my eyes to adjust to not being able to see and I started to head to the back of the old rink to where the lockers rooms are to use the restroom.

I heard the door open and close, the one that I had just gone through minute ago, but I didn’t think anything of it. I got to the locker room and of course the lights weren’t on and they weren’t on sensors so I had no clue where I was in the bathroom, it was as dark as it could be in there. If it wasn’t for the emergency light above the door on the inside there wouldn’t have been any light. Again, I waited a minute or two and eventually my eyes adjusted enough so I could find the bathroom. This locker room and bathroom were pretty old and smelly compared to the nice new bright ones in the new building. But, there were a couple of puffy, padded couches in the locker room which I thought was strange, at least they were vinyl so they could be cleaned.

I set down the company camera on the sink area and went down to the urinals, I really had to go! It was hot and I was drinking a lot of water as was everyone else on the job site. I pulled my shorts down in front and my cock plopped out and I started going. That’s when I heard the locker room door open and heard feet shuffling on the rubber floor, I wasn’t sure if they were having a practice or what was going on. It turned out that I was the practice!

As I was still going in the urinal, I heard footsteps coming into the bathroom part of the locker room and I felt hands on my waist! My shorts were pulled down and someone started slapping my ass cheeks as I was still pissing! My spray was going all over as they kept slapping and spanking my sweaty ass cheeks and pulling my sweaty cheeks apart. It wasn’t long before I felt a cock head on my asshole. I knew what was coming but I didn’t know who would be cumming!

Whomever it was behind me just started pushing their cock into my ass until it was literally buried to the hilt in me and they grabbed onto my hips even harder and pulled me back into them to bottom out their cock up my ass. I can’t lie, it felt great. I’m always horny and my biggest fantasy is being taken against my will when I least expect canlı poker oyna it, this was great!

They started sliding their cock back out and it felt great, like I was shitting, it was such an empty feeling as I felt that soft-yet-hard cock head leave my tender little asshole and the full feeling was gone. But then they RAMMED it all the way in again, pushing me against the urinal as they slammed into my ass. They did that a few times, pulling all the way out and then SLAMMED their cock back into my poor abused asshole, like they were punishing my puckered opening. The last time they SLAMMED it in me as deep as they could, they left it buried deep up my ass and they shot a huge load of hot cum deep in my ass. It felt great, I could feel each warm sperm spurt shooting into my colon. I had no idea who this was, was it a construction worker that I had already been raped by in the past? I found out later that it was one of the hockey dads who had been there during practice and noticed me walking around with my loose shorts on over the last few weeks. He sure had a big dick.

As soon as he pulled his spent cock out of my abused asshole some of his hot, slippery cum started leaking out of my little hole and all of a sudden another cock was jammed in there and it was slam-fucking into me even harder! He was jerking my cock off as he fucked his own cock into my ass. I was done pissing by that time but I just put my two hands on the wall above the urinal and sort of bent over a bit and I knew that I was going to be raped by several horny guys and filled with cum and who knows what else. I found out later that it was the 18-year old son of the guy who had just raped me!

This new guy had a much smaller cock but he made up for it by really slamming it back into my puckered pink asshole after pulling it all the way out. He was really abusing my poor asshole. His hands were on my ass cheeks, one on each cheek, and he was pulling them apart as hard and as far as he could. I felt like I was going to be split in two but he kept pulling them apart and spitting on my asshole! His cock reached deep in me that way rather than having him bounce off of my figure skater-like ass cheeks. He would put a finger in my ass and then ram his smaller cock in there next to his finger, it felt great to be raped by this dirty 18-year old college student. He really unloaded in my ass, he must have saved up all of his young cum for years!

I knew the next cock, or at least I knew the guy who put me down on the floor. Most guys love to slam in-between my chubby little ass cheeks and bounce off of them, even more so if I’m pushed down flat on the floor, which is what would happen next. Joe was a guy who had forced his cock into me quite a few times over the last few months and he always liked to force me to lie on my stomach so he could slam-fuck into my bubble-butt ass cheeks and bury his dick deep in my ass.

He was pushing down on my hips to hold himself up as he slammed down into my ass as hard as he could and his balls slapping into me were making such a loud slap, slap, slap sound in the dark. When he pulled out and a few of them spanked me that was even louder! I could almost tell what his cum was going to feel like shooting deep up my ass because he’s raped me so many times. Thankfully he was cumming in my ass rather than in my throat this time.

I found out later that there were over a dozen 18-year old internet casino freshman hockey players from the college who raped me that day as an initiation. They had all seen me walking around with my stretchy shorts on and had heard stories of how dirty I was and how many construction workers had raped me, sometimes several at the same time.

One of the young ass-rapers spanked me with the flat end of his hockey stick and he was poking the round corner of it in my ass and twirling it around. It was driving me crazy, I have such a tender, sensitive asshole. Several of them pissed in my ass as I was either lying on the old, smelly rubber floor or was bent over a bench. They up me on the end of a bench so one leg was on each side and my ass was draped over the end at the perfect height and they would get behind me and either fuck the shit out of me, literally, and add more hot cum to the load of cum that was already in my ass, or they would stick their cock head in me and fill me with piss. Sometimes they did both, pissing in my ass and fucking at the same time until their cocks were hard and they kept fucking into me until they came again. It was like a perpetual motion fucking machine.

Three of the hockey coaches were there, too, two young ones and one in his 60s. I can usually tell the age, or at least the experience of the person who is raping my abused asshole and it’s become almost a game to try and guess the age of the guy who’s raping my poor little pink asshole. I have become pretty good at it but when it’s almost pitch black like it was in that dark locker room it was really exciting to not know who was raping me or how many there were or what they were going to do. I just usually hear about it later as I’m being raped by the construction workers somewhere in the building or outside.

As one of the electricians was literally raping the shit out of me yet again – I shit on his angry cock as he raped my ass, which felt great – a couple of days later in the electrical room, after he duct-taped my ass cheeks apart as far as he could and spanked my ass cheeks and spanked my asshole until it was puffy and swollen, he said: “Hey, remember that time that a few of us workers and 14 college students raped and abused the shit out of your tight, sexy little ass in that dark locker room? There were 3 coaches there that day, too, and a couple of parents. We had a great time that day, we really beat the shit out of your ass, literally, by spanking it and abusing it with our cocks. I can’t believe that you started shitting as Randy was fucking your ass! That was really dirty and nasty! A few of the guys want to try that the next time that they’re raping you. It was fun to punch into your asshole with our fingers in a cone shape as you were bent over that hot vinyl couch in the locker room and were all covered with piss, cum, and shit and we were all taking turns raping your abused little hole.”

I said, “Yeah, you know that I love being raped when I least expect it. That time that a few of you bent me over the railing and you duct taped me to the railing so I wouldn’t fall and then you all stood there and raped the shit out of me and filled my ass with cum and piss, that was great. When Steve put the hose in me and gave me an enema and then a few of you fucked into my gushing asshole was great, too. So dirty, so nasty!”

I’ll be bummed when this project is done, I’ve had so many dirty experiences here being abused by horny workers and 18-year old college hockey players and the older coaches. But, my experience has taught me that the next job will be even better and dirtier than the last one was. I’m already looking forward to the “new guys”!

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