College Love Meets Cuckold Family Ch. 13

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Author’s note – This chapter may feature some scenes that depict seemingly, but not necessarily non-consensual sexual acts. Please be aware and consider this before you may wish to proceed.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___

I walked into the room with a smile and a hardon. Jenna’s beautiful body was laying face down naked in the bed. I took myself over to her and started kissing the bottom of her soft, perfect feet.

She started to stir. “Oh hi honey,” she said sweetly, “I was waiting for you…”

She looked back at me kissing her and she shot me her adorable smile. She then pulled back on of her amazing ass cheeks and I followed her lead by diving in head first. I kissed and worshiped her ass with all the passion in my being. She pushed back a bit and spread both of her cheeks which guided my face straight in-between. I placed my tongue right on her button before cleaning up and down.

She removed one hand and started pleasuring herself as she moaned. Her soft foot landed on my erection. “Oh my honey,” she moaned, “You are happy to see me too…”

Her attention however went back to building her orgasm and my attention went to get my tongue as far up her asshole as possible. As the tip of my penis occasionally graced her foot I might have came if it weren’t for that spent precum from earlier. The plug in my ass, although somewhat pleasant was also filling and seemed to slow me from prematurely ejaculating.

Eventually, she grabbed my head and pushed me further in as she built toward climax. Her body contracted as she gushed from her beautiful pussy as she came. Her moans were so sweet and intimate.

I was happy that I had helped bring her to this place of pleasure once again. As she relaxed she rolled over and pushed her hand through her hair. She looked extremely satisfied and she sat on her ass and pulled me between her legs for a passionate kiss.

She smiled at me. “I missed you,” she said sweetly before kissing me deeply again. It was times like these and the smiles that she gave me that made everything worth it.

Suddenly she seemed to come to. “Oh shit, what time is is?” she asked.

“I’m not sure,” I answered.

She grabbed her phone on off the nightstand. “Crap, we are almost late,” she said jumping off of the bed. “Hurry and get on those panties, the light blue ones.”

“Why? Where are we going?” I wondered.

Jenna was putting her hair up in the mirror, “We are going to a show,” she said more focused on getting ready. “It’s in the theater, and it starts in like fifteen minutes.”

“The theater? Like are we going out?”

“No the theater, that room with the stage, you’ve been there,” she said slipping on her panties and bra. “It’s just what we call it. You know, the one with all the couches?”

Of course I knew that room. That was were I had first seen Jenna fellate that dick Jake. What were we going there for?

“What are we going to do there?” I asked starting to get nervous.

“I told you, it’s just a show,” she said hurriedly. “You don’t need your cage, just those panties.”

“Do we have to call them ‘panties’?” I asked.

“Fine ‘boy-short’s whatever,” she said pulling up her extremely short workout shorts which gave an excellent view of the bottom of her ass. She threw a long-sleeved workout shirt that was extremely tight and showed off her athletic body. She slipped on a pair of cute sandals and looked at me. “Ready?” she asked.

“I guess we are going casual?” I asked.

“What, do you want to wear your formal panties? I mean, formal boy-shorts?” she asked smiling playfully.

She did look amazing. Whoever is in charge of doling out sexy girlfriends really hooked me up!

She looked down and noticed the little tent in my panties. “Well well well,” she exclaimed, “It really looks like you’ve had an exciting day. You’ve been at full attention for quite a while now I assume.”

She walked up to me and put both of her hands around my head and looked at me lovingly. “I am so proud of you,” she said as her body occasionally brushed against my stiffy through the panties. “I know that this has been hard,” she said before looking down and indicating my erection, “And I’m glad that you are able to get so as well. But, it’s just an adjustment. We are so perfect together and I know we will be happy.”

I held her hips as we kissed again. My erection pulsed as we got closer and I became aware again of the plug that Miss Kat had inserted into me. I figured that this was a bad time to tell Jenna that my ass was filled.

“I love you,” she said sweetly looking into my eyes.

“I love you too,” I replied.

She flicked the tip of my tent. “Now let’s go watch the show!” she said smiling.


As Jenna and I walked the halls hand in hand, I couldn’t help but get nervous. What were we going to see at this ‘show’?

I had been to this room and few times and never had it turned out that well for me. The first time is when I saw Jenna sucking off Jake and the second ankara eve gelen escort time Mrs. Anderson had given me that ‘inspection’. I really had no idea what to expect when every hour seemed to bring new surprises.

As we got close to the doors my anxiety jumped and Jenna could sense it. She grabbed my hand tighter. “Don’t worry honey, you have done everything right,” she assuaged. “I am sure you are going to enjoy this. Just think of it as the evening’s entertainment.” She shot me a smile grabbed my hand tighter.

“Will I… have to do anything?” I sort of stammered.

“Yes,” she said kissing me on the cheek, “Enjoy yourself!”

With that, we entered the enormous room. It was again mostly dark except for a some convenience lighting that helped us make our way to a couch near the middle of the room. Some tables were dimly illuminated and there seemed to be some other people in this room as well. The couch that Jenna selected was near the stage but we were not directly in front. We sat down and our bare legs touched. Accentuated by the creepy quiet in the air and my ass plug making contact with the seat, a strange shockwave through my body and into my small hardon.

“Hi darlings,” came a voice from behind us startling the shit out of me.

We turned around and it was Mrs. Anderson. She was again wearing her signature look, though a bra and panties this time, covered by her sheer kimono. Her beautiful tits were practically popping out. “Hi mom,” Jenna said getting up to give her a hug.

When I obviously thought about standing up and following suit Mrs. Anderson stopped me, “Oh there’s no need for that my dear,” she said almost dismissively, “You’ve had a very hard day I know…” Whether she was referring to my new ability to get my little stiffies or my housecleaning duties, or something else entirely was unclear.

“Thank you Mrs. Anderson,” I said meekly. I was glad to be able to remain seated. I was unsure how the ass plug looked through my panties and as long as it was just Jenna and me, I was able to minimize any chance of being exposed. However it was true that Mrs. Anderson always seemed to know things way before I was aware.

Mrs. Anderson and Jenna were whispering short things to each other that I couldn’t quite make out before Mrs. Anderson kissed her daughter on the cheek and started off. “Well, enjoy the show you two,” she said smiling and then finally turning away. She made her way to a nearby couch where I first noticed Mr. Johnson who was sitting very relaxed with a drink in his hand. He did not acknowledge us or even Mrs. Anderson as she sat down next to him. His eyes seemed to be causally watching the stage as he sipped his drink.

“Isn’t this exciting?” Jenna whispered to me with her hand in mine.

“I guess,” I sort of half-answered, “I still don’t know what’s going on.”

“Just wait,” Jenna said excitedly tapping my hand.

Just then the lights on the stage lit up revealing a bare stage save for what I can best describe as a sort of black cushioned saw horse. I took advantage of the extra lighting and took a look around the room to see if I could get any more information. In the back appeared to be a few female figures, but I didn’t recognize any of them. They weren’t seated and seemed to be almost against the wall. Mrs. Anderson was getting comfortable next to Mr. Johnson across the way from us a bit with her drink. They were about the same distance from the ‘stage’ as we were. Her crossed legs looked awesome practically begging Mr. Johnson to fuck her right here and now.

I glanced back a bit and on the far side and a little behind us stood Kat leaning against a column. She was looking at me and we made eye contact. She smiled a bit from the side of her mouth as she gave me the finger which she then lifted up. This reminder made me keenly aware of her continual penetration of me. I shot her a quick smile back as I turned my attention back to Jenna who was watching the stage.

Suddenly the floor and table lighting went out and it was apparent that the show was starting. A false wall behind the stage opened up out came Mr. Anderson. He was naked except for his cock-cage. He held a black fabric length of cloth as he walked. It was revealed to be a leash, as it was attached to the collar of the figure coming in behind him.

Into the light stepped the beautiful Brittney. She was also naked except for her Mary Jane’s and black knee-socks. She also was still wearing the black choker and additionally was blindfolded by a silk black handkerchief. Her hair was still up in the cute pony tail with a few strands dangling down in front. Her arms were behind her as her wrists were bound and resting on her nice and rounded ass.

Mr. Anderson led her right next to the strange piece of furniture. When they both stopped, it appeared that she knew to kneel as she got down on her knees. It was a bit tricky for her as she couldn’t use her hands and Mr. Anderson didn’t help, but she managed. Mr. Anderson gaziosmanpaşa escort tied his end of the leash to the side of the apparatus. He then stepped off of the stage and sat naked on his knees facing away, practically with his nose to the wall.

Brittney looked nervous as she sat there blind and helpless. She didn’t say anything, but she seemed to be trying to listen around for clues as to where she was. There was a palpable tension in the room as she struggled to get her bearings. She tried to move a little in one direction but the taught leash kept her back where she belonged. She seemed to get a bit resigned to the fact that this is where she would be until someone decided otherwise.

Was Brittney in trouble? Had she done something wrong? I wondered if she had helped me in some way that she shouldn’t of.

When she started to tremble I started to lift myself out of the seat, but was stopped by Jenna. She gave me a look that told me not to interfere.

Out from the false door emerge another figure. This time it was a tall, strong looking man a little bit older than Jenna and me. His body was ripped just like Jake’s, with broad shoulders and a lean muscular figure. What was even more conspicuous was the ten-inch rock-hard cock that jutted out from his groin like a steel girder.

He calmly walked over to Brittney who was trembling on her knees on the floor. He stood above her and looked down at her as if he was a predator viewing his prey.

“Who’s that?” I whispered in the actually lowest whisper I could muster.

“Friend of Mr. Johnson,” Jenna mouthed to me pointing in his direction so I would know. She then followed this up with her finger over my lips. “Don’t worry,” she mouthed again before turning her attention back to the stage.

Brittney seemed to sense a presence and she looked up as if she could see him. When it seemed like she was about to speak he somewhat violently grabbed her hair with one hand and with his other took his formidable cock and smacked it against her soft, white cheeks. The smacking sound filled the room. Brittney let out a pained and fearful gasp. The man repeated this a few more times producing remarkable sound and increasing red marks to Brit’s cute face.

She seemed to be in panic mode as she opened her mouth hoping to entice the cock inside thereby ending it’s assault. The man ceased the slapping but kept a firm grasp of her hair. He sort of stood to the side and showed the room Brit’s open, hungry mouth that he had created with his cock. He then positioned himself back in front of her and without waiting for any more fanfare crammed it straight into her. Brittney struggled and gagged as her mouth was suddenly filled with his thick tip and several more inches to boot. She was desperately trying to stay on her knees as he held her hair with one hand and pumped her face with his impressive manhood.

I was extremely frightened for her as this man was not going gently. We could eventually hear the pop of the back of her throat as he increased the depth of his thrusts. Brittney was struggling over and over and this guy had no care in the world. Thankfully, she eventually got into a groove and was able to take a good portion of it without gagging. She looked extremely helpless as this guy used her mouth as he saw fit.

Again, I instinctively started to rise but Jenna held me fast and casually nodded ‘no’. I listened to her and settled back into my seat.

The man shoved himself into Brit as deep as physics would allow and held himself there for what seemed like and hour, but was probably around ten to fifteen seconds. Brit moaned the entire time as if trying to get free and get some air. The man didn’t smile or give any indication of regret or empathy for her. His look at her was almost blank, as if her choking on his cock was just the natural course of events.

Eventually he withdrew his cock and Brit let out a huge gasp for air as she coughed and tried in her feeble state to get some composure. The man’s cock was dripping with her saliva.

He seemed to take a pause. I took the opportunity to look around the room. Mrs. Anderson was currently on her knees between Mr. Johnson’s legs. She was no longer watching the show as her mouth was full of his cock.

I looked at Jenna and her beautiful legs in those short shorts. I sort of wanted to follow Mrs. Anderson’s lead and get down in-between Jenna’s legs and do my part with my mouth also. Jenna knew what I was thinking but stopped me again. “No, it’s okay honey. Let’s just enjoy this together,” she whispered sweetly.

Kat was still leaning against the column watching by herself. Her expressionless face wouldn’t tell me if she was bored or in shock.

The man undid Brit’s leash as she sat completely shaken on the ground. Without warning her he hoisted her up over his shoulder. She let out a panicked gasp as he effortlessly positioned her with her ass facing the room. He gave us his first half-smile as he spread her cheeks gölbaşı escort for all of us to see. As we all got a great view of Brit’s asshole Mr. Johnson let out a relatively quiet, “All right,” as he quietly clapped cheering on his friend. Mrs. Anderson didn’t look up from giving him him head.

The man made sure that everyone in the room got a peak at what he was coming for next, except for Mr. Anderson of course who was still facing the wall. When he was content that he had properly exposed Brittney, he somewhat roughly placed her midsection on the cushioned bar. Her arms were still tied behind her back and her cute Mary Jane’s dangled above the floor.

He walked over to a counter and produced a fairly large sized ass plug. He walked over to a position in front of her and pulled her head back with a fist full of hair. She opened up again moaning. He placed the plug inside her mouth and she closed it tight. After a few seconds he withdrew the plug and walked back around to her backside.

He sort of showed the room the substantial plug and then pulled her head back again with the tip right on her soon to be violated hole. She let out a soft whimper, “Please…” This again almost caused me to get up, but this time I stayed in place. Without much more fanfare the man slowly pushed the plug inside her.

Brittney started to resist and fight it. The pain must have been incredible as the widest part of the plug stretched her to her max. She started to wail a little as she shuttered in pain. I was suddenly reminded of my penetration and the plug inside of me. I had taken nowhere near that and it hurt. Brittney must be dying.

I wanted to look over to Kat to exchange glances with her, but now was a bad time.

Finally the plug fully entered her and Brit let out a huge gasp of relief. Her ass was totally filled and the worst of that part was over. She took the moment to try again to compose herself as best as one can naked and bent over.

He rotated the the whole contraption so that her face was facing the room. He stood behind her and tapped his cock on her milky white ass cheeks. She again let out some moans. He reached both hands across her bent over body. One hand grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, the other pulled the blind fold off revealing Brit to the room.

Her mascara was running as her tears left her eyes and she tried to adjust to the light. She had a look of fear and terror as she realized where she was, but she was still incredibly beautiful. Eventually she seemed to come to and looked at some of us before closing her eyes again in preparation for what was coming next.

The man placed his thick cock-head right at the entrance to her soft pussy. She shook her head as he stretched the shit out of her. Her body got taught as she now had to take that massive cock inside her in addition to the plug. She screamed out as he continued his ingress.

“She’s okay,” Jenna whispered to me. “Believe me, she’ll be better than ok.” I had no choice but to believe her.

The man aggressively pulled her hair back as he simultaneously fit as much of his cock into Brit as he could. Once her pussy had somewhat acclimated to his girth he was able to move in and out with greater freedom. The muscular beast behind her pumped himself in and out as poor Brit’s was completely under his control. Her beautiful tits swung forward and back with each thrust as her entire being seemed to work together to handle what this Alpha was subjecting her to.

Jenna reached down and started feeling my little tent through the panties. She was only gently touching it, but it felt nice.

The man was an athletic machine as he treated Brit’s holes like his his absolute playthings to be pumped. He was using her and her pussy to ejaculate into, nothing more. That was clear from his actions. Thankfully, Brit’s cries of pain were starting to turn. As her pussy was more and more made to accommodate his thick snake, she seemed to begin to experience some pleasure.

Her face was now alternating between pain and pleasure with looks of pleasure quickly replacing those of pain. As the man started to build he increased the rate of his pumps. He pulled her hair back almost out of her head he let out a load roar. Brittney screamed again, this time in pleasure as she could feel the beast fill her over and over again with his load. Her whole body shook as she had a monumental orgasm.

Jenna quickly reached into my panties and cupped my stiffy with her hand. It didn’t take much. After the day I had, with that plug in my ass, and after watching the ‘show’ my body quickly started orgasming all over. Jenna quickly removed her had before ejaculation and pulled my panties back over my dicklet which I came right into. She cupped my small balls through the fabric as I unloaded into my boy-shorts. I could feel the warm beta squirt rub up against me as I wet my panties. As I hugged her in thanks I saw Kat again. She had seen the whole thing and just shook her head as if knowingly laughing at me as she had no small part in that orgasm.

Jenna seemed happy, “You deserved that honey,” she said sweetly. As I looked down at her perfect legs and cute feet in those sandals, I got some aftershocks in my panties. That was the first time that I had fully came with my ass filled and I would never forget it.

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