College Tuition Ch. 04

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Things were relatively normal the next two mornings because of my schedule. Helen continued her teasing by wearing just her night gown both mornings. It provided for more distraction at work which was no big deal. I couldn’t wait for Tuesday night when I could stay up late having the next two days off. Tuesday night I made it a point to come in by 11:00. If Helen was on the balcony I would be in heaven. If not, then I would watch a little television and crash early.

Luck was on my side. As I quietly closed and locked the door I could see that all the bedroom doors were closed. The kitchen light was on and just bright enough to illuminate the open sliding glass door. I crept into my room and changed out of my clothes and boxers and into my gym shorts and a t-shirt. Closing the door ever so carefully, I quietly walked to the balcony. I opened the screen door and found Helen bent over the railing, leaning on her elbows. My cock stirred immediately as I spied her bare ass. She was wearing another night shirt.

We exchanged pleasantries as I sat down. That was when I noticed the balcony furniture had been rearranged. There was a second chair next to mine. Helen sat down. I didn’t know if this was good or bad as I could only see her smooth legs and the outline of her nipple. We began to shoot the shit about the evening. About an hour went by and I began to think the show was over. Thank goodness I was wrong. Helen stood, walked to the railing and turned around. Because her night shirt was fairly tight it refused to slide down. Her crotch was barely covered. Then she raised her left knee, resting her foot on one of the iron bars. This caused her shirt to rise higher. It was too dark to get a good look at her pussy but I could now see her pubic hair with no material masking it.

My cock was so hard that it was straining to be free. It was time to take a chance. I lifted my left leg and set my foot on the small table. As I moved, I simultaneously brushed the side of the leg of my shorts causing it to retract. The head of my cock and a little of the shaft was sticking out and in view. I acted nonchalantly talking about pure bullshit. So did she. In fact, her only movement was occasionally switching legs on the bars. I wasn’t sure if she saw my cock or not but I did notice that she never turned her head after I put my foot up. She told me at a later time that she did in fact, see me. We went to bed a little before 1:00 a.m. After the previous close call I did not drain my balls that night. Needless to say, sleeping was a bitch!

I awoke the next day to find only Helen home. “Good morning, David. Sleeping in on your day off I see. There’s coffee in the kitchen.”

“Thanks, that sounds great.” I fiddled in the kitchen and went and sat on the couch. Helen was seated directly across from me in her recliner. I immediately noticed the night shirt. It looked great in the light. I could see both of her huge tits and nipples. I lowered my gaze to her legs. Even with her knees together they looked so smooth. I was thinking about kneeling between them and licking her inner thighs when the phone startled me.

“Hello,” she answered. “Oh, hi John. What’s up?” As he was talking she opened her legs. The view I had been hoping for was eight feet away. “Oh okay then I won’t fix dinner until around 7:00.” It was then that my heart stopped. She lifted a knee and put Gaziantep Yabancı Escort her foot on the cushion. Her night shirt had no choice but to ride up. I could see that her labia were bare with a beautiful, fur triangle of pubic hair above and neatly timed. The tent in my shorts was obvious. “Yeah, I was actually thinking about a pizza. Okay. Yup. See you, later. Bye”.

She set the phone back in its cradle on the end table. “John’s working late the next two nights so he can take Friday off. He’s going take the kids to his parents over the weekend.”

“Sounds like fun,” I managed to mumble and sipped my coffee. “Don’t worry. I won’t have any wild parties while you’re gone,” I joked.

“I know you won’t since I’m not going,” she said with a grin. That’s when I remembered that Helen and John’s mother don’t get along.

I set my cup on the coffee table and stood. There was nothing subtle about the state of my cock as it pushed my gym shorts away from my leg. I announced that I was heading for the shower which I fully intended to do for more reasons that just the obvious.

Helen looked straight at my crotch and said, “Use my shower. You’ll really like the water pressure.”

“Fuck!” I thought I was busted. She didn’t want me jerking off in the shared bathroom so to stop me I was to use her shower. “Oh, that will be great,” I said with my face blushing.

“I’m going to start laundry. Just throw your shorts in with my stuff when you go in my room. The hamper’s at the foot of the bed. Now don’t use all the hot water cause I’m showering next.” I was wishing we were showering together. “Leave the door open because of the steam. You can shave and brush your teeth in there, too. There’s fresh towels on the bed.”

“Cool, and I won’t use all the hot water,” I said as I walked to my room to get a fresh pair of boxers. I opened the drawer. “Shit!”

Helen had followed me in the bedroom to get the kids’ dirty clothes. “Whats’s the matter?”

“I’m outta underwear.” I confessed.

“Don’t worry. I already started a load and your stuff is in the dryer. I will bring you a pair while you’re in the shower.” Helen turned and headed to the laundry area. I walked to her bedroom thinking about a load I’d really like to give her. I stopped at the foot of the bed, stripped off my shorts and t-shirt, grabbed a towel and went into the master bath.

Though a bit limp, my cock was still swollen. The feeling of the water did nothing to desensitize me. I rinsed my hair I turned towards the shower door. When I rubbed the water from my eyes I noticed that the door was basically clear except for the steam that was beginning to attach to the glass. As I applied my body wash and began lathering myself I caught a movement from outside the shower stall. Helen had walked in and fiddled with stuff on the vanity. I froze for a moment. She turned and looked at me and said, “The dryer’s got about twenty minutes to go, so just wrap a towel around yourself when you’re done.” I came back to reality and as I turned to rinse my body I heard her say, “Or not,” as she exited the through the door.

It didn’t hit me as far as what she said as I was thinking that I was rubbing the soap on my cock when I noticed her looking at me. “Okay,” I managed to force out not knowing if she could hear me. I turned off the water and opened the shower door to grab my towel. I stepped out of the stall and closed the door and dried off on the bath carpet. Once again, movement struck my eye. On the bathroom door was a full length mirror. I saw the most amazing reflection. Helen was standing at the foot of the bed, pulling off her night shirt. She dropped the night shirt into the basket and then pulled out her hair clip. I was mesmerized as she shook her hair loose letting fall around her shoulders.

Finally, my quest to see her naked had come to fruition. Her tits were large and full and hung perfectly. She turned to walk to her dresser. Her ass was large but her cheeks were still very firm and full, like her tits. My cock was rock hard. She walked back to the bed and grabbed a towel and held it against her chest. “Fuck,” I screamed silently. It was then that I realized that she was looking at me through the mirror. It stood to reason; if I could see her then she could also see me.

She started walking to the bathroom door. I quickly wrapped the towel around my waste, forcing my cock to the side of my left hip. She kept walking right to the shower. I turned to let her by her hip brushed my towel pulling it loose. My cock bobbed free, falling against her hip. She made no effort stop so the tip my corona slid against her bare hip. My heart was racing. As she walked past me I watched her ass. She hung her towel and opened the shower door. She bent over and picked up my shampoo and body wash. What a sight! She turned around and handed the bottles to me. “These are yours, I believe,” she said.

“Oh yeah, thanks,” I stuttered. I wasn’t making eye contact but neither was she. We were both looking at each other’s naked bodies. I forced myself to turn away and step towards the sink setting the bottles down. I was now looking at myself in the bathroom mirror.

Helen moved behind me and slid to my right shoulder. I felt her body against mine. “That looks impressive and uncomfortable.” I said nothing. A thousand thoughts raced through my head. And then, she gently took my cock in her hand and began to slowly and gently stoke it. She pushed her body against me. It was electric. I took a chance and moved my hand to her crotch. She immediately spread her legs, allowing my fingers full access. I felt her soft hair then moved to her shaved lips. I pressed my middle finger to her slit. She was soaked.

She released my cock and pulled my body to face her. We embraced and kissed deeply. My hands gravitated to her ass where I squeezed her cheeks. She responded by pressing hard against me.

After a few moments of this, she broke the embrace and took my hands into hers and led me to her bed. She sat down, took hold of my cock and looked up at me. She gently stroked me. She moved her gaze to my throbbing prick. She began kissing the side of my shaft from the head to the base and back. She squeezed me a few times causing pre-cum to ooze from the tip of my corona. She licked it with the tip of her tongue. She placed her mouth over the head and pushed down. I felt her tongue conform to my cock. She slowly moved her head, back and forth while gently sucking. The feeling was euphoric. She softly grabbed my nut sack with her free hand. I deduced that she was gauging when I was building for orgasm.

I began to feel that familiar wave of pleasure in my loins. She must have sensed it, too. She withdrew from my cock and looked up at me. I bent over and kissed her. As our tongues danced with each other as I got down on my knees before her. She leaned back on her elbows. I moved to her tits and licked and sucked them over and over. She moaned in approval. I began to kiss down her stomach. Her scent was sending lightning bolts to my brain. I pulled her hips to the edge of the bed. She complied without resistance; spreading her legs wider and laying down. Her beautiful pussy was inches from my face. I moved to her wet, glistening labia. I licked them repeatedly. Her juice tasted so good. On one, swift, calculated motion I lapped her slit. She shuddered. After another five or six licks, I engulfed her swollen clit in my mouth. Licking and sucking I pressed my face to her crotch. Her hand found my head and pulled me tighter. I responded by increasing my speed and pressure of my tongue. Her breathing became deeper and louder. Suddenly, Helen buried her heels in my back. Her abdomen and legs tightened. She let out an unintelligible sound and began to writhe and spasm. I refused to stop. It was then I realized that my face was warm and very wet. Her body steadily slowed and relaxed except for her breathing.

“Oh my God, David,” was all she could say. I lifted up and stared at her while I wiped my face with the comforter. I stood up, ready to push my rock hard dick into her drenched cunt. “Wait,” she said.

She slid back further on the bed. Grabbed a pillow and put it under her head. She bent her knees and spread her legs extending the invitation I sorely wanted. She held out her arms and said, “Come to me David. You’ve wanted this for a while. Now come and get it cause I’m all yours.”

I crawled on the bed and between her legs. She took my cock with one hand and pulled my hip with the other, leading me to her entrance. She guided the head of my cock inside her, released my dick and grabbed my other hip. Simultaneously, we pushed our crotches together. Her hot, wet pussy felt like a vacuum. She felt incredible. We lay in each other’s arms, kissing for a bit. I started to slowly and lovingly move in and out of her. She adjusted herself underneath me and slid her legs around my lower back.

“Fuck me however you want,” she whispered. “Shoot your load deep inside me. No more sinks, Baby. You have me now.”

With that I spread my knees apart and lifted my chest a little allowing me to move unhindered. I began fucking her with long, steady strokes. I knew I wasn’t going to last very long as it and her felt so good. I started thrusting as deep as I could. Helen responded by pressing her heels into my ass, pulling her closer to me. My speed increased. A euphoric wave suddenly came over me. My cock began to feel like it would bust out of its own skin. I felt a strange sensation in my balls. My whole body tensed. Pushed deep inside her, I erupted. I groaned aloud for what seemed like a minute, as I my hips bucked with short hart thrusts. My cock didn’t want to leave the warm, wet home it had found. My balls kept pumping semen. My load was so big that we could hear slurping from our mutual juices mixing together as I glided in and out of her. I just kept fucking her.

“Yessss,” she screamed. She squeezed me like a vise. ‘I’m cumming, too Baby. Don’t stop.” This drove me mad. I pushed in and out her fast and hard until we both collapsed, exhausted and sweaty.

We fell asleep in the same position. I drifted so sleep thinking I needed another shower. Hopefully, with company.

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