Come Fuck My Husband

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RE: Story “Go Get Your Husband”

Anonymous said:

Such a wonderful story, I was so wet wishing I was Kim and Dierdre, so wet I had to masturbate, so wet I want to be watched and watch my husband emptying his load in a younger woman’s pussy. I am 45 he is older, so to see him fucking a very sexy younger model would be amazing for me. How about a story where the wife enjoys both, like I want. Call them Lisa and John then I would know it was written with me in mind.

Come Fuck My Husband

I was single, just the way I liked it when I met John at a bar. His wife was at home, but he made sure to show me plenty of picture of her. It was refreshing to see that he was in love with his wife, but I took it as a bit of a challenge. I enjoyed bedding older men, especially if they were married. The thought of usurping the power of some old, insecure wives really got me off back in those days.

I was barely nineteen when I started fucking couples. I was tired of men falling in love with me constantly, and I figured that a better way to get the sex I needed as a single woman was to join couples. I got off on fucking a woman’s husband right in front of her, especially if I could tell that it was bothering her a bit to share him. So many of the women I had dealt with liked to pretend that they were actually into their husband fucking a younger woman, but I could tell that actually watching their husband fuck me irked most of them.

I was a model back then and I had been since I turned sixteen. I was six-feet tall with no shoes on and my body was effortlessly thin. My tits weren’t too big nor were they too small. They looked perfect on my thin frame. I had a bit of a butt and men seemed to like this about me. My hair was golden blonde and my eyes were a marbled brown color that caught the light in photos.

“I’m a model,” I told John when he asked what I did for a living.

“That’s amazing! What kind of modeling do you do?”

“Mostly editorial,” I explained, but I could tell he had no idea what that meant. “So, are we going back to your place after this?” I sipped on the drink he had gotten for me.

“You want to go back to my place? You know I’m married, right?” John asked. He looked like he was in his fifties and his dark hair was peppered with grey. He was attractive in that rugged old guy kind of way.

“You’ve only mentioned it twenty times since we started talking.”

“Her name is Lisa,” he went on, “and she has been asking me to bring home a woman to fuck while she watches. Have you ever done anything like that?”

“I actually have. I don’t have a problem with that if Lisa doesn’t.”

“I’m texting her right now!” John said with excitement and I tried to be patient as he had a text conversation with his wife about me.

“She’s into it. I’m ready when you are,” John pushed his finished drink toward the bartender and looked to me.

“I’m ready too,” I agreed as I drained the rest of my drink and set my glass down. John took my hand and led me to his car.

“Do you want to follow me there? Did you drive here?”

“I took an Uber,” I assured him. “I’ll just ride with you.”

He unlocked his car, which turned out to be a spacious Lincoln. I sat in the passenger seat as he started the escort izmir car up and began to pull out of his parking space. I let my hand wander over the center console and onto John’s lap.

“You’re naughty!” he exclaimed but he didn’t stop me from fondling his cock through his slacks. When he got to a light he unzipped his fly and got his cock out. “Don’t tell my wife we had this pre-game, okay? This is just between us.”

“Of course,” I agreed and grabbed his hardening cock, stroking it the best I could. I couldn’t stop myself from unbuckling my seatbelt so I could lean over and take his cock in my mouth. It felt good to be slutty and there was something fun about doing this without his wife knowing. This would be a special moment for us.

By the time we got to his house, John’s cock was engorged and ready to fuck. He tried his best to slip it back into his pants before getting out and opening the door for me. He escorted me to the front door, which he opened carefully.

“Lisa? You home?” John called out for his wife.

“I’m right here,” Lisa came out wearing nothing but an apron. “I was making some snacks. Oh, this must be your new friend!” Lisa turned to me and I couldn’t help but think she was pretty. She had dark hair and perfectly applied makeup. She was probably in her forties and she had the cutest smile lines on either side of her sexy mouth. I was aroused by her relaxed attitude. Clearly she wasn’t jealous of me, which was a bit of a shame. I kind of liked it when the wives were jealous. However, maybe this experience would still be a fun one. After all, she was wearing nothing but an apron and her obviously fake breasts were doing a great job of making the outfit look obscene.

“I’m Caitlyn,” I said politely, holding out my hand. “I’m here to fuck your husband while you watch. I hope you can handle it.” I stared her down and watched as her frown turned to a look of concern.

“Well, aren’t you brazen?” Lisa said with a haughty laugh. She found my confidence amusing and not threatening as I was used to.

“I can be. Watch me suck your husband’s dick and you’ll see.” I gave her a naughty look before I faced John and shot my hand toward his fly to unzip it. I pulled his cock from his pants as he looked sheepishly at Lisa. “She’s a wild one!”

“She sure is,” Lisa agreed, “but let’s see if she can actually suck some dick. I expect that you can take it down your throat, right Caitlyn.” Lisa gave an evil laugh as I popped her husband’s dick into my mouth. I sucked it as if my life depended on it, trying my best to show off so Lisa would feel threatened and intimidated by my sexual skills. I took his cock down my throat and showed her exactly what I had learned as a model. The casting couch was a serious thing and I had sucked many dicks to reach the top. John’s cock was nothing to me, just another dick in a long line of dicks. I stared Lisa down as she watched me.

“You’re really good at sucking dick, you slut!” Lisa pushed the back of my head so that John’s cock lodged in my throat. I choked and sputtered, spitting his cock out. I gasped for air.

“Hey! Why did you do that?” I turned and glared at Lisa, but she giggled as if the whole thing was funny.

“I enjoyed that. Sorry,” she apologized, izmir escort bayan but I could tell that she wasn’t actually sorry.

“Now it’s time for me to fuck him. Bareback.” I glared at Lisa, expecting her to say no or to get upset, but instead she led John to an oversized chair in the living room and told him to sit down. “Let’s see you bounce on it.”

“Okay,” I accepted the challenge. I climbed onto John’s laps, grabbing his cock to aim it toward my pussy. I slid down onto his shaft with a satisfied sigh. “That feels so good in me. Lisa, your husband’s cock is so good!”

“Oh, I know it is, but you need to fuck him harder than that!” Lisa grabbed me by the shoulders and began to push me down onto John’s cock. She was basically using me to fuck her husband. I didn’t like that she was in control of the situation. I felt like I needed to do something to regain control, but I didn’t know what to do. John’s cock was feeling really good and I let myself cum for the first time of the night. “That was sexy. Now turn around and face me. I want to see your eyes while you take his dick.”

“Okay, fine,” I agreed. I was actually having a bit more fun now that I had cum. I turned around so I was in reverse cowgirl and slid down on John’s cock.

“How does her pussy feel, babe?” Lisa asked John.

“It feels so good.”

“Better than my pussy?” Lisa demanded to know.

“Yes, so much better. She’s so much prettier than you and her pussy is so tight and warm. Not like your old pussy.”

“Do you want to feel her asshole too?” Lisa asked him.

“Yesssss,” John hissed.

“You heard him, slut! Put it in your ass.”

“I need some lube or something…” I looked around for some.

“No, you don’t!” Lisa reached out and grabbed John’s cock. She put it in her own mouth and sucked it until it was coated in her slobber. “There you go. Put it in her ass,” she encouraged John.

“Oh my God!” I moaned as his dick entered my ass. It had been too long since I had done anal, but my muscle memory kicked in and I bounced on John’s cock with my ass. Lisa knelt in front of me with her tongue out, licking my pussy as I bounced. Her tongue felt amazing, but when she added a finger into my pussy I absolutely lost it. I screamed as my second orgasm of the night made its appearance. It seemed to last forever as my body shook and shuddered.

Lisa looked pleased with herself. “How does her asshole feel on your dick?” she asked her husband.

“It feels so fucking good. It’s so much tighter than your ass ever was,” he assured Kim. “You know she’s a model, too. She’s the hottest girl I’ve ever fucked.”

“I’m glad it feels good on your cock. That’s what I want,” Lisa cooed. “She’s here to make you feel good the way that I can’t. Aren’t you, slut?”

“Yeah!” I agreed as Lisa rubbed my clit with her soft fingers before bending down and licking me. Her mouth on my pussy and John’s cock up my ass made me cum a third time. This time Lisa kissed me to soothe me as my orgasm came to an end.

“I want you to lick my pussy now while he finishes in your ass. Can you do that?” Lisa asked me as if she didn’t think that I could.

“Yes!” I agreed.

I was shocked as Lisa climbed up onto the chair so that izmir escortlar one foot was on each arm. She wasn’t as tall as me and it turned out that her pussy was right in my face waiting to be licked. I stuck my tongue out, swiping it across her clit the best that I could. She grabbed my head, holding onto my body to balance herself as she ground her pussy against my tongue.

I had never been ordered around by a man’s wife before. In fact, I was usually the one calling the shots, but in this case I didn’t mind one bit. John’s cock in my ass felt so good, so I reached my hand down to my pussy to rub myself as I licked Lisa’s pussy. The taste of her cunt combined with John’s upward thrusts into my ass pushed me past my breaking point. I lost control of myself, screaming into Lisa’s pussy as my body shuddered. I was cumming harder than I had ever cum and I couldn’t seem to stop. The orgams kept going even as Lisa held my head to her pussy, making me continue to lick her even though it was a struggle.

“I think you made her cum really good,” Lisa laughed.

“I’m about to cum really hard too, right in this tight model’s ass.”

“Do it! Cum in her!” Lisa screamed. “And you,” keep licking my pussy!” She pulled my head toward her pussy so hard that she almost lost her balance. I grabbed her, pulling her toward me to keep her from falling. I wanted to taste her while John came in my ass. I wanted it so much.

“Fuck!” John moaned and I knew that he was cumming deep in my asshole. I felt so used as he finished and came to a stop.

Lisa jumped down from her perch on the chair and helped me up and off of John’s cock.

“Can I taste your dick now?” Lisa asked John.

“That was just in my ass!” I tried to warn her.

“I know. That’s what I like – the taste of ass!” Lisa winked at me.

I found this a bit disgusting, but as Lisa crouched on the floor in between John’s legs and took his dirty cock in her mouth, she moaned as if she was in ecstasy.

“You like watching this?” John asked me.

“She’s a bit twisted,” I admitted.

“Your ass tastes good,” Lisa took a moment to tell me before she wrapped her mouth back around John’s cock.

“She sure is. I should have warned you,” John said, but I knew he didn’t mean it.

“I think maybe it’s time for me to go,” I said quickly, reaching for my purse so I could find my phone. I would call for a ride and this would be another one of my many adventures.

“No! Don’t go! Not yet. I want to taste your ass and pussy again!” Lisa begged me. “Please stay. Stay for as long as you can. I want you to fuck my husband some more.

“Well, I suppose I can stay a bit longer,” I agreed.

“Come sit on John’s face,” Lisa suggested. “He need to taste that pussy too.”

“You’re not like any of the other wives I’ve met,” I laughed as I admitted this to Lisa.

“What are they like?”

“Jealous and insecure.”

“Oh, I see. Well, I’m not jealous or insecure. I’m horny and I love the taste of pussy and ass. Ever had your ass eaten?”

“No, I haven’t,” I admitted.

“Tell you what. You stick around and we can do all the fun things you’ve never gotten to do with the other wives, okay?”

“Okay!” I agreed and I hopped onto John’s face and decided that maybe it wasn’t so bad taking orders from Lisa and letting her be in control. She was the first wife I’d come across that actually loved watching me fuck her husband. Of course, she also loved fucking me too. It was awesome!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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