Coming To My Senses

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My father and I started our dad/daughter relationship in a very negative way. He and I never got along when I was younger. I found him very cold and cruel. Until then I thought he was the meanest man in the world and quite possibly the most revolting. He was never an attractive man, although from photos, he did look pretty sweet when he was younger. He had that tall, college professor/artist thing going on and always had a beard and a thick head of dark hair. While I got Dad’s brown eyes, I got Mom’s pale auburn hair, clear skin, great body and her beautiful smile.

I ended up loathing my father until my mother divorced him and we moved.

Then I saw him in a very different light. His reaction to us leaving him shocked me; he cried whenever he saw me, told me he loved me and that he was sorry he hadn’t been a better man, a better father, a better friend, to me. I began to become aware that his cruel personality came from fear and insecurity.

Poor Daddy, I thought. He was absolutely misunderstood.

I invited him over a couple of times to the house when Mom went out.

Sometimes I’d skip school to have him over. Most of the time, we’d play chess, or just sit around and talk. We ended up becoming really good friends, and I felt better than ever about my life and my relationship with him. I finally saw him as someone attractive, and someone worthy, someone who truly loved me and made my life richer for knowing him. I forgot about the past and began a new relationship with him.

It was almost noon, and I’d come home from school to meet Daddy at the house. He was already there, waiting for me. He carried some flowers for me – daisies! My favourite.

I grinned and gave him a huge hug, thankful for the break in my horrible school day. He smelled fantastic, a spicy sweet scent which lingered on his neck when I hugged him close.

“You smell good.” I told him, taking the flowers, “Thank you, they’re stunning.”

“I couldn’t resist getting them for you, my baby.”

“Coffee, Daddy?” I asked, walking into the house.

“Sure, I’d love it.”

He walked in behind me and shut the front door.

“Your mom at work?”

“Yeah. She wont be back until late tonight, Mike mentioned something about dinner or a party.”

“Mike her boyfriend?”

I caught the frown on his face and smiled comfortingly at him.

“Something like that. Don’t worry Daddy, you’ll always have me.”

He smiled, his eyes shining happily. “The love of my life.” He said.

I felt my heart warm to that idea. I suddenly felt the same. The love of my life, he was. He was the only man who I was really close to. Before he and I became friends, I had no real male role models, or even friends for that matter. Now he was the one and only man in my life who I wanted to spend any time with. We shared so much, and we now got along very well.

“Feeling’s mutual gorgeous,” I smiled and got the milk from the fridge.

“Really? I’m the love of your life, am I?” He chuckled. “You have a long way to go before you can make that statement with any real honesty, baby.”

“No, I mean it, Daddy.” I wandered over to hug him again, slinging my arms around his waist. I felt his belly against my breasts. “I might marry someone else, but I’ve really begun to feel strongly for you. I think you’re totally misunderstood. People don’t understand you. But I do.”

He looked down at me, shocked at my words. “Do you mean that?”

“Absolutely.” I wiggled against him. “I think you’re brilliant!”

Suddenly I felt something stirring against my belly. At first I thought it was his fingers tickling up lightly against me, but I knew it couldn’t have been. His penis was stirring lightly. I blushed, giggled lightly and stepped back, moving back to the kitchen.

“Sorry baby.” He blushed, too.

“It’s okay.” I laughed.

There was an awkward silence and I made two coffees. “Hey, come and look at some Internet sites with me. I’ll show you what I’ve been doing.”

“Love it.”

I sat at my computer in my room and he sat back on my bed. I started surfing through some websites.

“Look at you, all computer literate.” He grinned, sipping his coffee.

I laughed, “Well, you know, I spend most of my free time on this thing.

It’s so addictive!”

“Aren’t you worried about perverts?”

“Hell Daddy I am one of the perverts!” I joked.

As I said that, I innocently clicked on a link which read: “CLICK HERE” and I should have known better. As soon as the page loaded, I felt ill. It was full of teen porn. I made a noise of disgust and let my eyes quickly run over the pictures on the site. One young girl with her legs spread wide for the camera, another girl with her mouth wrapped uncomfortably around a mammoth black cock.

Dad laughed “What are you looking at, baby?” He stood up and came around to my chair.

I fumbled, trying to close the page quickly, but panicked and clicked on one of the photos. The page loaded into a huge version of the photo. I will never forget that photo. It ataşehir escort was horrendous and awful. An old man had a girl no older than me kneeling on the floor while he shoved his cock into her straining, virgin pussy. I gulped and blushed when I felt Dad standing behind my chair. He fell silent when he saw the page and covered the screen with my hand in horror.

“Ogh God, yuck!”

“Well… that’s certainly interesting.” He laughed.

His good humour shocked me. I looked up at him, surprised by his reaction. My hand fell from the screen and I looked back at the picture.

“Interesting”? I tried to see what was interesting about it. “How is THAT interesting?”

“Oh are you kidding? …. I mean… there’s something about it which is….” His words trailed off into silence. I stared at the picture.

The girl wasn’t unhappy, in fact, her face was filled with rapture as this well-hung, sweating man who could have been her father, pierced her with his penis.

“Do you think she would really enjoy that?”

“Well I would like to think so.”

I felt my throat tighten.


“No, baby, really. You build up to something like that. You make the girl feel like she’s going to break loose at any moment, and you make her feel very hot before you … do….that..”

Again his words trailed off. I knew he was struggling with the concept of talking to me about such things. I was certainly struggling with having to hear it. But at the same time, it felt totally natural, as if this was the only thing we should have been talking about, being father and daughter.

I managed a laugh, “OH really Daddy?” I cried, “And you would know this how?”

He patted my shoulder, “Never mind.”

We looked at the photo again for a few seconds, in silence, before I clicked out of it, and back to the main porn page. I didn’t think twice about going back into the index page to open up some more pictures.

“All these girls are young.” I griped. “And all the guys have huge…” I didn’t know what word to use. “Anyway Dad, we shouldn’t be looking at these pictures. I’ll show you my website.”

He didn’t reply. I could tell the photos were making him think of something. I thought about whether his penis which had moved earlier, when I hugged him, was getting harder, or sore, or whether it was fully hard. I glanced out the corner of my eye to try to see, but he was standing too far back. He kept his hand on my shoulder as I surfed to my website and showed him my internet friends, and what I’d done.

I could feel him standing behind me, could feel the wavering heat from his body as he almost pressed up against my shoulders.

“That’s Maria, she’s from Australia, and she’s such a dope.” I laughed.

“She’s a hottie.” He grinned.


“Well, she is. But, don’t worry baby, she’s got nothing on you!”

His hands were on my neck. He massaged my neck lightly, his fingers delving and kneading deeply into my flesh and bones. I smiled and let my neck loosen a little.


“If I had to vote, you’d be the most beautiful girl in the world.”

“Yeah I guess I’m pretty eh.”

“Not just pretty, you know. You should have more confidence in yourself.

You’re tall, slender, beautiful body like your Mom, beautiful face. You’re a very sexy young girl, Jool.”

I smiled and blushed. I loved hearing things like that when I was that age! I have to admit to fishing for such compliments. I knew how pretty I was, and even sexy sometimes, but to have someone admit it out loud is always a great compliment. To have my Dad say it, at that moment, was extraordinary.

I could feel his hot fingertips playing underneath the wisps of hair at the back of my neck. Then I felt him lean down and look at the computer closer. This one movement put him so that his cheek was almost against mine and his eyes could see all the way down my shirt to my braless breasts. I could feel his eyes burning on my breasts and suddenly his hand slid downward and around to my throat where he massaged lightly.

“That’s some website you’ve got there baby.” He said proudly.

I smiled. “Thanks.”

“You’ve done really well. I’m so proud of you and your talents.”

Nobody mentioned the intimate nature of our situation.

“Thanks Daddy.”

“Okay, lets go back to that other site now!” He said cheekily.

I turned my head to him, and found my nose almost pressing into his beard.

I pulled back a little bit, and inhaled his smell.

“You really want to?”

“Mm I would love to.” He nodded, and glanced at me. Our lips were so close, I wondered what I should do. I turned back to the screen and shifted slightly in my chair, clicking back to the porn site. “Now. Let me show you something.”

Dad’s hand covered mine on the mouse. He began clicking links to some new sites and pictures. I let him, feeling his hand warm and covered around mine fully. The computer scenery was all nudity, female shots and got boring after a while, until he came to some far more avcılar escort interesting photos.

They were all of cocks and men’s bodies. He clicked on a couple to enlarge the cock photos.

“Wow look at that guy! He’s having the time of his life.” Dad laughed.

The man’s face was not in the picture, it was an amateur shot of his cock getting hard in his own hand, as he stroked it. There was a series of seven photos with the man’s cock getting redder and harder, then finally bursting with cum. I was silently looking at the photos as Daddy surfed through them. My hand under his became sweaty on the mouse and I felt my breathing get shorter.

“Pretty interesting stuff you have access to here, baby.” He said.

I smiled again, my eyes gorging on the photos. I began to feel my pussy tingle lightly, moisten gently too.

“Yeah, I think I’ll bookmark this page.” I joked.

“You like that man’s cock?”

I almost shuddered at the sound of Dad using that word. But then again, it fit perfectly. This was a cock. A hard, pounding cock spewing with cum. I licked my lips and swallowed hard on my tight, wet throat. I blushed.

“I guess.”

“What about it do you like?”

“I don’t know Dad!” I cried, embarrassed.

“Well, why do you like it?”

“It’s huge!”

He laughed and I began to feel less concerned. This was normal and natural. Again, it felt right. Once I got past the embarrassment, it actually felt very good.

“I like his … I like those.” I pointed to the man’s balls. “And I like that it’s got a head on it. It looks prettier.”

“Circumcised you mean?” he said, “Yes, most men are.”


“I know I am,” he smiled kindly.

I had pictures of his penis in my head, and now it had more clarity. I could see it vividly in my own mind, and again I wondered what it was doing, whether it was getting harder yet. I looked back and down to look, without thinking. Daddy stepped back, a bit shocked at my thoughtless scrutiny. I blushed and quickly looked away.

“Trust me, baby.” He touched my neck again, “I am.”

This time his touch had a softer, gentler feel to it. He began to massage lightly against my neck again, stroking and caressing my shoulder. He leaned down over my shoulder again so that he was close to me again while his hand massaged my neck and shoulder muscles through my thin silk school shirt.

We continued to look through the site. I let my eyes feed on the pictures.

I was getting hungrier and more enthusiastic to see more. I kept clicking through the pictures, one after another after another. We were silent now, and I could hear nothing but us in the bedroom, our breathing, shifting, the uncomfortable tension. I stopped at a picture of a man with his face between a woman’s legs. I stared at the picture, enthralled. The idea of that happening was incredible to me. What was he doing? Kissing her pussy?

Licking it? I imagined all kinds of things his tongue and lips were doing to her down there. I knew that kind of thing went on, but being the virgin that I was at the time, I couldn’t even imagine what it felt like. I stared a little longer than I should have. Daddy glanced at me.

“You okay baby?”

I nodded, and blushed again. My neck and face went hot and red. “Yes.”

“What is it about this picture you think it so good, hmm?” his eyes twinkled.

“It looks pretty interesting.”

“Yes. I would have to agree with you there. Men love doing that.”

I was astonished. They did? How very cool! “Really!?”

“Absolutely. One of the best things about being a man is being able to taste that.” My father sighed.

I turned to look at him again. Suddenly his face looked delicious. I thought about kissing him. I thought about biting him and sucking on his neck. My mind began to spin a little and I felt like closing my eyes and going to sleep, head over heels drifting. My legs felt weak, my hands felt sore and tingling. In fact I felt warm tingling sensations all through my body, running through my veins.

I sighed and leaned in to kiss his neck. He felt my lips at first kiss-bite through his prickly beard, then my tongue breaking through the stubble to his skin.

He seemed shocked, but didn’t move. I felt his hand clasp lightly around my neck again, near my throat. His fingers closed in around my throat gently so when I swallowed, he could feel the motion of my swallowing. Then he turned his own head and our mouths met. We kissed like lovers. Lovingly, deeply.

I had never felt anything like it. My own father kissing me, his mouth open. I felt the kick in my belly spreading juices around inside me, leaving my panties sopping wet with the sensation. I couldn’t believe the eroticism of it.

Suddenly his mouth opened wider and he slid his tongue deeper into my mouth. I began to suck on it and I felt him moan with pleasure.

His hand came around from my shoulder down around to near his other hand – near my throat – bypassed it, and stroked down under my shirt to clasp my right breast ataşehir escort bayan in his firm, hard, molesting grip. I felt the heavy pressure of his massaging on my breast in waves, like a rhythm of soothing warmth.

“Mmmmm,” he breathed his heavy Dad breath into my mouth, “Baby.”

I pressed back in my chair and began to undo the buttons on my shirt while he mauled my naked breast with his hungry hand.

“Daddy…” I pressed his hand harder into my aching breast. “Make me feel good.” I begged in a whisper.

His kisses ran from my lips and wet mouth to my neck, near his hand on my throat. His mouth opened as he ate my flesh passionately. I reached up around his head and pulled him down into my chest further.

Finally I felt his lips and scratchy beard rough against my breasts. My head fell back and he leaned over me from behind my chair, leaning in to my breasts, mauling one with his right hand, and suckling on the other with his prickly mouth.

He sucked the whole breast up into his mouth and pulled on it, rolling his tongue over the hardened, sore nipple. His teeth bit lightly into the thick, fat flesh of my breast as he sucked me into his mouth.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. This was the man who until I turned seventeen, I hated. I literally hated him. His strict mannerisms, his disciplinarian ways, his cruelty. And now he was bent forward, sucking my body into his delicious, wet, burning mouth.

“Ohhhh God, Dad….” I moaned.

He took that as a sign. He spun the chair around and knelt between my legs on the floor. He pulled me toward him and kept eating my breasts and nipples with his mouth, but his hands now began to work down over my knees, parting them lightly as he slid his hands up under my skirt. He had my skirt pulled down quickly and I raised my hips shyly to work my ass out of it. Then I was sitting in front of him almost naked but for cotton panties with little daisies all over them. He rubbed his hand over my stomach and worked it down over my panties where he began to stroke lighter, more teasing. I moaned and writhed under his fingers as he circled them around my pussy, following the lines of the fat, hot lips as they pressed into the thin, damp cotton material.

This huge man sat, crouched on the floor, trying to get his mouth on his own daughter’s drenched pussy. I didn’t understand it. I don’t think I wanted to think about what was going on. It just felt incredible. The man who’s sperm had created me was soon going to send me into bliss. I hoped he would anyway. At that moment, I was no longer the little girl. I was the woman, undulating and ready to burst under the manipulative hand of her adoring father.

I ran my hands over his balding head, breathless again, and thought about what I could do for him but he was too busy trying to pleasure me. He sat back for a moment, though, and undid his trousers. I watched, in absolute fascination as his cock sprang up out of his underpants. It was 7 inches of dark red bulging cock, cut beautifully and pounding with burning hot desire. Desire for me! I felt my throat tighten at the sight of my father’s heavy, old man cock.

He parted my legs wider in front of him and sat there for a moment, watching my pussy seep with little droplets of juice on my panties. He leaned in and I felt his head between my thighs. Nobody had ever touched me there.

Nobody but my own hands had touched me there, and now Dad’s whole head was pressed between my thighs!! I gasped.

I felt his tongue lapping the area of my panties which covered my cunt hole and everything else. Then his tongue licked in under the elastic, sliding in under the lace.

The wet slimy touch of Dad’s tongue on my pussy sent shockwaves through me and I slid down in my seat to have his tongue firmly placed on my cunt lips.

He held my legs in place.

He licked.

Dad’s tongue licked my pussy lips gingerly, savouring the honey spice taste of my cum and the soft downy fur which tickled his nose.

I closed my eyes and felt an orgasm already beginning to fuck me from the inside. The orgasm began to ram its way through my body harder and with more and more pleasure as Dad made only light, sweet motions against my aching, vibrating pussy.

“Dad, stop, I’m going to cum….”

“Ohhhh Baby that’s what I want.” He looked up with his small dark brown sinister eyes.

I closed my eyes again and let him continue to force me into absolute pleasure. I felt the cum from my cunt as the orgasm filled up and overflowed down into his open, licking, suckling, thirsty mouth.

I grabbed his head and massaged around his ears, slyly trying to pull his face deeper into me. My hips bucked and ground into him madly.

I was whispering his name in short, gasping cries. The idea that my cum would touch the tastebuds of my Dad’s tongue worked wonders on my body. I shook with orgasm.

My body shuddered as he licked my cum up quickly and happily. He circled his tongue around my sensitive clit, and then around my labia and cunt hole.

His tongue continued to hypnotise my swollen pussy even as the cum stopped dripping.

I wanted to lay there a moment, and savour the feelings, but there was no pause. Daddy took his little finger and began to circle it around my hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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