Conference Call Surprise

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The following story contains some of my favorite kinky things: cream pie eating, feet and toe licking and sucking and gratuitous dirty talk. I have attempted to employ stereotypical language by my female character. It’s hard enough to write correctly, having a person speak incorrectly was a challenge.


“To twenty wonderful years of marriage to the most lovely and sexy wife a man could ever hope for,” Larry toasted as he looked at his bride’s warm face and inviting smile. Liza blushed and smiled at her husband and with a chuckle in her voice she replied, “Larry’s it’s not our anniversary, it’s your fucking birthday.”

Larry lowered his head, a little dejected at turning fifty even thought the years had been good to him. His health was excellent, he wasn’t over weight and he didn’t even look forty. But, the calendar told him differently and the idea of being fifty was just a little scary. After all sixty was only ten years away and retirement, social security, and medicare. How did all those years pass so quickly?

“Hey, your still my fuck stud, aren’t you?” Liza teasingly asked, knowing how much Larry liked to hear her talk dirty.

“You bet I am, slut, and I plan on showing you tonight,” Larry cajoled back. “As a matter of fact I am going to have you sucking my cock on the way home.” Larry added with a dirty smirk.

Liza just smiled that his plan for the evening was about to be changed; it was all she could do not to start laughing. Just then Larry’s cell phone rang, it was his boss Bill Bright. Liza watched Larry’s countenance fall as his boss told him he needed him at the office tonight to handle an important overseas conference call. Liza smiled at the first step in Larry’s birthday surprise, a surprise hatched and planed by both her and his boss.

“What’s wrong, Honey?” Liza asked, full well knowing what he was about to tell her.

“That was Bill. He says that I have to handle an important overseas conference call tonight. It starts in fifty minutes. I better get going. What a fucking lousy birthday present.” Larry lamented as he gave his wife a kiss good-bye.

“Honey, take this with you and when you get to your office I want you to open it and read it. But, don’t open it until you are in your office. It will make you feel better, I promise.” Liza cryptically enjoined him.

Larry took the card with an appreciative smile figuring it would contain some nasty nude photos of her, perhaps some from a recent fling she had not told him about. After all she wasn’t his exclusive slut she enjoyed the privilege of being able to spread her legs with whomever she chose to. Over the past twenty-five years of marriage she had spread her legs for more than a hundred different men.

Quickly, Liza picked her cell phone up, “he’s on his way, be ready for him I want this to be a birthday present he’ll never forget.”

Larry took a cab to the office, a twenty minute trip of disappointment. Liza always made his birthdays extra special sexually, she always came up with a unique way to surprise him and shock him. He remembered the first birthday after they were married and how she gave her ass hole to him for the first time. Then there was the strip club where she danced naked before a room full of cheering men. Wow, his cock was hard as images of her shaking her tits and bending over so the lusting eyes of dozens of men could get a good look at what he got to fuck.

Then he remembered the card and was about to open it when he remembered her instruction not to until he got to his office. He tapped it on his hand fitfully wondering just what could be in it. What could be so special about it or was it just going to be a mushy I love you so much card that women get off on.

His thoughts were broken by the cabbies announcement, “Were here, Buddy, that’ll be eight bucks.” Larry handed him a ten and departed the cab and headed toward the office building door. He quickly entered and walked to the elevator for the ride to the tenth floor.

It was dead quiet, it didn’t seem like his office without the phones ringing and people walking and talking. Even the lighting was dim and the background music was silent.

Larry looked at his watch, the conference call Bill said he was to handle would start in fifteen minutes. “Well might as well get to it. Maybe Liza might wait up for me.”

With his hand on the door knob Larry was just a second away from a spectacular birthday surprise. A surprise that would make ass fucking his wife for the first time, watching her strip in a gentleman’s club or the first time Liza and he did a MFM threesome together look tame.

Larry opened the door, stepped into the room, closed the door and flipped the light on. When he turned about, he was startled to say the least when he saw a lovely young Asian girl lying naked on his desk with her legs up and spread in a wide-open V.

She was pure Asian fuck meat. Long silky black hair hanging straight and shinny, ataşehir escort cascading about her smooth round shoulders puddling on the desk top. Her almond-shaped eyes were cold dark and expressionless, filled with mystery. He watched as her tongue moisten her full lips making her deep red lipstick glisten. Then her tits, a nice easy hand full had amazingly thick dark nipples, swimming in large dark areolas. His eyes continued to drink her in as they slid down her flat firm belly till his gaze found a silky patch of hair adorning her pubic mound and shaved cunt lips.

She continued laying on his desk opening and closing her legs starring at him, smiling content with his reaction to her nakedness. Then she lowered her legs so her lovely petite feet her toes tipped with dark red nail polish were resting on the floor with her ankles crossed and her ass resting on the edge of the desk. She was absolutely stunning to look at, an absolute wet dream.

“Happy birthday,” the young naked Asian girl said plainly as she displayed her nakedness to his frozen gaze.

“What the fuck do you mean happy birthday? Whose idea is this? Fuck, Bill, your going to get me divorced.” Larry fumed, not that his cock wasn’t responding to the lovely young Asian girl. But, fuck his wife made it clear she didn’t want him fucking around without her. She insisted that any extramarital sex he’d enjoy would be enjoyed together. Not that she herself adhered to this rule, Larry accepted the fact that he was married to a slut that wanted to be in control.

“Read birthday card,” the naked Asian girl implored him.

Larry took the card from his coat pocket wondering how she knew about the card. Then he read it, “Happy Birthday, Larry. First, there is no fucking conference call. The young naked Asian girl you’re probably drooling over is your very special birthday gift from me with help from Bill. I know you have a thing for Asian sluts, so I have employed this sweet young whore for your birthday pleasure. She’s yours for the evening. Don’t worry about me, as you are reading this card I am sucking on Bill’s cock. That’s right, your boss’ cock is in my mouth and will know doubts be visiting my cunt and ass hole while you’re enjoying your Asian whore. You see the whore in front of you cost a thousand dollars which Bill and I are splitting. Bill agreed to take my share out in trade. So I guess I am his five-hundred dollar whore for the evening. I love you and have a great time, honey,” the card ended.

Larry looked up and dropping the card he smiled at the young Asian whore girl. Slowly, he walked toward her taking in every sensuous curve till he stood before her. “What am I permitted to do with you? And what is your name?” Larry asked, as he gently rolled the whore’s inviting nipples between his fingers.

“You wife buy full service from this whore girl. You may pleasure self how you want. My name not important, I just Asian whore girl, call me whatever please you,” she replied in the stereotypical manner her clients expected and enjoyed from Asian girls’.

Larry just looked down on the sweet young Asian whore girl, his cock was hard as any man’s would be half his age. Liza sure surprised him this time. He never saw this coming, not only was he to have the pleasures of this young Asian girl before him. But, the erotic thought of his wife’s mouth pleasuring his bosses cock was a story he was eager to hear from both their perspectives. But, now it was time to do this Asian whore girl.

“Full service, eh?” Larry rhetorically repeated as he pushed the whore girl back onto his desk, then he lifted and pushed her legs back up over her head while holding her ankles together. Akiko was her name, she was just twenty-five and worked as a whore to pay for her husband’s medical schooling. Larry was just another man she was being paid to bring pleasure, too. She knew and accepted without emotion that she was nothing more than exotic fuck meat to the man holding her legs.

Larry held her legs back with one hand and with the other he gently probed the wetness between her cunt lips. Akiko lay there as another stranger fingered her cunt. It was just what they did because they wanted to and were paying for the privilege. A privilege her husband earned through love.

Then he slid his hand up and with both hands firmly holding her ankles he pulled her feet to his face and pressed soft wrinkled soles firmly to his cheeks. Turning his head, he took the soft smooth arch of one foot into his mouth licking and sucking the tender soft succulent flesh. Then looking down into her dark expressionless eyes’ he began licking and sucking her toes.

Larry had many sexual interests, feet, particularly petite ones with straight, well-formed toes, smooth high arches and soft round heels delighted his eyes as he would watch them walk by or when he saw a pair dancing wildly above a man as the two of them fucked. It was one of avcılar escort the main reasons he encouraged his wife to fuck other men.

Now, his attention was shifting, his hands loosened their grip upon the whore girl’s ankles his hands began a slow journey down her shapely legs, his fingers following each curve till each hand held a tight ass cheek. Akiko raised her head and looking between her legs she saw this stranger’s eyes drinking her cunt in as he licked his lips in preparation of licking her sweet honey. She knew, like all the other men she had pleasured, he was about to taste her sex. This was just business to her, but, his cunt licking would bring her pleasure and her sounds and physical gyrations would heighten the pleasure of her client.

“You, like lick whore girl pussy? Akiko teasingly asked knowing full well that he did. Please, whore girl like pussy licked, you lick pussy, make feel good? Akiko encouraged, eager for his probing tongue to begin its work on her clit.

Smiling, this pleased Larry that this Asian whore girl was not just letting him use her body in a disinterested manner, but seemingly she was wanting him to use her because it brought her pleasure, as well.

“Yes, I like lick whore girl’s pussy. Your pussy looks so wet and juicy.” Larry replied as he lowered his face to it. Then pausing, his nose just hovering above her beautiful silk-garnished hole of mystery, he deeply inhaled her rich feminine fragrance as his tongue began licking her large protruding inner cunt lips.

The whore girl shook and moaned in response, whether it was professional theatrics or real pleasure responses made no difference to Larry, her sweetness was real as was her wetness. This sweet young Asian whore girl was going to be thoroughly licked and savored, she was there for his pleasure it was her job to enjoyment of the sex, because it brought more pleasure to the man she was paid to please.

Akiko’s abdomen began to contract and quiver as Larry flicked his tongue through her whoring wet cunt lips. Her breaths were short and quick, especially when his tongue would circle her clit or descend to her ass hole where he would ream her. Larry knew how to pleasure a woman and took pleasure in doing it. Akiko was always pleased when a client took such joy in giving her pleasure, it made being a whore girl seem less dirty and degrading. If she closed her eyes, she could see her husband’s face and in her mind her client’s tongue became her husband’s.

Larry could tell the whore girl was enjoying his tongue and that she was apparently approaching orgasm. “Whore girl enjoying my tongue? You want me to make you cum?” Larry asked temporally lifting his head from between her soft warm thighs.

“Yes, yes, please you make cum, make whore girl cum . . . lick, lick pussy real good.” Akiko implored with genuine urgency, not professional theatrics.

With his mouth full of her pussy Larry licked and sucked till Akiko screamed in pleasure her head tossing and turning wildly while her feet were clutching the sides of his head as her toes curled and flexed.

After a moment of recovery Larry rose up above the young whore girl to enjoy her flushed face filled with the glow of orgasmic pleasure. If it were his wife, he would linger longer with the pleasuring of her cunt, but this was just a whore girl, there for his pleasure and it was time for something else.

Akiko opened her eyes and smiled dreamily at the man she was being paid to pleasure. Larry pulled her to her feet and simply instructed her to undress him.

The whore girl helped him remove his suit coat, carefully hanging it on the back of a chair. Larry walked over to the lovely naked whore, removing his tie as he walked. Her fingers were like lightening as they undid each button till his shirt joined his suit coat.

Then with wanton hunger in her eyes, or at least he thought that’s what he saw as she looked up at him her hands lightly touching his ribs. Then with no instruction or coaching she smiled and knelt before him her hands deftly undoing his belt. A moment later his pants were on the back of the chair. Now, all that remained were his shorts and they were being gently and smoothly pulled down freeing his raging hard cock ready to do this Asian whore girl like she had never been done, at least that’s what Larry was hoping he’d do to her.

Akiko looked at the cock before her. She had entertained over a hundred of these things, she thought this one measured an above average seven inches. Looking up and smiling in her most professional wanton smile of desire, she wanted the client to believe that she was most pleased with his cock. Still feeling the after shocks of her orgasm, it wasn’t hard to be convincing.

“You like me to sucky?” Akiko asked in a typical uneducated stereotypical Asian whore girl accent. “Me want to sucky you cock.” Akiko repeated bringing her parting lips next to avrupa yakası escort Larry’s erection.

“Yes, you sucky my cock whore girl, you make feel good.” Larry answered in a mocking manner as his hand took gentle hold of her head. Akiko recognized his impending desire to fuck her face. Most men she pleasured enjoyed this. Some were gentle others were mildly to severely savage about how they used her mouth. Even the ones that took the time like Larry had done to give her pleasure would now begin using her like a whore, now it was her professionalism that would get her through to the end. She would now detach herself from the humiliating degrading use the man in front of her was about to subject her to, while making him believe she was enjoying his ravishing use of her body.

Larry watched as the whore girl quickly engulfed his cock into her mouth. She twisted her mouth about the shaft, flicked her tongue across the tip and with a smooth steady tempo she would bob her head up and down upon it, punctuating a series of bobs with a deep hard plunge forcing his cock into her throat. This would produce a hard gag and after several hard gags thick frothing strings of saliva hung from her mouth and her eyes were watering as she looked up at her client. Most men were pleased with this type of blow job and would move on to fucking her pussy, but Larry wasn’t like most men, he enjoyed face fucking a woman particularly his wife when she returned from one of her slut outings. It was his way of showing her she was his slut and that her dalliances with other men’s cocks came with a price.

Larry took his saliva coated cock and slapped her face with it as he smeared her saliva around. Then Akiko felt Larry’s fingers lace tightly in her hair as she placed his cock between her lips again. “Okay, whore girl, let’s see just how deep you can take it.” Larry condescendingly said as he looked down on her . His thrusts were slow and gentle, at first, but as the whore girl relaxed and yielded her mouth and throat to his pleasure they became faster and harder. Soon the room was filled with obscene degrading guttural gulping sounds from the whore’s throat. This was nothing more than “consensual” rape.

Larry loved these sounds as he ravished her throat. As he held his cock in the whore girl’s throat, he imagined briefly his wife gagging on his bosses’ cock. Nearing the end of throat fucking the whore girl, Larry rammed his cock to the hilt repeatedly causing the whore girl’s eyes to bulge open. Then with a gasp he withdrew his cock permitting her to breath again.

Akiko knelt before Larry coughing and spitting, her eyes watering she whimpered as she looked up at the man that just finished pleasuring himself with her mouth. Would he want more, it was his call, she was just a whore girl and a well-paid one at that?

“Okay, whore girl, if I keep face fucking you I will cum way too soon. Lets see what that sweet tasty Asian whore pussy feels like,” Larry said as he pressed his foot up between her open thighs in a degrading gesture so he could wiggle his toes between her cunt lips.

Larry quickly lead her back over to his desk to the side he sat on. He maneuvered her so her ass was on the edge right where he sat. Then he pushed her back onto his desk and with his hands holding her legs back and open, he once again lowered his face to her gaping cunt and began licking her sweet honey.

“Ooooo, yes . . . you like lick whore girl pussy some more? Yes, please lick whore girl pussy more.” Akiko encouraged hopping that she would get some more oral pleasure in return for the savage face fucking she just endured.

All too happy to oblige, Larry began licking the whore girl from her clit to her ass hole again stopping only so he could lick her feet and suck her toes. What a carnal feast Larry was having with this whore girl.

“So tasty you are, whore girl.” Larry said as he pulled her toes from his lips with a smack. Then holding her by the ankles, he pulled her feet down to his cock. Akiko recognized the new sexual desire. This man wasn’t unique in his foot fetish, she’d seen this many times and now her feet were being directed to give him a foot job.

Larry watched as the whore girl with great skill held his cock between her toes and feet. How she would gently caress his balls and force his cock between her long straight toes. Then holding them together she firmly fucked his cock with her feet till once again his strong hands took her by the ankles and guided her toes soaked with pre cum back to his mouth.

As she watched him greedily licking and sucking on her feet and toes she felt his hands slide down her legs till they reached her hips. She was repositioned on the desk top so her ass was just over the edge, her legs were pulled open her knees pushed back Larry quickly bent over and took another lick from between her legs, then she felt him slapping his cock on her upturned ass cheek. With her signature expressionless stare she waited to be penetrated to have her pussy filled with yet another strangers cock and most likely sperm. Half the men, that used her, filled her pussy the other half filled her mouth.

Then in stereotypical fashion Akiko looked up from between her legs and said, “Be gentle with whore girl pussy. You so big and whore girl pussy so tiny.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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