Confessions Ch. 11

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Confessions chapter 11 – Blake

Thank you Krissta for editing.

The wind was calm off the small pond, teasing my face. The grass was soft beneath me as I laid upon it, and the tree behind me sheltered me from the bright sun. The day had been long for me. I had traveled many miles and this spot was welcoming to me. My feet were sore, and my waist was chafed from the scabbard of my sword, and I was grateful to remove both my boots and my weapon for the time being. As I let my eyes rest, I felt the comfort that such a place can give, a peaceful, solitary welcoming of nature itself.

I opened my eyes when I felt my calm dissipate; the feeling that one gets when they are being watched. I saw her. She was moving slowly towards me. She was slender, or so it would seem under the yards of blue fabric of her dress. Her hair was blond and tied back they way the nobility often do. As she moved closer I saw the blue of her eyes, as deep as the seas themselves.

I remained still, her fair visage not allowing me to become alarmed, or cautious enough to take up my blade. And as she knelt beside me all the tired muscles in my body seemed to lose their tension, to be renewed with life.

Her lips were full, and red, her face young and beautiful, her scent was that of the finest fragrances, sweet roses and vanilla. The calm she gave me was almost angelic, too surreal to be true.

I went to speak, but her gloved hand and a silky finger prevented my lips from moving. Her lips moved close to my ear and a soft, ever so soft and tantalizing voice graced me.

“Quiet my friend, just relax and love me for a moment.”

Her lips kissed my ear lightly then traveled down my cheekbone to my own lips where she pressed softly. She leaned back, her legs bent beneath her, and looked deep into my eyes. She lifted her hands and slowly removed the gloves from them. She moved her hand toward me. Her soft fingers explored my cheek, then my neck. Her lips, her soft, wonderful lips, moved to mine.

I did not fight her kiss, but took it further, parting her lips with my own, deepening our embrace. I felt her moan in my mouth as her fingers moved down my chest, gently unfastening each button of my shirt.

She stopped our kiss, but stayed still with her lips to mine as her eyes focused on my own. Her breath was hot, yet calm; her eyes were mesmerizing. Her fingers moved to my pants and she slowly stroked me through them.

The corners of her mouth moved upward to a smile as she released me and lifted herself slowly to her feet, her ocean eyes never letting my own go, and my older, greying eyes locked onto hers. She lifted the yards of fabric up to her waist exposing the white cotton panties beneath. She lowered herself to her knees and took my hand. Her lips gave my own pleasure once more as she guided my hand to her panties.

I slowly caressed her through the fabric as her fingers moved to my pants, worked through the ties, and slid beneath to take me in her hand. She caressed me slowly, softly.

My fingers teased her through fabric, and I felt her heat, her panties dampening. I kissed at her soft lips, her hand driving my mind senseless. The feel of her on my hand was enchanting, and the caress of her lips to mine intoxicating.

She ataşehir escort moved her free hand to the ties of her dress and unfastened them, letting the fabric cascade down her torso, exposing the small, perky breasts beneath. She released me and shifted back a few inches, resting her butt upon her feet, her back straight, allowing me to view the porcelain-like body before me. She graced me with an angelic smile and moved my hand away from her. Slowly she brought herself close once more and placed her hands on my waist and tugged at my pants. I lifted and allowed her to remove them, my eyes fixed upon her deep blue orbs, enchanted.

She bit her bottom lip as she looked upon my hardening cock, and brought her hand to it, wrapping her fingers around it stroked, stroked me cautiously. Her fingers went to my balls as she bent at her waist, placing the tip of her tongue on the head, and swirled it ever so slowly. The heat from her mouth, the care in which she touched me made me lean back upon the tree and close my eyes in pleasure.

She pressed her lips to the shaft and kissed at it, before sucking upon it, gliding down to the base. Her lips were like magic and as she slid her mouth back up, and opened her mouth, I found myself begging in my head for her to close her lips over me, to take me fully into her mouth and suck on me. When she complied with my silent pleas, my breath was stolen from me. The further she took me in, the harder I found it was to breath.

Her tongue swilled around me as she lowered herself, taking me into her throat. Her fingers licked at my balls, then the tips lightly caressed my perineum. My breath came in quick wisps of air as she hummed on me, vibrating her lips, and driving pleasure over my entire body.

She shifted her body to move between my legs, never releasing me from her mouth. Delicately slow, she began to bob her head upon me while her fingers rolled my family jewels like they were the finest, smoothest diamonds. She lifted her eyes, and stared into my own as she continued to work on me. She was so full of life, so mysterious, so intoxicating.

She lifted her mouth off of me then gave a few small kisses to the head, and shaft of my cock. Her hand moved to my thigh, and she used the leverage to left herself back to her knees.

She bit her lip, almost shyly. She looked upon the ground, then to my naked body. Her eyes moved up my chest to my face once more, then to the tree behind me.

I lifted a hand for her waist but she caught it quickly. She spoke quietly, almost silently, and I more read her lips then heard the serenity of her voice, “Slow, I will lead. Please.”

I smiled and honored her wishes. I watched every movement with increasing desire, increasing intrigue. She was a young woman, maybe lucky if she had reached her twentieth year yet. Her face was sweet, eyes soft, lips full, skin smooth, not weathered by time. Her hands were like magic upon my aging body, every touch filling me with the life she was so full of.

I could tell she was thinking, was debating with herself in her silence. Her eyes began to study me and herself, her surroundings, everything there was to take in. I found myself realizing that she was innocent, very innocent. I avcılar anal yapan escort contemplated stopping the wonderful experience I was having, but I knew that she had made her choice to come to me, and it was best to let her do as she wished. I took her in, all of her beauty, and promised to store it my memory forever.

She graced me with a smile and caressed my thighs tenderly, then stood before me, her dress falling upon the soft green grass. She moved her fingers over her breasts and slid them down her slim stomach to the waist of her panties. She took in a short breath, perhaps still debating the whole thing within her own sweet head. Then, gradually, she slid the panties away from her, and stepped out of them.

I released a breath myself and went to speak, but she pressed her fingers to her own sweet lips, shaking her head, almost a pleading gaze in her eyes. She stepped forward, her legs on either side of me, positioning herself above me. Her hands slid to the back of my head and pulled me to her. I moved at her will, opening my mouth and softly licked at her.

She released a gasp of sweet pleasure as my mouth touched her, and I shifted my hands to her backside holding her tight against my face. My tongue moved slowly, licking at her, parting her, then sliding inside her. She allowed one hand to release my head while keeping the other firmly upon it. Her fingers touched herself, spreading her folds for my mouth.

I removed my tongue from inside her and slid it up her folds to her clit, rolling the tip around it. I let one hand glide under her ass, between her legs, and pressed the tip of a finger inside her vagina. Her breath became heavier and her hand squeezed at the back of my head. I moved my finger deeper inside her as I closed my lips on her clit. Her legs began to shake and I could feel her waist bending as her orgasm built. I parted my lips and flicked and rolled my tongue, slithering and slapping the tip upon her love button. I added a finger and slowly pumped them deep inside her, pulling them back so far they almost exited her, before pushing them back in.

Her orgasm was a like a hurricane upon me. I felt her insides grasping at my fingers as waves of her womanhood flowed down my hand, my mouth locked upon her clit as her hand pressed my head to her with increased desire. Her breath was lost in midst of a moan and I felt enjoyment I never thought possible from the thrill of her.

We stayed like that for several minutes, her insides shuddering upon my hand, and my mouth locked onto her clit, by her hand on the back of my head, and of my own volition.

As her body calmed she released my head and slowly pulled back. I smiled up to her and once again tried to speak, but her fingers found my lips preventing me from uttering much of a sound.

She crouched down, her sweet lips meeting my own. Her hand to my cock, lifting it, aiming it for her hot box. She pressed it to her folds and slowly lowered herself upon me, each centimeter causing her to release a quick intake of air. She nipped at my lips, then licked them, before pressing my bottom lip between her teeth. Her hips began to sway, aiding her in lowering upon me.

She let a quiet moan fill avcılar bdsm escort the air as I felt myself break through her womanhood. The realization of what I had done hit me and the thoughts of why this was happening increased in my mind. I wanted to say something, to encourage her, to comfort her, to help her, anything. She must have sensed it in me for she pressed her mouth tighter against mine, kissing me deeply, passionately.

She took my hands and placed them on her hips as she began to rotate them. Slowly she danced on me, then faster, beginning to rock back and forth, her gasps of pleasure hot in my mouth.

I pushed myself into her as she pushed down on me, our bodies moving with a magnificent rhythm, one that it takes a lifetime together to learn. Our breathing was taken from each other, her breath filling my lungs, and then mine returning it to hers, a euphoria of excitement and lust. A love, a deep love of her was growing in me, a need to have her close for all time, a need to have her pleased by me at every moment.

I found myself wanting to stay with her, like this, her and I forever. I found a peace that I had not been given in as long as I could remember. Our bodies fit each other like well-made suits from the greatest tailors in the realm. Her skin on mine was like the finest silken shirt. The flavor of her mouth was a divine treat of the most expensive sweet spices.

When I came, it was the equivalent of the greatest times of my life all wrapped up in one single moment. She came with me, our bodies shuddered on one another, our lips together, nipping, biting, and kissing with a passion I had never known possible. It was like an eternity of delight, that passed far too quickly.

She stayed upon me for some time, holding me close to her, her head upon my shoulder, her lips next to my neck. She blessed me with small kisses. I caressed the smoothness of her back, and took in the essence of her. She was a dream, a wonderful, whirlwind of a reverie.

She kissed my lips softly, seduction still vivid in her mouth. I let my fingers glide off of her body as she stood and slowly dressed herself before me. She knelt beside me as she finished lacing the dress and caressed my cheek as she finished a bow at her breasts. Her angelic voice was soft, and her lips taunted my earlobe as she whispered her goodbye, and final command to me.

“You can never look for me, can never find me. You will always be with me in my heart, and I will always love you, until I die. Rest well, and love me when you think of me. Thank you, good sir, you are my all.”

She did not allow me to speak, pressing her tender lips to mine when I attempted to do so. She let her fingers linger on my cheek as she rose away from me. A smile, a wonderful, sainted curve of her lips remained on her face as she began to walk away, her back facing the direction she would go. And before I could regain my mentality, she was gone, faded in the distance.

I thought of her for hours before I dressed myself. And for months I wondered where she had gone, and why I had been so lucky to meet her that day. She was right, I loved her like I had never loved before. I knew if she embellished me with her presence again, I would do as she wished, for as long as I lived.

And now, these decades later, I still think of her. Her serenity, her beauty. She was my all. And when I did meet my wife, I treated her like I would have treated my sweet angel had I been with her. Love, respect, honor, devotion, and care. Anything and everything she wanted, she would have. Love, so dominate, so commanding.

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