Confessions in the Family Room Ch. 03

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I spent the next few days with my older sister Becky banging away at each other. I went through the entire box of viagra and my poor cock was absolutely spent. Even Becky finally had to wave the white flag of surrender. Her holes were fucked raw and would probably take weeks to recover. I shot so much cum up her cunt and ass that I’m sure she will be pissing and shitting my sperm for a day or two. The last time we had sex I don’t even think I had any sperm come out. I was completely empty. I after a shower and a nice breakfast, I kissed Becky goodbye and went home to sleep it off.

The next few weeks went by and my cock was good as new. I did more fucking in just a few days with my oldest sister than I had in my entire life, well, almost anyway. When I got home from work that day I kicked off my shoes and cracked a cold one then found my favorite chair and poured myself into it. I downed half the bottle and let my body go limp. Of course my mind was still on the fuck fest with Becky but I hadn’t talked with my other sister Lisa since the holidays. The nagging question of the threesome she and I had with our older sister, and how she thought about it all, was still in the air. Knowing how close those two are I’m sure they’ve had some time to call each other and talk about things. I wonder if Becky had talked to her about our one on one session. I had to talk to Lisa and get her thoughts so I picked up the phone and called. She answered,


“Hay Lisa it’s your brother in case you’ve forgotten the sound of my voice.”

“Hay Tone, I know, we haven’t spoken in a while. I’m so sorry. This single mom thing keeps me busy, so how are things?” I wasn’t sure if she knew about Becky and I so I played it off saying,

“Ah you know, Work, gym, and home. My life’s not nearly as exciting as yours.”

“Exciting! Is that what you would describe my life as? I’d say a more accurate word would be draining. I feel more like a taxi cab driver than a mom. I’m constantly dropping them off and picking them up from one place to the next. My only break is when they’re with their father and as much as I love my kids, I do cherish my time off.” Testing the waters a little I decided to probe about what she may have talked about with Becky. I said,

“Wow Lis, you really are a busy gal. So, have you talked to Beck lately?”

“It’s been a couple of weeks actually and We usually talk pretty regular. I really should call her. How bout you? You heard from her lately?” It sounded like she hadn’t talked to Becky in a while so I was fairly sure she didn’t know about our little episode. Now the pressure was squarely on my shoulders to keep Lisa in the loop or not. Things and emotions got a little complicated between Becky and I. I wasn’t sure if telling Lisa that I was having feelings for our sister was such a good idea since for one thing I hadn’t really spelled it out in black and white to Becky. But the three of us are very close and so I decided to tell her some things but not everything. And besides, there’s a good chance that Becky has already spilled the beans and Lisa isn’t letting on to me that she already knows what has happened. I answered,

“Well, actually we did talk but not just on the phone. I went to see her.”

“Oh? You guys hung out?”

“Yeah, we did.”

An uncomfortable pause stalled the conversation. After our threesome, a one on one visit to Becky’s place could be innocent or more than likely sexual. Lisa broke the silence but not the tension by asking,

“So, what did you guys do?”

“Well, first she called me and we of course talked about the holidays. And well, that’s kinda why I’m calling you. I just don’t want there to be weirdness between us sis. In fact I will do just about anything to keep things as normal as we can after such a life changing event.”

“Okay Tony, I’m not going to lie. I’ve been thinking about what happened every fucking day. I can’t get it out of my mind. I have talked to Becky about it but I really have been a little scared to talk to you about it. Of course I don’t want there to be tension between us either. So are you kind of grossed out by what happened or do you have any regrets?”

“The second I knew we had committed ourselves to going through with it, I wasn’t grossed out but it definitely was strange. There’s nothing gross about you two. You are both very hot attractive women and even if you weren’t my sisters, you both have the body type that I go for. As far as regrets go, I wouldn’t have any unless either of you two had any regrets.”

“Wow, that’s a relief. I think you and I are on the same page cuz I would feel terrible if you were creeped out by all this. But you kinda dodged my question about you and Becky did at her place.”

“Well, let’s just say that we are more than not grossed out by what happened.”

“I knew it! You guys fucked huh?”

“I thought for sure Becky would have told you by now.”

“That little fucking tramp, keeping secrets from me. So What did Nevşehir Escort you guys do and don’t you dare leave out any of the juicy details.” So I told her the whole story about the spiked iced tea and the lap dance and the whole out door moonlit park fucking. As I unraveled the hot and spicy affair, I could hear some moaning on the other end of the phone line. Evidently I was getting Lisa majorly turned on and it sounded like her free hand was busy taking care of herself as she pictured the story in her mind. Knowing she was getting aroused by the story I decided to really pour on the hot sauce with my description. There were several descriptive climaxing moments in the story and I could hear her attempts to muffle what seemed to be her own moments of climax. I wound the story down saying,

“And that’s pretty much how it went.” Another pause on the phone until I asked, “Lisa? Are you there?” Startled back into the conversation she said,

“Huh, oh yeah, yeah. I’m here. Sorry, I was just really getting into your story. Wow bro, that was hot. Sounds like you guys really went down some dark paths and didn’t hold much back.”

“Well, you know how Beck is, she’s always been the dare devil of the family. Nothing fazes that girl. But it feels good to get this off my chest cuz frankly, I was sort of ashamed that I hadn’t called you sooner to tell you and thought that maybe you would even be a little put off by the fact that we excluded you from our fun and games or something.”

“Oh hell no. I’m happy you two got together. I’m a little shocked that Becky didn’t call to tell me herself but I’ll bet she was probably feeling the same as you were so I’ll cut her some slack. Truthfully I’ve been masturbating to thoughts of our threesome all the time and this story you just told me has me soaking wet. Can I tell you something personal?”


“Well, you know little brother, you do have an amazing cock. To be honest though, I don’t know how Becky took you in her ass with out being in extreme pain. That thing you’re packing is almost too big for a cunt no less an ass hole. You’d make a killing in porn I’ll tell you what.”

“Aww, you got me blushing. Well, I wouldn’t say I’m all that long but he is kinda chubby.”

“What are you talking about dude, that things a fucking monster. I’m sure Becky’s ass hole will never be that same.”

“So what are you saying Lis, your back door is locked.”

“Ummmm… I don’t know bro. That thing looks dangerous and I’m not sure I have that same pain tolerance as Becky. But anytime you want to come over and service my pussy…” She left the invitation hanging. I said,

“Well you know Becky’s secret to anal is using a butt plug. She stretches herself out first. She’s nice and loose before we go at it and I always listen to what she wants, you know like fast or slow, hard or gentle. I think she likes to be on top for anal so she can control everything. According to her, anal get’s her off very hard.”

“I know how good it can feel, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had it before but none of my partners were even close to your size. If we did try it, We would have to go very slow and we would absolutely need to be drinking. There’s no way I’m letting you fuck my ass sober.”

“Sounds like we’re talking like this is going to happen.”

“Uhhh yeah, I guess it does.”

“So when are your kids going to be with their dad?”

“They’re actually with their dad tonight but I’m free this weekend as well.”

“Okay, I think I can be at your place Saturday sometime.”

“Well I don’t want to sound anxious but their dad will be here to pick them up Friday evening so you’re welcome to come over anytime after six o’clock. On second thought make it more around seven so I can clean up. I can cook us a nice dinner and pour us some wine maybe?”

“Sounds great. I’ll be there Friday at around seven. I can bring the wine if you want.”

“No just bring an over night bag and maybe your bathing suit. See you Friday.” And then she hung up.

She was no better at ending a conversation than my other sister. I believe it was their way of teasing me like who ever gets the last word in holds the power or something. But I didn’t really care about that. My mind was on my sister Lisa and thoughts of what lay in store for me this weekend. She has hot tub so I’m sure that’s what the bathing suits for. She was a couple of years younger than Becky and still looked great in a bathing suit but had the look of someone in her thirties.

The next day after work I decided to take a cruse over to a sex shop I knew about and see if I could get my hands on a nice butt plug and any other toys and paraphernalia we could use. I found a plug that would gently stretch her out and found some flavored edible lube. My next stop was to the drug store again for some more Viagra. I wasn’t sure if the pharmacy department would start to recognize my face but I didn’t care. Hopefully in the future I would have Nevşehir Escort Bayan more control over my cock but for now I wanted that extra security.

I had all my things packed Thursday night so that Friday after work I could just drive straight to Lisa’s house. Normally I wouldn’t mind a shower after work but I knew I could take one at her place so I wasn’t too worried. My mind wasn’t on work at all on Friday but I made it through and ran out the building at the end of my day. Lisa’s house was about a half hour drive but I think I made it there in twenty minutes. I slowly walked up her drive way and tired to slow my heart rate as I approached her door. I could smell a delicious meal wafting to my nose as I wrapped on her door. She shouted,

“Come right in.” And I opened the door. “I’m in the kitchen.” I put down my stuff and went into the kitchen. As I rounded the corner I could see Lisa cooking away but it was what she was wearing that got my attention. She had on a short frilly sort of apron tied at the waist with lacy fringe on the borders of the whole piece. It covered a rather short dress that ended right where her stocking line started. There was just enough flesh that separated her stocking line from her dress to make it a touch slutty. To finish it off she had on a pair of open toed shoes that I always like. She really had sort of a naughty house wife thing going on so I playfully said,

“Honey, I’m home.” Playing along with me she asked,

“Hi honey, did you have a good day at work?”

“Well, I didn’t have much of a productive day since all I thought about was you.” She turned to face me with a huge grin on her face and breasts heaving asking,

“Really? You have know idea how nervous I’ve been all day. I feel like a high school girl waiting for her prom date. I’ve got a massive case of the butterflies and I feel like I’m on the verge of bursting with anticipation.”

“It sure does smell good in here, what’s cook’n good look’n?”

“I’m making us a lasagne but it won’t be ready for about a half hour or so.”

“Ahh good so I have time to take a quick shower then?”

“Yes that’s fine but before you do, why don’t you come over here for a sec.”

“Uhh, okay.” I walked over to her and then she leaned in and sniffed my chest and neck while grabbing my shirt collar. After she was done she said,

“Thank you. Okay, you can go shower now.”

“What was that for?”

“Oh nothing. I just wanted to smell the real you before you washed it all off is all.”

“Why, I must stink?”

“Actually I love the smell of a man after he comes home from work. It get’s me sooo…” She left it hanging.

“Well, if that’s the case I don’t have to shower.”

“No, no you go ahead and wash up and when you’re finished, dinner should be just about ready. Really, I got my fix of your scent.”

So I took a quick shower and made sure to wash in all my nooks and cranny’s. You never know where a sex partner may go exploring. I put on a clean collard shirt which for anyone who know’s me is dressing up since I’m more of a t-shirt and jeans kinda guy. I sat down to my sister’s great home cooking and drank some fine wine. The conversation was a little uneasy since we were both keenly aware of the main purpose of my visit. But the awkwardness soon faded as we drank more of the wine and finished up our meal. I broke the ice with a little under the table footsy. For me the whole incest thing wasn’t even an issue but sometimes a long build up like having dinner and drinking wine can reek havoc on your psyche.

But we made our way to the couch and I decided to be in charge of making sure things didn’t get more uncomfortable. I did a lot of subtle touching and hand holding and kept the focus of my attention on her by looking into her eye’s as often as possible. She said she didn’t want to be sober for any anal play so I made sure to keep her glass topped off but I definitely didn’t want her to be so sloshed to the point of passing out either. When I had judged her to be just right I leaned in for a soft lip to lip kiss. Lisa can get down and dirty but I knew she wasn’t the type to be shoved into the kink zone too fast. She had to be coaxed and cajoled before she could be brought to nasty town and I was the master of gentle persuasion with my years of trying to get my past relationships to succumb to my dark perversions. I know when to push and when to back off so I continued to take it slow with my somewhat shy sister.

For your information all guys should know the basic erogenous zones on a woman and one such zone is the neck and another is the ear lobes. I’ve always found my way to knocking down a woman’s barriers is by attacking these zones. Not too hard either in fact softer is better for these areas of arousal. I worked my kissing down her neck and did a little playful ear nibbling. She was responding very well with quick gasps of breath every time I sent jolts of pleasure to her brain. Her Escort Nevşehir hands started to roam and found their way to my cock. Taking a lesson from Becky I made sure not to wear any rough coarse denim jeans but instead I wore loose fitting slacks and my cock was at half mast when she found it with her hand. Her hand wrapped itself around my cock through the fabric of my slacks and her thumb glided over the tip and had me at full hardness in seconds. Remembering my viagra I whispered,

“I don’t want to break the mood but I should probably take a quick time out and pop one of my performance pills before we go much further.” She nodded silently but kept her hands roaming my body almost in a possessive type of fashion like she didn’t want me to get away or something. Of course I wasn’t going anywhere but it felt good to have her not want me to even leave her side for the briefest of moments. I made sure everything I needed was in arms reach so I popped a penis pill and took a swig of the wine.

I could start to feel the buzz of the wine take full affect and all my thoughts of anything going wrong started to melt away. I was in total control of the situation and took things to the next level. Lisa was wearing a one piece dress with a zipper down her back. The fact that her dress presented a challenge to get her out of it was testimonial to her more “Playing hard to get” nature. A slut wears stretchy tube tops and spandex mini skirts that can be taken off in a jiff, but a more refined woman didn’t make things so easy. She makes you have to work a little harder to get to her treasures. So I went back to pressing her pleasure points with my kissing and snuck my hand around to her zipper and slowly pulled it down.

I peeled her dress away exposing one of her shoulders and peppered it with soft kisses. Her breathing was getting heavy and I had a feeling by now I could pretty much have done what ever I wanted to her at that point but I resisted stepping on the gas and decided to tease her and make her wait for a more aggressive course of action. Keeping my mouth on her zones I multi-tasked my hand on another pleasure zone and brushed my finger tips across her inner thigh. This shattered any trace of resistance on her part and I knew she was like a deer caught in my cross hairs. I decided the time was right and went in for the kill. I slid my hand from her thigh up to her already soaking wet kitty.

Without looking, my sense of touch immediately identified the familiar feeling of cotton. Now cotton is one of those fabrics that is also closely related to good girl types. Sluts are more likely to wear silk or other res cay daring fabrics. But there was something very naughty about the innocence of my sister’s wet cotton panties. I made firm but gentle circles on her love button with my fingers and now her breathing was broken with squeaks of delight. I know for a fact that the more foreplay is involved in getting a woman to her most vulnerable and less reluctant the better. So I took it to def-con two and went down town on my sister.

I lifted her dress back and pulled her panties to the side and found a well manicured pussy. She even smelled good down there so I knew she had gone the extra mile for our evening of fun and games. Even her ass hole was spotless and hair free. Her pink clit was swollen and just begging to be licked so I flicked my tongue on it and then buried it deep in her cunt cave. Her back arched as I invaded her and she let out a sharp gasp. I didn’t back off at all and kept plunging away then added an exploratory finger on her clit. She was going wild and said,

“Oh my god Tony I’m going to cum if you don’t stop and I don’t want to get your shirt all wet with spray. PLEASE STOP NOW!” I backed off and said,

“Not that I care but you and your sister sure do make things messy with all this squirting. I love it but what a pain to have to be cleaning up all the time. Is there someplace we can go where we can be as messy as we want?”

“Why do you think I have a swimming pool and hot tub? You did remember to bring a swim suit right?”

“Yes, I brought one. Let me go put it on and I’ll meet you out there.” I grabbed my bag and pulled out my suit and quickly ran for the bathroom. As I was undressing it dawned on me that I was going to be fully naked anyway so why bother with the swim suit. So I decided to surprise her and walk out fully nude. She spoiled my moment of shock by still getting ready herself so I turned on the bubbles to the hot tub and got right in. The water was perfectly heated and my cock was responding to the medicine. Then Lisa came out holding a wine chiller bucket and two glasses. She was in a sexy two piece bikini that showed off her full figure that is typical of all the women in our family. Hard nipples sent their message loud and clear as they rebelled and pushed at the fabric that them captive. She set the chilled wine down and got in the tub then filled the glasses. I asked,

“So are the neighbors going to be listening to our pornographic noise or what?”

“Well I figure we could get warmed up out here for the big finish inside where we can be as noisy as we want.”

“I like the way you think sis.”

“And as far as making a mess of my bed well, I’ve been using plastic fitted sheets for years.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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