Confronting His Lies Ch. 01

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This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Sadistic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Size.

This was written by SEVERUSMAX and myself.


Why do I keep doing this, Ward asked himself. He never planned to stay with Peter this long and continue what had been a college fling after graduation. He expected to find a girl, get married, and have kids together. In other words, he had counted on living the straight life at this stage, in every sense of the phrase. A homosexual relationship wasn’t in his plans, and yet he couldn’t resist Peter.

He looked out of the bathroom at his friend with benefits and felt torn. It was supposed to be platonic by now, yet whenever Peter wanted to fool around, Ward always ended up in bed with him. He promised himself more than once that it was finished, but he couldn’t break it off. It was as if there was a spell on him, one which compelled him to stay involved with Peter.

Even now, with all of his torment and self-loathing, Ward’s cock swelled at the sight of his friend’s ass. It was smooth, tanned, and muscular, an athlete’s butt, and it turned him on every time. It wasn’t the main attraction, however. That honor belonged to Peter’s cock, which was massive in both length and girth. When Peter fucked him with it, Ward felt his own dick harden with arousal. It was an addiction for him.

“Hey, handsome, are you going to stare at me or come back to bed?” Peter demanded, his lust evident in his voice.

“Peter, you know that this can’t continue. We need to find some girls and move on with our lives. You know how homophobic a lot of people still are. Many guys are still killed over their love for each other! Besides, it doesn’t help our careers and won’t give us children,” Ward argued.

“Yes, but it is becoming more acceptable every day. Just look at the number of states making it legal for gays and lesbians to marry each other,” Peter pointed out, while stroking himself in anticipation.

“But, we’re bi, aren’t we?” Ward insisted.

“We have had girlfriends in the past. So, why are you fighting our feelings for each other?” Peter asked with some frustration, thinking to himself that his last “dates” were a mere sham intended to fool everyone.

He hadn’t really pursued women since his freshman year, when he met Ward. He discovered increasingly that he didn’t want girls, just his best friend. Truth be told, he was actually gay, not bi. He suspected the same about Ward, given the lack of women in his life the past few years. It wasn’t that Ward was unattractive; women threw themselves at him all the time. He just tended to miss or ignore the signals, as if he didn’t care or notice at all. The reason was obvious to Peter, but Ward still seemed to be in denial, which wasn’t just a river in Egypt, after all.

“Because, even so, people will just assume that we are closet gays, or tell us to ‘pick a team’. People just don’t get bisexuality the way they do homosexuality,” Ward replied.

Peter rolled his eyes at that remark, thinking that people would be correct in THAT assumption. While he knew that some people really were bisexual, he was convinced that this was no more the case with Ward than with himself. Otherwise, Peter assumed, Ward would have had a girlfriend far more recently than he had, or at least a straight fling or two.

“So, what do we do? We can’t live out our lives in frustration, seeing each other, but unable to have have what we want!” Peter objected.

“Why not? That’s the only way to avoid exposure. Now, I have a date with Selene. You remember her, from college?” Ward changed the subject. He wasn’t too thrilled with Peter’s growing impatience. He had no plans to “come out” to anyone!

“Yeah, I can remember her well. She’s gorgeous! Friendly too,” Peter commented. It was somewhat true, in that he aesthetically appreciated Selene’s beauty, but had no sexual interest in her.

Ward started to get dressed for his date. Peter, still in bed, looked intently and lustfully at Ward’s ass while he put on his boxers. He hated tight-whities.

“Do you know much your ass turns me on, babe?” Peter suggested, clearly hinting that he wanted another round with Ward.

“Come on, Peter, go back to your own room, even if you only use it to store your clothes!” Ward urged him, becoming more exasperated with his “friend”.

It was true poker oyna that Peter basically camped out in Ward’s room, except when he dealt with his laundry. It was more a spare room than a personal bedroom in style. This was nice when Ward wanted a quick romp, but sometimes he wondered why he didn’t get more upset over the lack of privacy and space. It was theoretically an imposition, but he couldn’t bring himself to kick Peter out of his bed.

“Hey, it never bothered you before. So, exactly what time is your hot date?” Peter dismissed Ward’s demand. He thought of the room as largely theirs, not just Ward’s, anyway.

“Don’t you think that it’s strange that you don’t use your own room? Anyway, in about 3 hours, as the clock says it’s 4,” Ward answered.

“Okay, so the clock talks to you now? Are you alright in the head, babe? Anyway, that gives me enough time to fuck your ass again!” Peter leered at Ward. He walked over and pulled down the boxers that Ward just put on.

“Haven’t you gotten enough of my ass yet?!” Ward reacted with some mild impatience. This delayed his primping session for the date. Peter sometimes suspected that Ward primped just as an excuse to admire himself in the mirror. He was a bit vain at times, but Peter found that an endearing vice.

“Babe, I will never get enough of your ass, or your mouth, for that matter. Now, come back to bed, before I have to drag you over here,” Peter commanded.

He then stood up and rubbed his hard cock against Ward’s ass.

“You know you want more, don’t ya, babe?” he whispered seductively.

“Okay, this once, but no more tonight, and you have to lick it clean,” Ward tried to set terms, basically in a vain attempt to dissuade Peter.

“Since when has that ever been a problem for me? You know that my second favorite thing about fucking your ass is licking it afterward!” Peter became more explicit in his suggestions.

Ward blushed because the dirty talk between them kept getting more intense. Peter, as usual, instigated it. Ward always felt shyer about that kind of talk, but would generally follow Peter’s lead.

“That’s why I don’t make you wear a rubber.”

Peter applied the lube to Ward’s butt, got into position, and grunted as he entered Ward from behind. Slowly, inch by inch, Peter’s dick was buried in Ward’s ass. Ward groaned as his prostate felt the impact of Peter’s cock brushing against it. He couldn’t help but enjoy the effect it had on him from this intimate contact.

Peter fucked Ward in an accelerating momentum, making his lover’s cock stiff as he rode him. He felt Ward bucking his hips against him. Ward stroked himself, thinking ahead to his release which would follow Peter’s. Peter’s balls swelled as he prepared to cum. His cock jerked in Ward’s ass as he came inside him.

Ward’s balls now released his cum, shooting it out onto the bed. The lovers turned over and lay on their sides, with Peter spooning Ward. They were both exhausted for the moment, and needed to catch their breath.

Peter licked his lips, anticipating the joy of eating his cum out of Ward’s ass. After a few minutes of rest, Peter began to rim Ward’s ass. There was simply something about the taste of Ward’s butt that Peter found to be delectable. Ward got hard once more as he felt his roommate’s tongue lick his ass. Peter’s mouth cleaned out his own cum, tickling Ward. When Peter was finished, Ward knew that he had to cum. He started to jerk off, but Peter stopped him.

“Let me do that part, Ward,” Peter commanded.

Peter French-kissed Ward while stroking his cock to milk him of his cum. Ward’s spunk emptied into Peter’s hand and Peter put it up to Ward’s mouth.

“Eat it. It’s yours,” Peter instructed Ward and he complied, evidently affected by his friend’s suddenly assertive manner.

Ward licked it up eagerly, and then hurried to the bathroom to wash it out before his date. He was still naked, so Peter laughed at the sight of his bare ass as he ran to the shower.

“I’d hurry and take that shower now, if I were you. Otherwise, I might just change my mind and keep you around longer.”

Ward showered and did the rest of his personal grooming routine. He had to be at his best tonight. This was not just some girl: it was Selene, whom he had liked for a few years now. He didn’t know how she felt about him, but it was important to prove a point, no matter where it led.

“I am going to see my folks. They complain that I don’t come over so much anymore. I might even spend the night there,” canlı poker oyna Peter announced.

“I wonder why,” Ward replied with evident sarcasm, while privately feeling some relief. He could let Selene stay over that night without Peter even knowing about it.

Peter ignored the comment and responded, “Well, I want to you tell me later how the date went, okay, now?”

“Alright Mom!,” Ward rolled his eyes.

“If I were your mother, I would blister your smart ass with a paddle, babe!” Peter warned him half-seriously.

Ward checked his watch and noted that he was running behind, so he rushed out to the car to pick up Selene. He quickly rang the doorbell and Selene’s sister Sarah answered it.

“Hi, Ward! Selene is a bit late, but she wanted to look her best. If you’ll wait in the living room, she’ll be right along. Would you like something to drink?” she greeted him.

“Yeah, I’ll take a coke,” he requested.

“We have Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper. Which do you want?”

“I’ll take a DP,” he answered, grinning at his pun.

“Okay now, which sister are you dating again? I’ll get your Dr. Pepper,” she dismissed his obvious flirtation.

She came back with the DP and tried to control her laughter at his joke.

Shortly afterward, Selene came out, looking hotter than a Texas summer.

“Watch this one, Selene. I might steal him from you,” Sarah needled her sister.

“What do you mean?” she asked, being slightly confused.

“He punned about Dr. Pepper. His sense of humor is as twisted as mine, unlike yours,” she picked on Selene.

“Do it and die, Sis,” she glared at Sarah, who wasn’t fooled by her threat.

“Ladies, I was only flirting. I doubt that I could handle BOTH of you,” Ward mockingly scolded them.

Ward drove her in a hurry to the restaurant. It featured Mediterranean cuisine. They were seated with rather unusual speed.

“Wow, this must a slow night! Normally, when I go here, it’s standing room only at this time of day,” Ward expressed surprise, breaking the ice.

“Well, maybe we’ll get better service that way,” Selene responded.

“So, how have you been doing since college? What kind of job did you get with your degree in, what was it, marketing?”he rambled, feeling a bit awkward and not sure why.

“As you can see, Sarah and I share an apartment. It’s cheaper that way and she doesn’t steal, though she borrows my clothes now and then. We got jobs in Daddy’s company, promoting his new line of cosmetics. He’s such a guy, so he has no earthly idea about that stuff. You know, I had a serious crush on you in college, but you never showed interest,” she changed topics to one that really interested her.

“Actually, I think that we were both more involved in our studies at the time,” Ward came up with a handy excuse, as he was not quite sure about the truth.

“Well, my studies are over now, and I’m more settled in my career, so I now have time to date, if you’re interested. Now that I’m ready for a relationship, I find the guys around me to be losers. Hey, didn’t you use to hang out with, oh, what was his name? Oh, yeah, Peter! Are you guys still friends?” Selene did some rambling of her own, clearly nervous.

“As a matter of fact, we still live together. Like you and Sarah, we find that it’s much cheaper than living alone, Anyway, I get along with him rather well. I just finished grad school and became a pharmacist,” Ward explained.

“Yeah, I know. Thankfully, Sarah and I have no real problems, except when she threatens to steal my dates. Speaking of which, do you have a girlfriend, or are you single? I would love to see more of you,” Selene smiled at him.

“Well, I’m single and I date now and then. I often hang out with Peter, however. This is my first date in a while. Like you, I find that most girls don’t meet my standards,” Ward tried to convince himself as much as Selene, and hiding the fact that he hadn’t dated in literal years.

“So, you should need some company, too, I imagine. What’s good to eat here? I’m famished!” she changed subjects, feeling a bit awkward about the mysterious vibes that Ward sent her.

“Yeah, me too! Let me see. There’s the snails. I’m not into that myself. My favorites are Greek and Provencal. The dolmades, calamari, stuffed mushrooms, and falafel are excellent appetizers. There are even some Armenian items: shish kabobs and such. Would you like some wine? I’ll have only one shot of ouzo, since I have to drive. It’s Friday night, after all,” Ward internet casino informed her, feeling a bit more comfortable about this topic. He hoped that the Greek vodka would help him relax

What was him, that he had so much trouble talking to a girl? It felt like his very first date. It must have been the situation with Peter that unnerved him. What else could it be?

“I’m not much of a drinker myself. I’ll have the gyro platter. I’ve had that before. I don’t like snails. They’re too slimy. I’ll just have sweet tea,” she ordered, cringing at the thought of snails.

“Sounds great. I don’t like snails myself, but I mentioned it in case you did. Waitress? The lady wants the gyro platter and I’ll have the souvlaki. Thanks,” he finally told the waitress.

“What will you drink?” the waitress asked them.

“The lady will have sweet tea and I want a shot of ouzo and a Dr. Pepper,” he requested.

“Hmmm … well, we agree about snails. I wonder what else we agree on?” she teased him, trying to test the waters at last, tired of feeling so awkward with this guy. What was wrong with him? He seemed like a good guy, but had some issues preventing him from relaxing and enjoying her company.

“So, what happened to that boyfriend of yours? Will, was it?” he avoided dealing with her risque comment.

“Oh, yeah him! I had to dump him. He was too immature and Daddy wanted me to focus more on my work. He made it clear that if Sarah and I were going to take over for him when he retired, he’d have to be sure that we were serious,” she told him.

Just then, the waitress returned with their drinks. Ward downed his shot of ouzo in one gulp, hoping to calm his nerves.

“I’m sorry to hear that, Selene, but that gives me a chance,” Ward felt bolder with the alcohol in his system.

“Won’t Peter get jealous? Or is just an Odd Couple situation?” she referred to the old TV show about two platonic male roommates.

“If he does, he can get over it,” he returned the jab, trying to make the truth resemble a joke.

“I hope that’s a joke! I remember him from college, but just a bit. You guys always seemed to hang together a lot. I would like to meet him again. Oh, here’s our dinner. That’s good, ’cause I’m starving. I skipped lunch today,” Selene reacted to his strange comment, feeling glad that the dinner was there to distract them.

“Then you must be really hungry. As for meeting Peter, I think that can be arranged,” Ward assured her, while actually dreading that idea. What if she liked Peter more than Ward?

“This is great food! So, what do you have in mind for after dinner? The night is still young, you know,”she acted, emboldened by his improved demeanor. Maybe he was just nervous about their first date. She was, after all.

“That all depends on how quickly we want to take this. We could always head back to my place. We could even make out like bandits,” he became brazen and witty, the ouzo having full effect by now.

“You seem like the kind of guy who knows to how to please a ‘person’, and I am on the pill, though I haven’t had sex in years. I just want to make sure that I’m prepared if the right man cums along,” Selene punned, also hinting at her suspicion that he might swing both ways.

“The pill, eh? So you wouldn’t get knocked up if we slept together?. You’re making the idea of us in bed together more enticing by the minute. Peter’s going to visit his folks tonight, so we’ll have some privacy. Don’t worry, it’s cleaner than the typical bachelor pad.”

Selene giggled at his joke. “Good. I have to be honest, though. I’m nervous, because it has been so long. I’ve had a serious crush on you for a long time now and I would hate to disappoint you.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. Compared to the women that I have dated, I seriously doubt that you will be a disappointment,” Ward flattered her.

She leaned over and kissed him, gently at first. She then deepened it before pulling back and saying

“There’s more where that came from.”

Remembering the differences in Selene’s kisses and Peter’s, Ward got hard rather easily.

Noting his bulge, Selene smiled wickedly. Ward blushed a bit. Then, after a little more pleasant conversation and dinner, he settled up and headed to the car. He also left a decent tip for the waitress, which impressed Selene.

She got into the car and scooted over next to him, as he slid into the driver’s seat and got more comfortable. Selene then put her hand on his upper thigh, showing her desire to get closer to Ward.

“Wow, aren’t we getting a little frisky here? Was it something in the tea, or are you just excited about fulfilling an old crush?” he flirted, as they headed back to the townhouse he shared with Peter.

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