Connor’s Treat

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Writing Challenge

Fantasy: Footjob under table in restaurant and bathroom surprise

Word limit: 3000

Stephanie and Connor were wrapping up their lazy Saturday afternoon with some Netflix. Connor sat, naked, on a pillow at her feet, resting her head against her legs. Meanwhile, she slowly stroked his hair. As the episode quieted down, Connor’s stomach growled loudly, startling him out of his half-awake state.

“I guess we’ve been sitting here for a while, haven’t we?” Stephanie laughed, as Connor’s face turned bright red. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes, mistress,” Connor said.

Stephanie leaned over and kissed the top of his head. “You’ve been such a good boy for me this week. You haven’t cum in so long but you’re still so patient. How about we go out to eat? I’ll give you a treat while we’re there.”

“Thank you, mistress, I would like that a lot.”

“You may stand.”

Connor wobbled slightly as he stood, and shook the pins and needles out of his legs.

“What should I wear, mistress?” Connor asked.

Stephanie looked him up and down, and Connor squirmed under the attention. Finally a slow grin blossomed on her face. “Why don’t you wear those pants I bought for you last week – the one’s with no zipper. And whatever matches on top.”

“Yes, mistress,” Connor said, leaning down to kiss his girlfriend.

As he walked away, Stephanie called out to him. “Oh and babe? One more thing.”


“No underwear.”

Connor flushed scarlet again. “Ye-yes, mistress,” he stuttered out.

“Good boy,” Stephanie smiled.

When Connor walked out of the bedroom, Stephanie went to the other room in their apartment. It was technically an office, but her overflow clothing had maneuvered its way into its closet. While all of her work clothes were in the bedroom, this closet held some of her more fun outfits that she didn’t wear very often. For example, her open-backed black maxi dress that worked perfectly for what she had planned for tonight, some panties that were definitely not work appropriate, and the bras that made her tits look like a porn stars. She started by pulling on a pair of said panties, a bright red pair that highlighted both her skin tone and her ass. They were cut so just a hint of her butt cheeks hung outside of them, and made of a silky material that gripped her pussy lips so if anyone was close enough to look, they’d see her lips bulging into an impressive camel toe. She picked up her bras and examined them, but decided to forgo them for tonight – her dress was thin, and she wanted to give Connor as much of a show as possible.

She pulled on her dress and smoothed it out over her curves. She rolled her nipples through the fabric, gasping softly, and examined them critically. They poked out slightly through the fabric, but not enough that she felt obscene. There was only one person she wanted to look like that for, and the waiter at the restaurant they were going to wasn’t it.

She walked out of the room, barefoot, and walked down the hallway. Her long dress dragged a little on the floor, and she knew exactly which shoes she needed – tall enough, that she could stand eye to eye with Connor, but ones that didn’t have a strap for what she had planned at the restaurant.

She barged into the bedroom while Connor was pulling on a shirt. He startled, but she ignored him until she found the shoes and wanted and pulled them on. When she finally stood, she was almost at eye-level with him, and she made sure to give him a proper once-over. He was wearing a Henley that looked soft, along with the joggers she had bought him. Stephanie stroked her hand down his stomach and over the uninhibited bulge in his pants, never breaking eye contact, although Connor looked down, seemingly embarrassed at the attention.

She grabbed his dick gently and leaned into Connor’s personal space, angling her lips into his ear. “You look good in the pants I bought for you,” she whispered, before gently running her tongue over the shell of his ear. “Such a good boy, aren’t you?”

Connor shuddered, and his dick stiffened under her attention. “Thank you, mistress.”

Stephanie abruptly let go and leaned back, and made her way out İstanbul Escort of the room. “You’re driving us there,” she called out behind her.

The drive over was torture for Connor. As soon as they entered the car, Stephanie pulled out a pocket rocket from the glove compartment and turned it on. After harshly ordering him to keep his eyes on the road, she went to town. The diner was about twenty minutes away, and the first ten minutes were spent rubbing the rocket on her nipples, her clit, and eventually into her pussy, all without taking her clothes off. The result was a pair of panties Connor knew had to be soaking wet. However even at traffic lights, he wasn’t permitted to sneak a peek – a tweaked nipple that still stung a little was enough to learn his lesson.

If he thought the first half was hard, the second half was even worse. Stephanie took the vibrator, the one that had moments before been all over her pussy, and shoved it unceremoniously into his pants. She then proceeded to mess with the settings and had it vibrate at different rates, but never high enough to really get Connor going. It was as if the rocket remote was a toy, for her own amusement. Just when Connor was starting to leak enough precum that he was worried it would show through the joggers, they were at the diner.

“Park over there,” Stephanie said.

As Connor turned to the back of the building, Stephanie turned off the rocket, leaving his cock with ghostly vibration. He killed the engine of the car, and exited the vehicle. He jogged around the car and opened the door for his girlfriend, as she had instructed him to do near the very beginning of their relationship. She stepped out, and immediately pressed him against the car door.

Her tongue invaded his mouth, and she used her body weight to prevent him from moving. This wasn’t necessarily a kiss. Stephanie was taking over her mouth, and his pleasure was just an afterthought. Connor was forced to just take it, a fact that had his dick remaining stiff as a board while she ground her hips against his. She took his hands and placed them against her chest, and Connor subconsciously moaned into her mouth and began to rub her nipples. He realized almost immediately that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and his hips bucked involuntarily. It occurred to him that Stephanie probably picked this spot so they would be noticed. When she retreated, Connor remained leaning against the car, trying to get his bearings.

“What’s your safeword, pet?” Stephanie asked softly.

“Red, mistress,” Connor said, unsure of why she was asking.

“I’m going to give you your treat soon. You can order whatever you like, okay? It’ll be fun.”

Stephanie held out her hand, and Connor took it, mulling over her words. Stephanie often liked to buy him things, the pants being an example. But both times she had said she would give him his treat. But he didn’t see her take anything from the house, and he knew the diner food didn’t count as a treat in Stephanie’s eyes.

The question plagued him as their waiter greeted them, and continued to as Stephanie examined the almost empty restaurant, and for some reason picked a table in the back corner. Connor actually didn’t even see the table she elected to sit at until they walked past the one he thought was there.

“I’ll be back with you all in a few moments, okay?” The waiter smiled at the two of them, and walked away.

Stephanie immediately picked up the menu. “What are you going to get, babe?” she asked, as she flipped through the menu.

Connor took a deep breath to calm himself and started to look at the menu again. “I’m not sure. I was thinking about breakfast for dinner? Maybe?”

He looked at the menu, and started to narrow down his choices. When he got to the point he was deciding between French Toast or the Waffles (which he always got), he noted a firm sensation against his calves. Connor looked up at Stephanie, who was biting on a thumbnail as she concentrated on the menu. He shook his head and ignored the soft sensation of her foot rubbing against his calves.

The waiter came back with their waters and flashed them a brilliant smile. “Are you guys ready to order?” He looked at Connor expectantly, Anadolu Yakası Escort but as soon as he did Connor froze.

Stephanie’s foot, previously regulated to his ankles, was now creeping towards the inside of his thigh, and rubbing against the inside of his knee. Connor had had a lot of things done to him, but for some reason in this restaurant with the waiter right there, he lost the ability to think properly. And subsequently, he completely blanked on his order.

“Um, I – uh,” Connor scrambled to look at the menu again, while Stephanie

“Yes. I’ll have the bacon avocado omelette with a Chai latte, and he’ll have the loaded waffles with extra butter on the side and some coffee,” Stephanie said calmly. “Oh, and can we also have an extra plate? In case we want to share,” she smiled.

The waiter scribbled on the notepad. “Will that be all?”

“Yes, thank you.”

The waiter walked away.

As soon as he was out of range, Stephanie moved her foot directly on to Connor’s crotch and pointed her toes against his dick. She could feel it twitching through the fabric slightly, and she rubbed the ball of her foot up and down, moving the fabric against him. As she did, his face got redder and redder.

“I can’t believe you can still blush,” she commented lightly, as she slipped her other foot out of its sandal. “Clearly I’m not doing a good enough job if there’s still blood that can reach your face.”

Connor just sat in his seat and breathed heavily.

“Take It out,” Stephanie ordered.

“Yes mistress,” Connor whispered.

She moved her foot so that he could shove his pants underneath his balls. When she replaced her foot and rubbed her big toe over his head, she grinned as she felt a spurt of precum hit her toes. She wished she could see his dick, but kneeling underneath the table and taking him into her mouth was out of the question. Instead she smeared the precum in between her toes and spread her toes to rub his dick in between them.

Connor contented himself with sitting quietly, but when she pressed her big toe over his dick and rubbed the head, he couldn’t help but gasp.

“Shh, baby,” Stephanie smiled widely and continued to smear precum on the head with her toes. “You don’t want us to get caught, do you?”

She began to rub his dick in between both of her feet, her pussy getting wetter with every choked back noise that made it past Connor’s weakening resolve. Her panties were getting damper and damper as Connor’s cock began to leak uncontrollably.

“How are you doing babe?”

“I,” Connor was openly panting now, “I think I might cum soon mistress.”

“How close are you?” Stephanie asked, rubbing his cock head again. She couldn’t help but grin as Connor’s hips stuttered in his seat.

“If you keep going I’m going to cum any second, mistress,” he blurted out honestly.

“Okay,” Stephanie said, as she removed her feet.

“Mistress?” Connor’s whine slipped past his lips of his own volition.

“Tuck yourself back in and go to the bathroom and jack off,” Stephanie said.

Connor frowned a little bit. He was hoping that this would be his treat. He knew he should just take what mistress gave him but…

Stephanie smiled at him indulgently. “Close your eyes and give me your hand,” she said.

Connor held out his hand and shut his eyes. He heard the rustling of fabric, as well as the clinking of plates that indicated there were other patrons in the restaurant who were eating. Moments later, he felt something satiny and damp hit his palm, and he instinctively closed his fingers around them.

Stephanie leaned across the table, and whispered into his ear again. “I want you to get these panties filthy. I gave you a little bit of a head start though,” she said, tracing her fingers lightly across his exposed forearms, “but I don’t think you’ll mind that.” She leaned back again. “Open your eyes, slut” she commanded.

Connor opened his eyes and blinked slowly, like he had been drugged.

“I want to get your whore juice all over these panties. And then I want you to put them on, nice and wet, with both of our juices mixing together. Then we’re going to sit down, Üsküdar Escort and have a nice night out, where no one knows I just almost made you cum with just my feet, and where that nice waiter over there doesn’t realize he’s serving a man wearing his girlfriends used panties. What are you?”

Connor’s dick spat out another dribble of precum, and he knew that if her foot had been on his dick he would’ve cum already. “I’m your slut mistress.”

“That’s right, good boy,” Stephanie praised Connor and rewarded him by putting her foot back onto his crotch and rubbing it gently.

Connor made his hands into a fist, his nails biting into his palm as he tried not to cum.

“And then,” Stephanie continued, her voice pitched low, “You’re going to get the check and I’m going to wait for you in the car. And you’re going to have me for dessert. I’m going to get my juices all over your pretty face, isn’t that right baby?” Stephanie stroked Connor’s face gently.

To the outside would it would look like a girlfriend with her boy, happily in love. Connor shuddered into her touch, trying to focus on her fingers over his lips instead of her toes on his cock.

“And you’ve been so good, such a good little princess for me this week that when I get back,” she said, her voice now a hard whisper, “when we get back I’m going to fuck you into the mattress like the slut you are. How’s that for a treat?”

“Perfect, mistress,” Connor gasped.

“Good boy. Now go.” Stephanie dismissed him.

Connor stood up from the table quickly and power walked to the bathroom. Of course on the way there he passed several tables. Each time he did he wondered if they knew he wasn’t wearing underwear. If they could see the dark spatters of precum that had leaked through the thin pants he was wearing. If they somehow heard his quiet moans all the way at the front of the restaurant.

But no one stopped him as he made his way into the, thankfully, single occupancy bathroom. He immediately locked the door and leaned against it, shoving his pants down his thighs as he pressed the freshly soaked panties to his nose and breathed in deeply. He could smell her juices and he wrapped his hand around his dick, working his head exclusively as he brought himself closer to orgasm. He sucked on the crotch and moaned shamelessly as he tasted the faintest hint of his mistress’s pussy on his tongue, hips thrusting into his fist with the knowledge that he would be able to taste more in just a little bit. As he felt himself peaking, his balls starting to rise, he reluctantly removed her panties from his mouth and instead moved them to his cock.

It was an excellent choice. The satin, cooling with drool from his mouth and her pussy, allowed the panties to slide effortlessly over his blood warmed dick. As much as he wanted to savor the feeling he only had to thrust two times before he was yelling as he spilt over a weeks worth of cum into the satin web of panties. His balls ached as he came and came and came, pumping cum all over the panties.

When he was done, he staggered over to the toilet and sat down, breathing heavily, and mulled over the rest of his instructions. He kicked off his pants, and examined the panties he was to put on. They were a red, a color that clearly accentuated Stephanie’s skin more than his, but that wasn’t the problem. It wasn’t even a problem that the color was now darkened with splatters of cooling white come, and he invited the fact that the crotch was dark with Stephanie’s juices. Instead, what caused his face to light on fire were the words printed across the ass – Princess, complete with a crown stamped over the ‘i’ instead of a dot.

Connor pulled on the panties over his sneakers, and wiggled into them. They were tight, and bunched up his ass in a way the panties that were bought for him never did. He couldn’t quite figure out what to do with his dick and balls, since Stephanie’s smaller size, coupled with the fact that these were women’s panties, made space a hot commodity.

He finally fixed it by pulling the panties as high as they would go, letting his balls hand out the side, and tucking the waistband of the panties underneath the head of his dick. Connor finally turned around and admired his ass in the mirror. He was Stephanie’s princess, her little slut, and tonight, he was going to get fucked. Pulling up his pants, he walked out into the diner, his dick already hardening in his new panties, to meet his mistress and get the rest of his treat.

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