Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 01

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My name is Jack and my story really began a few years ago. I had just graduated from college, by the skin of my teeth, I might add. My folks said I majored in fraternity, beer and co-eds rather than accounting and finance. If they only knew how right they were. I actually had to go back to a few professors and beg them to add a plus to my grade so that I could graduate. Amazingly, they agreed and I was out of there with my sheepskin in hand.

Now, without the grades, the plum jobs were not for my taking. I had to take a job with one of those start-up Internet providers, which paid me a pittance of a salary, but tons of stock options. They were basically worthless when I started, with a strike price of one penny. If the company goes public, and is profitable, I’m rich, if not, I have a lot of paper. I worked my ass off for a year and a half and amassed tens of thousands of options, but barely enough money to cover my rent and buy an occasional beer. My mom would send me some money so that her baby boy could continue his habit of eating a meal or two a day.

Well, you all remember the Internet boom. That’s right, I scored big time. The company went public, the stock price soared and I was instantly a multi-, multi-millionaire. At the tender age of 25, I was set. I soon realized I didn’t HAVE to do this job anymore, so I quit. I divested myself of most of the internet stocks and, remembering some of my finance lessons, I diversified. Looking back, that was one of my smartest decisions. Anyway, I “repaid” my folks for all the money they spent on me over my life, set up trust funds for my nieces and nephews, and began my search for a nice house.

Before I go any further, I should tell you about myself. I have never considered myself a ladies man. I am about 5’10”, fluctuating from 180 to 195 depending on the amount of beer I drank. In college, most of that weight hovered around my mid-section, but with my newfound wealth, and spare time, I worked out and moved those inches to my chest, arms and legs. I wouldn’t say I was “buff”, but I was getting my fair share of second glances.

I dated a lot of women, fucked most of them too. After a while though, it seemed that their interest in me was directly related to how much money I spent on them. I had the money to spend, don’t get me wrong, but if I get into a long-term relationship, I want it to be with me and not my wallet. They became very high maintenance, and, to tell you the truth, a pain in my ass. Their pussies were nice, but since they were not giving me it 24/7, their shit was not worth it.

So anyway, I thought it would be a snap to find a house that wasn’t too pretentious, be comfortable and allow me to be somewhat carefree for a while. I couldn’t have more wrong.

I checked out the real estate section in the paper, and after going to a lot of open houses and finding nothing worth the money they were asking, I decided on new construction. There was a new community being built around a golf course that appealed to me. The business part of me said, “good investment” while the sportsman in me said, “yeah, golf”.

The next day was a Monday, so figuring the weekend rush would be over; I headed over to the model homes. The models, of course, had every conceivable upgrade, so they looked great. They were also huge, too big for one single guy who would use only a fraction of the rooms.

I probably should have dressed for the occasion, but I still had some of my college days attitude, and wore a pair of faded jeans, a “Bud” t-shirt, my favorite ball cap and beat-up basketball shoes.

“May I help you?” I turned and was greeted by a sweet looking middle-aged lady standing maybe 5’3″. Her hair was blonde, but was obviously dyed or bleached or whatever women do to their hair to make it lighter. She had one of those “You can’t afford any of these, but I have to be nice anyway” looks on her face. She had an ugly pair of glasses propped on the end of her nose, but her bright hazel eyes were mesmerizing. Her nametag said “Angela”.

I walked over to her, holding out my hand “Hi Angela, my name is Jack and I’m looking for a new house, but at my stage of life, one of these monsters would be just too much for what I need.” Her face said, “No shit, you probably couldn’t afford the tool shed”, but what she did say was, “I see, and what exactly are you looking for?”

“I definitely want to be overlooking the golf course, a half decent lot size, with no less than three bedrooms and a finished basement.” As I rattled off the rest of my requirements, her demeanor changed from “you’re a bum” to “you’re a buyer”. I followed her into her office and on that short walk, my typical male instincts took over and I checked out her “form”. She was wearing a cotton skirt that went to just below her knees and a company blazer that was fitted to accentuate her nice figure. “Not bad” was my initial assessment. Her hips swung very nicely as she walked too.

Once inside her office, Escort Fatih I was able to catch a whiff of her perfume. I had never smelled anything so captivating on any woman I had ever known. My hormones just got a major jump-start. Angela took me to the site map showing all the available lots. The homes around the clubhouse and the holes approaching it were reserved for the larger “estate” homes. She pointed to a section off the 14th tee that would be what they called “carriage homes”.

I stepped closer to her to see better and my nostrils were hit with her sweet scent. I couldn’t believe I was feeling this way, but I was actually becoming attracted to this woman and getting horny too. “Keep it professional, Jack” was all I could think. Then I heard myself say, “Do you have a model available? Would you be able to take me there?”

“No, there aren’t any models in this development, but some units here are under construction. This one here” pointing to the map, “is up but doesn’t have the appliances or finishing touches yet. You could drive back there and take a look yourself.”

“I could, but I would feel more comfortable going in if I had a company representative with me, just in case I get stopped by security.” Now cognizant of my attire, “I don’t exactly look like I belong.”

“No, I guess you’re right. I guess I could drive you back there now. Let me get some keys and have my assistant watch the store. I’ll get the truck and pull around front.” She pulled off her glasses and walked out.

When she said “truck”, I figured an SUV or light pick-up. She pulled up in one of those full sized construction-type trucks. Seeing a tiny, well-dressed woman behind the wheel of one of those was quite a sight, to say the least. Anyway, I jumped up into the cab and her sweet perfume overpowered the other construction site smells that would have been present in there. I also noticed that with the heat of the day, Angela had taken off the blazer. She had a white sleeveless blouse that accentuated her nice, round tits. When she maneuvered the steering wheel, her tits would strain against the blouse, making them look even more delicious. Driving along the unpaved roads, the truck bounced around and her skirt parted at the front slit, giving me a nice view of her rather shapely legs. Smells great and nice legs…sweet! We pulled up to the lot and threaded our way through the machinery and other construction equipment to the front door. The exterior was brick with a shingle shake roof. Inside the house, the entryway was large, which could be decorated to look very dramatic. As I walked around the house, Angela followed; telling me about the available options and adding her own little decorating ideas. A couple of times, I could have sworn I caught her giving me the once over, but then maybe it was just my wishful thinking too. Of course, whenever I followed her, I was sure to admire her figure.

The den had a huge picture window overlooking the golf course. Angela stood by the window looking out while I stood at the door getting a feel of the room. As I approached her from behind, she said turning “Beautiful view, huh?” Looking right at her, I said “Absolutely! And smells nice too!”

She blushed and pointed to the window. “I was talking about out the there.”

Now that I had money, I also seemed to have acquired a new sense of courage. I wanted to see just where I could get this going and since I noticed she was not wearing any rings on her left hand, she might be up for a little afternoon diversion.

“I know.” I walked up to her and stopped with my back to the window. “My view is better than your view, any day.” “Stop that, now. How could a young man like you be interested in me? It’s not nice to tease.” She turned and began to exit the room when I replied, “First, I would don’t tease; and second, are you saying you don’t think you’re attractive?”

“Well…I think I am for my age…but…”

“For your age? You’re attractive for any age.” I walked closer to her until I could again smell her perfume. “And as for ‘a young man’ being interested in you, you have no idea how turned on you have made me in the short time I have been with you.”

Angela now had that “deer caught in the headlights” look. She didn’t know whether to turn and run for safety, or wait for what would happen next. Since she didn’t run, I stepped closer to her, taking her face in my hands, bent over and kissed her ruby red lips softly but deliberately.

Now it was me who was waiting. Would she slap my face? Kick me in the nuts? Or worse, scream! Those seconds seemed to last an eternity as I searched her eyes for some clue. The clue didn’t come from her eyes, but her arms. She threw them around my neck and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

Her tongue parted my lips, with soft moans emanating from her as she pulled me down on to the newly laid carpet. I couldn’t believe what was happening. No woman had ever reacted Fındıkzade escort to my bullshit lines before, until now that is.

I held her tightly to me, pulling her body into mine. I put one of my legs over hers, grinding my hardening cock into her thigh, and my thigh into her crotch. With one arm under her neck, my other hand was free to explore my new lover. She arched her back, pressing her breasts into my chest, signaling me that they, indeed, needed some attention. I squeezed her tit, gently at first, but increased the intensity as her moans and breathing indicated she liked them manhandled.

Her hand came down and we both unbuttoned her blouse. Her lacy bra was the next to go, revealing to me her full tits. Her nipples were quite erect, with pinkish areoles the size of half dollars. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, pulling on it slightly to see her reaction. Her arms squeezed around my neck, pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth and moaning. I guess she liked it, huh?

If my playing with them with my fingers excited her, what would she do with my mouth clamped on them? I eased my way away from her mouth, kissing her cheek and neck. I continued kneading her breast, and toying with her nipples, until my mouth had reached them. I squeezed her tit, forcing her nipple upward, and sucked it into my mouth.

“Ahhhhh, yes, mmmmm” I sucked on it hard as she held my head in place. Her perfume was captivating and fueled me on. I switched breasts, and, in between kisses and licks, I said, “Your perfume is incredible, I can’t get enough of it.” “Mmmm, thank you, I am … especially glad…oh… I wore it today. Oh, yesssss. “

Angela moved one of her hands from my head and replaced mine on her tits. She now was squeezing them while I sucked. With a free hand, I knew just where I would put it. I slide it down her belly and, with her skirt hiked up now, between her legs. I could feel the heat of her pussy, even through her pantyhose and panties. When my fingers first touched her there, she sighed and her hips elevated slightly, pressing my hand into her. I pushed my hand hard against her crotch, but, with the material separating our skin, it just wasn’t the same. The panties and hose had to go.

I broke my suction on her tit and got to my knees. I slid my hands up her legs to her hips and grabbed hold of the elastic waistband, while she lifted her hips to allow them to be easily removed. As I pulled them down, I kept my eyes on hers, looking for any signs that she might change her mind or freak out. She averted her eyes and they widened. She was looking in the direction of my crotch and the now very large lump in my jeans.

Once her panties, etc. were off, I laid back down next to her, this time taking her lips to mine. I kissed her softly while caressing her inner thighs with my fingers, working them closer to her waiting pussy. The closer I got, the heavier her breathing became and the more intense her kissing too. I finally reached heaven and she nearly went over the edge right there.

I traced my finger over her pussy lips and when I reached her clit, I put a little more pressure and wiggled my finger. She moaned and shuddered at my touch. I traced my fingers back down and parted the lips. Her hole was practically dripping with her juices when I slowly pushed my finger inside.

“Oh, Oh, yes! Yes!” I wanted to let her be as vocal as she wanted to be so I moved my mouth back to her heaving tits. I slid another finger into her as she spread her legs wider apart and her muscles gripped my fingers. I started finger fucking her slowly, but she would have none of that. “Faster, yes, faster…. and harder!”

I repositioned myself so that I could give this pussy a thorough pounding. After each thrust into her, she grunted out a “yes” until it was almost a continuous “yyyyeeeeeeeeessssssssss”. Angela erupted into a massive orgasm, bucking her hips and holding me in a death grip. Just as she regained herself, I rammed my fingers back into her, pumping in and out. My hand was coated in her love nectar as another wave hit her.

“Holy shit! That was … mmmmm! How are you? I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No. But I loved watching you cum.” My dick was proof of that. It was beginning to hurt, crammed inside my jeans, begging for freedom. I rolled onto my back and undid my pants, letting my cock pop out through the boxers slit.

She rolled over on her side to see what that bulge that was pressing against her leg actually looked like. I never considered myself to be other than average, if 8″ on a guy my height is average. What I did know was I was thicker than most, a lot thicker.

She moved down so that she could stroke me from base to head. Slowly, up and down I watched her hands fondle my meat, squeezing it periodically to get some of my pre-cum to ooze out. With her red nailed finger, she would smear the sticky fluid around my purple head. I moaned, Gaziosmanpaşa escort rolled my eyes back and pushed my hips into the air needing more, begging for more.

When she was sure I was watching, she would suck the juice off her finger with a very seductive “mmmmm, good”.

“Suck me! I want to cum in your mouth.” She smiled. “You do, do you? I think I can make that happen!” She knelt between my legs, both hands holding my cock straight up, although it would have stayed like that anyway without her help, and using her tongue, cleaned the pre-cum she had smeared on my head completely off, leaving it glistening in a thin film of her saliva.

“Oh geeeeez, I want it bad!” I wondered if she would be able to get it in her mouth, but then nothing about this woman should surprise me. She easily slid my cock head into her warm mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip. I thrust upward and my cock entered her mouth. She was obviously unprepared for it, but she didn’t let it faze her.

Placing one hand at the base of my cock and the other on my balls, she effectively prevented me from unexpectedly thrusting upward without, potentially, causing myself some pain.

She bobbed her head up and down, each time taking a little bit more into her mouth. Her fingers around the base of my cock and those around my balls worked in unison, massaging me to the brink of ecstasy. When she released my cock and pushed her thumb against my asshole, I blew. I felt my cock fill with my sperm and pulsate as I shot stream after stream into her hungry mouth.

“Mmm.” She swallowed the first two barrages with no problem. Not expecting a third, she pulled away and some hit her on the chin and neck. I lay there, panting, unable to move. She used her fingers to scoop up the jism from herself before leaning back in to clean from my cock what hadn’t dripped onto the carpet. I held her head there, savoring the moment.

Once finished, she stood up and headed for the kitchen to wash up a bit. “I hope the water is hooked up.” I heard the water running and some splashing. I figured she would need to get back to the office and want to leave soon, but I wasn’t done with her yet.

I followed the sound of the running water and found her bending over the sink, rinsing her face. I snuck up behind her and placed my hands on her upper arms, pulling her back into me, and pushing myself into her. I kissed her neck and whispered in her ear, “I think you are a little premature in getting cleaned up.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I need to be getting back.”

I spun her around and kissed her deeply, a slight taste of my cum still on her tongue. I lifted her up onto the island counter, her pussy level with my cock. I pushed her skirt up around her hips and maneuvered myself in between her legs.

“I don’t think…. maybe we shouldn’t.” Her voice trailed off as she eyed my rejuvenated cock just centimeters from her moist pussy. I was waiting for her to actually say the word ‘no’, not wanting to force myself on her. The word never came. Angela put her hands on my shoulders, more for balance than to keep me away.

I gripped my cock and pressed the tip against her drenched pussy, rubbing it up and down. Whenever the head touched her sensitive swollen clit, she flinched. Reaching down, her hand replaced mine and she simultaneously stroked my cock as she moved it about her eager love patch. I pushed against her slightly, increasing the pressure on her pussy and my dick. As she felt her next orgasm rising, she placed my cock head against her clit and shook it. Her head went back and she screamed “Yyyyeeeesssss” at the top of her lungs. As she came, her body convulsed, releasing my cock and grabbing the counter edges so that she could steady herself.

Just as the convulsions eased up, but not stopped, I rammed my aching meat into her depths. She arched her back, thrusting her tits forward with another death scream. Her pussy muscles pulsated around my shaft as I pumped her twat with all I had. When the waves subsided, she lay back onto the counter and raised her legs up to my shoulders.

I held onto her legs, massaging her thighs, as I got myself in a rhythm. I knew I wouldn’t last much longer, but wanted to give her another orgasm. I put my thumb on her clit and pressed down. She groaned at the contact to her ultra-responsive nub, squeezing her pussy muscles tight around my cock.

“Oh, this is so good. Are you close?” she moaned.

“Almost, but I want you to have one more.”

“Keep that up and I’m there, yes, like that, yes, faster, yes, yes!”

I jiggled my thumb quickly back and forth while slamming my cock head into her womb. Angela’s legs tightened and she held onto the counter as a new orgasm took hold of her. Her hips gyrated, trying to get the most out of my cock. Unable to maintain control, my prick throbbed and unloaded a thick stream of jism into her, throwing her into another shuddering orgasm.

I held onto her tightly until we both had revived. She sat up as my limp cock slid from her hole, depositing a puddle of our juices on the counter. “I haven’t had orgasms like that in ages. Thank you.”

“No. Thank you. You are an amazing woman. After we sign the papers, I’d like to see more of you.”

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