Consensual Sexual Surrender

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You greeted me outside your home, at the front door to your house, as agreed upon during our last phone call. We all liked what we saw, pleased looks being openly exchanged as we verbally greeted one another. It took but a moment for the final decision to be made, the attraction powerfully obvious. Somehow in your sudden nervousness, you open your door to step over the threshold, literally and figuratively, implicit invitation intended, I step inside of your home behind you as the door swings closed behind us.

With sure, swift moves, I drop the white shirt and pants I had on to stand naked before you, my tall dark tanned half shadowed muscular figure framed in the doorway by the moonlight glow. Startled by my quickness, your pretty eyes widening upon seeing just how large my very long, thick cock had stiffened to be, the look on your face was as clearly revealing as was your involuntary gasp . . . “my god . . . you’re so big… ” almost inaudibly moaned . . . “Oh, I want you so much. . . you’re so beautiful . . . I want to be taken!”

I step forward again, spinning you around, encircling my arms around your waist, my lips moving over bowed face, down the back of your neck, across now heaving shoulders; your tingling breasts quickly rising with every excited breath as I slowly unbutton your blouse, reaching from behind, pressing closely against your back and buttocks. I move with relaxed deliberation, proceeding slowly to enhance and fully enjoy the moment of your consensual release . . . you allowing me to remove your top to fully expose you, to lightly grasping between finger and thumb your left nipple, pinching a fleeting moment, then the right nipple, just long enough for the sensation to be there as you feel my hand unzip your pants, now suddenly slipping down your legs to settle around your ankles. You wore nothing underneath, leaving bare your smooth round derrière cheeks and aroused, wetly yearning pussy.

So, yes m’lady . . . you permit the clothes cloaking your lithe sun tanned body to be slowly stripped off until you stand quite naked before me, open and ready . . .

You feel the muscles in my arms as I easily spin you around again to face me and gather you up in them, my strong body against yours, the heat of my loins and my long, thick cock unmistakable as I press against you and you hold me tightly in turn, face uplifted, lips slightly apart, eager to accept my long, deep, passionate kisses embracing you from behind.

I lead you by hand toward the bed in the next room, opening the door to reveal a large window with drawn lace curtains filtering the moonlight bathing the white sheets pulled back open on the bed in a luminous glow, the feel of them cool against the skin of your hot body as I lay you down and stretch your arms up to rest upon the pillows above your head.. . . .

Another involuntary gasp . . . all your alert senses all the more vibrantly alive now; tingling, anticipating, head turning at every sound since you cannot see as the silky smooth, oh so soft clothe blindfold I brought for you covers your eyes as I tighten it around your head, snug, but comfortable . . . .

Carefully but firmly, my hands push your shoulders down again, as you began to half sit, rising up . . . . . . You repose, snuggling down as you relax, surprised by how good you feel … how it all just seems . . . so enjoyable and exciting, feeling the soft thick cotton ropes I also brought with me as they are drawn comfortably snug-tight against each wrist and ankle so you are spread eagle, wide open, across the bed. This was unexpected! And equally if not more unexpected, you found yourself wonderfully willing . . . eager . . . wanting.

With bated breathe, you await my next move, for the next sound or motion, the next sensation; every sense, every nerve ending becoming stretched to the breaking point as each moment passes, and you hold yourself tightly coiled, tense with expectation, your desire mounting, feeling my presence next to you, the first faint feather stroke . . . you can tell by the touch it’s a feather . . . oh, that feels . . . not quite tickling . . . stirring you . making you wiggle your whole body as the feather Kütahya Escort so slowly, so gently moving from between your breasts as you breathe more deeply, the soft feather circling your left nipple, then moving across your chest to the other, going around and around that nipple, having the sensation of my appreciative eyes watching as you writhe in pleasurable mounting excitement.

The feather now moves up the right side to under your stretched-out arm and over, along your throat, your chin and face; slipping down your neck on the left side, along your left armpit, down your arm to your rope lashed wrist, teasing your finger tips before moving back up your arm to your breasts, flicking your nipples, then down the fine hairs of your belly to your hips pausing there, before moving across your hot wet mound, stirring your public hair ends as you begin to moan.

I pause there, playing . . . taking a sip of wine before continuing to draw the feather up and down your damp, wet crevice, tickling your twitching thighs and belly and hard nipple tipped breasts. Your moans grow louder, deeper, lost in the tethered throes of your impending climax, instinctively knowing that you were spread out for my pleasure as well as your own . . . and I was going to make this pleasurable occasion last for quite awhile longer.

But how could you mind . . . stretched out like that, straining body pushing to meet the feckless feather’s fine tickling touch and soft strokes; writhing and tossing about as you sweat through the moments of sweet sexual agony of pre-explosive orgasmic sensations tingling completely through you before that shuddering breath-taking flooding wet release began and you started cumming so hard . . . so . . . so . . . hard, losing yourself to the agony of embarrassment of the crescendo flow of urine mixed with your womanly juices that combined to soak the bed you lay on.

I tenderly cradle your head afterwards, holding your face slightly to one side as I give you a cool drink of cold water, followed by a long hard draw of the joint I lit, along with another taste from a fresh bottle of wine. After sipping from the glass, you rested your head back upon the two pillows I had placed before on the bed for you, snuggling into the comfort of the deep soft feather mattress covered with now warm, wet slinky satin sheets, tugging playfully against your rope binds, gasping as I dripped droplets of the remaining wine on your throbbing mound; you could almost hear it sizzle against your hot clit, blending sweetly with your passionate women’s heated scent . .

I let you lay still for a few moments, securely bound by your ties, listening to the distant crescendo of the ocean waves lapping the sandy shore line. With your head now propped up on the two full fluffy pillows, you were facing out to the open window, fully able to envision seeing through your blindfold the midnight moon’s glinting light on the foaming waves, the bright glow filtering it’s luminous hues across the sand dunes.

Knowing my watchful eyes were upon you, gauging your reactions, it was as if your pent-up pleasure was gathering its’ spent energy throughout your spread-eagled body, particularly your panting pussy, all hot and wetly on-edge, waiting , building up again . . . . I could sense your momentary pause was somehow slipping away . . . perhaps under the influence . . . and you began to strain at your bonds, the cycle of tensing up, then releasing, tensing up, wanting that release again, to completely let loose and explosively flow . . . your body holding the sexual tension, but relenting finally as I simply watched you until you relaxed somewhat before . . . before what . . . you must wonder . . . what next???

You feel the first barely felt flick of a wet, warm tongue and hot breath stirring your pubic hair ends, straining to see through the blindfold comfortably secure over your eyes. feeling all the more now the gentle cool blowing air as I blew diffuse streams of my breath over your own hot aching pulsating clitoris; an ice cube’s drops startling impact suddenly dripping on you from above, splashing between your taut heaving breasts and upon Kütahya Escort Bayan your very sensitive quivering tipped nipples, running down your sides, slipping across your tightening belly, mingling rivulets of cold drippings with streams of sweat coursing down your hot, straining, oh so open and appealing body, you begin to gasp with renewed pleasure, wanting more.

My tongue and lips took their time taking you . . . sucking the wine from your pubic hairs that I had dripped there . . . licking, flicking, stroking, swiftly darting deep in and out, to circling soft and slow and ever wider, then griping with soft lips you pulsating point, so every part and hidden crevice was judiciously licked and sucked, hard and softly, picking the pace up, approaching that moment when your back arched, your buns contracted as one hand held you, the other playfully stroking your taut thighs, your fluttering belly, your heaving breasts until finally I let you cum again; great heaves and moans and sharp cries wrested from your very soul as my tongue swirls ever deeply inside of you, two fingers moving in and out while another barely at first penetrates your anal opening very gently, wet from your juices so it easily slides deeper in with each bodily heave and thrust you made to meet my tongue and probing fingers that you gripe to hold and release as if both yoni and buttock button hole desired greater, deeper penetration as lips and tongue swirled, dipped and cavorted over your passion puffed labia and extended quivering tip of your clitoris until once more your dam burst and you began to release everything to me . . . . no longer any trace of hesitation or embarrassment . . . everything was offered and all was taken, cumming over and over and over until you could take no more.

Raising myself over you, legs spread out, laying over yours, my erect cock and heavy balls to rest on your achingly desiring dripping wet cunt, I held my upper body weight poised up on one arm as I took off your blindfold so I could gaze into those wide deep beautiful eyes as I slide home my long thick hard cock so deeply inside you gasped!

Moving slowly at first, then picking up the pace, I went deeper and deeper yet, thrusting into your flowing wetness, my thickness filling you, going so far in that you gasped all the more with intense pleasure, lustily bucking to accept me more, slippery pussy walls contracting to grasp me harder, slipping all the deeper within you until my thighs and belly slapped wetly against yours, our public hair both sopping, soaked wet with all the juices freely flowing from you, the already wet sheet now drenched as we moved up and down, your body meeting mine in mid-air as you lunged up to be driven back hard and down, up and down, up and down in a mad frenzied rhythm going faster and faster and faster, every muscle tense, our bodies tautly straining and you start grunting, then screaming that you were cumming again and again and you begin to beg with wild eyes and gasping pleas to please . . . please . . . cum . . . in . . . me . . . CUM in me, . . . oh, please . . .want . . . to . . . feel . . . your . . . hot . . . sperm . . . spurt . . . into . . . me . . . please . . .p l e a s e . . . Chris . . . please . . . oh, Chris top her!!! PLEASE COME IN ME!!! your voice rising in crescendo even as I buck harder into you, driving you up against your ties holding you down . . . PL . . E A . . . SE . . . CHRIS!!! . . .OH, C-H-R-I-S . . . NOW!!! NOW!!! NOW!!! . . . AHHHHHH!!!!! you screamed as you felt my orgasm match your own . . . hot steaming sperm shooting deep, deep into you as I drove you down to the mattress, pinning you there as I emptied myself as deeply into you as I could, as if to fill your womb . . . until you could take no more . . . and I gently rocked back and forth, gradually slowed down thrust by thrust, gently coming to a stop as I reached over to untie your hands which you brought up to fiercely grasp me to you as I lay spread across you, holding most of my weight from crushing your smaller body, returning kiss for kiss as you held my face, kissing me . . . my lips, my cheeks, my entire face, neck and upper chest until you Escort Kütahya dropped back, totally exhausted.

I very carefully and slowly withdrew after we lay for long minutes together, catching our breath, our furiously beating hearts like trip hammers eventually easing their staccato tempo, our bodies locked in tight embrace. Bending down, I reached over, stretching my hands downward to untie the ropes at your ankles to your still sprayed out legs, which you tentatively flexed to ease their stiffness. I moved back to lay my half-hard cock up against your sweat stained wet luscious breasts until I spurted the last vestiges of my cum, rubbing your nipples.

You bent down, hungrily demanding to swallow my cock whole and all my cum, satisfying any last measure of lust you may have still possessed, sucking me and licking every last bit up that you could find; smacking your lips with that proud cocky grin you seem to display at times, then moving up to my face before deeply kissing me once more. It was one of the most wonderful Loving kisses that I have ever shared. The bright warm Loving look in your eyes could have drawn tears from a stone statue. The shared tears of reciprocal happiness.

The rest of the night you curled up next to me, sighing as my hands stroked you to sleep, half-awakening at times to snuggle all the closer, a smile playing upon your sweet lips and peaceful face until dawn broke, and the faint morning light gradually slipped through the open windows, signifying a new day.

I lay awake listening to the waves roll onto the beach, watching the early morning light play across your calm tranquilly sleeping facial features, peeking under the silk sheet, revealing all more your woman’s graceful body resting in my embrace. There could not be a nicer way to wake upon any given day, then to be holding the woman you Love and you made Love to the night before. Watching you serene in sleep, your sweet breath easy, your faint smiling face composed in peaceful repose, I could not have been happier.

Later, waking pleased in my arms nestled close to me, smiling into my eyes . . . . you inched down my chest, playing with the hair there, moving further down, playing with my quickly aroused stiffening member with your tongue, alternately licking and sucking me until you roll quickly around and slide me deep inside you from behind, bucking backwards into me for all you were worth; as if to repeat your wild erotic ride of the night before, just hours ago, seemingly demonstrating that you could never have too much, wishing to be thoroughly taken again and again and once more, reaching a satisfied state, but never wholly over-satiated. When you were finished, you repeated your demands of the night before, pushing me back on the bed to lean over me, hungrily licking and sucking my cock until you came up happily smacking your sperm coated lips and gave me a long, lingering Loving kiss that seemed to last forevermore.

After a good solid morning breakfast and fortifying cups of strong mellow coffee to go with the morning’s first joint, we enjoyed the warmth of the rising sun while on the way down the stairs to the glistening foam of the ocean’s breaking waves and white beach sand.

We went for a long slow walk along the waters edge, exclaiming over particularly pretty shiny shells you found; smoking an other number before going in for a relaxed swim; floating upon the undulating waves, resting on the beach, playing two games of chess in fast succession, winning one apiece , first you, then me, both games well played and close, for stakes we promised one another to later disclose.

Eventually, propping your chin up upon your hands, you gazed longingly up into my eyes, raising an arched eyebrow, pursing your full lips before licking them provocatively, letting me know that you were ready and willing again for another form of adult games, and more . . ..

Taking the rope you brought in a basket from the room, you placed them over my wrists, pushing me down in the sand; indicating you wanted my bathing suit off as you tugged away to fully expose me, tossing it away over your shoulder, spreading my legs wide out . . .

We went often thereafter, to the beach in the following years; generally repeating the play of those first days when meandering my way along the ocean’s waves edge, I espied your top off of what appeared to be fine, full sweat glistening breasts . . . and your eyes met mine . . . .

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