Consider the Lily Ch. 01

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Why is it that I pass him nearly everyday and still I cannot find the courage to talk to him? I don’t even know what I would say if I ever did get the courage to talk to him. Would I stumble my words? I think I probably would, one look into those crystal clear blue eyes and I would turn into a trembling mess.

If I ever told any of my friends about this they would laugh it off, after all, I am 23 years old, I hold myself tall at 6ft 4inches, I have what I guess you would call a ‘muscular’ build. Yes I’m one of those, the young guy walking down the street, looking sexily comfortable in my cut off jeans and T-shirt, typical blond messy hair, and deep green eyes.

I guess I have been called a good catch and an even better lay if they can succeed in getting me to bed. My female friend’s always complain and try to convince me to become strait, fact is, they haven’t a hope in hell and they know it. Simple fact of the matter is I love cock, love the feel of a guy’s chest pressed tightly to mine as I feel his cock buried deep inside my ass.

To be honest I have fucked around a little but it doesn’t really interest me, I want love, I want to fall head over heels, see stars, butterflies in my stomach kind of love. Completely unrealistic right? Well maybe, maybe not, time can only tell. Time is something I don’t have right now though; I have woken up in the middle of a fantastic dream about getting well and truly fucked by my mystery guy only to find I am already 15 minutes late for work.

I work at LA fitness as a course instructor. So as much as I want to lay in my bed and try to revive that tingling dream I was in the middle of I cant. I curse as I jump out of bed and grab some clothes from the floor. I don’t have time to shower or anything so as I open the front door to my apartment I pull my jeans over my ass.

There is a young woman across the street watching me intently; I give an exasperated sigh as I jump into my car. As I hit the gass I realise I have no shirt to put on, cursing again I push the gass some more as I speed off to work. I run my fingers through my hair, trying to at least look like I have combed my hair, I look up into the mirror and glare at my reflection, my hair is completely tousled and I have fine blond stubble appearing around my jaw.

I pull into the gyms carpark and run into the cool air-conditioned building. A whistle sounds throughout the reception as I walk past,

“Honestly Michael, have some respect for your elders,”

I wink at the young lad behind reception.

“With a body like yours I will respect you any time, sir”

Michael’s lust filled voice follows me down the hall as I walk into the room where my class is held.

“Sorry guys”

I say as I walk through the room surveying all the young fit men and women who are standing around chatting and stretching.

“Slept in eh Ryan!”

Someone calls from the back,

“More like got some cute piece of ass last night”

A familiar voice teases. I look over at Kevin, giving him a dirty look with a hint of a grin before I turn and smile around the room.

“All right, all right, I hope your all stretched and ready to begin, I’ll just get some shorts on and we can get started!”

The class was good and served to revive my foggy brain and feel that buzz that I get after every class. We did a slow warm down after the energetic movements we had been doing throughout the class and as I said goodbye to everyone I prepared to take a quick shower before I had to go and meet my new class. I grabbed a towel and headed for the shower. I let the hot water rush over my body, feeling the hot droplets caress my skin.

My mind returned to the dream I had been having that morning, I imagined the stranger I had been seeing kneeling in front of me, sliding my hard cock between those hot lips. My hand moved down between my legs, wrapping my fingers around my shaft squeezing softly. A small moan escaped my lips as I imagined his lips sucking the head of my throbbing cock. I let my eyes close and surrounded myself with the thought of this sexy stranger giving me a good sucking.

I supported myself against the wall, the water still pounding down over my body. The lazy movements I had been using turned into my hips bucking, little groans escaping my lips as I began a good fist fucking. I never heard the soft creak of the shower stall opening; the first thing that alerted me to someone being with me was the touch of his or her hand on my tight ass. I gasped out and spun round to see who had caught me jerking off in the shower. As I turned my cock met the soft open and willing lips of Michael, I was too far-gone to care and I thrust my cock into his awaiting mouth.

My eyes closed as I thought of the sexy stranger, how I wanted to have his cock buried in my ass, I was bought back to reality with a crash as Michael’s tongue slipped over my glands, making my hips buck in response. His finger moved slowly to the crack of my ass, I knew I should stop him, He was only Akçay Escort 18 years old after all. But my body wouldn’t seem to obey my mind as my legs spread to allow this young kid access to my ass.

I steadied myself against the wall as his finger slid inside my hot little hole. His manipulations of my body were having the desired effect; I gasped out, trying to warn him that I was going to cum if he continued. But my voice failed me and all that came out was a strangled cry as Michael began to suck me harder, working his tongue over my sensitive skin, driving me to new height’s as yet another finger joined the first in my tight ass.

I couldn’t take it; I laced my fingers into his hair, imagining the light dusky blond hair of the stranger, feeling not Michael’s, but the stranger’s lips surrounding my cock. My body jerked, as my cum flooded the boys mouth,

“Ohhhh god yess make me cum baby”

I fell back against the cold tiled wall of the shower cubicle, I watched as if detached from this situation as Michael continued to clean my deflating cock. When he looked up at me, he just looked so sweet I pulled him up towards me and kissed him lightly on the lips. I expected him to say or do something… I’m not really sure what I was expecting but when he pulled away, smiled at me and walked out of the shower stall… well I wasn’t sure what to do.

I looked up and my eyes caught the clock, a day for being late it would appear. I hurried to wash my hair and dragged my shorts onto my still dripping wet body before running once again for my next beginner’s class.

“OK sorry guys! I’m having a day of running late, I hope you all found the place OK and your all ready to start stretching and preparing for a proper work out!”

I shouted over the hubbub of noisy voices. My eyes scanned the room to see what kind of people I had in my new class, I stopped dead in my tracks as I saw ‘Mr sexy stranger’ himself in only a small pair of shorts. My eyes drank in his muscular physique seeing just how well his tight ass filled those shorts.


I whipped round to find a petite young woman standing in front of me,

“I… yes that’s me, sorry I…”

“Its OK I can see you were distracted,”

Her laugh was just as delicate and feminine as she looked. I’m sure I was blushing as we introduced ourselves properly.

God knows how I got through that session without being caught staring at my stranger’s fine body, I tried to keep my mind on the job at hand, I really did! It just didn’t work; my mind kept straying, thinking about that hard body pressed against mine, mmmm. I just had to know his name, maybe that would settle my mind a little, who was I trying to kid? I just wanted to know what this sexy stranger’s name was! As the class came to an end I made a snap decision and called everyone’s attention.

“OK everyone, because this is a new class and I am hoping to see you all again next week I would like to just try to get to know each other by name, I am Ryan as some of you already know.”

My eyes settled on the petite young woman I had talked too earlier,

“May I ask your name?”

I directed my question at her. She giggled softly once again and glanced around her.

“My name is Kate”

That small little teasing smile played about her lips once more as she turned to the guy next to her. We went through everyone, but if I’m honest I wasn’t listening, my eyes kept on flicking between the sexy stranger and Kate’s sparkling eyes which seemed to never leave my face. She seemed to know exactly what I was feeling inside, and appeared to me to find it extremely amusing. It seemed to take the longest time to get around to the sexy stranger’s turn to talk, but when it finally did I found myself holding my breath, wanting to hear every word he spoke.

“My name…”

He didn’t even need to finish for me to know I needed to have him, was this madness? It had always been me to be chased; I have never looked at another man and known I need to have him. His voice was smooth and he was well spoken… when he suddenly chuckled I nearly choked as I tried to release my breath and take it in all in the same moment. He looked strait at me, his clear blue eyes burning into my similar green ones.

“Sorry, my name is Joel.”

yesss… it suited him perfectly. His eyes still didn’t leave mine, should I look away?? God I didn’t know what to do, but suddenly there was silence as the last person in the group finished introducing himself. And yet I still couldn’t draw my gaze away from Joel. I started to speak, god knows how, but I did.

“Right everyone, thank you for a good class and I hope to see you all again next week.”

As the class started to disperse Kate came up to me and gave me a brief hug, I don’t know why but it felt quite right, and not at all unexpected as one would think considering we had only met an hour ago.

“Well Ryan I think he likes you”

She winked and ran off to the Akçay Escort Bayan changing room, leaving me staring after her.

“You look like you’ve seen a ghost, everything OK?”

I turned slowly, preparing myself for the sight I was about to set eyes on. Yes it was Joel, what can I say?

“Umm just taken by surprise, nothing too major”

He looked at me as if he knew I wasn’t telling him the entire truth, I lowered my eyes, but that only served to bring to my attention to the bulge in Joel’s shorts. I gulped and looked guiltily back into his eyes. His eyes laughed at me silently as a small smile played about his lips.

“Well I will leave you too it, thank you for the class, it was good.”

As he started to stride away from me I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t said anything, how could I just stand there dumb struck when I wanted to say so much to him… do so much to him.

“Hang on… I ”

He stopped in his tracks, turning slowly to face me, his eyebrows raised in an enquiring manor. dammit I still didn’t know what to say, I had never been one to mix my words but I was at a complete loss.

“I… I don’t have another class until this afternoon…”

Oh god I just don’t know what I’m doing, I’m not used to this feeling, the utter horror at the realisation that he may walk out that door and never come back. I needed to get to know this guy although I have no idea whether he is even gay!

“Yes…? Did you tell me for a reason or just for conversation?”

His words seemed hard but his eyes were sparkling in mischief. I laughed softly, at myself more tan anything.

“Sorry look, I was wondering if you wanted to grab some breakfast, I’m famished after two classes on an empty stomach.”

God knows where this air of confidence had suddenly appeared from but I was thankful for it. Joel just stood there, looking at me, his eyes assessing me from head to toe whatever conclusion he came to he seemed pleased with it. He looked me in the eye as he said softly,

“Sure, I was heading for something to eat anyway, I’ll go grab a shower and we can go.”

I nodded but for what reason I’m not sure because Joel had already turned his back and was walking away towards the shower room. I let my breath out in a rush, had I been holding it the whole time? I wasn’t sure, I felt slightly shaky as I made my way to the shower room for a quick soak before we left.

I walked into the shower room and there he was, without a stitch of clothing on his body, standing under one of the open shower rings we had at the gym. I let my eyes wonder greedily over his body, etching this memory into my mind. He was looking up into the spray of water, his hands massaging shampoo into his hair; his eyes closed in relaxation. He appeared to have only a sprinkling of hair on his well-defined chest; I let my eyes move down, licking my lips as my gaze settled on Joel’s cock.

I was torn, I could hardly move and yet something inside me was aching to touch him, to move against him. Before I knew it I was there standing beside him, my hand trembling as I reached out to touch his body. My fingers trailed down slowly over Joel’s chest, feeling his nipples stiffen at my touch. His eyes flickered open, staring intently into mine, I gasped as his hand closed around mine, I stepped back thinking I had made a mistake, I shouldn’t have touched him, shouldn’t be near him, someone as sexy as him must have a boyfriend or maybe even a girlfriend. Whatever the case I shouldn’t have done it, shouldn’t have listened to that overpowering urge to touch him.

I opened my mouth to apologise, to say something, anything and then get the hell out of there before I made a bigger fool out of myself, I tried again to say something but the words wouldn’t come. And then without warning his lips covered mine, a quick soft taster of a kiss, just the touch of his lips elicted a moan from somewhere inside me. His arm encircled my waist and pulled me in towards him, water immediately splashed over my body, a fine spray of water covering my face, blurring my vision for a second. Joel moved his hand to my face and with the gentlest of movements brushed the water from my eyes. I kissed him then, I couldn’t have stopped myself even if I wanted to, I needed to feel his lips crushing mine, I had intended to just lightly kiss him, is that what I did? No, I brushed my lips with his and before I knew it we were both gasping as the kiss turned hot and ruthless.

A small cough resounded throughout the shower room and I jumped as Michael informed me that I may want to cool down as other members were sure to be around. I smiled apologetically at him, he grinned and walked away, I was impressed the he didn’t seem hurt by the fact he had just walked in on me in the arms of another guy. I turned to Joel and smiled softly…

“I guess we should get out of here”

His laughter rang load and clear, echoing around the shower room, I pouted at him and directed the shower spray Escort Akçay right at his face. He spluttered before flicking me with water, or attempting to. I laughed and stuck out my tongue before turning to leave; I didn’t get too far as something smacked me hard on the ass.


I shouted indignantly as I turned to see Joel doubled over with laughter. I moved swiftly towards him, pulling him up to his full height, and moving in to kiss him, I let my lips linger, teasing him into wanting more, letting my tongue intertwine with his in a ruthless attack on his defenceless mouth. I pushed him back against the wall, pushing my hard wet body against his, moving my cock slowly against him, rubbing slowly, rotating my hips against his. And I had him, the groan he produced was intoxicating, but I pulled away, leaving my breathing to return to normal, Joel just leaned against the wall, eyes still closed as he pulled his lower lip into his mouth as if trying to suck more of me inside him. I laughed softly but it was on shaking legs that I made my way out of the shower room.

Once we were dressed and ready to leave we walked out. Laughing as we argued where we should go to eat and who’s car to go in. we decided to go in my car and as I manoeuvred my way out of the carpark we figured we would just go to the delli just down from his apartment. My heart seemed to skip a beat each time he smiled or laughed, but when he casually started tracing circles on my thigh with his fingers I really had to concentrate on not crashing the car.

Thankfully we arrived in one piece, I’m not quite sure how he convinced me but we had agreed to get a takeout and head over to his place to eat it there. So of course, as I pulled up along side the delli Joel jumped out and ran in to order. Joel had given me directions to his place so as he walked away from the car I moved off and parked near his apartment. As I shut off the engine and climbed out of the car Joel came strolling around the corner looking just as sexy as the first time I saw him.

We went in and settled down to eat the food Joel had got from the delli, he moved around the kitchen collecting plates and making fresh coffee for the both of us. I sat and openly watched him, how his body moved with each flex of muscle, I could have sat there and watched him all day, except for the fact that he kept on looking at me and overtime my eyes were settled on him already.

“Like what you see?”

He asked smoothly as he sat down and handed me my coffee.


I said it without hesitation, there was no point in trying to deny it, I couldn’t keep my eyes off him and it wasn’t like he hadn’t noticed. He chuckled softly at my bluntness as he cupped my face in his hand, surprising me when he leaned forward and kissed me softly. He tasted of fresh coffee and mint but most of all he had something about him, a taste that I guess was just him, whatever it was, I wanted more of it. I’m not sure whether it was him or I that started it but our hands were suddenly all over each other. Tracing the contours of his chest, feeling the prickles lining his jaw under my soft fingers, letting my fingers tease his nipples through his shirt, loving the sound of each little sound, gasp and moan that escaped his lips.

I could feel my cock stiffening; becoming firm and full just his touch and his closeness seemed to effect me both physically and emotionally which I couldn’t understand. I had had sex, I had also made love, but the way this guy made me feel, that uncertainty and yet the knowledge that it was right… I don’t know how to explain that feeling. His hand cupped my growing erection, his fingers moulding against my jeans, making me moan out as he applied pressure in just the right places.

“I want you”

His words were spoken softly but they were full of intent. I could hear it in his voice and could see it plainly written in his eyes. My stomach churned at the thought of seeing and touching his body again, I wanted to do everything, experience everything, wanting to touch and feel him in the most intimate of places. I could feel that want and need building inside me just waiting to be released.

I rise silently form my seat, pulling him towards me, kissing him lightly on the lips as he looked into my eyes. He pulled me slowly into his embrace before moving off towards what I guessed was his bedroom. Holding my hand in his, letting him bring my wrist to his lips, feeling the softness of his touch as his lips kissed the sensitive skin. Letting my hands run over between his shoulder blades, feeling his muscles tighten in response.

His lips linger on my skin, the feel of his touch sets something on fire inside me. I sat nervously on the edge of his bed, looking up at him as he moved his body between my knees, letting his fingers entangle themselves in my hair. I wanted to look up into those sea blue eyes, and yet I didn’t quite have the courage, was it that he sensed this or just that he had a similar need to look into the liquid green of my eyes. I don’t know which it was but he moved his hand to cup my chin once again and lifted it ever so slightly so his eyes could make contact with mine. The depth of emotion that dwelled there overwhelmed me, I bit my lower lip as he smiled that heart breaking smile at me.

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