Contractors’ Helper

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When our family bought the house, we knew what we were getting into. The place was a bargain but it was old and it needed a lot of renovating. My parents were sure they could make a nice place out of it though. They saw it as an investment. That’s why the house was in constant state of reconstruction for the past year. Eventually, my siblings and I got used to the constant movement of random contractors around the house. My parents were usually there to supervise their work, but that wasn’t always an option for them.

It was going to be the hottest week of the summer in the recent history of my town and a new group of contractors was about to arrive to do the kitchen and some of the electrical wiring. My dad was supposed to stay at home on vacation supervising everything while my mom was at work for the whole day, but unfortunately his vacation got cancelled for some kind of last minute work emergency. When he was on the phone with me, he told me that it could take up the whole day and that he might have to show up tomorrow also, as well as the days after that. My mom was at work, my brothers were gone for the summer and the contractors were already paid for, so my dad did the only thing he could. He ordered me to stay at home and make sure everything was going smoothly. He said that the guys he hired are some of the best contractors he’s ever had an experience with and told me to help them out and to make sure they got everything they needed.

Well… Okay. I mean I had some half-hearted plans with my friends, but who would I be if I didn’t help out my family? I didn’t know anything about construction work, but I was an adult already – pretty sure I could handle a couple of contractors!

My parents left for work early that morning and I woke up shortly afterwards in an empty house. The sun was blazing that day and our AC still wasn’t set up. Fuck it, I said to myself, I’m just going to spend the day in my underwear. There was no other way I could survive this heatwave otherwise… I slipped out of the bed, had an icy shower and then put on a pair of fitting white boxer briefs. As I was walking by the mirror, I couldn’t help but look at myself for a bit. A ripe, athletic eighteen year old – smooth skin, nice arms… Those contractors were in for a good view, all right!

The bell rang at about ten. When I opened the door, I saw three men standing there, all wearing hard hats and shorts to battle the weather. The youngest one was probably in his early thirties, with nice light brown hair and a light stubble on his cheeks. He was wearing a tight, red shirt, showing off his very toned body. He was definitely the fittest of the bunch.

Then there was the guy with a darker skin tone on the right. He was wearing a shirt with the sleeves tucked in. He was wearing it open too, so his torso covered in curly, black hair and his burly arms were shown to the whole world. He had a mustache and was pretty handsome with his dark eyes and short curly hair.

The biggest one must have been Ivan – the only one of the guys dad told me about. He was in the front, taller and older than both of them, shaved head and a goatee. He was wearing a tank top showcasing his chest hair coming up through the collar, massive shoulders and just a little bit of a belly.

He would seem scary if he didn’t have a smile on his face. Actually, they all smiled as soon as they saw me. They must be really friendly, I figured.

“You must be the boss’ son,” Ivan said, his voice deep and burly. He reached out to me to shake my hand. His bearish paw covered in black fur could probably choke me on its own if it wanted to and mine looked grotesquely small in comparison. Nevertheless, I shook it.

“Yes, that’s me,” I smiled at all of them, “Please, come in!”

All three of them came inside. They looked around for a bit but almost immediately, their eyes fell back on me. For a minute, I thought whether it was rude to only answer in my underwear like that, but then I figured that this weather practically demanded it. Besides, I was in the presence of the butchest men I’ve ever seen – I was sure they already saw everything I could possibly show.

“Your dad probably told you about Ivan, that’s me,” Ivan said, adjusting his belt as his eyes slid down my chest, “This over here is Tom, he’s kind of an apprentice of mine. And this over here is Roberto.”

Tom waved at me and Roberto said “Hola”.

“Roberto doesn’t speak much English,” Ivan explained, “But we always find a way to understand each other and we don’t think there will be a problem. Don’t you agree, son?”

“Absolutely, sir!” I responded to Ivan and then I turned to Roberto and reached deep into my memory for my really rusty highschool Spanish, “Buen dia, como estar?”

Roberto laughed deeply at my grammar and his hand reached out to ruffle my hair. I chuckled at that – I liked that the guys weren’t afraid of physical contact.

“All right, guys,” Ivan smirked at his colleagues, “Let’s get to work.”

They immediately started on the cupboards in Aydınkent Escort Bayan the kitchen. Turned out Ivan was the electrical expert, while Tom and Roberto were in charge of putting the furniture in its place. I wasn’t sure if it was rude to stare, but I did anyway. These were real men doing some honest, hard work! I knew I could learn a thing or two. The contractors didn’t seem to mind me being around and kept the discussion going, lively and friendly.

“How old are you, son?” Ivan said, his eyes pinned on my bare chest. I hoped it wasn’t too distracting…

“Turning nineteen next month, sir,” I said with a smile. That made Ivan raise his eyebrow.

“Eighteen, huh? Beautiful age…” he said with a wink.

“Bet the girls are all over you, kid,” Tom said, joining the conversation as he was wiping his hands into a dirty rag.

“Not sure, actually,” I chuckled, “I don’t really have a lot of time for girls, with school and all.”

Ivan and Tom looked at each other with a smirk I didn’t understand. I was hoping they weren’t judging me for anything…

“No time for girls but plenty of time to hang around with old sweaty fucks like us, eh?” Ivan said, as he playfully patted me on my shoulder.

I laughed back but then shook my head.

“Come on, you shouldn’t talk about yourselves like that! You’re men in your prime.”

At this point, Roberto joined us, an exhausted smile on his face and his shirt all drenched from sweat. It seemed like all of them were becoming a little overworked, so I came up with an idea.

“What about a little break?” I suggested, “My mom couldn’t prepare much without the kitchen up and running but we have some store bought pie in the pantry and I could put on some coffee as well.”

“I could use a break,” Ivan said and his colleagues nodded. I led them all to the living room and told them to make themselves comfortable. Since the living room was also still unfurnished, the only thing there was a coffee table and three chairs, but I was sure they wouldn’t mind the diminished comfort.

“Just stay right here,” I said as I disappeared in the kitchen for a while, where we kept the necessities like the coffee maker in a corner for now. I came back a couple minutes later with three steaming cups of coffee and three slices of some apple pie we bought at a store.

“There you go,” I said, putting the plates before each one of them carefully, “It’s not much but hope you like it anyway.”

The hungry men started wolfing down the pies and appreciated the coffee, even though it was hot as hell outside. I asked them how was the pie.

“Es tan dulce como tu, pollito,” Roberto said while giving me a wink. The man laughed, but I didn’t quite catch that. I just shot Ivan a questioning look.

“Don’t mind him, son. He’s just being a horndog,” he assured me, “Why are you still standing around? You can sit with us.”

“I’d love to, sir, but I’m afraid we’re a little low on chairs…” I responded. Ivan didn’t say anything, just pulled his chair back a little bit and revealed his lap, patting his inner thigh, urging me to sit.

Well, I wasn’t about to be rude and say “no”. I sat down and tried to make myself comfortable on his leg, but his strong hands grabbed me and shuffled me straight onto his lap.

“There you go, boy,” he grunted into my ear, “Ain’t that much better?”

I said yes and thanked him, hoping he didn’t mind having my ass covered just in the skin-tight boxers briefs on his lap. We started chatting while Ivan occasionally stroked my thigh in a brotherly fashion. It made me feel good that the guys were so comfortable having me as part of the group – they were definitely the friendliest contractors we ever had. I guess dad was right about them after all.

They started asking me questions – how was school and if I did any sports. I said that I’m part of the swim team and they wanted to hear all about that. What kind of swimwear I was using, how I was getting along with the other teammates, if I was comfortable with showering around them etc. I responded positively to most of their questions and kept twitching in my “seat” – I guess Ivan forgot his hammer or some other hard tool inside of his pocket and it was pushing against my ass, no matter how hard I was trying to shuffle around and get away from it.

As soon as they were done eating, I got up to clean up the dishes.

“Damn, what would I do to have someone like you at home,” Ivan said and his big paw went to smack my ass. I squealed and arched my back, which made all the contractors chuckle. I looked back and saw a big, black imprint of Ivan’s huge hand all over my right cheek.

“Sorry about that, kiddo,” Ivan said, putting his hands back into his pockets, “You can just take them off, no need to be shy.”

“No, it’s fine – I wouldn’t want to make you guys uncomfortable,” I just smiled back. I actually liked Ivan’s imprint over there – I gotta admit, as unexpected as the slap was, it made me a Aydınkent Escort little harder in my tight underwear.

“Okay then,” Tom said, leaning his hands on the coffee table as his hands slid down to my slightly larger bulge for just a fraction of a second, “I suppose we should get back to work… Would you mind maybe helping us out a little bit, champ?”

“I’d love to,” I grinned back at him.

The problem they were facing was between the living room and the kitchen. My mom requested a very small interior window on the wall, connecting the cupboards in the kitchen and the living room space – handy for handing out food and stuff like that to the guests. Tom explained to me that Ivan was going to do something with the electrical work right above this window while Roberto and he worked on the kitchen cupboards.

“As we work, we need to occasionally hand each other our tools and what not,” Tom explained as he put his muscled arm over my shoulders, “Using the tiny window is kind of awkward for that. Do you think you could squeeze inside of it and lay there, with your head and shoulders on Ivan’s side and the rest of your body on ours? That way you could hand Ivan’s tools right into his hand or hand them right back to us.”

Okay… That seemed a little elaborate but who was I to question their methods? I mean they were the ones with years of experience – I might as well make myself useful. Plus, my dad told me to help them out with whatever they needed.

“Okay then,” I agreed enthusiastically and did as they said. I went to the kitchen and laid on the cupboard – then soft of shuffled myself in the direction of the window. There was a very small but durable table on the other side, so my body wasn’t just hanging out of the window but laying on that instead.

I watched Ivan approach me and saw his huge figure from below – that hunky mountain of a man seemed even bigger from this angle.

“Look at you, what a good boy you are,” he said and started taking off his tank top – revealing his butch, impossibly hairy chest covered in sweat.

“I try my best, sir,” I grinned back at him and they got to work. Ivan was messing with some cables in the open hole above the window. In order go access it, he had to put his crotch very close to my face. I was inhaling the smell of a working man right from the source, which made me feel a little strange.

“Pliers,” Ivan shouted loud enough for the kitchen side to hear, and the other guys put the right tool in my hand and I handed it right into Ivan’s open palm.

“There you go, look how useful you are, my boy,” he smiled at me as he stroked my hair, “Tell you what – why don’t you help me out of those shorts? It’s hot as shit in here, I’d hate to get them all sweaty.”

“No problem, sir,” I said as my hand promptly went for the zipper on his fly and loosened it. The tight shorts started to slide down Ivan’s hairy thighs and revealed a pair of old, gray boxer briefs. So old in fact, that they had holes all over the place. In the front they were doing their best to hide at least some of Ivan’s meaty cock, half-chub (perhaps from all the heat?), uncut from what I could tell with a pair of heavy hairy testicles right underneath. The smell got twice as intense, making me breathe a little heavier.

“I like when you call me like that,” he said to me, before he turned to the wall, “Hey, Tom! Get your ass up on the cupboard and help me get these cables through!”

“Sure thing, boss!” Tom said on the other side and I heard him get on the cupboard on the other side. As he was helping Ivan pulling the cables onto the other side, one of his feet accidentally leaned on my crotch, his heavy boot pushing against my already semi-excited dick. I didn’t want to be rude about it, so I just moaned a little bit and inhaled a fresh batch of Ivan’s musk straight into my nose.

Ivan noticed my struggles and shot me a strange smile. He shuffled closer to me, so his scrotum and the damp cloth of his underwear was pretty much on my face as he said: “Hey, Tom! Make sure you pull the cables REAL hard! I think they’ll loosen up soon!”

I heard Tom laugh for some reason and I guess Tom started pulling on the cables harder, because his boot started rubbing itself more and more on my dick. I was going red in the face and my body was getting twitchy as Tom’s heavy work boot gave my cock a rough and intense treatment over the cloth of my boxer briefs. Come on, weren’t the cables already loose enough? If he was going to keep this up, he could bring me to a climax!

“Hope you’re not too uncomfortable, boy. Because we’re getting very, very comfortable,” Ivan said as he pushed even further and pulled his ass over my face. One of the holes was conveniently located right over his hole – a tight, hairy little asshole, right between his meaty cheeks. It looked clean but it was sweaty and musky, just like the rest of his body. I have to say, my mouth was watering at the sight.

“Come on, kid,” Ivan whispered, “Lick it. Escort Aydınkent You know you want it.”

Well… my dad DID tell me to make sure I give the contractors everything that was needed…

I opened my mouth and my tongue started lapping at Ivan’s hairy hole. His pubes were getting caught up in my teeth but I didn’t mind. The big contractor reacted by sighing in pleasure and sitting on my face, burying it in his nice, sweet, manly ass. I started pushing my tongue inside Ivan slowly as my lips made out with his hole. He tasted amazing – like a real man should. I wanted to worship his body – wherever he needed my mouth to be. And if me tonguing his tight ass was what he wanted, then I sure as hell wasn’t gonna skimp on that.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Tom’s boot was deliberately trying to make me cum. I felt my precum seeping through the cloth of my boxers and leaking all over his leather boot. I was then surprised to feel a pair of hands grabbing my boxers by the waistband. Tom took a break massaging my crotch and let Roberto strip me from my last piece of clothing. Reflexively, I pulled my legs wide apart, leaving my privates fully accessible to both of the horny men.

“Déjame llevarte al paraíso,” I heard Roberto before I felt his mustache on my tight hole. It was scratching me in the best way and his hungry tongue made me feel incredible, instantly going for my ass, working it hungrily and with passion. Meanwhile, Tom got back to pinning my cock down to my belly with his heavy boot, making me groan and sigh as I was trying my best to work on Ivan’s now wet, tight hole.

“You’re such a natural at this, kid,” he said to me in between his grunting, “Don’t you dare stop.”

I dove my tongue as deep into Ivan’s asshole as possible before I realized that I couldn’t hold back my own cum for much longer. Tom’s boot felt so good on my sensitive little cock and with Roberto eating my ass like a pro, I felt a huge orgasm building up soon, which I was unable to control.

“MMMMMHHHMH!” was everything I could say, my mouth silenced by Ivan’s ass on my mouth, as I felt a feeling of a powerful climax overtake my body. I felt the sensitive head of my cock giving into Tom’s rough treatment and spewing a massive cumload all over my naked chest.

“Damn…” Tom said from the other side, as he presumably watched me experience the most powerful orgasm I had in years, “What a shot, kid! Let me clean that up for you.”

I heard him getting down and then I felt his warm, eager tongue, lapping up the goo from my sweaty and hot chest, inch after inch. I was breathing hard, still recovering from my orgasm, as I felt the huge mass of Ivan move above me. He was now completely hard and decided to drop his old underwear to fully showcase it. I watched his powerful cock from upside down, thick and juicy, veins running all over it, with his foreskin covering about half of his head. The rest was covered in silky, shiny precum. He had a big bush of pubes at the root of his cock and two testicles as big as tennis balls, promising a huge load meant for me and me only.

“Let’s see what else can that pretty little mouth of yours do,” he said, stroking his fleshy monster as he approached my mouth. I didn’t hesitate and gave his purple head a big kiss as I sucked out the precum out of it. His powerful earthy aroma hit my tastebuds immediately – his cock tasted as amazing as it looked.

On the other side, Tom already made sure that my chest was clean and finally got to my cock. Even though I just came moments ago, his warm, experienced mouth and devilish tongue running all over my super sensitive head made sure I was getting hard again in a minute. Meanwhile, Roberto finished eating my ass and was now probing it with a finger.

“Voy a disfrutar chingar tu culo,” he said, his voice all pent up and horny, before I felt something bigger and wetter than his finger pushing against my hole. His thick, uncut dick was hard and ready to give my ass a ride of its life.

Tom and Roberto were making me crazy horny and that made me able to push more and more of Ivan’s veiny dick into my hungry throat. His scent was driving me crazy and so were the things he was saying to me. Things he said he would love to do to my body. How he would like to fuck me every night before I went to sleep. Or how he would always make sure I would never be hungry for cum ever again.

Yeah, I could tell why my dad said these guys were the best of the best. I never saw more passionate contractors in my life.

My nose was bumping against Ivan’s full balls as he was fucking my face. Tom was giving me the blowjob of my life and Roberto held my legs apart as he started fucking me with the power and tempo of a steam engine. I felt Ivan’s sweat drop onto my face, mixing with mine, as I was drinking his pre juice like my life depended on it. Watching this hairy beast of a man fuck my face from this angle did wonders to me and I was able to take much more of his cock into my throat than I usually would.

“You’re gonna be a good boy and drink all of daddy’s milk, won’t you?” he said to me. I couldn’t answer with his dick so deep in my throat but the answer was painted all over the horny expression on my face. I braced myself for the huge load this man was going to feed me while Tom and Roberto picked up their tempo impatiently.

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