Control: Who Wants It? Ch. 02

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Here is the sequel that I have received several requests to write. I would like to inform people that when I say “The End” I am referring to the end of this story, this does not mean I don’t intend to write more about these characters. In fact there is probably only one or two stories that I probably won’t continue. As for this one I am considering at least two more parts to it.

Jessica considered carefully, she had never even felt a finger probing her ass, but she didn’t really want to finish herself off. Jessica knew that it wouldn’t take much to finish her, she was so close. Some instinct told her that as she now served Amber the younger woman might ask for her ass at any time and it might be best to offer it freely.

“My ass mistress, please take my ass.” Amber looked momentarily startled, clearly she wasn’t expecting this response, but she quickly recovered with a smile.

“Good choice Jessie, in fact if you’re lucky I may not just stop with one, you may cum more than you bargain for.” Amber patted Jessica’s hip and the older woman nodded as she bent over spreading her cheeks in preparation for losing her last virginity. Amber pulled some lube from her bag and squirted some into Jessica’s ass and began working her fingers inside. Jessica moaned loudly, but Amber was careful to move slowly as she only wanted to use the hole, not actually hurt Jessica. Once her fingers moved easily without more than mild discomfort to Jessica, Amber withdrew her fingers eliciting what sounded to her like a groan of disappointment. Amber reached into her bag to retrieve a small plug which she began working into Jessica’s ass to ensure that it was loose enough. Again the plug moved easily and Jessica moaned as her pussy flooded the bed under her. Satisfied Amber pulled the plug out of Jessica’s ass and noted with satisfaction that the plug came out with reluctance.

“Clearly you want your ass filled. Well I’ll do just that Jessie.” Amber put on the strapon and moved into position behind Jessica. Amber slowly fed the dildo into Jessica’s ass and enjoyed the sounds this prompted from the older woman. Amber was enjoying the sensations created by the dildo moving in and out of the tight hole of the woman beneath her. Amber paused only to shift her grip on Jessica’s cheeks as she gripped and began to pound even harder. Amber had never done anything like this before, in her limited experience she was usually on the receiving end, although she was an anal virgin herself. Amber occasionally spanked Jessica as she continued to ride. Amber continued to plow Jessica even as the older woman cried out her orgasm. Amber kept going even as Jessica’s orgasm subsided and she felt herself starting to tire. Amber felt herself on the verge of dropping from exhaustion when she felt her own orgasm hit with the subtlety of a freight train. Amber initially collapsed on top of Jessica and panted heavily for several moments before she had the energy to pull out and collapse beside the other woman. Amber lay for some time completely sated before she had the energy to retrieve the key and unlock Jessica’s handcuffs. Amber removed the strapon and lay down on her back and was just nodding off when she realized that Jessica’s head was resting against her breast. Amber smiled faintly and wrapped her arms around her submissive.


Amber awoke the next morning sore, but happy. She cast a bleary eye on the clock and saw that it was just after eight and groaned as she realized that as it was Tuesday they would have work to do. She looked down at Jessica still resting peacefully against her breast and suddenly wished she didn’t have to wake her. Knowing full well that Jessica would draw the line at missing work Amber patted her head softly.

“Sorry kitten but it’s morning and we should go to work.” Jessica whimpered softly as they disentangled themselves and rose to walk to the bathroom to shower. Jessica was tempted to play but knew they would probably be late for work as it was and so, they both concentrated on getting clean. Once they were dry Jessica realized that they would have to stop by Amber’s dorm because none of Jessica’s clothes could possibly fit Amber’s petite frame. Jessica dressed in her usual work attire and tried to regain her former dominance, at least within herself while Amber dressed in the clothes from the previous night. Jessica was feeling the effects of the previous night catching up with her and didn’t wish to speak, while Amber smiled innocently, clearly displaying her lack of desire for conversation as well. Jessica reluctantly decided that it would be best if she took Amber to the office, better they both be a little late than Amber be too much later. When they arrived Amber invited Jessica inside while she changed and Jessica wanted to decline, but decided that she wasn’t quite ready to resume her usual dominance. Once inside the dorm room that resembled the room that Jessica had lived in during her own college days, they were greeted by a tall athletic blond with a steely look in her eyes.

“Jessica this is my roommate, Shura and keçiören escort Shura this is my boss Jessica Winters.” Shura’s only reaction was to twitch an eyebrow. Something about her gaze made Jessica uncomfortable and it took all of her will power to maintain eye contact. Amber sensing the tension in the room continued. “Okay none of that, Shura play nice I have to change for work.” Amber quickly gathered her clothes and went into the bathroom as she had to do her makeup as well. Amber had just fixed her bra and was about to put on her work clothes when Shura entered.

“Is she really your boss?” Amber nodded as she continued to dress. “You like girls?” The question was asked in a tone that suggested that Shura was trying not to let on how eager she was for the answer.

“Not like that, at least not until I met her. You?” Shura nodded slowly and a grin seemed to be trying to emerge on her face, despite her restraint.

“So, how often does she have you under her desk?” Amber smiled as she fixed her hair and began applying makeup.

“Actually I have only tasted her once. Do you like her?” This time Shura’s grin was more obvious and her nodding more vigorous. “Well if you’re nice to her, we might see you Friday.” Shura looked disappointed.

“Friday?” Amber smiled and suddenly kissed her roommate full on the mouth, but she did not linger as her roommate clearly wished her to.

“Yes, Friday. We’re both tired and sore after last night, I don’t even know how we are going to make it through today.” Amber left the bathroom and followed Jessica back to the car. After they got back on the road Jessica maintained her focus on the road as she spoke quietly.

“Amber, what were you two discussing in the bathroom?” Jessica struggled to keep a wavering uncertainty from her voice as she spoke. Amber’s response was to smile and remain silent as if the answer would come when she felt like it.

“She likes you and I won’t say anymore until Friday. I imagine you feel as sore and tired as I do, maybe more so.” Jessica nodded, deciding that pressing Amber would only serve to undermine the confidence that she needed to do her job. The drive continued in silence as they finally reached the office. Jessica noted that they were about ten minutes late and sighed inwardly. Mary and Michael were just going over the agenda for the day when they entered. Mary looked up holding Jessica’s gaze she spoke.

“Well, missy this is unexpected.” Jessica sighed again this time out loud.

“Mary I realize that we’re late, but that doesn’t mean you can simply dress me down in front of your coworkers. If you have a concern than I will be in my office as soon as I have had my coffee.” Mary was unaffected and returned to the work on her desk. Everything was in readiness so, Amber was able to quickly prepare the coffee. Jessica was relieved when the first sip hit her with its usual force as she had been concerned about the turn her relationship with Amber had taken. Jessica moved to her office and Mary followed. Amber was left with Michael as she had nothing to do now that the coffee had been served she sat in a chair to appraise Jessica’s assistant. Amber saw that he was good looking, but she realized she wasn’t interested. She wasn’t certain whether it was the messages she was receiving from her body in the wake of the previous night or if she was finding out she was truly gay. She decided it didn’t matter as she turned her attention to Jessica’s door and wondered what she and Mary were discussing.

“Mary you clearly have something on your mind, what is it?” In Jessica’s life most people would have made excuses to leave as they detected the strain in her voice, however Mary ignored the tone as she responded not breaking eye contact.

“Jessica what is going on, you show up late and with Amber. If it had been Michael I would have guessed something, but with Amber I can’t read her. Anyone else I would think blackmail, but not you.” Mary waited clearly she felt she had made her case. Jessica nodded as she felt she wanted to look away, but she had never backed down to Mary and wouldn’t start now.

“Mary I’m sorry for not warning you that we would be late, but anything beyond that I have no concern. To put it bluntly I have not violated company policy so it is not your concern.” Mary turned to the door, but stopped before opening it and turned her head to Jessica.

“You may be able to fool other people missy, but I see something is going between you and that girl. But there is something I can’t quite put my finger on and it’s not you and a girl, it’s something else.” Mary left and Jessica felt a chill, Mary may not know, but she was close to realizing that Jessica was submitting to Amber. The day seemed to Jessica to be proceeding as normal and although it was a struggle she actually got a lot done, however she knew that she was too worn out for a full day. She stubbornly carried on, but by three she knew that it was pointless. She pack up her work and walked out to see her employees.

“Everyone today was keçiören sınırsız escort good, but I have decided to leave a little early. Now, I expect to see everyone bright and early tomorrow.” Jessica had meant to leave right away, but remembered she had to take Amber home. Once they reached the dorm Amber leaned in to kiss Jessica. Jessica tried to object, but only moaned as Amber’s tongue passed between her lips. Amber suddenly broke the kiss and hopped out of the car and walked up to her dorm. Jessica felt disappointed as she drove away. She was shocked that Amber would kiss her in public, but this was outweighed by her disappointment that Amber broke the kiss so suddenly. Later in bed Jessica was still thrown by how much things had changed in her life.


Jessica entered the office barely acknowledging her employees as she accepted her morning coffee from Amber. Jessica barely spoke as she entered her office, she was frustrated. Amber had seemingly been teasing her for the last two days, but otherwise had been ignoring her. Jessica groaned as she thought about it, before she had been dominant in all aspects of her life, but now she was pining away for the attention of a barely legal woman and an employee at that. Jessica didn’t know what she was going to do, she hadn’t gotten much work done in the past few days and this was worrying her. Jessica found the idea of asking Amber to move in with her was increasingly tempting. Shaking her head Jessica attempted to return her attention to work and not on the shape of Amber’s breasts or the smoothness of her legs and especially not how her pussy tasted. Now she could feel herself struggling even more as she felt herself start to dampen between her legs. Jessica would continue to struggle throughout the morning until she heard a knock at the door.

“Yes?” Amber immediately strode into her office and walked right up to Jessica. Amber leaned in and kissed her. Jessica forgot all about the struggles of the morning and began to grow eager for whatever Amber had in mind. Suddenly Amber pulled back and Jessica attempted to follow, desperate to maintain contact with Amber’s sweet lips.

“Jessie it’s time for lunch and I think we should go and come back quickly. I think you would prefer it if we finished work early. Am I right?” Amber saw Jessica’s face light up and continued. “I guess that’s a yes. Okay let’s go.” Jessica moved quickly almost frantically as she gathered her things in preparation for taking Amber to lunch. The two went to Jessica’s car and they drove to a drive-thru where they could quickly pickup food without having to sit down and wait. After hitting the drive-thru they quickly returned to the office and ate in silence as both were eager to get through enough work to justify taking off early. Jessica finished and immediately returned to the pile of work on her desk. It continued to be a struggle, but now she was motivated to finish as quickly as possible. Later Jessica heard another knock on the door and she noted the time was just after three.

“Amber?” Once again Amber walked in smiling deeply.

“Well has Jessie accomplished enough for one day?” Somewhere deep inside a voice cried out telling Jessica to snap at this girl for treating her like a child. However Jessica took one look into Amber’s eyes and saw something she hadn’t expected, Amber’s eyes were only displaying genuine affection. Jessica returned her smile and began to wonder if she too was falling for Amber. Jessica didn’t have an answer for that question as she responded to Amber’s.

“Yes, Amber I actually accomplished a lot, what did you have in mind?” Amber softly pecked her lips.

“Tell the others about the early day meet me at my dorm.” Amber left without another word as Jessica collected herself before emerging.

“All right everyone good job today, I have decided to start the weekend early. See you all Monday.” Mary glanced at Jessica, but nodded and turned to collect her thing in preparation to leave. Jessica left just after Amber and focused on driving safely despite her growing excitement. At last the interminable drive was over and Jessica went up to Amber’s room. When she arrived Amber was sitting on her bed and Shura was lounging on hers. Amber looked up once Jessica had entered, smiling deeply as she spoke.

“Good, now I want you to undress and kneel.” Jessica’s eyes shot open and she glanced at Shura, before turning back to Amber.

“What?” Amber sat up straight and looked at Jessica sharply.

“Jessie that was not a request I will punish you if I have to repeat myself.” Jessica stared hard, Amber’s gaze was steely and Jessica suddenly felt herself going weak in the knees. She was uncertain about being naked in front of Shura, but ultimately decided that she enjoyed submitting too much to disobey.

“I’m sorry…mistress.” Again Jessica was hesitant to make this admission to a stranger, but she quickly undressed, pausing only to consider which would be better, to strip quickly to make up for her earlier disobedience or keçiören yeni escort to perform a striptease to entice Amber. Ultimately she decided to be quick, but sensual with results that fell somewhere in between. Jessica was still dressed for work and removed these items, her jacket, blouse and skirt. Jessica was wearing bra and panties when she made to kneel, but a glare from Amber told her otherwise. Jessica was still nervous as she swiftly removed these final obstacles to her nudity and slowly sunk to her knees. Amber stood and walked over to Jessica, patting her on the head affectionately as she spoke.

“Very good Jessie, I know it’s hard to do this in front of someone else. I am proud of you. I promise I will never make you submit in the presence of a man or indeed anyone that I do not know very well. I admit I am reluctant to share you with anyone.” Jessica felt a wave of pleasure pass through her as she heard these words from Amber. Jessica felt Amber put something on her neck and touched it. It turned out to be a collar and when Amber handed her a mirror Jessica found it was a nice collar. Although it was obviously meant to convey ownership, it was not one that you but at a pet shop, but one that must have been custom ordered. Jessica lifted the metal tag in order to look at what it said. The inscription read “My Sweet Jessie” and upon reading it Jessica felt herself glowing in the affection Amber clearly felt for her. Jessica heard some shuffling and looked up to see Shura undress and was idly tweaking her nipples.

“Eager aren’t we Shura, very well remember what I told you.” Amber turned back to Jessica.

“Jessie you have my permission to play with her, but I am not even asking you to.” Jessica looked up Shura’s long legs that were almost demurely crossed despite her lack of clothes and up to her breasts, before finally looking into her deep blue eyes. Before meeting Amber, Jessica had never seriously considered being with another woman, growing up she had always been in control, so when it came to relationships, guys satisfied her or she dumped them. The idea of giving up men to find something more with a woman never entered her mind. Jessica instinctively crawled the short distance to Shura’s feet with the obvious approval of the other women and stopped to look up into Shura’s eyes.

“Do you want to taste me, Jessie?” Jessica suddenly looked down shyly as she felt unready to take that step with anyone but Amber. Shura pulled her face up into a kiss and Jessica closed her eyes allowing the athletic blond to kiss her. Jessica was enjoying the taste of Amber’s Roommate when Shura reached for her breasts, moving slowly over them prompting Jessica to moan into Shura’s mouth. Jessica was starting to feel herself becoming wet. Shura maintained the kiss as her hands moved down Jessica’s body until one reached between her legs, moving slowly. Jessica’s arms reached around Shura’s neck trying to deepen the kiss as Shura’s finger entered her pussy and moved with an unhurried pace. Jessica found herself getting close and broke the kiss to beg Shura to finish her, when she opened her eyes to look directly into Shura’s expectant gaze, Shura spoke first.

“Jessie would you like to kiss my other lips?” Shura was flushed and sounded breathless, completely undermining any ability to ask this with confidence. “I promise not to leave you hanging.” Jessica nodded as she lowered her head between Shura’s legs. Jessica found the taste to be different from Amber’s, but no less enjoyable on her tongue. Jessica was soon lost in the scents and flavors of Shura’s folds and was consequently unaware of anything else. Amber had been watching with rapt attention and only decided to act when Jessica lowered her head, thus pushing out her rear invitingly. Amber donned her strapon and moved into position. Jessica made a sharp intake of breath when Amber penetrated her and would have raised her head, but Shura held her in place. Jessica was so wet that Amber moved easily. Amber moved with increasing speed and expected Jessica to cum at any moment, although she could barely hear the moaning muffled as it was by Shura’s pussy.

Shura started grinding against Jessica’s face and moaning loudly. Amber was so completely turned on she felt certain that she would cum at any moment as she continued to thrust inside Jessica, who in turn was going down on Shura. Shura pulled Jessica harder into her pussy and moaned louder than before. Shura continued to grind against Jessica’s face until she finished and collapsed on her bed. Moments later Jessica also moaned loudly as she came on Amber’s strapon. Jessica collapsed on to her stomach and Amber pulled out of her removing the strapon before sitting on her own bed. Once she heard the other two breathing softer, Amber spoke.

“Come here you two, I need to cum as well.” The other two rose slowly and ambled over to her. “Now Shura I want you between my legs and Jessie my nipples need your attention.” Shura hesitated a moment, but smiled as something apparently occurred to her and kneeled between Amber’s legs. Jessica began sucking on Amber’s left nipple while using her hand on the other and Shura’s tongue met her pussy. Jessica moved back and forth between Amber’s nipples and Shura continued to tongue her pussy. Amber whimpered as Jessica occasionally used her teeth to gently nip her tits and Shura periodically licked her clit.

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