Convincing Me Pt. 07

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“You have got to be kidding me.”

“What?” Tamara tried to hide her smirk.

“I can’t wear this in public.. Don’t you have anything a little more..”


“Well.. yes!”

“No. You’re wearing this, and that’s final.”

I looked at the dark blue tank top in my hand and gave her an exasperated sigh before walking into the bathroom naked. I yelped as she pinched my ass as I passed by her. I turned around in reflex and started tickling her.

Soon she was struggling for breath and I couldn’t help but bend down and lick her curvy throat. Soon her giggles turned into moans. “I am walking on a dangerous road here,” I thought. If I can’t keep my hands away from her for more than a few minutes at a stretch, what am I going to do in school?”

She was trying to smother my face into her exposed neck and I was trying to shift my base to her perfect nipples that were threatening to pierce in to my chest. I felt her pinch my nipples up and rub them against her own. I moaned against her neck and closed my eyes as I got completely immersed in the sensations.

“Mmm.. Baby..” I heard Tamara’s voice from afar.

“Mandy.. Baby.. We need to stop or we’re going to be late.”

That got my attention.

“What are you doing to me?” I asked her earnestly. “You’re like a drug. I can’t get enough of you. The first time we did it I thought it’s the novelty of the sensations, but Tamara, I don’t think I will ever see the day when I don’t want you.”

She was blushing and tearing up in equal amounts. “I have wanted you for so long, I don’t remember how it was before. Now that I have you, I can’t let you go. I have to tell you something, but you can’t get mad.”

Now, I was curious. “What is it?”

“Please, you can’t get mad..” she started panicking and the clock struck 7.

“Tamara! Now’s not the time for such childishness. Tell me what it is before I start hyperventilating and we actually miss school.”

“I peeped into your file in counselor’s office to see which school you got into and applied to same place. I got my letter of acceptance couple of days back.. Are you mad?”

I looked at her incredulously before grabbing her head and kissing all over it violently.

“Of course, I am not mad! I can’t believe you would do all this for me. I feel unworthy of you. You’re bending over backwards to be accommodative of me, and I do nothing.” I paused for a second and studied her blissfully happy place before pressing our foreheads together. “I am going to come out to my parents,” I whispered.

She abruptly pulled away from me. “You will do no such thing.” My face must have shown the confusion I felt. “I don’t want you to do something you’re not ready for and then regret it.” She started pacing around. “And then you will resent me for it and I will lose you, and I can’t lose you. Do you get me?” She shook my shoulders.

“You won’t lose me. And I didn’t just make this decision; I made it when you were sleeping.. Or rather passed out!” I said with a smirk.

“Because of what Maria said!” She said indignantly. “This has to be your choice, Man.. Not forced up on.”

“It is not.. I swear. I am not saying I want to come out to the whole school. I have always been close with my parents and they are pretty liberal. I don’t know how they will react to their only daughter being gay, but they are vocal democrats. Let’s see if they are hypocrites.” I cringed at the last word.

“For what it’s worth, I think they will be okay with it. You parents seemed very nice.”

“From the five minutes you spent with them..? Oh my god..the time! You definitely are the best distraction..Or should I say worst?”

She pouted. “Fine! Don’t spend any more time with me then!”

“I’d love to play your games and placate you.” I kissed her right eye. aksaray escort “But I have a million meetings.” Kissed her left eye. “Plus, I need a valid excuse as to why I ran away from one yesterday!” I kissed her loudly on the mouth, leaving her breathless, eyes closed with arms crossed over her chest. She leaned forward as if she would fall down, when I left for the washroom finally.

I don’t know how we managed it, but we were almost ready on time with barely five minutes to spare for breakfast. Maria was nowhere to be seen, but another maid was around and she kept giving me the stink eye.

My mom was right to warn me about getting attached to the luxuries Tamara was accustomed to, second ride to the school in a car and I was already dreading walking to school from tomorrow. The ride was pleasant and quiet, with me planning out the rest of my day and T enjoying the road.

As I was about to get off, she looked around to see if anyone was watching and gave me chaste kiss that tasted of her chocolate chap stick and broke out a million-watt smile on my face. I was truly happy, even though the thought of coming out to my parents was on the back of my head.

The whole day was hectic with classes, finalizing decisions for the inter-school Quiz, sitting through prom committee meeting and feeding some bullshit about feeling drowsy after taking some medication to the group I left half-way through yesterday. The day in fact was so full I forgot to think about Tamara, until I was talking to the magazine’s editorial team. I wasn’t kidding when I told her teacher that Tamara was talented. I really did think T was artistic and wanted to suggest her name as the new art director. How do I do it without raising any suspicion? It would be a great opportunity for her to shine, plus when we went to the U this experience could really help her out. I smiled at the thought of going to school with her.

“Guys, I think Tamara Rivera would make an excellent art director.”

Five pairs of eyes, all behind variously framed glasses stared at me, stopping their arguments about the next big story mid-sentence.


“Tamara.. the cheerleader.”

“The hell, she would. She doesn’t care about the magazine.. or anything other than cheer leading for that matter. Can she even read?”

I felt my blood boil. “Do you even know her? Why would you make such an assumption? She is very much artistically inclined and although I haven’t talked to her about it, I am sure she’d be happy to join the team. You should at least give her a chance. Let her show you her work.”

“And how do you know so much about her all of a sudden? You are hanging out with the ‘cool kids’ now?”

“I have been.. tutoring her.. I have gotten to know her really well and I think we are as bad they are. We just assume everyone who hangs out in that crowd is dumb and not worth listening to, but they’re not. We should give them an opportunity to show us who they really are.”

“What an eye-opening pep talk! I can’t listen to this crap anymore. Fine, we will her ‘equal opportunity’. But she will have to prove her worth, we can’t take your word for it. First, ask her if she is even interested.”

“Equal opportunity is all I ask.”

“What is with the makeover?” my friend Kelly, who is anti-establishment, anti-cool, basically anti about anything she can be, asked me as I was leaving the room.


“What the fuck are you wearing?”

“Oh.. I spilled something on my shirt in the morning and Tamara had a spare top.. Is it too.. you know?”

“Matt’s eyes were bulging out during the entire session. Why would you wear something like this?”

“I told you…I didn’t have a choice!”

“To think you would rather wear her top than your own dirty one.. I mean she ataköy escort is a cheerleader!” She said it like it in a dramatically hushed tone, like an insult!

“If you got your head out of your ass you’ll see she’s as amazing person. The fact that it was generous of her to offer it in the first place completely escaped your thick skull didn’t it? I don’t care what shit we used to talk about them, but she is my friend now and I expect you not to speak badly about her at least in front of me.”

“Geez! Calm down, will ya! She must really be something if you’ve taken a 360 degree turn on how you see her. Anyhoo I need to go. Ill see ya late.. You look hot, by the way. I didn’t know were packing all that..” She moved her arms around my breasts.

I rolled my eyes at her and blushed.

As I was starting to walk down the hallway I felt something get pressed into my palm and noticed a paper slipped into my grip. When I looked up, I was greeted to the sight of T’s taut ass cat walking away from me.

The note simply read, “3rd floor washroom. 2.40.”

It was already half past two and I was yet to have my lunch, but I quickly ran to the bathroom because as I mentioned before I was addicted to her by this point and realized I couldn’t deny her anything. As scary as the thought was, I was also very excited about sharing the art director news with her, I only hoped she wouldn’t be mad I volunteered her.

“mmmphhh” She smashed her lips into mine as soon as I closed the door, and when she does that all rationale gets thrown out the window. My hands, I swear unbeknownst to me, lifted up her skimpy little skirt and started massaging her round ass cheeks and she ground her breasts against mine.

After what felt like hours, we had to catch a breath. With our foreheads and nose still attached, we took ragged breaths to cool down.

“Well.. that was amazing!” I said.

“When is it not?”

I smiled.. She pecked at my lips and stared into my eyes. “Every time I look at you, I think I can’t love I more and then I see you the next time to get proven wrong.”

I am uncomfortable with compliments in general and when someone like Tamara, someone I love, says something so poetic, I can’t help but blush and get a little teared up.

“I keep saying this, but I don’t deserve..”

“Then don’t say that again!” She said sternly

“Okay..” I said sheepishly. My eyes lit up in memory of the news I wanted to tell her. “Ooh I have something to say.. but please don’t be mad at me.”

She raised an eyebrow in amusement. “That’s my line.”

“Well, this time, it’s mine. Okay, so you remember yesterday, how I told Mrs Benson that you were the art director for the magazine to get you out of class?”

“That part’s a little hazy.. but the time after that..mmm.. that I remember all too well..” She licked my lips and I started parting them for her.

“Mmm.. stop it.. stop distracting me..”

She pouted. “That’s not going to work all the time, you know. Anyway, so.. the thing is I really do think you would be great as an art director.. You’ve got the talent and it would sit well in your resume, not to mention this opportunity would give you a better chance to pursue art classes while we’re at the U….What?”

“You said when we are at the U” She smiled impishly.

“You made sure of that din’t you? Why are you being sheepish now?” I rolled my eyes, but I was so touched that such small gestures and thoughts made her happy. “Anyway, I volunteered your name at the editorial meet. I hope you’re not mad, if you’re not interested or if you don’t have time after cheer-leading, I totally understand, I just thought maybe you would like the opportunity.. you know? And we could work together, even if not very often.. And I would love for everyone ataşehir escort to see how talented you are.. But like I said, if you don’t want to, its fine.” I was breathless at this point of my rant.



“I’ll do it, you idiot. I can’t believe you would put your reputation in line for me, though. They would just take me in like that? I mean, I am not exactly active in those circles. How do they know I won’t screw up?”

“Well, you have to show them some of your work first or do a sample for the next edition, or something like that. But.. wait, you’re not mad? It won’t cut into your cheer leading time?”

“I do cheer leading for fun, anyway. I’ll figure something out. You had me at ‘we’re at the U'”

“Oh god, you’re so cheesy!” But I was smiling so bright, my face almost split into two.

“You think they will like my work, though?”

I gave her the “are you crazy” look that she usually reserves for me. “Of course, who wouldn’t? I love it, and I’m usually a very harsh judge.”

“You also are constantly bribed, you just don’t realize it,” She said before nibbling my neck.

“Oh, I’m well aware of it,” I said before grabbing her and placing her on the wash basin counter.

I wanted to rip her top apart like she did my shirt, but I saved that for another day and pulled out her right breast from the barely-containing bra and started kissing around her areola. I looked up at her, she was staring at me with more love than I could have possibly hoped to receive in my entire lifetime and was caressing my head. As I started licking and blowing her nipples, her eyes fluttered close and lower lip escaped behind her teeth.

The caresses were now becoming more rough and gasps were turning into moans. “Please.. Baby… Bite it..Bite my nipple, please.” Like I said, I can’t deny her anything. Soon her head was rolled back, supported by the wall and I was trapped between her shapely legs. My left hand was pinching at her left nipple that looked like it would make a hole in her blouse.

After a few minutes of this, I felt Tamara pulling my face away from her glorious breast. Needless to say, I was disappointed, but was pacified when she kissed me with renewed passion.

“So.. the vibrator..” I started when she broke the kiss.

“Yes.. the vibrator.. I’m sorry you didn’t get to enjoy it yesterday. Or, did you? After I, you know…”

“Passed out from my exceptional love-making skills?” I asked cockily.


“No.. I wanted you to use it on me for the first time.”

“Awwwwww.. That’s so sweet.”

“Oh god! That has more to do with me not knowing how to, than anything else.”

“Either way, I’m touched.”

She was still sitting with one boob popping out of her blouse and I was fondling it absentmindedly.

“We should get going. Bell went off some time back.”

“Okay.. But can you leave her with me?”

“Her?” She looked at me in definite amusement and mischief.

“Well, I am a feminist..”

“What has that to do with anything?”

“Nothing. I just wanted to call her ‘her’ and didn’t have a clever reason for it.”

Have I said how beautiful her laugh is? It is one of those that inspire great works of art.

I just had to kiss the mouth that produced this exceptional music. As I did, I tucked her breast back in its place and pinched it for good measure, earning a gasp right in my mouth.

Before we went our separate ways she told me she’d drop me home after school, as both of us had to stay back — her for, well cheer-leading and me to prepare for an assignment that was due next week.

The moment we parted, I started missing her. How could someone I hated for so long affect me this way in a couple days? It was not just the fun we had sexually either, I genuinely liked talking to her about everything, listening to her opinions and sharing the air with her. Weirdly enough, instead of scaring me, the thought gave me immense happiness and I couldn’t wait till evening came and I could be with her again; before I go home and tell my parents I am gay!

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