Copy Girl

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Copy Girl

I was over the moon with excitement when I received an offer letter from the New York Times! The most prestigious newspaper in the entire world wanted me! I couldn’t believe it as I have worked so hard in my town’s local newsroom for the last five years not ever imagining I would land such a prestigious job.

It wasn’t until I had conducted an interview with the Republican candidate in the New York City mayoral race that I was finally recognized. Of course it was just a lower end reporting position, but I didn’t mind. I finally made it to the big time with a job in the big apple!

That weekend before my Monday start date; I went to our local lezbo bar with a few of my friends to celebrate.

“Pick you up around 8”, my friend Suzie text me.

“Why don’t we Uber over so we can drink and not worry about driving?’ I text back.

“Sounds like a better idea! Meet you over there then”, she responded.

The bar wasn’t crowded at all. There were the local girls and a few unfamiliar faces that were hanging out hoping for the right girl to come along. I’ve been flying solo for a while now since my ex, Diane and I parted ways. It wasn’t long before I realized that I was still in love with her, as it was totally her decision to end our ten-year relationship. Things weren’t good between us for quite some time before she severed ties and moved to the shore.

Most of my friends want me to move on and find someone else who is more worthy of my love, but I am stuck in a dark cloud of ‘Diane memories’ that keep me from meeting someone new.

“Hey Stranger! Congratulations!” Katie a former lover and friend of mine shouted as she entered the bar.

I jumped off the barstool and gave her a big hug, remembering for a few seconds how it felt to have her in my arms, smelling that familiar perfume in her hair as we greeted eachother hello.

“Thank you Katie. It’s so nice to see you again. How have you been?” I said.

“I’ve been great! Thanks for asking. I’m seeing someone new, Elaine Richards. I don’t think you know her”, she said.

“No, her name doesn’t sound familiar. Good for you! You know Diane and I broke up a while ago right?”

“Yes, I did hear that. I was going to look you up but thought better of it. Move forward, not backward they say, right?” she said with a big grin on her face.

“I guess so,” I said in agreement, but definitely didn’t agree with her. It’s comforting to resort back to those you were emotionally and physically attracted to.

“Let’s grab a table as Elaine and Suzie will be joining us soon”.

With that we gathered our jackets and headed to a booth at the end of the room.

It wasn’t long before our friends got there and joined us. We no sooner sat down when a very attractive bar girl came over and said,

“Hi there, my name is Maria. I will be taking care of you guys. Can I get you ladies a pitcher of margaritas or something?”

I couldn’t help starring at her, as she was so adorable. You could tell she was younger but there was something about her that caught my attention. It must have been the low cut top showing off a pair of giant boobs and her cut off shorts that seemed to disappear into the folds of her crotch. Her curly blonde hair and green eyes sparkled as she spoke.

I immediately took the lead and ordered for everyone when I said,

“Well, hello there Maria. Yes, we would love a pitcher of margaritas to start and can you bring us a double order of nachos with everything?”

“Sure thing. Be right back,” she said with a big smile. It seemed as though she winked at me as she left, but maybe that was just my imagination.

I couldn’t help stare at her backside as she sauntered away from our table and headed toward the bar. She looked just as good from the rear view as she did head on.

“Ok, put your tongue back in your mouth Barb. You’re being so obvious that you think she’s hot”, Kate said. I guess she knew me better than I thought she did.

It was during a short ‘break’ with Diane, when I met Katie.

I realized very quickly that Katie was my rebound person and it was just the separation from Diane that made me sleep with her. I know she was heartbroken when I told her I was going back to my ex, as I told her it was Diane that I truly loved.

Katie said she understood, but I know that couldn’t have been easy for her. I often wonder if she still cares for me. I guess I need to move on for Katie’s sake as she is now in a new relationship and I only want for her to be happy.

Over the next two pitchers of margaritas, we exhausted our conversations about my new job and what was what with everything else. We all had too much to drink, but it felt really good letting our hair down. Katie and Elaine left first when Suzie started grilling me about my ex and her new partner.

“So, how do you feel about Katie seeing someone new?” she asked.

“It’s been awhile now. I don’t expect her not to find someone else in her life, especially istanbul travesti since I went back to Diane. Elaine seems nice and I’m sure they will be very happy together.”

“Yes, but now you’re not with Diane and it seems that Katie still has feelings for you”.

“No she doesn’t! She is crazy about Elaine. You can tell.”

“I disagree. You can see just by the way she looks at you. I bet if you call her she will want to meet up.”

“As tempting as that sounds, and yes, I would love to be with Katie again, it just isn’t going to happen. I don’t want to give her any more grief than I already have.”

Meanwhile, Maria came over with the check and started a conversation with me.

“So, do you come here often?”

“Enough to know you are new here, if that’s what you mean”

“I don’t mean anything by it. I was just wondering. Maybe I’ll see you again,” again winking at me as she turned and left and this time I wasn’t imagining it.

With that I picked up the check and turning it over saw that Maria wrote,

It was nice serving you! Call me if you are interested! -862-555-7711

At first I thought to myself that was pretty brazen of her to flirt like that at her new job, but I was happy that she did.

“What is it? What did she write on there?” Suzie asked.

“Oh, nothing. She just gave me her phone number.”

“She’s awfully young, Barb.”

“No, she really isn’t. She’s definitely old enough to help me forget about Diane and Katie for that matter.”

“I guess so, but I don’t think you should pursue her. I think you should give Katie a call.”

“Enough with the Katie thing! I think I just might call this Maria chick and see where it goes.”

Of course it was the alcohol talking, but I did feel good about this cute young girl flirting with me. I took the opportunity to take the check over to the bar and pay the bill so that I could maybe continue my conversation with Maria.

After slipping the credit card back in my wallet, I walked over to her as she was chatting at a table near the restrooms.

“So, I got your message.”

“I was hoping you would. Excuse me a minute,” she said to the table of patrons and grabbing my hand led me around the bend to the restroom hallway. Once we were out of sight she leaned up and kissed me. I wasn’t expecting that.

Immediately after she apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. I just find you very attractive and it seemed like you were starring at me all night.”

“It’s ok and yes, I guess I was. You are really a beautiful girl. I don’t want to get you into any trouble here at work. Why don’t we meet up one night this week?”

“I would love that. You have my number”, she said and disappeared back to the bar room floor.

That night while I was trying to fall asleep, I tossed around the possibility of calling Maria to see if she still wanted to go out on a date with me. I couldn’t help but remember that kiss she surprised me with only a few hours earlier.

Then I thought about what Suzie said about Katie and thought perhaps I should call her to see if she was receptive to meeting up with me. All I know is I was feeling pretty good about myself as things in my life where looking up for a change.

Monday morning came quickly. I wore the best pant suit I had in my wardrobe and had recently had my hair trimmed, so I knew I was looking good. I stand about 5′ 7″ have jet-black hair and blue eyes. I’m rather slim as I do frequent the gym and consider myself very athletic. Maybe too athletic when it comes to competitive sports. Of course I wore my expensive dress watch to complete my outfit. I must admit, I looked very business professional.

I made my way downtown on the subway and stopped to get a copy of the Times for my early morning read. Stopping at Starbucks for a latte, I headed down Fifth Ave feeling confident and ready to start my new career.

Heading for the 8th floor, I stood smiling in the elevator surrounded by others who were not as impressed as I was for a Monday morning back to work day.

“Hello. I’m Barbara Harding and I was told to report to the reception desk as today is my first day.”

“Yes, Ms. Harding. Welcome aboard. Please have a seat and someone from HR will be out to meet with you,” the cute receptionist told me with a smile.

” Good Morning Ms. Harding,” a pleasant voice greeted me.

I stood up and extended my hand to the nervous girl who asked me to follow her.

“I’ll show you to your office and at 10:00 the VP of Finance would like you to meet with him in his office. It’s down the hall from yours here on the 8th floor.”

“Thank you,” I responded.

The office overlooked 5th Ave and had huge windows across one wall so you could see the busy New York streets below. It was very impressive. On the desk was a notepad that gave me instructions for logging onto the computer. I spent the next hour filling out forms and signing up for benefits.

Just istanbul travestileri before 10 AM I left my office to search for the VP of Finance’s office as I was instructed. Walking down the hall past all the cubicles lined up one after another I saw the office door with Mr. Thomas Jennings, VP Finance written on a plaque.

I knocked and walked in. Mr. Jennings stood up and said, “You must be Barbara. Come in and have a seat.”

I have to tell you I was a bit nervous as his presence gave off a superior air as he began to tell me what his expectations were. I assured him I would not disappoint him and thanked him for the opportunity to work under him.

He told me my first assignment would be to cover a story in South Jersey. It was a human-interest story and I would be assigned an assistant to do the grunt work and keep the paperwork together and in order. It involved an overnight stay at a very expensive hotel all on the company’s dime. I didn’t seem to mind at all. I had three days to review the information he handed me in a paper file and prepare for the interview.

That evening I began reviewing the file and getting familiar with the subject matter and the people involved. Taking a break from the papers my mind switched to that cute bar girl, Maria, who gave me her number and that kiss. I grabbed the credit card receipt and looked down at the handwriting:

It was nice serving you! Call me if you are interested! -862-555-7711

I picked up my phone and dialed the number. Thinking if it felt right, I should just DO-IT like the Nike slogan, so I did.

Unfortunately, I got her voice mail so I hung up not leaving a message.

I thought she might be down at the bar, so I threw on some sneakers and a jacket and headed down there. I was right. She was bringing drinks to different tables.

I walked up behind her as she made her way to the bar. Sensing someone was standing close to her, she turned around and nervously said,

“Oh, Hi. It’s you from the other night”.

“Yes, my name is Barbara. I thought I’d find you here. I tried to call, but it went to voicemail.”

She was noticeably nervous but said

“I know your name. I saw it on the credit card receipt. I didn’t think you would call after that kiss, again I’m sorry about that.”

“No need to be sorry. I thought it was great. You went with your feelings and I admire that.” I asked.

“I guess you think I’m too young to go on a date with you, but I’m not. I’m 25.”

“Wow, 25. I would have taken you for maybe 22-23, but that’s ok. I don’t mind seeing younger girls.” I stood there looking her up and down and definitely liked what I saw. She was gorgeous and what a beautiful body. I was secretly hoping she would try and kiss me again, and this time I would definitely get into it.

“Blushing as she knew I was giving her the once over she said, “My shift is over at 9. Do you want to go somewhere after that?”

“Sure why not? I’ll pick you up. Where do you live?”

“In Brooklyn. Is that ok?”

“Sure, sure. Just text me the address.”

“I don’t have your number, but I know you have mine.”

With that she grabbed her phone out of her pocket and handed it to me.

I entered my phone number and told her I would pick her up around 9:30.

Before I left I went over to the bar and had a quick beer before heading back to my apartment.

I headed out to Brooklyn around 9:30 and pulled up to the row of brownstones where Maria lived. I sent her a text to let her know I had arrived and it was only a few minutes before she came bouncing down the steps and jumped into the passenger seat.

“Hi!” she said very enthusiastically right into my face as she leaned over the steering wheel and kissed me again without hesitation.

I thought that was very forward of her, but glad she felt that comfortable with me.

“Wow, Hi, how are you? And thanks for that.” I said taken completely off guard but I wanted her to know that it was ok.

“Glad you agreed to get together.” She said as she buckled her seat belt, pulled down the visor mirror and checked her hair and makeup.

“I was thinking we can go over to Arthur Ave and have some pizza? Are you up for that?”

“Sure. I love pizza and I just want to spend time with you.”

We sat in a booth and ordered a pie and a couple beers. Maria told me she worked two jobs but didn’t tell me about her day job. She went on and on about her family and what she likes to do in her spare time when she isn’t picking up women in bars I guess.

I asked her if she dated a lot and she told me, “No. I just thought you were so cute and wanted to see if you would give me a shot at getting to know you better.”

“That’s weird. I thought you were adorable and was glad that you gave me your number.”

“So, we already have something in common.” She said as she swallowed a piece of pizza with a swig of beer.

After about an hour and most of travesti istanbul the pizza was devoured, she looked over at me grabbed my hand and said,

“Do you want to go to your place for awhile? You do live alone don’t you? We can’t go back to my place as I live with my parents.”

I found her blatant enthusiasm just part of her young age. I guess I was once like that when I started dating girls. Overly friendly and acting a bit awkward.

“Yes, I live alone. We can head over there for a while if you want.”

I live in a three-story walk up and it’s a lot of steps to my apartment, which didn’t seem to bother her as she walked up behind me. We were no sooner in the doorway, when she shoved me up against the wall and began to kiss me recklessly.

I was going to slow her down, but didn’t. I just let her kiss me, kissing her back as wildly as I could, thrusting my tongue into her mouth and fully tasting her. She was having such a great time being physical with me as she tugged at my jeans and I pulled her blouse down from her shoulders. She reached around and pulled her bra up over her head, unleashing her breasts as her clothes fell to the floor. I just starred at them lustfully for a few moments before I lunged at her cleavage taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking as hard as I could.

She slipped her hand down the front of my jeans and under the waistband of my underwear and began to fondle my most private parts. We were like two hungry teenagers just discovering sex for the first time. Panting and moaning loudly. This sexual interlude reminded me of the first time I found someone extremely attractive and devoured them.

I backed her up slowly, not releasing her lips from mine till we got to my bedroom door. She broke away from the grip I had on her and jumped onto the bed. I kicked off my sneakers, then my jeans and underwear. Maria slipped out of her mini skirt and panties letting them fall haphazardly onto the carpet.

I found myself standing there totally naked with my eyes fixated on her gorgeous body. She looked up at me and smiled saying she liked what she saw as I lowered myself onto her.

We played with eachother for quite some time both having the biggest orgasms ever. As the night slipped away I noticed the time on the TV was almost 12 PM.

“Listen, as much as I’m enjoying this, I have to get up for work tomorrow. Maybe we can get together this weekend if you’re free.”

“Yes, I have work at 9 tomorrow too. I would love to get together again!” she said as she began to get dressed. I did the same.

“Come on then, I’ll take you home” I said, grabbing my keys and putting on my sneakers.

I told Maria I would call her and we would meet up again soon as I turned my car around and headed back to the city.

The next day I was sitting in my office going over my upcoming interview script when my phone buzzed. It was a text and from all people, Katie!

‘Hi there. It was great seeing you again the other night. I was wondering if you want to meet up somewhere soon?’

I was dumbfounded.

‘I thought you were seeing Elaine?’

‘I was. That’s history now. We got into a big argument the night I saw you at the bar. She claims I’m still in love with you and doesn’t want to play second fiddle.’

“Wow, I had no idea. It was great seeing you again. I’ll call you tonight when I get home from work. And by the way, is she right?’

‘I’ll never tell…”

I never expected that Katie would reach out to me. I suddenly thought about Maria, the young, crazy, attractive girl I had just had sex with that had a crush on me. I didn’t want to hurt her, but yes, I guess I still had feelings for Katie.

It was the first time the void of not having Diane in my life was a distant memory.

So now I was faced with the dilemma of weather or not to meet up with Katie.

Yes, I found it comforting to remember how we were when we were together. We had more in common than the young girl I recently had the pleasure to spend time with, but maybe, I thought to myself it wasn’t a good idea to go backwards like Katie told me that night at the bar. Moving forward was probably a better idea, but knowing me, I always lead with my heart and not my head.

When I got home that evening I plopped on the sofa and looked at the message Katie had sent me earlier. Hmmm, I thought to myself. Do I want to open this can of worms again? Then, remembering how great it felt having her in my arms the other night; I quickly hit her contact info before I could change my mind.

‘Wow. You did call.’

‘Yes of course. Why would you think I wouldn’t?’

‘I thought perhaps you wanted to move forward and not backward like I mentioned.’

‘Yes, I did think about that for half a second but realized I do miss you. Do you want to come over tonight?’

‘I would love to see you again. I’ll bring take-out from that Chinese place you like.’

‘Sounds great. I’m going to grab a shower. I’ll leave the key under the door mat. Come in and make yourself comfortable.’

‘See you soon.’

I had just gotten dressed with a pair of sweats and a T-shirt when I heard Katie at the door.

“Hi there! That didn’t take you long!” I said grabbing the packages from her arms and walking towards the kitchen.

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