Cougar House Ch. 18: Problem Attic

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“The attic door is still unlocked.”

Eric Crowe and Heath Talbot notice it ajar after three days being open. Honoring Margo’s wishes they had passed it by without venturing into her secrets. She was proud of the boys. So proud of them that she felt it was time to reveal the contents. They were drooling at the bit wanting to go up, but resisted. That deserved a nudge along.

Stepping in from one of her notorious three mile wilderness runs, she knew she needed a shower but finding the boys standing before the door she just couldn’t resist their curiosity any longer.

“Thank you boy’s.” She moves behind them and takes turns hugging each, her nipples through a cut off tank top inspired to tease their spines. Heath grinned at her over his shoulder, “Have a nice run?”

“Yes. You should join me next time.”

“One mile in you’d have to carry me out.” Heath laughs. “I might be buff, but I’m the last athlete in shape.”

“Pussy.” Eric slaps Heath’s chest from a sideways angle.

“Yeah? Let’s see you do it. You’re as in shape as I am.”

“Boys! Boys! There is only one pussy in this home. If I can run three miles then turn around and satisfy four strapping young lads, you two should be more than capable. Did you both just realize the attic was open?”

“Nope! I saw it yesterday. Told Eric about it but we agreed not to betray your trust.”

“I noticed the other day, I just didn’t let on.” Eric confessed.

“We didn’t tell Brian, he would have been up there like lightning.”


“Haven’t ran into him of late. Working a lot and then his Grandmother’s going into a nursing home so he’s kind of preoccupied.”

“Aww! Why didn’t he talk to me about her? This is the first I’ve heard.” She creases her brow.

“Private I guess. Afraid to show his emotions maybe.” Eric points out.

“I’ll text him later. See if there’s anything I can do.” She frets flinching at her body odor. “I so need a shower. If you boys wish to go into the attic I’m okay with it now. All I ask is not to touch anything and to keep an open mind. Darryl…had rather strange ideas about how to keep me busy while he was gone.”

Looking between each other at the word strange, Eric and Heath face temptation head on. Subtly they agree together as Heath admits, “We’ll wait until after your shower. You should give us a tour. Respect for Darryl and all.”

“That is very sweet of you. Give me forty minutes to get beautified. Then, I’m all yours.”

“We have you 24/7 MILF.” Heath offers a strange stare. What was that about? It gave her goosebumps.

“Yes…you do.” A warm smile later she wiggled away toward her room. Sweaty clothes were coming off before she even reached her bedroom door, offering them one final tease as she winked over her shoulder at them before stepping out of sight. Even under severe perspiration Margo Needy was Goddess level. Both men had to adjust their junk. Trying to get their desires in check the boys nod at each other and take a breath.

“Call of Booty…I mean Duty?” Eric smirked.

“Tank up Mother Fucker.” Heath returned the earlier chest slap. Off to the basement Xbox they went. Challenge accepted.

With her bedroom and bathroom doors removed they could have easily joined her in the shower, but the boys giving her space meant a lot to her. All of the boys had certain traits that appealed to her desires. Brian being the hardest one to keep in check. Not that she wanted to check him. Still, he often did things that caught her off guard. Eric and Cabot were the easiest going and appeared to respect her more than the other two. Heath was turning out to be the wildcard. It was like, every day they were around each other he appeared to be evolving from a fanboy of her modelling days into something she could not quite peg. She was certain that in the days ahead she would understand him better. She hoped.

“Mmmm! Hot water feels sooo good.” She peers directly up into the cascade sealing her eyes and enjoying the downpour. Hands in her hair she wrings the dark brown locks back into a tail before releasing her mane. Obtaining her luffa she soaps it up and cleanses her body. As she rinses, her thoughts locate her lost love.

“Am I making a mistake sharing our private chambers with the boys Darryl? Elliot was not even privy to the attic.” She lowers her gaze toward the shower floor watching streams of water pelt the fiberglass from her brow. “I love you very much Darryl. I miss you every waking moment. I’m…just trying to move on in ways I know you would approve of. You expected me to be the best slut I could possibly be. You know that I crave dick like its going out of style, I’m getting it now. All four boys are satisfying my nympho tendencies. Yet, I’m trying to keep my identity in order to carry on for Elliot, and not lose everything you worked so hard for. Guide me Darryl…so that I can keep our home. Does my Bed & Breakfast idea seem logical? Where will I get the money? I know your friends would help but we both know that without you to keep them civil they would demand much of me. While I’m not opposed to sleeping with any one of them again…I worry they would lure me into a life I would görükle escort not be happy in. I want my freedom, yet…if the right situation arose I might offer more.”

She sighs heavily and shuts her water off, standing there in her shower lifelessly, her thoughts all over the place. Could she in all reality be capable of running a business? She would most likely require a manager to keep the books. Hiring maids, cooks, possibly other jobs as needed. She knew Cabot was dying to be a chef so maybe he could stay on as her cook. The other boys groundskeepers, repairs possibly. Still trusting them with a business and dealing with money was a longshot.

“I wonder…if Elena might be interested in moving here and running things should I be financed?” Her old modelling friend Elena Kerrington had worked for a big corporation at one time having gotten a Masters in business. It had been a few years since they had spoken. Of course, back in the day, long before Darryl, she and Elena had been somewhat lovers. Not many knew of that, Darryl did. She had actually had a threesome with she and Darryl. Being bi left room for two sides of satisfaction. Margo preferred cock, but a sweet pussy was still on the menu. “I don’t even know if she has the same number after all this time. I’ll hold off a few weeks and see what my banker Jacob tells me after a property appraisal. He can guide me toward prospective loans.”

Opening her shower door she clutched a towel to her face and went about drying off. “I suppose I should talk about the Bed & Breakfast idea with Elliot. I really need him to skype with me so I can see his true reaction. This place is partly his as much as it is mine.” Brushing her teeth quickly, she wonders how school was going for her adopted son. He was being especially quiet these days. She chalked his silence up to meeting new friends and enjoying what Paris had to offer. All of this could wait.

Blow drying her hair and brushing it out she added the necessary hair products to bring out the luster of her Goddess like mane. Perfume spritzed over every inch of her body she felt alive. Beauty came so very naturally to Margo Needy. Even on her worst day she was perfection. As always clothing came next. Finding sexy things that the boys had yet to see her in was not much of a challenge. Her wardrobe was massive. Ninety percent of her clothing was seductive in some fashion. Yet, some clothes were still not as revealing as others. The boys had been giving her grief about wearing too much, even when it was already minimal. Sighing heavily she nodded at their wishes.

“Alright boys…panties only. Lets brighten up your day.” She chose a very cute pink G-string with tiny red rose patterns on it. The G-string’s straps were so thin she couldn’t even call it spaghetti. Angel hair if she did. Eyeing her luscious body in a mirror she shivered. “So sexy.”

Slapping her own ass to get moving she headed out into the hallway. Shocked to see the boys waiting on her she danced in a circle showing off. “Approve?” Eric whistled and squeezed his crotch as she blew him a kiss. Heath on the other hand scowled. Shaking his head he took the few steps in reaching her, and winced into her eyes. Lowering her gaze she realized her error, “You don’t like them?”

Heath boldly reached to both of her hips and pinched her straps, without asking he just rolled the G-string down to her toes and made her step out of them. She smiled sheepishly at what he had done. With a growl Heath let her have it, “This is how you should always be.”

“I can’t be totally nude all the…” Heath palms her mouth then wags an index finger at her with a strict glare. Removing his hand she finishes with…”I’ll work on that.”

“Lead the way MILF.” Heath stepped aside showing her toward the attic door. Wiggling past him she caresses his cheek with a beguiling smile. Her heart shaped ass led the way up the stairs. Halfway up she stops and faces the boys trailing behind her.

“Again, I ask for open minds. Darryl…liked his toys.”


“Yes. You will see.” She continues her journey, hitting a light switch at the top of the stairs. She also flipped a switch to start up three ceiling fans to whip up a breath of air in the heated attic. While lingering at the switches Eric sneaks up behind her, leaning down to bite her ass. The sudden shock sent her into a Julia Robert’s laugh that made her turn red. “OH MY GOD! DON’T DO THAT ERIC.”

“I’ll do that whenever I feel like it MILF.” He winked.

“Okay. You win. Just know I bite back.” She shows her teeth as if vicious.

“So what’s up…Whoa! do I see a pool table?” Eric eagerly stepped by her in favor of checking out a pristine pool table that was covered by a big sheet. Removing the sheet the green felt looked brand spanking new. Cues on the table with balls already in the triangular frame. “Sweeeeeet!”

“You can come up here and play. Just try not to be rough on it. Believe it or not I’m actually pretty good at pool.”

“Challenge accepted.” Eric threw an arm around her shoulder, hugging her to his side, his right hand dangling low to squeeze her tit.

“In a bit. Let me show you bursa escort bayan more.” It would be another day.

Heath had gone exploring on his own discovering a support beam above them with a wench, wires connected to it but leading to a wall. Eying the device he turns to Margo, “Bondage stuff?”

“Yes. Darryl used to tie me to it and flog me. Tickling is the worst.” She shivers.

“Show us.”

“You want me to tie you up?” She giggles.

“No Bitch. Let’s tie you up.”

“It’s been awhile. Can I show you other things first?”

“Sure.” Eric beats Heath, who was prepared to say no. Heath instead let it go and followed her to the other end of the full size attic, reaching a huge oak table with four chairs around it, one that appeared to have someone sitting in the chair which was cloaked by a thick sheet.

“Ghost?” Eric smirked.

“Perhaps. This is what I was referring to when I said strange. Darryl had this particular device made for me to use when he was gone on the road for weeks at a time. He made me use it daily and call him while I did. A more intimate moment for both of us. I have not used it since Darryl died however. Not that I didn’t want to, but with raising Elliot taking up my time and just the…loss, being so difficult, I wasn’t ready.”

“What the hell is it?” Heath winced.

Moving to the sheet she looks at them, “Open minds remember.” With an upward tug she removed the large sheet. What was beneath it made both boys bulge their eyes.

“He had a mannequin made of him?” Eric poised his brows high.

Heath shook his head, “Is it a wax figure?”

“Not wax, hard plastic with a fabric that simulates real flesh over his nude body.”

“Morbid.” Heath looked leery of it.

“Looks just like Darryl.”

“It was designed to appear as real as possible. I know it is a lot to take in, I’ll cover him back up.”

“Wait!” Heath stops her, “What’s the purpose of it?”

“I can show you.” She reaches beneath the table for a remote control concealed there, and utilizes hydraulics under the mannequin itself, lifting it up to crotch high, as if standing. It was then that the boys realized what it truly was.

“A fucking machine?” Eric spoke first.

“Ole’ Darryl has a big dick.” Heath chuckled.

“Oh yes. I adored it immensely. It was crafted from Darryl’s actual dimensions. That dildo has his girth, crown fullness, and length perfectly balanced as it was in reality. Even the veins are perfect.” She fans herself bending over to kiss the crown, then wagging her tongue along its lengthy stalk, before standing to lean her elbow on Darryl’s artificial shoulder. She was proud of it.

“Let’s see you use it.” Heath winks.

“Yeah!” Eric grinned, “Let’s see Darryl make you crazy.”

“I…I don’t know. That was rather personal.”

“Get your slut ass up on that table.” Heath pointed aggressively, his rising voice made her gather another rash of goosebumps. Eric watching her reaction to Heath’s outburst made him worry.

“Fine!” She sits up on the table and uses the remote to draw the mannequin closer. Another button slowly extends the dildo on a metal rod toward her. She slides her body into position then looks to the boys. “Can one of you bring me that pillow over there? This table isn’t exactly comfortable.” Eric spotting the pillow beneath a throw blanket obtains it, fluffing it up for her and laying it under her lower back. Once comfy she huffs her cheeks and aligns the dildo up between her thin labia then into her pussy. Ready, she activates the arm and the beastly toy penetrates hard and deep, lingering briefly before exercising its reason for existence. Margo instantly yelped and offered an almost terrified look at the boys. As the dildo performed its duty Heath shook his head. Taking the remote from her hand he looked it over.

“Let’s turn this bastard on high.” Dialing it up, the toy devastated her full force, her body trembling and rapidly making her inner sensations ready up a brewing gusher. Heath was becoming intrigued by Darryl. “FUCK YOUR SLUT COACH.”

Margo hearing Heath’s attitude whimpered as she squeezed her dancing breasts. Her dedication toward her husband inspirational, “Fuck me Darryl. I’ve missed you so very much. You feel so good inside me.” A temperature control feature even warmed the dildo to human body heat. Darryl was the man!

“What’s that secondary rod under the dildo?” Eric notes something, contorting in his stance to check it out.

“In a minute.” Heath looks, but holds off any deep investigation. Instead he reaches over Margo’s thighs and rubs her clit vigorously as the toy competed for her affection. Margo Needy wasted no time in cumming hard, her geyser pooling out on top of the oak table in three separate flash floods. Breathless, she lay there smiling and holding her heaving chest.

“You were magnificent Husband.”

Slowing the toy to a stop, she prepared to make her escape until Heath snatched up her right ankle, “You’re not done.” She shivered at his rough persona, returning to her former position. Heath and Eric both kneel to each side of the device and realize tucked up under bursa escort it was a second control rod with a smaller penis attached to it. Puckering at each other Heath glances at the remote and propels the torso higher. Curious of their discovery Margo sits up on her palms looking puzzled.

“I’ve never noticed that before.” She winced, “Why would there be a second penis?”

“DP action?” Eric posed the idea.

“Bet.” Heath grinned. “Question is…who’s penis is this one?”

“I have no idea why Darryl would add another.”

“Lay back. I’m gonna line up both of these and take your holes for a test drive.”

“As you wish.” She took a deep breath and let the boys arrange the machine to her height, so that both could work in unison. “There’s a bottle of lube on the small table over there.” Pointed out, Eric finds the bottle and lubes her anal cavity and the toys. He looked grossed out rubbing lube into the smaller dildo. He felt like he was playing with whomever modelled for that one.

Devices primed and carefully installed, Heath fired them up. In a seesaw effect the rods took turns taking jabs at her. She lost her mind three minutes into her torture. The boys fist bumped each other as she began screaming out in lust. Stepping to each side of her the boys leaned onto the table top and both sucked a nipple. Letting their lips roam more passionately along every contour of her body made her reel in ecstasy. Fingers taunting her clit as before intensified her behavior. She cooed and cried out at the same instance. This time her orgasm was taking its sweet time before dragging her brain under a veil of loss.

“How you like this Momma MILF?” Heath whispered into her ear.

“LOVE IT!” She yelps, her eyelids fluttering at their attentiveness, “I love you boys. Thank you for encouraging me to make love to my husband again.”

“And, his friend.” Heath smirked.

“Yes.” She tried to giggle, “His…his…SON OF A BITCH!” Margo Needy had a silencing orgasm right after yelling, her legs rioting a sustained spasm on the tabletop. Heath left the dicks tormenting her, expecting another exploding reservoir. The dam broke faster than predicted.

“Fucking A! Good job Cougar.”

“Oh my God!” She gasped for air, “That was incredible.” The device ground to a halt and retreated into Darryl’s waistline. “You boys need to fuck me now.”

“Not yet. Once more to frazzle your circuits. This time with two sets of fingers.” Heath moves his right hand in and finger fucks her pussy slowly as he nods to his buddy, “Double digits Bro. Get in here.” Eric whistled at Margo’s heaving chest glossed over in sweat. Fingering up alongside Heath’s already embedded terrible two, both of them together on the count of three finger fucked her so roughly that she found it impossible to remain bodily calm. Thrashing all about screaming at the top of her exceptionally healthy lungs Margo Needy blacked out between orgasms, two in the blink of an eye. The boys certainly knew how to send her on a tour of insanity. Exploding multiple times on their knuckles the young men slowed their rapid insertions. Pulling away messy, they used the old throw blanket on the loveseat to wipe their hands and forearms. A brotherly smugness made them drape arms over their shoulders and pat their backs for a job well done. All Margo could see was shadows and circulating fan blades.

“Rise and shiny Whiney. Get up!” Heath bellowed, “Let’s tie your ass up and make you beg for our cocks.”

“I can beg now.” She giggles fanning her face.

“UP!” Heath goes so far as to grab her damp hair and encourage her from her swimming pool atop the oak table. The blanket gets tossed into the pool to soak up her sweat and leftover joy pond. Responding to his stern guidance she crawls from the table and immediately loses her legs in favor of her knees, Margo had zero motor skills at the moment. Still, she did manage to crawl on all fours in the direction of the bondage arena. Not only was there just that beam with wench and cables, but many other assorted devices. Further beyond the suspension cables at another rafter dangled a hanging leather cage. That attracted Heath more. Heath forcing her to follow by tugging her hair led her right up to it. Eric pats her ass cheeks multiple times just for kicks, until they reached the cage. “I’ve see these in videos.” Heath releases her to topple exhaustedly to the floor.

Unzipping the top base he positions it on the floor before her. “Stand your slut ass up Cougar.” Weary she complies while Eric attempts to assist her. Heath slugged his arm telling his friend, “She can do it on her own. Stop being a pussy.” Hesitant, Eric steps back and watches Margo weakly stand up to step into the leather netting, feet firmly in foot stirrups. Once there Heath kneels and guides the outer netting up over her twitching body until she is entrapped from head to toe, the cage tightly constricting Margo’s body within it, literally creasing her flesh. Her breasts poking out of Margo’s bindings her finest feature, the rest of her body revealed between straps. As she sways to stay standing Heath retrieves the ceiling cable and attaches it to the top hook. Once prepped, Heath follows the cable to the rotary wench with a powered lift mechanism. Button pushed the leather cage tightens up even more under her body weight as she rises three feet off of the floor. There Margo dangled lost in the thoughts of why she was letting them do this to her.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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