Courtney’s Afternoon

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It was a game they played all the time.

When she knew he was on his way, she would soak in a hot bath by candlelight, basking in the scent of the fresh roses, the ones she cut from her garden every day. He liked the smell, too, and they found that the fragrance stayed on her body if she brought the flowers in with her, their sweet breath hanging in the air and clinging to her skin once she drained the tub, only coming out once the water was gone. He liked the red lace bra and panties, which she stepped into as she watched herself in the mirror. And, from the drawer, she would remove the red silk scarf.

She would lay in bed wearing only the lace, making sure the window was open a crack, as she loved the feel of the breeze on her body after a bath. She slowly tied the scarf around her head, making sure she could see nothing. He would only come in the room once he knew the scarf was on.

And she heard him downstairs, his familiar whistle, the song she loved to hear.

“Courtney, darling,” he would say, stepping slowly up the stairs. “I smell roses…”

She smiled. He was so predictable.

Courtney heard the door open, his soft footsteps on the hardwood floor. Many times, he had undressed outside of the room, wanting to eliminate the clutter of pulling off pants once he was with her. She knew he liked it all so smooth…

The smell of his after shave excited her; she knew he was close.

“Baby,” she said, only a second before his lips were on hers, soft kisses, open-mouthed that began slowly and picked up intensity.

“My girl is wearing our favorite outfit,” he whispered into her ear. She felt his hand on her left breast, cupping it so delicately, his thumb rubbing her nipple into life. His lips moving to her neck…oh, he knew how she loved that…before centering on her throat. By this time, his hand was under the bra, and his warm hands held that breast protectively. His fingers were long, the true mark of the pianist that he was, and they moved across her breasts like he was playing a rhapsody. She felt him unclipping the lace, opening it from the front. It was another of his likes, to be able to open her bra like double doors. The cups came off, placed at her sides, and his mouth was on her nipple. She squirmed then, not knowing how he could have ever used his tongue like that…

And then the sucking, like his intention was to draw that bud deep in his mouth, as his hand cupped her other breast, preparing that one for the same ministrations. His mouth would not leave her skin; instead, it traveled under the pert lobe, kissing the sweet underside before moving to the soft valley between them. Then riding the velvety mound until his lips were on the tip again…

His fingers, then, slowly making a trail down her belly…

And dancing across the tender flesh above her hips, dipping under the loose elastic of her panties…

He knew how to tease her, as he would stop as she opened her mouth to moan. She could feel him shift his position Sincan Escort and, with her mouth still open, he would rest his thickness on her lips. She reached and grabbed its base, feeling that incredible pulsing. Her mouth opened further and guided the tip through her lips and across her tongue, its girth filling her. She could taste the clear liquid that had seeped from the tip, wrapping her tongue around it, enjoying the sound of the moan he had tried to stifle. She took him like a popsicle, lips tightening and pulling him in and out while cupping his strong balls. He, like her, was shaved. They loved the feel, and the taste of bare skin…

Courtney actually thought she might bring him to orgasm in her mouth; she always tried to, but he would fight it, wanting to be strong, wanting to save it. She loved the feel of him letting go and her mouth suddenly filling with spurting jets…and he would do it only on those occasions where their lovemaking could not go further. She felt guilty about her cycle, needlessly, as he would lovingly remind her. Courtney loved going that extra step for him, as he did so often with her.

His cock came out of her mouth as he moved away. Within seconds, his hands were on her feet. He lifted her right foot and she felt his lips kissing her soles, his tongue trailing down the arch, up and over her heels to her toes. She kept her feet well-pedicured, mixing the colors of the nails (today was red). Her toes were in his mouth and she took as much enjoyment from it as he. She adored his foot fetish; she remembered those days where…for the same reasons as the deep blowjobs…she would sit opposite him and run her feet up and down his excited, hard cock, which was sometimes lubed with a tasty oil, or his own seeping juices. She could navigate him well, knew how to press his balls with her left foot, while her right traveled up and down that rod until he began splattering his liquid lust all over his belly…

Now, he was kissing the other foot and starting to move his tongue hungrily up her shins. She grabbed her breasts as his hot mouth moved up the inside her of legs…both legs…and coming up those sensitive inner thighs. She knew when to bend her knees, cueing him to reach under the waist of her panties and start pulling them, up over her knees, down her legs, dangling on her toes before he pulled them off and tossed them.

They never landed in the same place; once, she couldn’t find them and had forgotten them for two weeks until they were discovered by her mother…

Completely nude now, she parted her legs and felt his hot breath between them. Cool air on her body, but warm air on her vagina…

And then his tongue. It made slow circles around her lips, dipping in slightly to taste her wetness…and she was starting to leak pretty good by now…before continuing the circle.

Then he’d stop.

“Baby,” she said..

And then his mouth was on her pussy in full, Etlik Escort that knowing tongue making long laps up and down until she found herself grinding again his face. His lips fell around her clitoris, his tongue pressing it as he began sucking. She actually felt dizzy, especially when he made a small humming sound that felt like a vibrator, sending warm radiating electricity up through her body. His fingers entered her; two at first, sliding in and out while he continued to work at her clit. She didn’t even have to say a word as he could gauge from her moans when it was time to slide that third finger in. And when he did, his long fingers pressed under the upper ridge. That usually did it for her.

Her pussy would tighten around those fingers and the throbbing turned into small contractions as it pulsed rhythmically around his fingers, awash in fresh juices as she came hard, the orgasm cascading through her body like a waterfall.

Spent, but still hungry, she moaned a deep series of breaths as she tried to land back on earth. His lips were on hers again and she shoved her tongue into his mouth as she parted her legs wider, allowing to crawl on top of her. The thick tip of his cock slipped through her tight ring, staying there for a moment as his mouth went to her breasts again.

“Fuck, baby -” but her wail was interrupted by his finger touching her mouth closed.

She reached down and grabbed his firm, trim hips, her fingers caressing his ass. She pulled him to her, sending his thick cock slowly, wetly and purposefully inside her. Courtney found herself instantly heading towards another orgasm, churning her hips as he began thrusting in and out of her. She loved his cock, it was not a porn star grotesque long thing, maybe six and a half inches…but thick, with a slight upwards curve that did so much for her. He stopped for a moment and lifted her legs up over his shoulders, pressing forward so that her knees were not far from her shoulders.

Now, when he thrusted, he was deeper than ever, pumping with a ferocity she had never known. And it had only been like a week since their last rendezvous like this… She sensed he was certainly hungry for it, pounding into her with an intensity that told her he meant business, to which she certainly craved.

His mouth was on her neck again as she pushed her pelvis back to him. She may have indeed cum again, so lost was she in the ecstasy of these moments. She was on the precipice of letting go, for sure, when he stopped.

Without a word, he turned her over and pulled her hips up so that she was on her knees. She kept her face in the pillow and felt the wondrous sensation of his cock entering her from behind, that insertion seemingly endless. His hands were on her hips as he started banging into her again, the curve of that cock hitting new corners.

He slapped her bottom, once…then a second crack coming a few seconds later, the sound echoing in the room. Çankaya Escort She could also hear the sound of their wet fucking, as she was dripping wet. The left side of her face was on the pillow, steadying itself there as his thrusts moved her body and threatened to drive her into the headboard. He would thrust in deep and hold it, feeling his balls smash up against the top of her vagina; then backing off and pounding in again with a fresh set of purposeful thrusts. She crossed her legs over the backs of his, her toes digging into his calves. It ignited him as he maneuvered somehow that his cock was entering her from a slight angle.

She missed him so much when he was gone, longing for these moments, this game, and how she knew she could make him happy, how she knew the right words that would trigger him, wanting to hold those words for as long as she could…not wanting this to end…but wanting him to feel the full pleasure of her.

They were both sweating and the sound of his muffled grunts told her this was the time.

She turned her neck to him, still unseeing, her vision a wash of dark red, and said those magic words;

“Come on baby, leave something for me that I can keep until next time, baby. Come on, baby, show me how much you love fucking me…”

She smiled as he moaned in surrender, his cock growing even larger inside her as he came hard, his cock erupting deep in her pussy, bring a fresh new flood of wetness. He banged hard, almost as if he would never stop cumming. She knew the feeling, she had ridden that beautiful roller coaster at least four times in this last twenty five minutes.

He thrusted hard twice more, his hips slapping up against her ass, his legs pressing to the back of hers. Then he slipped out.

He fell next to her on the bed, pulling her to him, holding her, his beautiful hands on her back, caressing up and down, up and over her hips, down her leg, back up to her shoulders. Her face was against his chest, she could hear his heart beating; her hand went to his cock, softer now, but still wet. She wanted to clean it for him with her mouth, but she couldn’t resist the comfort of his chest or to have him loosen his protective embrace…

She must have fallen asleep.

She awoke, the scarf now taken off and laying on the pillow. She didn’t know how much later it was; she was still naked, and he was not in the bed.

Damn, she thought, I can never watch him step out. Just part of the game.

She smiled. Got out of bed and stepped to the window, looking out into the shadows of the trees in the moonlight as the refreshing breeze cooled her nude body.

You’ll come back to me, Baby. You always do.

The hardwood floor of the old house was cool under her bare feet as she crawled back into bed, pulling the comforter up to her chin, smiling at the ceiling.

I don’t even know your name. I’ve never seen you. But you started visiting me not long after I moved in here. I felt your presence here the day I first walked through during the open house, listening to the realtor lady tell me the house was so well-kept up by the handsome young man, the pianist, who used to live here until that horrible traffic accident took him from this world.

She closed her eyes and started to fall asleep.

You’ll come back to me, Baby. You always do.

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