Cousin Heidi Ch. 01

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I was flipping through a men’s magazine the other day and a particular article caught my attention. It was titled “Unusual First Sexual Experiences” and included several first hand accounts of men losing their virginity in a strange or unusual way. Reading through the article, I felt a kinship to these men for I also had lost my virginity in an unusual (but incredibly erotic) manner.

It happened when I was eighteen years old and traveled out of state to visit family. I had just graduated from high school and was due to start at the local junior college that fall. I was really enjoying my last summer without responsibility, knowing full well that I would have my hands full once classes started. Then, out of left field, my Mom and Dad decided I needed to spend two weeks with my Aunt and Uncle. I couldn’t believe it! Only parents would know how to ruin a perfect summer, perhaps the last real summer of my youth. I voiced my resentment at having to spend two of my precious few weeks with family that I hadn’t seen in years. Alas, to no avail! “Oh, by the time you come back, you will be thanking us for sending you” my Mom said. Right, I thought to myself. Little did I know how right she was!

My Aunt and Uncle gave me a warm welcome and a big dinner and afterwards we were sitting in the living room chatting about what had happened during the 6 years since we had last seen each other. I was just starting to wonder why I hadn’t seen my cousin Heidi, when a car drove up in the driveway. A door slammed, a young women’s voice said “See you Saturday, Mark!” and then in walked my cousin Heidi. I almost didn’t recognize her! The last time I had seen her, she was 12 years old, skinny, had braces on her teeth and wore glasses. Now, I was looking at an incredibly hot young woman. She was 18 years old, had a woman’s body, no braces and wore contacts. I tried my hardest not to let my jaw hit the floor as I surveyed this vision of loveliness from head to toe. Heidi was 5’6″, had long wavy blonde hair halfway down her back, a slender build but with tits that had to be at least 36C’s and long slender legs that led into a heart-shaped ass. She was wearing a tight, low cut little blue dress that showed off her curvy figure to the tee. I just couldn’t stop staring at her! There was no way I could have formed a sentence let alone utter any words. “Did you have fun with Mark tonight, dear?” my Aunt asked. “Yeah, it was cool” Heidi answered nonchalantly. “Howard got here safe and sound and is settling right in” my Uncle said. “Hey Howard, how are you?” Heidi asked. For a moment I was frozen as her sparkling blue eyes looked me over. Somehow I managed to snap out of it and stutter, “G-G-Great! I’m doing great!” “Well, I’m going to bed now, I am pretty tired” Heidi said as she started up the stairs to her bedroom. We all wished her goodnight, and shortly after, I also excused myself for the night.

It turned out that the room I would be staying in was right next to Heidi’s. Excellent, I thought to myself. I just couldn’t get Heidi out of my mind. She was one of the hottest girls I had ever seen, but I felt a little guilty because she was my cousin. As I lay in bed, trying to sleep and not think of her, I heard her start a telephone conversation with someone. The tone of her voice and the way she would almost whisper parts of the conversation peaked my curiosity. Not being able to resist the urge to eavesdrop, I sat by the wall that joined our two rooms. There was a shared air conditioning vent that ran between the rooms that allowed me to hear most of the conversation. She was discussing the details of her date with Mark with someone, most probably a girlfriend. Then she said something that caught my attention immediately. She complained that she had been unable to get Mark alone so that they could have sex. It had been a week since they had fucked and she was horny as hell! I couldn’t believe my ears! Just the thought of her with her legs up in the air, tits jiggling with thrust after thrust of a hard cock, gave me a raging hardon!!! According to the conversation, they had been having sex for 6 months now, and Heidi’s sexual appetite was surpassing Mark’s.

After the conversation ended, I crawled into bed and tried not to touch my tool. This was my cousin that I was thinking about, and I couldn’t help but feel guilty. But after about 5 minutes of imagining Heidi getting plowed doggy-style, I couldn’t help myself and starting pulling on my shaft. I spit in my hand for a little lubrication, and starting rubbing my fingers around just underneath escort bayan bursa the head. I was enthralled with the thought of Heidi having sex! I had never been this turned on before and I couldn’t ever remember my dick being so hard or so big! Although I wasn’t an athlete and didn’t work out a lot, I was blessed with broad shoulders, well-muscled arms and chest and a seven-inch cock. Like most guys, I had developed quite an appetite for sex, and had poured over any sexual material I could find. I read magazine articles, books, watched porno tapes, and looked at porno magazines. But, for all of my interest and research, I still hadn’t gotten laid. The most action I had gotten was fumbling over a pair of tits in the dark playing “7 minutes in Heaven” with a girl I didn’t even like. I was painfully shy and deathly afraid of rejection and just sat on the sidelines as my peers started their journeys of sexual exploration and growth. I was ready to start my own journey but just hadn’t found the right female to share that with. As I was pulling my foreskin over my glans, and gently playing with my balls, I continued to fantasize about Heidi and imagined her wearing nothing except red stiletto heels and getting cum squirted all over her beautiful tits. This sent me over the edge and I increased the speed of my hand movement as I started playing with my right nipple. My hips started bucking as I felt the first sensations of that glorious delivery of jizz that I was working towards. My back arched, my breathing stopped and my cock pulsed as jet after jet of thick cum squirted from my member. It was the best orgasm I had ever had, and as I drifted into sleep, my cum drying on my chest and stomach, all I could think about was Heidi…

The next day, we all went to a local lake and swam and had a picnic. I couldn’t believe how good this trip was turning out as Heidi stripped off her shorts and T-shirt and adjusted her very small bikini. I put on my sunglasses and tried to make it look like I wasn’t watching as my eyes were glued to every part of her anatomy. My cock was straining against the material of my swimsuit as I watched her put suntan oil on every exposed part of her body. She obviously shaved her bikini line because her bathing suit bottom barely covered her quim, and there was no hair peeking out. As she lay in the sun, listening to her Walkman, I could plainly see the folds of her labia due to the tightness of the material covering them. I imagined gently kissing and licking those lips and ever so slowly, inserting my tongue into her honey pot. My cock was demanding relief by this time, but I knew it would have to wait until I was in the privacy of my room.

Heidi had pretty much ignored me all day and looked genuinely bored as we watched a movie on the VCR that night. After we all went to bed, I again tried to resist thinking of her as I jacked off like a madman. But even with very dirty thoughts of popular lingerie models in my head, I still couldn’t keep her out of my mind. I finally gave in and had another huge, tremulous orgasm as I imagined Heidi sucking like crazy on one dick as another was being methodically pumped in and out of her tight pussy.

The next day was pretty boring for Heidi and me both, and I was starting to think that I would be tortured by this beautiful young women for the rest of my trip. But then, a miracle! That night after dinner, Heidi left for a date with Mark saying she would be home by midnight. The next six hours went by horribly slowly as I tortured myself in anticipation of another conversation with her girlfriend (on which I could eavesdrop once again) detailing the night’s sexual exploits. Shortly after midnight, a car pulled up and I heard a set of footsteps start up the stairs. I jumped out of bed and peered out of my cracked bedroom door. I was surprised to see a guy (Mark, I assumed) carrying Heidi into her bedroom. She was completely passed out and reeked of alcohol. I learned later that Mark had taken her to a party and being an inexperienced drinker, she had overdone it and passed out. I watched intently as he laid her on her bed and started to undress her. He did not turn any lights on so I could not see them in detail, but I could tell that she was very groggily fighting any movement at all. He eventually got her undressed completely but by now was irritated with her and didn’t bother to put her under the covers. He then left and the house was still.

As I stood just inside the door to my room, I could hear her softly snoring away. Well, what was a boy bursa sinirsiz eskort to do? Still feeling some guilt that she was my cousin, I knew I shouldn’t take advantage of this situation, but just a little peek would be OK wouldn’t it? Heart racing in my chest, I quietly made my way into her room and stood at the foot of her bed. The light was so dim that I couldn’t make out much more than just her shape, so I slowly opened the curtains covering her window. Moonlight now filled the room and my breath caught in my throat. She was truly beautiful! So well put together! My cock started to harden as I took in the sight of her. I hadn’t seen her totally naked before, and I memorized every curve and dimple. Her breasts were round and full with light brown areola the size of silver dollars. Her nipples were also light brown and even not aroused stuck out a quarter of an inch. Her stomach had that very slight natural curve that women have and a bonus! A pierced belly button! She had her long slender legs open just enough that I could see that her pussy was bare from the clit down, and just a triangle of silky blonde bush above.

I was feeling drunk from the testosterone and other hormones that were rushing through my body. My dick was a flagpole as it stuck out of the fly of my boxers and saluted the beauty of this woman. I just could not drink enough of her in. She was still snoring softly and seemed to be dead to the world. “How out of it is she?” I wondered. “A little touch wouldn’t hurt, even if she is my cousin” I reasoned. My hand was shaking slightly as I reached out and gently stroked the curve of her ass, ready to spring out of the room at any sign of her awakening. Not a twitch. She just kept on snoring. OK then! I think this could be very interesting! I started caressing her shoulders and arms very gently, marveling at the softness of her skin and the electric sensations that ran through me straight to my loins. I ran my fingers lightly up one thigh and around her hip, then gently cupped her ass cheek. Ahhh, heavenly! So soft and round! Still no response from Heidi, and by this time I couldn’t have stopped myself unless she woke up and caused a scene.

I traced a line down the middle of her chest, down her stomach just stopping at the start of her neatly trimmed bush. Eyes glazed over, as if in a trance, I gently cupped one of her beautiful, round breasts in each hand and ran my thumbs over her nipples. They hardened a second later and there was a slight change in her breathing. I continued running my thumbs around her nipples in little circles and gently squeezing her tits and though her breathing had changed, she was still dead to the world. Hunching over her body, I took one hardened nipple in my mouth, running my tongue around it and suckling. God! Her tits were amazing! They felt incredible in my hands and mouth. After giving both breasts equal treatment for 5 or 10 minutes, I noticed that Heidi had straitened her legs out on the bed and was now laying flat on her back. Her breathing had lightened a little more but she still seemed to be very deep in dreamland. Her change in position had left her pussy very exposed, so I let my hand wander down through her bush and onto her now exposed lips. To my surprise, she was already wet and her lips felt puffy and slick. Her body and subconscious were responding even as she slept! I gently massaged her clit and slowly inserted a finger inside. To this her breathing hitched, then released in a long sigh before returning back to light snoring. I worked my finger around for a while, getting to know the contours of her sex, and then added a second one. By now she had spread her legs farther apart and her continuing arousal became evident as her heady scent worked its way into my nostrils. WHAM! Suddenly I felt like I had 110 volts running through my body directly into my groin! I had never felt such a powerful and instinctual urge to procreate. I was amazed at how much just the aroma of her excitement could send me into orbit and I knew that I had to taste her!

Sliding down to her thighs, I kissed my way up the inside of each leg until I pressed my mouth against her mound. She moved slightly and a small moan escaped her lips. I ran my tongue over her clit, which was now as hard as her nipples, and then worked my way down, gently nibbling her lips. I wasn’t sure what a woman’s nectar would taste like, and was surprised to find it slightly tangy but sweet and delicious! I could definitely get used to this kind of a snack! I was escort bayan thoroughly enjoying myself playing with her breasts and nipples also, but my dick was in overdrive, dripping a long stream of precum down the shaft to my balls. I must have eaten her out for 15 minutes or so, her never waking, but occasionally quietly moaning and opening her mouth. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to get a chance to touch and taste this woman and I stood up beside the bed just admiring her beauty and pulling on my almost bursting cock. Her juices were running down my chin and I could not remember ever feeling so right with nature!

At that moment, I realized Heidi was trying to say something. I leaned down as close as possible to her face as she mumble-moaned two words. Even though the words were not clear, I could tell that it was definitely a plea for pleasure, and not a complaint. It sounded very much like “Fuck me!” She repeated it several times while slightly pumping her hips. I didn’t need to be asked twice! Pulling off my boxer shorts, I got on the bed in-between her legs. I pulled her knees up until her legs were in a bent position and then lined my rod up with that beautiful pussy. “OK, Here we go!” I thought to myself. I had to take a couple of deep breaths to calm down, and thought “You’ve been dreaming about this for a long time, just relax and enjoy it”. My chest felt tight, my head was spinning, but I had never felt so good! I couldn’t believe my first sex was going to be with such a knockout! And my cousin to boot! This last thought brought about another twinge of doubt, but looking down at this gorgeous girl naked underneath me, I knew I had to give her what she had asked for. Holding myself above her, I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy lips and gasped as shivers of pleasure ran through my entire body. I slowly slipped the head in just past her lips and she moaned and moved slightly. Inch by inch, I worked my tool into her until my balls were resting against her ass. I just held it there and reveled in the exquisite pleasure I was feeling. It was so incredibly hot, wet and tight, that I groaned out loud. Finally experiencing sex, I realized that this was something very special for men and women to share, and I was now intent on sharing it as much as possible! After a minute or so, I began to slowly stroke in and out of her. Heidi was whimpering and slightly pumping her hips but still very much out of it. I was careful not to get too aggressive, as I did not want her to wake up and end this incredible experience. I rotated my hips in a circle as I pumped my thick cock in and out, over and over. I used every technique I had learned about without jeopardizing her state, and kept going in this manner for at least a half hour. I couldn’t believe how long I was lasting, my dick must have been on sensory overload and not able to deal with it. All through this, Heidi just whimpered and moaned and occasionally thrust her hips, she was obviously experiencing this as a dream and the look on her face was one of sheer pleasure.

Not wanting it to ever end, but knowing it would very soon, I stroked deeper into her and dropped my head back down to enjoy her wonderful breast and nipple. The slick friction of my cock sliding in her wetness soon became too much and all of a sudden, I could feel the beginnings of my orgasm starting in my toes. I slowed my movements, and after a few more exquisite strokes, my balls tightened up against my prostate, my back arched and my cock swelled up bigger than ever. I tried to stay as still as possible as my member jerked and jumped and squirted jet after jet of cum deep inside her. My mouth was wide open as the most intense orgasm I had ever felt shook me from stem to stern. I didn’t know it was going to be 100 times better than masturbation! It seemed like it went on forever, but finally the sensations ebbed. During my orgasm, Heidi had started to move more and seemed to almost come out of her dream state, but instead just relaxed completely and started snoring softly again. I stayed inside of her until my dick was soft, then slowly, regrettably pulled out and stood up.

I could barely stand, my legs were so weak! My arms were shaking as I went to the bathroom and got a towel to clean Heidi up with. After making sure she was all dry and taken care of, I took one last admiring look at her, marveling at her beauty and how incredible this experience was! Placing a gentle kiss on her lips, I covered her with a blanket and somehow managed to grab my boxers and stumble to my bed. I collapsed in exhaustion and ran the night’s events over and over in my mind until I drifted off into sleep, with a smile on my face!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and find out what happens the next day! Does Heidi remember anything from the night before? Is Howard sent home with a lot of explaining to do?

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