Cousin, Oh My!

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Author’s note: This story contains sexual and incest related content and should not be read by children. If this type of story would offend you in anyway, then please navigate away from this page now. Please note that all characters are over the age 18 and do not represent any particular person.

Please feel free to leave comments or send any feedback .It’s always greatly appreciated and I thoroughly enjoy reading them. Also, please don’t forget to vote!


** ** **

Dear Diary,

June 18th

Oh my God, my life totally sucks!! I was so looking forward to the end of the month when my parents were leaving. It meant the house was all mine! I was so excited! Well, my parents found a way to kill that pretty damn fast. They just told me my cousin Chad is coming here and staying for an entire month. What the hell? That means he’s going to be here the entire time my parents are gone. What am I supposed to do with him here? They said that he wanted some time away from his mom (she’s a total nut) and they offered him our house. Good going on that one Mom! I haven’t seen him in a few years but last time he was totally boring. We have nothing in common at all, and I don’t even like him very much. I mean, he’s 2 years older then me but he might as well be 40! He just has zero personality. They probably brought him here to keep an eye on me. All that stuff they said about trusting me was obviously total bull!

My summer is going to suck. He shows up in a few days, and I’m dreading it!

Someone save me!


—— —— —— —– —— —— —— —– —– —— —— —— ——

“MADY! Hurry up, we need to get going. Chad is landing soon so move it!” That was my Dad. I was almost done anyway and told him twenty times that I would be down in a few minutes but he insisted on yelling up the stairs every few seconds. For some reason he expected me to be all excited that Chad was coming. He actually asked me if I was looking forward to seeing my cousin and was shocked when I said no. Why would I be? I feel like we’re on our way to pick up my babysitter or something. I’m 18 but I feel like they see me closer to 8. I don’t know why though, I never do anything to get in trouble. I don’t even party like so many kids my age do. I’ve never even been drunk! But they still decided to bring in a spy. Oh yeah, I’m thrilled!

After a few more yells up the stairs I finally made my way out to the waiting car. I put my headphones on and cranked up my iPod as soon as my ass hit the seat. I caught my Mom rolling her eyes at me but I don’t really care. I don’t even get why I have to go to the airport to pick him up. Do they expect me to run up to him and hug him like a long lost friend? Ha! They said they want him to feel welcome. Which to them apparently means dragging everyone to the airport and forcing them to stand there waiting. My little brother, Aiden was complaining in the seat next to me. Apparently, he felt pretty similar to the way I do about Chad’s little visit. I do feel bad for the kid though, he has to share his room with him until he leaves with my parents. Then Chad will use his room for the rest of his stay. Aiden isn’t happy.

After my Dad passed by about 10 parking spots we finally found one that fit his standards and made our way into the airport. My Mom yanked my headphones from my ears and gave me a look when she realized I was walking into the airport with them still on. I just rolled my eyes and threw my iPod in my purse. His plane was delayed, of course. So we ended up waiting for an extra 45 minutes before the passengers of his flight were finally coming past the security point. I was sitting on a bench off to the side while watching for him to walk out. I still hadn’t spotted him but did see a really hot guy walk past the glass towards the waiting area. Forgetting all about my cousin I watched this guy casually stroll in as if he owned the place. He was gorgeous! He had dark brown hair and really sharp features on his face. I would put his height at about 6’2 and a fit average weight. His muscled arms bulged some out of the sleeves of his t-shirt. You could tell this guy worked out, and took good care of himself. Yum! Sadly, watching this random guy will probably be the highlight of my summer.

Aiden jabbed me in the arm and pointed to a couple fighting in the opposite direction. They were really going at it, something about him looking at other women and they were getting a lot of attention. For a moment I forgot about the hot guy and watched this couple make a huge scene in the middle of the airport. I heard my Mom suddenly say, “Chad! Oh Hun, I’m so glad you’re here!” I turned back around towards my parents but I couldn’t see him. My Mom was hugging him and my Dad was standing right behind her. All I could see were his legs. Aiden smacked my arm again and I looked back to the couple as she repeatedly smacked the guy in the face. He just stood there as she bitch slapped him like she would win an award. Security suddenly started running across the area towards the couple as someone else started their digital video camera. This was better then any soap opera Niğde Escort and I knew this scene would be splashed across YouTube by the end of the day. Enjoying the dramatic show in front of me I didn’t even notice my Mom calling my brother and me. You couldn’t really hear much with all the yelling from the couple’s fight just a few feet away. Aiden once again jabbed my arm and said that Mom was calling and that Chad was finally here. I sighed and looked towards my parents.

I almost fell off the bench!

—— —— ——- ——-

Dear Diary,

June 22nd

Something’s wrong with me! I actually looked at my annoying and boring cousin thinking he was hot! I didn’t know it was him but still. Shouldn’t family recognize family? I thought I was just watching this tall hot guy at the airport trying to distract myself from waiting for Chad, and it ended up being Chad! When I realized who it was I literally almost fell off the bench. If I had been eating or drinking something I would have choked to death. He just smiled at me and said hi, and all I could do was nod! What is that? I think I’ve lost my mind. I wanted to just run away and hide. It can’t be normal to see your cousin and think the things that I did. I actually thought the word “yum” when I saw him. Ewww!

No one can ever know what happened! I have to really hide this thing so no one finds it. Maybe I should just rip out this page. Shit. What am I going to do?


——- —— —— ——- ——- ——— ——- ——– ——— ——–

I’ve been avoiding Chad like it’s a new sport and I’m going for some type of medal. He keeps trying to talk to me but all I think about when I see him is that day at the airport and what I thought when I saw him. I keep trying to remind myself that I didn’t know it was him but it’s not really helping. He’s been here for three days already but it feels like eternity. I really don’t know how I’m going to get through this. I can’t face him. It feels like if I look at him too long or speak more then a few words somehow everyone will know what happened. I’m being ridiculous but I feel like a pervert and I don’t want anyone to know.

My Mom was rushing around the house packing and repacking all the suitcases to make sure she had everything. She does this for all her trips. She’s called me into her room countless times to ask if I think she should bring this purse or those pairs of shoes. They leave in two days and she’s starting to panic. She’s convinced she’s going to forget something or regret packing or worse, not packing a certain item. I made a joke that she should just have her whole closet shipped to the resort. She just waved her hand in the air and said, “I looked into it, but it would cost too much.” I think she was kidding, at least I hope. My Mom decided she needed more luggage and informed my Dad who just groaned. He was smart and didn’t argue though, just went looking for her car keys. Who knows, maybe she’ll buy every one they have. I wouldn’t be that shocked.

A few minutes later I walked towards the living room calling for my Dad. At first there was no response so I called again. Chad stepped into the hallway and said that he left with my Mom. The second I saw him I froze. I nodded and turned back towards my room. “Mady, wait,” Chad pleaded. I turned back around and he gave me a really gentle look. He then said, “I keep feeling like you’re avoiding me. You’ve barely said more then a few words to me since I’ve been here and you looked at me like I was an alien when we met at the airport. What’s going on?” I’ll go with that. It’s better then him knowing that look was because moments before I was staring at him like he was a piece of meat. I didn’t answer him, as I didn’t know what to say. He kept going, “I guess I was hoping we could be friends.” I sighed. I tried to play it casual and shrugged as I told him that I wasn’t trying to avoid him. It was lame but I didn’t know what else to say to him. He smiled, then said, “Good. Want some lunch then? I was just going to make a grilled cheese.” Deciding to give in, I agreed.

I took a seat at the counter on one of the stools and pointed him in the direction of the things he needed. Once he had everything he needed and started on our lunch he said, “So, how old are you now?” I answered that I was 18. I confirmed he was 20, which I knew but wanted to make sure. From there we covered the basic topics like school, jobs, things we did for fun and things that were new since our last visit. When he finished cooking he sat next to me and we continued our chat over lunch. Our next topic was dating. I told him about the last few guys I dated but that they didn’t last that long. He told me about his most recent girlfriend who dumped him because he wouldn’t move across the country to live with her. Before I knew it we were laughing and joking about his ex’s and mine. We were actually having fun. Who knew?

—— ——- ——- ——-

Dear Diary,

June 28th

Ok, so Chad isn’t so bad. He’s actually a lot different then he was a few years ago. He’s funny and interesting, not to mention the physical Niğde Escort Bayan changes in him are like night and day. A few years ago he was the same height but really skinny. He had clearly never seen a gym in his life and still had a babyish face. Now, it’s like a completely different person! He works out everyday, I know because I’ve walked in on him a few times using my Dad’s home gym in the basement. I’ve changed my exercise schedule to avoid being down there at the same time. I’m not avoiding him completely anymore though, just sometimes.

Mom, Dad, and Aiden left yesterday. Mom seemed stressed but Chad calmed her down. He was actually pretty charming with her. Another shocking new thing about him! By the time they left, she was relaxed and sure we would be fine. As she was getting in the car she told us to behave and he winked at me. I don’t know what he meant by it though. I actually don’t know what to think about him.

Who knows, we might have some fun this summer.


——— ——- ——– ——- ——– ——– ——– ——– ——–

I slept in today. It was the first full day without my parents around. Their plane was last night so they didn’t even leave until late afternoon. I have zero plans today except just relaxing. When I finally wandered out into the living room Chad was doing pushups in the middle of the room, without a shirt on. I caught myself staring at his toned back and almost smacked myself. This can’t happen, I can’t think these things. Instead I grabbed some juice from the fridge and tried to pretend like he wasn’t in the next room. I had my iPod with me since I was going to use the gym downstairs, but since Chad had started his routine I knew he would be down there soon. Still refusing to work out together (thank god he hasn’t said anything) I just popped the headphones in my ears and started flipping through a magazine I left on the counter. I started lightly moving my head to one of my favorite songs as I read an article about embarrassing stories girls submitted. I moved my hips to my favorite part in the song as I held the magazine in front of me. I couldn’t resist and I sort of forgot Chad was around. After finishing the page I tossed the magazine aside and turned to head back to my room. There was Chad, leaning against the doorway with a smirk on his face; still shirtless. With a grin he asked, “Having fun?”

Embarrassed, I willed myself not to blush and responded, “I was actually.” He just continued to grin. I really wish he would put a shirt on. I was impressed with his back before but his front, wow. If he was any other guy I would be doing everything I could to try to get his attention. If he was any other guy, I would be craving to run my hands over his firm chest and trace his defined abs. Not a six pack or anything but still very toned. If he was any other guy, I would want those strong muscular arms around me. If this was any other guy I would say he was checking me out right now. This was my cousin though, my very hot cousin, but still my cousin. I need to get a grip! Trying to move on from this embarrassing moment, I next said, “I want to use the gym so could you hurry up down there?” I started to walk away but he asked why we couldn’t just use it together. I walked right into that one! I paused unsure of how to get out of it. With him patiently waiting for my answer I said, “I just figured you wouldn’t want anyone in your way.” It was bull but it was all I had. He shook his head and said it was fine. He grabbed two bottles of water from the fridge and insisted I join him.

As we entered the gym I suddenly felt a little nervous, but had no idea why. It’s not like working out in the same room was suddenly wrong otherwise people would never go to gyms to being with. He handed me one of the waters and went over to prepare to do his bench presses. I think there’s a name for what you use to bench press, but I honestly don’t know what it is. The only things I use down here are the treadmill, the stationary bike and the smaller hand weights. Everything else, I never touch. Trying to seem like I was comfortable I went straight to the treadmill. Picking my setting I turned my iPod on again and set into my exercise routine. After a little bit I had the feeling I was being watched. I fought the urge to turn around to check but knew Chad was watching me. I actually felt a little thrill that he could be watching my ass. It was probably what he was doing back in the kitchen too. I almost tripped when I realized what I was thinking. Losing my footing some I grabbed for the hand rails. Just as I caught my balance on the fast moving treadmill I felt Chad touch my back and lost my footing again. To my horror and relief he caught me and lifted me off the treadmill. He made sure I was steady on my feet and said, “Are you ok? What happened?” He was looking right into my eyes as he asked, and I could tell he was genuinely concerned. I simply said I was daydreaming and lost my footing. Not wanting to stick around I said I was going to cut it short and go back upstairs. He just stood there with a confused look on his face as I quickly left the room.

—– Escort Niğde —– —— ——

Dear Diary,

June 29th

Yesterday was a disaster! I keep thinking about his body and I almost killed myself on the treadmill because of it. What is wrong with me? I actually found myself a little excited at the idea of him staring at my ass! Then next thing I knew I was almost falling over. Then when I finally stood back up I felt his hand on my back and almost passed out at his touch. Who does that? Then he had to come to my rescue and caught me. Then he lifted me off the machine. I was horrified, but even worse I was turned on! He was so strong that I felt weightless when he had me in his arms. I shouldn’t feel this way. This is so wrong. I can’t do this. I can’t be turned on my own cousin. People are arrested or thrown in the crazy hospital for this kind of thing right?

I hate admitting it but I want him. Talk about an awkward summer. Even worse, I masturbated to thoughts of him last night. How bad is THAT?!

If there’s a hell, I’m going there on the fast track.


—— ——- ——– ——- ——- ——- ——- ——- ——– ——-

I was hiding in my room again when I heard Chad knock on my door. I said he could come in but he only opened the door and told me he was heading out for a while. He asked if I needed anything and I shook my head. He stood there for a few moments waiting for something, although I don’t know what. Finally he left and a few minutes later I heard him pull my Dad’s car out of the driveway. I was finally alone and I let out a scream. It was just to relieve tension. Not knowing what to do with myself I hung out on the couch watching a sappy movie on TV. Chad came back about an hour and a half later. He came in carrying a few bags and headed straight for the kitchen. Interested in what he bought, I followed him. When he saw me he smiled and said, “I decided we need to have a fun but lazy night. I rented a few movies and bought about six different flavors of ice cream. I didn’t know which one you would want.” He shrugged while he said the last line. I laughed and said that I hope he at least bought some version of chocolate. He pulled three of the cartons out of the bags and said, “Check!” I took the movies out of the bag and looked through the pile of 5 DVDs. They were all comedies except two, which were the first and second SAW movies. I said I love the SAW series and he smiled, obviously glad he made a good choice.

As we got the ice cream ready I stopped mid scoop and said, “Look, I have to apologize. I’ve been kind of mean to you since you’ve been here. No, actually I’ve been a total bitch! I’m sorry. You don’t deserve it.” He waited until I finished and then said it was no biggie and he was hoping the ice cream would be a sort of peace offering. I laughed and said, “You can never go wrong with chocolate.” I started to scoop again when I was suddenly hit in the side of my face with a glob of ice cream. I shrieked as Chad burst out laughing. I then threw a big scoop of ice cream right back at him. I gave a smug, “HA!” when it hit him square in the face. Next thing I knew he threw two hands full of ice cream right at me. Might I mention I was dressed in a white shirt that was now covered in chocolate and mint chip. With that we were in a full on ice cream food fight. We flung hand full after hand full of the frozen treat at each other until we were both completely covered in a mix of all 6 flavors. I was laughing and shrieking as he landed hit after hit all over me. I was shocked when he landed one right on my ass. He then picked up a carton that was half full of melted ice cream. When I realized what he had I started to back away saying, “No. Chad, don’t!” I was laughing and pleading at the same time as I continued to step backwards away from him. He kept walking towards me with a sly grin on his face. He told me to give him one good reason why he shouldn’t dump it all over me, still smiling. Scrambling for an answer I backed into the kitchen wall and tried to give an innocent smile. He was now right in front of me, with me basically stuck.

Still waiting for my answer I finally said, “Because it would be a horrible waste of chocolate.” For a second he paused and I thought I might have given the right answer. A second later he dumped the carton over my head and liquid chocolate ice cream ran all over me. I shrieked again and stood there as it dripped down my face. I licked my lips and shrugged as I said, “Still tastes good.” As the last letter left my mouth his lips were touching mine. Chad was kissing me! At first I just froze. He pulled back a little but pressed his lips to mine again. This time, I kissed back. Both covered in ice cream there was a mix of the taste of many flavors and his mouth’s own taste. He put his arms around my lower back and pulled me closer to him. Our tongues met and I was starting to feel slightly dizzy. The kiss was amazing! My body was tingling from the contact and I couldn’t get enough of him. I suddenly realized what we were doing and pulled back. I then said, “Are we seriously doing this? I mean, how can this be happening?” He shook his head with me still in his arms and told me he couldn’t hold back anymore, that he had wanted me from the day he saw me in the airport. I nodded and said, “I know. Me too.” He grinned and pushed me up against the wall. Pinning me back as he kissed me again.

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