Cover Shot

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Jeffery Bardsworth clipped the temporary ID to his shirt then hoisted his camera bag onto his shoulder. The guard nodded and smiled, “Good luck with that interview.”

He was about to thank the guard when he saw the guards gaze looking just past him. A gentle tap to his shoulder had Jeff slowly turning around

“Are you here for the interview? – you’re late you know!” Jeff turned and looked down at the woman. She was short, undeniably gorgeous, and a red-head. A volatile combination – something to prove, used to getting her way, and God help the fool not smart enough to know it.

Having just glanced at his watch, Jeff knew that he was, in fact, exactly twenty-one minutes early for his appointment – but he was no fool. He mumbled, “Sorry…traffic.”

“Follow me.” In response to her no nonsense tone Jeff simply nodded with a mumbled “yes ma’am” as the red-head turned and walked away. Jeff wondered if his eyes were actually tracking side to side as he followed the hypnotically sexy sway of her ass. The reason for the sway was obvious; the red head was nearly on tip toe; her heels had to be five inches high. At six-three, Jeff was used to looking down at people in general and women in particular, he guessed the red-headed terror was five-one, at best five-two, in her stocking feet.

“You’re lucky.” The red head spoke over her shoulder and the slight twisting of her shoulders served to increase the sway of her hips. “We just received a call from the last interviewer; she said they were stuck in traffic on the other side of the bridge. Daniella insisted I check one last time…” the redhead stopped (Jeff nearly ran into her) and spun on her back heel, her tone dripping with disdain “…that’s because she’s a professional…”

Jeff realized that not only had the red-head stopped walking, but she had stopped talking. She was facing him now, only he wasn’t looking her in the eye. He slowly lifted his gaze. Now he was looking her in the eye. They were fiery green, set in a countenance one could only describe as about to explode. The depth of her inhalation foretold the storm about to break.

“Were you looking at my ass?”

Working on the basis that the best defense is a good offense, not to mention that this secretary/personal assistant had him mixed up with someone else Jeff plunged boldly over the edge of caution.

“I was just thinking – professionally mind you – how I would do your ass. You know, to do it justice. I realize now that I would have to do it in video – a still image just would not cover everything.” Jeff gazed at her with zen-like calmness.

The red-heads’ eyes narrowed as her mouth opened and closed repeatedly. Then she spun on her heel and started walking again. Only now, she was taking smaller steps and moving much slower. Jeff smiled at her unsuccessful efforts not to sway. One benefit of the slower pace was her perfume. Her scent enveloped him. Jeff always got a kick out of that – a photographer who found scent his most powerful stimulus.

When they reached a door, she knocked softly and opened it. Jeff smiled as she partially blocked the way. He decided to give her what she wanted – evidence of her effect on him. He moved his shoulder bag out of the way and slowly squeezed past her. He kept his eyes locked on hers as his erection rubbed across her abdomen. Her eyes widened then narrowed in victory. With a haughty smirk she informed Jeff that, “The bathroom is to your left.”

Jeff stopped his erection still pressing into her. He smiled and nodded, “So it’s you. You’re the cause of global warming.”

She did that thing with her head that all beautiful women seem to do, that tilt and turn thing that says in one or another “I am so far beyond your wildest dreams don’t even think about it” She broke contact with Jeff and stepped back to savor her victory.

As she turned Jeff spoke softly and directly. “Just leave your cell phone number on a card here.” He pointed at the table near the door. “I think I know just what to do with your ass. Trust me – I am a professional.”

The red head did the fish mouth thing again, exhaled, wrinkled her brow, turned, and walked briskly away. Growing up with three older sisters and their seemingly innumerable friends had taught Jeff one thing; that the physical confidence of any woman – no matter how beautiful, how sexy, or whatever – was as fragile as a soap bubble.

He hazarded that the chances of the card being there were…oh hell, not likely at best. The red-head had fire; there was no doubt about that. It had been a while since he’d been in a crazy passion drenched relationship with a crazy red head. He smiled, that would have been his youngest older sisters college roommate – Madeline.

Mad Madeline had a thing for anal sex – she’d been his first butt fuck. He’d encountered Madeline while visiting his sister during her senior year. Madeline had offered to show him around campus due to his sister being sick. Two hours into the tour Madeline steered Jeff to a rarely visited research room in the science library. She was bakırköy üniversiteli escort on her knees in a seconds and Jeff blew his load down her throat in less than three minutes. Clothes were quickly shed.

Madeline rolled onto her back and spread her legs. Jeff nestle his mouth in the red nest of her pubic hair and licked her to a screaming orgasm. He had scrambled up between her legs to fuck her when she covered her cunt with her hand.

“I’m not on the Pill and I hate condoms.”

Jeff had looked down at his hard cock in distress. His distress didn’t last long.

“Ever done anal? NO? Well if you want to fuck me it’s my ass or nothing.”

That sequence of events recurred four more times during the next day and a half. By the time he left he was a certified (Madeline said so) Grade “A” ass fucker. Madeline the Anal Maniac – Jeff smiled – he hadn’t thought of her in years.

But what if the card wasn’t there? Jeff decided “Red” was worth the pursuit and he was up for the challenge. She would certainly be a handful. He smiled to himself. He planned on being in town for at least six months – why not?

“‘allo, I am Daniella – I begs you pardon, my Inglish iz no very good.”

Jeff turned and forgot immediately about Red. He was looking, slightly up, into the eyes of the most gorgeous woman he had ever met. By habit he looked slowly down her body to her feet. She was wearing towering high heels; he guessed she was five-eleven, maybe six foot in her bare feet.

Jeff refocused on Daniella eyes which he noticed were slightly unfocused. Then he smelled the alcohol. Was she drunk? Jeff smiled, so much for professionalism. Then again he loved slightly drunk women. There was something familiar about this woman. He recognized her from somewhere.

“Would djou like sum ting to drink?” Daniella turned and waved her arm toward a table. “I hab been drinking Champagne all day. It helps with the jet lag.”

Jeff followed the direction of her hand and saw the glasses and bottles; he also saw the answer to his earlier question. The table was strewn with copies of the current Sports swimsuit edition. One was open to a two page shot of a gorgeous woman wearing nothing but body paint. Oh – she was that Daniella.

Daniella, Brazilian by birth, was one of these one-named wonders of the modeling world. Her incandescent beauty had burst upon the worldwide male libido with her swimsuit shoot for Sports. Her youthful innocence, she was all of nineteen, was infused with a sultry sexiness that was breath taking when seen in print. What was in print paled before the reality?

Jeff poured himself a glass and brought the bottle back to re-fill Daniella’s. She said she shouldn’t and Jeff countered with, “I’ve always found that ‘shouldn’t’ usually leads to the most fun?”

Daniella giggled and held out her glass and wiggled it. Jeff touched his to hers “To true beauty – the beauty of the human heart. I though what you did for the kids on that island was truly beautiful.” Jeff drank his toast.

The story was well known. At the end of Daniella’s photo shoot, a severe storm had swept across the island where they were staying. The storm destroyed a school near the shoot location There was a photo that went out on the wires of Daniella. The photo – God how he wished he’d taken it was of Daniella, braless in a torn-t-shirt turned transparent in the rain, her left breast almost completely exposed as comforted one of the students. Daniella had convinced the magazine to re-build the school.

Daniella looked down and smiled. “I did what anyone would have done.”

“Whatever happened to that t-shirt Daniella? Do you still have it?”

She actually blushed. “I signed it. The designer has it hanging in her studio.”

Jeff was struck with an inspiration. “Daniella, would you mind doing something a little unusual for the photos I need to accompany the interview? It will be a kind of parody of the “t-shirt” photo?”

“Parrot tea? What is parrot tea?”

“Parody – like a joke, goofing around, having fun.” Jeff set down his glass. “It must be pretty boring answering the same questions, over and over again. Want to have some fun?”

Jeff explained his idea to Daniella who began to giggle uncontrollably. “I shouldn’t be doing somet’ing like dis widout my manager being presents. I mean even dough I’m not exactly naked…”

“What about Red?” Jeff hooked his thumb towards the door.

Daniella covered her mouth with her hands and gasped. “Oh, don’t call her Red. I heard some guy call her dat once – Oh my God she has a terrible temper – I was frightened for him. Call her by her name Colleen.”

Jeff went to the door and asked Colleen to join them. As she walked by him he purposefully glanced at the empty table by the door. “Don’t forget that card!”

Colleen stood between Daniella and Jeff, leveling her best glare at him. She clearly did not approve of his intended photo shoot. “Are you sure Daniella? What would Marta say?”

“Shhh bakırköy bdsm escort – Marta is talking with Playboy, dat’s why she’s not here today. Please Colleen, it sounds fun. Please.” Colleen’s scowl deepened and then dissolved into a smile. She nodded to the taller woman.

Daniella squealed in delight. Jeff tried desperately to act the dispassionate professional. Thank God he’d brought his digital cameras. Women looking at their images usually tried to out do themselves with the next shot.

That had been Joan’s thing. Every image had to be hotter than the one before. Jeff was shooting a kitchenware add for a remodeling magazine and she was the assigned model. The shoot had been scheduled for the entire day, but he’d gotten what he needed from Joan by 1 PM. Joan had suggested some “sexy ‘little lady’ in the kitchen” shoots to fill out the afternoon. With every viewing of a dozen photos or so a button would be loosened or an article of clothing shed. By 3 PM Joan was down to her bra and panties. By 4 PM she was nude with different pots and pans and implements covering her nipples, ass or pubic hair.

“I think we need a little glamour here Jeff. What about a pearl necklace?” Joan asked in all innocence.

“Sorry, I didn’t bring any jewelry props other than…” The words had died in his mouth as Joan unzipped him and took his cock in hers. Oh, she was talking about that kind of pearl necklace.

Those images had been incredible. He shot an excellent sequence of his cum spurting onto her skin in a glorious arc of pure white semen. She had demanded an immediate copy of those images. Jeff had been only to happy to comply.

The shocker was when Joan called later that night and told Jeff that her husband loved the images and wanted a large format blow up of the completed necklace image – cost was not an issue. “Use the best materials and equipment.” Jeff shook his head in remembrance.

There was a vibe building with Daniella and Colleen as Jeff positioned and photographed the duo. Less then an hour later the sexual essence of Daniela filled the room. The photo session had proceeded from the parody of the t-shirt scene, with Colleen the comforted child, to Daniella topless. She was holding the cover of the magazine against her breast. The corners of the magazine just hid her nipples, while her breasts bulged out at the sides.

Then Jeff took one that made them all pause when they reviewed it. Daniella was holding a position and Jeff wanted the magazines at a different angle. He had Colleen hold it in place. The first shot, for the purpose of composition had Colleen in the photo, the contrast in skin tone was dramatic’ Daniella’s rich mocha to Colleen’s creamy white.

“May I compose the next one?” Daniella spoke softly. She asked that a coffee table be moved and then she lay down on the floor. Colleen was instructed on arranging Daniella’s hair.

“Okay Colleen. Cup your hands over my breasts and scoot down until your arms are straight.” The image was stunning and Jeff began to shoot from every possible angle

Jeff decided to go for broke. “Daniella, have you ever seen the Richard Avedon photo of Natasha Kinski and the snake?”

“Yes, it is beautiful, but I don like snakes.” Daniella shivered at the thought.

“No snakes. I was thinking Colleen could play the part. I think the skin tones would be stunning.”

“Yes. Yes. Dat is brilliant.” Daniella removed the last of her clothing and laid down on the carpet. Jeff maneuvered Colleen into position. He smiled to himself that there hadn’t been the slightest peep of protest from her for the last 30 minutes. Models in place he took the photo. It didn’t look right.

They tried again and again with no better success. Daniella looked at Jeff in frustration. He simply tugged at his shirt. Daniella’s eyes opened wide and she turned to Colleen. “Colleen, you must be nude too.”

“What?” Colleen protested, but didn’t leave. Jeff knew she was going to give in. He let Daniella do the persuading. After repeated ‘no’s’ Colleen gave in.

“Alright. But here’s the deal. First, if I’m naked, we’re all naked.” She waved off Jeff’s protest. “It’s everyone or I’m going back to my desk. Two, from here on, these photos are mine; I’ll decide what happens with them. And three, no fooling…” The words died on her lips as Jeff pushed his pants to the floor. He wasn’t wearing any underwear. “You’re not kidding…no foolin’.” A low whistle escaped her lips.

Colleen, slowly undressed. She tried not to be too obvious as she watched Jeff getting hard. She felt no small degree of satisfaction that he was getting aroused as she undressed. Colleen stood and faced him. “Yes, the carpet matches the curtains.”

“Vat does zis mean? Carpets and curtains?” Daniella looked at Colleen with a smile and then at Jeff with a biting of her lower lip.

“It means the hair up here matches the hair down there.” Jeff had purposefully pointed at the top of his head and then at his erection. Daniella’s eyes lingered bakırköy elit escort ‘down there.’

He arranged the women again – the results were stunning. Then he had the women switch position – the image was even more breath taking. If the room had been hot before, now it was thick with sexual tension. Daniella and Colleen’s hands always seemed to be in contact with one another. At one point their inner thighs became so slick with juice they used Jeff’s t-shirt to wipe off. The photos being taken now were borderline soft core – nipples erect in soft embrace, pubic hair showing, eyes filled with lust.

“Damn, I need to piss.” Jeff swore in frustration as he set his camera down.

“You can’t pee like zat.” Daniella pointed at Jeff purplish erection, it hadn’t gone down for the past 30 minutes. “Let me help you.”

Daniella wrapped her long fingers around his cock and stroke up and down its length. In less then a minute three large spurts splattered onto the floor and his cock softened slightly. “Now you can pee.”

Jeff staggered off to the bathroom with his cock at half mast. He peed. Looked in the bathroom mirror and shook his head. He returned to the room only to find the two women on the office couch in a “69” of entangled arms and legs. His erection returned with a vengeance. He picked up his camera and began to take photos.

Colleen came first; lifting her head from between Daniella’s thighs she squealed in delight. Daniela came soon after with three sharp inhalations and a long languid exhalation.

Jeff was stunned. He had never seen anything so incredibly erotic in his entire life. Colleen stood, dressed and walked to the door. She looked back at Daniella “You’re due at the airport in an hour. I’ll see if the limo is here.”

Daniella slowly dressed. She glanced at Jeff’s persistent erection. “I’m sorry, but I’m only promiscuous with women.”

Jeff sighed deeply and nodded. He held up the camera. “What should we do with…?”

“Work that out with Red.” Daniella giggled as she looked at the door. She leaned in and kissed Jeff on each cheek and then long and sensuously on his lips. “I trust you. I trust both of you…”

“Limo’s here.” Colleen held the door as Daniella kissed her cheeks. She took a step and then pulled back. Daniella turned held Colleens face in her hands and laid a scorchingly hot kiss on Colleen’s full lips.

Jeff moved next to Colleen as they watched Daniella walk away. “Killer ass.” They intoned in unison.

Colleen rounded off in front of him. “You said I had a killer ass.” Colleen bullied Jeff back into the room. She closed the door, locked it, and looked down at Jeff’s cock. “You better have some condoms with you…”

Jeff fumbled through the bottom of his camera bag and triumphantly produced a strip of condoms. He opened a packet and rolled one onto his cock as Colleen stripped again. She pushed him to the couch and straddled his hips. With a minimum of fuss she aligned herself with him and sat down on him. Colleen had ridden horses when she was little and she began to post up and down on Jeff as her left hand tweaked her nipples and her right diddled her clit.

Jeff just lay there enjoying it all – damn this girl knew how to fuck. He watched in amazement as Colleen rode him through two distinct orgasms. She was on her way to her third when Jeff felt his own orgasm announce its arrival. He beat her to the bliss by about ten seconds as Colleen squealed and her cunt spasmed around Jeff’s shrinking cock.

Colleen leaned her head forward and let it rest on Jeff’s sweat covered shoulder. Her soft panting grew faint as she caught her breath. She was still straddling him, although his cock had long since slipped out of her. He began move his left hand toward her inner thigh.

“If you touch my clit I’ll break your fingers.” Colleen smiled as Jeff immediately moved his hand back to her butt. “I’m just too sensitive down there right now. I haven’t come like that in a while. You’re pretty good with your fingers – nice touch big boy.”

Colleen slowly stood smiling with satisfaction as she glanced at the Jeff’s condom clad cock. “Now who did you blow off today? And don’t bother lying because your name was not on the interview list.

“I knew it, I knew it. Damn, I’ve been used.”

“Well used from the look of it.” Colleen lifted Jeff’s limp cock, peeled the condom off and let it fall back to his abdomen.

“I was supposed to interview with one of the photo editors. Did Daniella know that I wasn’t…?”

“Of course.” Colleen turned and slid down between Jeff’s legs. He wrapped her hand around Jeff’s cock and licked the tip. “It was her idea. She was bored and wanted to tease some poor guy. It could have been anyone, but I thought you were kind of cute. Neither one of us thought it would go this far. Funny how things turn out sometimes…”

Jeff agreed as his cock hardened in Colleen’s mouth. She gave him one of those real slow, constant rhythm blow jobs. The kind where the stimulation builds and builds until you pop in a delirium of ejaculatory delight.

It took a good fifteen minutes for Jeff to cum. He lay immobile as Colleen dressed. “Let yourself out when you’re ready. My girlfriend is waiting for me at home. She’s gonna get real jealous when she smells Daniella. and she’ll be pissed when she tastes you. I am in for one long night of apologizing. C-ya stud…”

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