Covert Control Ch. 02

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Katie’s sessions with Alfie became a regular event and invariably the sexual highlight of her week, unless she could persuade Jack to give her some attention. She tried all the usual ploys to pique his interest in her and more importantly her body – a strip show wearing sexy lingerie, dirty talk, watching a porn DVD together. On one occasion she even gave him a blow job as he watched a boring Formula 1 Grand Prix motor racing broadcast from some far flung corner of the world on a Sunday afternoon. Occasionally they would touch each other before going to sleep and he would go down on her.

Katie loved oral sex. The feeling of a lovers tongue probing between her fleshy pussy lips and flicking over her blood engorged clit was so intense, and almost guaranteed that she would cum within a few minutes. Unfortunately, more often than not though, Jack would just want a quick five minute fuck when he eventually came bed after watching yet more sport on TV. As soon as he had shot his load inside her he would roll over and go to sleep leaving Katie very frustrated and unfulfilled. She considered putting on a show for him with her new toys but decided in the end to keep the pleasure they unfailingly delivered a secret.

Some of Katie’s considerable sexual appetite was now satiated by the sessions with Alfie. After a while though, submitting to Alfie’s control of her toys and watching him wank his large hard cock until wads of creamy spunk shot everywhere became tedious too. Katie craved a new experience.

The timing was perfect then when Alfie sent her an email one Friday afternoon saying that he had a special surprise for her. Expecting this to be another toy of some sort she quickly became wet. By the time 5pm arrived and the office officially closed her panties were already drenched and her curiosity was almost too much to bear.

Several other employees were working late and her desperate curiosity to know Alfie’s surprise had reached fever pitch. She was slightly taken aback 5 minutes later when Alfie ambled into her office and suggested that they go outside the building for a walk. Once on the street Alfie explained that in order to receive her surprise Katie would have to go with Alfie to his apartment, several stops away on the Tube underground train system. At first she hesitated. Hot as their sessions in the office had been she had not allowed Alfie to fuck her with his ample cock, and she didn’t want him to think that may be an option. The idea actually made her clit throb but at 19 he was just too young and she didn’t want to cheat outright on Jack. Katie explained to Alfie that she didn’t want to go to his apartment as it may give him the idea that this time she would fuck him.

“Don’t worry,” said Alfie. “This surprise is mostly for your enjoyment.”

Reaching Alfie’s apartment block they went inside and took the lift to the 5th floor. His apartment was tastefully decorated and after a brief exchange of glances they went inside. Alfie offered Katie a glass of wine and sitting closely together on the sofa they chatted about the fun they’d been having together for the last few weeks. Katie noticed that as they spoke the bulge in Alfie’s trousers grew larger and larger. Alfie was clearly nervous and eventually he could contain himself no longer.

Standing suddenly up he said to Katie, “Come with me.” She stood and followed him along a short hallway until they reached a closed door at the end. “Close your eyes,” said Alfie. She did as requested and opening the door Alfie took her hand and led her inside.

“You can open them now,” he said. Katie opened her eyes and saw that they were in a large room, presumably the spare bedroom, as in one corner there was a king size bed covered in scatter cushions. In the middle of the wooden floor in front of them was a strange machine, the like of which Katie had not seen before.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s my gift to you for the amazing sessions we’ve been having in the office,” replied Alfie.

Looking over the shiny stainless steel contraption Katie noted the large dildo fixed to a long metal shaft. The purpose of the equipment quickly became apparent. “Oh my God!” she exclaimed, “It’s a fucking machine!” There was an uncomfortable silence before she spoke again. A silence that made Alfie wonder whether he had misjudged the situation.

“It’s the latest model from the US,” said Alfie. “It comes with two detachable dildos as standard.”

“It’s awesome,” said Katie, I have heard of such machines but never thought I would ever see one for real!” Alfie smiled. Then he heard the words he’d been dreaming about her saying for the past week, ever since the machine arrived. “I can’t wait to give it a go,” said Katie. Alfie had fantasised about watching his slutty co-worker being fucked to oblivion on the machine ever since he ordered it online. It was like a dream come true. Katie continued, “Mmm I think we should make it’s debut a special occasion, but when?” A moment later she added, “Tomorrow is Saturday and Jack is going to watch Arsenal play football with his mate. They will all Akbatı escort end up drunk and he won’t be home until after 10pm.” Then she smiled slightly and said ” I could come over in the afternoon – if I tell him I’m going shopping to buy shoes he won’t ask any questions.”

“Sounds perfect,” said Alfie, the large bulge in his trousers giving away his enthusiasm for the experience ahead.

Going home on the tube train Katie messaged her friend Wanda “Fancy a quick drink?” she wrote.

“Sure,” came the reply. “See you in 30 minutes at The Star.”

Katie’s station arrived and she walked quickly off the train and out through the station exit towards The Star, the local pub a short distance from her home. When Katie arrived Wanda was already there sitting in a window booth with two glasses of Prosecco. “Hey babe!” said Wanda, “Haven’t seen you in ages.” The girls hugged and sat down. “So tell me,” continued Wanda. “What have you been up to?”

Katie reminded Wanda about the pink vibrator toy. She then explained how Alfie had found the instructions and surprised her, and how this had developed into the steamy masturbation sessions after work when the office was closed. Wanda listened open mouthed as she heard about the horny adventures her friend had been having. “I’m so jealous,” she said. “You’ve been having so much fun.” Katie then went on to tell her about the visit to Alfie’s apartment and the fucking machine. Wanda stared in wide eyed amazement as Katie described the equipment and the ache in her pussy to try it out. “Mmmmm,” said Wanda, “I shall expect a full report.”

The next morning Katie awoke late to find Jack’s place in the bed already empty. A note from Jack announced that he had gone to play pool with his mates and they were then going onto the football match, and after that the pub. It said not to expect him home until after 11pm.

As she lay in the bed Katie thought about the planned visit to see Alfie. The opportunity to try out the fucking machine was such a turn-on and she soon became aware how wet she was becoming. She grabbed her smartphone and opened the browser. Porn didn’t normally do much for Katie but she ran a search on fucking machines and up popped a whole page of listings with machines to buy and videos of porn stars using them. She clicked on one of the videos. The clip started to run and showed a scene in a building which looked a bit like a hospital. The clip zoomed in on a doorway with a sign on the front entitled “Correction Room” A nurse in a fetish style outfit appeared along the corridor. She was wearing a short white rubber dress with white fishnet stockings and white shiny high heels. She opened the door and walked inside. A fucking machine was set up on the white tiled floor. It was similar to the one Alfie had shown her. At one end was the piston that moves when the machine is powered up. Attached to the piston was a stainless steel shaft around 4ft long. On the end of the shaft was a black dildo about 8 inches long and maybe an inch and a half thick. The nurse picked up a technical manual on the adjacent table entitled “Maintenance Manual”. the camera zoomed in on the writing which said “Run the machine weekly to keep it in perfect operating condition.”

The nurse went to a cupboard on the wall and pulled out a large pump dispenser of some kind of medical lubrication gel. Pumping some onto her fingers she then applied it to the dildo making it glisten. Then she stood across and slightly in front of the machine and peeled her tight fitting rubber skirt up over her firm arse to reveal her shaven pussy. She was not wearing any panties. She then turned around and sat down on the floor in front of the machine. Positioning her legs wide apart she picked up the remote control and pressed a button. The dildo slowly moved forward towards the nurse’s shaven pussy lips. The nurse adjusted her position then pressed the button again and the dildo advanced to softly brush against her pussy. Pushing the button once more the dildo slid between the nurse’s now moist puffy lips. She was clearly more than ready to be fucked. Moving slowly in and out the machine fucked the nurse with a relentless mechanical rhythm, slowly building up speed.

As Katie watched she fingered her own pussy, rubbing in a little circular motion around her swollen clit. “Oh fuck,” she thought to herself as the tension built in her body. “This is going to make me cum soon.” The nurse was now being fucked hard by the machine and her hips jerked as she reached orgasm. As this was happening the camera panned to a CCTV security camera near the ceiling on the opposite corner of the room and the clip then cut to the security guards office. The security guard had been watching the nurse on CCTV and had his cock out, wanking hard. Katie watched intently as he slid his foreskin back and forth. After a couple of minutes the guard’s legs buckled slightly and he grunted as his balls emptied their creamy load. This last image of the guard shooting his spunk into his hand was enough to send Katie over the edge and she came hard, squirting Aksaray escort bayan her juices all over the bed linen.

Laying back in bed Katie felt blissfully relaxed. A strong orgasm like that often fulfilled her desire for sex for several days but this time within moments of cumming she already felt horny again. She ambled to the bathroom and took a shower. She normally kept her pubes shaved or had a “brazillian” wax treatment to keep her pussy smooth and hairless.

Back in the bedroom Katie delved through her underwear drawer to find her favourite black G string. She also found some vintage black silk stockings with seams up the back and a tight fitting corset with suspender strap fasteners. She pulled the stockings high up her legs so that just the top of her creamy white thighs were visible and the suspender straps pressed tight into her arse cheeks. Katie then selected a red figure hugging thigh length dress and black 5 inch shiny high heels. Standing back to check her appearance in the mirror Katie decided that her outfit was suitably slutty for the occasion. She carefully applied her make up including bright red gloss lipstick. Ready for action Katie gathered her smartphone and handbag containing both of her new pink remote control vibrator toys and a large tube of lube, and left home headed for Alfie’s apartment.

On the journey Katie replayed the video clips she had watched in her head. The thought of being pounded by a fucking machine was entrancing. Arriving at Alfie’s apartment Katie knocked at the door.

Alfie greeted her with a big smile and exclaimed “Wow you look so hot in that dress!”

Although still wanting Alfie to feel that she was in charge here she couldn’t help but feel good about the compliment. She walked into the living room and Alfie again offered her a drink. Feeling a little apprehensive now about the activity planned for the afternoon Katie opted for a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Alfie grinned nervously at her as he knocked back a bottle of Bud.

“Look,” she said. “I’ve enjoyed the fun we’ve been having at the office. Jack is a selfish bastard who has never been able to satisfy my appetite for sex but don’t think I’m going to cheat completely on him and let you fuck me.”

“Oh I’m quite happy to just watch and wank,” said Alfie. “You look sensational and if your boyfriend doesn’t wanna have fun with you then I certainly will.”

Nodding in the direction of the room where the fucking machine was set up Katie said, “Come on – let’s do this!”

Entering the room Katie asked Alfie to unzip her dress. As the dress slipped down to reveal her corset, stockings, and G string Katie heard Alfie catch his breath. “OMG,” he mumbled, “That lingerie looks so fucking slutty.”

Katie moved over to the machine taking her bag with her, and placing it within easy reach. She stood before the machine with her back towards it then carefully and slowly kneeled down so that she was on all fours with her arse raised in the air, just inches from the end of the steel shaft. She loved being fucked from behind. With her arms and legs positioned on cushions on the floor Katie felt surprisingly comfortable. In front of Katie was a full length mirror. She could see that Alfie had moved behind her and was staring at her arse crack. In his hand was the control unit for the machine. She could feel that the G String had settled deep between her arse cheeks and was tightly stretched across her clit and between her pussy lips. The sensation made her increasingly aroused. The suspender straps were pulled firmly across her buttocks and as she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror she though that she looked eminently fuckable.

“I’ve read the instruction booklet,” said Alfie. “It recommends starting with the smallest dildo first.” As Alfie held up a short rather thin dildo about 5 inches long Katie’s heart sunk a little.

“Mmmm,” said Katie. “OK, lube that up for me,” she said tossing Alfie the tube of lube from her bag.

Alfie attached the dildo to the end of the piston shaft using the special adapter supplied for the purpose. He then squeezed a long bead of lube from the tube and smoothed it over the toy. “Should I lube you up as well?” he asked.

“Keep your fucking hands to yourself came the reply,” but almost as soon as she had said it Katie realised that she would need Alfie’s help.

“Okay,” said Katie. You’ll need to get me properly wet before we start. “Lick your fingers then run them over my clit please.” Alfie didn’t need asking twice. He licked his index finger and slipped it between Katie’s legs. Quickly easing his fingers inside her G string and seeking out her clit he began to rub her ever-swelling love bud. Katie moaned softly and spread her legs a bit further as Alfie sunk the finger into her pussy as far as his first knuckle. Her pussy was now very wet.

“Are you ready?” he asked nervously.

“Mmm yes,” she replied. ” Pull my G string over to one side.”

Alfie reached down again between her soft peachy arse cheeks. Locating the G String Escort Ankara he carefully gripped it at a point just above her arsehole and pulled it to one side to properly reveal her fleshy pussy lips. He could see the pinkness of her inviting cunt and for a moment was lost in thought about how it would feel to slide his cock deep inside her delicious orifice.

“Hurry up!” said Katie, bringing Alfie back into the moment again. Alfie pressed a button on the control unit and there was a soft whirring sound as the motor kicked in. The piston shaft moved forward 2 feet so that the end of the dildo was now within 4 inches of Katie’s pussy lip which were now glistening with her juices as a consequence of her high state of arousal.

“Be careful,” she begged as Alfie nudged the button again. The dildo moved slowly forward again until the tip was now pressing gently against Katie’s warm wet fleshy hole. Katie responded by rocking her hips back slightly until the dildo slipped inside her, first the tip, shaped like the glans of a cock, and then the full length. Katie gasped as the toy filled her warm wet sex hole. Manipulating the buttons on the control unit again Alfie set the dildo in motion. Sliding in and out of Katie’s wet cunt the dildo soon became coated with her juices. These were also soon running down the inside of her thighs.

“I’m so fucking turned on,” she moaned.

By now Alfie had removed his T shirt and jeans and was standing behind Katie slowly wanking his hard cock as he watched the dildo thrusting in and out of Katie’s pussy. The shiny film on his cock showed that he had helped himself to some of Katie’s lube. Katie started to feel the tension of an approaching orgasm building in her pelvis but then quite suddenly the dildo stopped moving.

” I think it’s time to up our game,” said Alfie. Reaching behind him he picked up a larger dildo, a full 8 inches in length, and thicker than the first one. Before Katie could say anything he had changed the dildos over on the end of the piston shaft and was applying a generous quantity of lube to the new toy.

The whirring noise of the motor began again and Katie moaned loudly as the new dildo eased itself between her open pussy lips. By arching her back further so that her arse was even higher in the air, and spreading her legs apart as far as they would go, Katie enabled the dildo to slide in and out more easily. She loved the full feeling it gave her as the soft silicon stretched her dripping cunt wide open. Hearing Katie start to pant as each stroke filled her warm wet hole Alfie increased the speed and depth of the machine’s thrusting movements. Katie’s breathing quickened in response. She was now being fucked relentlessly by the machine and she was loving it. Watching Alfie in the mirror, sliding his hand up and down his thick long shaft, was definately adding to the experience. As previously with the other toys, with the control unit in his free hand Alfie was again in control, but in no way covertly this time.

“Alfie,” she panted. “Get round here where I can see you better.” Alfie moved around so that he was now standing in front of Katie. She looked lustfully at his big swollen cock as he held it firmly in his hand. The head was deep red and shiny and a bead of pre-cum was already visible on the tip. She wanted to take it in her mouth but she resisted the urge. “Get back behind me and wank your fucking cock until you cum,” she ordered him instead. She watched in the mirror as he slid the lubed up foreskin back and forth building up the speed until his hand was almost a blur.

The sensation of the large dildo rhythmically pumping in and out of Katie’s cunt was now starting to overwhelm her. Her legs started to tremble. She thought about how slutty she must look in her corset, stockings, and high heels outfit, being fucked from behind by the machine under Alfie’s control.

Katie reached out into her bag, grabbed one of the toys that started this whole thing off and waved it at Alfie. “Please put this in my arse,” she begged. Alfie stopped wanking and took the toy from her. He went back over to the table and picked up the tube of lube. Applying lube liberally all over the toy he then moved behind Katie, within inches of her lovely arse which was covered in beads of sweat. He dripped some lube onto her arsehole then gently pushed the toy against it. “Do it!” shouted Katie as Alfie pressed more firmly.

Slowly Katie’s sphincter yielded to the pressure of the toy and it slipped deep inside her, only the thin pink rubber stalk remaining visible. Alfie picked up his smartphone and located the remote control App for the toy. Switching it on to the “pulse” setting, Katie almost instantly wailed with pleasure. Lost in the sensations coursing though her body Katie was desperate to cum. Alfie increased the intensity of the pulses and Katie wailed again with complete carnal abandon. Panting hard, Katie moaned in time with the big dildo as it pummelled her soaking pussy. Each stroke bringing her closer to climax. Alfie was also breathing hard now, his rock hard cock almost purple with arousal. Suddenly Katie shuddered as the simultaneous sensations from the toy and the fucking machine finally tipped her over the edge. Wave after wave of intense orgasmic sensations ripped through her body. After almost a minute of pelvic spasms she finally slumped forward, breathless and exhausted.

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