COVID Silver Linings

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*All names and locations in this story are completely made up and not based on any existing entity. All characters are over the age of 18.*

Author’s Note: I released this story in March of 2021 but wasn’t happy with it so I rewrote it. This is more on the lighthearted side of my portfolio. Please enjoy!


Quarantine was boring.

Angie was pretty sure she had caught COVID-19 from Gerry, her toxic asshole of a supervisor. Gerry didn’t believe in viruses or social distancing. He didn’t believe the Earth was round, either, which boggled Angie’s mind. For the millionth time, Angie wondered to herself how the hell a guy like that had gotten a job supervising a team in aerospace development.

Word on the grapevine was that he had sexually harassed another female employee a year prior and HR had launched an investigation, but it had gone he-said/she-said and he had somehow ended up keeping his job. All Angie thought about that was, “Yeah, just try that with me, you motherfucker and I’ll rip your goddamn balls off.”

As soon as her 401k was vested, Angie was fucking outta there, gone for greener pastures. That is, if he didn’t get himself fired in the meantime. The thought of taking over the asshole’s job after he had been unceremoniously given the boot appealed to Angie.

Fantasies aside, at least COVID gave her a vacation from having to see his dumb face.

The positive test results for her and her husband, Adam, had come within minutes of each other nine days prior and they had been locked up in their apartment together since. Since she was a design engineer for jet engine parts and he was an electrical contractor, neither of them could really bring their jobs home, so their enforced two-week quarantine was even more dull and repetitive than the last year of mask wearing and having no social life to speak of.

The first two days had been pretty unpleasant; tired all the time, struggling to breathe, coughing constantly, but they were lucky for the most part and the majority of their symptoms remained mild and disappeared quickly. The rest of their quarantine period had just seemed to stretch on and on. Together, they had already binge streamed two entire Netflix series. Adam had started over and beaten his favorite video game again and Angie had already put together a 1/200 scale model of The Space Shuttle Atlantis to hang with the rest of her collection.

The main lingering Long COVID symptom they were experiencing was brain fog. It was hard for either of them to concentrate on anything for too long and both were seeing an uptick in forgetfulness. She had left the oven on for several hours after baking lasagna a week ago and they had quite a scare when they noticed their kitchen was waaaay too hot as they were going to bed. It was a real pain in the ass for someone with OCD like her to continually forget where was while reading or what she had walked from one room to another to do.

Being scatterbrained at the best of times, her husband barely noticed a change. He may be an absentminded dork, but he was her absentminded dork, and she loved him dearly. The occasional forgotten anniversary was forgivable Elazığ Escort for the man who excitedly brought her Dim Sum from her favorite restaurant on his lunch break at work just because he happened to have a job in the area and knew it would make her smile.

One upside of quarantine was that their sex life was better than it had ever been. Normally, she worked fifty-hour weeks and Adam worked whenever a client had availability for a job, which often meant evenings and weekends. Due to these conflicting schedules, despite still being in their first year of marriage, they could sometimes go days at a time without sharing much more than a sleepy good morning or goodnight kiss. Trapped at home as they were now, however, they had some serious time to explore each other, and delve deep they had. They were averaging three times per day. Per DAY!

That was how, on a Tuesday morning at just after eleven AM, Angie found herself sitting on top of Adam, her legs straddling his waist, her throbbing vagina squeezing his rampant cock. All it had taken this time was for her to walk naked into the living room and pretend to innocently look for something to read on the bookshelf while he was playing video games and he had paused and dragged her off to the bedroom. Men were so easy.

The simple seduction having succeeded, Angie was fully in control once again, teasing him by quickly rising up and then slowly settling herself back down on top of him, taking the entirety of his seven-inch cock inside her before repeating. The whole time, her eyes were locked with her husband’s, both daring each other to be the first to look away.

Each time she rose, she gave a pleased gasp as she drew in breath. Each time she fell, she gave a satisfied grunt as she expelled it again. Adam’s cock would jerk each time she began to slide back down it and she knew he longed to ram it inside her quickly, but it was her turn to drive and she was taking full advantage. Quick rise, slow fall. Rinse, repeat. It felt soooo fucking good.

Her right hand was stretched down to support herself on his powerful chest and his left was tangled in her shoulder length brown hair, applying gentle, but steady pressure. The discovery that she liked to have her hair pulled during sex had not been intentional; more of a happy accident thanks to their extended together time during quarantine. Perhaps the situation wasn’t entirely without upsides.

Each time she dropped back down, her pelvis smashed into Adam’s and his wiry tangle of pubic hair tickled her clit perfectly. As Angie rose up and sank down on his member for the twentieth time, she was hit with a feeling of urgent recollection, but she couldn’t for the life of her put her finger on what she was trying to remember.

Dammit, COVID.

During one of her slow descents, she mused aloud, “Mmm, honey, there was something important I was going to tell you this morning, *grunt* but I don’t remember what it was. What could it have been?”

For his part, Adam seemed less interested in the holes in her memory, and more interested in the holes on her body. He too was grunting each time she lowered herself, but Elazığ Escort Bayan his grunts were getting louder and his face more strained, sure signs that, despite her teasingly slow pace, he was getting close.

Angie lost interest in trying to jog her memory when Adam reached out with both hands, one to grab her hip and guide her to rise and fall more urgently, the other to seek out her clit, making his intention to finish clear. Considerate partner that he was, he stoically refused to cum without bringing Angie off at least three times before. There was no need to worry about that here; this was their third position and she was currently chasing climax number five. With his finger on her clit, it was going to be a short chase.

She fucking loved him and she loved fucking him.

With his thumb rapidly circling her slippery button, he urged her to go faster and her world began to blur into a single streak of pleasure.

Up. Down. Up. Down.

Uhn, uhn, uhn.

Oh, fuck. That’s it darling. Right there.


Her last descent was a heavy one, socketing him firmly into her core, and then her body went off again like a Christmas cracker. The spasmodic squeezing of her happy sex and the alluring sight of her writhing on top of him tipped Adam over the edge as well and he started spraying her insides down like a firehose.

Mmmfuck, darling. I’m cumming. Oh oh I’m nnnnggggg.

Gaaaaahhhh! Me nnnnNNNGH too!

Their sweat and fluids mingled together as she silently rocked on top of him, grinding her hips forward and back, riding her peak for all she could as he launched rope after rope of his satisfaction into the deepest recesses of her reproductive system.

Falling forward onto his chest, she kept him inside her, enjoying his lingering presence as they shared a long, tender kiss. They then laid still together, her head on his shoulder, his arms wrapped around her, listening to each other breathing and enjoying the afterglow of their lovemaking. Exhausted, they both drifted off for a while, completely safe and comforted in each other’s presence.

It was Angie who stirred first nearly an hour later, finally rolling off of Adam with a contented sigh. Almost immediately, she felt the heavy load that he had poured inside her begin to drain out and she had to cover herself with her hand to prevent the oozing cum from splattering all over the bed and staining the. Anticipating her need, Adam quickly reached into the bedside table to retrieve one of the hand towels they sometimes used for post naughty-time cleanup. It was while Angie was carefully cleaning her smeared thighs and lower lips that she finally remembered what she had been forgetting.

“Oh, shoot. I remembered what I was going to tell you earlier. Dammit. I’m ovulating today and you have to pull out when we fuck.”

Looking down at the large smear of semen on the towel and the even greater deluge that was still flowing out of her, Adam dryly commented, “Glad you warned me, that could have been bad.”

This earned him a smack on the arm from her free hand and they giggled at each other a bit. Still cleaning herself Escort Elazığ with the towel, she mused, “Well, we can’t go to the store for a morning after pill, so I suppose I’ll just douche and we’ll hope nothing comes of this.” Frowning, she added, “And we ran out of condoms on Sunday, so I guess we’ll have to lay off the sex for the next few days.”

Having finished cleaning out what she could, Angie stood to head to the bathroom to clean herself more thoroughly in the shower, but Adam grabbed her departing wrist and turned her back to face him wearing a mischievous grin.

“Alternative proposition. Since the damage is probably already be done, and since there’s nothing we can do about it now, how about we just carry on, business as usual, and continue to have wild, passionate sex without worrying about what might happen down the line?”

Giving him a playful look, Angie responded, “You naughty boy! You just want to keep cumming inside your fertile wife, don’t you? Sure, one cum shot might have knocked me up, but if we keep fucking unprotected for the rest of quarantine, those odds will drift a lot closer to one hundred percent!”

Reaching down, Angie grabbed a hold of Adam’s slimy, rapidly re-hardening member and started to stroke it deliberately, laying back on the bed next to him. Staring him straight in the eyes, she continued her teasing.

“Oooh, somebody likes the idea of taking a little risk, don’t they? Well, go ahead then, it’s your turn on top, dear. I’m just going to lie here and enjoy myself. You cum wherever you’d like.”

As he mounted her, she pulled his face down for another passionate kiss, her tongue lightly flicking at his as he began to slide himself into her. Removing her mouth from his, she moaned at the feeling of penetration before leaned up to whisper in her ear, “You know, if you do manage to breed me in the next few days, I won’t have to see Gerry again for at least a whole year of maternity leave.”

Adam finished sliding home and reached up to tweak Angie’s right nipple while pumping in and out of her. The sex felt different this time with her welcoming hole already swimming with Adam’s cum; the sliding sensation of each stroke was slightly less intense, but the idea that his every thrust was driving the remaining cum inside her on towards her unprotected womb was driving her nuts.

“Oooh, fuck, that’s good lover!”

Wrapping her legs around his butt, she teased, “If I do get preggers though, you better be ready to change your share of diapers, mister.”

Grinning down at her, he didn’t slow his pace for a second, replying, “Hun, you make twice as much money as I do and we’ve already got a little bit of savings tucked away. If you get preggers, I’ll play the role of stay-at-home dad and wait on both of you hand and foot.”

Smiling at his answer, she pulled him down to kiss him deeply once again. As their mouths pressed together, she felt him move his hand down from her breast to stroke her clit once more and she felt the rapid approach of her first orgasm of their second session.

Maybe life in quarantine wasn’t so boring after all.

The End


I hope my efforts to make this piece enjoyable and arousing were successful and I appreciate all of your kind ratings and comments. Remember, this was just a story meant for entertainment and should be treated as such. Have fun out there.



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