Cow Girl_(1)

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Alexandra Quinn

Cow Girl.

Chapter One.

Carol was not your typical Iowa high school girl. She was raised by what could
only be called a dysfunctional family. Her parents paid very little time
concerned with her happiness or comfort. Her father was a long-haul trucker who
enjoyed the job because it kept him away from his obese wife who rarely left the
house except to go the grocery or liquor store. So it was only natural that
Carol would be attracted to any source of attention.
She lived in rural Iowa and her nearest neighbor was a quarter of a mile away.
She had to endure a forty-minute bus ride to get to school and she dreaded this
daily trek. It was during these bus rides that Carol was subjected to the cruel
ridicule of her peers as they mocked her poor cloths and her mother’s
appearance. Carol herself was a pretty girl who had developed quickly. Her ample
breast and baggy clothes gave the impression of chunkiness that was unfortunate.
In reality she still had a bit of baby fat to grow out of but she had a body
that most would fine highly attractive. She was self-conscious of her body’s
sexual maturity and worked to hide it during these grueling bus trips.
It was on the last leg of her return bus trip on a dusty May day that Carol saw
a sight that would change her life. Rapidly gaining on the trudging bus was a
bright red motorcycle being driven by a blonde girl in a leather jacket. What
was interesting to Carol as she gazed out the back window was that she
recognized this girl as being new in school. Carol did not think she lived near
her yet why would she be coming down this rural road if she didn’t. As Carol
watched, the mystery girl tore past the bus and sped down the road. This girl
had been the topic of some gossip because she was a loner and seemed a hood. She
took no grieve from the cheerleader types and had been rumored to have punched
one out. Carol thought she was a striking girl with a tall athletic stature that
Carol would love to emulate.
Carol watched as the bike turned down an access road to a farm that had recently
been for sale. A thought quickly came to Carol’s mind as she pictured herself
riding to school with this tall blonde on the motorcycle and avoiding this
agonizing bus trip and the constant barbs from her peers. The trick was how to
strike up a friendship with this girl who was such a loner. Carol spent the
evening sitting on the porch swing racking her mind on how to open this
relationship. The answer came naturally as she notice the blonde and another
woman jogging down the road in spandex running outfits. A large German Shepherd
dog ran alongside. Carol sat in awe as she watched the two ran past her house.
They looked over as they past and waved to her. She waved back and quickly
thought of an opening.
She went inside and got two cold beers and went out to the road to wait. About
fifteen minutes later the two came back up the road, sweat shining off their tan
skin in the moonlight. Carol called out as they came close and said, “You guys
look thirsty, would you like a beer?” The two slowed then stopped. They were
breathing hard and it took them a minute to catch their breath. The older woman
reached out for the drink with a smile on her face, “This is really neighborly
of you. My name is Megan Barker and this is my daughter Rachel.”
Rachel took a long look at Carol, appraising her up and down, then smiled and
took her brew. “Have I seen you at school?” Carol looked down at her shorts and
baggy T-shirt and replied, “Yes, we are in the same English and gym class. I
have been meaning to introduce myself but I’m kind of shy.” Megan gave a nod to
Rachel than started jogging in place. “Why don’t you two get to know each other
a little better while I continue my run. Thanks for the beer, Carol. If your
down near our farm, drop by and we will return the favor.” With that said, she
turned and called to the dog, named King, and jogged on down the road.
Rachel stood on one leg and leaned on the wood fence. She seemed to be waiting
for Carol to make the first step. Carol desperate to make this friendship work
did not want to turn Rachel off by bringing her to her house and having her meet
her mother. To an obvious health nut like Rachel, her mom would be a turn off.
Carol offered to jog with Rachel back to her house. She was not an athletic
girl, but she wasn’t too out of shape either. As they started off, Carol could
see Rachel looking at her breasts bob heavily on her chest as she ran. Since she
hated to wear a bra around the house on hot days, she had taken it off when she
got home from school, not expecting having to run that evening. After about five
minutes running and exchanging small talk about school and teachers, her boobs
were hurting.
She brought her hands up and tried to hold her boobs from jumping up and down
her chest with each step. Seeing this, Rachel slowed to a walk and said, “I see
you’re blessed with great tits. I really don’t even need to wear a sports bra
when I run, but mom says I must to keep my tits firm.” Rachel asked, “Do your
tits hurt from that little run?”
Carol feeling like a complete fool for trying to keep up with this girl in
obviously great shape just nodded yes. “I guess I’m not in shape to do this kind
of running, especially without support. My boobs are always getting in the way.
I wish I had a body like yours and your mother. You guys have bodies guys must
drool over.”
Rachel gave a little grunt and said, “If I wanted some guy I guess I could have
my pick. But my mom keeps me pretty busy with my training.” By now they were in
sight of Rachel’s house. Rachel stopped and turned to Carol with a questioning
look on her face and asked, “Have you ever considered trying to improve your
endurance and become more toned up. You have a nice body, but it could use some
Carol, always dissatisfied with her appearance, replied, “I would love to train
but no one in my family is into that and I hate to work out alone. In gym I’m
always trying to keep from being seen as such a geek that I never go out for
Rachel gave a knowing smile, “If you are serious, I and my mom might take on the
task of whipping you into shape. It would mean spending a lot of time down here
at our house and maybe even going out-of-town to clinics and stuff. Do you think
you can get away from your house for that much time?”
Carol jumped up and down with joy, “Oh hell yes, I can get away. My dad is never
around and my mom doesn’t care if I ran away. It would be more food for her.”
“Then it’s settled then, we will begin your training tomorrow after school.
There’s only two more weeks of school left then you can devote yourself full
time. Come down first thing after school and we will begin.”
The initial reason for starting this friendship had slipped to the back of
Carol’s mind when the opportunity to have a personal trainer help her out of her
awkward years came up. Now she remembered, “You know I could start earlier if I
didn’t have to take that long bus ride home from school. I noticed your great
bike and was wondering if I could bum a ride home?”
Rachel gave Carol a slap on her butt and said, “I don’t know. With your big butt
on my bike I might not be able to go as fast. But that will change in time. All
right, meet me by the motorcycle parking after school. I’ll bring an extra
helmet for you. I have to go now, Mom likes us to get a good rub down after our
evening runs. It helps you sleep you know.” With that, Rachel bounded down her
drive to her house. She yelled over her shoulder, “Don’t worry about what to
wear during training, we have all the stuff you’ll need. See you tomorrow.”
Carol practically skipped all the way back to her house. The evening had worked
out great. Not only had she met a new friend, got a ride to school, but also now
saw a way to rid herself from her image as a daughter of a fat woman who
everyone thought would probably end up the same way. Carol swore she would not
become like her mother, even if she had to endure all kinds of physical

Chapter Two.

Carol didn’t get much sleep that night, she was so excited at the prospect of
shedding her bad image. At school the next day, she talked briefly with Rachel
in English class, but had more time to clutch during gym. The required gym wear
was shorts and T-shirts. The sport for this class was field hockey. Carol played for
only one period as a fullback and got run over twice by quicker girls. Rachel
took to the event like the true athlete she was. When she had the ball, she
drove down the field, scoring most of the time. The coach had to take her out to
make the game more even.
After class, the girls were required to take showers, Carol notice that Rachel
undressed slowly and put her towel around her body as she went to the showers.
Carol slowed her undressing also wanting to talk with Rachel while they
showered. By the time they were to the showers, most of the girls had already
finished and were drying off. Carol went into the same enclosed shower area as
Rachel. It was her first opportunity to get a good look at Rachel’s body naked.
What she saw made her wonder what kind of girl she had chosen for a training
partner. Her body showed numerous bruises on her butt. They seemed to be in
strips. Across her firm pert tits could also be seen shades of red. What caught
her eye the most was the small studs that went through both her nipples. They
were horizontal and entered right where the nipple met the areola. They
fascinated Carol and it soon became obvious that Rachel noticed the attention.
“What are you staring at? Haven’t you ever seen body piercing before?” Carol
awoke from her rude gawking and apologized, ” I’m sorry for staring, but no,
I’ve never seen piercing before. Does your mother know you have them?”
Rachel soaping up her tits nodded, “Sure, she’s the one that got them done. I’ll
show you something else when we get to my house if you’re up for another shock
to your Iowa mentality.” She turned her back and soaped her pussy. Carol tended
to her own washing, thinking how unusual those pretty little studs looked on
Rachel and what other surprises awaited her. When she was done, they rinsed off,
and headed to their separate lockers to dry and dress. That was all she saw of
Rachel till school was out. Not wanting to miss her ride, she ran to the
motorcycle parking area and waited. Soon Rachel came out wearing her leather
jacket and carrying two helmets. She tossed one to Carol, “Put it on.” She
hefted her bike off its kickstand and with one kick started it up. Carol swung
her leg over the bike, and reached around to grab Rachel’s waist. She felt a
wonderful throbbing from the powerful engine. “Hold on tight girl, cause here we
The bike jumped as if alive, and tore out of the school. Carol had never ridden
on a bike before and was scared to death. Her grip tightened, and she felt her
body wedged tightly into Rachel’s back. Her long black hair flew out the back of
her helmet as they bombed down the country roads to home. When they skidded to a
stop in Rachel’s yard, Carol’s hands had to be pried from around Rachel’s waist.
“How did you like the ride? Still want to ride with me or is the bus more your
speed?” This snapped Carol out of her funk and she slowly stepped off the bike.
She could still feel the vibrations between her legs from the great ride and
felt a familiar tingling to her pussy. “I’ll stick with you as long as you’ll
have me. That was fantastic. It’s like riding a roller coaster. I was scared out
of my mind, but want to do it again once its over.”
Rachel laughed and shook out her hair when her helmet came off. “Great, I don’t
want to hang around with a chicken. Let’s go inside and get you ready to start
your training.” They both bounded up the steps of the house and up to Rachel’s
room. Carol jumped on to the bed and watched as Rachel began to strip off her
school cloths. Again Carol tried unsuccessfully to not gaze at Rachel’s body as
it was revealed to her. She again saw the studded nipples because when not
exercising, Rachel did not wear a bra. When Rachel was down to her panties, she
turned to Carol, “OK, now its time to see what we have to work with. Strip and
we will begin to weigh and measure you for training.”
Hesitantly rising to her feet, Carol reached back and unzipped her dress.
Pulling it off her shoulders, she let it fall to the floor. She crossed her arms
over her breast trying to decrease their size. “All of it, panties and bra.
Off,” commanded Rachel.
Reaching back she unclipped her bra. Once undone, the pressure of her tits,
snapped her bra around her back and she pulled the cups away from her tits. She
had large nipples befitting her ample breast and they quickly rose to the
embarrassing situation. She pulled down her panties and kicked them off. Being a
brunette, she had a dark mass of hair covering her pussy.
Rachel walked around Carol like an inspector. “Raise your arms above your head.”
Carol slowly lifted her arms up, causing her shoulders to rise, forcing out her
tits even more.
“OK, time to do the before measurements. Stand straight and I will begin.” She
got a tape measure and a pad of paper. Beginning with Carol’s legs, she measured
up her legs. When she got to her hips, she gripped each of Carol’s butt cheeks
and measured their size. Carol asked, “Why are you taking such detailed
“My mother will want to keep an accurate record of your training. If you fall
behind her exceptions, you will be sorry.”
The measuring continued up her waist to her shoulder, arms and neck. Then Rachel
asked, “You will have to help me with your tit measurements. Take you right tit
and hold it up so I can get a measurement of the size around the base of your
tits.” Carol grasped her tit and pulled it out straight. It was weird holding
her tits while Rachel taped all around them. She even taped the size of her
areola and nipple length.
“Is this the best length your nipples get?” Rachel was looking at the half-inch
nipples now sticking out of her tits.
“I guess so, they have gotten larger at times but not without help,” Carol
answered defensively.
“Well, this will not do. Mom won’t believe tit like yours have only half-inch
nipples. What do you mean by they get larger with help.”
Carol blushed and looked down at her tits. “I sometimes get the urge to play
with my tits. I can even get my nipples to reach my mouth and suck them when I
play with myself.”
“No way could I do that. I would break my neck. Let me see you do it and I will
get a great measurement for the record.”
Still holding her breast, Carol brought it up to her and bent her head. She
could just reach her nipple and sucked it into her mouth. She closed her eyes
and gently nibbled her nipple. It grew larger and she started to get
self-conscious of her actions. She opened her eyes and say Rachel smiling.
“That looks like it feels good. How much did it grow?” Taking the tape measure,
her nipples were now a good three-quarter of an inch long. Logging the number on
the ledger, Rachel turned and asked, “How about the left nipple, will it get the
same size? How about I help with this one.” Moving slowly, she came up to Carol,
and bent her head to the stunned teens left nipple. Carol almost backed off, but
Rachel’s arm had gone around her back and held her firmly.
The feeling of Rachel’s mouth and tongue caressing her nipple made Carol shiver.
Rachel began by gently sucking the nipple but then moved to firmer nipping and
by the time she pulled away Carol’s nipple had been chewed up. Quickly grabbing
the tape, Carol’s left nipple measured a good inch long.
“Now that’s what I call an accurate measurement, and a great tit.”
Walking over to her closet, Rachel started looking through her athletic outfits.
She came up with a blue spandex outfit and tossed it to Carol. “Try that on for
size”. The two girls were roughly the same height, so the outfit fit but was
really tight around the tits and butt. Turning to show Rachel, Carol felt
totally fat and ugly. Her thick pubic hair stuck out the sides and could be seen
through the thin material. “I look like a hairy pig in this outfit.”
Rachel shook her head, took Carol’s hand and led her into her bathroom. “Take
that off and sit on the counter.” Shucking off the spandex, Carol slid up and
sat on the bathroom counter. Rachel got a scissors out and began to snip off
Carol’s pussy hair. When she had gotten as close as a scissors could do, Rachel
got an electric hair clippers and began to buzz off the rest of her hair. Carol
got worried when she saw how much was coming off and pushed Rachel away. “Stop,
your going to make me look like a cue ball. How will I be able to take a shower
at school? What will all the girls think.”
Rachel stood up and gave Carol a cold look. “If you want to work out you will
have to follow all the rules my mother requires. Besides when you work out you
will be working up a sweat and having all this hair will cause you great
discomfort and it will stink. As far as what the other girls say, there’s only
two more weeks of school this year. You can skip gym if you are too afraid what
those tramps at school will say. So, are you going to let me make you
presentable for training or are you going to leave?”
When no alternative came to mind, Carol slowly opened her legs and said, “All
right, I never liked all that hair anyway. Take as much as you want off.”
Grabbing a tuft of Carol’s pussy hair and pulling, “Stand over the toilet and I
will get rid of rest of this stuff.” The clippers came to life and soon only
short stubble adorned Carol’s pussy. “You know, this will grow back and itch
like hell. You should get electrolysis, and then you won’t have to worry again.
Until then we should do this regularly. I will help you and make it a regularly
part of your training. OK?”
In for a penny, in for a pound, Carol thought. “You’re the coach. Do with me as
you will.”
Rachel rubbed her hands together and went to the sink. She ran the hot water and
got out a disposable razor. “Come over her and sit on the counter again.” With
slow, short strokes, all the hair on Carol from her belly button to her pussy
was sliced off. “Get on your hands and knees now and I will get rid of the stuff
up your backside.”
Carol felt like a cat as she got down and felt her ass cheeks being pried open.
The gentle scrap of the razor soon made her as smooth as the day she was born.
Reaching down and rubbing her smooth pussy and ass, Carol felt so different.
This whole day had been a step into a new world. As she knelt naked with her
pussy bare at the feet of a girl she hadn’t know for more than a day she
wondered what would become of the ugly duckling Carol of yesterday.
Helping Carol to her feet, Rachel held Carol’s hand and led her back to her
bedroom. Pushing Carol down to sit on her bed, Rachel put her hands on her hips
and grinned like a spider who had caught a fat fly in her web. “Are you ready
for that little surprise I mentioned in the showers this afternoon?”
“Sure, what have you got.” Rachel slowly unscrewed the metal studs from her
nipples. She went over to her dresser and got what looked like hoop earrings.
She opened the rings and slid them through the holes in her nipples. Now two
rings hung down from Rachel’s erect nipples. Carol had never seen such large
nipples, much less on such average size tits. Rachel then took a strand of chain
and clipped one end to one of the nipple rings. She then brought the chain up
behind her neck and down, attaching it to the other nipple ring. The chain was
of a length to force her nipples to be pulled up slightly when she bowed her
head. When she raised her head back, her nipple rings were clearly straining,
pulling her nipples and her entire boobs upwards.
“That must hurt when your raise your head. Why are you wearing that chain?
Rachel sat next to Carol and looked her in the eye. “My mother is a very
demanding woman. If you haven’t guessed she runs this family as she sees fit.
She kicked my father out when I was two and I have lived with her and her sister
Beth my whole life. We are into physical fitness and she plans for me to be an
Olympic runner. We move around a lot because sooner or later it becomes known
that she physically controls me and we have to move on. I would do anything for
my mother and hope you will accept our life style”.
Carol sat stunned. What had she gotten into? She desperately wanted to stay this
girl’s friend. For some reason she was deeply interested in the attention
Rachel’s mother paid to her. She couldn’t imagine her parents caring enough to
discipline her for error, much less working to have a vision of her future. “If
your satisfied with your life, who am I to interfere. But why does she have you
wear the rings and chain?”
Rachel lay back on the bed, an action that pulled her breast sharply upward.
“Well, Mother says that only by constant reminders of the future hardship I will
experience in professional competition will I be able to toughen my resistant to
pain. Only by constantly being aware of my body and its shape will I work to
keep it in condition. That is why when at home, I am not allowed to wear cloths.
Only my rings and chains.”
Carol lay on her side, and looked down on Rachel’s upper body. Being naked
herself, she felt extremely inadequate next to this tanned beauty. “What do you
mean by wearing only your rings and chains. I see only one chain.”
“That’s my next surprise.” Rachel sat up and pulled her panties down her legs.
She got up and went over to her dresser and got another ring and a chain. She
came back and sat cross-legged on the bed facing Carol. For the first time
Rachel’s pussy was fully exposed. She had a bare pussy, just like Carol’s own
newly shaved pussy. Sitting cross-legged had caused her pussy to pout open and
another stud was visible.
The stud stuck up from the hood of her clitoris. As Rachel pulled her pussy
open, Carol could see that the stud went down through her clitoris and was
attached on the bottom with another screw stud. Rachel slowly unscrewed the top
stud and slipped the bar out of her hood. She then placed the ring on the end of
the chain over the bar. She then slipped the bar back through the hood and
reattached the screw on stud. She then stood up in front of Carol. The chain
dangled down between her legs and pulled on her clit and hood. They hung down a
good inch from normal. Rachel then reached down and brought the chain up her
back. She turned to Carol. “Would you snap that to the chain behind my neck?”
Carol was stunned, then got up and took the chain from Rachel’s hand and clipped
it the nipple chain behind Rachel’s neck. Most of the weight was now taken off
Rachel’s clit, but it still stuck out from her pussy. The chain went up her ass
crack and had very little slack. “Well, this is how I live at home. If you want
to leave, now’s the time. My mother will not allow any sign by you that you
disapprove with how we live. If she does, she and I will not be able to help you
and I won’t be able to give you rides to and from school. What to you say?”
How to answer that question. While Rachel’s family was the most open and
sexually odd she had ever heard of, nothing so far could outweigh the
excitement. In this one day, she had experienced such new thrills that she could
not help but see what was to come. “Consider me part of the family”

Chapter Three.

From that time on, Carol’s life changed forever. Rachel ordered Carol to
redress in the spandex outfit and she put on a similar outfit. She took off the
chains but left the rings in her nipples and clit. They put on running shoes and
they both went out for an afternoon jog. The day was warm and sunny and soon
Carol was drenched in sweat, while Rachel barely showed signs of exertion. After
just fifteen minutes, Carol had to stop and bent over thinking she was going to
puke. Her tits hurt from their jumping around even wearing one of Rachel’s
athletic bras. They were just too big to overcome gravity. Rachel looked down at
the tired teen. “I don’t think you will ever be a runner. I think we will have
to come up with another way to get you in shape. I will have to keep to my
running, but we will ask my mom what she thinks would be a good way to get you
shaped up.”
They slowly jogged back to the house. Megan Barker was waiting, sitting on the
porch. She did not look happy to see the girls dogging their return journey.
“You won’t win any competitions running like that”
Rachel nodded and looked scared. “Mom, I was seeing what kind of shape Carol was
in, and found out that she will need some other training method besides running.
She has poor endurance and her tits start hurting after only a short run.”
“I was afraid of that. She has a body like my sister and we know how she has to
work out. We may have to use the same training method on this little one as I
used on her.”
Carol had not met Megan Barker’s sister and was naturally curious about this
training method they were talking about. “I haven’t met you sister. How does she
work out?”
“It’s kind of difficult to explain without seeing it. It will be very awkward
for you at first, but soon you will see the logic in using this training method
on a body like yours. It’s too late today for fitting you out for this type of
training, so we will start tomorrow. Its a Saturday. We will expect you bright
and early. Make it 8 o’clock. Rachel, have you completed her measurements? We
will need them to work out the correct harness for her.”
“Yes, mother. I think you will be impressed with her sizes. We kind of had to do
some trimming already to get her in this outfit.” Rachel grasped Carol’s outfit
and snapped the tight elastic cloths.
“Don’t be mean, Rachel. You have been training for years. Carol has just started
and if she is dedicated, we will make her a valuable asset to herself and her
friends.” Megan put her arm around Carol’s shoulder and gave her a little hug.
Megan Barker was an older version of Rachel. They both had sleek athletic
builds. Megan was wearing a loose bathrobe and as they walked into the house,
Carol noticed something shiny on Megan’s tit. She thought, ‘Like mother, like
daughter.’ She wondered how close a family this was.
“You can keep this outfit if you want to wear it home, or you can change back
into your school cloths. Rachel, I will expect you and I to put in some extra
miles after dinner, since you barely worked out this afternoon.” Letting go of
their hug. “Now, Carol if you will excuse me, I have to see if my sister has got
dinner on the way.”
Megan walked down the hall and left the too alone.
“Do you want to change or wear that. You sure look a lot better in this than
your baggy dress.”
Carol agreed and went with Rachel to get her old cloths. As soon as they entered
Rachel’s room, Rachel began to strip off her outfit. “Would you help me with my
chains again Carol?”
“Sure” Taking the chain that Rachel clipped to her clit ring, Carol held it up
while Rachel put on her nipple chain. “I kind of noticed that your mom has
something attached to her tit too. Her robe was loose and I couldn’t help
noticing when she hugged me.”
“Yes, Mom is into body piercing and she has some stunning jewelry she wears. I
am sure you will see it soon. Mom doesn’t wear cloths that much around the house
either. You could call us nudist. But when you got it, flaunt it.”
“I guess. I hope someday to be as open with my body as you guys are. But I have
a ways to go first.”
“You’ve got a great body.” Rachel brought her hands up and was gently caressing
the outlines of Carol’s boobs. “I love your tits. I’m kind of jealous in fact. I
think I need to see your tits one more time before you go home. I can’t get over
their size.” Rachel was already pulling the shoulder straps down off Carol’s
outfit, not giving her a chance to resist. It was like Rachel felt she had
complete control of her body, now that she had agreed to let her train her.
With the outfit pulled down to Carol’s waist, her tits stood out for Rachel’s
grasp. She messarged them and then pushed Carol back onto the bed. Lying on her
back her tits flattened out. “I just love the feel of these jugs. Rachel leaned
over and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Again she worked it over like
before. Then she moved to the other. This was all getting Carol turned on. No
matter how new this was, she always enjoyed having her tits sucked. It was a big
part of how she masturbated. So all this sucking was getting her hot. At home
she used a fat candle to rub her pussy and help her get off. Now, she couldn’t
help but start to feel her pussy getting wet. She started to naturally move her
hands down to her pussy, but stopped short when she remembered where she was.
Rachel noticed the movement and raised her head from her tingling tits. “Does
this feel good? I love having my tits sucked. Do you want me to stop?”
Not knowing where this was going, yet highly worked up from all the sexual
implication of the day, she just closed her eyes and shook her head no.
Taking this positive sign, Rachel grabbed Carol’s outfit and pulled it down her
hips and off. Her new bare pussy could be seen shining. Rachel moved to lie
fully on top of Carol and rubbed her tits over Carol’s large mammeries. They
seemed to roll around her chest as Rachel moved over her body. Carol could feel
the chains and rings as they rubbed into her flesh. Rachel’s head bent down and
Carol felt her hot lips press against hers. She had never kissed a girl, but
Rachel was insistent. She snaked her tongue along Carol’s lips until she opened
her mouth. Rachel’s tongue was alive as it delved to taste Carol’s mouth.
Carol had never experience such a kiss and it took her breath away. By now her
hips were grinding up against Rachel’s and her arms had moved down to squeeze
Rachel’s strong ass. As Rachel bent to suck Carol’s ear and throat, her hands
went back to working on Carol’s tits. They bucked against each other like two
sex starved animals and soon Carol could feel the familiar build up of an
orgasm. It flared up from her pussy and struck hard when Rachel brought her knee
down to grind into her pussy.
‘Oh God, Don’t stop. You’re making me burn up.” Rachel’s hot kisses continued to
rain down on her and she floated in sexual bliss. Slowly she loosened her grip
on Rachel’s ass and let her arms fall to her sides in surrender. “That was
great. I didn’t know two girls could have so much fun. Did you come too?”
Rachel looked down at her new play toy. “It takes more than a little rutting to
get me off, but I was close. Your body drives me wild. If you let me I could get
off, but you might think how a little odd.”
Carol wondered what Rachel was purposing. It didn’t seem fair to leave her high
and dry while she had an orgasm. “What do you want me to do?”
“You just lay back and I will do the work. I just need to use these lovely big
tits of yours.” Rachel sat up, straddling Carol’s waist then began to move up so
her pussy was over Carol’s tits. Reaching back behind her she unclipped her clit
chain and brought it back out in front of her. She then reached down and grasped
Carol’s right tit and squeezed it, pushed it up into a tight ball of flesh. She
then wedged it up into her pussy, driving Carol’s taut nipple over her clit.
Carol held onto Rachel’s ass and looked up at the blonde Amazon squatting over
her tit. Rachel’s face was soon smiling and her head fell back causing her
nipple rings to strain at their chains. Carol couldn’t help getting hot again as
her tit was so roughly handled and rubbed into Rachel’s drooling pussy. Rachel’s
pussy strained open as more of Carol’s tit was pressed up into it. Carol helped
by taking over for Rachel holding her tit up. This freed Rachel to grab her clit
chain and tug on it. This seemed to drive her over the top and she let out a
hiss of breath and held still. After a moment, she rolled off Carol and fell
into a heap.
Looking over and bringing an arm over to pet Carol’s pussy soaked tit, Rachel
smiled. “Now that’s how these babies need to be used. I think this a start of a
beautiful friendship.”

Chapter Four.

When Carol strode up to the Barker house the next morning, it was Megan,
standing regally on the front porch that greeted her. “Your on time, that’s
good. I demand promptness and dedication in the girls I train. What did you have
for breakfast before you came today?”
Having to scrounge from her mother’s food supply, her diet was full of junk
food. Carol proceeded under Megan’s probing questions to outline a diet that
definitely contributed to her being out of shape. “The temptations to eat that
stuff you have readily available at your house must be overcome. If there was
some way you could stay here, we could be sure you did not stray. I could also
start you on my special diet of vitamins and healthy foods. Is there any way you
could stay with us so your training could be more complete?”
Her family, if you could call it that, would barely notice her being gone. But
to move out for a time and live with this family was a big step. She didn’t know
how she could arrange it without just sneaking off and having them think she was
a runaway. She knew she wasn’t going to get any help from her parents to go on
after she graduated from high school next year. They had no money and her grades
would not get her any scholarships. She expected to find a minimum wage job and
hopefully a husband. Being in shape and more desirable might help. If it didn’t
work, she could go back home in the fall and start school again. Until then,
this offer sounded exciting and she already was looking forward to more fun with
“I think I can sneak out and live down here. But I won’t be able to get out much
or people will tell my parents I’m here. This house is well off the road and
pretty isolated. I should be able to spend the time needed to get in shape here
and then maybe head back home in the fall for school a new girl. Would that be
“You will have to follow my rules while you are here in training. Do you agree
to this?”
Standing in front of this blond goddess made Carol desire to emulate her more
than ever. “Yes Mrs. Barker.”
“Mrs. Barker is too formal for the relationship we will develop. Since I am the
Mistress of this house and now you, you will call me Mistress from now on. Is
that understood?
Carol felt very small before this powerful woman. Calling her mistress seemed
crazy but looking into her eyes, she didn’t want to anger her. “Yes Mistress.”
A look that made Carol shiver came over Megan’s face. It was like a child that
has found a new toy dropped in her lap. “We will start your training today.
Tonight you will pack your run away bag and sneak down here. We will have to
make the town and your parent’s think you have left town. We will drive you to
the bus stop and buy you a ticket to Chicago. You will get off at the first stop
where I will be waiting to bring you back here. Doesn’t that sound like an
adventure? Are you up to it.”
Now that a plan was being laid out that would alter her summer for sure, she
almost said no. But then she saw her reflection in the front window and knew
this was her chance to get her life on track. The confidence these people showed
and their great image was too much an attraction for Carol. “Yes Mistress, I
will be down here this evening. My mom will probably not notice I’m gone for a
week. I’ve already taken all my finals for this year, so I should get credit
even if I blow off the last two weeks.”
“Come now and I will start you with your first installment of my health potions
of vitamins and a good breakfast. Than we will start in on finding the best type
of training to suit your body.”
While the vitamin mixture tasted odd, Carol took it like a trooper. By the time
she was finished with breakfast, Rachel had returned from her morning run. “Why
don’t you go up and keep Rachel company while she showers and I will think up a
work out regime for you.”
Jumping up to leave Carol grunted “OK.” Megan slammed her hand on the table
startling Carol and bringing her to a halt. “That’s not how a respectful young
girl answers her host and don’t forget to address me properly.” Carol stood
stunned, than quickly lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry for being rude
Mistress. May I go visit with Rachel now?”
Megan turned to leave and said over her shoulder, “Yes child.”
Glad to have passed that test, Carol ran up the stairs to find Rachel. She heard
the shower running when she came into her bedroom and went into the adjoining
bathroom to see what Rachel was up to. Carol saw Rachel’s outline visible behind
the shower screen washing her hair. Carol got an idea and went to the sink and
filled a class with cold water. She then sneaked up and tossed it over the top
onto the unsuspecting naked girl. Rachel let out a cry and pulled the curtain
back. Carol was laughing at her practical joke. Rachel’s face went from surprise
to a look intent on revenge. Much quicker than Carol thought possible Rachel
reached out and grabbed Carol’s arm. She gave a mighty tug and Carol felt
herself being pulled off balance and fell into the tub. She was now getting all
wet laying at Rachel’s feet. She didn’t feel like she had hurt herself from the
fall but she was stunned by Rachel’s strength and speed. Rachel reached down and
began to spank Carol’s ass through her wet shorts. It hurt, so she rolled over
and lay flat on her back. Rachel stood over her and glared down at her. “I hope
that little spanking will keep you from trying that again. As long as your in
here, help me by washing my hair and back. Take those cloths off, they are
already soaked.”
Getting up slowly, Carol pulled down her shorts and panties and then lifted her
shirt off. Rachel turned her around and helped with her bra. Once naked Rachel
handed her the shampoo and turned to face the shower. Carol enjoyed washing
Rachel’s shoulder length hair and once that was rinsed clean she scrubbed her
back. Rachel then turned around. “Might as well do the rest of me to make up for
that little trick. Carol hesitated a second then began to wash the tall teen’s
tits and belly. When she came to her pussy, Rachel took her hand and guided it
up and down her snatch and butt till they were totally clean. “I like this. I
see you will be very useful around the house.” After rinsing off, they stepped
out of the tub. “Dry me off, would you Carol.”
She didn’t know weather that was a request or a statement, but being the guest
and feeling guilty for playing the trick, she grabbed a large towel and began to
buff Rachel dry. She took some time with her hair, but soon Rachel got up and
went into the bedroom. Carol then finished drying herself and seeing as her
cloths were all wet, she followed into the bedroom naked. Rachel was just
finishing putting on her rings and chains.
“Since this is what I must wear around the house and your cloths are all wet, I
guess you will have to begin your training naked. We will stay inside, and since
we are nudists around the house you will not feel out of place. Come on.”
Grabbing Carol’s hand in the same steel grip, Carol was dragged out the door and
down to the living room. They found a naked Megan doing sit ups. Carol had a
good look at Megan’s body for the first time. She had a gold stud through each
of her nipples. More studs could be seen sparkling around her pussy. She also
had no hair on her pussy. She made a magnificent sight. Holding her feet was
another woman that could only be Megan’s sister. The sight of this new lady
totally shocked Carol.
Rachel whispered to Carol, “That’s my aunt. My mother was always a dominating
woman and her sister is kind of her personal servant.” The lady was on all fours
holding down Megan’s legs. She wore nothing but a unique harness that looked
very tight. She had a nice body, but what was odd were her tits. They were
larger then Carol’s and hung almost to the carpet. Attached through the ends of
her nipples were large weighty rings that pulled her nipples harshly. The
nipples must have been almost two inches in length. The harness that encased her
body had straps that surrounded her tits and held them firmly downwards. More
straps when down around her ass and pussy and were also pulled tight. Her head
hung down and Carol could not see her face hidden behind her hair.
Seeing the girls come in, Megan stopped her exercises and waved her hand
dismissing her sister. The lady remained on all fours and crawled out a nearby
door. Noticing Carol staring after the crawling woman Megan felt a rare need to
explain. “That’s my sister. She has had a hard life. She had a bad marriage, go
hooked on drugs and when it was all through she came to me for support. I took
her in but she kept up her old unhealthy lifestyle till I had to take drastic
action. I now have to keep her under control or she will go off and try to kill
herself with drugs again. I hope you don’t think me harsh but the only way to
keep her from hurting herself is keeping her bound and working. She is quite
helpful to me and we have a good relationship. She will tell you that she really
appreciates all the work I put in keeping her in shape. I see you are following
our house rules about cloths, that’s good. I think you will fit in nicely. Now
you two can have the morning off. I’m still trying to work out your training
Carol and we may not be able to start till after our little trip tomorrow. Off
you go now.”
“Yes Mistress” was all Carol could utter as Rachel pulled her out the door.
Once back up in Rachel’s bedroom, Rachel asked, “What can we do to get to know
each other better? Why don’t you tell me more about your life.”
Laying back on the bed, Carol proceeded to pour her heart out about her life and
what she saw as her future. Rachel sat next to her, looking down and
occasionally patted Carol in comfort and friendship.
Carol felt completely exposed to her new friend. Being naked and stroked by this
beautiful teen helped to break down any barriers to honesty. Rachel hugged Carol
when she talked about her terrible home life. Carol could feel Rachel’s rings
and chain rub her tits as they clutched tightly. The rings continued to
fascinate Carol.
“Do you think you will keep those rings when you eventually strike out on your
“I have worn them for so long now that I can’t imagine not having them on.
Besides having them on makes me horny all the time. You’ll have to experience it
before you condemn it.”
“I would be too scared to get pierced. I think I have a low threshold for pain.”
“It’s just a matter of mind over pain. I have been training for a long time, and
sometime the pain can be used for good. But you will have to train a while
before you will see what I mean. “
Rachel sat back and looked like she was thinking hard. “I tell you what, why
don’t we see if your pain threshold is really as low as you think. I promise to
stop when you say, but to train properly we really should have an idea if you’re
a wimp.”
Carol never liked pain, but looking at all the rings on Rachel she thought she
should try to show a little backbone. “OK, but stop when I say. What are you
going to do to test me?”
“Well, we can’t have you thinking about it and backing out. That would ruin the
test. You will just have to trust me. Lie back on the bed and I will get you
ready for the test. When we are done I will make you feel great again.”
Rachel went over to a dresser and came back with some leather items and some
more chains. She took one of Carol’s arms, attached a leather cuff tightly and
then ran a chain from the cuff to a ring on the headboard of the bed. She
quickly repeated this with Carol’s remaining limbs. Carol tried to move or roll
but she was pulled too tightly. Rachel sat astride her stomach and looked down
at her prey.
“I think we must make it so you don’t see or hear what is coming to keep you
from ruining the test.” She got a leather mask and pulled it over her head. The
mask was tight and she couldn’t hear or see anything. She then felt Rachel
squeeze the sides of her jaw, opening her mouth. Before she knew what was
coming, a rubber ball was deep in her mouth and being held in place by a strap
that pulled on the sides of her mouth. Now she was scared, because she didn’t
know how she was going to tell Rachel when she had enough. She moaned and
struggled until she felt a hand grab her nipple and pinch it hard. Then a voice
was at her ear. “Don’t waste your energy. I will know by your body language when
you have had enough. Trust me. If you keep struggling I will not be able to
accurately gauge your resistance.”
Carol was still terrified, but what could she do. She lay quietly, awaiting her
The first think she felt was a stabbing prick in her right tit. She didn’t know
what had caused it but the pain only lasted a moment then faded. This was
followed by numerous stabs all around her body. The ones that hurt the most were
when her pussy lips and nipples were pricked.
Rachel was really enjoying this. She was using sharp needles and pushing them
slowly in about a half-inch into Carol’s skin. She noticed Carol’s struggles
when she slowly pushed the needle through each of her nipples and her pussy
lips. When she stopped, Carol looked like a pin cushion. Wanting to capture her
handiwork, she got her camcorder and videotaped Carol’s body. Carol seemed to
have handled this pain rather well so now she turned to a new pain giver.
She didn’t want to drive Carol away. The thought of losing this big titted teen
as her plaything was unthinkable. So until she had moved in, she would go easy.
Unknown to Carol, Rachel had been exposed to bondage and pain as an adjunct to
sexual pleasure since she began to develop. Her mother was a true Mistress of
pain and lived to inflict pain and dominate others. She had been the object of
this drive as had Megan’s sister.
Megan’s sister, Beth had been Megan’s sex slave for as long as Rachel
remembered. The story Megan has spun for Carol was a total lie. Now, Beth could
not think of any way to live besides serving her sister. Their relationship now
seemed normal to Rachel. Looking down at Carol, she began to picture this ripe
teen as her personal slave. The thought of what she could do with this malleable
girl made her wet with lust. But she had to play it cool until she committed to
them by running away tonight. Once in their house, Carol would be watched and
controlled until she was broken to Megan’s and Rachel’s will.
She chose to use candle wax as the harshest pain for this session. Before she
did this she wanted to show the pleasure that she could deliver. The combination
of pain and sex was an intoxication combination. Rachel took a vibrator and
began to rub it up and down Carol’s spread pussy. She delved into her pussy with
her fingers and the vibrator watching then quickly getting damp. As she pushed a
finger in, she came up against an obstruction. She almost wet herself now that
she knew that she had a virgin to make her slave. She wasn’t ready to deflower
her today so she contented herself by putting the vibrator up against Carol’s
clit and began the wax treatment.
The first touch of the vibrator on her pussy sent a shock through Carol’s system
that was readying itself for the next stab of pain. The tender caress and
probing soon had her totally confused. The constant buzzing on her clit started
to drive her towards a climax. The first drop of hot wax on her nipple sent her
brain into a tailspin. The continued drops on both her tits, and then her pussy
lips were hard to understand because she continued on her rise to orgasm despite
her pain.
When the vibrator moved down to press into her pussy and warm lips began to lick
her engorged clit, she could not hold back. Her orgasm crashed over her. As this
began, Rachel began to pull out the needles that stuck out of her body. With
each pull, her orgasm climbed and she felt new levels of lust as her orgasm
pressed on longer than any she has ever endured.
She finally went limp. Rachel raised her head and pulled out the vibrator and
licked it clean. She got a warm wash cloth and began to clean the numerous drops
of blood that had appeared where she had pulled the needles out. Soon, Carol’s
body showed no signs of the blood and wax. She continued the soothing body scrub
and massaged Carol’s massive tits. She couldn’t help tonguing and sucking those
lovely orbs. Soon her own lust got to her and she grabbed the vibrator and
jammed it deep into her pussy. She drove it in and out fast as she continued her
attack on Carol’s breast. The excitement of having Carol as her prisoner and the
vibrator got Rachel off in record time. When she had cooled down from her come,
she put away all the tools of pain and pleasure and began to unstrap Carol.
When the gag and hood was removed, Rachel immediately rained kisses on Carol’s
face. Still in a daze from the treatment she had just experienced she returned
the kisses affectionately.
“Oh baby, you passed that test with flying colors. I really felt for you, but I
hope my loving helped make up for the discomfort? You really are going to handle
your training well. I can’t wait for it to begin. You still want to come live
with us, don’t you?”
Carol’s thoughts were totally muddled now. She had begun to have second thoughts
about coming to live with these bizarre women at the beginning of the pain test.
She looked down at her body and saw only an occasional spot where the needle
prick was still bleeding, but none of them hurt. She remembered the stunning
orgasm she never though was possible. Looking into the glowing eyes of Rachel
and enjoying this loving hug she responded honestly. “I never thought I could
come that hard. If you promise to be kind like that to me I’ll be here for
“I’ll give you more pleasure than you could ever imagine.” Rachel knew she would
also test the bounds of Carol’s endurance to pain and humiliation. But that
would wait until she was addicted to Rachel’s sexual attentions.
Laying side by side they spent the rest of the morning listening to music,
talking and occasionally kissing and loving. At noon, Megan called them to
lunch. Both naked teens ate a healthy lunch and Carol had her vitamins. Carol
noticed that Rachel was taking a different vitamin brew. “What’s the difference
in our vitamins, Mistress?”
Megan turned from her work. “Well, Rachel has been on vitamins for years. You
need to work up to her level. In time you will hopefully be on the same regime.”
“I hope to live up to your expectations, Mistress.”
Megan looked hard at Carol. “I’m sure you will do your best. If you falter we
will just have to motivate you. I think you should go home now so your family
doesn’t begin to question where you were. We don’t want anyone to suspect you
are here once you run away. Now get dressed in you own cloths and go home. Be
back by ten tonight and we will pull your disappearing act.”
Both girls got up to leave, “Yes Mistress.”
Once dressed in her damp cloths, she hugged and kissed Rachel good bye and went
home to pack. She could barely keep her excitement under control. Whatever was
going to happen while she lived with the Barker woman, it would sure make her
present life pale in comparison.

Chapter Five.

Carol arrived just after midnight. “What took you so long?” Megan sat waiting on
the porch.
“Sorry, my mother picked tonight to stay up and rattle around the house. I had
to wait until she finally went to bed.”
“Well, we still have plenty of time before the bus leaves, so no harm done. I
want you to go freshen up and then we can start into town. I will have to drop
you outside of town and you will have to walk to the bus stop. Remember you are
running away, so you should avoid people. On the other hand, we want people to
know that you have left town so no one will think to look around here. Buy the
ticket in you own name and if you see someone who knows you, that’s OK, but
don’t start any conversations. Now go get ready and say good night to Rachel. We
leave in half and hour.”
Carol left her bag on the porch and went up to Rachel’s room. She knocked and
entered. Rachel was on her bed, dressed in her chains, reading a book. Carol
said she only had a little time before her fake run away trip. Rachel got up and
came over to Carol. “You don’t know how excited I am to have you coming to stay
with us. I know we will become very close. Are you ready to go?”
“Just let me go to the bathroom and I will be ready to go.” Carol was
embarrassed when Rachel stood in the door and chatted while she pissed. When she
was pulling up her pants, Rachel stepped forward and helped tuck her in. This
attention was strange yet the intimacy she felt with her new lover could not be
withheld. Rachel held her head in her hands and gave her a deep kiss. “That’s
for luck. I will be waiting for you when you get back and then your training can
begin in full. Now get going, you don’t want to keep mother waiting.”
The next couple of hours were terrifying for Carol. Sneaking through town, with
Megan shadowing her made her feel like a criminal. Buying the bus ticket, she
was seen by two people that knew her and looked questioning at her. She quickly
moved on and hid in the ladies room until her bus was called. There was no one
she knew on the bus but it was crowded. It took about an hour to reach the next town
and once they stopped, many got off to use the bathroom. Carol got off with the
flow and then hid again in the ladies room until the bus left. Then she crept
out without anyone seeing her. Megan’s flashed her lights at Carol when she got
outside and she quickly ran and got in the car. They speed off with no one the
When they were nearing their town Megan gave instructions. “Lay down and put
your head in my lap. We don’t want anyone seeing you as we pass through town.”
Megan had just a light dress on that had ridden up while she was driving. When
Carol put her head on her lap she could clearly smell the musky odor of her
pussy. While Carol was laying down, Megan began to stroke her hair and
shoulders. She continued to pet her face and even moved her hand over her
“Your such a pretty girl. Even if you body needs work, we see the potential in
you. I am going to make you a perfect companion for Rachel.” Carol started to
rise up at this comment. Megan reacted quickly. She pushed her back down and
gave three good spanks to Carols exposed ass. “I did not give you permission to
sit up. There was a car passing us just then. You must learn to obey. I see we
will have to make sure your head strong attitudes are adjusted during training.
You will be a much different person when I am through with you.” Carol spent the
remainder of the journey in Megan’s lap being caressed by this powerful woman.
She was tired and soon fell asleep.
She awoke when the car started down the rough dirt access road to the farm.
Megan gave her permission to sit up. Megan drove the car right into the barn. It
had been converted into a garage and held all kinds of carriages and carts.
“I know you’re tired so after a quick vitamin dose I will put you to bed.”
Megan dropped her bag on the floor in the kitchen and sat down. Megan busied
herself mixing up another vitamin shake. “This is high protein and will do you a
lot of good. Drink it up and then you can go to bed.”
It tasted like medicine, but she downed it quickly. Megan then lead her down a
set of stairs she hadn’t noticed before. It was very dark and she held Megan’s
hand. Once down in the cellar, Megan opened a solid wood door to a small room
with a single bed. “I don’t want to wake Rachel with you sleeping upstairs with
her tonight so this will have to do for now. I hope you enjoy your rest, you’re
going to need it when we begin training tomorrow.
Megan insisted on helping her off with her cloths. She was feeling extremely
drowsy and could barely stand up. Once naked, she sprawled out on the bed and
was soon breathing heavily. Megan looked down at her new trainee with a smile
that would have made Carol shiver if she was awake.
Megan gave Carol another half an hour to let the sleeping pills she put in
Carol’s drink take full effect. She had planned to have Carol fully under her
control when she woke up. A big part of that would be the training harness she
had created. To make sure the harness stayed securely on Carol, Megan had spent
yesterday designing and bending shiny metal bands using the measurements Rachel
had provided.
Now she went and got the bands, a leather apron and a small welding torch.
Starting with Carol’s ankles, she used large pliers to bend the bands so the
ends just touched. She put the thick leather apron under the band against
Carol’s skin. After testing the depth of Carol’s sleep, she used the torch to
melt the ends together into a solid piece. She then filed them smooth and tested
their strength. She could not budge them, even with her considerable strength.
Satisfied with her handiwork, she continued onto the other ankle and both
wrists. The neckband she used was rounder and smoother, but it attached just as
firmly. When she was done, Carol lay naked except for the five shiny bands.
Megan planned to keep Carol under her supervision and control for many years.
These bands symbolized this to Megan. How Carol felt was no longer important.
Next came the leather harness that Megan had devised. It was similar to her
sister’s harness. Three half-inch leather strips were attached to Carol’s Ankara escort collar
band and secured by metal studs driven through the leather. A special tool was
used to lock the studs in place. Again Megan tested the strength of the studs
and found them sound.
A three-inch leather band with numerous rings attached then went around Carol’s
waist, just above the hips. It was pulled tight and secured by six studs. Two of
the leather strips from the collar were then laid down Carol’s back and passed
through slits in the waist belt. They went another foot and rested just past
Carol’s ass. The ends of the two strips down her back ended in buckles so other
items could be attached later. The third collar strip was passed between
Carol’s tits and secured by a stud to the middle of the waist belt.
Now she worked on Carol’s tit harness. Bands of quarter inch rawhide soon
circled each tit in a tight network. The ends were secured to the three leather
straps. This made Carol’s tits stick out straight and well separated. She had
special plans for Carol’s tits that went beyond using them for sexual pleasure
and pain. She had already begun to implement her plan by adding a special
hormone blend in Carol’s vitamin brew. Having been trained as a nurse, she knew
the biology was correct. She just wondered how long it would take before Carol’s
tits started to yield their nectar.
Megan had enjoyed the taste and sexual stimulation nursing had given her when
she had Rachel. But that was long ago. Now, looking at the size of Carol’s
boobs, she saw a whole new erotic element open to her.
The last element to Carol’s restraint was to pull thick warm-up stockings up her
legs, under the ankle rings. She then pulled down on the two leather strips
hanging down from her back and attached them to the tops of the stockings. She
had to pull hard to make them meet, but once attached this kept the stocking up
tight and the harness from rising up Carol’s waist. She took Carol’s limbs and
then attached them by short chains to the four corners of the bed. What a
delicious site was the sleeping teen. She pulled a blanket over her and kissed
her good night.
Megan cleaned out the room and then locked the door. She was tired and knew that
Carol would sleep into the late afternoon. She went up to bed and quickly used
Beth to give her multiple orgasms before dropping off to sleep. Beth returned to
her spot on the floor at the foot of Megan’s bed. She didn’t know how she felt
about the entrance of Carol to the clan. If she diverted some of Megan’s and
Rachel’s darker tendencies, that would be a blessing. Whatever the outcome, Beth
knew she had no control over it. She had long ago given herself to being her
sister’s slave.
She serviced her sexually and did all the manual labor around the house. She
didn’t know how she would survive in the world without Megan. As a teen, just
about Carol’s age, Megan had initiated her into the dark world of sexual
slavery. Megan was six years older than Beth. She had come home on break from
nursing school and had easily got Beth to come live with her. Her parents were
glad to get rid of the extra mouth. Her life from then on revolved around
Megan’s. She did love Megan and being her sex slave was her life now and she
couldn’t imagine living any other way. She soon fell asleep, knowing tomorrow
would be an eventful day.

Chapter Six.

Carol awoke with a start. She raised her head and saw Rachel’s head between her
legs and her looking up at Carol’s face. She had been eating her out and it now
felt wonderful. She also quickly became aware that she was secured to the bed.
She looked down her body and what she saw made her stare in bewilderment. The
last thing she remembered was falling asleep last night. Now, she saw her bands
and leather harness and wondered why and when this was done to her.
“Rachel, what am I doing tied up and why am I in this weird harness? Who put
these rings on me? Take them off!”
Rachel just continued to lazily lick Carol’s bald slit. She knew that Carol
would play indignant for a time but then would see the inevitability of her
situation. So she just went on with her playing. Soon, Carol sputtered out and
laid her head back and surrendered to the loving Rachel was giving her. When she
could hold back no longer, she came on Rachel’s talented tongue and fingers.
“There, isn’t that the loveliest way to wake up. I wanted you to experience it
because that is what will be expected from you in the future. But first you have
to come to understand your position here. While you are in training, you must be
controlled. My mother feels this means both mentally and physically. You will
learn this is for the best. And even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. What
mother wants, we give her. The quicker you learn this the easier your training
will be.”
As Rachel sat on the side of the bed explaining these facts to Carol, Megan
called from upstairs. “Rachel, bring her up so we can start her exercising. You
know how to handle her.”
“Yes, mother. She just woke up. I’ll be there in a minute.”
Rachel released one of Carol’s arms and then snapped her wrist ring on one of
the rings on Carol’s waist belt. She repeated it with her other arm then she
unchained her legs. “I want you to walk in front of me and up the stairs. When
you get there I want you to drop to your knees. I will then unclasp your arms
and you will then follow me on all fours. You will not speak and will keep your
head down. I advise you to follow these directions or my mother will punish you.
Don’t think I can keep her from really hurting you. What I did yesterday was
nothing compared to some of her methods. Now lets move.” Rachel attached a leash
to Carol’s neck-band and they went upstairs.
Rachel had to push Carol to her knees once there. She could not fight Rachel’s
strength for long and soon she was crawling behind Rachel like a pet. The
warm-up stockings had thick knee padding so crawling was not too painful, just
“Ah, I see you have instructed her on how she will act from now on. Carol, I
expect a hard day of training out of you but first you must have your vitamins
and breakfast.”
Some eggs were put in one bowl and her vitamin brew in another. They were then
placed on the floor next to the table. Carol, just looked at the bowls and then
up at Megan. Megan saw her look and quickly walked over to the kneeling teen.
From the counter she grabbed a wooden mixing spoon and laid into Carol’s ass.
The teen fell to the floor to try and avoid the painful spanking. “I saw the way
you looked at me. Your food will be served to you like the lowly trainee you
are. You will show appreciation for the time it took me to make it, not give me
the eye. Now get back over here and eat this up. We don’t have all day and your
training is long overdue.”
Carol was pulled up by her leash and led back to her bowl. With Megan still
standing over her, she began to reach down to get a handful of eggs. Megan
slammed the spoon on her ass. No one said you can use your hands, get your face
down there and eat it right off the bowl.” Megan pushed her head down and she
then awkwardly ate her food like a dog. She couldn’t remember when she felt so
totally out of control.
Rachel sat at the table in her rings and chains and followed Carol’s actions.
She did not intervene when Megan disciplined her and even seemed to be
transfixed by the event.
When they all finished their food, Megan took Carol’s leash and led her outside
and across the yard to the barn. Rachel followed close behind.
Crawling across the yard naked except for her harness was hard on her. Megan
kept pulled on her leash for not keeping up. Once in the barn she was led over
to an odd looking cart.
“I have determined that your body will never be sleek like Rachel’s. Your boobs
and the shape of your frame are not made to run. What I have in mind for you is
to make you strong in your legs and upper body. You legs will be capable of
going great distances but not at any great speed. Your upper body will be shaped
to assist in your tasks. I have adapted this cart to help you train. Stand up
and we will see if my measurements are correct.”
The cart was nothing more than a two wheel, rickshaw of sorts. It could hold no
more than one person comfortably. Carol was placed between the arms attached to
the cart and bent over a padded crosspiece that fit just under her waist. There
were rings that attached to her waist belt to keep her snugly attached. Carol
was bent forward and her arms were secured to a second crosspiece farther up the
Her breast hung down and her neck band was also attached by a small chain to the
yoke. She could not stand up and would have to use her legs and arms to propel
the cart. Megan attached two reins to the buckles on Carol’s ass straps. They
were long enough to reach the seat of the cart.
Megan pulled back on Carol’s hair causing her mouth to open. A metal bit was
quickly inserted and pulled tight. It was secured to her neck band making
talking very difficult. Carol was then led outside towing the cart behind. It
was heavy but the wheels were well balanced. Carol felt the cart get heavier as
Rachel got up in the seat and took the reins.
“Take here out for a good hour trot. Be sure to water her at the half way
Megan gave her ass a hard slap and Carol felt the reins being slapped hard
against her ass. She pulled hard with her legs and the cart rolled out of the
yard and down a path leading deeper into the farm. The grade was fairly level
but still it took a lot of effort to pull the cart. She could feel her thighs
straining and her shoulders pushing on the yoke.
The morning was warm and soon she was sweating at her task. Rachel happily kept
Carol moving by a combination of encouragement and a buggy whip that she applied
to her ass, thighs and sometime the sided of her hanging boobs. This always
caused Carol to increase her efforts because they stung terribly.
When she got to a wooded area, Rachel pulled on the reins and brought the cart
to a halt. She got off the cart and came up to check out Carol. She took a cloth
and wiped down her sweating body. She unclipped the mouth bit and Carol moved
her mouth working out the soreness. “Rachel, why are you doing this to me? That
bit hurts and the wip stings like crazy. This cart pulling is for the birds.
Let me go home.”
“Let’s have none of that talk. You just started. I know its tough at first, but
you will get used to it. It will make you strong and you will be here to make me
happy for as long as I want you. Are you thirsty?”
“Oh yes, let my out of this yoke so I can drink.”
“You can drink right where you are. You will never be allowed outside without a
leash or attached to your cart. Here drink from this canteen through the straw.
Take your time.”
Rachel held the canteen while Carol drank her fill. Rachel continued to pet and
fondle Carol’s tits and pussy. She had to brush some pesky flies that seemed to
be attracted to Carol’s sweaty body, especially her pussy area.
“Rachel, I have to piss. Let me out of this so I can go.”
“You can go right where you are. Just spread your legs and piss away. I will
wipe you clean when you’re done.”
“I feel like a horse attached to this outfit.” The pressure in her bladder
overcame her embarrassment. She squatted as best she could and pissed a solid
stream for a good 30 seconds. Rachel watched and even put her hand down under
the stream to taste Carol’s piss.
“Why would you taste my piss? That’s gross.”
“You’ve never tasted piss before? You will come to disregard the taste if you
get thirsty enough. I might have you taste my piss if we run out of water.”
Rachel took a cloth and wiped Carol’s damp pussy and legs where piss still
clung. She took a long time playing with Carol’s pussy lips and nipples. “These
would be so much prettier decorated with rings and studs. I could make your lips
open like a flower for my touch all the time. Your nipples need to be bigger.
Your breast must stand out as your finest asset.” All this touching and the
erotic bondage made Carol moist. What was to become of her. She really enjoyed
her times with Rachel. She has never enjoyed so much sex as she had with these
women. But the humiliation and talk of piercing was making her very uneasy.
Just short of building to an orgasm, Rachel slapped her ass and said, “Time to
hit the trail, old girl. Open your mouth for your bit.”
“Oh Rachel, please don’t put that horrible thing back in.” Before Carol could go
on, Rachel grabbed her left nipple and twisted it cruelly. When she cried out,
Rachel stuffed the bit back in and secured it tight. Getting back on the cart,
she directed the cart back to the farm and whipped Carol into a good trot.
When she was within sight of the farm, Rachel used the whip on Carol’s tits and
pussy to get her up to a run for the last leg. Carol was panting heavily when
they pulled into the farm yard. Rachel slowed her to a walk and took her a
couple times around the house to cool her down. Then she led her into the barn
and rubbed her down and let her drink from the trough. Carol sunk her whole head
into the water once the bit was removed. She felt sore all over and looked at
the angry red marks on her tits and ass where the whip had struck.
Carol was released from the cart, but not before she was leashed. She was placed
on her knees. “Do you need to crap?”
After all the exercise, Carol did feel the need. “Yes, Rachel.”
“OK, come outside and you can do your business.”
“Why can’t I go inside to the bathroom?”
“Don’t be silly. You haven’t earned that status yet. Until mother feels you are
ready to be my house slave you will have to live like a beast of burden. When
you accept your place, then maybe she will give you house privileges.”
“What does she expect of me before she thinks I’m ready?”
“Well, you know how much mother is into rings. If you were to request to be
ringed, she may see it as a measure of submission to your status.”
“I’ll have to think on that. Where do you want me to crap?
Rachel led Carol on her knees to a field in back of the house. She had her squat
back and Carol passed a large load. When she was done, Carol had to rub her ass
clean on the tall grass. It was very humiliating. When she was back in the barn,
Carol was instructed to lay on her back, and then ropes were clipped to each of
her bands and then they were joined to a pulley hanging from the rafters. Rachel
went over to a switch on the wall and Carol heard a motor engage. The ropes
pulled her off her back and soon she was swinging on her back looking up at the
ceiling. The motor was turned off when she was three feet off the ground. Carol
looked over and saw Rachel filling a bucket with soapy water and then she
brought the hose over to the hanging teen. Carol’s stockings were released and
pulled off.
Rachel then spent the next fifteen minutes scrubbing and washing Carol. She
brought out a razor and lathered Carol’s pussy up. She then got rid of the
little stubble that had grown back. She then used a scissors and razor to take
off about two inches of hair from both sides of Carol’s head. Rachel kept the
longest strands and took them over to a workbench. This left a thick band of
hair going from her forehead to the back of her head. Rachel then sat down and
worked Carol’s remaining hair into a thick braid down her back. She took the end
of the braid and worked in a long strand of rawhide. She then pulled it down and
attached it to her waist belt. This forced her head to be pulled back, further
sticking out her tits.
Carol’s leg warmers were put back on after she was dry and secured to her
harness. “I have to go for my run now. I’ll leave you here. I don’t think you
will go anywhere. I will be back in about an hour. I might have mother come out
and keep you company. Thanks for a lovely morning.”
She took one more feel of her slave and skipped out of the barn.
Carol swung from her bonds, and soon her bands were rubbing painfully. She also
noticed that her tit harness was tightening leaving deep creases in her tits.
The harness was made of rawhide. As it dried after her bath, the strands were
now contracting.
Carol tried to look down at her poor tits, but her head was pulled so far back
she couldn’t. She began to mew in pain. She jumped when she felt a hand squeeze
her pussy. Megan had entered quietly and had spent the last ten minutes watching
and filming the girl’s suffering. Now she could not help coming closer and
touching this bound sex toy.
“Oh Mistress, please help me. My tits are being squeezed to death. They feel
like they are being cut off.” Megan tried in vain to get a finger under the
tight rawhide bonds around her tits. The rawhide was tight when she had put them
on the girl, now they were instruments of torture.
“That must be very painful. What will you do for me if I loosen them?”
Carol was at the end of her endurance. The hanging had caused her bands to dig
into her skin, and now her tits were in agony. “I’ll do whatever you want, just
take those things off my tits and let me down.”
“I will let you down and put a new harness on your tits if you beg me to pierce
your nipples.” Megan continued to gently rub over Carol’s engorged tits as she
stated her bargain.
Carol didn’t know which to chose. When Megan gave Carol a spin this almost made
her sick. “All right, I’ll let you pierce me.”
Megan’s arm brought the riding crop she was carrying down with a thud against
Carol’s hanging ass. “You didn’t beg and you forgot to call me Mistress. Care to
try again?”
“Please Mistress, pierce my nipples.”
“I don’t think you mean it.”
Now Carol was seriously pleading. “Oh please, please Mistress. Pierce them
however you want. They are yours to decorate with whatever you wish. Just please
stop the pain.”
Megan took a knife from a shelf and sliced the tit harness off. When it was off,
deep ruts could be seen criss-crossing her tits. They left a lovely design. They
would fade quickly as the blood returned to the large tits. She went over to the
wall switch that controlled the pulley and lowered the teen to the ground.
Carol just laid on her back enjoying the lack of strain on her limps and tits.
Megan unclipped the suspension ropes and using her crop got the teen up on her
hands and knees. She used the leash to bring the teen over to the wall. The wall
had numerous rings driven into it. Soon Carol was tightly bound to the wall.
Megan loosened the braid holding her head back so she could look down and see
her tits.
Megan was overcome with lust looking at the bound teen. She gave Carol’s tits a
good sucking and delved her fingers deep into her pussy. Rachel had told her she
was a virgin and she took pleasure scrapping her hymen with her nails.
She hated to pull herself away, but she had to go and get her piercing kit. As
she left, she adjusted the camcorder she had set up when she entered the barn to
now zoom in on Carol’s chest. She was planning to use this tape to document
Carol’s training and maybe make a few bucks.
As she went to get her kit she had to decide how big a ring and where to put it
in Carol’s tits. There was so much meat there that numerous rings and studs
could decorate Carol’s tits. By the time she returned to the bound girl, she had
decided to put a large ring through the base of her areola. This would be able
to support a large weight. She would also put a lovely stud through each nipple.
Carol’s tit would be permanently scarred from the large ring. The stud hole
might someday close, but the larger ring, with all the pulling she expected to
place on it, would always scar her tits.
The thought of this made her clit tingle. She knew she had this need to inflict
pain on others and if the process left a permanent impact, it made her even
hotter. As she was walking back to the barn, she saw Rachel returning from her
“Come in the barn. I found out your slave wants me to pierce her tits. I know
you want to watch.”
“She asked to be pierced?” Rachel did not think Carol would come to this stage
of her training so quickly.
“She wouldn’t have but you let her tit harness get wet. You should be more
careful with your toys. The rawhide had shrunk to a point where she would have
agreed to anything to get that harness off. Take her tit harness off in the
future when you wash her, unless you want to really cause her some pain.”
They entered the barn together and Rachel brought over a powerful work light to
help Megan see her task. Megan instructed, “Why don’t you get her nipples ready
for this lovely decoration?” Rachel spent some time sucking Carol’s huge tits
and feeling up her tight pussy. When Carol was fully engorged Megan used an
alcohol swab, rubbing down Carol’s tits. She then got out her tools. She would
have to use a large needle for the heavy ring she planned to implant in the meat
of her tit. A smaller needle would be used on the nipple.
She decided to do the nipples first. That way the more painful large needle
would not make the nipple needle seem like a relief. She firmly believed in
building the pain in a slave.
The studs would go in horizontally right at the middle of each nipple. They were
the screw-on type and could be exchanged for small rings if needed. Carol looked
like she was having second thoughts. Rachel kept stroked Carol’s body and
fingered her pussy. “I’m so proud you asked for this. It will make your training
move along quicker. I will be able to do so much more with you. Should we gag
her mother?”
“No, I would like to see and hear reaction to her first piercing. It should be

Chapter Seven.

Megan arranged her tools like a pro. She wanted to be sure the studs would be
level and right in the middle of each nipple. To do this, she decided to put a
guide on each nipple. This was a circular tube of sorts that could be tightened
down to grasp the nipple and pull it out. There were holes in the tube to allow
the needle to go right in the center. Megan picked out a guide and began
tightening it on Carol’s left nipple. As it squeezed the nipple she began to
pull it out from her tit. “Rachel, take the guide and keep it tight and pulled
out straight.”
Rachel took one of her hands from Carol’s pussy and held the guide tight. “This
is so hot, Carol. It will only hurt for a second.”
Taking a needle and placing it in the guide, she began to drive it into Carol’s
distended nipple. Carol bit her lip and stared down as the needle was driven
clear through her nipple. When it was through, Megan left it sticking through
her nipple. “You can let go. We will keep the needle in and do the other. Then
we will put the studs in at the same time.”
Rachel helped again as Carol’s right nipple soon sported a needle as well. Megan
thought Carol had endured her first piercing rather well. She was anxious to see
how she would react to the large ring. But first she wanted to put the spike
studs through her nipples. Pulling the needle out quickly and removing the
guide, she pushed a stud through the hole left from the needle. Small drops of
blood leaked from the holes that Rachel dabbed away.
She secured the screw-on ends to the studs and stood back to examine her
handiwork. The studs looked pretty horizontal and were right through the center
of each nipple. “They look great. You will be able to take these out and replace
them with rings. Be sure to clean them until they heal.”
Megan caressed Carol’s tits and pulled on the studs. “You did well with the
pain. I am proud of you. But now I have another set of rings that I bet will
bring out a scream.”
“You mean you’re going to put more rings in my tits. I thought we were done.
Rachel, I don’t want anymore rings in my tits. Make her stop.”
Rachel moved close to Carol’s face and grabbed both her tits and began to
squeeze them. “I would not think of interfering with my mother’s plan for you. I
want a fully trained and decorated slave and I trust her to make you that slave.
Besides, I can’t wait to see how you take the big needle. I’m all hot now, you
will have to get me off when we are done.” When she backed up and let go of
Carol’s tits, they showed Rachel’s hand print where she had dug them deep into
her boobs.
When Carol looked over at Megan, she was preparing for the next piercing. As she
looked down at her tits, she saw the pretty studs sticking out of her nipples.
While they still ached a little, they did look stunning. She wondered what Megan
had planned next.
Megan came over with a needle that looked like a knitting needle. Her eyes when
wide with freight. No way could she take a needle that size going through her
tit. She started to shack and tried to pull away. Megan called for Rachel’s help
and soon they held Carol tight against the wall and her right boob pulled out
straight. Megan lined up the needle so it would drive straight down just behind
her areola and exit from the bottom. This would mean the ring, once in, would be
perpendicular to her nipple stud and provide for multiple ways to put strain on
her tits.
She looked up at the terrified teen and then back down to began to slowly drive
the needle home. The needle was large but extremely sharp. It went in smoothly
and continued with firm pressure all the way through and out just about where
she expected from the bottom.
Carol took about a half inch of the needle’s travel before she let a scream that
would have brought the neighbors if there were any within a mile. Once the
needle was in, they left it in and backed off. Carol could not believe how
painful that was and she still had another tit to go. “Oh please don’t do the
other one. I will be good, do anything you want.”
“Stop that simpering, I wouldn’t let you go around half done. I have a
reputation to uphold. I’ll give you a minute until I have the other needle
Rachel move close and licked around Carol’s tit where the needle was sticking
out. She took her nipple and sucked it hard. She could use the stud to twist her
nipple with her tongue. She continued to feel up her slave and pump her fingers
into her pussy. “Your pussy is so wet, I think you are enjoying this. We should
do this more often.”
“Oh Rachel, it hurts. If you weren’t playing with my pussy, I don’t think I
could take this.”
Megan was walking back with the next needle. “OK you love birds, time for some
more screaming. I knew I would get a good one out of you. Try to do better this
time Carol.”
The blondes put Carol into a tight hold and repeated the same piercing on her
other tit. Carol was able to hold back her scream a little longer than the first
time, but she still let out a loud one. With tears running down her cheeks,
Carol looked down at her tits and saw the two needles sticking out the top and
bottom of her beautiful boobs. Megan went and got the gold rods that would slide
through the holes as the needles were pulled out. The needles had a gap in the
end that allowed the ring to follow behind the needle.
Megan had thought of a unique way to make the ring. She had slightly curved gold
rods that once through would be bent and welded into a solid ring. When she was
done they would shaped like a D hanging from each tit. Taking the first rod, she
lined it up in the notch in the needle and began to push it into Carol’s tit. It
must have hurt from the moans from Carol, but soon both tits had the rods in
“OK, Now we must bend and weld them. Let’s take her over to the vise on the
workbench.” Carol was quickly released and led under leash to the vise. Using
various tools that pulled and twisted Carol’s tits in the process, the rods soon
were bent and the ends touched. “You know that the rod will heat up when we weld
the ends. It may really burn her. I hope you don’t mind some permanent
disfigurement on your slave. I will do my best to cover her, but I can’t stop
the metal from heating up. We will just have to see how it goes.”
“Whatever you deem as necessary mother. I just love these rings and I want them
to be solidly attached.”
Carol just stood there bent over and watched the two talk about her like she
wasn’t even there. It was then, that she realized that this was not going to be
just a summer fling. These woman planned to make her their slave for a very long
time. She could not see any way out of her situation. She was constantly chained
or on a leash. Both woman were much stronger and faster then her. Her ability to
get away seemed non-existent.
Her attention returned to her tits, when she heard the torch come to life. They
had put a heavy leather pad between her tits and the area were the rings would
be welded, but she still feared the burning they had talked about.
The metal was made of a strong alloy, that took some time to melt. It also
conducted heat quite well. Carol began to dance as the areas where the rod
entered her tits began to heat up. Carol was crying again when the first ring
was finished. Rachel poured cool water on the metal and her tit to dull the pain
and cool the metal.
They gave her a breather Megan filed the weld smooth. The Ring looked totally
solid when she was done. Megan gave it a tug that pulled Carol’s tit far out
from normal. “Yes, these will come in handy to keep this one in line. Now let’s
do the last one.

Chapter Eight.

After her rings were in and cleaned. Rachel fed Carol her lunch of vitamins,
cereal and fruit. She ate out of her bowls on the porch. Rachel sat next to her
pet and watched her eat. “You are really pretty. I just love the way your tits
hang down so low. I’m sure those rings will help pull them down even more.
Mother says I have to wait two days and clean the areas regularly before I can
start using them for pulling and punishment. I can’t wait.”
Carol looked up from her lunch. “Do you have to talk about punishment. I’ll be
good and you won’t have to use them to pull my poor sore tits.”
“Don’t be silly, I would use the rings even if you were a perfect slave. I’ll do
it because I enjoy seeing you in pain and pleasure. I was so hot watching you
get these rings. I think I will take you for a little pleasure time after lunch.
Then we must take you out for your afternoon trot. Hurry up and eat, I need your
tongue to start pleasing my pussy.”
Quickly cleaning up her lunch, Rachel took her back to the barn to a stall full
of fresh straw. Rachel had Carol lay on her back and she attached her arm and
leg rings to ropes spreading her body out tight. Rachel unclipped the chain from
her clit stud and laid down on top of her slave. She rubbed her pussy and tits
against Carol. Carol’s tits were still sore, so this was a mixture of pain and
pleasure. They kissed deeply.
“It’s time you begin to learn how to lick my pussy. Do you remember how I did
you this morning. You won’t be able to use your hands so your tongue must do all
the work.” Rachel sat up and straddled Carol. She moved up her body to Carol’s
head but couldn’t help taking one of her breast and using it to rub her pussy.
The new ring and stud added to the friction. She heated up quickly considering
the events of the morning.
Moving up to squat over Carol’s face, she turned around and faced to look down
on Carol’s body. “Now take your tongue and begin by licking up and down the full
length of my pussy. When you get to my clit, lick around my stud. Lick the
sensitive area between my pussy and asshole. Once you get me going drive your
tongue as deep into my pussy hole as you can and swirl it around. Then start it
all over again. I’ll give you instructions after you master that technique.”
Carol looked up into Rachel’s pussy and saw it wet with lust. She quickly raised
her head to begin her loving. She had tasted her own pussy juice, so she was
anxious to taste Rachel’s. The taste was hard to describe, sweet yet musky. She
soon was hooked on the taste and was lapping up Rachel’s juice like a pro.
Rachel was really enjoying this combination of control and loving. While Megan
occasionally gave Beth to her for her pleasure as a reward for some athletic
victory, she always knew Beth was Megan’s slave. With Carol, she had a slave her
own age that would be hers to do with as she wished. It made her come even
harder. She groaned in bliss as Carol nipped at her clit and pussy lips. She was
catching on quickly and really seemed to be enjoying herself. Rachel reached
down and diddling Carol’s nipples and clit as she sat on her face and rutted in
one orgasm after another.
When Carol’s head fell back and her tongue gave out, Rachel rolled off her slave
and took a minute to calm down. When she had caught her breath, she reattached
her clit chain and got Carol back on all fours. Leading her out to her cart.
Carol got meekly into her position and was strapped in with no fuss. “You are
getting to be a good slave, I’m so happy you are mine.”
“Can we do without the bit, I promise not to call out to anyone.” Looking down
at Carol’s hopeful face, Rachel nodded.
“OK, but I will expect you to be extra good on your exercise. Total effort. If I
think you are not working to 100%, the bit goes back in. Understand?”
“Oh thank you, yes, Rachel. Thank you.”
“I also have something that will help you keep the pesky bugs from biting your
sweet pussy. I hope you like it.”
Rachel went and got something from the workbench. Rachel had asked Beth to make
a butt plug with a tail using the hair she had cut off Carol’s head. The plug
allowed for deep placement and had a small valve that filled a balloon ring once
the plug was in. This made the plug impossible to remove without first releasing
the valve. The plug itself did not totally go into Carol’s ass. She wanted her
asshole to begin to experience objects stretching open her hole. Eventually, she
wanted to be able to fuck her easily without preparation. She planned to use
thicker and thicker plugs over the coming weeks to make her totally open to her.
The end of the plug had the hair attached and it cascaded down over her ass and
thighs. Rachel brought the plug up to Carol’s face. “Isn’t this pretty. I hope
you appreciate the work that went into it and thank Beth appropriately. Now get
it all wet so I can slip it into your ass.”
Carol could not take this all in. Her jaw opened as Rachel pushed the plug into
her mouth. She began to suck it and get it all wet. “That should do it.”
Rachel took the plug and slowly prodded it into Carol’s resistant ass. With
constant pressure Rachel soon had the plug deep in Carol’s ass. She then filled
the balloon and locked the valve closed. Carol was not happy with the
“How long do I need to keep that in? I feels so full.”
“You’ll get use to it and soon you will feel empty when I take it out.”
Hopping up onto the cart, Rachel slapped the reins on Carol’s butt and off they
went into the afternoon heat. King followed and ran beside the cart.
Carol tried her best to pull the cart, but having the plug up her ass made the
trotting difficult. Rachel didn’t seem to mind the slow steady pace. She enjoyed
the outings and started to practice at her control of the buggy whip. She would
snap it on Carol’s ass when she was too slow or to get rid of a bug
that had landed on her slave.
By the time they got the woods where they stopped this morning, Carol was
panting heavily. Pulling on the reins to bring the cart to a halt, Rachel got
out and stretched her legs.
It was then that she noticed that she had not refilled the canteen. There was
only a little left that she drank. She had another plan to quench Carol’s
thirst. She had been drinking heavily all morning and now had a bladder full of
After rubbing Carol’s sweating body dry, she unclipped her from the cart and
laid her down on the grass. “Are you thirsty, Slave?
“Oh yes, please pass the canteen.”
Sorry, but I forgot to refill it. You will have to drink something else to cool
you off. Rachel was sitting on Carol’s chest as she said this and now moved up
to place her piss hole right over Carol’s mouth.
“Oh no Rachel, please don’t make me drink piss. I can wait till I get back to
the farm.”
“Don’t be silly. You must get used to my piss. It may be your only source of
fluids if I get mad at you and feel the need to punish you. For now, I want to
see your face as you drink all my piss. If you spill any, I will put the bit
back on you for the ride home and then maybe get your tit harness wet again.”
Carol remembered the agonizing pain that harness had caused her and slowly
opened her mouth.
Rachel smiled and sat down fully on Carol’s mouth. “Now close you mouth up tight
and keep all my piss in. Swallow quickly because I don’t know how fast it will
come out. Ready?”
Carol nodded her head and Rachel relaxed her muscles and began to piss. She
looked fondly down at her slave as she gulped all her piss without spilling a
drop. She had to pinch off the flow occasionally when she felt Carol was getting
too full. But soon she was empty.
Carol was disgusted when the first squirt of piss entered her mouth. She didn’t
have time to reflect on the taste as she was swallowing constantly. After the
flow slowed, she began to reflect on the taste of Rachel’s piss. It was a little
salty, warm and tart. It did quench her thirst and when it was all finished, she
was no worse off. She wondered if piss could hurt you. She would have to see.
“That was great. I loved the way your tongue would try to stop the flow when you
got too full. I think you should drink my piss all the time. I may even stop
giving you water. I will have to ask mother first. She’s a nurse and can tell me
if it is safe for you.”
Rachel was now lying next to Carol and stroking her body.
“Do you want to come? You have been so good today that I think you deserve a
treat. I’ll get you off now and then tonight will be the first time you get
fucked. Mother has plans to take your cherry. I’ll be there, but she wants to be
the first. We had a little fight over this. She won and now I have to be
punished also. But not before I get to watch you lose your cherry. It will open
so much more fun for us. Now let me get you off and we can head on back.”
Laying back on top of Carol, Rachel kissed and sucked on her mouth, tits and
pussy until Carol was panting to a orgasmic summit. Rachel was noticing that it
was taking less and less to bring Carol off. She hoped to eventually be able to
make her come with just a few strokes at the right place. This learning process
of mistress and slave was one of the pleasures of owning a slave.
Noticing the day’s passage, Rachel reharnessed Carol and took a longer route
home. Once she got back to the barn, Carol was allowed to answer natures call,
then was washed and fed. Lovingly stroking her pet, Rachel retied Carol spread
eagle in her stall and went for her own run. Carol quickly nodded off from the
exertion of the day. Fantasizing what was to come when Megan took her cheery

Chapter Nine.

Carol awoke when she heard noises from outside her stall. Muffled voices and the
sound of furniture being moved around brought her back from her rest. Her stall
was in shadows with just a little light filtering in. It must be after dusk.
Soon, the stall gate opened and Rachel stood over her slave. She looked fondly
down at her bound teen. Bending down to her knees, she began to slide her hands
over Carol’s bound body. “You look lovely. I just can’t help feeling you up
whenever I see you. Mother is preparing the scene for your first fuck. She
really loves to get dramatic. I can’t wait to see you being screwed. Once she
takes you, I will make you so sexually hot that you won’t mind about all this
training and your bondage. Now let’s get you up and ready.”
Rachel released Carol’s limbs and using the leash and a riding crop got her
following her out of the stall on her hands and knees. What she saw made her
stop and hold back. An area in the barn was filled with candles. Megan stood
regally with Beth squatting on her hunches behind her. A wooden and leather
sawhorse of sorts sat to one side of her. She nodded impatiently to Rachel, and
she snapped her crop on Carol’s ass to get her to crawl up to Megan. Rachel
guided Carol right up to Megan and instructed, “Sit up like Beth is and ask your
mistress to give you your first good fucking.”
Carol looked over at Rachel then up at Megan. Seeing no way out, and not wanting
to anger this amazon before her first fuck she decided to be very cooperative.
“Mistress, please take me.”
Megan was naked and stood tall over her daughter’s slave. She had decided to
wear a gold chain between her nipple rings. Her pussy was as naked of hair as
Carol’s, but a lovely diamond stud stood out from her clit hood. “You must thank
me for this privilege. Lick me well and then I may make you a woman.”
Carol leaned forward and began to drive her tongue up and down Megan’s slit just
like Rachel had instructed her. She took her time sucking on the clit stud. Soon
Megan put her hands behind Carol’s head and began to grind into her chin and
nose. Beth moved in behind Megan and used her tongue to swab Megan’s asshole.
Pushing it in when she could.
The thought of fucking this ripe teen was getting her horny as hell. She could
feel her first come building and gave over to it, pulling on her tit chain to
heighten the experience. She pushed Carol back and smiled down at the teen’s wet
face. “Oh, you will get a good fucking for that. Rachel I want you and Beth to
bind her well to the horse so I can have total access to fuck all her holes. You
can leave her butt plug tail in for now. It may come in handy.”
Pulling on the leash Carol was led over to the horse and forced to lay on her
belly down the length of the horse. Her ass still stuck out the back and the
horse had a knob that her pussy rested on. Her arms and legs were pulled down
and tied tightly. Her head would have hung down but her hair braid was pulled
back and tied to her waist belt. She was forced to look at a mirror that was set
up to allow her to look behind her.
Her tits harness was tightly secured to the horse as was her waist belt. She
could not raise herself up and her ass and pussy were at a perfect height to
match Megan’s hips.
Rachel bent down and gave her a deep kiss. “I love this. Enjoy your first fuck,
cause I’m next.”
She stayed kneeling, kissing and playing with Carol’s tits and face. She was
brought out of her sexual haze when Megan slapped her hand down hard on her ass.
“Oh yes, these cheeks were made to be red from my hand.” Megan planned to train
this teen to need a bit of pain as foreplay to reach the best orgasms. But that
would only come with time. For now, it was strictly for her own pleasure to turn
Carol’s ass a bright red before she started fucking her. Rachel continued to
kiss and play with Carol while the spanking was given.
When Megan was satisfied with the shade of Carol’s ass, she stepped over to the
counter and began to strap on her special vibrating dildo. It was a good twelve
inches long and three inches thick. It was covered with ridges and protrusions
to give maximum friction. A special curve at the base allowed another three
inches of the monster to be inserted into her own pussy. It would rub her clit
with each stroke. She loved to use this on Beth and Rachel. Now it was the new
slave’s turn to feel her powerful thrusts.
Giving one more pull on the straps she walked over to Carol’s ass. She looked
over to make sure Beth was filming the action and began to pull the tail out of
the way and secure it to Carol’s waist belt. Using the valve, she allowed the
plug balloon to deflate. She planned to pump the plug in and out during the
fucking and knew the balloon would not let that happen.
She felt Carol’s slit to see how wet it was. While it was damp she knew it
needed to be wetter or this would be pure torture for the teen. Her compassion
got the better of her and she walked around to Carol’s face. Carol’s eyes
widened when she saw the size of the dildo hanging from Megan’s crotch. “You
aren’t going to use that thing for my first time, are you. It will split me in
“I know what a young pussy like yours can take, young lady. And if I were you, I
would make sure this cock was good and wet or it just might split you. Now get
to work on my cock.” She shoved the end of the cock into the protesting teen’s
mouth. Carol’s cheeks bulged as the cock was pushed in. Rachel moved to Carol’s
pussy and began to lick it to start her juices. She didn’t want Carol to think
badly of her first fuck, so she wanted to help Megan’s entry.
“I think that will do for now. You will learn to deep throat later. Now I want
to get to your little pussy.” Rachel quickly returned to Carol’s face and Megan
took her position between her legs. She began to rub the dildo up and down
Carol’s crack. She could not wait any longer. Using both her hands, she guided
the cock to Carol’s hole and pulled her lips wide. Moving her hips forward, she
saw the knob of the cock begin to push her pussy inwards. Pushing harder, the
cock’s knob pushed through Carol’s lips and began its journey up the teen’s
virgin hole.
“Oh God that’s big, Stop, Stop. Please Mistress, It hurts.”
“It wouldn’t be worth my time if I didn’t make this memorably. Now, stop your
whimpering or I will gag you.”
Beth was moving to get all the action. Her mistress would want to view this
video over and over again, so she knew she had to catch all the action.
When the cock met Carol’s hymen, Megan laid down over Carols back and reached
down and played with her bound tits. She slowly moved the cock back and forth
letting Carol get used to the motion and size of the cock. She whispered, “How
does that feel, my child. I want you to come to love this. When I think you are
ready I am going to take your cherry and give you pleasure that you will
remember all your life.”
Carol felt bloated and full back there, but she couldn’t help start to enjoy the
pressure the cock was exerting on her clit as it was driven between the cock and
the horse. The gentle rocking, Rachel’s kisses and the squeezing of her tits
soon had her pushing back at each thrust.
Megan noticed this change in Carol’s movements. Gauging the right moment, she
took an extra long pull back and drove the cock hard. It met and ripped through
Carol’s cherry. Carol let out a yelp but soon this was smothered under Rachel’s
Now the cock moved deeper and she rose up to see the depth of her thrusts. She
continued to work her dildo until her hips were slapping Carol’s ass with each
All twelve inches were now reaming out the teen’s hole. The knob was punching
into the end of her tube with each thrust. Megan now took the base of the butt
plug and began to slide it in and out to match her fucking. This brought another
round of protests from Carol, but soon she was overcome by the lust and was
pushing back again, begging for greater pleasure.
Megan’s own pussy was dripping from the heat of the situation and the pumping of
the dildo up her hole and against her clit. As one hand pumped the butt plug,
the other began to spank Carol’s ripe ass.
Carol could not take the overload of sensations. Her pussy and ass were on fire,
and Rachel’s hot tongue and fingers were all over her. She was already close to
popping when the spanking started. The pain startled her but could not keep the
fire from bursting in her loins. The first wave crashed over her and continued
to roll up her spine. Megan felt Carol’s first orgasm and felt the wetness
dampening her thighs. She reached down and brought a wet finger to her lips for
a taste. It was delicious. She got another hand of pussy wet fingers and reached
forward. “Taste these my little slave. See how wet you are for me. You will be
begging for this before long.”
Carol had Megan’s fingers in her mouth. She sucked them clean and moaned as
another flare up ripped through her groin. Megan stood up and began to really
pound into Carol. Megan knew she was close to coming herself so she continued to
thrust hard. When she felt her own pussy close to erupting, she pulled on her
tit chains to drive her over the top.
Carol also came again hard with the deep fucking. She was driven to a level of
lust and perversion she never thought possible. When Megan finally slowed her
pumping and pulled out she stood back and looked down at Carol’s groin. Her hole
was still open and gaping. She ran her hand over Carol’s pussy and gave it one
more squeeze.
Carol slumped in her bondage. Her hair hurt from the strain of keeping her head
up. She had lost the strength to hold her head up long ago. While the fuck had
hurt at first, now that she looked back, the orgasms that had racked her body
made all the restraints and punishment dim away. She was young and now that she
was given time to rest, she missed the feel of the cock in her pussy. The butt
plug was still wedged in her ass, but that was not enough. She began to wonder
when her next fucking would occur.

Chapter Ten.

Megan removed the dildo and left it for Rachel. Then she and Beth left the two
teens together in the barn. Beth had replaced the camera back on its tripod to
catch Rachel’s time with her newly deflowered slave.
Rachel took a warm dripping sponge and began to bath her slave as she lay on the
horse. She let the hair braid loose and Carol’s head hung down. Rachel got
Carol’s new tit harness totally soaked during her sponge bath. She then moved
over to get Megan’s dildo. She brought it over and had Carol suck the damp dildo
clean. Then she strapped it on just like her mother. She tested the tit harness
and noted it tightening up.
Taking a large candle and bringing it close, she stooped to look closely at
Carol’s pussy. It was still open, and she had noticed traces of blood when she
had sponged her pussy. Now it looked as pretty and pink as ever. She spent a
minute licking her slaves pussy lips and clit. She always loved licking pussy,
and Carol’s was hers to enjoy now whenever she wished.
Carol was letting out soft murmurs from the loving. When Rachel felt Carol was
close to coming she stood and moved the fake cock up to her slick hole. Carol
shook her head and gasped as she felt the head of the dildo begin to push back
into her poor pussy. “Not again, you’ll blow my mind as well as kill my pussy.
Have mercy.”
“Do you think I could wait to fuck you now that I am allowed. This will be how
you will spend your life now. I will fuck you whenever and wherever I please.
You are mine. Besides, the way you came with my mother, I would expect you to be
begging for more. Now just lay there and enjoy your fucking.”
Carol resigned herself to another good fucking. If it wasn’t for the bondage she
would probably be enjoying it more. Not being able to use her hands or buck her
hips was hard to get use to. She also began to notice the tightness of her tit
harness. “Rachel, my tits are getting squeezed again. The rawhide is drying.
Take it off, please.”
Rachel knew what she was doing, the pain in Carol’s tits were part of her plan
to have Carol equate satisfying sex with some pain. In time, if the training
continued as planned, Carol would not be able to come without a touch of pain.
To add to this training, Rachel took the candle and allowed some of the hot wax
to drip on the sides of Carol’s tits.
“Oh stop that. You’re burning my tits. They are dying. How could you be so
mean?” Carol shook her head and tried vainly to avoid the drops. Rachel was now
fucking deep into Carol’s elastic pussy. The feel of the dildo pulling on her
own pussy and clit as she pumped hard was giving her such a rush of sexual power
that she wouldn’t stop until she was totally spent. With one hand dripping wax,
she tugged on Carol’s butt plug. She had watched her mother using the double
fuck on Carol and wanted to try it herself.
Carol’s sobs competed with her moans and the obvious lust she was showing by
trying to push back to meet her hard fucking. “Oh God, that feels so hot. Don’t
“Don’t worry baby. I’ll give you another good fuck. I can’t believe your mine.
We can do this all night.”
Carol’s tits were now tightly bound by the rawhide and could be seen being
pushed out between the strands. Add to this torture, hardened wax not covered
both sides of her tits. Putting the candle down, Rachel couldn’t help violating
her mother’s warning not to pull on Carol’s new tit rings. She leaned forward
and took a tit ring in each hand. Using the rings to pull Carol back to meet her
strokes, she was now deep into her own sexual frenzy.
Carol screamed as her aching tits were violently pulled back. Somehow the pain
broke the barrier of her own sexual lust and she too flooded Rachel’s pumping
dildo with her spewing pussy juice. She had never come like this. When she
thought she could not take any more, Rachel let out a load groan, slowed her
pumping and laid down on Carol’s back. She stopped pulling on her tit rings and
just let the dildo rest deep in her pussy.
“Oh baby, you were made to be my fuck toy. I thought your pussy would pull this
dildo off when I started to yank on your tits. I hope that didn’t hurt too much,
but I just had to hear you scream. I’ll loosen the harness in a minute.”
After resting, Rachel stood up and unstrapped the dildo harness and left it deep
in Carol’s bloated pussy. She went and got a knife and cut off the tit harness.
She took the lukewarm soapy water and gave her slave another cleaning. There was
a small amount of blood around her tit rings, so Rachel put a little topical
antibiotic over the sore areas.
Rachel then took a smaller vibrator from the large collection on the workbench
and pushed it deep into Carol’s pussy after she removed the larger dildo. She
took a strand of leather and attached one end to the front of her waist belt,
pulled it down and through the small rings on the end of the dildo and butt
plug. Attaching the other end through a ring in the rear of the belt, she pulled
the strap tight. Now the vibrator and plug could not come out of their holes.
Carol still felt terribly full, even with the smaller vibrator now filled her
pussy. Rachel released her slave from the horse and led Carol back to her stall.
Reattaching her to the four corners of the stall, she looked down at her spread
out slave. “You can sleep now baby. Before you sleep, do you want a drink?”
Carol immediately answered yes, but then thought otherwise as Rachel began to
kneel over her head. “Open up and I will give you my piss. Don’t be obstinate.”
Carol had to take a large dose of Rachel’s piss to quench her thirst. When she
finished pissing, Rachel reached down and turned on the pussy vibrator. She gave
Carol a kiss goodnight and left the stall. Carol was left in darkness and soon
silence as Rachel soon finished cleaning up and left for her own bed. The
buzzing of the vibrator soon got her pussy tingling. She squeezed down on it and
felt the flare of sex again in her pussy. She was able to buck her hips to grind
down on the two intruders to get maximum pleasure. Her first orgasm washed over
her and she laid at peace.
But the vibrator would give her no peace. It took numerous waves of orgasms
before either the battery wore out or she passed out in exhaustion. Whatever the
reason, Carol’s mind became totally fixated on her sexual pleasure. All else
left her consciousness. She was fast becoming a creature of sex.

Chapter Eleven.

The next two weeks were a constant cycle of bondage, exercise and sexual
addiction. Carol’s typical day started with Rachel entering her stall and
demanding a morning cunt licking. After a relaxing orgasm, she would give Carol
her morning bladder as a present.
Carol would then be brought out to do her morning business in the field followed
by a quick hosing down. Breakfast would be served in her bowls on the back
porch, right next to King’s dog bowls. The vitamin shake and cereals were her
typical food. The low-fat diet and the hard exercising were having its effect on
her body. While her weight was only decreasing slightly, her body was
redistributing the weight. Her thighs were getting harder and strong. Her ass
and waist was decreasing. Her thin arms were getting muscular and her boobs
seemed to be getting larger, if that was possible.
She was pleased with the changes in her body and now exercised with grim
determination. After her breakfast, Rachel would pet her goodbye and drive off
to school. At that time, Megan and Beth took over her training. She was taken on
a hard morning trot, pulling Megan all over the farm. Megan was a hard
task-mistress and used the whip with skill. She could strike any part of Carol’s
body she chose. Often this was her most sensitive area. The sides of her tits
and her pussy often got attention when she lagged behind Megan’s expectations.
Carol now ran with a dildo up her cunt as well as the butt plug tail. This was
extremely awkward at first, but now she felt empty when something wasn’t up both
holes. At times, a vibrator was used, making running and having orgasms hard to
do at once. This often brought the whip as she faltered in her stride to enjoy a
wave of pleasure.
Carol’s butt plugs were changed every few days for thicker versions. By ever
greater widths, her asshole muscles were stretched and came to accept the wooden
intruders. Carol asshole was now used as another hole for fucking, now that it
could accept the strap-on dildos without permanent harm.
During each run, a rest period usually involved Carol spending time between
Megan’s legs, being instructed in her ever increasing skills at pussy and
asshole eating. Many times Megan would stop Ankara escort bayan the cart for a rest. At these times
she would remove the vibrator or butt plug from Carol and ride her with the
dildo harness. This brought them both off and came to be a game to see how quick
or how many times Carol could come.
Her pussy had become so sensitive from the vibrators and the highly erotic
situation of her bondage and humiliation. It now would flare and erupt with only
a moment of good fucking or clit stimulation.
Her tit rings were now used to their full potential. When they went for trots,
weights were attached to her nipple rings, causing them to hang down and swing
with each stride. Her nipples were now large and constantly erect. The weights
would drag them down and make her tits throb. The large ring was now used as
another means to secure Carol to her cart. They would be used to pull her tits
to either side of Carol’s chest making them more accessible to Megan’s whip. Her
tits were always red and bruised from the abuse of the whips, crops and hard
chewing that these women enjoyed delivering to her tender boobs.
For some odd reason Megan would not make Carol drink her piss. She said that was
a pleasure that should be reserved for Rachel.
Back at the farm for lunch, Megan would give Carol to Beth for a bath and lunch.
After a moment to tend to her bodily needs out back and lunch, she spent an hour
or so working with barbells or farm tools. Chopping wood or carrying water with
an old yoke out to the farm’s few horses and cows were helped build her upper
body strength. All this was done under the constant supervision and whip of
either Megan or Beth.
Beth was just as quick with the whip as Rachel or Megan. Her own desire to serve
her mistress well, caused her to demand the same dedication from Carol. Being a
slave herself, she found the ability to control another a welcomed turn about of
roles. She quickly came to relish her power over the teen. When she was sure
Megan was busy in the house, she would make Carol lick her to orgasm.
Once the chores were done, Carol was brought back to the barn and put in ever
different combinations of bondage until Rachel came home from school. Rachel
would come running to the barn after stripping and snapping on her rings and
chains, to see what unique and painful combination of bondage, clips, and
weights were torturing her slave. She would touch and caress her bound teen
until Carol’s moans and tears struck her mistress as sufficient to allow her
It was during one of these afternoons at the end of the Carol’s second week of
captivity that Rachel got another commitment of servitude from her slave.
Megan had out done herself with this latest bondage session. Carol was
completely suspended from her rings and was being plagued by numerous clips and
weights hanging from her wide spread pussy. A gag filled the teens mouth but the
moans and the sweat covering her body attested to her agony.
“Mother is a master of pain, isn’t she? That must be oh so painful. I just love
how she has used cloths pins to spread your outer pussy lips so the alligator
clips and weights can pull on your inner lips and clit. You should see how red
they are. How long have you been like this? I can’t imagine how you must feel.”
Rachel gave the weights hanging from Carol’s pussy and tit rings a push to get
them swinging. The squirming of Carol at this added torture made Rachel shiver
with power.
“I’ll make you a deal. If you promise to accept another symbol of your position
as my slave I will release you now from this bondage session. I will expect you
to beg for it with all sincerity once the time comes. If you agree I want you to
shake your tits.”
Carol was lost in her pain. Even the gentle humming of the vibrator in her ass
could not cloud the waves of pain. She imagined her pussy to be permanently
disfigured from the clips. She could not avoid agreeing to any deal Rachel made
to stop the pain. She gathered her will and shook her shoulders to make her tits
flop side to side. Her nipple weights swung, pulling more on her already grossly
distended nipples.
“Good girl, I know you will come to love the new additions I plan for your
Rachel carefully unclipped the clips and weights and lowered Carol to the
ground. Carol just lay there happy to be free of the strain and pain. Rachel
massaged Carol’s tender flesh helping her blood to return. She was picturing
these pussy lips with a new set of rings. One of the great thrills she got out
of having a slave was being able to sculpt their bodies to your liking. She
always thought Carol’s pussy lips were too small and kept her inner flesh too
covered. She had plans to use a set of rings in her outer lips to pull them wide
and cause them to grow and distend.
She was imagining riding in her cart, looking at Carol’s backside as she pulled.
A set of rings in each outer lip attached to rawhide pulling them wide allowing
her clit and inner pussy to be totally free for whatever punishment or pleasure
she desired. The rawhide strings could be attached to weights or her leg
warmers. The effect would be stunning. She continued to play with Carol’s pussy,
pulling and squeezing her lips as she fantasized on the possibilities. Soon the
teen was sighing in pleasure and rewarded her probing fingers with a healthy
discharge of juice to show appreciation.
Enough play for now. It was time for her afternoon trot. The two teens were soon
riding out for another exercise session. One the beast of burden and the other
the mistress. Rachel enjoyed these rides more and more. She was away from the
supervision of her mother and took full liberties with her slave. Many times she
drove Carol with the whip until she collapsed with exhaustion. To have such
control was intoxication. To be able to mark and add rings to her slave was a
thrill that needed fulfillment. It was this need that made her decide to add
Carol’s pussy rings tonight. Megan had agreed it was time to add the next level
of servitude and had received the special rings in the mail. Megan had also
agreed to let Rachel perform the act when the time came. It was a big step for
Rachel on her road to being a full mistress.
After a good trot that involved two rest fucks and one long stop where Carol
sucked her off twice and drank her piss, Carol was fed dinner and returned to
her stall. Fully restrained, a large vibrator was turned on in her pussy and she
was left to endure a blissful evening. She did not know what awaited her later
when Megan and Rachel planned to deface her pussy. Had she realized fully her
impending pain, she might not have enjoyed her numerous orgasms.

Chapter Twelve.

Carol was now well on her way to living her life around the moods and desires of
her mistresses. When they were loving, she was in heaven from the dynamic sexual
energy they produced in the teen. When they were angry with her, she was
tormented by their devious punishments. So she had become very astute at trying
to keep her mistresses happy with her performance.
When Rachel appeared at her stall door that evening, she knew she had to do as
her mistress desired, no matter the pain. Her mistresses long-term happiness was
the ultimate goal.
Carol removed the vibrator that had worn down to a dull hum and sat on Carol’s
belly. She smiled down at her slave and played with her tits. “Dear Carol, are
you ready to submit yourself to what I desire for you. Will you willingly accept
what I now plan to do to your body. A painful experience that will give me
further control over your body and mind?”
Carol stared up at her mistress and could see the desire in Rachel’s eyes. She
could not displease her, she had become too connected emotionally to making
Rachel happy. “I accept whatever you desire to do to my body. I am yours to do
with as you wish, mistress.”
Rachel’s joy was instantly expressed in the hugs and kisses she rained on her
toy. She released Carol from her bonds and had her crawl out to the main barn
area. Megan had arranged the horse and some hanging ropes ready to receive
Carol. Carol was instructed to lie on her back on the six inch wide horse. Her
head hung down off one end and her ass jutted out off the other. Her waist belt
and neck ring were secured to the horse. Her arms were tied down to the legs of
the horse, causing her tits to be thrust high.
Two of the ropes were tied to Carol’s leg rings. The pulleys then drew her legs
high and wide. She was now totally secured to the horse with her legs spread in
a ninety degree angle. This caused her pussy area to pout open, making it
totally exposed to what attention these ladies now had planned.
Rachel was getting so excited while she waited for Rachel to prepare her tools,
that she stood over Carol’s head and held it tight to her crotch. Carol’s tongue
immediately delved into her pussy. Beth hovered in the background, catching the
whole episode on videotape. By now they had a considerable library of videos
that showed all of Carol’s subjection to slavehood.
Rachel played and pulled on Carol’s tit rings. She took two additional hanging
ropes and attached them to her large tit rings. She pulled them out at an angle
away from Carol’s chest. Now she had Carol’s tits spread wide and pulled tight.
She bent and sucked on her enlarged nipples and replace rings for her nipple
studs. She attached weights to each nipple ring. These pulled her nipples
side-wise to strain down the sides of her tits. Muffled moans came from Carol as
her tits were abused. By now, she could not remember when her tits didn’t ache
from some form of punishment. Their size made them constant targets for the
mistress’ attention.
Megan was now ready to begin the next set of Carol’s piercings. She brought a
tray with needles and rings and set it within easy reach. She sat on a stool and
took her time playing with Carol’s pussy lips and clit, causing them to inflame
with pleasure. She wanted them plumb and ready to experience all the pain to
come. Carol now moved to stand beside Megan and watch the procedures. “I’ll do
the first one, then you will be able to do the rest.”
“Thank you mother. I can’t wait.”
Megan took a tool that resembled a large pair of pliers. What was different was
that a hole was set in the middle of the claws. This allowed needles to be
driven straight through the held flesh. Megan placed the claws over the middle
of Carol’s right pussy lip, squeezed the handle and pulled the lip outwards. A
soft sob came from Carol. This only made Megan smile. The guide hole was now
about a half inch from the edge of Carol’s lip. She took a needle and placed it
in the claws guide hole. With one smooth thrust, the needle punctured Carol’s
lip and exited out the other side. A loud scream came from Carol’s lungs as she
felt the stabbing pain in her loins.
A small amount of blood was wiped away. Megan released the claw and took a small
one-inch diameter ring from the tray. She promptly inserted this into the hole
created in the lip. The ring was specially ordered from a S&M catalog. The rings
had a special clasp that once the two ends were snapped together, they could not
be removed without cutting them apart. Megan now fitted the two ends together
and using a pliers squeezed until she heard the lock catch. Taking the ring in
her hands she tried to pull them apart. It quickly became clear that the
catalog’s advertisement was accurate. This ring would stay in Carol’s lip until
cut off. It shined against Carol’s pink flesh. Megan bent down and gave the lip
and ring a little suck. She tasted some of Carol’s blood from the wound and
enjoyed the taste.
She stepped back and gave Rachel the position between Carol’s legs. “Thank you
Mother. It looks beautiful. I think three per lip will allow me to put the
required tension on her lips to make them grow without ripping out.”
Rachel repeated the piercing procedure exactly as her mother had showed her. She
placed two more rings on either side of Megan’s ring. One at the top and the
other at the bottom of the lip. They were all a half-inch in from the edge and
about one and a half inch apart.
Carol was squirming with each stab. With Rachel admiring the results, she busied
herself making her left lip the mirror image of the right. Beth captured the
whole torture and caught Carol’s expressions of pain with each ringing. When
Rachel had both lips decorated with rings, she sat back and stroked Carol’s
pussy. The rings now kept Carol’s lips from closing flush. The rings pushed
against each other keeping the lips spread. Rachel now started playing with
Carol’s clit. Her lips still got in the way of direct stimulation.
Megan passed six strands of rawhide to Rachel. Soon each ring had a rawhide
strand securely tied to it. The strands were then pulled and attached to Carol’s
legging. This caused Carol’s lips to spread wide and leave her clit and inner
lips wide open for whatever attention Rachel desired.
Megan tapped Rachel on the shoulder. “I better do the clit to insure it is
perfect. We don’t want any mistakes that would make us repeat the piercing. I
don’t think our little slave could take this twice.”
Rachel looked disappointed but she rose and backed up. “If you think so, OK
Carol’s clit was now fully exposed and Megan bent and sucked it. She pulled it
hard into her mouth and chewed it. Moans of lust soon came to Carol and her
pussy could be seen glistening with her pussy dew. Megan sat back and took a
simple tool. It was like a Chinese finger trap. It was a tube made of weaved
straw that when pulled contracted and grasped tightly whatever was in the tube.
With Carol’s clit sticking out inflamed with lust, Megan fitted the tube over it
and holding the base tight to the base of Carol’s clit, she pulled it up. The
straw tube then tightened and squeezed the clit tight. Megan kept the pulling
pressure on the tube and reached for a needle.
“You still want the stud to be horizontal instead of like yours through the hood
and clit?”
“Yes, mother. I want the strain totally on her clit. Soon with constant pressure
the weights I will attach to it will cause it to be permanently enlarged. I want
her pussy to be mine, large and open. It will also help to keep her clit hard
and pulled out for my attention.”
“As you wish. I think your slave will soon be totally at your command. These can
also be used for controlling her actions. I have plans to add to her harness to
give us more control over her without having to watch her every minute.”
Megan turned to her task and aligned the needle to the side of the clit tube.
Since the tube was made of straw, the needle went through it easily and entered
Carol’s clit from the side. Rachel had moved to straddle Carol’s head and was
laying down the length of Carol’s body. She could clearly see Megan work. She
was holding Carol’s head up into her pussy and was enjoying the attention of her
tongue. The scream that erupted into her pussy as the needle traveled into
Carol’s clit only made her squeeze her legs tight and come on her face.
The needle was pushed through Carol’s clit. Megan let it stay for a minute, then
pulled it through. She quickly took off the tube and took the last ring and
passed it through the bloody clit hole. Once the pliers had snapped the ring
lock tight, she bent and sucked on the bloody clit. The thrill of permanently
altering the teen’s pussy had made her hot. The taste of the blood oozing from
the clit as she twirled the ring with her tongue got her pussy streaming. Soon
her fingers were pumping into her own pussy and she was pulling on her own
nipple chain. Her orgasm crashed over her and she sat back and stroked Carol’s
ripe pussy.
The pulleys were lowered and the tit ropes released. The weights remained
attached to her nipple rings as she was released from the horse. Carol was
allowed for the first time to look down at her newly decorated pussy. She
touched the rings still pulling her pussy wide and the lone ring sticking
through her clit. The pain still lingered at each ring hole and her clit was
alive with pain. She didn’t have long to inspect her new rings as she was
directed to her knees and told to crawl around the barn. The picture of Carol’s
pussy pouting wide and decorated as she crawled made Rachel want to strap on the
dildo and fuck her right away.
Megan had instructed that Carol would need at least two days to help let the
ring holes heal. It would be difficult to keep from abusing her slave’s newly
decorated pussy, but she knew her mother was correct. The level of punishment
she would eventually be able to inflict with these rings made her moist. Carol
was sent back to her stall and secured. Rachel spent some time applying medicine
to avoid any infection. Once she and Megan were satisfied with Carol’s pussy
care, they both sat on her face and enjoyed a satisfying tongue-lashing.
Rachel’s cunt lapping culminated in her pissing into Carol’s mouth. What little
leaked out, she cleaned up with a moist cloth. She ended Carol’s day with a deep
kiss. Carol’s sleep was slow to come as the occasional throb of pain from her
pussy and the strange feeling of having her pussy and clit open to the air
bombarded her consciousness.
Whatever tomorrow would bring, Carol knew she would have to meet it with her
pussy open to the world.

Chapter Thirteen.

School had let out for summer and Rachel was able to take over the total
training of her pet slave. Carol was exercised with her usual cart trots but she
was allowed to avoid vibrators in her pussy and she kept her whip away from her
tender pussy rings. Her body continued to be strengthened and her legs could now
pull the cart at a good clip down the farms paths.
While Rachel tended to Carol, Megan began the task of editing and digitizing the
videos of Carol’s slavery. She had a full computer suite at the farm and she
kept in contact with other women that enjoyed similar use of slaves via her
Internet connections. She was now in the process of exchanging pictures and
videos with her most intimate mistresses.
She was also continuing to increase her finances by selling some of the most
provocative pictures to Internet porn web sites. She was making hefty royalties
for these pictures of Carol in her daily bondage session and the videos of her
getting fucked and tortured.
She had already gotten requests from other women to use Carol and her daughter
for sexual trysts. She doubted Rachel would ever be given to another woman
besides herself, but Carol was another story. She was being offered quite a bit
of money for an evening with Carol to use her to the extent of their
depravations. Megan had to think about Rachel’s college funding. She knew Rachel
would have to enter a large University with an exceptional track program to get
the exposure and training to make it to the Olympics. If Rachel could not get a
scholarship, money would have to be used to get her in a respectable school.
How to get Rachel to consent to Carol’s usage by another mistress would have to
be thought out. Megan was sure that her daughter would follow most of her
commands, but the long-term resentment giving her slave to another was something
Megan wished to avoid. She would have to come up with some bargain to get
Rachel’s consent. The money these wealthy mistresses were offering for Carol was
too tempting. She had confided with the most promising candidates on Carol’s
upcoming production of tit milk. This caused the price and urgency to jump. It
was just a matter of time until the continuous hormone treatment and daily tit
sucking and stimulation got her jugs producing tit milk.
She looked forward to drinking Carol’s tit milk daily. She sat down and
completed an Email to a close mistress friend detailing Carol’s pussy piercing
and sent some pictures from last nights events. It wouldn’t be long now until
Carol was producing milk and the price of her company would make her a wealthy
woman. Could this demand for tit milking teens be turned into a continuing
enterprise? She would need more slaves to sell out. She pondered on the thought
of having a barn full of cow slaves being sold to wealthy mistresses, bringing
in enough money to make her comfortable for life as well as sending Rachel to
This plan would depend on Carol’s productivity and her desirability to the many
mistresses she contacted. Time would tell. She might even start giving the
hormone treatment to Beth. Her jugs were large and she was only thirty-three
years old. Plenty of time to make her the subject of Megan’s newfound desire for
tit milk.
It was on the fourth day after Carol received her pussy rings that Rachel made
the discovery about Carol’s tits. She had just finished Carol’s afternoon trot.
She could now use Carol’s pussy rings as well as her tit rings. Weights had been
attached to Carol’s clit ring and had pulled brutally as she ran. Her pussy lips
had been spread using the rings and rawhide strips. The site of Carol’s groin as
Rachel viewed it from the seat on the cart was too enticing to neglect. She had
stopped twice and fucked her with the strap-on dildo as well as sitting on her
face during the rest time.
She let Carol tend to her business in the field and then washed her with the
hose and soapy sponges. She got as wet as Carol and they kissed and hugged
during these wash sessions. She was dearly in love with her slave. The ability
to command Carol and inflict whatever punishment was such a rush of power that
her pussy seemed constantly wet.
It was time for Carol’s afternoon bondage session, and she had a special idea
for today. The rings attached to Carol’s body and a new butt plug she had just
received would provide the connections for Carol’s first shocking experience.
The latest in Carol’s series of butt plugs had a special addition. Small metal
plates were attached to the curved surface at the end of the plug. These plates
would be deep in Carol’s ass and provide maximum pain. An electrical plug
allowed for a wire from a battery pack now part of Carol’s waist belt to attach
to the plug. The end of the butt plug had a small red button on the end that
when pushed sent a mass of current to the metal plates on the end of the plug.
Yesterday, prior to attaching the battery pack to Carol, Rachel had tested the
strength of the shock by touching the plates and pushing the button. She had
been so jarred that she dropped the plug and her fingers tingled for a minute.
What that would feel like deep in an ass, she could only shiver with
Additionally, small attachments could be placed on each ring in Carol’s body
that would either send mild tingling sensations or be ratcheted up to painful
shocks. Today, Rachel would experiment with her slave and see the best way to
enjoy her new toys.
Carol was secured to the horse in a combination of massive rope restraints and
the rope pulleys spreading her body wide. She was placed on her belly, leaving
her pussy and ass open to Rachel’s attention. She knew her mother wanted to see
the results of the new harness she had bought, so she switched on the video
camera and aimed it at the bound teen.
Carol’s tits were pulled out on either side of the horse and the ring was used
to keep them fully extended. Rachel then blindfolded Carol as she wanted her to
be totally surprised when the first shock struck her. Once Carol was totally
secured, Rachel brought over a device that had a small dial and numerous
attached wires ending in clips. She began to attach each of these wires to
Carol’s rings and made sure the butt plug was deep in Carol’s ass.
She wanted to make this session a build up to the final butt shock and also to
give Carol pleasure throughout. She wanted her slave begging for sex even while
enduring the biting shocks. She started by slowly licking Carol’s bare open
pussy. Her clit ring still had a weight on it making it hang down a good inch.
It was now constantly stressed, even when she slept as were her nipples. Soon
this would make them stick out far even without weights. Permanent accessibility
was her goal.
The licking was causing Carol to buck back and mew in pleasure. Carol now
reached over and activated the wires attached to Carol’s nipple rings. She set
it on a low power that barely caused a nipping at Carol’s enlarged tit buds. At
first Carol was startled, but she soon found them only mildly annoying, or was
it sexually stimulating?
Rachel now strapped on the vibrating dildo and slowly began to fuck her slave.
She now began to activate the wires attached to her pussy lips. They would
strike randomly and Carol’s heat and bucking built. When Carol was getting close
to coming, Rachel hit the wire attached to Carol’s clit. The shock was strong
and caused the teen to jump in pain despite the sexual fire building in her
Rachel began to slowly work the plug in and out Carol’s ass in rhythm with her
pussy fucking. She would adjust the shocks now to play on Carol’s building
orgasm. When she thought Carol was getting close, she would fire off a hard
shock to one or more of Carol’s rings. This caused Carol’s nervous system to
short out and she would have to work back up towards her orgasm.
Carol was moaning and begging. “Oh Rachel, what are you doing to me? Let me
come. I’m going to die if I don’t come soon. Stop the shocks, please.” Carol
thought that this was the worst torture she could endure. She wanted to come so
bad that she was shaking her tits and clit weights to help build the sensations
that would drive her over the edge. When she was so close to coming that she
thought she would peak even with shocks to her tits or pussy, a massive eruption
of pain deep in her bowels totally fried her mind. She lost all ability to
consciously move her body. She just lay there until her mind began to register
the driving pleasure of the vibrating dildo pumping into her bloated pussy.
Rachel had only held down the button for a second to get this reaction from
Carol. She could not have been happier with her new ability to strike pain deep
in Carol at the push of a button. The new butt plug could also be activated by
radio control. Just imagining Carol’s flailing as she was shocked when no one
was near. The fear would be with her as long as she wore the plug. The new
harness and pussy rings would make sure the plug was deep in her ass all the
Rachel continued for another thirty minutes the alternating shocks and fucking
bringing Carol to a mass of quivering flesh. When she thought Carol could not
take anymore, she let her climax over the top, just letting the rings nip at
random to heighten her orgasm. Carol was leaning forward and pulling on Carol’s
nipples, milking them backwards as she pumped quicker. As Carol seemed to be
climbing down from her pleasure, Carol’s body put enough pressure on the button
to set it off. It took about five seconds of shocking before Carol pulled back.
The pleasure that was seeping throughout Carol’s body flared to white hot as the
butt shock rocked her senses. It didn’t kill the pleasure, but built on her
sexual sensitivities to send her right into another orgasm so strong that she
literally spewed her pussy juice on Rachel’s legs. Rachel came hard from this
strong fucking and Carol’s obvious reaction to her torture.
Nothing could make her happier then when she let go of Carol’s nipples and stood
back up straight, her hands were damp with a clear fluid. At first she thought
she had opened the wound from Carol’s nipple rings. But then she licked her hand
and found the fluid sweet. She pulled out of Carol and went to kneel by Carol’s
right tit. No bleeding was evident, but her nipple was definitely wet. She bent
forward, removed the wire and weight and began to suck on Carol’s nipple. She
was rewarded in a moment by another taste of what now she knew was Carol’s milk.
The milk soon stopped even though she continued to suck as if she could not get
enough. The taste had been intoxicating, but for now Carol’s right tit was
Quickly moving to the left she again got only a mouthful of tit cream until
Carol’s nipple stopped flowing. It would be enough for now, but Rachel was sure
with tits the size of Carol’s, soon she would be able to suck to her fill. She
went and kissed Carol’s dry mouth. “Oh baby, you are now my milk machine. I
think the shocks made you come the hardest I’ve ever seen. You could not stop
shaking and creaming on me. That must have been what started your milk flowing.
How did it feel to give me milk?”
“I can’t describe it right now. Get me down, I’m so sore all over. Did you
really get milk out of my tits? How is that possible? I’m not pregnant.”
“You would be amazed what being a slave will make your body do. For now, just
enjoy that I want you to be my milker. I will want to suck your tits dry from
now on. I can’t think of another way that we could be closer.”
By now Carol was released from the horse and was being hugged in Rachel’s arms.
They just rocked together until Rachel slide the vibrator dildo back into Carol
and fucked her, sucking on Carol’s ripe tits. They both collapsed in bliss and
rested in the approaching shadows of dusk. Two teens, one totally in control of
the other, yet linked by a love few could describe.

Chapter Fourteen.

Megan was so pleased to hear that Carol’s tits had started to produce milk. She
was now sure her mixture of hormones and constant tit stimulation could make any
young woman’s tits start to milk. She also knew that the amount of milk a girl
produced was directly proportionate to the demand. The more a tit was sucked and
nursed, the more would be produced. “I will arrange a schedule so you, Beth or I
are getting the maximum milk out of our new slave. The more we take the more she
should produce. I think I will go and get one of those breast pumps that draws
the milk into a bottle. Wouldn’t be great to have your morning cereal soaked in
your slaves tit milk?”
“Oh mother, you think of the most exquisite things. I’ll make sure she is
brought to full production. You should come and taste her milk. It is sweet and
“I’ll do that tonight, before we put her to bed. We will have Beth do the two
o’clock in the morning nursing. She can drink it tonight, but tomorrow Beth will
use the pump and get the milk for breakfast. I’m getting wet just thinking of
seeing those big tits squirt milk as she comes on my dildo.”
“Beth come her and lick me, I need to come so bad.” Beth crawled from her
kneeling position by the door to spend the next ten minutes servicing her
mistress in the long established sexual relationship they enjoyed. Beth was
given a mouth full of Megan’s cunt juice as a reward.
“You still are the best pussy eater, dear sister. I’ve trained you so well. Did
you hear your new task?” Beth nodded her head yes. “Good, tonight you can try to
get some milk from the teen, and tomorrow you will gather it for our use. I
trust you not to linger too long with the slave, as she needs her rest.” Beth
nodded her assent and a small smile shone on her face.
“Don’t think I don’t know you have been taking pleasures from Rachel’s slave,
dear Beth. I can tell when you have been getting off without my help. I will
have to think up some sort of punishment that is appropriate for your
presumptuous use of Rachel’s slave without her permission. But for now you may
continue to enjoy small pleasures from the teen. She must come to see her place
as the lowest of our clan. Anxious to do everything we ask to gain our favor.
Having her at the mercy of another slave can only add to that feeling. Do you
agree, Rachel.”
Rachel thought about what her mother was proposing and could not see any error
in her logic. She didn’t like sharing her slave, but she had to admit that
Carol’s desires for sex and acceptance to her slavery was well underway. She
would follow her mother’s advice. “I accept your wisdom, Mother. Beth can have
Carol lick her to orgasm when she is in charge of her training. She can also do
the late tit sucking as you suggested. In exchange, I expect to be able to take
certain liberties with her body as I desire. Is this agreeable?”
The sly smile that spread over Megan’s face expressed her agreement. “Of course,
mistresses sharing their slaves is one of the joys that keep us fresh and open
to new experiences. You may not have known this, but I occasionally loan Beth
out to certain trusted mistresses in exchange for the use of their toys or
sometimes monetary contributions. How do you think I was able to save up to buy
this farm? Beth has been a steady cash source for years.”
Megan stopped there after planting the seed that slaves could be shared and used
to make money. She didn’t want to push Rachel yet to share her slave, but the
time would come soon.
“Why don’t you go feed Carol dinner and then go for your evening run. I think I
want to play with your slave tonight and come to enjoy her tit juice. You don’t
mind sharing with me do you?”
“Oh mother, you know that Carol is as much yours as mine. I may be her primary
mistress, but you still rule this house and I still love serving you.” Rachel
caught up in the moment, stood and walked over to Megan. Megan looked fondly at
her daughter and rose to meet her in a strong hug. Megan reached for Rachel’s
chin and lifted it to her face. She bent and soon they were tied together in a
loving exchange.
“Oh mother, you are so beautiful. Could you please fuck me. I feel the need to
be yours to love.”
Megan was overjoyed by this sign of Rachel’s continued dedication to her. “Beth
run and get the dildo harness. My daughter needs some love that only her mother
can provide.”
Rachel had been brought to womanhood by her mother some years ago. She had grown
up seeing the mistress/slave relationship of Megan and Beth. It was only natural
that she desire to participate and experiment in their sexual relations. Rachel
had shared Megan’s bed many times as she grew up. Being held and stroked by her
mother was always a part of these times.
Rachel’s first sexual encounter with her mother came when she was eleven. She
had come upon Megan and Beth in bed together. Beth was between Megan’s legs and
was lovingly eating her to orgasm. The joy on Megan’s face was obvious. Rachel
wanted to be able to give her mother that kind of joy. She had quietly
approached the bed and stood watching. Her mother eventually noticed the budding
teen watching. She smiled and held her arms out for Rachel to join her. Beth
continued to lick and Megan brought Rachel’s head to lay on her breast.
Seeing her mother’s ripe nipple so close and inviting, she naturally began to
suck on it. This brought a sigh from her mother. Rachel became more aggressive
in her sucking and soon had both of her mother’s tits covered with her spit. She
then took a big step and pushed Beth out from between her mother’s legs and took
her place. Megan was concerned. “Do you really want to do what my slave does? If
you do, that means you are willing to submit to me sexually from this time on.”
Smelling her mother’s intoxicating pussy scent and looking at her clean shaven
pussy, Rachel could only say “Yes.”
From that time on, Rachel had been exposed to her mother’s world of bondage and
sexual slavery. It was her mother that had pierced her own daughter and laid the
rules of her existence. While Rachel now felt she was moving on in her own
growth as a mistress of Carol, she knew in her heart that she would always be
Megan’s slave. Not in the obvious way Beth was, but in a more loving devotional
way that only a mother and daughter could enjoy.
By the time Beth returned with the harness, Rachel’s face was wet from her
mother’s pussy juice. “Get on all fours and prepare to be fucked, my precious.”
Megan wasted no time strapping on the dildo and driving deep into her daughter’s
ripe pussy. She had removed the clit chain from its attachment to her nipple
chain. It now hung heavily down between Rachel’s legs, pulling her clit out for
all to see. Megan began to fuck her daughter with hard smooth strokes. She
reached up and took hold of the nipple chain behind Rachel’s neck. She used this
as a kind of reins to spur her daughter’s rutting back to meet her thrusts. With
her other hand she used a riding crop to strike Rachel’s upturned ass cheeks.
Rachel was no stranger to the mixture of pain and sex. She totally enjoyed these
fuck sessions as they brought her back to her true role in life. She had to
admit that being used by her mother was as sexually stimulating as using Carol.
While she may be a mistress to others, she would always be Megan’s slave.
With deep moans, mother and daughter spent themselves bringing the other to
orgasm. They were soon a tight ball of arms and legs, kissing and fondling in
the afterglow of sex. Beth curled up next to them and was brought into the fold
of lesbian love. The evening came before they roused themselves to tend to poor

Chapter Fifteen.

Carol had been tied spread eagle in her stall while Rachel went to dinner.
Rachel made sure that her pussy lips were tied wide and spread whenever she was
left alone. Her clit and nipples also were weighted to help make them grow.
Rachel wanted to make them always point and open for her pleasures. While the
pulling was annoying, she had gotten used to it by now. She quickly fell asleep
after her strenuous afternoon even with the distraction of the weights.
When Carol opened her eyes, she found it to be evening and her stall was totally
dark. She had been dreaming of Rachel licking her pussy and even now she felt
like her dream was real. She roused herself and now felt an erotic sizzling from
her crotch. Someone was licking her wide spread pussy and they were doing a very
good job. She could feel the long tongue licking all over her lips and deep into
her hole.
Since it was dark, she couldn’t make out who it was. “Rachel is that you. You
never licked me like that. It feels great.”
The only sound that she heard in response was the straw being pawed and then a
deep growl. Carol froze with the realization that it wasn’t a person licking
her. It had to be King, Megan’s German Shepherd. She let out a yelp and started
yelling for King to get away. She bucked her hips as best she could in bondage,
but the frenzied dog would not leave her pussy alone.
Carol would have kept squirming and yelling but King got excited and started
nipping at her pussy. It really hurt and Carol lay still to keep from agitating
the dog. She must have been juicy from her afternoon loving with Rachel and King
had been attracted to it. He seemed to really like her flavor cause he kept his
muzzle and tongue working on her pussy. He kept hitting her weight tied to her
clit ring and this was driving her nuts.
Despite the depravity of having a dog between her legs, she couldn’t help the
slow rise of lust that his eager tongue was causing. She was already hot from
King’s licking while she slept and now her super sensitive pussy was crackling
for release. She writhed naked in a stall being brought to orgasm by a beast.
The whole degrading animalistic nature was still not enough to keep her from
coming. King kept up his licking and seemed content to lick her forever.
Carol was close to her second orgasm when King heard something that got his
attention. His head came up and his ears perked up. He listened for a second
then bolted out of the stall. Carol was left to hang so close to coming that she
couldn’t help calling for King to return. It took a few moments before Carol
realized the depths she was addicted to sex. She was willing to call for a dog
to get herself off.
She didn’t know if she would tell her mistresses about King’s visit. Her life
now was full of times of hardship and pain that any sexual pleasure was welcome.
She knew that unless she somehow broke out of this sexual and bondage cycle that
Rachel and Megan had forced on her, she would soon lose herself in the role of a
slave. Already she had came to enjoy the freedom from her parent’s neglect and
the understanding that she would not be faced with the ridicule and slurs of her
peers. Was this slavery so bad? She was more sexually alive than ever and the
changes to her body were bizarre and erotic.
She couldn’t believe that Rachel had gotten milk from her tits today. She had
been feeling her tits ache and swell for some time now, but she put that down to
the constant groping, pulling and beatings they endured. Now that they somehow
were producing milk she wondered where it all would lead.
Lying there in the dark contemplating her fate, she didn’t notice the approach
of Megan until her stall was fully opened and the light bathed her ripe bound
body. Megan stood tall and naked in the light. Hanging from her groin was the
dildo Carol had come to crave. “I can’t imagine a more intoxicating site than
this. You really are developing into a beautiful young slavegirl. You know I
still can’t believe how lucky we were that you just fell into our laps.”
Megan was now moving to release her leg bonds and then came to sit straddling
Carol’s belly. She moved her hand over Carol’s face, arms and tits. She took the
two large tit rings and used them to pull her tits out to their full size. She
removed the nipple weights and replaced the ring for a small stud. She then
began to squeeze each tit like she was milking it. Applying pressure at the base
and then working up to the nipple. She lay down over the teen’s body and rubbed
her own tits over Carol’s monster tits.
She bent and kissed deeply of Carol’s lips. “Oh girl, I have such plans for you.
You’re going to make Rachel very happy. These milk tits will keep us satisfied
for years to come. Did you know that women sometimes nurse their babies up to
five years? Theoretically, as long as you are properly stimulated you will be
making milk as long as we milk you. And we plan to keep these babies squirting
for a long time.”
By now she was licking Carol’s fat tits and was taking each nipple into her hot
mouth. She also moved her hips to grind the dildo up and down Carol’s wide
spread clit. She reached down and released the clit weight as it was getting in
the way. She moved up for another bout of French kisses and guided the dildo
deep into her slit in one long stroke. Carol moaned in lust. This was the first
time Megan had fucked her in the missionary position. She couldn’t help wrapping
her legs around Megan’s thighs as she fucked her.
“Oh mistress that feels so good. Fucking you is so sexy. Harder.”
Megan loved the look of lust on Carol’s face. This teen was open to any sexual
encounter her mistresses decided to inflict on her. Now she had to get Carol to
equate milking with her sexual satisfaction. A good hard fucking while she
sucked away at her tits was Megan’s way to accomplish this task.
“Don’t worry little slave. I plan to keep having you fucked and sucked till that
is all you want to do. And you will also come to understand that you will endure
whatever pain and damage to this lovely body to get that pleasure. You’re
already addicted to this dildo, aren’t you?”
Carol didn’t want to believe what Megan was saying about her. But her recent
orgasms brought on by a dog and the thundering fire now churning in her pussy
made that denial lame. As Megan chewed on her nipples and sucked and milked
them, the hard driving dildo could not be denied. She crashed into her first
orgasm, bucking and gripping her legs even harder around Megan’s ass.
“That’s right slave, come for me. I think I got a little milk and I plan to fuck
you until I get a lot more.” Megan was now sucking hard on her right nipple and
squeezing it up to get more into her mouth. Her hips didn’t stop there slow
grinding deep into Carol’ pussy pit. When Carol was getting close to her second
orgasm Megan reached under Carol’s ass and groped for the button on her butt
plug. She found it and with her lips tight around Carol’s nipple she pressed it
down for two seconds.
Carol let out a yell and her body arched up and went rigid. Megan even felt a
tingling in her mouth and then was rewarded for her hard sucking with a mouthful
of tit milk. She kept up her fucking and got about two more mouthfuls before
Carol’s right tit went dry. She slid up and kissed Carol letting some of the tit
milk leak back into Carol’s mouth.
“That’s what your milk tastes like, slave. Isn’t it so sweet and delicious? I
know I’m hooked on it. Do you like the taste?”
Carol was startled when the liquid entered her mouth during the kiss. She tasted
its flavor and found it tasted like sweet milk. To drink her own tit milk was
just too much for her. “Yes mistress, I like it.”
“I’m sure you would. It will be a part of your existence now. You’re my cow girl
slave. Now for a little more. There must be some in your left tit.”
Megan repeated the slow fucking and tit chewing on the left tit. Carol had
another orgasm and then one that seemed to go on forever when Megan hit the butt
shock. The warm tender feeling from her tit as Megan drank her tit milk as she
came could not be described.
When both her tits were sucked dry, Megan sat back and took off the dildo. She
scooted up and sat on Carol’s face and laid back over Carol in the classic
sixty-nine position. Carol tended to Megan’s inflamed pussy. Megan had come once
during the fucking and sucking but she still wanted more. As Carol’s tongue dug
into her pussy, Megan played with Carol’s clit ring. She pulled and twisted it
to see how big and how far she could get it. Carol’s pussy lips were now large
and seemed to be getting more so each day.
Megan was pleased at Rachel’s plan to alter Carol’s pussy to her tastes. Maybe
she would begin a special addition to Beth. With tonight’s erotic sex and the
new dimension of tit milking Carol, she had decided to begin Beth’s hormone
treatment tomorrow.
Her contemplation was interrupted by the building heat in her pussy. “Suck my
clit, slave. Harder, suck it in and chew on it. That’s good, oh yes, Yes.” Megan
blasted a load of pussy juice on Carol’s nose that was now deep into her pussy.
She slowed her grinding and sat up. Carol’s whole face was covered with her
cream. “You are getting good at that. I’m sure it will be appreciated. You will
serve your mistresses well. That’s all for now. Beth will be in a few hours to
see if we can get more milk out of you. Are you thirsty?”
“Yes mistress, and I have to pee.”
“I’ll have Beth come out in a few minutes to tend to your needs. We must keep
you fully hydrated if we want the maximum milk out of you. I think I will rig up
some kind of water trough for you to drink out of when you are here in the
stall. You won’t be able to do it laying on your back in bondage. We will have
to come up with another way to keep you here in the stall and yet meet our
desire to keep you under our control.”
Megan gave Carol’s tits one more lick and squeeze and a kiss on the forehead
then left the stall. Carol was left to digest the full extent of what Megan had
just revealed about her upcoming fate. She had really enjoyed the feeling in her
tits when her milk had let down and Megan had sucked her dry. The fucking, even
with the shock was still making her pussy tingle. Being their milk machine would
be a small burden in exchange for that kind of attention.
It was a smiling teen that greeted Beth as she untied her to lead her outside
for her nightly business. King came bounding up and sniffed at her crotch. Beth
kicked at the inquisitive dog. “Get away, King. You’re not getting any of this
Carol almost told Beth about King’s new interest in her pussy, but couldn’t
bring herself to tell the tale. She went to bed looking down at her tits,
knowing that they would become very important to her worth to her mistresses.
Sleep came slow, as she listened to King pawing at the door of her stall. The
dog soon gave up and went to sleep.
“I guess I’ll be leading a dog’s live from now on.”

Chapter Sixteen.

The next two weeks past by for Carol in a haze. She was now the families milk
source and her tits were really growing to show their usage. Beth had been
applying lanolin ointment to her nipples to keep them from cracking and becoming
sore from the constant demand. She was sucked regularly and Rachel was hooked on
the flavor. She often stopped her daily runs for a drink and even offered
Carol’s own tits up to her for a taste. Her tits were so large now that she
could bend her head and pull her own nipples up to drink her milk.
This was highly erotic and she got moist and usually fucked as this was going
on. Rachel was also being more demanding in her performance as her pony cart
slave. She measured out a quarter mile track and would time Carol’s ability to
pull her and the cart at the fastest time. For some reason Carol was interested
in making Carol a fast trotter.
“Come on slave, run you fat titted cow. How are you ever going to be competitive
if you pull at such a slow pace.” At these sessions where Rachel was trying to
get the fastest time out of her, Rachel would be merciless with the whip. She
turned her ass and back bloody to get the most out of her slave. She would
always clean and tend the wounds she inflicted on Carol, but her brutality and
lack of caring that she was leaving permanent scars scared Carol.
She now knew that she was just a toy for these bizarre women to use and abuse.
Why she didn’t try to resist must have been some deep character flaw, or she
just could not bring herself to depart from the electrifying sex. Whatever the
turmoil that plagued Carol’s mental and physical existence, her life now that
she had been a slave for over a month was clearly established. She had been
naked now except for her bindings and harness for so long that wearing clothing
seemed unnatural. She was now so accustomed to crawling on her hands and knees,
that when she ran bent over as a pony cart slave, she had to adjust to the new
Carol was no longer tied spread eagle in her stall each night. Megan had
arranged a clever and very effective way to keep her in her place and yet let
her be able to crawl around her stall to drink and relieve herself as needed.
She made some adjustments to the butt plug shocker that was a foolproof way to
keep the slave in her place. The plug had a new sensor attached that would
activate the shock either by remote control from a beeper-like device her
mistresses carried or would receive a constant signal if Carol went beyond a
certain perimeter. It was kind of like those invisible dog fences. If Carol when
outside her stall when a transmitter on the door was activated, she would get a
nerve shocking jolt until she went back to her stall. Megan also had the farm
rigged with a larger perimeter sensor grid that would keep Carol inside a
proscribed area of the farmhouse and barn except when she went for her trots.
Megan and Rachel had come up with a special way to keep the butt plug in so
Carol could not remove it and avoid the shocks. They tried straps from the waist
belt to the butt plug but that could be loosened over time or rubbed or cut. The
only way to be sure that the plug stayed in place was to attach it somehow to
the cheeks of Carol’s ass. This gave Megan and Rachel another opportunity to
mark and ring Carol for their pleasure and control.
When the special invisible fence and the stall transmitters had been installed,
Carol was brought out and secured to the bondage horse. Carol was now very
familiar with this bondage method and did not expect anything more than a hard
fuck or some other bondage episode.
Once she was secure, Megan came and stood over the teen slave. “Carol, Rachel
and I want to add another set of rings on your body. This will insure your
status as our slave and also allow you a bit of freedom to roam around the farm.
Do you accept this addition to your body freely?”
The question now was a formality, as Carol had long ago forgone any ability to
resist what her mistresses wished to do to her. “Yes mistress, I accept whatever
you want to do to my body. I am yours to command. I am you slave.”
She knew that Megan liked her to state her position and show the proper
submissiveness at all times. She had no idea what was in store for her so she
waited in terror bound to the horse. Megan and Rachel then moved to her ass and
began to feel and pinch her butt cheeks. She could not see what they were doing,
but she had a sinking fear that her ass was going to be the object of this new
The next thing she felt was a section of her butt cheek being squeezed by some
kind of tool and then a burning pain as a needle was driven through her butt
flesh. Carol screamed from the pain but the needle was sharp and it was through
in a matter of seconds. A second pinching and piercing occurred on her opposite
butt cheek. The piercings has been in an up and down path. Once Megan was
satisfied with the positioning of the needles, she drew them out and slipped
two-inch diameter rings through the holes. They were the special self-locking
rings, just like those her nipples and pussy bore.
Once the rings were secured, they could be bent towards her asshole and attached
to the base of the butt plug by a lock. With the lock in place, the butt plug
could not be removed without tearing out the rings from Carol’s ass cheeks.
Since the rings were deep in the flesh of her ass, this was not something she
would dare to try even if she wanted to.
The butt plug now was a constant attachment to her person except when she was
allowed to do her business, and then her arms were bound and a leash was
Carol resolved herself to living within the bounds that her mistresses placed on
her. Carol learned the extent of her freedom by trial and error. She was now
allowed to roam free during certain times of the day when she was free from
exercises, chores, or bondage sessions. She would have to remain on her hands
and knees during these times, but at least she had some freedom to explore. She
could usually be found lying on the front porch with King waiting for her
mistresses next task or milking.
A special bondage attachment was placed on her during these times when she was
given some freedom to keep her on her hands and knees. A tight leather cuff was
placed just above her knees and a strong leather strand was attached to it. This
strand was threaded through her large tit ring and then attached to another
leather cuff attached just above her elbow. The length of the strand was just
enough to keep the arm and leg in position when she remained on her hands and
What this did was not allow her to stand without driving her elbow through her
chest via the tit ring. She could crawl by moving her left arm and leg forward
then her right arm and leg. To try and rise and walk would put her in an awkward
squatting position with her legs pulling down on the strand, smashing her arms
into her chest and ripping her tit rings out.
This was the state of Carol the milk tit pony cart slave after only a month of
Megan and Rachel’s constant pleasure and subjection. She knelt contentedly in
the afternoon sun waiting for Megan to take her for her afternoon trot. This had
been an unusual day because Rachel had left for three days to a track seminar at
a University in a neighboring city. Meagan had taken over her total training
during Rachel’s absence.
She almost didn’t know what to do when she saw a strange car drive up the long
access road to the farm. She rose to her knees and called to her mistress.
“Mistress, someone is coming, should I go to the barn or into the house?”
Megan came out, clad only in a leather vest and panties and looked at the
approaching car. “No slave, stay right where you are. This is a friend that will
not be concerned with your nakedness or condition. Lay down and stay there until
I call you.
Rachel had yet to endure being shown to others besides Megan’s clan. While she
knew that she had been filmed extensively for over a month in all her misery,
she now had to bring herself to stay meekly in place. How should she act with
anyone else besides Rachel, Megan or Beth? She would have to wait and see what
this new twist brought to her life.
Megan came down the steps and waited for the car to arrive in the yard. When it
stopped, Carol could see a woman driving. She waved to Megan and got out of the
car. When she did, a large dog came bounding out to run around the yard and
began playing with King. Megan walked up and hugged the new arrival. It was
obvious that these two were intimate with each other by the way they held each
other and talked.
“My dear Anna, It has been too long since we shared each other’s company. I miss
being with one so much like myself. How have you been?”
“Megan, you look beautiful as always. I am getting older, but hopefully not so
fast that I can’t still enjoy life. I just loved the videos you so kindly sent
me. I just love the idea of making a slave a milk cow. How did you think of it?”
“Oh, you know I always was talented in biology and physical training. I just put
that knowledge to use when our new toy fell into our hands. She has been
producing now for over two weeks and her volume is increasing each day. It
should level off soon, but by then she will be keeping us well supplied. She
enjoys her slavery and is most happy being our sex toy.” Megan and the new
mistress Anna were now walking up the steps. Carol heard the last of their
conversation and had to agree in the bottom of her lusty heart that it was true.
“Slave, come over her and present yourself to Mistress Anna. Escort Ankara She is a dear
friend of mine and you will obey her just as you do me. Is that understood?”
Carol rose to her hands and knees and began to crawl over to the pair of
mistresses. “Yes mistress, I am yours.”
Mistress Anna was a striking woman. She stood just under six foot tall and she
carried herself as someone who was used to being served. She was a redhead and
had full firm breast and shapely ass and legs. She was wearing a loose blouse
that showed her braless breasts to all. Her short black leather shirt showed off
her feminine features quite well. Her dog bounded up the steps and began to
sniff and inspect Carol, who just froze at the dog’s attention.
“Strike, get away from the slave, she is not yours to play with. Go romp with
King.” Mistress Anna, grabbed the dog’s collar and pushed the dog down the
steps. Then she stood over Carol and began a thorough inspection. She knelt down
and looked at the wide spread cunt and their rings. She felt-up Carol’s massive
tits and was gratified to see a small wetness at her nipples from her stroking.
She was curious about the butt rings and the plug.
“Megan, why did you have to lock the butt plug tail onto her with these rings?
Couldn’t a simple strap keep it in place?”
“This little slave has the run of the farm now due to that little butt plug. I
rigged it up with a very powerful electronic shocker that keeps this cow from
straying from the yard. I put one of those invisible fences up around the house
and yard so if she goes too far, she will be sent into agonizing pain deep in
her bowels. It has proven a very useful device in her control. I also have a
remote control that will activate the shock at my wish. It drives her crazy not
knowing when she will get a little zap. So we had to make sure she could not
remove the plug. We decided that ringing her butt deeply like you see would keep
her from pulling it out. She would have to rip those solid rings out of her
flesh to get it out, or find a hacksaw and cut the lock.”
“Most ingenious. Does she know her limits around the farm? How do you get her
past the sensors when she goes for trots?”
“There is a master switch somewhere on the farm that turns of the net. I will
tell you where it is when we are alone. I have missed you so. Do you want to
come in for lunch and freshen up? I’m just dying to show you some of our slave’s
latest videos. They get me so hot. I think we can enjoy ourselves for a while
and catch up on things. Then I will let you have a trot with our slave and get
to know her.”
Anna got up from admiring Carol and took Megan’s hand. They walked into the
house arm in arm. Megan called back, “Slave, go do your business and be ready in
the barn when Anna is ready to take you for a run.”
Carol listened to the two go deeper into the house. She had not been inside it
since the night she faked her running away. She wondered when they would deem
her properly trained to become a house pet? For now she obeyed her mistress and
went to the back field and pissed. She then crawled back to the barn and decided
to get a good drink from the water trough that they had rigged up in her stall.
She was on her hands and knees drinking when she heard King and Strike come
running into the barn.
Carol thought nothing of it until she felt a cold wet nose on her cunt lips. She
swung her hips around, trying to keep her exposed pussy from the large beast.
The dogs had gotten a scent of her pussy juice which had been worked up from
Anna’s deep inspection strokes. They now became aroused and Carol noticed their
rapidly enlarging pricks. She kept trying to keep them away but with two of them
they seemed to be all over her. They began to nip at her back as they tried to
mount her and she felt their paws scrape her skin.
When King almost got a solid bit on her tit, she just knelt down and tried to
protect herself as best she could. Unfortunately for Carol, this left her behind
total open and Strike was the lucky one to jump on Carol’s back first. He rutted
into her pussy area for a few misguided strokes until he found her wide spread
hole and plunged in. His prick was not as large as the dildos that her
mistresses used on her, but it was big enough to slide deep into her pussy. She
let out a moan and tried again to get the dog off her back, but his paws were
wrapped tightly around her waist and he could not be shrugged off because
Carol’s harness would not let her reach around without ripping her tit rings
She gave up her efforts after seeing her futility and lay quietly to hopefully
let the dog finish and get off. She felt so ashamed to be used by a dog, but how
else could the dogs view her but a bitch to be used. She crawled on all fours
and her pussy was always juicy. She felt the dog pounding into her well spread
pussy and couldn’t help begin to notice the spark of fire start in her clit as
it was rubbed by his hard fucking. The small tingle built quickly. Her super
sensitive pussy could not help coming alive no matter the source of the
A low moan came from Carol as her juices began to flow freely and she slowly
began to push back to meet Strikes fucking. A small voice in her head asked how
she could be enjoying this and calling her the lowest of names but it still
didn’t stop her from reaching an orgasm from being dog fucked. She was breaking
out in a sweat now and thought the dog would be done soon, but he just kept on
pumping. She cried out during her second come before he started fucking in what
felt like double his previous thrusting rate. She felt Strike squirt his sperm
deep in her pussy and this brought her orgasm over the top and it seemed to last
so long she thought she was going mad.
The limp dick of Strike slid out of her oozing pussy and he went and got a drink
from Carol’s water. She just lay there, face hidden in her arms from the shame
at being fucked and coming with a dog. She was just about to get up when King
hopped up on her back and spiked his dick deep in her drooling pussy with one
stroke. He must have wanted what Strike had just had and he held on tight to
Carol’s waist to get it.
Carol again tried to free herself but failed. Again she enduring a hard fucking
and came twice with King. When the dogs were done, they trotted out to find some
other fun. After some time, Carol came to her senses and went out and rubbed her
pussy on the grass to get as much off of her as she could. She couldn’t stand
the humiliation that telling her mistresses of this incident would cause her.
How do you tell someone that two dogs raped her and she came four times in the
She crawled back into her stall and got the stall door closed enough to keep the
dogs out. She lay there waiting for Mistress Anna to come and begin her
afternoon workout. She already felt that she had a workout from the sex but she
knew that would not count to this new mistress. She hoped she was a kind
mistress and would not give her too much pain along with whatever loving she
wanted. It was a completely submissive teen slave that awaited her next session.

Chapter Seventeen.

Megan and Anna had a quite lunch served by Beth, where they caught up on what
was happening in their circle of mistresses. Anna seemed to know the entire dirt
on whose slaves were the best and where the next meetings would be to show off
exceptional slaves. She relayed the jealousy that had rippled through the
community at having come up with a way to get slaves to become milkers. Megan
had received many offers already to divulge her technique. As yet Megan had been
playing I’ve got a secret. She knew her little addition to slaves would make her
much profit in renting out her milker slaves and didn’t want to ruin the
After lunch Megan explained the typical afternoon training of Carol and stated
some ground rules. Carol could be whipped and used sexually to Anna’s
contentment. Any permanent markings would not be allowed and if any did happen,
Anna would have to endure the same treatment. Anna understood the rules and was
now anxious to get her hands on Carol. Megan accepted Anna’s check for two
thousand dollars and sent her out. She instructed Beth to assist Anna in any way
she chose. Beth would also activate the hidden cameras she had placed throughout
the barn. These would capture all of the activity and could be used for later
sale or given to Mistresses as gifts. Megan then went back to her computer
system to see what other mistresses had taken up her offer to visit her farm.
Anna strode to the barn determined to get her money’s worth from this little
slave. She found Carol in her stall with the dogs pawing on the door. Anna had
Beth take the dogs outside and went in and kneeled beside the trembling teen.
She began to fondle Carol in all her intimate places. “Did those dogs scare you
my little bitch? I think you already know how they can use a little bitch slut
like you.” She had found Carol’s oozing pussy and guessed they had been fucking
“Do you like being fucked by dogs? Is that what you do when your not being used
by your mistress? I don’t think Mistress Megan knows about your little antics
with the dogs, does she?”
Carol was mortified. She had been found out at last that she was a dog fucker.
“No Mistress Anna, I have not told them about the dogs fucking me. I really
didn’t want it to happen but they started biting me and I had to stay still
while they used me. Please don’t tell Mistress Megan.”
Anna thought she had a way to get a little more pleasure out of this slave by a
little blackmail. She would tell Megan anyway, but for now it would be fun to
see what Carol would endure to have her not tell her secret. “Well, if you
promise to be a good slave and follow my ever wish I’ll keep your secret.”
Carol leaned into Anna and rubbed against her legs. “I’ll be your loving slave,
Mistress Anna. How can I please you?” Anna removed the restraints that kept
Carol on her knees and had her roll over on her back. She stood over the teen
and slowly removed her blouse and leather skirt. She stood naked and stared into
Carol’s eyes. Carol looked up at the marvelously sculpted body of Mistress Anna.
Not an ounce of fat and her pussy was clean, as was the norm for Mistresses.
Anna slowly sat on Carol’s belly and began to play with her tit rings. She bowed
her head and inspected the sturdiness of the rings and the size of Carol’s
engorged nipples. She was truly impressed with the length and fullness of the
nipples and used the studs in each to roughly pull them even longer. She was
rewarded for her efforts by a small squirt from Carol’s right nipple. “You must
be ready for milking my little toy. When was your last milking?”
“After breakfast, Mistress. Please suck them, I’m so full they hurt.”
“We can’t have that, besides I can’t wait any longer to taste you.” She bent her
mouth to Carol’s ripe right nipple and began to suckle. She was immediately
surprised by a steady stream of tit milk that tasted sweet. She continued to
drain Carol’s right tit for what seemed ten minutes then sat back. “Oh that was
so good. But I’m full for now so we’ll save your left tit for later.” Carol gave
a mournful sigh and tried to put the fullness of her left tit out of her mind.
Anna was now sliding her body down Carol’s and was inspecting her pussy and her
wide spread ringed lips. Her clit was as large as the last two knuckles of
Anna’s pinky finger and stood out hard from the stud and weight that were
attached to it. Anna put the weight up on Carol’s mons and began to gently lick
Carol’s slit. Carol was already rising to sexual heat from the tit suckling and
now she quickly began to spill her cunt cream onto Anna’s tongue.
Anna was surprised by the responsiveness of this little slave and soon had Carol
close to coming. She stopped every so often to tease the bucking teen and
finally got up leaving Carol oh so close to release. Carol knew better than to
beg for orgasm, as this was a favorite torture that both Megan and Rachel
inflicted on her. Anna got a leash from a hook and attached it to Carol’s collar
ring. She was then forced to crawl out of her stall to her pony cart that Beth
had waiting. While Beth expertly secured Carol to the cart, Anna went to her car
and retrieved a small backpack, which she placed in the cart and stepped up into
the seat. “We’ll take a little run to see if you have the endurance your
mistress claims you have. I want maximum effort out of you or I’ll tell our
little secret.” Carol could only nod her head as the bit in her mouth prevented
normal speech.
With a flick of the pony whip, Carol began to trot out of the yard and down the
path that would take her deep into the barn. Anna was a pro with the whip. She
quickly came to enjoy the steady movement of the cart as Carol pulled at a brisk
trot down the path. She would snap the sides of Carol’s tits every so often to
get a scream from the teen just to keep her amused. She loved how Carol’s pussy
was wide open from the rings on her lips and how the clit weight hung obscenely
down between her running legs. She knew that had to hurt and also cause constant
sexual stimulation. This creature was surely now a being of pain and pleasure
that could not separate the two. She doubted that this slave would ever again be
able to return to a normal domestic sex live. She was now a slave and would
remain so her whole life.
After about two miles of trotting, Carol was in need of a rest so Anna pulled
the cart into a clearing near a creek that had some tall elm trees along its
banks. Anna got down and stroked Carol like the good beast of burden she was.
“That was an excellent trot, slave. I love your tight thighs and strong butt.
You will be a prize show trotter by the end of the summer. But now I have other
plans for your body. You see, I love to inflict pain on tender young creatures,
like yourself and this remote spot will be just the place to practice my
Carol’s eyes begged for mercy but she knew that this mistress would soon have
her screaming no matter how hard she begged. Anna carefully released her from
the cart, but kept tight control over the slave by linking her arms behind her
back and a leash to her collar. She took Carol to a tree and tied the leash to a
branch. Then she went back to the cart to retrieve her backpack. She pulled some
rope out and tied the rope to the bound wristbands. She then threw the rope over
a branch and began to pull Carol’s arms up behind her back. This caused Carol to
bend at the waist, as the strain on her arms increased. Satisfied with Carol’s
agonizing position she tied off the rope and stepped close to fondle her
subject. By now Carol’s left tit was full to the bursting point could be seen
leaking. Anna took her finger and wet it from the dangling udder. She tasted the
sweet nectar. “You must be thirsty after that little trot, would you like
something to drink?
“Yes mistress,” was all that came out of the strained voice of the bound teen.
Anna took the full left tit and raised it to Carol’s dangling head. Feeling her
own nipple brush against her lips, she opened her mouth and began suckling on
herself. This was not the first time, and she had come to enjoy this sensation.
The awkward position and not having the use of her hands caused the tit to fall
from her lips when Anna released her hold.
“Are you done drinking already? I would have thought you would have been
“I am Mistress, but the nipple slipped out of my mouth when I sucked.”
Well, we’ll just have to come up with a way to keep that fat tit up at your lips
without using your hands. She went over to her backpack and removed a small pair
of pliers and brought them to Carol’s bound form. I think that we will add
another hole that will keep you from loosing that nipple. I’m going to pierce
the cartilage far up in your nose so no one will see it but you and I will know
its there. This is part of your payment for me keeping your secret. You will
tell no one, do you understand?
“Yes Mistress. I will tell no one.”
“Good, I will now add a hole in you nose and add a ring to better handle you.”
She took a good hold of Carol’s hair and held her head steady. She then brought
the pliers which had a sharp spike sticking out of one claw and an opening for
the spike in the other. She stuck the pliers up Carol’s nose about a half inch,
just out of sight and slowly brought the claws together. The sharp spike pierces
the nose cartilage in one agonizing stroke. Carol let out a scream that made
Anna moist. Carol tried to flail but Anna held her firm. She released the grip
on the pliers and dropped them, quickly taking a ring she had readied; she stuck
it up her nose and snapped it shut. The one-inch diameter ring flared out
Carol’s nostrils. Carol’s eyes were watering from the pain in her nose and she
stamped her feet in weakness.
Anna took a small clip and pulling Carol’s left tit up used it to secure Carol’s
large tit ring to the nose ring. Now Carol’s nipple stood up against her lips.
“There, now that fat tit won’t fall and you can suck to your heart’s content.
Drink up bitch, I have more plans for your body.”
Anna went and found a strong stick about three feet long with large knobs and
Y-shaped branches on the ends. She used this to spread Carol’s legs wide using
her ankle rings. This caused even more stress on her arms as she was forced to
spread her legs. Now, her pussy was totally open and Anna began to play with her
nether lips. She added another weight to Carol’s clit ring and saw it sag
grossly downwards. She licked its long distended length and could see Carol’s
sexual reaction. She began to work her fingers into Carol’s spread pussy. She
twisted her hand left and right to force Carol’s pussy wide and squeeze her palm
into her cunt’s depths. Anna’s hands were not large and she quickly thrust her
hand deep into Carol’s gapping hole. Carol was now in an exquisite mixture of
pain and lust. Her arms were now screaming in pain from the continued pull of
the rope. Her nose still ached from the ring as it held the weight of her left
breast up to her lips. She couldn’t stop sucking and biting her nipple now that
it was right there at her lips. And now her pussy was being fucked by Anna’s
fist as she knelt and licked her clit.
Carol was awash in a sexual haze and came with a gushing discharge of cunt juice
on Anna’s arm. Anna loved to inflict this torment and her juices were flowing as
she felt Carol’s pussy spasm. She now noticed a red button on the butt plug that
she hadn’t seen until now. Wondering what it did she pressed it with her free
hand. Carol’s startled reaction and the tingling on her tongue as she was
licking Carol’s clit at the time brought a crazed smile to Anna’s face.
“I had forgot about your restraint plug. That must have hurt.” She continued to
slowly grind her fist into Carol’s cervix, lick her pussy lips and clit and
zapped her bowels till Carol came twice. She slowly withdrew her hand and moved
to Carol’s head. He unclipped Carol’s tit from her nose and put her wet hand to
Carol’s lips. “Be a good girl and lick my hand clean.” Carol still in a daze
opened her eyes and saw Anna’s dripping arm. She opened her mouth and began
licking it clean. Anna stuck her fingers into her mouth and Carol sucked them
Anna was now ready to take Carol’s pain to a new level. She went to her backpack
and got her bullwhip. She stood to Carol’s side and began snapping the whip in
the air. Carol’s face looked over in fear at the first snap and began to beg.
“Please Mistress, please don’t use that. It will tear me to pieces. NOOO.” Anna
brought her first stroke squarely against the side of Carol’s left tit. An angry
red welt rose immediately. Each of these strikes would leave a bruise for weeks
and Anna intended to decorate Carol’s body with dozens of these strips.
Crack, Crack, Crack. The strokes hit both tits, her ass, back, thighs and the
tender flesh next to her wide spread pussy. When Anna finally stopped. Carol’s
arms were near to being dislocated as she hung motionless in agony. Anna came
over released the rope holding Carol’s arms and she fell like a log to the dirt.
Anna rolled the stunned teen onto her back drawing a wail from the pain of
laying on her bruised ass and back. Anna straddled Carol’s face and sat heavily
on her mouth. “Lick it good bitch, or I’ll tie you up again and do this over
again.” Carol quickly drove her tongue deep into Anna’s spread lips and soon was
bringing her to orgasm as Anna leaned back and played with Carol’s tits. She
took pleasure in settling totally over Carol’s nose and mouth, cutting off
Carol’s air supply. She loved the bucking and struggling this caused as Carol
tried to dislodge her from her throne. After coming twice from this game, Anna
got Carol up and dragged her to the stream. She made her lay down into the cool
water and clean herself.
“Don’t drink that water unless you want to get sick. Get up and come kneel.”
When Carol trudged over and knelt before Anna, the leash was attached to her
nose ring. Carol was lead back to the clearing and tied spread eagle to the
ground. She had no idea what was to come but lying down was better then having
her arms pulled from their sockets. Carol then got a small squirt bottle and put
what looked like honey on her nipples, all over her pussy and generally dribbled
it on her legs and belly. She even stuck the bottle up her cunt and squirted a
bit deep into her hole. She then sat back and got a jar from her backpack.
Inside was a collection of beetles, biting ants and other gross insects.
Carol screamed in terror as Anna dumped the jar’s contents on her belly. She
shook trying to dislodge the bugs, but most stayed stuck in the honey. They
quickly spread over Carol’s writhing body and began to eat and bite. A
particularly large roach moved to her pussy and began to eat. It followed the
honey trail until only its back legs could be seen sticking out of Carol’s
pussy. Anna pulled Carol’s pussy rings wider and the bug disappeared. Ants
streamed over her nipples stinging as they ate. Carol’s screams were music to
the sadistic ears of Anna. She knew that the bites would itch for days and leave
angry marks all over her tender body. What they were doing to Carol’s mind was
even more twisted. Carol had always hated bugs and now to be their victim caused
something to snap in her brain. She kept twisting and crying, begging for
release. After the bugs had cleaned her body of the honey, which took a good
half-hour, Anna released her and instructed her to clean herself again in the
stream. She threw her a bar of soap and sat back and watched the teen run to the
water to rid her self of the bugs. She had to dig the bugs out of her pussy and
she still felt that she had missed some.
Anna called her back and fastened her to her cart. She took her whip and drove
the teen back to the barn at a relentless pace. She stopped a small distance
from the house and clipped the ring off of her nose. Now all one could see as
the damage to Carol’s body was the welts from the whip and the bug stings. What
cruel damage to Carol’s mind was deeper. Once back at the barn, Beth was waiting
and released Carol from the cart and led her to her stall and reattached her
restrains that kept her kneeling. Beth locked the stall door open and smiled as
the dogs began to sniff Carol’s pussy. Beth had replayed Carol’s confession to
Anna and now knew that Carol was a dog bitch. She would make sure the dogs had
constant access to this slave. It got her hot knowing what a total slut this new
slave was. It gave her a sense of superiority she had not felt in years. Anna
bid her farewells to Megan and taking her dog left the farm.
Carol was soon being pumped by King’s long cock. Her realization of her total
servitude to whoever her mistresses chose to lend her now gave her a new
hopelessness. What her body would look like when she was used up could only be
guessed. The damage done to her body would eventually leave permanent marks. She
now knew that no normal man would ever take her body after she was disfigured as
a total slave. What was left for her was a life of slavery to these mistresses.
She stopped thinking of anything long-term. Pleasure, humiliation and pain was
all that mattered. As her pussy heated up from the dogs thrusting, she settled
for this time of pleasure even if it was from a dog. Beth stood by and filmed
the scene. Megan would sell this for a good sum to the bestiality freaks she

Chapter Eighteen.

When Rachel returned from her track meet, she was furious at the condition of
her slave. She stormed at her mother about how Carol was her slave and that she
didn’t want her marked like she was now. This defiance to her mother lasted as
long as it took for Megan and Beth to strap Rachel down and give her a sound
trashing with a cat-o-nine tail whip. Carol could hear Rachel’s screams from the
barn. Rachel learned that while she was Carol’s mistress, Megan was still
Rachel’s mistress and thus had power over both. It was explained to Rachel that
selling Carol was needed to support Rachel’s education and athletic training. It
was a completely subdued Rachel, sporting bold red strips all over her body that
went out to take Carol for her morning training.
Rachel sat down in a stool and directed her slave’s head into her bald slit. As
Carol’s skillful tongue began to tantalize Rachel’s pussy, Rachel began to
outline the new ground rules as Megan had recently explained them to her at the
end of a whip. “From now on, you will be loaned out to other mistresses as my
mother feels is needed to supplement our income. You are extremely desired now
that you are fully trained and are my milker. I didn’t wish to share you, but
mother explained that we need the money to finance my education and training.
So, you will do this for me and I will love you more because you endure their
punishments to help me. Promise you will be good and not make any fuss when we
lend you out.”
Carol had been listening while she licked and now raised her head and looked
fully into the eyes of Rachel. She had become so dependent on her for her care
and what loving she received. She looked at the marks decorating her athletic
build and didn’t want her to get in any more trouble with Megan. She nodded her
head and said, “I will do as you wish. You are my mistress and now my body
belongs to you to do as you wish. I love you and will go where you send me. Just
promise you will take me back whatever the condition I am in and nurse me.”
Rachel smiled down at her slave and gently pulled her back to bringing her to
her morning orgasm. Carol’s routine went back to normal and she soon forgot
about being loaned out.
About two weeks later, when Carol was again away at a track meet, a paneled
truck pulled into the farm. A medium build woman about thirty years old opened
the side of the truck. Megan and the mystery woman talked for about five minutes
and an envelope was passed to Megan. Beth came and took her over to the truck.
She removed Carol’s harness that kept her on her hands and knees and took out
the butt plug. The woman then directed her to get into the truck. Carol looked
frightfully at Megan who nodded towards the truck. Seeing no way out and
remembering her promise to Rachel, Carol willingly got into the truck. The woman
then secured her to a mattress that was on the floor and soon the truck was
bouncing down the road.
The journey took some time and she fell asleep. She awoke when the truck’s
engine stopped. The woman released her from the mattress and gave her a raincoat
to put on. They were in some kind of garage basement and then went to a bank of
elevators. I must have been a big building because it had thirty floors. They
didn’t stop on any other floors on the way to their destination. When they got
to their floor, it seemed to be empty. She was lead to an office that had Dr.
Gail Black, OB/GYN on the door. She was taken into an examination room and told
to strip and get up on the table. It was a standard examination table with
stirrups. Once in position, the woman began to secure her to the table. Strong
restraints bound her arms, legs, torso and head giving her no latitude to move.
The woman took the adjustable stirrups and spread her legs to nearly 180
degrees. Her pussy and ass now hung over the table totally exposed.
Satisfied with her work, the woman then began to undress. She was quite pretty
and had a strong build. As she exposed portions of her body it became obvious
that she had been treated harshly by whoever owned her. Carol assumed that she
must be someone’s slave. She had rings in her nipples, and clit. What was most
scary, was the scars that could be seen on her back, ass, tits and thighs. Some
of the scars were inches long and must have been terribly painful until they
Carol tested her bindings and now came to realize she in the hands of a sadistic
mistress and had no way out. The other slave now began to assemble some tools
and set them up between her legs. The woman looked up at Carol and smiled
devilishly. “I have been told to remove all you pussy and ass hair for good. It
will hurt and you will never again grow back hair. Your mistress has gotten
tired of shaving you and has asked my mistress to have certain modification done
to you while you are our guest. This is but the first and least painful.”
Now Carol knew why her mistresses had allowed her pussy hair to grow in the last
week. It gave this slave something to work on. This began a one-hour torture
where electrolysis was performed to Carol’s suffering whimpers. Once complete,
her armpits were also attacked and soon she was hairless there as well.
The slave then made a phone call and used a wash cloth to clean up Carol. She
took great care to arrange Carol to present a desirable picture. Carol soon
heard someone approach the room and saw the other slave kneel and face the door.
When the door opened, the slave bowed her head to the floor and stayed there.
The obvious mistress stood at the door and surveyed the room. She was about six
feet tall, had a beautiful figure and all in all presented a striking example of
She gazed at the bound teen and appraised her as if Carol was a piece of meat.
Carol shivered under her stare. Finally satisfied with the display, she strode
to a closet and said, “Assist me to dress.” Her slave jumped to her feet and
helped her mistress remove her street cloths and done a merry widow outfit that
accentuated her full bust and long legs. The slave pulled her hair back and
braided it into a ponytail. Once she was dressed in her sexy outfit, the
mistress returned to the examination table.
“My name is Mistress Gail. This is my slave Kitten. You are mine to use, as I
desire. I paid a large sum of money to experiment with you and now that I see
you in person I don’t think I will be disappointed. I see that Kitten has
already taken care of your hair. Your pussy is nice and red. I have wanted to
play with a lactating slave for years and now I have my chance. I will conduct a
few experiments on your tits and see just how you react. My little Kitten will
be in charge of monitoring you while I rest. We have all weekend here and I may
give the staff off on Monday as well. By the time I am finished we will have
determined you exact capacity and milk regeneration rate. This is not going to
be sexual in any way. I am a scientist and also a sadist. Whatever sexual
pleasure you may receive while you are here will be because you are a pain freak
and maybe what Kitten wants to do to you. Let’s begin.”
“Even though we are the only ones here, we can’t have you making too much noise,
so we will but a gag on you.” A large ball gag was soon holding her mouth wide
open but no sounds but moans could get past it.
“First we must see what is your present milk production quantity. To do this and
be sure that we get all your milk we will need a better method of removing your
milk then through your nipples. I will insert a catheter into your main milk
duct and this will allow rapid discharge of your milk. I will also be able to
work the catheter deep into your milk glands to get all your milk. Now let’s
insert those catheters into these magnificent tits. While Mistress Gail busied
herself preparing her tools, Kitten stood between Carol’s legs and began to play
with Carol’s pussy lips and clit. She started twisting her clit stud. Her
actions distracted Carol from Mistress Gail only until Gail returned with a
scalpel in hand. She took one of her nipples in hand and told Kitten to pull up
on the embedded ring. She cleaned the area with disinfectant.
She stabbed the scalpel deep just below the nipple and areola junction. Blood
and milk began to ooze out of the wound. Taking a swab, she cleaned the incision
and found the main milk duct. She took a special catheter tube and inserted it
deep into the duct. This tube had small holes along the length that would allow
for the entry of fluid as well as an opening on the end. Carol’s screams would
have been piercing if they were allowed to be heard. She had broken out into a
sweat and even Kitten’s fingers pumping her pussy could not distract the pain.
Once the tube was fully inserted, Mistress Gail used stitches to secure it in
place and closed the wound.
Satisfied with one tit, Mistress Gail repeated the procedure on the other. When
complete, two catheter tubes stuck out of Carol’s areolas. Milk already was
filling the tubes up to the clamped off end. Kitten’s playful fucking now began
to trigger Carol’s typical reaction. “Not so fast Kitten, we don’t want our
little lab rat to enjoy this too much. If you make her come before I command,
you will be punished.” Kitten slowed her touching to keep Carol on edge but not
over the top.
“Now we will see how much you presently hold. Kitten, help me with the table.”
Mistress Gail and Kitten adjusted some controls and Carol’s table flipped so she
now facing the floor. Her massive tits hanging down like the udders they were.
Kitten attached a capture bag to each catheter and opened the valve. Milk began
to flow into the bag. Gravity was working well and soon each bag was half full.
“Hum, about a liter each. Now let’s see if we can get the last drops out. Kitten
use the clamps please.” Kitten got a series of plumbers ring clamps used to
tighten pipes. She opened them and started attaching them to Carol’s tits.
Beginning at the base where her tits meet her chest, she turned the screw that
tightened the clamp. Carol’s tits soon turned red from the pressure. The
pressure caused more milk to be squeezed from Carol’s abused boobs.
“Add the rest of the clamps but don’t tighten them until I tell you to. I want
her to feel the total effect of having her tits squeezed empty.” Kitten worked
diligently and soon Carol had five one inch wide clamps circling each tit. At a
signal from her mistress, she began tightening each clamp working from the chest
out to the nipple. More milk filled the capture bag and Carol squirmed and cried
from the pressure on her inflated tits. When Kitten had finished tightening each
clamp to the maximum, Mistress Gail checked the total milk in each bag. “Much
better, let’s take a break and enjoy this delicious milk. Bring the cookies
Each woman clamped off the catheter and took a milk bag to a nearby table.
Kitten retrieved some cookies from a cupboard. They sat together and chatted,
drinking the still warm tit milk and dunking cookies. Carol still hung upside
down looking at the floor and her abused, clamped tits. She wished she never had
big tits and wondered how much more of this she could take.
Fifteen minutes later, Gail and Kitten had finished their snack, put the
remaining milk in a refrigerator and came back to their experiment. “Now we must
see the total capacity of these tits. We will use the catheters in reverse. Turn
the table back over and take off the clamps on her right tit.” Carol was flipped
back over and Kitten started taking off the clamps. As the blood started flowing
back into Carol’s tit, the moans and groans grew louder. The marks left on
Carol’s tit where the clamps had bite into her skin left a decorative pattern.
“We will us a special mixture of saline and a mild irritant to test your tit
capacity. We will deliver the fluid into one tit at a time. This should be
interesting.” Kitten brought over an IV stand from which she hung a massive bag
filled with a bluish fluid.
“I put a blue dye into the fluid so we can see how the fluid fills you up.”
Kitten connected the catheter from her right tit to the hanging bag and looked
at her mistress for permission to start the flow. With a nod from Gail the fluid
began to flow. Carol’s tits were firm because of her youth and physical activity
so they didn’t sag much when she lay on her back. Now her tit began to fill and
it seemed to swell bigger and bigger, especially compared to her tightly clamped
left tit. When gravity finished its work, Carol had taken in over half the bag’s
contents. Her right tit felt like when she had missed many hours of nursing.
Mistress Gail was not finished yet.
“I think we can get more in there. I like how her tit is taking on a bluish
tinge.” She went over to the bag and began to squeeze it, forcing more of the
fluid down the catheter. Carol squirmed in agony as her tit bloated out to
outrageous proportions. The pressure began to cause the bluish liquid to squirt
out her nipple in a high arch. “Oh look at that. We have a leak. Kitten, clamp
that nipple shut. Kitten quickly got a large surgical clamp and squeezed it
closed over Carol’s distended nipple. The flow stopped but Carol bucked in pain.
Mistress Gail clamped off the catheter so none of the fluid would flow back up
and began to feel Carol’s massive right tit.
“That must be uncomfortable having all that itchy fluid in your tit. But it
makes it look so attractive. So prominent. I bet your mistress would love to see
this. She might want you this large always. Maybe some implant or we could just
leave the catheters in your tits and let her fill you up when she wants to.
Let’s get some pictures of this Kitten, one clamped tit and one gusher.”
Carol was moaning in constant pain now. The occasional caresses by Kitten went
unnoticed. The pain was too powerful. It felt as if her tit was about to
explode. It had taken on a distinct bluish color. What added to the pain was the
constant itching the irritant in the fluid caused. It was like a thousand ants
were inside her tit eating it alive.
‘Kitten, take a reading on how much we got in and then let’s do the same thing
to her left tit. I want some pictures of matching set of bloated knockers. Then
we will have some fun with this toy.”
Kitten worked efficiently setting up another bag and releasing the clamps from
Carol’s left tit. Soon, the blue fluid was filling her left tit as full as her
right. They put a clamp on her nipple first so no fluid would escape. Carol was
close to passing out from the pain, but that would spoil Mistress Carol’s fun. A
stimulant was given to Carol by injection that kept her fully aware of her
As Carol was subjected to her torture, Mistress Gail went and attached a massive
strap-on dildo to her crotch. She positioned herself between Carol’s widely
spread legs and began to push the dildo into her stretched pussy. Kitten had
positioned herself to the side of Carol and taken up a wicked cat-of-nine tails
whip. As her mistress slowly fucked their toy, Kitten began slashing the whip on
Carol’s engorged tits. Soon, stinging red marks could be seen on Carol’s blue
tits. Each whip brought new pain to tits already in agony.
Mistress Gail quickened her thrusts, each ramming into the bottom of Carol’s
teenage cunt. She pinched and pulled on her pussy lips and clit ring. Twisting
the ring and pulling it out to torment the teen. Despite the agony of her tits,
the fucking was making her pussy respond. How she could mix the pain and
pleasure to reach orgasm was unknown to Carol, but she soon gushed her pussy
juice down Gail’s fake dick.
“Now Kitten.” Was all Mistress Gail said. Kitten knew what to do. She took the
clamps off Carol’s nipples and continued whipping. The blue fluid began a steady
stream from each tit. Arcing straight up. Kitten began using a riding crop on
Carol’s tits since it would push deeper into her tits and cause more of the
fluid to squirt out. The release of the fluid brought Carol’s orgasm to
staggering heights that seemed to last forever. Gail was now bucking deep into
Carol’s cunt making slapping noises from each thrust. Carol didn’t know how she
was able to stay conscious. The drug they gave her must be keeping her awake.
Mistress Gail now came to her own climax from the portions of the dildo trusting
into her own pussy. She stopped pumping and removed the harness, leaving the
dildo deep in Carol’s cunt. Kitten stopped her cropping and began licking
Carol’s agonized tits. The brutalized tits now were stripped with wounds from
the crop and whip. The catheters protruded from the areolas and they still had a
blue tinge from the fluid still in her tits.
“Turn her over and drain the fluid out. I am going to rest for a while. You may
use her as you wish Kitten, but I want her ready for more fun in an hour or
two.” Mistress Gail left the room and Kitten turned the table over and started
the flow of the remaining fluid out of Carol’s tits. She sat next to the table
and vigorously squeezed each tit, milking the fluid out of her tits. When she
felt she got most of the fluid out, she turn Carol over and repeated the painful
filling of her tits with saline to flush out the blue fluid.
Another draining process and Carol’s tits seemed back to normal. The itching had
stopped and the fluid drained out was a milky color from her own production.
Kitten tilted the table so Carol’s head was lowered to crotch level. Kitten
straddled Carol’s face and lowered her dripping pussy onto Carol’s talented
tongue. A few pinches to Carol’s tits brought Carol’s attention to pleasing
Kitten’s urges. She rutted heavily on Carol’s face and sat so heavily that Carol
was having trouble breathing. This did not stop Kitten from using Carol to reach
two orgasms before tiring of standing on weak knees and sat down to rest.
Carol lay there with her face covered with Kitten’s juices. Her tits aching from
the recent whipping. She had to pee and begged to be released to answer natures
“Please let me go to the bathroom, I really need to go.”
“Don’t worry we will take care of your bodily functions right here in this
chair. I can’t release you until my mistress says so. I think an enema and
another treatment will take care of your needs.”
Kitten went to a cabinet and returned between Carol’s spread legs. Carol could
not see what Kitten was doing but she soon felt Kitten licking her pussy and
spreading her lips even wider then her present rings provided. She jumped when
she felt a slick intrusion up her pee tube. Kitten was catheterizing Carol’s
bladder. The tube slide up her urethra and lodged in her bladder. Kitten used a
small syringe to inflate a reservoir that kept the catheter from sliding out.
The catheter’s clamp was released and Carol’s piss filled a bag hanging from the
table. She had no control of the process and was soon empty. Kitten pressed down
on her abdomen and some more pee drained into the bag.
“There that’s empty now lets tend to your butthole. A big girl like you should
take a full two-quart enema. That will clean you out.”
Kitten hummed as she prepared the tubes and prepared the enema bag. She used a
strong detergent and hot water. Tilting the table even more so the enema fluid
would flow deep into Carol’s bowels and intestines. She worked the tube deep up
Carol’s ass with little difficulty, given Carol’s conditioning with butt plugs.
When the valve was opened, Carol groaned as the hot water filled her guts.
Kitten massaged Carol’s belly to work the fluid deep. When the enema bag gurgled
empty, Carol’s belly was horribly distended. She looked six months pregnant and
was clearly in intense pain.
Kitten slowly pulled the tube out and quickly jammed a large butt plug in
Carol’s ass to keep the fluid from being released. She went around to Carol’s
face and kissed the tortured teens moaning mouth. She enjoyed watching the teen
beg for release.
“One more little stress to your system and then you can empty yourself, my pet.”
Kitten took a bottle of saline out of the refrigerator and attached it to
Carol’s bladder catheter. “We need to clean this cavity out too. I hope you
enjoy the contrast of the hot enema and cold flushing. Let me know how it
Kitten opened the catheter valve and squeezed the cold liquid up into Carol’s
bladder. There was already pressure on her bladder from the enema and this added
pressure made Carol feel like she was ready to pop. The cold was excruciating
and soon had Carol racked with cramps. When the bottle was empty. Kitten clamped
off the catheter and stood back to admire her handiwork.
Carol was a study in pain. Her whole lower body was bloated beyond the painful
to the damaging point. Taking the dildo and pumping it into Carol’s pussy got
Kitten hot. She strapped the dildo on and began to pump with brutal quickness.
She stroked Carol’s fat belly and squeezed Carol’s tits. She brought the clamped
catheters from Carol’s tits up to her lips and began to suck her tit juice like
a straw. The lewdness of it all was too much for Kitten and she came with a load
Taking the dildo out, she tilted the table bringing Carol’s head once again up
and her butt down. Positioning a large catch bag under Carol’s ass, she pulled
the butt plug out and released the clamp on her bladder catheter. The
simultaneous expulsions of fluids sounded gross and the smell was foul. But the
release on Carol’s face was obvious. She seemed to crap for hours and felt
totally empty when the last of the fluid drained out. Kitten gave Carol’s bottom
another quick enema with only a small amount of water to be sure all the crap
was out and then cleaned her up. She used air freshener and soon Carol was back
to her normal body shape. She felt terribly hungry and asked Kitten for some
“Mistress will feed you when she returns. Until then if you want you can drink
my piss. I would love that since I have to drink my mistresses often. No one has
ever drunk mine. Let’s do it.”
“That’s OK, I will wait if you don’t mind.”
“I do mind. If you don’t do as I ask, I will repeat the enema process.”
That threat was enough to get Carol to agree. Soon Carol was guzzling Kitten’s
piss direct from the source. It was this scene that greeted Mistress Gail as she
returned to the examination room.
“I see you are enjoying yourself, Kitten. Has our little toy been pleasing you
while I rested?
“Yes, Mistress. I cleaned her out front and back and installed a bladder
catheter. She is ready for your next experiment.”
“I’ve been thinking, what can we do that will leave a lasting impression on this
little slut but not be visible to her own mistress? The only thing I came up
with was a little interior examination followed by some additional jewelry.
Prepare her for a vaginal exploration. I want a clear view right up to her
Carol had never had a full cervical exam since she only lost her hymen this
summer. The thought of something stretching her pussy wide enough so Mistress
Gail could look up that far made her shiver. Kitten brought over a stainless
steel device that she later found out was a speculum. It had two scoop type arms
that could be ratcheted open to stretch the pussy open as desired. This speculum
was exceptionally large and Carol let out a deep moan when Kitten inserted the
device deep into her well-lubed pussy.
Kitten stood aside and Mistress Gail sat down on a stool between Carol’s legs.
Gail leaned forward and gave Carol’s clit a little lick. “Hmm, You taste
marvelous for someone so abused. It must be all those vitamins and exercise
Mistress Megan insists on. Now let’s see your pretty pussy up close.”
Gail began to slowly ratchet open the speculum. She would occasionally give the
distressed teen’s pussy a loving lick or squeeze as the arms began to form a
cavern for Gail to peer up Carol’s pussy hole. She put a lamp on her head and
bent down to look deep. “You have a lovely pretty and pink pussy. Just like a
young woman of your training should have. I see a normal cervix with only slight
inflammation from your recent sexual excesses. I think we will add a little
permanent insignia of your slavery that only we will know of. It will be our
little secret. Since I have already contracted with Megan for regular use of you
it would not be prudent on your part to tell her of our additions. Your
punishment will be extreme and you would not leave without permanent
disfiguration. Do we understand each other?”
Carol nodded her head after considering the pain she had endured already and
thought what more this sadistic bitch could think up, given her expertise in
medical training.
“Good, we understand each other. I am going to brand your pussy deep in your
sheath, right at the top. Only the deepest dildo will hit this spot. I am also
going to add a pretty stainless steel ring at the top of your pussy. It will
then be used to keep what dildos I desire to tease you with inside without any
straps. Let’s begin. I’m getting hot just thinking of seeing you marked. I’m
going to use a dermal laser to brand my mark in your pussy. I’m curious what
your reaction will be when you feel the burning deep in your gut.”
Kitten handed Gail the hand-held laser and bent to her task. “Kitten, lay over
her waist to keep her from squirming. I don’t want to mess up my masterpiece.”
She used short bursts of the laser to scribe ‘Cow’ on the back wall of Carol’s
cunt. She felt like she was being scorched from the inside out. As much as she
tried to buck, Kitten’s weigh held her down.
“There, get the camera and take a picture of this. I think I will sell this for
a good price on the net. When we add the ring, she will be even more appetizing.
Carol’s head was limp from the pain. She was oblivious to the next part of her
treatment until she felt the sharp piercing of her pussy deep up her hole. Gail
had taken a clamp to pull a portion of her back pussy wall out and then pushed a
sharp probe through the flesh. She quickly pushed the steel ring through the
hole, snapped it shut and then dabbed the wound with a swab.
A lovely one-inch diameter ring was now buried deep in her pussy. The wound
still stung, as did the laser burns. Why Mistress Gail would want to put her
mark where no one but her could see eluded Carol’s reasoning.
“By the time you come back to us, that ring will have healed so we can use it to
hold whatever we desire. Remember, if you tell anyone about this I will use that
ring to pull you pussy out from the roots. So don’t cross me, little toy.”
“Kitten. I have other engagements to attend to. I want you to accurately measure
my toy’s output. Keep her well hydrated and feed her the protein mixture
Mistress Megan provided. By the end of the weekend, I want a scientific
assessment of her production capacity.”
The next two days were a mixture of constant tit manipulation and Kitten using
her as her personal sex toy. Carol came to enjoy the constant sexual stimulation
Kitten seemed to demand for herself and inflict on Carol’s ripe body. She would
occasionally whip her and even used sterile needles to pierce Carol’s tits and
cunt lips.
Mistress Gail would stride in throughout the weekend, inflict some torture and
then leave Carol to Kitten’s pleasure. By the time, Carol was released from her
chair, her legs were cramped an unable to support her. She was half carried back
to the van and fell quickly asleep for the drive to the farm. The catheter’s
remained in her tits. Mistress Gail had called Megan and they had agreed to keep
the catheters in for a while.
It was a totally spent teen slave that was deposited back into her stall after
her weekend with Mistress Gail. How many more of these outings Carol could take
was yet to be seen. She was young and Mistress Megan had a large amount of money
yet to raise.

Chapter Nineteen.

The next morning Megan and Beth came to rouse the teen slave. She was so tired
from her weekend outing, it took a bucket of cold water to bring her fully to
her senses. Carol quickly jumped up and sputtered, “That was mean.”
“Now don’t be rude to your mistress little girl or we can have you rented out to
much harsher Mistresses. Get back on your hands and knees like you belong and we
will reattach you harness and stockings. You must have missed them. How was your
outing? I see no permanent markings that time won’t fade. I must admit they did
a wonderful job on your tits. Come her I want to try the new catheters.”
Carol crawled over to Mistress Megan and sat back on her heels. Megan bent down
and released the clamp on one of her tit catheters. She was rewarded with a
fountain of tit milk that she quickly began to suck from the tube. The amount
Megan was able to suck from the catheter was greater and quicker then when she
sucked Carol’s nipple. She was able to drink her fill and even caused some pain
when she sucked hard to get the last drop.
“Oh, I like these catheters. They will give us hours of pleasure and I see they
can be used to give you a little pain if needed. Beth, come and empty her other
tit. I know you missed her milk all weekend.”
Beth drank her fill also and sucked especially hard at the end. You could almost
see Carol’s tit cave in from the suction she caused to her tit’s inner walls.
“I have a new and improved butt plug to put in you, dear. I think we need to
expand that tight asshole so we can use it with no hesitation. We have been
using progressively larger plugs and are almost satisfied with your hole’s
access. Beth, bring her to the horse and bind her well. I think she will need
firm handling to get her new plug past her ass’ sphincter muscle.”
Beth took great pleasure in binding the teen using her harness and rings to the
leather horse. Her ass was fully exposed and ready to be subjected to her new
plug. Megan brought it over from the workbench and showed it to the slave.
Carol’s face went white and she protested, “Oh Mistress, please not one so big.
It will split me in half. I will never be able to pull the cart with something
that big in me. Please, no.”
The new plug was at least three inches in diameter and was nine inches long. The
same ring at the end would prevent it from fully entering her asshole, and it
had the attachments for the electronic apparatus to keep Carol under control.
The plug was flexible and would bend with the shape of Carol’s bowels, but the
sheer size was very intimidating.
“I love it when you beg. But it will do you no good. You will learn to run with
this and bigger plugs stuck deep in you ass. I want it so your ass depends on
having this plug in.”
Carol didn’t understand how her ass would eventually depend on having a plug in
all the time. It would be weeks yet of constantly stressing and breaking down
her sphincter muscle before she understood her final predicament of slavery.
Megan moved to Carol’s ass and bent to the task of driving the plug home. She
used Carol’s own cunt juice to lubricate the tool by driving in into her cunt
for a while, almost bringing the teen to orgasm. Once it was well lubed, she
began to press it into the teen’s ass. Her muscles resisted, but the full weight
of Megan pressing soon stove Carol’s asshole in and the plug began to fill
Carol’s ass. It took another ten minutes of pumping and pushing until only the
end of the plug stuck out of Carol’s ass. Megan attached Carol’s butt rings to
the plug and locked it in place. She attached the electrical wires to the plug
and stood back to examine her work. Carol was a sweating heap that was moaning
at the large intrusion in her ass.
Megan took the remote control device from a pocket and pressed the button to
test the new device. Carol’s body seemed to go rigid as she held the button
down. Satisfied with the devices electrical shock control mechanism, Megan
released the button and strode away giving directions to Beth over her shoulder.

“Clean her up and put her in her stall for now. Then bring in the tape of this
little training exercise.”
Beth got a bucket of soapy water and cleaned the bound teen. She then made sure
the restraints were attacked to keep the teen on her hands and knees and put her
in her stall. She saw King in the yard and called for him. The dog came running
and once he saw his favorite bitch was back began to lick her cunt. Carol was
ashamed at her response to the long tongue on her sex, but could not stop the
dog. Soon the big dog was pumping his dick deep into her pussy as the Beth
looked on.
“That’s how I think you should look all the time. Nothing but a dog fucker. I
think I will ask Mistress to buy a few more big male dogs for the farm. That
way, you can have dogs fucking you all the time.” Beth left the orgasming teen
in her stall and was laughing all the way to the house. Carol could not help
coming on King’s dick and was sorry when he spilled his come and pulled out. He
licked her pussy a few times than ran out into the yard.
Carol could crawl with the new plug in her, but when she tried to rise a little
she was met with deep cramps. It looked like she was going to have to stay bent
at the waist from now on. She crawled out to the front porch and laid down
waiting for what was next on her Mistresses agenda of humiliation.

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