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Life in the country is simple and beautiful. Just as the seasons pass with unflagging rhythm, many other things happen with dependable regularity. Like your weekly delivery of meat, from your neighboring ranch. I love to watch you ride up my long, winding drive, shaded by big trees that obscure a direct view of the house. You always come in the early morning when the sun is out, but the grass and flowers are still wet with dew. I had no idea that this morning would be different than the others.

After hitching your horse, you deliver the brown paper package into my hands. As usual, I take it up and place it on a table in the shade of the veranda, then come back down the stairs to pay you.

Before I can produce the money from my apron, you, Cowboy, grab my face with both hands and begin devouring my mouth with yours. Lips still locked, you walk me backwards and push me up against the wall of the house. As I breathe hard and squirm with pleasure, you press your pelvis against me, further pinning me against the wall, causing en electric surge in my pussy, followed by a rush of wetness. I can feel you hard under your jeans, smell the fresh clean T-shirt you are wearing, and hear the sound of gravel under your boots. We kiss and kiss, exploring each other’s mouths with an urgency I’ve never felt before. I wonder for a moment if it is a dream.

You go from my mouth to my neck, kissing and biting hungrily. You trail your kisses down to my tits, popping them out easily from the top of my stretchy scoop neck blouse. You hold a fleshy mound in each hand, push them together firmly and go back and forth from one nipple to the other, sucking, licking and nibbling so expertly that any willpower I have to resist you is now gone. I know you are going to be inside me soon and I tell you I need to feel you, that I can’t take it anymore, I HAVE to have you.

When you hear me say this you kiss me again as you lift my right leg and place my foot on one of the steps, opening me to you. My skirt and apron slide easily up my thighs and I’m conveniently naked underneath. I feel your hands undoing your belt. I hear Malatya Escort the clink of the metal buckle and a rush of energy goes to my pussy in anticipation of your cock. I can feel that slight ache of sudden engorgement and I know I’m wetter than wet, in shock that I’m actually about to feel you inside me.

I’ve been lusting after you from afar for SO long. And now, you’re going to fuck me. I can barely believe it’s happening.

You undo your jeans and produce your rock hard cock that is beginning to drip from your arousal. Then, with one hand cradling the base of my head and the other gripping the base of your cock, you look me square in the eyes and push your beautiful, steel stiff dick all the way into my wet, waiting pussy. I moan loudly when you do cause I just can’t hold it in. You feel too good. In fact, you are more delicious than I could have ever fantasized. I breathe in the fullness of this moment, wishing it would never end.

Because I’ve been waiting so long to feel you inside me, my pussy is already aching with desire and my orgasm is one stroke away. You know it. You can feel the electric pulse of my hungry cunt and see the desperation in my eyes for you to start stroking me. But you don’t. You just hold it there for a moment, gathering all that delicious pleasure up into a single point at the tip of your dick as though you intend to fill my pussy with it in a way it’s never before experienced.

I try to look away and you turn my head back to look at you. Then you watch me as you rock your pelvis into me just a little. The smallest movement is so sensitive that I can feel an orgasm starting. You pull out ever so slowly, just the littlest bit, then shove it quickly back in, deep.

I gasp with pleasure. It’s been so long since I have been fucked that I nearly weep from remembering how good it feels to have a cock in me. My pussy starts to spasm and my body starts to tremble. You give me a few more strokes like this, withdrawing VERY slowly, in small increments, then slamming it back into me. I cry out as the pleasure envelopes me, a slow orgasm spreading warm Malatya Escort Bayan and intense. You put your mouth over mine as I continue to cum and one small orgasm rolls into a bigger one.

You keep going, slowly giving me your steel rod inch by inch until you are thrusting the full length of your cock in and out of me, pounding my pussy with all of your love. A third orgasm unfurls in my cunt and I’m amazed at how quickly you have opened me and made me cum. It feels so incredible I have nothing to compare it to. For a moment, my mind searches its memory banks of experience, in attempt to understand the feeling of that much pleasure. I quickly give up as a huge orgasm rolls through me. This one is volcanic.

Everything slows down as my pussy cums hard. It starts deep, deep inside, then spreads to my g-spot as a gush of my warm juices trickles down your cock and balls. You kiss me and continue stroking my pussy with your stiffness, your strong hands cradling my weight as I’m overtaken by the pleasure.

You stop kissing me to watch, seeing and feeling what it’s like to make me cum this hard, the pleasure pulsing through me in huge waves, as I release everything in your arms. At the tail end of my orgasm, you pull me close and whisper into my mouth, telling me how beautiful I am. This extends my orgasm and with the last few quakes I feel the tenderest parts of myself open to you.

You kiss me again, the length of you still deep in me, still ragingly hard, my juices dripping down your shaft. Your kiss goes from loving and calming, as I catch my breath, to deep tonguing, slow licking and lip biting – signals that I know mean you want me to suck you. I pull your sugar stick out of me, drop to my knees and stare at it in wonder. It’s more beautiful that I could have ever fantasized.

I press your dick onto my face and inhale deeply. The mingling of my musk with yours burrows into my primal brain, which sends back signals to DEVOUR your cock. I start slow, though. I lick you like a popsicle, lapping my juices off your balls and shaft, relishing your shape with my tongue. Escort Malatya Then I start sucking you in, sucking the rest of my nectar off you.

I take you deep and rhythmically into my mouth, swallowing your whole cock now. I feel you bucking just a little, showing me the rhythm you want, so I meet you there. You hold my hair as I firmly suck and you gently fuck my wet, hungry mouth.

Dancing with you like this seriously turns me on and I feel aftershocks of orgasm in my pussy that cause me to moan on your cock that’s pistoning between my lips. The vibration of the sound of my pleasure pushes you to the edge. You are so hard now I can feel you are going to explode. I wait excitedly to see where you decide to cum.

You pull out of my mouth and blow your load all over my soft, waiting tits. Copious amounts of hot semen flows out all over them as you jerk your cock, working out every last drop. Your shudders abate and a look of deep release begins to come over you. I don’t know why, but as soon as your cum hits my tits I just want to rub it all over them…so I do…and it feels INCREDIBLE.

You pull me up and kiss me deeply again. Your hands push mine gently aside as you work your cum into my tits and squeeze my nipples. I feel another orgasm approaching, so I instinctively slam two of my fingers into my pussy. You continue working my breasts and I bang myself till I cum. My back arches and I push my orgasming breasts into your palms, my pussy quivering and tightening the two fingers I’m fucking myself with. I scream with pleasure, my heart racing, my breath labored. As I’m coming down, I put my fingers into your mouth and you suck my nectar from them. I follow that up with a kiss, unable to resist tasting my pussy on your lips and tongue.

My barely sated hunger wants more, but you’ve got cattle to move before the midday heat sets in. You pull your T-shirt off and pull me close to you, kissing me again, feeling my sticky tits against your bare chest. Then you use your T-shirt to clean the cum off both of us. You pull my skirt and apron down and tuck my tits back into my top. You ask me if I’ll be around during lunchtime and I tell you I’ll be here, waiting, with a pitcher of cold, sweet lemonade. Then I watch you ride away on your horse, the morning sun kissing your beautiful, bare back. What an unexpected start to this gorgeous spring morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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