Craving for My Brother’s Cum

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NOTE: I am not American. English is my second language and it’s hard to be erotic in your second language. Believe me. I just want to write. I hope you wouldn’t hate my story too much. I hope you’d enjoy it a bit.


Let’s get it out of the way. Yes. I am craving for my brother’s cock. And who wouldn’t, really? Who wouldn’t?

My brother Joven Jose, is a handsome twenty-five year old guy. We’re Filipinos, so this story happened here in the Philippines. He is kinda dorky. He has glasses on and all that, but if you could only live with him in one house, you’d realize, he wasn’t really a big nerd at all.

Sometimes Joven would walk pass our living room, wearing boxers and I couldn’t help but stare at that body of his. His wide shoulders, his flat stomach, the hair under his navel, a sweet pathway leading to his probably sweeter cock. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his bulge. I am craving to caress it, to feel it grown under my touch.

One time, our parents was out on a trip and I was watching a stupid soap opera (maybe it was eight PM) he sat beside me at the sofa.

“What are you watching?” he said.

“Oh, it’s a chick thing. You would not want to watch it.”

But he did, anyway. By the light of the television, I admired his body. He’s still just wearing boxers. Dark-blue ones, and I could not help but stare at his bulge. He smelled nice, so I knew he showered and used Irish Spring. I swallowed a lump on my throat and couldn’t help as desire flowed to my body like hot waves.

“Can I rest my head on your lap, bro? I’m just getting tired, but I really want to watch this.”

He just nodded. You see, in the Philippines, siblings are much closer together. So it’s not unusual or awkward for me to request something like that. Even for a nineteen year old woman like me.

So I lay on the sofa, my head was resting on his legs. I was facing the TV, but I can the heat of his body. And I can smell him better now. And how I wish I can bury my face to the bulge on his boxers. I want to smell his manhood, feel it all over my face.

“You seem to really like the that show,” I said. To divert my attention, to keep me from thinking naughty stuff about my brother.

My Niğde Escort brother Joven looked at me and smiled. That gentle smile of his that matched his gentle brown eyes. “It’s good,” he said. And played with my hair.

I closed my eyes and just inhaled my brother’s scent, took it in my memory. By the time the show was over and I was inside my room, I was feverish with desire. My panties are wet and I sat on the corner of the bed and started touching myself, thinking of the could’ve-beens, on how I could have just kissed that bulge I was craving for, my mouth was aching for.

It began to rain outside. There are flashes of lightning followed by the loud growl of thunder. The lights went out. Power outage is a common problem here in our country. But as that lights were gone an idea flashed on my mind brightly.

I should have him.

My heart was beating so fast and I felt warm and cold at the same time, as I walked in front of my brother’s room. My shaking hand began to knock on the door.

“Bro…” I said. Then knocked again. “Bro, hey.”

“What?” he said from inside the room.

“I’m scared.”

And I’m sure he will believe me. Ever since I was a kid, I was afraid of storms. Yes, he will believe me.

“Hold on a sec,” I heard him say.

The door swung open. He was still wearing his sleeveless black shirt and that dark blue boxers. His eyes were looking at me with concern. “Are you okay?”

I nodded. “Can I sleep here for the night?”

He nodded. “Sure. Come.”

He let me inside his room. And I felt warmer. He walked to his bed, he went inside the covers. I stood there, thinking maybe I should not do it, maybe I should just go back to my room.

“Come here,” my brother Joven said to me, then tapped the space of the bed beside him.

“Yeah,” I said. My wobbly knees managed to get me to his bed.

“Let’s sleep,” he whispered to my ear.

When we were both under the covers, I remembered all the times I would wait until he was done showering, immediately sneak inside the bathroom and look for his boxers. And I would smell it while fingering myself. Saying, “Fuck me, bro… fuck my pussy…”

I Niğde Escort Bayan need to smell his boxers while he’s on it. I need to smell him now, feel him now.

“Bro…” I said.

“Hmm?” He was lying on his back, his eyes were closed.

“Do you know what I need so I won’t be scared anymore?”


“A lollipop.”

His eyes went open slowly, and he stared at me. “Are you… like joking now?”

I shook my head. “No.”

“Well…” He looked at me warily. “I don’t have a lollipop here-“

“You do,” I said. My hand that was in the covers went in front of his boxers, gently squeezing the bulge there. “This.”

His eyes went wide with alarm. “Sis-“

“Sssh… I need this, Joven. I need this. Let me suck this.”

“You’re crazy,” he said. “You are crazy-“

His words were cut off as I caressed the bulge on his boxers.

He swallowed. “No, I can’t let this happen. I am your-“

I went under the covers. I was now between his legs. I was straddling him, my face was few inches away from his cock. I did what I was wanting to do for a really long time. I buried my face on his boxers, making him moan.

“Sis…” he said, out of breath. “Shit, don’t do that.”

Of course I didn’t listen. I started kissing his member over his underwear, started feeling his hairy legs. I pulled his boxers down and his hips raised, perhaps a little bit unwillingly. I was now facing his throbbing cock. And seeing it up close for the first time sent warm sensations on my pussy, making me wet, making my nipples hard, making my fucking mouth water.

“Joven… bro… let me suck your cock. I want your cock…”

“Sis, no…”

I gave his inner thigh gentle kisses. Gentle kisses that made his cock twitch with need. I kissed his balls, gently nibbling on them, enjoying how manly they smell. My tongue then swirled on the base of his shaft, up to its mushroom head. I licked the underside of his cock, making his hips rise.

“Fuck…” He couldn’t control his body anymore. He’s just a man after all. And a blowjob is a blowjob, right? He couldn’t refuse, even if it was offered by his baby sister.

I started sucking Escort Niğde the head of his cock, making him feel how warm and wet my mouth was. I sucked it like I’m sucking a nipple. I played with his balls while I was sucking and now he lost all the reluctance he might have had.

Joven removed the covers and watched as I sucked on his cock.

“I couldn’t help it anymore,” he said. “You want this, so that leaves me no choice. Suck my cock, sis. Suck your brother’s dick…”

I moaned, started bobbing my head up and down his cock. While my tongue is swirling on its head.

His hand was now on the top of my head and he was now thrusting, fucking my mouth. He was no longer my brother that moment. He was a man who was burning with desire to cum.

“You had wanted this, huh? Oh I bet you want this. Suck my cock, sis. Suck it good. Unggg… you fucking slut. You even seduced your own brother. You really deserve some cum in your mouth.”

I was delighted. I looked up at him with my brown eyes, and winked. Urging him to fuck my mouth harder. Which he did. Both of his hands were now on the side of my head and he kept on thrusting his balls were hitting my chin.

“I am cumming inside your mouth, sis. Your brother Joven is cumming inside your mouth, you whore… I am cumming… unggggg…”

He then held my head steady as he closed his eyes, grunted and began to cum. Hot thick milky strands of cum began flowing on my mouth and I kept on sucking for more, wanting for more. He kept on moaning as well, licking his lips, caressing my shoulders… draining all the cum on his balls.

He was breathless as he let me go. He started at me with eyes filled with lust, a sexy smirk was on his lips. He sighed as if he still couldn’t believe everything that happened. He watched me lick the remaining cum on his balls like it’s melted ice cream.

“I really needed that, sis,” he said. Then tapped my head. “Good girl.”

I smiled. “I needed that, too,” I said. In fact I needed more.

So much more.

“I love the taste of your milk,” I said.

He tapped my cheek. “From now on, you can have my milk everyday. Anytime you want. Just tell me and I’d drop my pants and feed you.”

That made me much hornier.

“Can you fuck me?” I asked, looking at his eyes.

And we fell silent. He couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything more. We began to hear the rain again, gently tapping on the window, like little footsteps.

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