Crazy holidays

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As I wrote earlier, our girls are very fond of all kinds of fun. Basically, the more severe and brutal you are with her, the more she loves it. Daria and Julka love brutal games until the pain. And the guys are just waiting to give the girls a good ass and fuck them hard in their eternally warmed pussy and ass. The last opportunity came to her a few days ago. Our ladies have arranged a short walk. They called this time, right away, for the boys to join them. Quickly, the company found a secluded place where you can really have fun. With the rest from the beginning, it was obvious that the company wanted a really brutal, uncompromising sex. From the very first moments Julia began to tempt Karol with his movements. With the rest, the girls quickly got rid of their clothes so that in a moment they were completely in front of the guys who were completely naked and they really had a lot of fun. At one point, the girls began to embrace, kiss passionately. At one point Daria lay down so that she would have full access to her pussy. At this moment, Julia sucked a tongue into the vagina of her friend. Daria clenched her teeth so as not to shout, but the excitement was still so great that the teenager’s heavy breathing could be heard, until finally Daria cried:
-Oh my God! …. this is it! …. fuck me Julka deeper !. And Julia really got really into her friend’s pussy. At this moment, from the back, he approached Karol’s girlfriend dealing with her pussy. He was putting on a joke for Julia’s pussy. Without any warning, he slammed into Julie’s vagina so that she had to break away from licking Daria’s pussy to focus on being sharply cut in the scabbard by Karol. Karol was hammering into Julia’s pussy extremely brutally and deeply. And Julia was just breathing hard with every brutal thrust of Charles’s dick in her teenage vagina.
Ah … oh … that’s it … fuck me, I can not do it! … she shouts Julia to Karol, who has fucked her really brutally now. And Daria was looking at her and passionately masturbating, watching Karol kill the vagina with her friend. At that moment Patryk came up to Daria. He picked up Dalia’s large breasts and began to play with tenderness, massaging them, pinching them, causing Daria to murmur with satisfaction. The smile of the girl and the murmurs of contentment told everything. Meanwhile, Karol stopped madly fucking Julia in a coup. The couple had to give way to Daria and Patryk. At that moment, Karol was still briskly sucking Julie’s tits, and she lay down naked and rested. At that moment, Patryk overthrew Darius on the back. Passionately sucked on the teenager’s pussy. At the same time, Karol was playing with Daria’s rattles so that the girl did not know what to do “
-But I’m fine … yes! … you guys are unearthly! …. Daria said in a low and passionate voice, leaving the excitement of the moment the guys had so much fun with her.
The guys did not leave a hint of illusions. Suddenly, without any warning, Patryk opened Daria’s legs. Julka shook her dick accordingly. And this one, with all his strength, drove into Daria’s vagina so that she screamed:
-Fuck! Boy, it hurts! But it’s good!. Patrick is fucking crazy like that at the moment Daria! With every thrust of a dick in the girl’s pussy, Daria is in ever greater ecstasy, though it hurts her, but she is very excited. Patrick is now swinging Daria on the back. She fuck her in the scabbard like crazy. Both are wet with excitement. At this point, a pair of couples come to the pair. Patryk turns Dji’s cunt into Julia. And Karol’s cunt Julia on Dia’s dick. Now the girl is even more brutal now. They lie on their backs. Daria gets to Karol’s dick, and Julka to Patrick’s dick. Both passionately suck the boys’ cocks so that they are all red with excitement. At some point, each of them throws his girlfriend back. Both pussies are visible. Both boys stick their dicks into pussies of their friends and fuck them. Patryk fucks Julia with all her strength:
-Kurwa mać! This is it! Fuck me, boy! Rozjeb my cunt! And Charles deals with Daria’s best pussy so that the girl is in the proverbial seventh heaven. In addition, each push of the dick in the girl’s pussy evokes more and more excitement.
-Damn it! Oh fuck! I’m fucking! This is it! Teenagers scream wildly from their mouths. And now you can hear the shouts of ecstasy and excitement parallel to the lips of Daria and Julia. It’s a sharp fucking of girls in this position took a good hour. The girls did not get tired, they were relaxed after all. As soon as the guys finished, the girls turned on their backs. At this point, the boys seemed to take pity and just massaged the girls’ breasts.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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