Crazy In Love

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Crazy in love: Ellis’s Story

Author’s Note: This is my entry as Valentine’s Day special. It is not a quick fix and has an intentionally slow fix. Well, you’ll never know until you get to the end! And I intend to publish more part by part. I’ll keep you updated. Promise!

It is a work of pure fiction; any resemblance with any person living or dead is purely coincidence.

This story is dedicated to you R, without your love and encouragement I’d have never completed it.

I hope you all enjoy the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please Comment, vote. I love hearing from readers.



I woke with a start. Perspiration covered my body, even the sheets were wet. I could remember the dream in bits and pieces. Though not sure, it included my childhood panic of the car accident and fear of falling out from car; and there was she, Meaghan.

I rolled over to see the time. It was twelve past five leaving me one more hour to sleep. I let out a sigh as I settled on the pillow again. As I my eyes images of that particular Mediterranean goddess flooded through my conscience. That very beautiful face, almost triangular; her perfect cheekbones and chiselled nose was surrounded by long dark brown silky mess of hairs . She had those ruby luscious lips that almost begged to be kissed. Oh! How I fantasize her!

I hadn’t seen her since last month.

Well, I only knew her from just a month. She was invited to Stella’s birthday as was I.

Socializing is never my kind’a thing. Call me self centred, but I’d like to spend my leisure with a glass of wine and a good sloppy movie rather than going out socializing.

But Stella was different territory. Though I wasn’t too excited for the evening, I felt it from my heart that I’d spend the evening at her house.

There were not much people which were very unlike to Stella. She was the kind of person who knew no stranger. Oddly there were only family and close friends. I felt at ease as soon as I discovered none was going to pay attention to me. I walked over to her, handed over her birthday present; a Jade stoned pendant with a bit decoration of emerald. She took me in a warm hug, kissed my cheeks and thanked for coming. As usual other guests came up so she had to go. I got myself a drink and found my little corner by the window. There was a garden outside. Though not very well managed but showed enough care.

I was lost in some thought may be when I realized my drink had finished. I decided to get myself the last drink of the evening, thank Stella for the evening and then leave for home. My feet were begging rest. I was about to turn when the voice came.

‘hi’, startled I turned back to the source from where the voice came.

My eyes collided with the greenest forest on earth. Her face was crunched into a beautiful smile; I felt a pull towards that smile. That was infectious.

‘hi’ I smiled back tentatively. How possibly this impossible beauty could know me?

‘are you Ellis? Stella’s friend?’ she asked, her rich voice made my inside warm.

‘yes, I am. Does she need my help?’ I felt foolish for being so aloof.

‘hi, it’s Meaghan.’ she extended her hand towards me, ‘yes, she really wants that you join her. It’s the birthday cake.’

I reflexively reached out to touch her hand. Just a casual greet, but when my mundane hand touched her fingers i felt electricity run through. It came from hands, drenched my whole existence finally settling to very deep within.

I let out a sigh again. After the dream I just dreamt, sleep was overrated for now. I brought my right hand closer to my eyes. I kept looking at my fingers while my mind reminded me how beautiful her hand looked against mine.

Yes! I am a sucker at girls. I do fantasize about beautiful girls, women to be specific. She was just that kind of woman I always dreamt of having as my partner; a partner for whole life. I do have strings of affairs and one night stands with women. Some of them were too good to be just ‘one night stand’. But I never clicked, felt that kind of pull to settle for relationship.

Here, I only met Meaghan and was daydreaming of having her as mine. Hell! I didn’t even know if she was gay. I only wished.

I shouldn’t have to be worried though.

We just broke apart from shaking hands when a stunning redhead came up beside her and kissed those lips.

Those luscious lips I was having a crush for.

I felt a bang against belly and with a ‘whoop’ all my air was gone. I repulsively went aside from the busy couple. I felt a little dizzy, as if I was hyperventilated.

Way to go girl! Not again. You just can’t mess with a couple again.

Whimsically I turned back and saw the Mediterranean beauty was holding her girlfriend’s arm, a little apart now, she was reddened. Just then Meaghan turned her eyes at me. Those green forests held a deep sorrow now, and pain.

I threw out my comforter and sprang upright. My jaws clenched.

When was I going to forget keçiören escort kız those eyes?


They call me princess. The shitload of money my parents saved for me entitled me the name. My parents had a mansion to live, a private beach to spend winter. Four cruises and a very personal aircraft with helipad later they died in just a simple car accident.

I was only a toddler to realize what happened around me. But every night it came around with loud crash of glass breaking, smell of something on fire with a feeling that someone was throwing me out from car. I was survived by my mother who threw me out.

I can’t remember how my life was before my parents died. I bet it definitely changed after their death.

Sometimes I wish I died in that accident.

I wish I knew what family meant.

I wish someone could at least make an effort to have me a taste.

After my parent’s death, my grandfather’s brother, Graham took my responsibility. He was unmarried and for some reasons very reluctant about his brother’s family. It was surprising for everyone as he willingly adopted me. Money didn’t matter for him, love did. He brought me up in a small town near my father’s estate. For a long time I didn’t even know my parents were so rich. He educated me as any normal girl, when I graduated he finally disclosed the truth. It was up to me what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

It was a tough decision to make. I was only eighteen with millions of dollars at my hand.

So I chose what any teen would do.

I went back to Wanton Ville, my father’s mansion and spent as much money I could. There weren’t any club that I didn’t throw party, weren’t any casino I didn’t play. There wasn’t any alcohol I didn’t taste neither were any drug.

Then there were women; lots and lots of women. I changed partners like I change cloths. When you have money everything seems so purchasable. Even love.

Olivia, she was one of my many partners. She was a mother of two with a very caring and affectionate husband. She was private consultant of my father’s company. I was fascinated by her from the very first moment. She had an excellent personality with an open, warm heart. I let her took pity on me and slowly destroyed every protest with which she could deny me. I made her cheat on her family. She was double my age, far matured than me. But I destroyed her so badly that she forgot all her conscience. Myriads of incidences later she came begging me to save her. She left her family, her husband to be with me. But when she came I realized what sin I had just made.

So I rejected her.

It was only the shell of Olivia bugging me every now and then. I avoided her like plague.

Three months later she committed suicide.

How come I always bring death to people I get attached with?

Olivia’s death was a slap across my face. I never knew consequences of playing with fire. Hadn’t it only burnt me but also destroyed four lives.

I was only twenty-two and was regretting being alive. I had no family to cling onto, no job to secure my identity. I had no name; only tons of money to waste. Just four years from my graduation and I already felt like quitting.

I ran away from Wanton Ville one night. Everything about this life, the money, the people, its lifestyle was making me insane.

About a week later I was rescued by local police beaten up mercilessly by some ashtrays. They were drug dealers police suspected. When I was asked about my family, I gave them address of Graham’s, my only guardian alive.

Graham didn’t say anything to me, never asked the reasons how I ended up ashtray. I guess he knew it all, he wanted me to feel all the risks money gives you. He was an old wise man indeed.

I started college that summer. Four years was a long gap and because of the reckless lifestyle I was finding it hard to gather at first. With a weak start I finally managed through diploma.

Then I met Stella. She was visiting our college for some purpose. Surprisingly she recognized me as Ellis Wanton, I mean in reality. It came out that Stella was a former employee of dad’s company. She knew everything about accident.

I felt a warm rush of knowing that at least one person from ‘that’ identity, didn’t think bad for me. With an emotional outbreak I just told her everything happened in my life. She meant nothing to me but her gesture gave me all the comfort I seeked from another soul.

It was first time in my life when I didn’t have to strip clothes to seek comfort.

Unbelievably Stella and I became good friends. Even though we had a huge age difference spanning over twenty-five years, it never occurred to be barrier. She was such an excellent person.

When I finally achieved my diploma she offered a job to her company. It wasn’t that I nneeded money or she needed another employee but we both knew how much I needed thus job, any job per say.

I didn’t want to go back to Wanton Ville. I left that dead-house; keçiören escort bayan permanently.


Life is cruel at times. It leaves you scarred and scattered one moment then shows another spark of happiness out of nowhere. That day when the redhead claimed lips of the person I thought I had a chance; I took an oath to stay away from them.

When you know nothing about them, your memory slowly erases the shocks of such rush.

I wasn’t left alone for long though.

About a week later, I collided with Meaghan, again.

It was Monday evening and I was facing real problem in choosing Nutella over pea nut butter. Suddenly I became hyperaware as if someone was watching me. I turned back quickly and found those greenest pools looking at me, smiling.

Something she held in her face that always calmed me. It sounds weird may be, but yes, I was happy to find her again.

She crossed the small distance between two rows and came near me.

She was wearing a loose white shirt and a baggy grey pant. She looked casual; and sensual as hell.

She held my gaze for a moment then smiled a little, ‘i hope I didn’t offend you.’

Wow! No hi no hello, direct to the point. That’s gonna be nice!

‘why? Do you think you did anything wrong?’ I turned away from her so that I didn’t get distracted by those forest green.

‘If I do, will you count?’ her voice calm but mischievous.

‘and you didn’t even say hi’ I took the jar of Nutella at last and dropped to the trolley.

‘the last time I did, we ended up distracted.’

That fucking redhead!

‘where is your girlfriend?’ I tried to ask her normally but it sounded grimacing anyway.

‘I’m a wild hunk.’ she smiled broad as she had started walking beside my trolley. I chanced a glance. Why she had to be so beautiful?

‘she must gift you a collar then’ as soon as I said that my heels slipped on the slimy soap layer. Who the fuck had left floor uncleaned?

My left foot lost footing and in order to maintain balance I desperately clutched Meaghan’s arm. She seemed to have other plan. So I landed directly upon her chest.

It took several seconds to realize what just happened. When I finally did, I was thoroughly encircled by her arms. Her chocolate brown locks brushed against my cheek. Warm and rich green eyes looked at me in part amusement part desire. As I kept looking at her I could feel I was falling into her spell. God! I wish she remains there to catch me before I shatter.

‘and the chain must be kept at your hand’ her lips curled in amusement.

Huh! So it’s all fun for her?

‘why are we having this conversations?’ I asked roughly as I desperately wanted to get away from her embrace.

Her hands let go of me. She stood there silent for a moment. After I composed myself I dared to glance. Her face seemed hurt and closed, as if she regretted what she did.

No! Please, don’t think meeting me was regrettable.

‘I thought I needed an apology from you.’

‘holy shit! Why would you?’

‘because, she is not my girlfriend.’ her face looked so serious.

Butterflies fluttering inside my stomach I asked, ‘then I take it as people feel compelled to kiss you.’ shit yes!

‘can I count you on?’ her usual mischievous nature was back.

‘do I look so?’ I reached to the cash counter. ‘oh, and why did she just kiss you?’

I made an effort to sound ‘kiss’ a little emphasised.

‘because she WAS my girlfriend’ suddenly I was stopped dead to my activities, ‘nearly four months ago. And why she kissed me I don’t really know.’

That, well, yeah explained a little.

But I was mad anyway. Why didn’t she make an effort before? Why on earth it took a whole week to find me out?

I’m a bitch, I know. A crazy one. Ha!

‘you took quite long time to get over from the kiss though.’ I checked out my bill.

‘someone was being impatient I gather.’

Without a word she took the curtain from counter and thanked the sales girl.

Hell! I don’t even know her and she’s already acting lime we are old married couple! Here I thought I was losing my head.

I kept silence as we walked to my car. She didn’t talk either.

I opened the car door she put the curtain on the back and I got on the car.

‘Ellis’ she called softly.

Man! I could come just by hearing her say my name.

‘please tell me I’m not the one who felt something between us. ‘, those green eyes pleaded.

From this close I could see her eyelashes. They were long, thick and curled at the tip; as if brushing the perfect cheek.

I might have got distracted because I hear her utter my name again.


She looked determined for a moment then she leant towards the window. With a hand resting above roof she picked my chin in one finger and kissed me; just a deliberate press on lips. A warm gush ran past me and I was drenched with so many feelings, as if I was sincan ukraynalı escort electrocuted; good kind of electrocution.

She must have felt such rush too because her breathing changed into quicker pace.

‘give me your number’, she managed with a bit shaky voice.

How cute she looked being uncertain!

Then the devilish idea spilled the bin. I grabbed her by collar, pulled her in and pressed my lips briefly against her. This time we both moaned simultaneously. Her lower lips coalesced between mine and the world melted away. She smelled like earth, a faint smell that comes after first rain; no, not that, a bit more, a lot more.

’34-26-38. Other than that go figure.’ I murmured against her lips. Then with a sharp bit I left her there standing.

A bit astonished, a bit flushed, she looked absolutely fuckable in my rear-view mirror.


I was busy in comparing two balance sheets when someone knocked my cabin window. I looked up startled, there was Stella standing opposite.

She tipped two Starbucks and flashed a smile, ‘steal a moment to enjoy.’

I smiled back, ‘spoiler, the boss.’ I left the sheets undone and gather my purse and we both started towards her cabin. I accepted the cup she offered and we settle down in comfortable conversation.

Everyone in the office knew special friendship I held with Stella. Yes, she was my dear friend but she was also my boss and at times she could be a royal birch to get her work done. No one could blame her for being partial, neither anyone could point finger at me. We were friends but we held a proper business relationship too.

We were talking casually and our subject dropped on her b’day party. My heart skipped a bit the moment I remembered Meaghan’s face. It was only two days and I was eagerly waiting to meet her again. But before that I decided to drop the bomb.

‘Stella, ermm, do you know anyone named Meaghan from that evening?’

Stella’s eyebrows crunched a little, she sipped from her coffee. Okay! That IS something.

‘yes, Ellis. I know her. Did you meet her?’

‘well, I did actually.’ nervously I sipped from my cup. ‘we collided with each other a time or two.’

Stella let out a sigh. Was she trying to hide anything? Would it be right if I ask her?

‘I don’t know how much you know her but’ she glanced at me, ‘she doesn’t hold good reputation.’

Okay that much was enough. I could sum up what she was going to say next. I always thought Stella wasn’t judgemental. But yeah! I was proved wrong.

I knew nothing about Meaghan, neither I wanted to know; at least from anyone other than herself.

‘yeah, I can gather. Thanks for the coffee Stella. Have a nice day.’ I got up from sofa and turned to leave.

As soon as I unlocked the door knob Stella’s voice called behind, ‘she’s married Ellis. Watch your steps before you fall.’

A series of images of Olivia flashed through my mind.

‘I’d keep that in my mind.’ I murmured without looking back and left.

That night I couldn’t sleep. All night long I tossed and turned in my bed. When it was impossible to lay still I got up and poured myself a large glass of wine.

Two things were clear. One, I was very much attracted to Meaghan. Mattered not how much I deny I couldn’t forget the pull I felt.

Two, she was married. And then, she just told that she left her girlfriend four months ago.

There were some questions needed to be answered. Of course she had her own story to tell.

I was not going to find out the answers of my own, but if she herself came near me to share I’d listen.


Another two weeks passed without any event. The thrills Meaghan generated within me started to simmer down. Sometimes I regretted about not giving her my number. Then again, was she that eager? If she was, she could have gathered it by now. Probably I misread it all, misread all the strings that had gone wrong.

It was raining all day long that day. I got drenched returning back from work. I threw the packed dinner inside microwave and went to prepare a nice warm bath. After I ate dinner I discarded all my clothes, opened a bottle of scotch and emerged inside the liquid pleasure.

I might have dozed off when shrill of my mobile ringing knocked me awake. The number on screen was unknown, even the country code was different. After some initial hesitation, I finally received.

‘hello’ I answered tentatively, hoping not a prank call.

‘I thought you were never going to answer.’

That voice! Oh God! I was sat upright.

‘Meaghan?’ I asked, breathe caught in my throat.

‘hey princess, missed me?’ princess! Did she know?

‘are you trying to flirt?’ though my insides jumped in joy I decided to play along.

‘why try? I AM flirting.’

‘where are you?’ I stretched my legs long inside the warmth of soap water. It felt so soothing to talk to her.

‘in some country three-sixty degree opposite to you.’ she sighed, ‘its just morning here.’

‘oh!’ the hell I was disappointed.

‘you know what? The conference is ending on Thursday. What about we make a plan for this week end?’ her voice so enthusiastic.

I wanted to sing and dance and jump in joy. She was getting me right on track. Just then Stella’s words reverberated inside my head.

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