Credit Card Whores

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Do you believe in mind control? Francis spent a lot of money taking mind control classes at the university until scientists recently stated mind control was a joke. You can’t make anyone do anything they don’t want to. Actually Francis wasn’t enrolled in a physical university. It was distant learning, on line with the Trans Pacific Western University. Not accredited, except in Nassau. But they do have a medical school.

He had already applied for three loans and was turned down every time. They always mentioned something about “with approval of credit”.

He had to come up with a scheme that would make him rich. Like the people on the Internet. They come up with a software algorithm, using about 30 lines of code, and they become immediate billionaires. If he could come up with something useful, like how to tell if your wife is cheating on you, he would become a millionaire. Background checks don’t work – judging by the number of Government bureaucrats doing prison time. And who runs a background check on your wife?

Francis teaches ballroom dancing to adults. Just teaching ballroom dancing wasn’t netting him enough to buy a new home. He was living in a ghetto in San Jose, sharing his space with two homeless men. Both were gay and kept him up all night, butt fucking each other. He planned to buy a new home in Cloverdale, a small town far north of San Francisco. It was a three hour commute to the studio, but he could take the train.

Francis had to circumvent computer mentality. When you ask for a loan the first thing the banker does is ask you for your social security number; then he checks your credit score. Now, if you were some sexy female with big boobs, I doubt the guy would immediately ask for your social security number. He’d probably small talk for a while, maybe take you to lunch, and completely forget about credit scores. Francis remembered the financial collapse in 2008, where lots of porn stars, hookers, and drug dealers got home loans, without any down payment. Loan officers were filling out loan application forms in return for blow jobs.

Francis did take a course in hypnotism when he was in the military. It worked fine with his friends. His friends were all college graduates. Of course, you cannot hypnotize an idiot. It would easier to hypnotize a frog. He tried hypnotizing Luke, and Luke just fell asleep. With an erection. Luke always had an erection, God bless him.

Genius describes very few people. If you’re a mindless dumbo, going to college won’t make you any smarter. That assumes you even get accepted. But the creative mind is a wonderful thing. Francis would send Luke in to apply for a loan. Luke had a huge cock, and worked for Francis as a male escort.

It was a simple matter to find a female loan officer. Luke would go in and apply for a credit card. He dressed up for the part, wearing polyester trousers and a white dress shirt. No tie. You don’t wear ties in Silicon Valley. The trousers hugged his hips and obviously his 10-inch cock was on modest display. Francis sent Luke to Wells Fargo Bank, a bank well known in banking circles as an aggressive lender. This means they will force you to open an account, whether you want one or not. Francis wanted to see if Luke would have to produce his social security number.

The loan officer’s name was Ava. She appeared to be in her late 30’s, wore wire rimmed glasses, and conservative Malatya Escort clothes. Bankers don’t dress like whores. Not usually. Her skirt was knee length and tight enough to outline her thick thighs. Ava was a single mother, with two preteens. Luke immediately sensed she was horny; women in that age group are always running to the ladies room to get themselves off. In fact, women over 30 enter their golden years, when their sex drive increases exponentially to make them want to quit their jobs, stay home, and masturbate all day long. This physiological phenomenon lasts until they reach 90. Maybe 100. My ex-wife’s mother was in a nursing home in her late 80’s and some old guy from across the hall would sneak over and fuck her. How did I know? She told us.

“Oh, I have a new boy friend …” she purred.

When we last saw Luke, he was standing in Ava’s office, waiting to be seated. She was on the phone, talking to her mother. With Luke standing there, she was trying to be nonchalant, casual, chatting away. She had trouble forming her words. Luke’s cock was at eye level to her . Almost as though she were hypnotized she tried not to stare at it. But she had excellent eyesight. She indicated that Luke should be seated. Luke grunted and sat. Soon her mother finished telling her that Ava’s sister passed the bar exam, and Ava hung up.

“Well, good morning, my name is Ava ..” she extended her hand to Luke. Usually bankers don’t shake hands with you until after you close the deal.

“Luke.” He took her soft hand and imagined what it would feel like wrapped around his cock.

“What can we do for you today, Luke?” She had a wide mouth, with sensual lips. Luke tried to remember the correlation between a woman’s lips and her cunt.

“I’d like to apply for a credit card,” Luke said, smiling at her. “I need to be prequalified for a car loan too.”

She glanced at the clock on the wall. “Why don’t we go to Starbucks across the street and discuss it. I’m due for a break anyway …” Luke wasn’t surprised. I had thoroughly briefed Luke on what to expect.

They walked outside, standing together at the curb, while she pretended to be checking her cell phone for messages. They were waiting for the light to change. She was glancing sideways at Luke’s cock. Had it grown thicker or was it her imagination? She was rubbing her thighs together. She had a big ass for a woman her size.

Finally the pedestrian light came on, and they ambled across the street. She seemed to have trouble walking a straight line. She was wobbling on her heels. Luke had seen women aroused before, in fact, he had never met a woman who wasn’t aroused. But this poor lady appeared to be on the verge of an orgasm. She could hardly walk.

At Starbucks, Luke offered to get her a latté, for which she was thankful. But as Luke was bringing the order to their table, she said, “I have to go to the little girl’s room… I’ll be right back.”

Ava literally ran across the room, into the hallway, and down to the ladies room door. Thankfully there was no line.

She dashed into ladies room, opened the swinging door to a vacant stall and before she could sit, she wet her pants. Mildly cursing to herself, she slipped her panties off and sat down on the toilet seat. She had to finish herself off or else she’d be unable to function rationally. She reached down between her legs, found Malatya Escort Bayan her clit inside the toilet bowl, and strummed it like she was playing a guitar. She had a good sized clit. It was waiting for her, stiff – actually stiffer than usual. She climaxed for the first time, very strong. She came again. She needed more. Ava hadn’t been this horny since she watched two dogs fucking at her mother’s house.

Since she’d seen Luke’s cock she’d not been herself. She could have put Luke’s phone number into her list of contacts. She could have called him and said she’d been delayed in the ladies room. She could say she had a customer on the line. This would have given her more time to masturbate. Her labia felt extremely swollen.

After twenty minutes had gone by Luke thought he should send someone to check on Ava. Maybe she had hit her head on a door knob. Maybe she was attacked by a crazy lesbian. Luke drank his latte. Hers was cold. Finally she came back, a bit disheveled. She had applied new lipstick and combed her hair.

“I had to take a call …” she apologized.


Forty minutes later, they were back at Ava’s desk when the assistant manager, Gina, approached. Gina happened to mention to Ava something about taking a longer break than usual. While she was speaking to Ava she happened to glance down at Luke; her eyes dropped to his crotch area, and she stopped in mid sentence.

“Oh, my god!” Then she realized what she’d said, excused herself and ran off. Ava watched her leave, then said, “Oh, where were we … Luke, you wanted to apply for a credit card …”

Luke nodded. There was no mention of social security number. “No problem,” she said. She typed something into her computer, opened a new account template, entered a few key strokes, and said, “OK, I have opened your account. Just give me your address and phone number. It comes with a $100,000 line of credit. Do you have your own business?”

Luke told her he worked as a private investigator, self employed. Actually Luke worked for Francis, as a male escort. His job description consisted of only two words: “Service women”.

Ava left her desk for a moment to consult with her supervisor. They seemed to reach an agreement. Ava returned.

“Luke, would you mind coming to the conference room, please. Gina would like to meet you.” Gina was the supervisor. The three of them walked to the rear of the teller area into a conference room. The room had a long table with leather covered chairs. Along the wall there was a sofa almost the length of the wall. This was utilized for people waiting to make presentations.

“Luke, my name is Gina. I’m the assistant manager.” Gina dressed the opposite of Ava. Gina had great legs, wore a miniskirt, and her V-neck blouse was stuffed. It looked like stuffing, but it jiggled. Luke was distracted by the jiggling.

“We couldn’t help but notice you’re a hefty guy, Luke. Well … maybe hefty is the wrong word. Well hung? Is that more descriptive?” Gina was speaking, smiling.

“Yeah”, Luke nodded. “I got a big dick …”

“Does this have anything to do with your line of work? Obviously, it’s not a tax deductible item, but it’s used in your work? Right???”

“You could say that …” Luke replied.

“Do you get paid to use your tool in your work?”

“Yeah, sometimes … I usually fuck a lot of Escort Malatya women.”

“Do you do it at their home? On the job? At a motel?”

‘Well, I don’t wanna brag. But I could fuck both of right here. Now … if you want.” Luke was serious. He wanted that credit card.

They looked at each other. “Well, sounds like a plan, right, Ava?” Ava had already disposed of her panties at Starbucks. “You go first, and I’ll keep watch …” Gina said.

Ava laid back on the sofa, pulled up her skirt, and spread her legs. Luke dropped his pants and his massive cock popped out, ready for action. He kneeled down to better position himself. From his kneeling position he got the whole spectacle of Ava’s cunt, all wet and pink, and literally dripping sweetness from beneath its parted nest of dark, fleecy curls. Her pussy lips opened like a pair of butterfly wings to display every moist inch of her cunt gash. He could see right up inside her velvety vagina. Fragrant cream oozed from her pussy. Without more hesitation he slid his cock slowly into her hole, teasing her, watching her eyes. Ava hadn’t been fucked since her boyfriend got arrested, ten months ago.

Teasing her until she was literally begging, Luke went into his jackhammer routine. His hips were a blur. She was screaming and weeping at the same time. He slammed into her, her teeth were chattering.

Gina had her cell phone out, taking video clips of the action. She could not believe anybody could fuck that fast. Ava by now had passed out, looking like a crumpled heap on the sofa.

“OK, Gina, your turn …” Luke told her. He reached out and grabbed Gina by the hand. He pulled her over to him, and ripped her miniskirt off her hips. She was wearing a thong, and her pussy was bald. Her labia were open, and leaking. Luke could hardly believe his luck. She was beautiful enough to have stepped right out of a magazine centerfold. She had the biggest tits he’d ever seen, with a pussy that could clamp around his cock and fuck all day. But he didn’t have all day. He pushed her back onto the sofa, next to Ava who had passed out. But Luke had other plans. He rolled her over onto her stomach, and yanked her hips up. The sight of her clenched asshole winking up at him was too good to pass up. He squeezed and kneaded her taut pliant ass cheeks, pulling them apart to expose her ruby asshole. Before she could say ‘with credit approval’ he jammed his cock up her tight ass.

Gina shrieked, her cry a mixture of agony and delight as Luke’s meaty cock rammed several inches up her puckered rectum. She hadn’t been expecting to get it this way. There was an instant of sharp pain as her ass muscles were ripped apart to accommodate the surprise intruder.

“How’s that feel?” Luke growled, working her hips. “Enough cock for you??” His 10-inch cock was totally buried up Gina’s ass and she wasn’t even complaining. Though she hadn’t been ass fucked for years, the memories quickly returned. After the first stabs of pain diminished she was hunching back in rhythm with his thrusts. His swinging balls slapped against her gaping pussy, and every time the length of his cock vanished into her ass she let out a loud groan.

Ava had to revive herself eventually, and was shocked to see Gina being butt fucked. Banking was supposed to be a dull job. She waited until Luke finally shot his load into Gina’s ass. Then both of them limped back to their desks.

Luke had left with his credit card, but Ava open Luke’s account template and increased his line of credit to $1 million. You can’t put a credit limit on being fucked into a state of euphoria. There are times when credit scores are meaningless.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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