Cross-Country Road Trip Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

I had driven my 1977 MG Midget from North Carolina to the Radisson Hotel at Fisherman’s Wharf at the corner of Beach and Powell Streets in San Francisco where I was scheduled to meet you and drive back across country. The ride had been fun with lots of sunshine and little reason to keep the top up. I had enjoyed my time alone immensely, but I could hardly wait to check-in and see you again. But, you had beaten me to the hotel and had already checked in ahead of me. My key had been held at the front desk. You had checked in using your own name, but had told the desk clerk to expect me. I had told you to travel light and, as I later found out, you packed only one small suitcase containing several almost see-through blouses, one or two thong bikini panties, a single bra and one “nice” dress for those special occasions. You were waiting for me when I opened the door. My eyes took in the splendor of your totally naked body lingering on your magnificent breasts and the dimple of your belly button before dropping down to your natural thatch of curly hair between your legs. Then, after I had drunk my fill of your natural naked beauty I noticed the glass of good single malt scotch whiskey you held in your hand.

“A double Royal Lochnegar, no ice and no water.”

“Thank you dear Fiona.”

“You are more than welcome, Ian, my dearest lover. Now, it seems you are a bit overdressed for the next phase of your welcome.

I took the glass of whiskey from you with a smile on my face and sipped it as you unbuttoned my shorts and dropped them to the floor. My shirt and underwear soon followed and I was standing just as naked as you were, still holding my drink as you pressed your lovely 38C tits against my chest and nibbled on my ear.

“Now that is better, even if I do say so myself. I see your cock is already rising to the occasion.”

“Missed me, did you?”

“Uh huh, and I have plans for that lovely hardening cock of yours, but first things first–I have a nice warm bath all ready for you.”

“Really? How about if I fuck you instead of taking my bath?”

“You don’t get near my pussy until you are nice and clean after your long dirty drive today. God, you are as red as a lobster. Didn’t you use any sunscreen?”

“Yeah, but I think the wind blew it off and the sweat washed it off.”

“Well, I’ll take care of that later. I’m just glad your cock didn’t get burned, too.”

I put my glass on the desk in the corner and made a grab for you, but you danced away from my grasp. “I told you, you need a bath first and then you get to have your way with me.”

“Love, I just want to hold you for a moment.”

“No, you don’t. You want to fuck me and I really want to feel your cock inside me so get in the bathroom and take your bath! NOW!”

“Yes, ma’am. Can I take my scotch with me?”

“Only if you promise me that you will wash in all the nooks and crannies when you get there.”

“Aren’t you going to help?”

“Later lover, that’s when I’ll help. Later. Now get going.”

I obediently walked into the bathroom to find the tub filled with sweet smelling bubbly water which I sank into down to my neck. “The water feels good. So do the bubbles.”

“I thought you’d like them. How was the traffic?”

“OK until I got near San Francisco and then it turned into a nightmare. It’s amazing how many people can’t see an automobile right in front of them.”

“I bet. Well, you’re here now. Get cleaned up and we can play before we go out to supper. You did bring some nice clothes didn’t you.”

“You mean in addition to shorts and t-shirts. Yep. I brought a dress shirt and a tie along with a pair of long pants. That’ll have to do. I didn’t bring a suit coat.”

“Well, we’ll have to get you at least a sports coat to wear.”

“I’m not planning on wearing much of anything during this trip.” I was getting ready to get out of the tub when you walked in and slid down in front of me straddling my legs and grabbing my stiff cock as it floated on the surface.

“Honey, if you want to wear my pussy, you’ll have to look nice to do it, at least until we leave San Francisco. Now, let me tend to this throbbing cock that looks like it’s ready to shoot white cum all over my tits.”

“It looks like it because it IS ready to shoot, but it prefers to be lodged deep inside that hot pussy of yours when it does.”

“That can be arranged.” You lifted up onto your knees and scooted forward until the head of my cock touched your pussy lips. Then, in one quick thrust, you sat down impaling yourself on my manhood.

“Aaaaaaarrgh! Oh fuck, your cock feels soooooo good inside me. Fuck me. Fill my cunt with your hot cum. NOW!”

We started our dance of love enjoying the feeling of the water splashing around us. We came closer and closer to our orgasms. The pulses of your hot vagina gripping my cock signalled your body’s explosion and triggered one of my own. My hot sperm shot deep inside your womb bathing your cervix with its lifegiving fluid.

“Oh, bayan arkadaş fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. God that feels so good. Lick my tits. Suck them, baby. Make mama cum again…and again!” I did just that and your second and third orgasms were even stronger than the first had been. You collapsed in a heap leaning against my chest and wiggling to get every drop of my sperm from my softening cock. “How the hell do you do it? You always make me feel so special and you never cum before I do. I thought men were supposed to get their nuts off first.”

“Only if they are inconsiderate lovers. And, I consider myself to be very considerate in my love making.” As I said that, I thought about my wife who had died six months earlier. I knew that she would appreciate the fact that I was getting on with my sex life, but I still had a twinge of guilt every now and again when I was making love to you or any other woman. She had always said that I was very considerate of her sexual needs and always made her feel like a complete woman. Your words reminded me of what she had told me about how good my lovemaking was.

We finally were able to stand and get out of the tub. We dried each other off taking special care and caressing each other’s genital areas. Then we tripped into the bedroom and flopped on the bed.

You pulled out some analgesic cream and spread it all over my reddened skin where it had been exposed to the sun and wind. Then you undid my ponytail and brushed it out for me as we chatted during our recovery from our orgasms.

“What are you in the mood to have for supper?” I asked as the brush finally untangled the last of my hair.

“Oh, I dunno. Italian, Chinese, seafood, Japanese, or steak. We have all kinds of choices. Down, boy–not until we make a fuel stop! I can’t fuck any more on an empty stomach.”

“I left your stomach empty?”

“You know what I mean. I need some food. Now take your blood sugar and insulin and let’s get going here. Dress casually for tonight. We can worry about dressing up tomorrow or the day after, or the day after.”

“OK. Let’s do Chinese tonight. There’s some really good places not too far from here over in Chinatown. I’d kill right now for some Hunan shrimp.”

“Well, I think I want to get something made with beef tonight.”

“You like hot and spicy?”

“Only my sex life, not my food.”

“I was only going to recommend either the Szechuan or the Mongolian beef, but if you’d rather pass on the hot spices, I know we can find something good on the menu.”

We walked hand in hand along the street with your braless tits drawing more than a few glances. The men were intrigued and the women seemed jealous of your obvious charms.

We found a Chinese restaurant that catered primarily to other Chinese and knew we would be getting good food. In fact, we were the only Occidentals in the place. The menu thankfully was written in both Chinese and English so we could read what we were getting and chose accordingly. You decided on a mild moo shu beef with its rice pancakes and I had Szechuan prawns in a hot garlic sauce. We both tried the other’s food and you made a face when you tasted how hot the garlic sauce really was.

“How can you eat that? It would burn a hole in my stomach.”

“I guess I’ve just gotten used to spicy foods. Your’s is good, but rather bland by my standards.”

Suddenly, I felt your foot reach into my crotch and rub against my cock which up until then had been at only half-staff. Your foot job was bringing my prick to a very hardened state and I was definitely beginning to be in danger of cumming. I looked around the restaurant to see if anybody was watching. Nobody was.

In a quiet voice I said “Honey, you’d better stop. I’m about to make a mess out of my shorts and I don’t know how we’ll get back to the hotel if I do.”

“We’ll walk. And the women can gape at the stain on the front of your shorts and wonder how it got there. The men can grin knowing how it got there.” But, you reluctantly removed your foot when I frowned in your direction. “Later then, when we can properly draw the juice out of that soda straw.”

“Thank you. You won’t be sorry.”

“I better not be.”

“You won’t, I promise.”

We made small talk for a while. We had some Chinese beer and I finally called for the check. Along with the check came our fortune cookies. Mine read “An exciting time awaits you.” Your’s read “You will enjoy life very much in the coming days.” We quietly laughed as we read our fortunes and paid the bill before walking out into the gathering dusk.

The walk back to the hotel was pleasant and put us in the mood to do wicked things to each other in the name of pleasure. When we were alone on a stretch of sidewalk, you got in front of me and faced me, lifting the front of your skirt to show me that you had left off your thong. Nature began to call my cock to attention and you chuckled as I reached for your hairy pussy, dancing away bayan partner and twirling so I could see the twin cheeks of your lovely ass as the skirt flew up around your waist. I caught you and slipped my hand under the back of your skirt. My fingers worked their way first to your anus and then to your very moist pussy.

“Ready for fun and games, I see.”

“Yep. Here’s an alley. Are you game, or are you chicken? Remember that my fortune read the I would enjoy life and your’s said that an exciting time was waiting for you.”

I pushed you into the dark alley. Your hands pulled my zipper down and hauled my cock into the fresh evening air. It was very dark in that alley as I pushed you up against the wall and drove my dick deep inside your pussy, hitting your cervix on the first thrust. That brought a loud moan from your lips and a grunt from mine. We established a fast rhythm and both of us came in record time, my sperm washing your cervix as your cunt muscles spasmed around my rigid bar of iron flesh.

“Hmmmmmmmmmm. That may hold me until I can get your cock naked in the hotel, but before you put dick away, let me clean him up a little.” You dropped to your knees and sucked and licked my cock from the head to the balls making sure it was clean enough to go back inside my pants. As we straightened our clothes and walked out of the alley we heard a heavy sigh coming from nearby and a voice that said “God that was hot. Ain’t seen nothin’ lik’ that in a lon’ time. Mister, ya done real good–ya even made me cum an’ I ain’t done that in a lon’ time neither. Course there ain’t nobody wants an ol’ wino the lik’s o’ me.” We smiled as we turned the corner and stepped back onto the sidewalk. Maybe we were both exhibitionists at heart.

The remainder of the walk was peaceful and we basked in the afterglow of our fucking in the alley. The lovemaking would come when we were behind closed doors.

The doorman had a huge smile on his face as we walked into the hotel and you looked down and saw that while I had put my cock back inside my shorts, I had forgotten to zip myself up.


“Your zipper is undone.”

“WHAT?” I reached to pull it up.

“Too late now.” Your hand stopped me before I could get my hand on the zipper. “The doorman has already seen your cock. I think he liked what he saw. You may as well leave your fly open and I’ll play with your cock in the elevator.” You lifted the back of your skirt as we crossed the lobby and approached the elevators showing the doorman that you weren’t wearing anything under it. In fact, the leakage of my sperm could be seen shining in the dim light. I heard a low whistle as we stepped into the elevator and I smiled to myself. As the doors shut, you looked at me.

“What are you smiling for?”

“The doorman liked your show too.”

“How do you know?”

“You didn’t hear the whistle he gave you?”

“Oh, he did, did he?”

“Oh, yes and I think he loved what you were showing him.”

As the elevator went up to our floor, you reached over and placed my hand over your clit. I gave it a squeeze and started to pull my hand away as the door opened at our floor. A man and woman were standing there in shocked silence as they gaped at my finger deep inside your pussy lips and your hand wrapped possessively around my hardening cock.

“Well, I never…” sputtered the woman.

“Come on, Mildred, they’re only playing with each other. They’re not fucking.”

“Yet! George how can you be so calm? They’re showing their sex in public for God’s sake.”

“Well, Mildred, she does have a sweet looking pussy.” George remarked as they entered the elevator. As the elevator doors closed behind them there was a resounding slap and George seemed to have gotten his wife’s answer to his observation. Obviously Mildred was the extremely jealous type and was very upset with her husband even looking at another woman’s pussy–occupied or not. We both gave little chuckles and you led me by my dick down to our room.

Once in the room, we fell into the bed and made love. Up to now, our fucking had been nothing more than getting each other off sexually. Now, we started to actually make love instead of rutting like feral animals in the wild. After several gentle rounds of lovemaking we fell into deep dreamless sleeps only waking when the wake-up call came in the morning.

“Where are we going today?”

“Well, after we have some breakfast, I think we’ll pick up interstate 80 until we get to 580 south and head down past Pleasanton to Livermore. Then up California 88 outside Stockton and cross over to Lake Tahoe.”

“Don’t they have a casino there?”

“On the Nevada side.”

“Good, I feel really lucky and I think I’ll take some chances on the slots.”

“Might be fun. But slots are sucker bets. Get into something like poker or blackjack and you’ve got a better chance.”

“I don’t care. I want to give the slots a try.”

“OK. Have it your way. bdsm escort I might play some 7-card stud poker tonight if I feel up to it.”

You smiled as you snapped your bag shut and said. “You may be more up than you think. There. All packed and ready for breakfast.”

“Me, too. Last check, did we leave anything behind?” We both looked around but could find nothing of ours. Picking up the bags we started downstairs on the elevator and while I stowed the bags on the luggage rack of the Midget, you went to save us a table for breakfast. I joined you and we decided on the breakfast buffet. We both ate full meals and drank a couple of cups of good coffee each. After I paid the bill we checked out of the hotel and climbed into the Midget. We were off on the first day of our coast-to-coast roadtrip passing over the bridge between San Francisco and Oakland on interstate 80. We turned south onto interstate 580 heading towards Hayward and Pleasanton. The traffic wasn’t too bad heading away from San Francisco, but we were soon caught up in the traffic for Pleasanton and Livermore.

Eastward from Pleasanton, the highway rose through the coastal mountains. We picked up interstate 205 and dropped into the San Joaquin Valley. From there we turned north on interstate 5 until we reached California route 88 in Stockton. Then we turned eastwards towards the Sierra Nevadas. The Midget purred as it rose and dipped with the highway. You leaned your head against my shoulder and dropped your hand into my lap, gently stroking my manhood through the material of my shorts. I smiled down at your upturned face.

“That feels good. “

“I wanted it to feel good, but I think now I want it to feel better.” With that you opened my zipper and pushed my underwear to the side. My semi-erect prick came out with your hand and you carefully bent your mouth and kissed the head of it tasting my pre-cum as it gathered at the slit on the end. “Ummmm ummm good! I love the taste of cum in the morning.”

“Keep that up and you’ll have more than a taste.”

Your eyes twinkled with delight as I reached over and gently caressed your tit with my free hand. “I so hope so. I’m priming the pump for tonight. I want you good and horny so we can have all kinds of fun in bed.”

Between Sutter Creek and Jackson the road took a jog back to the south and after we passed through Jackson, it continued eastwards, getting more and more winding as we went. We stopped for a lunch of hamburgers and fries in the small town of Pioneer before entering the wilderness of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

“Well, according to the map, we have about 55 miles or so of nothing but forests and mountains ahead of us.”

“Oh, goody! I have some time to play with your balls and cock.”

“Only if I can play with your tits and your pussy.”

“Deal!” you laughed as you lowered yourself into the passenger seat of the Midget. As soon as we left Pioneer, you opened your blouse and pulled your tits over the top of the bra cups. I almost ran off the road as I stared in wonder at the loveliness of your twin peaks capped with such delectable nipples erecting from sensations caused by the passage of the wind. Then your hand dropped to the front of your shorts and you unbuttoned the top and opened the zipper. I reached over and dipped my fingers in your honey pot for a moment before bringing them to my mouth.

“Uuuuummmmmmmmm uuuuummmmmmm good! Nothing that I like better than pussy juice direct from the pussy.”

“Does it taste good?” you laughed.

I dipped my fingers back into your sweet pot and this time I brought them to your lips. “Here try some.”

“It is good. Maybe there’s more where that came from if you keep finger fucking me.”

“Let’s see!” I dipped my fingers back into your cunt and drove them in and out making sure that I made contact with your sensitive clit. Your face spoke volumes about the good job I was doing. Your hand moved up and down on my dick as you jerked me in time with my fingers in your cunny. I soon felt the urge start to boil deep within my balls and told you so. You stopped pumping my dick and pressed the urethra tightly making sure none of my sperm was wasted. You held your fingers at the base of my cock until you were sure the urgency had passed.

“That’s my come! I will not have you waste it on your shorts. Your only job is to put it in me in one of my three holes–your choice which one. Just find a spot to pull over and do it!”

I quickly found a narrow pair of ruts that led off the road and stopped the car behind a low hill. You hauled yourself out of the car and I quickly followed you. You dropped your shorts and thong and bent over the back of the car holding onto the luggage rack for support. I dropped my shorts and in a single thrust was balls deep inside your hot box. Your pussy felt like a hot, moist glove as it snuggled against the contours of my cock. I pumped away for only a minute when you told me you wanted my cum in your ass. I withdrew my cock from your cunt and aimed the head at your asshole which willingly opened for its passage. The head popped through the anal muscle and the rest of the cock soon followed. The pressure was such that I could no longer hold back the flood of sperm which jetted from that tiny little slit in the head.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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